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IRC log for #minetest, 2012-10-15

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00:00 khonkhortisan ? http://aethermod.wikia.com/wiki/Enchanted_Gravitite#Crafting
00:00 JangoFett154 RBA what was in most recent update?
00:00 NekoGloop Oh.
00:00 NekoGloop Never mind.
00:00 RealBadAngel flashlight, then some fixes
00:00 OldCoder <skully_> update the home decor its messed up
00:00 OldCoder VanessaE, comment on this
00:00 Kacey can i please hae the site for it
00:00 VanessaE messed up how?
00:00 OldCoder skully_, ^
00:01 RealBadAngel https://github.com/RealBadAngel/technic/zipball/master
00:01 NekoGloop But i think that means if you rightclick it is set to rise up. @ khonkhortisan
00:01 khonkhortisan must be nice to have a mod good enough to have its own wiki
00:01 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I will update Europe again now
00:02 RealBadAngel ok
00:02 Kacey ok got it
00:02 NekoGloop khonkhortisan: Well, it does add a whole new realm with its own goals to minecraft.
00:02 VanessaE skully_: what exactly is wrong with home decor?
00:02 NekoGloop The aether is more indepth than the nether.
00:03 OldCoder VanessaE, He PMd but has said no more
00:03 OldCoder *shrug*
00:03 VanessaE OldCoder: do you have any troubles with it?
00:04 * NekoGloop is hungwy :3
00:04 * OldCoder wonders if virtual tuna will work
00:04 OldCoder VanessaE, nope
00:04 * VanessaE offers NekoGloop some virtual chicken fried rice with egg rolls
00:04 OldCoder not presently
00:04 RealBadAngel hmmm i think we could add flowing water to the server
00:05 RealBadAngel Oldcoder, what do you think?
00:05 * NekoGloop takes the tuna :3
00:05 * NekoGloop bites into it ^w^
00:05 OldCoder RealBadAngel, what about CPU?
00:05 OldCoder I like the idea
00:05 RealBadAngel that is what im gonna test
00:05 VanessaE Animations don't affect CPU load, but they do affect startup time
00:05 OldCoder Try it
00:05 VanessaE so flowing water should be fine
00:05 OldCoder Significantly?
00:05 RealBadAngel just for EU server by now
00:05 khonkhortisan animated water (even if it's someone else's code and textures) is needed in the default game.
00:05 RealBadAngel offline it works perfectly
00:05 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I think it would be quite interesting
00:05 VanessaE OldCoder: depends on the size of the textures used - by default, probably just short of noticable.
00:06 RealBadAngel lemme prepare the mod
00:06 RealBadAngel a few minutes needed
00:06 VanessaE khonkhortisan: can I talk you into doing me a favor?
00:06 OldCoder I will hold next EU update then
00:06 khonkhortisan maybe.
00:06 khonkhortisan doing what?
00:07 VanessaE khonkhortisan: can you go to my github repos for 512px texture, download the water texture there, and prepare compatible animations for the animated water mod?
00:07 VanessaE I'm too lazy :)
00:07 khonkhortisan how many frames? I made the default water move one pixel per frame.
00:07 VanessaE https://raw.github.com/VanessaE/512px-realistic-textures/master/Vanessa_512HD/default_water.jpg
00:07 VanessaE 16 frames is what I did with the lava
00:08 VanessaE so a 512px texture moves 32 px per frame
00:08 khonkhortisan okay. I'll see if the offset button can do it for me.
00:09 NekoGloop I like trolling the idiots in #minecraft xD
00:09 VanessaE RealBadAngel: by the way, you should change caouthouc to "raw latex" or something like that - that word you use (which is of French origin btw) just does not fit :-)
00:10 VanessaE khonkhortisan: thanks
00:10 NekoGloop Let's make jumping mod use technic's rubber for the trampolines.
00:10 NekoGloop Who's with me?
00:11 NekoGloop Also, rubber blocks. Very slightly bouncy.
00:11 VanessaE heh
00:11 NekoGloop And i also ramped up the bounciness of trampolines on my world :3
00:11 NekoGloop Setting 6 is terminal velocity :3
00:11 VanessaE NekoGloop: why?  the max setting is already enough to kill :-)
00:12 VanessaE ah heh
00:12 VanessaE thought you edited it or something :-)
00:12 NekoGloop No i edited it
00:12 NekoGloop Setting 6 for you is setting 1 for me.
00:12 VanessaE heh
00:12 NekoGloop I also made trampolines completely cancel fall damage.
00:13 NekoGloop Because taking damage while jumping is stupid.
00:13 NekoGloop Also it returns the setting of the trampoline in a message to the puncher
00:13 khonkhortisan It doesn't seem to follow physics if you land in the same place you bounced from
00:13 NekoGloop khonkhortisan: I cant fix that, unfortunatly.
00:13 NekoGloop Brb
00:13 VanessaE RealBadAngel: for a flashlight, you should require one super glow glass in the top middle space.  that makes more sense imho
00:14 VanessaE or at least, something that seems like it could be battery powered.
00:14 khonkhortisan oops I meant taking damage in that situation
00:14 RealBadAngel VanessaE, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Natural_rubber
00:14 khonkhortisan *same place you bounced from and get hurt
00:15 VanessaE RealBadAngel: it is not referred to as that in English.  Use <natural|raw><rubber|latex>.
00:15 VanessaE so there.
00:15 VanessaE :-)
00:17 RealBadAngel Noun1.caoutchouc - an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of productscaoutchouc - an elastic material obtained from the latex sap of trees (especially trees of the genera Hevea and Ficus) that can be vulcanized and finished into a variety of products
00:17 VanessaE " from the latex sap of trees"  :-)
00:18 RealBadAngel even in polish theres a word kauczuk
00:18 VanessaE which is what you get when you tap the tree :-)
00:18 VanessaE so you're wrong. :P
00:18 VanessaE :-)
00:18 RealBadAngel heheh, ok i will think bout it :)
00:18 khonkhortisan Now if only I could find the "redo last operation" button.
00:19 VanessaE khonkhortisan: I have that set for shift-F (and shift-ctrl-F to show the last settings)
00:19 OldCoder
00:19 OldCoder VanessaE:
00:19 OldCoder <skully_> i takes a while
00:19 OldCoder <skully_> ok
00:19 OldCoder <skully_> 225.9 12.5  -460.0
00:19 OldCoder world 30011
00:19 NakedFury RealBadAngel: thanks for the answer. the red screen doesnt fully cover the gui area so I guess you still dont have that screen done
00:19 VanessaE one sec.
00:19 OldCoder If you are curious go there and take a look
00:19 OldCoder I will give you whatever privs you need
00:20 VanessaE connecting
00:20 RealBadAngel OldCoder, testing the patch offline, hold on
00:20 VanessaE OldCoder: waiting for media now.
00:21 RealBadAngel OldCoder, http://realbadangel.pl/minetest_game.zip
00:22 RealBadAngel overwrite the original minetest_game with it
00:22 khonkhortisan ctrl+c h v, move, shift-ctrl+o, tab, 32, enter, repeat.
00:22 RealBadAngel in /games folder
00:22 OldCoder Hi
00:23 OldCoder RealBadAngel, what is that for?
00:23 RealBadAngel animated water
00:23 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I will review shortly
00:23 RealBadAngel modified one lua file and two texture files
00:23 OldCoder Can you identify the three files please
00:23 RealBadAngel open the zip
00:23 OldCoder Wait
00:24 RealBadAngel its with the original folder tree
00:25 RealBadAngel NakedFury, i tried to make menu backgrounds, but with patch to the engine it wont work
00:25 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Downloading now
00:25 VanessaE OldCoder: ugh, such a slow pipe :(
00:25 VanessaE barely even 20 kB/sec today
00:25 OldCoder It is not the pipe
00:26 OldCoder We have been over this
00:26 RealBadAngel propably it took you longer to write downloading than the download itself ;) it was only a few kB :)
00:26 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Yes
00:26 VanessaE then why is redcrab's server so much faster?
00:26 OldCoder This is easy
00:26 VanessaE yours is AWS like theirs isn't it?
00:26 VanessaE (his)
00:26 OldCoder VanessaE, Yes
00:26 OldCoder Tell me more
00:26 OldCoder Does he have the music?
00:26 OldCoder Test the Ambience mod there
00:26 OldCoder I think it is the way the music is downloaded
00:27 VanessaE nope, he doesn't have any of that - but the download speed is also 3-4x what I get from your servers
00:27 RealBadAngel OldCoder, pls start just on EU with this patch
00:27 OldCoder RealBadAngel, wait
00:27 RealBadAngel we shall first test it in multiplayer
00:27 VanessaE there's gotta be some kind of network bottleneck then between me and yours
00:27 OldCoder RealBadAngel, this can be a mod in its own right. Animated Water. Can you prepare a simple init.lua for that purpose?
00:27 VanessaE of course it doens't help that minetest doesn't reuse resources from one server to another.
00:27 OldCoder VanessaE, yep
00:28 RealBadAngel oldcoder: no, its has to be default mod
00:29 VanessaE afaic, animated water should be in by default as lava and torches are now
00:30 khonkhortisan even if only falling water is animated. Lava makes more sense to be animated while staying still, that might be why water isn't animated yet.
00:30 RealBadAngel VanessaE, what do you think bout just "Latex" ?
00:31 RealBadAngel 1. (Chemistry / Elements & Compounds) a whitish milky fluid containing protein, starch, alkaloids, etc., that is produced by many plants. Latex from the rubber tree is used in the manufacture of rubber
00:31 VanessaE RealBadAngel: it needs an adjective e.g. "raw" or "unprocessed"
00:31 OldCoder RealBadAngel, O.K.
00:31 VanessaE something to suggest that it still needs to be cooked to be useful
00:31 OldCoder VanessaE, still waiting for 30011 ?
00:31 RealBadAngel again: "Latex from the rubber tree is used in the manufacture of rubber"
00:32 RealBadAngel fits perfectly
00:32 VanessaE I say that because "latex" also refers to some finished products like medical gloves, exotic clothing, etc.
00:32 OldCoder <OldCoder> What is wrong with Home Decor?
00:32 OldCoder <skully_> it is bluenblack green spoted  all over and erverything is messed up
00:32 OldCoder VanessaE, ^
00:32 RealBadAngel so Raw Latex?
00:32 VanessaE OldCoder: he needs to disable the texture atlas.
00:32 VanessaE RealBadAngel: yeah, works for me.
00:32 RealBadAngel ok, will change it then
00:32 OldCoder VanessaE, I have heard nothing good about that atlas. I'm removing it from the clients I build.
00:32 OldCoder VanessaE, Your GUI patch goes in BTW
00:32 VanessaE RealBadAngel: no need to change the craftitem name, just the description line and the forum post
00:33 VanessaE OldCoder: no need - it doesn't apply to servers
00:33 OldCoder RealBadAngel gave me your patch VanessaE
00:33 OldCoder I am building clients
00:33 VanessaE that patch is purelyclient-side
00:33 VanessaE oh sure
00:33 OldCoder I know
00:33 VanessaE sec.
00:33 VanessaE http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47712#p47712
00:34 khonkhortisan firebug stopped working just as I tried to get the image out of flickr.
00:34 RealBadAngel OldCoder, windows build with it is already done by Sfan5
00:34 khonkhortisan and just as I pressed enter it started working again!
00:34 NekoGloop joined #minetest
00:34 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I will be building clients myself
00:34 OldCoder VanessaE, ty for link
00:34 VanessaE OldCoder: and as shown in that post, there's an ubuntu build also :)
00:34 OldCoder Fine
00:34 OldCoder What is the link?
00:34 khonkhortisan VanessaE, How can I give you the image full-size?
00:35 VanessaE khonkhortisan: upload it to ompldr
00:35 OldCoder VanessaE, there may be a misunderstanding. I will be building clients regardless of existing ones
00:35 VanessaE OldCoder: oh ok
00:35 VanessaE well, the patch is the first link on that URL
00:35 OldCoder VanessaE, quick question. Is there a way to disable texture atlas without editing? A GUI command?
00:35 RealBadAngel OldCoder, have you put the animater water on server?
00:35 OldCoder VanessaE, ty
00:35 OldCoder RealBadAngel, No; been discussing this with VanessaE
00:35 OldCoder Proceeding
00:35 VanessaE OldCoder: no, but I think I will add a patch for that also.  kinda stupid not to offer that in the GUI
00:36 khonkhortisan http://ompldr.org/tZnZ2ZA
00:36 RealBadAngel good idea with atlas
00:36 RealBadAngel theres plenty of room for settings
00:36 khonkhortisan well that didn't work.
00:36 VanessaE khonkhortisan: that's only 16px wide?
00:36 khonkhortisan the bbcode gave me the thumbnail
00:36 OldCoder VanessaE, agreed!
00:37 khonkhortisan http://ompldr.org/vZnZ2ZA
00:37 RealBadAngel Oldcoder: what is here to discuss bout it??
00:37 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Done
00:37 khonkhortisan different link ^
00:37 OldCoder Hence moot
00:37 VanessaE ah, better
00:38 VanessaE OldCoder: ah, it finally loaded
00:38 VanessaE teleport priv plz :-)
00:38 OldCoder VanessaE, sure
00:39 NekoGloop is there a not so crashy-like vines mod?
00:39 OldCoder VanessaE, didn't I op you in that world?
00:39 OldCoder VanessaE, that world is crowded, full of griefers, etc. I am opping you there.
00:39 VanessaE nope, you didn't :-)
00:39 RealBadAngel OldCoder, and the server restart?
00:39 OldCoder RealBadAngel, please hold
00:39 OldCoder VanessaE, spell your name
00:39 RealBadAngel ok
00:39 VanessaE VanessaEzekowitz
00:40 OldCoder VanessaE, You are now God. Or Goddess.
00:40 khonkhortisan *elevator music*
00:40 khonkhortisan *We appreciate your call*
00:40 khonkhortisan *Your buisness is very important to us*
00:40 NakedFury RBA do you plan to add advanced versions of some of the stations? like a double furnace, grinder, charger or toolbox? just asking. ohh and different cable types with posible weaker transmition of electricity(if this is possible)?
00:40 VanessaE woohoo!
00:40 khonkhortisan *Please stay on the line*
00:41 VanessaE ok, let's see.....  /teleport -31000,-31000,-31000 ...  //pos1 ...   /teleport 31000,31000,31000 ... //pos2 ... //set air
00:41 RealBadAngel NakedFury, yes. wireing for next generation of machines is already here
00:41 VanessaE >:-D
00:41 khonkhortisan yuck, you'll only take out a column that way.
00:41 OldCoder VanessaE, :-)
00:41 NekoGloop VanessaE: that doesnt actually work.
00:41 khonkhortisan Too much space to complete
00:42 NekoGloop server would crash instantly.
00:42 khonkhortisan oh yeah, it wouldn't get to write it.
00:42 khonkhortisan right?
00:42 NekoGloop yup.
00:42 VanessaE NekoGloop: I was kidding and actually it doesn't crash, it just hangs like a bastard :-)
00:42 NakedFury I really like the mithril chest idea(dont have one yet) and the sorting of gold chests
00:42 NekoGloop well it hangs FOREVER
00:42 NekoGloop in essence? crashes.
00:42 khonkhortisan just a block is slow in human speed.
00:42 VanessaE OldCoder: I see nothing at all wrong with the graphics in the affected area.  He needs to disable the texture atlas and try again
00:43 OldCoder mrtux, where was the mrtux sign relative to the room of chests?
00:43 OldCoder VanessaE, ty very much
00:43 mrtux dunno
00:43 OldCoder VanessaE, retain your Goddessy powers for this world
00:43 OldCoder mrtux, If you saw the room would you know?
00:43 VanessaE interesting textures btw
00:43 khonkhortisan on the open world where I built the road, wool in the inventory is invisible. But I need more memory anyway.
00:43 NekoGloop dokutest, correct?
00:43 hmmmmmm how would you guys say the cave generation is in minecraft right now?
00:44 NekoGloop hmmmmmm: cave generation in minecraft is.... huge.
00:44 khonkhortisan I like it when caves generate in cliffs
00:44 mrtux idk
00:44 khonkhortisan yeah I think the caves have gotten bigger while I've played.
00:44 hmmmmmm do you not like that?
00:44 VanessaE hmmmmmm: personally I like the caves the way they are now.
00:44 hmmmmmm that's a minor issue though
00:44 VanessaE in MT I mean
00:44 hmmmmmm yeah me too.
00:44 NekoGloop I made a base in a cave in minecraft that had literally over nine thousand furnaces in it
00:44 khonkhortisan I like big caves
00:44 NekoGloop hmmmmmm: mineCRAFT or mineTEST
00:45 NekoGloop :3
00:45 hmmmmmm whoops
00:45 hmmmmmm I meant to say minetest
00:45 NekoGloop yeah, minetest cavegen is awesome.
00:45 khonkhortisan haha I didn't notice
00:45 hmmmmmm minecraft uses a completely different method of generating caves, heh
00:45 NekoGloop minecraft makes more shafts than caves.
00:45 ecube So, how does minetest generate caves?
00:45 NekoGloop ecube: holes :3
00:45 ecube black holes
00:45 ecube trolol
00:46 hmmmmmm it's pretty complicated actually
00:46 RealBadAngel khonkhortisan, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I2S_e58l1S0&amp;feature=plcp minetest can also generate huge caves
00:46 ecube i want to try making crevices
00:46 khonkhortisan fault lines!
00:47 khonkhortisan desert in a cave?  Does it do that?
00:47 VanessaE speaking of shafts...real nice, I just started a new world, and spawned at the bottom of a >20 node tall by ~7 node diameter shaft....in the water
00:47 NakedFury I want bigger deserts. my pyramid barely fits in mine
00:47 VanessaE with the only way out being to build-jump my way out :-)
00:47 ecube Deserts can be huge
00:47 NekoGloop I want deserts with usefulness.
00:47 khonkhortisan if I get stuck in a pit in the desert there's always enough sand to get out
00:47 NekoGloop Oh wait, there's gloopores for that ;)
00:48 khonkhortisan life is easier out of the desert
00:48 hmmmmmm perlin noise will give the amount of caves in a given area, for each cave you have a random number of bruises, if you have over a certain number of caves in an area it gets coalesed into a large cave, and randomly shafts of random diameter are generated in random directions
00:48 RealBadAngel khonkhortisan, i made there a desert and a lake
00:48 ecube yes, there are trees
00:48 hmmmmmm (when i say random i mean calculated by the LCG, not perlin)
00:48 RealBadAngel there were huge lava lakes before
00:48 khonkhortisan I like maze-like caves.
00:49 khonkhortisan If our caves get good enough, we can have an old civilization living in the underground cave system and have them attack the newbies on the surface
00:49 NakedFury it would also be interesting to have transition type blocks between Biomes or terrains. in case they are digged or mined just make it choose one type randomly
00:50 khonkhortisan I had a two
00:50 NekoGloop khonkhortisan: i had that in minecraft once. annoying as hell, considering that it was above a giant lava lake, and below a ocean. couldnt dig down, digging up flooded the mine.
00:50 khonkhortisan -node transition between sand and desert sand, but didn't have a good way of generating it.
00:50 VanessaE khonkhortisan: looks good, too bad minetest gets one of the four flowing directions wrong (not your fault) :-)
00:51 khonkhortisan That can be fixed by making the water appear to flow on both diagonals.
00:51 khonkhortisan You dig down through lava by dropping gravel in a 3x3 column, then digging the center.
00:51 NekoGloop khon: true.
00:51 VanessaE straight flow like it is now looks better, it's just a bug in one of the four directions only
00:51 NekoGloop had no gravel or sand at the time though,.
00:52 VanessaE affects lava too
00:54 khonkhortisan if you drop water source in a 1-node-wide trench, the water flows to a nice end. If you drop water source on flat ground, the diagonal corners are jagged because the water is made from squares instead of triangles.
00:54 VanessaE khonkhortisan: will this mod also handle animated water sources?
00:54 NekoGloop khonkhortisan: this is minetest. not real life. get over it.
00:55 khonkhortisan Then water should stop the same way when flowing along an axis, with a sudden drop.
00:55 NekoGloop oh just stop whinin
00:56 khonkhortisan <whine> the formspec allows transparent images but makes them black when they're also buttons!</whine>
00:56 NakedFury is there a LUA fix for water to not stop you so damn fast when you fall on it?
00:56 NekoGloop NakedFury: nope, that's minetest.
00:56 khonkhortisan you'd have to disable water slowing you down completely, and I think that's done in c++
00:56 ecube I think speed things for liquids are handled by the code
00:57 ecube darn it, he beat me to it
00:57 NekoGloop so did i :3
00:57 khonkhortisan :)
00:57 * VanessaE pokes khonkhortisan
00:57 * NekoGloop pokes VanessaE
00:57 * ecube pokes NekoGloop
00:57 * RealBadAngel pokes a pokemon
00:58 * NekoGloop pokes a mobs:dirt_monster
00:58 * khonkhortisan reacts with a slight fizzle
00:58 VanessaE careful, you'll piss it off ;)
00:59 * NekoGloop smacks it with a gloopblocks:sword_evil
00:59 VanessaE khonkhortisan: will this mod also handle animated water sources?  (I'll do a mild ripple effect, like I did with lava but a bit different)
00:59 RealBadAngel Oldcoder, can you apply this? im goin to work soon and wanted to test it before
00:59 NekoGloop Die, foul beast! :D
00:59 VanessaE lol
00:59 * ecube pokes NekoGloop's eye... ouch, that looked like it hurt.
00:59 * NekoGloop claws ecube's face 3:<
01:00 khonkhortisan It could handle animated sources, I just need an image and to redefine the source too.
01:01 VanessaE khonkhortisan:  ok.  you should do that then, and I will create an appropriate 512px texture for it.
01:01 khonkhortisan I could start with one that is default for 8 frames, and offset one pixel for the other 8 frames for a start.
01:02 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Yes
01:02 OldCoder I will in minutes
01:02 VanessaE that would work I figure
01:03 NekoGloop all right, if you people want more gloopores, then i need ideas. :P
01:03 NakedFury first do stuff with them
01:03 NekoGloop fine fine fine
01:04 NakedFury technic cables and or mesecon type cables
01:04 NekoGloop then give me ideas for that.
01:04 RealBadAngel if you want animated water lookin nice: realbadangel.pl/animater_water_128x.zip
01:04 NekoGloop uh, RealBadAngel entirely detests gloopores, so i dont think technic cables are happening.
01:04 RealBadAngel oh made a typo
01:04 NakedFury you can even do a Technic-Gloop addon type of mod
01:04 NekoGloop NakedFury: i would if my coding skills werent shit.
01:05 OldCoder RealBadAngel, what resolution is the version I have?
01:05 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/animated_water_128x.zip
01:05 RealBadAngel default, 16x
01:06 RealBadAngel ive made it for PilzAdam's fork of minetest_game
01:06 NakedFury gloopores chests, tubes, cables (For mesecon or technic). in fact make stuff that those 2 mods can use. sort of optional is the user wants more thingies
01:06 opticlove joined #minetest
01:06 opticlove joined #minetest
01:06 NekoGloop again, RealBadAngel hates gloopores for some reason unknown to me.
01:06 RealBadAngel hehe
01:06 NekoGloop so most i could possibly do is mesecons.
01:06 RealBadAngel i dont hate it really
01:06 NekoGloop yes you do
01:06 NakedFury omg do you really need his approval???
01:07 NekoGloop you are just trying not to look like an asshole.
01:07 RealBadAngel heh
01:07 VanessaE gloopores sucks, etc.
01:08 VanessaE (actually I think it's a nice idea)
01:08 NakedFury RBA you dont mind add ons type mods made by others for technic?
01:08 RealBadAngel no, it has excelent idea of desert ores
01:08 NekoGloop glowing ores, desert ores, edible ores.
01:08 NekoGloop a couple of extra tools.
01:08 NekoGloop NakedFury: the problem is the cables.
01:08 NekoGloop I cant do those externally
01:08 RealBadAngel so make some use of it and contribute to technic
01:09 RealBadAngel so we can join gloopores into technic in a logic way
01:09 NekoGloop but pretty much the whole point of gloopores is fantasy items.
01:10 NakedFury mithril is fantasy too
01:10 NekoGloop not everyone wants to be limited to what exists irl
01:10 NekoGloop NakedFury: and guess how many uses that has. Oh right. None.
01:11 NakedFury as many as mese
01:11 NakedFury well more
01:11 RealBadAngel mithril? has a few in technic
01:11 RealBadAngel solar panels, mithril chests
01:11 NekoGloop mithril has a single use in technic
01:11 NekoGloop since mithril chests are a waste of materials.
01:11 NakedFury they are network type chests
01:11 NekoGloop but do they work?
01:12 NekoGloop no.
01:12 RealBadAngel they will be
01:12 NekoGloop they dont.
01:12 NekoGloop speaking of linking, work on the damn pipes.
01:12 RealBadAngel still lookin for a good solution to do that
01:12 NakedFury those chests work as if they were from a mmorpg
01:12 NakedFury which is cool
01:12 zilvarael joined #minetest
01:13 NekoGloop mmorpg == minetest with the right mods.
01:13 NakedFury they work because they have an army of working gnomes carrying resources continually from one chest to another
01:14 OldCoder U.S. worlds going down for animated water
01:14 OldCoder RealBadAngel, ^
01:14 VanessaE OldCoder: wait
01:14 RealBadAngel yes?
01:14 OldCoder VanessaE, ?
01:14 NakedFury what is the page for that RBA?
01:14 VanessaE OldCoder: wait for khonkhortisan to do animated water *sources* also
01:14 OldCoder VanessaE, O.K.
01:14 RealBadAngel why EU is always the last one? :)
01:14 OldCoder RealBadAngel, ^
01:14 * VanessaE is working on a proper image for 512px HDX
01:14 NakedFury ohh its khonkortisan mod?
01:14 OldCoder RealBadAngel, to protect EU!
01:15 RealBadAngel VanessaE, the patch already contains animated water flowing and sources dammit
01:15 RealBadAngel and the textures
01:15 VanessaE oh.
01:15 VanessaE ok fine, commit it then :)
01:15 RealBadAngel i did 2 hrs ago....
01:15 OldCoder I have already started helping somebody else who has waited
01:15 NekoGloop I just realized, is the Gambit in #minecraft the one from minetest forums?
01:15 RealBadAngel and waitin to test it
01:15 OldCoder I won't be free for 30 minutes
01:16 OldCoder RealBadAngel, wait
01:16 * OldCoder sighs
01:16 VanessaE NekoGloop: ask him :)
01:16 NekoGloop lol
01:16 NekoGloop I suck at starting intelligent conversation.
01:16 NekoGloop So you ask him :3
01:16 VanessaE RealBadAngel: wait a sec, WHAT patch?
01:17 * VanessaE looks at animated fluids github.  nothing new since 3 months ago
01:17 RealBadAngel realbadangel.pl/minetest_game.zip
01:17 NakedFury vanessa do they even need a patch?
01:18 RealBadAngel just overwrite your minetest_game with it to get animated water
01:18 VanessaE NakedFury: they do if he didn't specify that water sources could take on an animated image
01:18 NakedFury ohh well yeah got a point in that
01:18 NakedFury I dont think he did
01:18 OldCoder U.S. worlds going down for animated water
01:19 NakedFury fluid = minetest.registered_nodes['default:'..name..'_flowing']
01:19 NakedFury he didnt I think
01:19 OldCoder Should I stop?
01:19 RealBadAngel what the hell are you talkin about?
01:19 OldCoder Please decide quickly
01:19 RealBadAngel the animated water is done by pilzadam weeks ago
01:19 RealBadAngel and i did the textures for it
01:19 NakedFury dammit which animated water are we talking about here?
01:20 RealBadAngel and you talkin if its possible
01:20 VanessaE khonkhortisan's.
01:20 NakedFury khonkortisan's or whos?
01:20 OldCoder Worlds going down
01:20 RealBadAngel realbadangel.pl/minetest_game.zip
01:20 VanessaE or I am anyway
01:20 RealBadAngel download the damn patch and test
01:20 NekoGloop ok, that is NOT the same gamibt ;)
01:20 NekoGloop gambit*
01:20 RealBadAngel it works with provided 16x textures
01:20 NakedFury I cant open those links from hexchat
01:20 RealBadAngel and i have ready 128x textures for it
01:21 RealBadAngel better, watch the video with it http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p35e3ZCdDVU&amp;feature=plcp
01:22 OldCoder
01:22 NakedFury I already had a 0.4.2 animated water mod
01:22 OldCoder U.S. worlds starting
01:22 NakedFury I just used a shorter name
01:22 VanessaE well sure enough.
01:22 OldCoder And somebody tell me
01:22 OldCoder Which animated water to use?!
01:22 OldCoder RealBadAngel, yours is in the U.S. worlds
01:22 OldCoder And somebody tell me
01:22 OldCoder Which animated water to use?!
01:22 OldCoder
01:23 NakedFury realbadangel.pl/minetest_game.zip
01:23 VanessaE same here, someone tell me what filename to save this animated water source under?
01:23 NakedFury that one
01:23 VanessaE (I was gonna use default_water_source_animated.ext)
01:23 NakedFury vanessa: default_water_source_animated and default_water_flowing_animated
01:23 VanessaE whoa whoa whoa whoa
01:24 VanessaE ok
01:24 NekoGloop Meow. :3
01:24 VanessaE (ignore that last like)
01:24 NekoGloop Alright, we have evil blocks... what aboue "pure" blocks?
01:24 RealBadAngel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VoMynx6xXkU&amp;feature=context-cha
01:25 RealBadAngel here is video with 128x animated water
01:25 OldCoder Does RealBadAngel animated water work?
01:25 RealBadAngel videos with it is not a proof?
01:26 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I mean in the wild
01:26 OldCoder Go try it
01:26 OldCoder You asked for testing
01:26 OldCoder It is in all the U.S. worlds now
01:26 OldCoder Well most of them
01:26 VanessaE ok, can someone please just separate out animated water from everything else and make it a separate, standalone mod?
01:26 RealBadAngel i asked for EU first, since i have better connection to it
01:26 VanessaE it makes it difficult to test stock-like configs otherwise
01:27 RealBadAngel but ok
01:27 OldCoder <VanessaE> ok, can someone please just separate out animated water from everything else and make it a separate, standalone mod?
01:27 OldCoder He said it needs to be default
01:28 OldCoder Modifies init.lua
01:28 VanessaE no, he means it's somethign that should be included in default.
01:28 RealBadAngel because if modifies default nodes
01:28 VanessaE it is possible to overwrite a default mod/node without modifying default/init.lua
01:28 VanessaE I did that with torches before they were integrated.
01:28 RealBadAngel like default:water_flowing and default:water_source
01:28 OldCoder VanessaE, he means init.lua
01:28 VanessaE OldCoder: then he's doing it wrong :-)
01:29 RealBadAngel i dont really understand you
01:29 VanessaE minetest.register_node( ...  ":default:water_source" ... )
01:29 VanessaE with a leading colon
01:29 VanessaE redefines the water source node.
01:30 RealBadAngel ok, i will make a mod out of it if it HAS to be a mod
01:30 RealBadAngel btw on US server im stuck
01:30 RealBadAngel and cannot move
01:31 RealBadAngel im in a middle of not loaded blocks
01:31 RealBadAngel and cant move nowhere
01:31 RealBadAngel but can see the water which looks amazing
01:33 RealBadAngel im too lagged to play on US servers
01:33 RealBadAngel so PLEASE update EU
01:33 OldCoder RealBadAngel, make a mod out of it first please
01:33 RealBadAngel gimme 5 minutes then
01:34 NakedFury was there a api method that allowed you to add new stuff to existing stuff from other mods?
01:34 NakedFury IM searching using cornet notes api
01:34 NakedFury docs
01:39 RealBadAngel OldCoder, realbadangel.pl/animated_water.zip
01:39 RealBadAngel here you go
01:39 RealBadAngel standalone mod
01:40 OldCoder Fine
01:44 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I am putting that on EU now
01:45 RealBadAngel thanks
01:46 OldCoder error 404
01:46 OldCoder http://realbadangel.pl/animated_water.zip
01:46 OldCoder RealBadAngel, that says Error 404
01:46 RealBadAngel a sec
01:47 RealBadAngel try now
01:47 RealBadAngel made a typo again
01:48 OldCoder Got it
01:49 OldCoder Restarting EU
01:49 NakedFury animated waters are awesome
01:50 RealBadAngel OldCoder, ok
01:50 OldCoder It works?
01:50 OldCoder I should use this one?
01:50 OldCoder anybody else want to comment?
01:52 RealBadAngel of course it works
01:52 OldCoder anybody else want to comment?
01:52 RealBadAngel log in and see for yourself
01:52 OldCoder RealBadAngel, If it was "of course" why did you want to test it? :P
01:52 RealBadAngel on multiplayer
01:52 RealBadAngel offline i do play with this modification for weeks already
01:53 RealBadAngel im now over an ocean, animated. still 60fps
01:54 RealBadAngel with enabled full view range still 60fps
01:54 RealBadAngel works perfectly
01:54 NakedFury yeah no performance hit here
01:54 OldCoder Good
01:54 OldCoder Adding to official set
01:54 OldCoder And this is much better than patching init.lua
01:57 RealBadAngel youre right
01:58 RealBadAngel well, at least water looks like water on the server
02:00 RealBadAngel lets check now with filters
02:05 RealBadAngel updated Haven texture pack with animated water textures too
02:10 NakedFury animated textures are one thing easy to bring from MC texture packs
02:10 NakedFury they are separated and HUGE so a rename is all I do
02:10 RealBadAngel from old ones
02:11 RealBadAngel new texture packs dont have such files
02:11 RealBadAngel was suprised lately, no fire water and lava animations in this style any longer
02:12 NakedFury they are separate now
02:12 NakedFury 2 fires animations too
02:12 RealBadAngel they WERE separate files
02:13 RealBadAngel check up to date texture packs
02:13 NakedFury I am using 1.3.2 texture packs are the new ones from snapshots united?
02:14 RealBadAngel i tested a few and those files are gone
02:15 NakedFury ugh damn not good
02:15 NakedFury I like how they are separated
02:16 NakedFury textures for all sizes or just 16x?
02:18 RealBadAngel http://adf.ly/564553/spbdc-128
02:18 RealBadAngel check for example Sphax PureBDcraft pack
02:18 RealBadAngel for 1.4.x
02:18 NakedFury checking fast
02:19 NakedFury damn. comparing both games I must say I prefer MineTests method for texturing to Minecrafts
02:20 RealBadAngel easier to do textures and handle them
02:21 * OldCoder laughs
02:21 OldCoder Today was a busy MT day
02:21 RealBadAngel yeah, rly
02:21 RealBadAngel wasnt sleepin whole night
02:21 OldCoder I'm listing the mods I went through. Quite a lot.
02:21 RealBadAngel and in an hour goin to work
02:21 OldCoder Ah
02:21 OldCoder Good luck
02:21 RealBadAngel i will need it lol
02:24 NakedFury what was the screenshot button?
02:25 khonkhortisan f12
02:26 NakedFury thanks
02:26 NakedFury RealBadAngel: screenshot of my work areas coming. I am using only stations. not into tubes and heavy stuff yet
02:26 NakedFury http://screenshotuploader.com/s/01/z9kr550hh
02:27 Muadtralk joined #minetest
02:27 NakedFury same room: http://screenshotuploader.com/s/01/7yiubsjo
02:27 OldCoder Muadtralk, hello
02:27 NakedFury under that room: http://screenshotuploader.com/s/01/bnwperkx_
02:27 OldCoder Muadtralk, lots of news today
02:28 Muadtralk oh really?
02:28 OldCoder Muadtralk:
02:28 OldCoder 1. I am now hosting the Calinou world
02:28 OldCoder 2. Quite a few mods added
02:28 OldCoder 3. New music
02:28 OldCoder 4. Animated Water mod
02:28 OldCoder 5. Other stuff
02:28 OldCoder Done
02:28 OldCoder
02:29 NakedFury now this is my first work station area: http://screenshotuploader.com/s/01/qgzy-677o   http://screenshotuploader.com/s/01/carfn5rrv   under it: http://screenshotuploader.com/s/01/r72knpyte
02:34 Crisco joined #minetest
02:37 VanessaE haha
02:37 khonkhortisan :)
02:37 VanessaE khonkhortisan: I've gotten used to people poo-poo'ing DCC.
02:37 ecube i love trolling people by making them think they're admin
02:37 VanessaE so it never occurred to me :-)
02:37 zilvarael Hey guys I was working on this: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jcd02qq1dx2vx9o/Somelanguage.txt
02:38 khonkhortisan poo-poo'ing for speed or security? Or just not being easy to use?
02:38 VanessaE no one's ever actually said why, I presume because it's just "not cool" or something.
02:39 khonkhortisan "and it's and ache" -> "and it's an ache"
02:41 NakedFury RealBadAngel: the animated textures are still separated from the terrain.png. they are just placed in a new folder
02:42 RealBadAngel just seen pictures, it looks nice
02:42 NakedFury im hoping to later increase the size of my work areas so I have a shit ton of tubes going all over the place
02:43 NakedFury I need different kind of them to do that. I dont like them connecting too much
02:43 NakedFury takes the magic out of my tube dream
02:43 RealBadAngel that would be done by use coloured ones
02:43 RealBadAngel so they wont connect
02:43 NakedFury future plans or in progress?
02:44 RealBadAngel in progress
02:44 RealBadAngel thats for i made golds chest able to mark them with colours
02:44 NakedFury limited colors or using the dyes of the default game which are like 12 or something or going insane with vanessa's dyes?
02:45 RealBadAngel use default dye on gold chest
02:45 RealBadAngel punch the chest with it
02:45 khonkhortisan Gimp's rippling filter adds red on the top of a blue image
02:49 NakedFury dammit, time to make a laser gun. been leaving that to off far too long
02:49 anunnaki hmmm
02:49 anunnaki need to knwo the name and mod of some of the doors
02:49 anunnaki is it all part of the doors mod?
02:50 khonkhortisan what's the opposite of /giveme?
02:50 OldCoder http://minetest.org/ has been updated. Worlds list is revised. The news section on a linked page discusses today's changes.
02:50 khonkhortisan /takeme?
02:50 OldCoder I spent about 12 hours on MT today. Probably can't do that every day.
02:50 anunnaki lol i'm trying to give myself osme bad ass doors right now
02:50 anunnaki but i'm failing miserably
02:50 anunnaki all i can do is a wood dor
02:50 anunnaki door*
02:52 khonkhortisan Does ~/.minetest/cache/ go into the memory every time I load minetest?
02:57 ecube looks like it
02:58 afkael joined #minetest
02:59 NakedFury The laser is not working
02:59 NakedFury I shoot and get the blocks but the game doesnt remove them?
02:59 khonkhortisan So it's a cloning laser.
03:00 NakedFury right now yes
03:00 khonkhortisan What are you using to get the node?
03:00 NakedFury its RealBadAngel technic laser gun
03:00 NakedFury mining gun
03:02 NakedFury Mining laser: shoot once and you get the blocks but they dont go away. shoot twice and it repeats. right now its duping items
03:02 NakedFury wait it worked now
03:02 NakedFury just didnt break first block which is weird
03:04 RealBadAngel NakedFury, i know that glitch, tryin to do somethin with it
03:04 NakedFury ok thought you didnt know so I was reporting it
03:05 khonkhortisan oh I thought that was a poem. Now I recognize the song.
03:06 RealBadAngel NakedFury, have you tried already the flashlight?
03:06 khonkhortisan ♪ language that I used to know ♫
03:07 NakedFury not yet. will do it on my next trip to recharge tools
03:08 RealBadAngel what it differs it from walkin_light is it doesnt have to be wielded to work, have to be just on hotbar
03:09 khonkhortisan Couldn't you whack something with it to turn it on and off and still have it work anywhere in the inventory?
03:09 RealBadAngel i could propably
03:09 RealBadAngel but this system is also good
03:10 RealBadAngel while on hotbar it works and usues power
03:10 Muadtralk left #minetest
03:17 NakedFury RealBadAngel: update: laser is "cutting" in this pattern: 1= for blocks remaining X for spaces: 1x1x1x1x1x1x1etc
03:18 RealBadAngel best to see it is to use laser under water
03:19 Joschasa_ joined #minetest
03:19 RealBadAngel this is multiplayer issue and lags
03:19 RealBadAngel in singleplayer it works ok
03:19 NakedFury yes I used it
03:20 khonkhortisan I ran into a problem. I have a function (expand_cube) that places a node, then sets its meta (the center pos of the cube). The node's on_construct (which calls get_axesoff) checks the same meta, but does it before it's set, giving me a nil variable.
03:20 khonkhortisan I guess I'll have to move on_construct to a separate function.
03:22 RealBadAngel provide extra variable
03:22 RealBadAngel like cube_deployed = true/false
03:22 RealBadAngel set it by the init function
03:23 RealBadAngel and the other one let it check if its true
03:23 khonkhortisan Then i'd have to call on_construct until the meta gets set.
03:23 ecube w 3
03:23 RealBadAngel or check its nil
03:23 RealBadAngel define variable in node definition
03:24 RealBadAngel when just put its gonna be nil, until set
03:32 NakedFury RealBadAngel: another update report: possibility of tool recharger, not the battery, cloning tools
03:32 NakedFury 2 time now have a mese pick been cloned
03:32 NakedFury trying to duplicate the process
03:33 RealBadAngel thats strange
03:33 NakedFury yes. always happens when Im not watching
03:33 NakedFury and I dont waste mese
03:34 NakedFury or making extra picks
03:34 RealBadAngel thats almost impossible, dont know why it happens
03:34 RealBadAngel its just an inventory like the others
03:36 RealBadAngel how could that happen if it has just one slot
03:36 RealBadAngel and pickaxe is not stackable??
03:36 NakedFury well since im playing on a server not sure if its really technic or just some server stuff bug
03:37 RealBadAngel it hapens when you remove tool from tool workshop and move it to the inventory?
03:38 NakedFury I think so. it is never fully recharged
03:39 RealBadAngel hmmm i think i might know the reason
03:39 RealBadAngel youre movin it, while rechargin routine works
03:39 RealBadAngel and thanks to lags it recharges it and put it back into machine while the original one is moved already
03:40 NakedFury will try that next time and tell you
03:41 RealBadAngel but this way you should be able to clone stuff in furnaces too
03:41 RealBadAngel default ones
03:42 RealBadAngel will think bout it later
03:46 RealBadAngel ok, goin offline, cya later
03:55 VanessaE sigh, sometimes I really hate GIMP.
03:57 khonkhortisan I don't
03:58 VanessaE sometimes its filters are just barely thought out, just enough to call them half-assed
04:01 VanessaE I've been trying, all this time, to get a nice subtle, smooth ripple effect into the water, like it's being blown very lightly by wind, but no matter what I do everything's choppy and ugly :(
04:01 anunnaki how do i craft dual doors that open oppositte ways
04:01 anunnaki still a noob lol
04:01 anunnaki sorry
04:01 anunnaki actually
04:01 anunnaki i'd rather just /giveme them
04:01 anunnaki lol
04:02 anunnaki anyone know what mod they are and the name of them?
04:02 VanessaE if you mean homedecor's doors, craft one and put it back in the crafting grid
04:02 anunnaki ah, ok
04:03 anunnaki oh its your mod :P
04:03 anunnaki XD
04:03 VanessaE indeed :-)
04:03 VanessaE though there's a couple of other mods that add doors which behave the same way
04:08 anunnaki so hmm
04:08 anunnaki would it be /giveme homedecor:door_glass
04:08 anunnaki ?
04:08 VanessaE just use the crative inventory :-)
04:08 anunnaki XD
04:08 anunnaki i figured it out
04:09 anunnaki :P
04:09 anunnaki just had to look at yoru code on github
04:09 VanessaE it'd be homedecor:door_xxx_bottom_yyy I think is how I did it.  xxx = the type of door e.g. glass or wood_plain, yyy= left or right
04:09 anunnaki oh wow i could easily add mods if this is the code
04:09 anunnaki XD
04:09 VanessaE yup, modding is quite easy
04:09 khonkhortisan The ripple works if your image is larger
04:11 VanessaE yeah but the problem with the ripple plugin is I can only set the amplitude of the wave.  I can't set the frequency or rotation.
04:13 khonkhortisan or coordinate system
04:14 VanessaE that might be helpful to come, but even just being able to set the frequency would be an immense help
04:14 VanessaE some*
04:17 VanessaE ok finally got something usable
04:18 VanessaE can you update your github repos to allow for animated water source so I can make this official?
04:19 VanessaE and split the water off into a separate mod?
04:19 VanessaE (since animated lava is default these days)
04:29 * VanessaE pokes at khonkhortisan
04:31 CTMN joined #minetest
04:31 CTMN OldCoder  r u still online?
04:32 OldCoder Hi
04:32 OldCoder CTMN, Yes
04:32 OldCoder PM
04:32 CTMN O.O
04:32 OldCoder O.O ?
04:32 NakedFury god its 12:32 am here and im super duper hungry!
04:32 OldCoder So eat
04:32 OldCoder Food
04:32 CTMN I was sleeping
04:32 * VanessaE offers NakedFury some popcorn
04:32 OldCoder CTMN, O.K.
04:33 CTMN It was night, and now its morning
04:33 CTMN And ur still online
04:33 NakedFury ohh main my 6 favorite food. vanessaE thats so cruel. I ran out of them last month
04:33 OldCoder CTMN, I have been MTg for about 16 hours now
04:33 VanessaE sowwy
04:33 NakedFury I even bought a mini popcorn maker
04:33 OldCoder In fact U.S. worlds going down shortly
04:34 CTMN And I see ur not ready?
04:34 CTMN With  30001
04:35 NakedFury Pizaa, Hamburgers, Hotdogs, meat, chicken, and popcorn.
04:35 NakedFury pizza
04:35 VanessaE PIZZA!!!!!
04:35 VanessaE :-)
04:36 khonkhortisan You need white cheddar popcorn.
04:36 NakedFury I havea  weakness for it. I dont take it if it has an ingredient that I absolutely dont like but any other way I RAVAGE them. yes ravage not eat.
04:36 khonkhortisan I got distracted on rubik's cube formspecs.
04:37 VanessaE mmm white cheddar
04:37 NakedFury ohhh this entire conversation just got me hungrier
04:37 NakedFury eat time
04:37 VanessaE khonkhortisan: did you see my comment above?
04:38 khonkhortisan Yeah, I'll take lava out.
04:38 VanessaE ok
04:38 VanessaE thought I was being ignored again :-)
04:38 VanessaE oh also
04:39 VanessaE slow the flowing water down a bit (increase the loop time)
04:39 khonkhortisan I think I tried to make it match the speed that the water_flowing nodes actually move.
04:40 khonkhortisan what would I call a variable that goes between 'source' and 'flowing' if I can't use the word "type"?
04:41 VanessaE um..
04:41 VanessaE water_type :-)
04:41 khonkhortisan I'll go with fluid_type
04:41 VanessaE that works
04:42 NakedFury it does need some slowing. still water looks fast.
04:42 Jousway joined #minetest
04:42 khonkhortisan I don't have moving still water yet.
04:42 khonkhortisan Neither does default
04:42 VanessaE I have an animation prepared for HDX for the animated water source
04:44 khonkhortisan "fluid" doesn't look like a word anymore after just a minute of looking at my code
04:44 VanessaE heh
04:45 khonkhortisan looks like it should be pronounced fliud
04:46 wishstudio joined #minetest
04:48 khonkhortisan aspect_w/h lets you make a square picture be an animation
04:49 VanessaE I just leave those set to 16, they don't seem to affect big textures
04:50 khonkhortisan The first frame could be the first row of pixels: aspect_w = 16, aspect_h = 1
04:50 VanessaE yup I guess that's how it's intended
05:00 MiJyn joined #minetest
05:01 CTMN left #minetest
05:02 Crisco joined #minetest
05:11 OldCoder U.S. worlds restarted
05:15 brandon joined #minetest
05:16 bulletrulz joined #minetest
05:17 bulletrulz hi
05:17 VanessaE hi
05:17 bulletrulz hows it going
05:17 khonkhortisan I know your first name
05:17 VanessaE not too bad
05:18 bulletrulz mine?
05:18 khonkhortisan yeah, before you changed it to bulletrulz when you just joined
05:18 bulletrulz oh Brandon lol
05:18 khonkhortisan and between the ~ and the @ on your ip
05:18 bulletrulz everyone knows it
05:19 khonkhortisan :)
05:19 khonkhortisan People would know mine if they knew where to look
05:20 VanessaE khonkhortisan: it's interesting - I have a cousin by the same name as you
05:20 bulletrulz i STILL DONT KNOW VanessaE Though!!!!
05:20 khonkhortisan I have a neice by the same name as you
05:20 bulletrulz me?
05:20 khonkhortisan no Vanessa
05:20 VanessaE bulletrulz: yes you do.  it's Vanessa.
05:21 * VanessaE is not creative enough with nicknames to have picked a good one :-)
05:21 bulletrulz WHAT HER NAME IS Vanessa I did not that XD
05:21 OldCoder I am Robert
05:21 NakedFury I only know 1 Vanessa and its you
05:21 * khonkhortisan is glad he picked a good one
05:21 bulletrulz hi Bob
05:21 OldCoder I use the more formal name these days
05:21 VanessaE NakedFury: good, because there can only be one of me :-)
05:21 khonkhortisan She's my third.
05:22 khonkhortisan How much should the water speed be multiplied by?
05:23 khonkhortisan 0.5? 0.25?
05:23 bulletrulz i OldCoder
05:23 VanessaE I'd drop it to maybe 60% of the current speed
05:23 NakedFury dont know what they mean. maybe test each speed out
05:23 VanessaE (half as fast seems like it'd be too slow, so a bit above that)
05:23 khonkhortisan The current speeed is the viscosity of the fluid.
05:24 OldCoder How will this work with RBA mod?
05:24 VanessaE multiply the value by 1.6
05:24 khonkhortisan it'll be faster then?
05:24 khonkhortisan no slower.
05:24 VanessaE khonkhortisan: no, that's the length of the animation time - larger = slower framerate
05:24 VanessaE (assuming the number of frames doesn't change)
05:25 bulletrulz lol HOW COME minetest is so slow
05:26 VanessaE khonkhortisan: this method you've used to condense the water animation - how does it work?
05:27 VanessaE oh wait, you didn't condense it
05:27 VanessaE just two frames I guess
05:27 khonkhortisan ? length = previous_value * multiplier
05:28 VanessaE nono, the texture itself, it's only 16x32 px
05:28 khonkhortisan oh. You saw my commit?
05:28 VanessaE *nod*
05:28 khonkhortisan Yeah, one-pixel animation
05:28 khonkhortisan Ugly, but it gives texture packs animated water through this mod.
05:28 VanessaE no prob
05:28 khonkhortisan Turns out water_source doesn't have a viscosity.
05:28 VanessaE as long as I can still use the normal vertical strip method :-)
05:29 NakedFury should I change the info on the mod depending on texture size?
05:30 VanessaE ?
05:30 NakedFury well: ...row of pixels: aspect_w = 16, aspect_h = 1
05:30 NakedFury 32x packs too aspect_w = 32?
05:30 VanessaE NakedFury: not necessary
05:30 khonkhortisan I'm not using that. If your frames are square you can just use an aspect of 16.
05:30 VanessaE it's an aspect ratio, so any texture that fits the same aspect will do.
05:30 OldCoder I am resting
05:30 NakedFury ok ok
05:30 khonkhortisan As long as w and h are equal.
05:31 Myk267 left #minetest
05:32 VanessaE khonkhortisan: I'll tell you though, I sure wish the game could accept stacks of layers e.g. a gimp XCF file or animated GIF or some other equivalent
05:32 NakedFury why?
05:32 VanessaE it would make it just trivial to make nice high quality animations with big textures
05:32 bulletrulz VanessaE, how does it feel to be a mod/
05:32 bulletrulz ?
05:32 VanessaE because irrlicht can't load a file that's greater than 16384 pixels tall
05:33 NakedFury ohh
05:33 khonkhortisan You'd only have to tell it whether it was an animation or not, and the speed.
05:33 VanessaE bulletrulz: *shrug*
05:33 MiJyn joined #minetest
05:33 bulletrulz MiJyn,
05:33 NakedFury 16384 is a lot of pixels
05:33 bulletrulz hi
05:33 VanessaE NakedFury: yeah but it's only 32 frames at 512px.
05:33 NakedFury well 512x is a lot too
05:33 NakedFury but yeah I get the point
05:33 khonkhortisan I just calculated it, and turned to this window to see you already said that.
05:33 VanessaE if I could get away with 64 frames or more for my animations, you can bet I'd do it :-)
05:34 khonkhortisan Double-define your nodes and have them switch on a timer
05:34 NakedFury cant you do a hacky hacky code that loads a new texture set AFTER the current one run its time?
05:34 VanessaE heh
05:34 VanessaE in theory, sure
05:34 VanessaE but good luck getting it to stay in sync
05:34 NakedFury sucky way to do it but...
05:34 khonkhortisan one texture per node, unfortunately.
05:34 khonkhortisan Well, one set.
05:34 NakedFury ohh sync sucks sometimes
05:35 khonkhortisan one texture per face
05:35 khonkhortisan it'll sync every node change
05:35 NakedFury lava isnt in sync
05:35 khonkhortisan oh. animated water source isn't either.
05:35 VanessaE there's a config file option for that
05:36 VanessaE by default, they don't sync from one mapblock to the next
05:36 khonkhortisan Remember what it's called?
05:37 VanessaE # Whether node texture animations should be desynchronized per MapBlock
05:37 VanessaE #desynchronize_mapblock_texture_animation = true
05:38 NakedFury I must have skipped that one yesterday when I was readin the file
05:38 khonkhortisan it wasn't in mine
05:39 khonkhortisan I want to witness the death of my mod (that is, animated water in default)
05:39 NakedFury what do you mean?
05:40 NakedFury also just thinking but maybe c55 should think about giving access or priviledges to long time and trusted moderators of the forums and irc to official minetest source code git. for changes and stuff in his long hiatus
05:40 VanessaE khonkhortisan: once you get it working the way you want, you'll definitely want to pull-request it...and it'll be there in 6 months when c55 gets around to pulling. :-)
05:41 khonkhortisan that would be a request for manual merge.
05:41 khonkhortisan There should be an emergency merge button, for the "Emtpy bucket" syndrome.
05:41 VanessaE probably yeah
05:43 NakedFury sfan5, vanessa, calinou and the others(dont remember names right this moment) could act as "temporary managers" of the github source code while he is gone. making necessary changes when possible and needed.
05:43 VanessaE go over to -dev and propose it :-)
05:43 VanessaE I don't even dare suggest that :-)
05:43 khonkhortisan That's too organized, it might work
05:44 NakedFury yes. its needed right now for minetest to grow more
05:44 khonkhortisan I think the water is slower now, but I don't think I was getting the correct viscosity before.
05:46 VanessaE I timed my animation for roughly 5 fps or so, so a fixed time of 3 seconds seems right
05:46 VanessaE for the water source that is
05:46 VanessaE for the flowing water, probably a time of 2 seconds is about right
05:48 * khonkhortisan trying...
05:48 khonkhortisan ^ isn't correct grammar for third-person
05:48 VanessaE of course I used 16 frames for the animated source, I think you did the same for the animated flowing, for HDX
05:49 khonkhortisan I used two frames for source, but it won't affect replacing the image.
05:50 khonkhortisan at 2 I fall much faster than the texture does.
05:50 VanessaE heh
05:51 VanessaE even if you set the time to 0.1 you'd fall faster eventually :-)
05:54 VanessaE (I think terminal velocity in the game is somewhere around 200 blocks/second
05:56 khonkhortisan and I thought I already hit terminal velocity. That shows you how well I can judge acceleration.
05:59 VanessaE ok, the adjusted speeds look good
06:00 * khonkhortisan updated the forum topic
06:00 khonkhortisan that should be good for now
06:02 khonkhortisan I like the google picture thing
06:03 khonkhortisan But it's wierd to have the pictures move when I scroll
06:05 VanessaE I've never cared for the way google image search works these days
06:06 VanessaE ever since they switched to the general form they use now, it's been buggy
06:06 khonkhortisan I mean the google doodle <- remembered what it's called
06:07 VanessaE oh that thing
06:07 VanessaE what's today's?
06:08 khonkhortisan I don't usually see it because of my background, it hides the doodle unless I press the corner button
06:08 VanessaE oh cute
06:09 VanessaE someone had WAY too much time on their hands :-)
06:09 NakedFury holy shit I have that movie in VHS
06:09 khonkhortisan If you scroll up after it's done without pressing the search button, the e's move
06:09 NakedFury absolutely love it
06:10 khonkhortisan oh. I was falling in water while watching an adjacent waterfall when I was comparing the speeds.
06:12 khonkhortisan I think mob framework keeps changing its name
06:12 khonkhortisan If there was going to be any block physics, I'd want them to be in the sand.
06:13 NakedFury make them not change color when falling
06:14 khonkhortisan make node-sized nodeboxes not be darker than nodes
06:16 khonkhortisan You mean when they blink black? I think it'd have to synchronize the node disappearing with the entity appearing, or have them be slightly different sizes.
06:19 anunnaki hey VanessaE whats the giveme syntax for terracotta roofing shingles
06:19 anunnaki homedecor:terracotta_roof_shingles?
06:20 VanessaE I forget offhand :p-)
06:20 VanessaE :-)
06:20 anunnaki well that sucks, lol i'm sure i'll figure it out
06:21 VanessaE homedecor:roof_tile_terracotta
06:21 VanessaE wait, that's for the little piece tou have to craft
06:21 VanessaE homedecor:shingles_terracotta
06:21 VanessaE that's it
06:22 anunnaki why thank you
06:22 anunnaki <3
06:22 VanessaE like I said, if you're gonna /giveme, just use creative mode :-)
06:22 anunnaki well its ont he europe server
06:22 khonkhortisan I would've ran the script and told you if minetest hadn't frozen my computer
06:22 anunnaki i could use creative mode
06:23 anunnaki but not sure if everyone wants that
06:23 khonkhortisan I got stuck at the smiley
06:23 VanessaE ah
06:24 khonkhortisan Is this https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues/264 enough for me to not update the cube?
06:25 VanessaE ?
06:26 khonkhortisan My right-click menu will be a 3x3 of black squares with white scratches in it
06:26 VanessaE ah, yeah I saw that before
06:26 VanessaE if that's what works best, go for it
06:26 VanessaE though you will probably want to use better imagery eventually ;)
06:26 khonkhortisan I'll change it when people hate it enough
06:27 khonkhortisan and when the black square isn't there
06:27 khonkhortisan When it's worth it for it to look better
06:27 VanessaE do what I do in such situations:  cheat.
06:28 VanessaE flatten the image against whatever background color you figure should be there (the default is #808080)
06:28 VanessaE or get fancy and construct a square button image to hold the actual icon, and flatten it to that
06:29 khonkhortisan -night-
06:29 VanessaE night :-)
06:30 VanessaE morning sfan.
06:55 VanessaE time for me to head off to bed.
06:55 VanessaE night all
07:01 Calinou joined #minetest
07:15 * Calinou is browsing around bukkit plugin list, he only sees (L)GPL'd plugins
07:15 Calinou that's what happens when you use GPL for the API
07:18 NakedFury looking for ideas?
07:19 Calinou no
07:19 NakedFury and what do you mean by L GPL?
07:19 NakedFury you play minecraft then?
07:22 NakedFury Lesser General Public License: can distribute but not change or edit.
07:23 Calinou ...no
07:23 Calinou yes, I play minecraft
07:23 Calinou LGPL == GPL, but allows non-free derivative works
07:24 NakedFury they should do plain GPL
07:37 Calinou joined #minetest
07:45 Calinou my internet "broke"
07:45 Calinou http://www.speedtest.net/result/2242679090.png
07:45 Calinou and this is my new connection
07:45 Calinou fuck my ISP
07:45 Calinou seriously, they need to fix their throttling
07:45 Calinou the upload I had was terrible already, now it's even more terrible
07:51 Calinou_ joined #minetest
07:53 Calinou_ a router restart helped
07:59 whirm joined #minetest
08:03 Vohveli joined #minetest
08:17 Calinou joined #minetest
08:18 Calinou__ joined #minetest
08:22 Calinou__ yay ip change, I could go to #minecraft for a sec
08:22 Calinou__ then retarded ops banned me
08:22 Calinou joined #minetest
08:29 Calinou_ joined #minetest
08:29 Calinou_ yay shittier upload
08:46 Mika_R joined #minetest
08:46 Crisco joined #minetest
09:02 theTroy joined #minetest
09:03 VanessaE joined #minetest
09:03 VanessaE well I didn't sleep but at least I rested for a while.
09:04 Calinou_ hi
09:04 * Calinou_ got his entire ISP banned in #minecraft
09:04 Calinou_ I bet I caused at least one innocent ban
09:04 VanessaE haha
09:04 Calinou_ the ISP ban will be removed tomorrow, the individual ban will be kept
09:05 Calinou_ suddenly: webchat
09:05 VanessaE Calinou is now known as Trollinou
09:05 VanessaE ;)
09:13 VanessaE I have to ask...what is it that keeps getting you banned from there anyway?
09:23 Calinou_ ask the ops
09:23 VanessaE heh
09:25 TheRedMoodwin joined #minetest
09:26 TheRedMoodwin Hello
09:26 TheRedMoodwin OldCoder: Feeling better today?
09:38 TheRedMoodwin Um
09:38 TheRedMoodwin Request
09:38 pskosinski joined #minetest
09:38 TheRedMoodwin Could anyone make a forum post for me?
09:39 TheRedMoodwin I need someone to keep a forum post about a mod I am making
09:39 VanessaE make one yourself in Modding General
09:39 TheRedMoodwin But I don't have the time to really setup a post, and besides my grammar is very bad
09:39 TheRedMoodwin Yeah
09:39 VanessaE if you have time to code it, you have time to document it :-)
09:45 TheRedMoodwin But last time I did that it went like this: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/113167-modsandstone-and-more-from-a-newb/page__hl__sandstone%20and%20more%20mods%20from%20newb
09:45 TheRedMoodwin I document my code
09:45 TheRedMoodwin But I am really bad at advertising
09:46 TheRedMoodwin THat turned out really bad
09:46 TheRedMoodwin As I had a partner
09:46 VanessaE well minetest forums are a little more forgiving :-)
09:46 TheRedMoodwin And he is the one who kinda started the vote for glory
09:46 TheRedMoodwin I look back at it and cry over my own desire to be recognized x3
10:14 Fixer joined #minetest
10:16 theTroy joined #minetest
10:25 JangoFett154 joined #minetest
10:28 skully_ joined #minetest
10:28 skully_ old ckder
10:28 skully_ coder
10:31 TheRedMoodwin Just added a new feature
10:32 TheRedMoodwin Haven't really proof tested it, so it is going into the dev branche
10:32 TheRedMoodwin Branch*
10:32 TheRedMoodwin VanessaE: Can I ask what languages you have been using or are using, ms?
10:32 VanessaE programming languages?
10:32 TheRedMoodwin Yes, ms.
10:33 VanessaE basic, 6502 assembly from back in the 8-bit days, BASH script, Lua, Verilog, and I've dabbled in C, C++, Python
10:33 TheRedMoodwin THat is quite the track record, ms.
10:36 OldCoder oh?
10:36 VanessaE most of it is quite rusty now
10:36 OldCoder She is making a good start :p
10:36 OldCoder skully_, yes/
10:36 OldCoder ?
10:37 VanessaE only Lua and BASH get much love anymore, though I've started playing with C++ again
10:38 OldCoder JavaScript, Forth, Pascal, Bash
10:38 OldCoder Bash is a smash
10:38 OldCoder People should not trash
10:38 OldCoder Bash is a smash
10:38 OldCoder Tcl/Tk: people today disrespect it a bit
10:38 OldCoder but with me it's a hit
10:38 OldCoder Java is not JavaScript
10:38 OldCoder Lua how'ja Dua
10:38 OldCoder
10:38 VanessaE I've played a bit with javascript and tcl/tk as well, forgot about those
10:41 SpeedProg joined #minetest
10:46 TheRedMoodwin I have done Forth, pascal, c++, c, lua, python, ruby, perl
10:46 TheRedMoodwin nodejs, css, assembly(this is breif), fortran 75
10:47 VanessaE props for understanding line nois^W^WPerl. :-)
10:47 Lumpio- I have "done" dozens of languages
10:47 TheRedMoodwin java(i crindge)
10:47 TheRedMoodwin Yeah!
10:47 Lumpio- But that doesn't mean I can actually use all of them properly.
10:47 TheRedMoodwin Yes!
10:47 TheRedMoodwin That is the thing, sir/mis
10:47 Lumpio- So having "done" a language is more or less meaningless.
10:47 TheRedMoodwin I disagree there, sir/mis
10:47 TheRedMoodwin Having done nodejs, i understand asyncron programming much more
10:47 TheRedMoodwin Having done lisp
10:48 TheRedMoodwin I understand consepts of functions much better
10:48 OldCoder Lisp is all right
10:48 TheRedMoodwin No it is by gods not
10:48 TheRedMoodwin (((((((())))))
10:48 OldCoder Lovable Interesting Single Parentheses
10:48 TheRedMoodwin X3
10:48 OldCoder (--)
10:48 TheRedMoodwin Single?
10:48 TheRedMoodwin SINGEL?
10:48 OldCoder Well in pairs
10:48 TheRedMoodwin There are 1000 of them
10:48 OldCoder Yep
10:48 TheRedMoodwin But old coder
10:48 OldCoder cool
10:48 TheRedMoodwin I am going to keep the stable realase in the master branch
10:48 OldCoder Fine
10:49 OldCoder The Lisp version?
10:49 TheRedMoodwin And when I add new features and such they are going into the dev branch
10:49 TheRedMoodwin X3
10:49 TheRedMoodwin No, sir
10:49 TheRedMoodwin RedSand.
10:49 OldCoder http://xkcd.com/224/
10:49 OldCoder The Lisp version of RedSand
10:51 TheRedMoodwin X3
10:51 TheRedMoodwin Hehe
10:51 TheRedMoodwin I have never done lua
10:51 TheRedMoodwin Before this
10:51 TheRedMoodwin So the one thing I picked up, since I have actully done a lot of python latly, was that it is dead ugly
10:54 Lumpio- You can do asynchronous programming in Lisp and functions in JavaScript.
10:54 Lumpio- JS functions are exactly like Lisp lambdas.
10:56 TheRedMoodwin My firend is annoying
10:56 TheRedMoodwin Bbut OldCoder Did you get that?
10:57 TheRedMoodwin I just want you to know the system ;)
10:57 OldCoder the system?
10:57 TheRedMoodwin Added a /reply this break
10:57 TheRedMoodwin For RedSand
10:57 OldCoder I am not quite following
10:57 TheRedMoodwin How i am going to keep the revisions
10:57 TheRedMoodwin Regular updates goes into the dev branch
10:57 TheRedMoodwin Stable updates happen in the master branche
10:58 OldCoder Sounds good
10:58 TheRedMoodwin Nothing will ever be pushed which i know isen't working
10:58 TheRedMoodwin But I can't guarranty that dev will work on your setup
10:58 TheRedMoodwin Thought it should :)
10:58 TheRedMoodwin added a /reply this break
10:58 TheRedMoodwin Found a really nice way to do it :D
10:58 TheRedMoodwin That is the most fun in all of programming. When you find a problem and you find a really good solution to it
10:59 TheRedMoodwin Which is clean, small and understandable
10:59 OldCoder Yes
10:59 TheRedMoodwin Oldcoder, I also plan on maybe adding a jail function, but I am unsure....
10:59 TheRedMoodwin One thing that is going in is kits
11:00 OldCoder TheRedMoodwin, try to avoid conflicts that conflict with existing operations
11:00 OldCoder Not just the command names
11:00 TheRedMoodwin Yeah, I know
11:00 TheRedMoodwin But the thing is that i am trying to make a command pack
11:00 TheRedMoodwin So things like kits are things I would want if i was running a server
11:01 TheRedMoodwin And since you can turn the entier thing off
11:01 TheRedMoodwin With just the flick of a boolean value
11:01 TheRedMoodwin 4 characters
11:01 TheRedMoodwin I feel like it is okey
11:01 TheRedMoodwin Wait.....
11:01 TheRedMoodwin I have an IDEA!
11:01 TheRedMoodwin :D
11:01 OldCoder Ideas are good
11:01 TheRedMoodwin I can make the command syntax configurable to
11:02 TheRedMoodwin Then you can do that
11:02 TheRedMoodwin So that if you want /reply to be /sandreply
11:02 TheRedMoodwin That is going in :D
11:02 OldCoder OK
11:02 OldCoder Interesting
11:04 TheRedMoodwin ahh
11:04 TheRedMoodwin This is going well :)
11:06 OldCoder Glad to hear it
11:08 TheRedMoodwin Yes
11:08 TheRedMoodwin I have this as a side project
11:08 TheRedMoodwin The other one being in python
11:08 TheRedMoodwin And that is harder than this
11:08 TheRedMoodwin SO this is kind of a nice break from that :)
11:08 OldCoder k
11:11 TheRedMoodwin How well should I comment out the conf.lua file?
11:13 TheRedMoodwin Well I am just going to comment like i think is good, askign that questin is kidn of wierd
11:24 tango_ joined #minetest
11:31 TheRedMoodwin Pushing now :D
11:33 OldCoder Is it stable?
11:34 TheRedMoodwin Hmm, need to test at home
11:34 TheRedMoodwin added much configuration
11:34 TheRedMoodwin And /reply
11:34 TheRedMoodwin should be safe to pull though :)
11:34 TheRedMoodwin from the dev branch
11:40 TheRedMoodwin okey
11:40 TheRedMoodwin It us up now
11:40 OldCoder k
11:40 OldCoder TheRedMoodwin, I will update shortly. But it will not appear on the worlds until after the next restart.
11:41 TheRedMoodwin Yeah, I just wanted you to know :)
11:41 OldCoder k
11:41 OldCoder ty
11:41 TheRedMoodwin remember that you need to checkout the dev branch
11:41 TheRedMoodwin And that you need to redo the config file
11:41 TheRedMoodwin Since it is going to update
11:41 OldCoder Wait
11:41 OldCoder indicate the clone URL to save me time
11:41 OldCoder and
11:41 OldCoder perhaps I should stay with stable
11:41 OldCoder What do you think?
11:42 TheRedMoodwin yeah
11:42 TheRedMoodwin Just do that :9
11:42 TheRedMoodwin :)
11:42 OldCoder All right
11:42 TheRedMoodwin The itterations won't be very huge
11:42 TheRedMoodwin But I actully need to go now
11:42 TheRedMoodwin See you all
11:42 TheRedMoodwin later
11:43 OldCoder See you
11:43 OldCoder I need to deal with something myself but will return
11:43 CTMN joined #minetest
11:43 OldCoder CTMN, wb
11:43 CTMN Hi
11:44 CTMN U r still online? Didn´t think that
11:44 CTMN Is 30001 ready?
11:45 OldCoder CTMN, No. I have a deal with Jango to finish it. But he left for work a few minutes ago.
11:45 CTMN So when will it be ready?
11:45 OldCoder Somebody else can help me
11:45 OldCoder When somebody helps me
11:45 CTMN With what?
11:46 CTMN I can join Mt
11:46 OldCoder O.K.
11:46 OldCoder I have some things to do ATM. What is your schedule?
11:47 CTMN I can "work" for about 2 hours
11:47 CTMN more or less
11:47 OldCoder Hmm
11:47 OldCoder Maybe
11:47 CTMN Say what do u need help with?
11:47 NekoGloop joined #minetest
11:47 OldCoder I will explain when I am free
11:47 OldCoder NekoGloop, good morning kitty
11:47 NekoGloop Meoe.
11:47 CTMN Ok
11:48 NekoGloop Or something like that.
11:48 NekoGloop xD
11:48 OldCoder Meoe
11:48 CTMN @NekoGloop: R  u a cat?
11:48 OldCoder He is a Neko Shounen
11:48 NekoGloop I am nekoshounen :3
11:48 CTMN -.-
11:48 NekoGloop Cat boy in japanese
11:48 OldCoder CTMN, Neko means cat
11:48 CTMN Oh
11:48 OldCoder CTMN, Shounen means boy
11:48 CTMN k
11:49 NekoGloop Actually shounen means little boy i think
11:49 OldCoder NekoGloop, teenager actually IIRC
11:49 CTMN IIRC?
11:49 OldCoder If I Recall Correctly
11:49 CTMN Whats the difference to IRC?
11:49 OldCoder It is just an acronym
11:49 OldCoder NekoGloop, wait; it appears you are correct
11:50 thexyz irc = internet relay chat
11:50 CTMN I know
11:50 OldCoder thexyz, Yes. But IIRC means If I Recall Correctly
11:50 CTMN But what does the I before IRC stand for?
11:50 CTMN Oh
11:50 OldCoder Different
11:50 thexyz OldCoder: yes, I know that
11:50 CTMN I thougth u meant it
11:51 NekoGloop Shonen, with no "u"
11:51 thexyz Shōnen
11:51 NekoGloop The characters used innthe
11:51 NekoGloop Gjsjdvvsfjkn
11:51 thexyz not shonen
11:52 thexyz anyway, who cares?
11:52 NekoGloop in the japanese "spelling" mean "few" and "years"
11:52 NekoGloop thexyz: Does it look like i can write that symbol?
11:53 thexyz does it look like i know?
11:53 OldCoder Heh
11:53 CTMN -.
11:53 OldCoder Off to a friendly start today
11:53 CTMN -.-
11:53 CTMN Me 2
11:59 Mika_R VanessaE, you know if redcrab 0.4.3 has the newest moreblocks?
11:59 NekoGloop redcrab, having something "newest"? You crazy.
12:00 VanessaE Mika_R: newest moreblocks, no.  newest homedecor, yes :-)
12:00 CTMN U mean "u mad"+
12:00 CTMN ;-)
12:00 Mika_R nekogloop, if it's the old its goood
12:01 NekoGloop I have no idea xD
12:02 CTMN Why should the old be good?
12:03 Mika_R i believe there is something wrong in the new
12:03 CTMN What?
12:03 OldCoder Mika_R, Explain
12:03 OldCoder Let's nail it down
12:03 VanessaE well, OldCoder and I appear to out-age most of the minetest community, and "good" is an understatement, so... ;-)
12:03 OldCoder Huh
12:03 CTMN Its not ur mod is it?
12:03 VanessaE (median age seems to be around 15 here ;-) )
12:03 OldCoder VanessaE, It is hard to say
12:04 Mika_R moreblocks glass parts doesn't seem to work on europe, but as far as i tested they work in both globis and redcrabs servers
12:04 VanessaE moreblocks is Trollin^W Calinou's mod.
12:04 VanessaE glass "parts"?
12:04 Mika_R glow glass
12:04 VanessaE oh
12:04 CTMN Both glowglasses and super glowglasses work on 30001
12:04 VanessaE I should hope they work on the europe servers - homedecor depends on them to create house lighting :-)
12:05 Mika_R i'll test iron glass, coal glass, clean glass now
12:05 NekoGloop The recipes.
12:05 NekoGloop Are they the problem?
12:05 Mika_R VanessaE, how do you think i found the error, i have a stereo but no TV
12:05 NekoGloop Or are you entirely incapable of getting the glass?
12:05 VanessaE ah hah
12:05 CTMN As I know, coal and iron glass look like glowglasses but Im not sure
12:05 NekoGloop People!
12:06 NekoGloop I'm askin a question!
12:06 VanessaE Mika_R: you've tried the old recipes as well?  torch (or two) above glass in a vertical column?
12:06 Mika_R i can make glass, i don't fully understand lua files but the recipes were at least thre
12:06 CTMN ASK
12:06 Mika_R old recipe? is there some new?
12:06 NekoGloop CTMN: I ALREADY DID
12:06 VanessaE that's the recipe I've always used is what I mean
12:06 CTMN No NekoGloop
12:06 NekoGloop Mika_R: Send me a pastebin of the init.lua
12:06 VanessaE if it doesn't work it means the recipes are screwed up
12:07 VanessaE ah hah.
12:07 Mika_R it seems to be only the glow glass and clean glass, i'll get coffee and start to test
12:07 VanessaE minetest.register_craft({
12:07 VanessaE output = "moreblocks:glowglass 1",
12:07 VanessaE type = "shapeless",
12:07 VanessaE recipe = {"default:torch", "default:glass"},
12:07 VanessaE })
12:07 NekoGloop Ugh!
12:07 OldCoder Let me know please
12:07 VanessaE that's not the usual recipe.
12:07 NekoGloop VanessaE: But should work
12:07 VanessaE yes
12:08 NekoGloop Now can someone pastebin the damn init.lua so i can see the whole thing
12:08 VanessaE https://github.com/Calinou/calinou_mods/blob/master/moreblocks/init.lua
12:08 VanessaE the damn init.lua ;-)
12:09 VanessaE comparing it to one of my shapeless recipes in homedecor, I don't see why that wouldn't work
12:10 NekoGloop Type has to be the first line i think
12:12 Mika_R pastebin?
12:12 NekoGloop Are you THAT much of a modding noob to not know what pastebin is?
12:12 NekoGloop And also not to know what google is?
12:12 Mika_R YES
12:13 NekoGloop Oh so you dont know what google is? :D
12:13 OldCoder Be nice
12:13 NekoGloop I am.
12:13 OldCoder k
12:13 * OldCoder will be back in a little while
12:13 VanessaE jeez neko who pissed in your cheerios today?
12:13 Mika_R google is that thing that solves all
12:13 OldCoder Magick!
12:13 NekoGloop Nah
12:14 NekoGloop VanessaE: I had waffles :P
12:14 CTMN Google is the thing that knows everything
12:14 VanessaE ok, in your orange juice then :-)
12:14 CTMN If u ask it, it will give an aswer to every question
12:15 NekoGloop I had mountain dew :P
12:15 CTMN Who of u uses 4.3?
12:15 NekoGloop CTMN: Nobody, we dont have a time machine.
12:15 VanessaE no one does.
12:16 VanessaE 4.3 does not exist yet.
12:16 CTMN I mean 0.4.3
12:16 CTMN -.-
12:16 NekoGloop And you said something completly different.
12:16 NekoGloop I use 0.4.3 oldcoder's build.
12:16 VanessaE ok I just tested.
12:17 VanessaE the current git of moreblocks works fine.
12:17 CTMN If u mine a bit, u will get air in 0.4.3
12:17 VanessaE I can make [super ]glow glass without issue.
12:17 NekoGloop CTMN: Uh, have you lived under a rock for a year?
12:17 NekoGloop That's happened since the dawn of time(minetest)
12:18 VanessaE never had it happen except as the result of some random mod
12:18 VanessaE (or so I thought)
12:18 CTMN I only got the bug since I play 0.4.3
12:18 NekoGloop CTMN: Then you are lucky
12:18 CTMN -.-
12:18 CTMN Pulverize works on every server
12:18 NekoGloop VanessaE: You are also lucky
12:18 NekoGloop Yes, i know that.
12:19 CTMN If u have too much air, pulverize it
12:19 NekoGloop I know this, why are you saying it?
12:19 CTMN Cause u said we were lucky
12:20 VanessaE or you can just drop it in a hole somewhere :-)
12:20 NekoGloop Or drop it in your neighbor's yard, always a good alternative.
12:20 CTMN Because it takes too much space to place it in the middle of a way?
12:20 CTMN XD
12:21 NekoGloop We mean dropping with Q
12:21 CTMN there may be noobs who would collect that...
12:22 NekoGloop joined #minetest
12:23 VanessaE also note that "unknown blocks" (which air is) usually get deleted on drop anyway
12:24 CTMN Air gets deleted on placing as a block
12:24 NekoGloop Duh?
12:24 NekoGloop You placed air.
12:25 CTMN ?
12:25 NekoGloop It wasnt deleted, you literally placed air.
12:25 CTMN It depends on what the code does
12:26 CTMN But I think that its maybe registered as an air block
12:26 NekoGloop It literally placed air
12:26 CTMN If it can be mined
12:26 TheRedMoodWin joined #minetest
12:26 NekoGloop It cant be mined because it isnt pointable
12:26 TheRedMoodWin Okey
12:26 TheRedMoodWin Back :)
12:27 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: Meow. :3
12:27 CTMN Hi
12:27 * TheRedMoodWin pets neko
12:27 TheRedMoodWin How are you?=
12:27 * NekoGloop purrs >w<
12:28 NekoGloop Good :3
12:29 * CTMN is proud of being not as crazy as an animal
12:29 TheRedMoodWin Hey
12:29 TheRedMoodWin Was that bad words about my friend?
12:29 TheRedMoodWin :o
12:29 CTMN No
12:30 TheRedMoodWin Good
12:30 * TheRedMoodWin goes back to slowly stroking nekos fur
12:30 TheRedMoodWin I sometimes wish I had a cats life
12:30 CTMN Neko, can u teach me to speak the language of cats?
12:31 * NekoGloop ignores that he doesnt have fur and purrs >w<
12:32 TheRedMoodWin Yes you do
12:32 TheRedMoodWin You are a cat
12:32 TheRedMoodWin :o
12:32 CTMN There r cats without a fur
12:32 NekoGloop I am nekoshonen, we went over this ^^
12:32 TheRedMoodWin :o
12:32 * TheRedMoodWin is a simple minded person
12:32 TheRedMoodWin So you are not a cat
12:32 NekoGloop Cat-boy
12:33 CTMN So u look like naruto
12:33 NekoGloop No -_-
12:33 TheRedMoodWin So you are a CAT!
12:33 TheRedMoodWin :D
12:33 CTMN I mean the hairs in the face
12:33 VanessaE hell I figured he just had a collection of fursuits he switched between depending on mood.
12:33 TheRedMoodWin VanessaE, ms this is confusing
12:33 TheRedMoodWin :(
12:34 VanessaE also, those aren't whiskers on Naruto's face, they're just markings afaik.
12:34 VanessaE (yes, I've seen the entire first series :-) )
12:34 CTMN Oh
12:34 CTMN Im not a Naruto freak
12:34 NekoGloop http://www.webcomicsnation.com/memberimages/catboy_waiter.png something like this
12:34 VanessaE (and Naruto was influenced notby a cat but by a fox, which is a canine)
12:35 CTMN ...
12:35 NekoGloop Yes i just used google images.
12:36 NekoGloop No i have no idea what website that is.
12:36 NekoGloop No i dont care.
12:36 TheRedMoodWin Wait
12:36 CTMN k...
12:36 TheRedMoodWin So you are not a cat....
12:36 CTMN The image is just a bit weird
12:36 Lumpio- narutard alert
12:36 CTMN A catboy
12:36 NekoGloop Yes a catboy! :l
12:37 VanessaE neko, I actually figured closer to this:  http://www.advancedanime.com/pictures/normal_21385db72c214d3c2fa2676565d6c192.jpg
12:37 TheRedMoodWin wait a secound...
12:37 NekoGloop Heh.
12:38 NekoGloop Yeah what she posted
12:38 * TheRedMoodWin stops petting neko
12:38 TheRedMoodWin ...
12:38 NekoGloop I'm just too lazy to search that long
12:38 TheRedMoodWin ...
12:38 rsiska joined #minetest
12:39 NekoGloop What? :o
12:39 TheRedMoodWin :(
12:39 * TheRedMoodWin puts neko down on the ground and walks into a corner
12:39 TheRedMoodWin ; ~ ;
12:39 NekoGloop I have no idea
12:40 NekoGloop What just happened
12:40 NekoGloop But whatever :D
12:41 VanessaE heh
12:41 NekoGloop http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&amp;v=ShAqslqr_x0 :3
12:41 VanessaE I'm too tired to analyze anything that happens here, so..
12:41 VanessaE :-)
12:41 TheRedMoodWin Why are you tierd, miss?
12:41 CTMN Found 2 GIMP bugs again -.-
12:42 TheRedMoodWin Neko, this is disturbing
12:42 VanessaE because I stayed up all night again
12:43 * VanessaE is an insomniac.
12:43 TheRedMoodWin Ohh
12:43 TheRedMoodWin I love sleep.
12:43 NekoGloop What is disturbing? :o
12:43 TheRedMoodWin But I am on medication
12:43 TheRedMoodWin And that medication hates sleep, miss :(
12:43 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop, the fact that you are not a cat, and that song.
12:43 TheRedMoodWin :(
12:44 NekoGloop Ievan polkka is awesome :o
12:44 NekoGloop Its russian, so i understand nothing of it, but still awesome
12:45 CTMN -.-
12:45 edwtjo joined #minetest
12:45 CTMN U like songs that u dont understand
12:46 TheRedMoodWin CTMN was that a bad word?
12:46 NekoGloop Because then i can focus less on the song and more on what i'm doing
12:46 CTMN no
12:46 TheRedMoodWin Neko Have you heard my coding music?
12:46 TheRedMoodWin Good :D
12:46 CTMN Oh thats why
12:46 TheRedMoodWin miss, Why don't you go to sleep?
12:46 CTMN Can u post it again?
12:46 NekoGloop Post what?
12:46 NekoGloop http://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=related&amp;v=ShAqslqr_x0 this?
12:47 TheRedMoodWin Your body is going to do it no matter what you do, so why not do it now?
12:47 CTMN TheRedMoodWin can u post that again?
12:47 TheRedMoodWin http://gifsound.com/?gif=http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj7e34Tgt11qhy6c9o1_400.gif&amp;sound=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWa-rWSsoZA
12:47 TheRedMoodWin That is when I am going for like really boring code
12:47 TheRedMoodWin Like lua
12:48 VanessaE OldCoder: confirmed, whatever it is that's in place as moreblocks on europe.minetest.org:30000 is not current or is broken.  btw, nice textures.
12:48 OldCoder Back
12:48 OldCoder VanessaE, ty and wait
12:48 TheRedMoodWin X3
12:49 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder you need to sleep
12:49 TheRedMoodWin :D
12:49 OldCoder Not ATM
12:49 TheRedMoodWin Yes
12:49 TheRedMoodWin I can tell you and miss a fairytail
12:49 TheRedMoodWin And you can sleep :D
12:49 VanessaE OldCoder: also, get my Xdoors² textures from HDX.  They should fit well with this texture pack
12:50 VanessaE no fairy tales please :-)
12:50 TheRedMoodWin Why not?
12:50 TheRedMoodWin :(
12:50 * TheRedMoodWin loves simple fairytails
12:50 VanessaE OldCoder: wait before you do anything
12:51 OldCoder VanessaE, moreblocks is Calinou git version brand new. Talk to him.
12:51 OldCoder I can downgrade
12:52 VanessaE no
12:52 VanessaE I just tested it locally
12:52 VanessaE it works
12:52 OldCoder Well?
12:52 VanessaE I think something may be in error in your online copy
12:52 OldCoder It is brand new
12:52 VanessaE but...
12:52 OldCoder I will update, then
12:52 VanessaE wait,
12:52 OldCoder Regarding xdoors
12:52 OldCoder Checking
12:52 VanessaE is there a mod in place that changes the torches or the glass in any way?  as in redefines them?
12:52 OldCoder The mod list is on my page
12:53 OldCoder http://minetest.org/
12:53 OldCoder Tell me what to search for
12:53 OldCoder And I will grep the code
12:53 VanessaE checking
12:53 OldCoder But I really can't spend 12 hours today
12:53 OldCoder I need to send email before the start of business in 3 hours
12:53 OldCoder
12:54 OldCoder Regarding xdoors... I'd need to patch that into the xdoors* mod, wouldn't I?
12:54 OldCoder It wouldn't work as default; or would it?
12:54 VanessaE I dunno; my texture pack natively supports it client-side anyway
12:54 OldCoder Different
12:54 OldCoder It modifies the xdoors* mod?
12:54 VanessaE as long as you scale them down to something appropriate for server-side textures e.g. 32px or so.
12:54 OldCoder It modifies the xdoors* mod?
12:55 VanessaE no, it does not modify the mod, it just overrides what is supplied there by the game's normal texture loading process
12:55 OldCoder Yes
12:55 OldCoder But how do I do that server side?
12:55 VanessaE beats me, probably replace the mod's textures then
12:56 OldCoder I'll need to add patch code then
12:56 VanessaE just a thought - the default door texture looks like ass :-)
12:56 VanessaE no, no code patches
12:56 VanessaE you just replace the image files.
12:56 OldCoder Proceeding
12:56 OldCoder You don't understand
12:56 OldCoder None of this can be done manually
12:56 VanessaE but back up the old ones first just in case you don't like them
12:56 OldCoder It needs to be automated
12:56 OldCoder You don't understand
12:56 VanessaE ok
12:56 OldCoder The worlds
12:56 OldCoder get rebuilt 100%
12:56 OldCoder when I update things. Therefore I must write code to do this.
12:56 VanessaE oh ok
12:56 TheRedMoodWin http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ue-413N49k
12:56 OldCoder Once the code is written it is easier
12:57 OldCoder But there was rather more to it than was complained about yesterday
12:57 VanessaE I interpreted "patch the code" as "Patch the code of xdoors2", not "patch my update code".
12:57 OldCoder "8 hours... for a few mods?"
12:57 OldCoder D:
12:57 OldCoder Working
12:57 OldCoder VanessaE, these images go where on client side?
12:57 CTMN Is it so hard to install mods?
12:58 TheRedMoodWin CTMN he is not installing them
12:58 OldCoder CTMN, For server side it is quite complicated
12:58 TheRedMoodWin He is making scripts that does it automaticly
12:58 VanessaE on the client side it is sufficient to put them in ~/.minetest/textures/all or whatever the folder it
12:58 VanessaE is
12:58 OldCoder VanessaE, here is an interesting question...
12:58 VanessaE or anywhere you want and then point minetest.conf to it
12:58 OldCoder Stop
12:58 OldCoder VanessaE, here is an interesting question...
12:58 * VanessaE stops
12:58 * TheRedMoodWin eats a lolipop.
12:58 OldCoder Does that folder serve as *default* or as *highest priority* ?
12:58 TheRedMoodWin :D
12:58 OldCoder VanessaE, ^
12:59 VanessaE both.
12:59 OldCoder Explain please
12:59 TheRedMoodWin :o
12:59 TheRedMoodWin She is a coding god.
12:59 * TheRedMoodWin kneels before miss, VanessaE
12:59 OldCoder VanessaE, also indicate if straight convert of xdoors* images to 32x32 will work
12:59 VanessaE if empty, the game's and mods' default textures will be used.  If populated, the textures therein will be used instead.  If empty but you point minetest.conf somewhere else, then the somewhere else will be used instead.
13:00 TheRedMoodWin CTMN This is my coding music: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Ue-413N49k
13:00 OldCoder Reviewing
13:00 VanessaE I think you could scale them to 32px, yeah (be sure to keep the aspect ratio and threshold alpha at a low value to make sure no edge pixels get dropped))
13:00 OldCoder VanessaE, you are saying highest priority
13:00 OldCoder Interesting
13:00 OldCoder ty
13:00 CTMN TheRedMoodWin, I know
13:00 VanessaE basically yeah.
13:00 VanessaE but only if you don't point minetest.conf to a specific folder.
13:00 VanessaE for example:
13:01 OldCoder VanessaE, I get the idea. I will try ImageMagick convert. Any suggestions about allpha switch?
13:01 OldCoder *alpha
13:01 VanessaE texture_path = /home/vanessa/Minetest-Textures-and-mods/texture-packs/512px/Vanessa_512HD
13:01 VanessaE I store my 512px HDX textures in that location.  that folder overrides everything else by merely existing and being populated with appropriately named images
13:02 VanessaE threshold at 25% should do
13:02 TheRedMoodWin :)
13:02 TheRedMoodWin I love how there is not use for #minetest-delta
13:02 OldCoder
13:02 CTMN That channel is for source code development
13:02 VanessaE TheRedMoodWin: there is, but usually it's for more low-level engine- or game-related code and typically only back and forth with c55 and other devs.
13:03 OldCoder VanessaE, determine what I should grep for and I'll research the glass issue
13:03 VanessaE (compared to -dev which is strictly for engine core discussions and is highly topical)
13:03 VanessaE OldCoder: I've looked the mods list over and don't see anything that jumps out at me
13:03 OldCoder VanessaE, determine what I should grep for and I'll research the glass issue
13:03 OldCoder I will search the code
13:03 CTMN But I think there should be a special channel for such things
13:03 OldCoder Tell me what to search for
13:03 OldCoder CTMN, this is the mods channel
13:03 TheRedMoodWin :o
13:03 TheRedMoodWin Is it
13:04 OldCoder CTMN, I can't work on 30001 until tonight
13:04 VanessaE grep for anything relating to the creation of a torch
13:04 OldCoder Any pattern suggestions?
13:04 CTMN OldCoder, will it be ready tomorrow?
13:04 VanessaE see if there's something interfereing with the craft of stick + coal_lump
13:04 OldCoder CTMN, It will be ready when somebody helps me
13:04 TheRedMoodWin Anyone got any lua source formatters?
13:04 OldCoder I could write one
13:04 CTMN What should I do?
13:04 OldCoder CTMN, Help me tonight
13:04 OldCoder You are in Europe, correct?
13:04 CTMN Yes
13:05 CTMN Say in relation to yet
13:05 OldCoder What is today's schedule?
13:05 OldCoder You are 8 to 10 hours ahead of me
13:05 CTMN I maybe have to go offline soon
13:05 OldCoder CTMN, Yes. For the day?
13:05 OldCoder CTMN, I will work with Jango if he shows up
13:05 CTMN Yes
13:05 VanessaE OldCoder: offhand, I'd say a two-stage search - grep for minetest.register_craft with at least 10 lines of context, then grep that for default:coal_lump also with 10 lines of context
13:05 OldCoder We will talk further
13:05 CTMN Say what I have to do
13:05 CTMN Just say it
13:05 OldCoder VanessaE, will do shortly
13:06 OldCoder CTMN, How much time is there?
13:06 VanessaE (that way uou can see the entire recipe and some of the surroundings, if there's a relevant match)
13:06 OldCoder VanessaE, I will check
13:06 OldCoder CTMN, How much time is there?
13:06 CTMN At me its around 15:00
13:06 OldCoder yes
13:06 CTMN dont know exactly
13:06 CTMN (in a 1 hour range)
13:06 * OldCoder sighs
13:06 CTMN Why?
13:06 OldCoder CTMN, Do you have a rough idea of how much time there is?
13:07 OldCoder Without time there is no point in discussing the matter
13:07 CTMN 15:0
13:07 OldCoder No
13:07 CTMN 15:00
13:07 OldCoder How much time remains until you must leave?
13:07 CTMN I have 10 minutes
13:07 OldCoder Not enough time
13:07 CTMN between 10 and 30 minutes
13:07 OldCoder What must be done will take from 1 to 2 hours
13:07 OldCoder I will talk to Jango if he returns
13:08 OldCoder Nobody offered to help yesterday
13:08 OldCoder But I will do what I can
13:08 CTMN I offered
13:08 OldCoder CTMN, I regret any inconvenience
13:08 OldCoder Yes; you did
13:08 OldCoder Later on
13:08 OldCoder It is fine
13:08 CTMN Oh
13:08 OldCoder CTMN, I will proceed when possible
13:08 CTMN Ok
13:08 OldCoder CTMN, Have a nice afternoon
13:08 CTMN U 2
13:08 OldCoder And thank you for your remark
13:08 OldCoder remarks*
13:08 OldCoder They were appreciated
13:09 OldCoder More so than some others
13:09 OldCoder TTYL
13:09 OldCoder VanessaE, proceeding with both issues now
13:09 VanessaE OldCoder: ok.  remember it's only a guess
13:09 OldCoder That is fine
13:09 OldCoder Guesses Are Our Business
13:09 OldCoder Well, not really
13:09 OldCoder Working
13:10 TheRedMoodWin okey
13:10 TheRedMoodWin Oldcoder I will send you a message once I have the next stable release
13:10 OldCoder k
13:10 TheRedMoodWin ;)
13:10 OldCoder Sure
13:10 TheRedMoodWin Kits and more is going in
13:10 TheRedMoodWin Btw this is how the new config file is looking right now
13:10 TheRedMoodWin https://github.com/TheRedMood/redsand/blob/dev/conf.lua
13:11 TheRedMoodWin I hope it is good enough commented
13:11 TheRedMoodWin I chose to do it after rather than above the code
13:11 VanessaE ok, time for me to lie down again, see if I can sleep a little
13:12 OldCoder 3dforniture charcoal default glooporers homedecor technic unifieddyes woolcraft use default:coal_lump
13:12 VanessaE OldCoder: good luck.  If you don't find anything that looks like the problem, try searching for cooking recipes that use sand as the input - just in case "glass" isn't really glass.
13:12 OldCoder checking context
13:12 TheRedMoodWin Please tell me find anything you want better in the conf file
13:12 TheRedMoodWin :)
13:12 OldCoder k
13:13 OldCoder Hmm
13:14 OldCoder 3dforniture makes a torch wall
13:15 Mika_R oldcoder, 3dfurniture and moreblocks work on redcrabs server
13:16 OldCoder Mika_R, all right
13:17 OldCoder Mika_R, VanessaE Frankly I suggest somebody install the mods on my list locally and try the combination. Remove the mods one by one to diagnose the issue. VanessaE Time will not permit me to analyze this much code.
13:18 Mika_R Oldcoder, just tell me how i install mods in singleplayer and ill see what i can do
13:18 OldCoder Mika_R, VanessaE can tell you that
13:18 OldCoder It is pretty easy I think
13:18 OldCoder Mika_R, I don't do much client side stuff yet
13:18 OldCoder Mika_R, others can explain that as well
13:19 Mika_R on forum it said to move the mods in mods folder but i didn't get them ingame
13:19 OldCoder Mika_R, If nobody else explains I will tell you one way
13:19 OldCoder But it is not official
13:19 OldCoder Try to get one of the others to explain first
13:19 OldCoder Their way may be better
13:20 Mika_R asked VE in PM
13:26 Mika_R seem to have found
13:26 TheRedMoodWin Nice :)
13:26 TheRedMoodWin What are you going to do now?
13:26 OldCoder Oh?
13:27 OldCoder REVIVE_MSG = "Like a Phoenix %s rises from the ashes"
13:27 OldCoder TheRedMood, is that in the dev sources yet?
13:27 TheRedMoodWin yes...
13:27 OldCoder k
13:27 TheRedMoodWin is that a problem?
13:27 OldCoder Not in stable though, right?
13:27 TheRedMoodWin no
13:28 OldCoder Just checking
13:28 OldCoder No problem
13:28 TheRedMoodWin I am working like a hero right now x3
13:28 OldCoder Good for you
13:28 TheRedMoodWin I am organizing files
13:28 TheRedMoodWin So that its just not 1 big file
13:30 TheRedMoodWin And also
13:30 TheRedMoodWin Do you like the new config setup?
13:35 Mika_R oldcoder, got same problem now in singleplayer, can make other stuff but not glow glass
13:36 OldCoder k
13:36 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I am using stable
13:36 OldCoder It is nice
13:36 OldCoder Mika_R, Now remove one mod at a time
13:36 OldCoder To identify conflict
13:36 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, I know, but i sent a link to the new one
13:36 TheRedMoodWin Just the config file
13:37 TheRedMoodWin On github
13:38 OldCoder k
13:38 OldCoder Where is the link?
13:38 TheRedMoodWin Want me to resend?
13:38 OldCoder Yes
13:38 TheRedMoodWin https://github.com/TheRedMood/redsand/blob/dev/conf.lua
13:38 OldCoder R
13:39 OldCoder TheRedMood, any chance of a direct link?
13:39 TheRedMoodWin ?
13:39 TheRedMoodWin What do you mean?
13:39 TheRedMoodWin :o
13:39 TheRedMoodWin Like without github?
13:39 TheRedMoodWin Or?
13:40 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, directly to Lua file
13:40 OldCoder at GitHub is fine
13:40 OldCoder I cannot see the file right now
13:40 OldCoder Just GitHub stuff
13:40 TheRedMoodWin really?
13:40 TheRedMoodWin :o
13:40 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I am busy today
13:40 OldCoder Send link for actual file
13:41 Mika_R Oldcoder, as far as i know i only have moreblocks installed and doesn't work
13:41 TheRedMoodWin okey
13:41 TheRedMoodWin Coming up in 2 sec
13:41 OldCoder Mika_R, Well that is interesting
13:41 OldCoder Any way to verify that no other mods are present?
13:41 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder https://dl.dropbox.com/u/47149088/configure.lua
13:42 TheRedMoodWin That is the file i would think
13:42 Mika_R with /mods i find following, bucket, default, experimental, give_initial_stuff, legacy and moreblocks
13:42 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, it is very nice. Only suggestion is use spaces not tabs
13:42 OldCoder Mika_R, good. So moreblocks does not work.
13:42 TheRedMoodWin Yeah
13:42 OldCoder Mika_R, talk to Calinou
13:43 TheRedMoodWin I noticed that :)
13:43 OldCoder Mika_R, I will give you...
13:43 OldCoder an old moreblocks to try
13:43 OldCoder Hold on
13:43 TheRedMoodWin Well Nice that you like it :)
13:43 OldCoder k
13:44 Mika_R stripped down to only default and moreblocks, still no go
13:44 OldCoder Wait
13:44 cosarara97 joined #minetest
13:44 cosarara97 hi
13:44 OldCoder cosarara97, Hi
13:44 OldCoder http://minetest.org/moreblocks-120923.zip
13:44 cosarara97 Is there any way tho know what mods are missing in a world?
13:44 OldCoder Mika_R, uninstall moreblocks
13:44 OldCoder cosarara97, Sort of
13:44 OldCoder Mika_R, install that version. What happens?
13:44 OldCoder cosarara97, What do you mean by missing?
13:45 OldCoder If you have one...
13:45 cosarara97 what mod are some unknown blocks from
13:45 OldCoder That depends on another and the other is missing...
13:45 OldCoder Ah
13:45 OldCoder dig a block
13:45 OldCoder The log will tell you what it is
13:45 OldCoder Does anybody know where the log is, client side?
13:45 cosarara97 thanks, forgot that
13:45 OldCoder Mika_R, proceed with the ZIP file I just gave you
13:45 OldCoder cosarara97, k
13:46 cosarara97 So beds was missing :)
13:46 Mika_R somehow doesn't work
13:47 Mika_R iron glass works so the mod is in the game
13:49 q66 joined #minetest
13:49 TheRedMoodWin Yesh
13:50 TheRedMoodWin Made better function on /list
13:51 OldCoder cosarara97, k
13:51 OldCoder Mika_R, Explain
13:52 OldCoder Mika_R, The old mod doesn't work either?
13:52 cosarara97 OldCoder: ?
13:52 OldCoder cosarara97, that was short for O.K.
13:52 OldCoder Acknowledging you
13:52 cosarara97 ok
13:56 CTMN gtg bb
13:56 OldCoder cu
14:01 Mika_R oldcoder, so it seems
14:01 OldCoder That is interesting
14:02 OldCoder Please discuss this later with Vanessa and Calinou
14:03 Mika_R vanessa said she got the mod to work in singleplayer
14:03 OldCoder The question is why it doesn't work for you
14:03 OldCoder Which client are you using?
14:03 Mika_R 0.4.3
14:03 OldCoder Which OS? And where did you download it?
14:03 Jeija joined #minetest
14:03 Jeija left #minetest
14:04 Mika_R guess it's xubuntu 12.04, somehow managed to compile it via terminal
14:04 OldCoder Oh
14:04 OldCoder Client is probably bad
14:04 OldCoder I can try to build it for you
14:04 Mika_R oldcoder, what is the terminal command to pull new updates? haven't updated any since i got it
14:05 OldCoder Mika_R, Pull new update for MT and MT game?
14:05 Mika_R yes
14:05 OldCoder When did you do this before?
14:06 OldCoder Mika_R, I will provide commands
14:06 Mika_R never updated, i compiled when 0.4.3 came
14:06 OldCoder You used early git sources?
14:06 OldCoder Wait
14:06 OldCoder Mika_R, give me a few minutes
14:06 OldCoder We will start over
14:06 Mika_R ok
14:09 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder stable update out
14:11 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, Hope you have fun with it :)
14:17 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, k
14:17 OldCoder Mika_R, ready to start
14:17 OldCoder Present?
14:17 Mika_R yes
14:17 OldCoder k
14:18 OldCoder 1. Rename or delete your $HOME/.minetest folder
14:18 OldCoder Indicate when done
14:18 OldCoder If this works BTW
14:18 OldCoder I'd like a copy of the resulting program
14:18 Mika_R done
14:19 OldCoder 2. mkdir minedev && cd minedev
14:19 OldCoder Done?
14:19 Mika_R im there
14:19 OldCoder 3. sudo apt-get -y update
14:19 OldCoder sudo apt-get -y upgrade
14:19 OldCoder ?
14:21 Mika_R done
14:21 OldCoder
14:21 OldCoder Some of the following is nonessential for you. Do it regardless. It may update things and is also needed for others who may read this chat.
14:21 OldCoder
14:21 OldCoder 4:
14:22 OldCoder sudo apt-get -y install build-essential
14:22 OldCoder gcc --version
14:22 OldCoder ?
14:23 Mika_R done so far
14:23 OldCoder
14:23 OldCoder 5:
14:23 OldCoder Wait
14:25 OldCoder Wait
14:25 OldCoder Problem with copy and paste
14:26 OldCoder sudo apt-get -y install xserver-xorg-dev x11proto-xf86vidmode-dev libxxf86vm-dev mesa-common-dev libgl1-mesa-dev libglu1-mesa-dev libxext-dev libxcursor-dev
14:26 OldCoder
14:26 OldCoder ?
14:28 Mika_R done
14:28 OldCoder sudo apt-get -y install cmake git joe nano zip unrar-free libopenal-dev libalut-dev libvorbis-dev libjpeg62-dev libbz2-dev libpng-dev sqlite3
14:28 OldCoder ?
14:29 OldCoder That was 6: BTW
14:30 OldCoder
14:30 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, can you make the Phoenix typo fix?
14:30 OldCoder I have mentioned it before
14:30 Mika_R done
14:30 OldCoder REVIVE_MSG = "Like a Phoenix %s rises from the ashes"
14:30 OldCoder TheRedMood, while you are at it that file is missing a trailing newline
14:30 OldCoder
14:30 OldCoder Mika_R, 7:
14:31 OldCoder We will skip a webserver I usually add here
14:31 OldCoder
14:31 OldCoder 8:
14:31 OldCoder Mika_R, Did you build Irrlicht 1.7.3 ?
14:31 Mika_R no
14:31 OldCoder Where did you get Irrlicht?
14:31 Mika_R wait
14:32 Mika_R not sure
14:32 Mika_R i've seen it but don't recall where
14:32 OldCoder Don't know
14:32 OldCoder ?
14:32 OldCoder dpkg -l | grep -i irrlicht
14:32 OldCoder Does that show anything?
14:32 Mika_R yes
14:33 OldCoder What?
14:33 Mika_R -dev and 7a
14:33 OldCoder Can you paste the lines?
14:33 Mika_R ii  libirrlicht-dev                        1.7.2+dfsg1-1.1                          High performance realtime 3D engine development library
14:33 Mika_R ii  libirrlicht1.7a                        1.7.2+dfsg1-1.1                          High performance realtime
14:33 OldCoder We will skip building Irrlicht ATM
14:33 OldCoder
14:33 OldCoder 9:
14:34 OldCoder git clone https://github.com/celeron55/minetest.git
14:34 OldCoder ?
14:34 Mika_R WARNING: gnome-keyring:: couldn't connect to: /tmp/keyring-gYJVQo/pkcs11: No such file or directory ??
14:35 OldCoder Can't help you with that
14:35 OldCoder Did it clone?
14:35 Mika_R ok, it loads now
14:35 OldCoder Indicate when done
14:35 Mika_R done
14:36 OldCoder Mika_R, we are going to build a new copy in a specified directory tree
14:36 OldCoder
14:36 Mika_R ok
14:36 OldCoder PREFIX=/opt/minetest043
14:36 OldCoder sudo mkdir -p $PREFIX
14:36 OldCoder ?
14:37 Mika_R done
14:37 OldCoder cd minetest-git
14:37 OldCoder Note the period at the end
14:37 OldCoder ?
14:38 Mika_R bash: cd: minetest-git: No such file or directory
14:38 OldCoder ls
14:38 OldCoder What does ls show you?
14:38 PilzAdam joined #minetest
14:38 OldCoder PilzAdam, hi
14:38 Mika_R minetest
14:38 PilzAdam Hello everyone!
14:38 OldCoder Mika_R, O.K.
14:38 OldCoder cd minetest instead
14:38 OldCoder Then the cmake command
14:38 OldCoder Note the period at the end
14:40 Mika_R done
14:40 thexyz there's no need in dot when you specify build options
14:40 thexyz at least, it works fine for me
14:40 OldCoder thexyz, ok
14:40 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:40 OldCoder make
14:40 OldCoder Pour coffee and wait :-)
14:40 OldCoder Indicate when done
14:40 thexyz -j8
14:40 OldCoder Ha
14:40 thexyz or something
14:40 OldCoder Mika_R, how many CPUs do you have?
14:40 OldCoder Wait
14:40 OldCoder Mika_R, how many CPUs do you have?
14:41 Mika_R 2
14:41 OldCoder thexyz, CPUs + 1 ?
14:41 OldCoder
14:41 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:41 thexyz grep model /proc/cpuinfo
14:41 OldCoder ^
14:41 OldCoder Hell
14:41 OldCoder Just use -j2
14:41 OldCoder
14:41 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:41 OldCoder make -j2
14:41 OldCoder Proceed
14:42 Mika_R i think i once made just -j and the computer clock stopped 5 min
14:42 OldCoder If you wish safe
14:42 thexyz because you should not use -j
14:42 OldCoder make
14:42 thexyz without number
14:42 OldCoder Oh?
14:42 OldCoder What is default?
14:42 thexyz so, -j2 or -j4 should be fine
14:42 OldCoder Regardless
14:42 OldCoder Mika_R, use
14:43 OldCoder make -j2
14:43 OldCoder or
14:43 thexyz default is "make my pc laggy as shit"
14:43 OldCoder make -j4
14:43 OldCoder Heh
14:43 OldCoder Let's go
14:43 OldCoder
14:43 OldCoder make -j2
14:43 Mika_R used -j2
14:43 OldCoder k
14:43 OldCoder Indicate when done
14:43 Mika_R build at 62%
14:43 OldCoder Fat
14:43 OldCoder Fast
14:43 OldCoder *
14:44 OldCoder Mika_R, BTW You will be able to run a server if you wish
14:44 Mika_R oldcoder, where do you copy from or memorized?
14:44 OldCoder We are building both client or server
14:44 OldCoder Mika_R, My own documents
14:44 OldCoder Which will go on the Web
14:44 OldCoder When they are ready
14:44 Mika_R ok
14:44 TheRedMoodWin This build system is bad.
14:44 TheRedMoodWin :/
14:44 * OldCoder shrugs
14:45 TheRedMoodWin You disagree, sir?
14:45 OldCoder Mika_R, Your own server will be fun
14:45 OldCoder No
14:45 OldCoder I have no strong opinion
14:45 OldCoder I maintain...
14:45 OldCoder about 2,000 packages
14:45 OldCoder I see all types of builds
14:45 thexyz TheRedMoodWin: why?
14:45 TheRedMoodWin nice :)
14:45 Mika_R done
14:45 OldCoder Mika_R, Whoa!!
14:45 OldCoder Mika_R, Nice fast machine?
14:45 OldCoder
14:45 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:45 OldCoder sudo make install
14:45 TheRedMoodWin Well, even the linux kernel got a simpler build procedure than this
14:45 Mika_R its the power of 939 soclet
14:46 OldCoder k
14:46 OldCoder Done?
14:46 Mika_R done
14:46 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:46 OldCoder sudo strip $PREFIX/bin/*
14:46 OldCoder Done?
14:46 TheRedMoodWin What is the GHz on the CPU?
14:46 Mika_R done
14:46 OldCoder Mika_R, I have some gifts for you. Wait a moment.
14:47 Mika_R 2,4 ghz dual core
14:47 TheRedMoodWin Nice :)
14:47 TheRedMoodWin I have 3.4 GHZ quad core
14:47 TheRedMoodWin Its an i5
14:47 OldCoder Good Grief
14:47 TheRedMoodWin But that is on my good machine
14:47 OldCoder I remember when
14:47 OldCoder PC-XT was Super Machine
14:47 TheRedMoodWin The only one I have bought
14:47 OldCoder Mika_R, one moment. Gifts for you are coming.
14:47 Jordach joined #minetest
14:47 Mika_R the guy at the computer store laughed at me when i was looking for a 939 socket cpu and a AGP GPU
14:47 OldCoder Why?
14:48 TheRedMoodWin I have an old compaq m77
14:48 Mika_R old technology
14:48 TheRedMoodWin Well, I like old hardawre
14:48 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:48 TheRedMoodWin Makes good code important
14:48 OldCoder cd $PREFIX/share/minetest
14:48 OldCoder Done?
14:49 thexyz for me minetest builds in 16 seconds ^^
14:49 OldCoder Mika_R, ^
14:49 Mika_R done
14:49 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:49 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:49 OldCoder rm -f minetest.conf
14:49 OldCoder wget http://minetest.org/minetest.conf
14:49 OldCoder Done?
14:49 OldCoder Wait
14:49 OldCoder Sorry
14:49 OldCoder
14:50 OldCoder IW   a (Modified)                 Row 2    Col 6    2:50  Ctrl-K H for help
14:50 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:50 OldCoder sudo rm -f minetest.conf
14:50 OldCoder sudo wget http://minetest.org/minetest.conf
14:50 OldCoder Done?
14:51 Mika_R done
14:51 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:51 OldCoder cd $PREFIX/share/minetest/games
14:51 OldCoder ?
14:52 Mika_R done
14:52 thexyz sudo? wtf?
14:52 OldCoder sudo rm -fr minetest_game
14:52 OldCoder sudo wget http://minetest.org/minegame.zip
14:52 OldCoder sudo unzip -q minegame.zip
14:53 OldCoder thexyz, I am trying to make this work for everybody
14:53 thexyz everybody, huh?
14:53 OldCoder Mika_R, indicate when done
14:53 thexyz some people may not have sudo
14:53 OldCoder Yep
14:53 OldCoder thexyz, Allow us to finish. You can edit my documents later.
14:53 OldCoder thexyz, for this procedure root is assumed
14:54 OldCoder This is not a run in place build
14:54 TheRedMoodWin He is making the point
14:54 thexyz for not run in place build it's better to use checkinstall
14:54 thexyz or whatever
14:54 TheRedMoodWin That sudo is an additional program
14:54 OldCoder thexyz, TheRedMoodWin: I know all that
14:54 TheRedMoodWin X3
14:54 OldCoder And I spent 12 to 16 hours on MT yesterday
14:54 TheRedMoodWin Linux Geeks unite
14:54 TheRedMoodWin :)
14:54 OldCoder I cannot do so ATM
14:54 OldCoder so let us finish
14:54 OldCoder Mika_R, ?
14:54 Calinou joined #minetest
14:55 OldCoder Calinou, wb
14:55 Calinou hi
14:55 OldCoder Calinou, your world is up but the player files are corrupted
14:55 OldCoder Calinou, I will need to add the old players one by one
14:55 Calinou O_o
14:55 OldCoder As they make the server crash
14:55 Calinou meh, feel free not to do that
14:55 OldCoder Calinou, your world is on port 30003
14:55 OldCoder Ffine
14:55 OldCoder *Fine
14:55 OldCoder It looks very nice
14:55 Mika_R oldcoder, done
14:55 OldCoder But occasionally crashes the server
14:56 Calinou I can give items back as compensation :P
14:56 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:56 OldCoder Calinou, Yes
14:56 OldCoder Calinou, join and I will op you
14:56 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:56 OldCoder One moment
14:57 OldCoder sudo rm minegame.zip
14:57 OldCoder sudo chown -R 0.0 $PREFIX
14:57 OldCoder sudo chmod 755 `find $PREFIX -type d`
14:57 OldCoder ?
14:57 * Calinou just died in minecraft with 95 levels and diamond tools in lava
14:57 Calinou :|
14:57 Jordach Calinou, BITCH
14:57 OldCoder ?
14:58 Calinou heh, I'm not even caring, I have fucktons of resources and I get these levels back easily using jobs plugin
14:58 Calinou gotta like weaponsmith job which can be easily exploited
14:58 Calinou 30 levels by crafting 40 stone swords :>
14:58 TheRedMoodWin Can i kick him now?
14:58 Calinou no u
14:58 TheRedMoodWin in the face
14:58 TheRedMoodWin ?
14:58 TheRedMoodWin :D
14:58 OldCoder Mika_R, indicate when done
14:58 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder I ask for permission to kick Calinou in the face
14:58 TheRedMoodWin :D
14:58 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, It is none of my concern
14:59 TheRedMoodWin :(
14:59 * TheRedMoodWin hears the DENIED sound ring trough his head
14:59 TheRedMoodWin T_T
14:59 Mika_R find: `/opt/minetest043/share/minetest/games/minetest_game/mods/pilzclouds': Permission denied
14:59 OldCoder Mika_R:
14:59 OldCoder sudo chmod 755 `find $PREFIX -type d`
14:59 OldCoder Do that first
15:00 OldCoder I probably had the lines out of order
15:00 * Jordach plays Battlefield for Free
15:00 Mika_R done
15:01 OldCoder Mika_R, now the fun part:
15:01 OldCoder /opt/minetest043/bin/minetest &
15:01 OldCoder What happens?
15:01 thexyz Jordach: who cares?
15:01 TheRedMoodWin I care :D
15:01 OldCoder Dare to Care
15:01 OldCoder :-)
15:02 TheRedMoodWin :)
15:02 Mika_R nothing
15:02 TheRedMoodWin There woulden't happen to be someone who is willing to help me out with german homework here?
15:02 TheRedMoodWin I have big trouble remembering the information
15:02 OldCoder Mika_R: What happens exactly?
15:03 OldCoder In the CLI window?
15:03 Mika_R nothing happened
15:03 FreeFull joined #minetest
15:03 OldCoder That is unlikely. Do this:
15:03 OldCoder /opt/minetest043/bin/minetest >& /tmp/mine.log
15:03 OldCoder No &
15:03 OldCoder What happens?
15:04 OldCoder By No &
15:04 OldCoder I mean none at the end
15:04 OldCoder >& is needed
15:05 Mika_R again nothing
15:05 Mika_R sudo or cd in front?
15:05 OldCoder Now do list
15:05 OldCoder No
15:05 OldCoder ls -l /tmp/mine.log
15:05 OldCoder Show us the output line
15:07 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, can you patch the Phoenix typo?
15:07 OldCoder Also add a newline to that file
15:07 OldCoder The end doesn't have one
15:07 OldCoder Mika_R, ?
15:07 Mika_R which folder am i supposed to be in, seems like it throw me out
15:07 OldCoder Mika_R, explain
15:07 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder I belive I have?
15:07 OldCoder Folder does not matter
15:07 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, nope
15:07 OldCoder I pulled stable
15:07 OldCoder Still there
15:08 TheRedMoodWin Tell me what it is then?
15:08 OldCoder Minute
15:08 Mika_R im here
15:08 OldCoder Mika_R, Minute
15:08 OldCoder
15:08 TheRedMoodWin Ohh
15:08 TheRedMoodWin The E
15:08 OldCoder Mika_R, what does the ls -l line show?
15:08 TheRedMoodWin Sorry Will be done right now
15:08 OldCoder ls -l /tmp/mine.log
15:08 OldCoder ?
15:08 TheRedMoodWin Now pull
15:08 TheRedMoodWin And it is done
15:08 * OldCoder sighs
15:08 OldCoder Sure it is
15:08 OldCoder :P
15:09 TheRedMoodWin X3
15:09 Calinou there, level 30 reached
15:09 Mika_R with ls -l i now found minetest_game and minimal
15:09 TheRedMoodWin Something I touch is never going to be done
15:09 OldCoder Mika_R, No
15:09 OldCoder
15:09 OldCoder Mika_R:
15:09 OldCoder ls -l /tmp/mine.log
15:09 OldCoder What does that line show?
15:09 OldCoder Exactly?
15:09 OldCoder One line of output
15:09 Mika_R ls: cannot access /tmp/mine.log: No such file or directory
15:10 OldCoder Mika_R, You did not do the command I said before. Wait.
15:10 OWNSyouAll joined #minetest
15:10 OldCoder /opt/minetest043/bin/minetest >& /tmp/mine.log
15:10 PilzAdam OWNSyouAll, not me
15:10 OldCoder Mika_R, Do that line exactly
15:10 Mika_R opened the game
15:10 OldCoder Try it
15:10 OldCoder Local and multiplayer both
15:11 OldCoder You have all the mods BTW
15:11 OldCoder And music
15:11 Mika_R loading media, 2%
15:11 OldCoder Fine
15:11 Mika_R brb
15:11 TheRedMoodWin see
15:11 TheRedMoodWin That was a good long make setup :D
15:13 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, add a newline to that file
15:14 TheRedMoodWin done
15:14 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I think I will turn careLetters off
15:14 OldCoder It is nice
15:14 OldCoder not to worry about case
15:14 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, a typo for you:
15:15 OldCoder -- msg privleges
15:15 OldCoder Fix that throughout your file
15:15 TheRedMoodWin okey
15:16 OldCoder MOTD        = "Welcome to Minetest %s!"
15:16 OldCoder Suggested default MOTD ^
15:16 TheRedMoodWin No.
15:16 TheRedMoodWin I added the default MOTD message
15:16 OldCoder As you wish
15:16 OldCoder ?
15:16 OldCoder MOTD        = "Welcome to Minetest %s!"
15:16 OldCoder What is wrong?
15:16 TheRedMoodWin To alert server owners that thre is an option
15:16 OldCoder As you wish
15:16 Mika_R im back and it seems to be working, is it the same textures as on europe?
15:17 TheRedMoodWin :)
15:17 OldCoder Mika_R, should be
15:17 OldCoder Mika_R, I will be updating this periodically
15:17 TheRedMoodWin I think you could make a patch file for that OldCoder
15:17 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, sure
15:17 OldCoder Mika_R, have fun
15:17 TheRedMoodWin So that it just changes it every time
15:17 OldCoder Mika_R, we will finish now
15:17 OldCoder Mika_R, exit the game
15:17 OldCoder Mika_R, do this:
15:17 Mika_R ok, had a texture pack on the previous so didn't recognize
15:17 OldCoder sudo rm -fr /usr/local/*minetest*
15:18 OldCoder sudo rm -fr /usr/local/*/*minetest*
15:18 OldCoder sudo rm -fr /usr/*/*minetest*
15:18 OldCoder Done?
15:18 TheRedMoodWin Okey
15:18 TheRedMoodWin NOW THEN?
15:18 OldCoder ?
15:18 TheRedMoodWin are you pleased now OldCoder x3
15:18 OldCoder Mika_R, you didn't remove the .minetest folder?
15:18 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, of course
15:18 Mika_R the old game?
15:19 OldCoder Mika_R, never mind
15:19 OldCoder Do the final rm -fr commands above
15:19 OldCoder Check them first!!!
15:19 OldCoder Or system will be destroyed
15:19 NekoGloop joined #minetest
15:19 Mika_R ?
15:19 OldCoder NekoGloop, wb
15:19 NekoGloop Meow :3
15:19 OldCoder Do the final rm -fr commands above
15:19 OldCoder Meow!
15:19 TheRedMoodWin Neko!
15:19 TheRedMoodWin So you are a cat!
15:19 NekoGloop Ohai :3
15:19 TheRedMoodWin :D
15:19 OldCoder <OldCoder> sudo rm -fr /usr/local/*minetest*
15:19 OldCoder <OldCoder> sudo rm -fr /usr/local/*/*minetest*
15:19 OldCoder <OldCoder> sudo rm -fr /usr/*/*minetest*
15:19 OldCoder <OldCoder> Done?
15:19 Mika_R check them first you said
15:19 OldCoder Mika_R, ?
15:19 NekoGloop I am nekoshounen :3
15:19 OldCoder Don't make typos
15:19 * TheRedMoodWin interpits that as a cat :D
15:20 OldCoder catboy
15:20 * TheRedMoodWin still interpits that as cat
15:20 NekoGloop I am a boy with cat tail, claws, and ears, as well as instincts of a cat :3
15:20 TheRedMoodWin So you are a cat :D
15:20 OldCoder In a sense
15:20 NekoGloop Remember the image VanessaE showed us?
15:20 OldCoder A variety of cat
15:21 thexyz NekoGloop: what the fuck, have you tried visiting doctor?
15:21 OldCoder Mika_R, done?
15:21 OldCoder There is one final step?
15:21 NekoGloop thexyz: Haha.
15:21 TheRedMoodWin So...
15:21 TheRedMoodWin you are a .....
15:21 Calinou you mean -rf? people always never say -fr :p
15:21 Lumpio- joined #minetest
15:21 * TheRedMoodWin thinks really hard
15:21 Calinou these do the same things I know
15:21 OldCoder Calinou, I have used -fr for 35 years
15:21 OldCoder Not about to change now
15:21 NekoGloop The only irl one of those things is the instincts part. For purposes here, i am a catboy.
15:21 Mika_R done the 3 commands
15:21 Calinou linux didn't exist 35 years ago
15:22 TheRedMoodWin you are.......
15:22 OldCoder Calinou, so?
15:22 TheRedMoodWin Old BSD
15:22 TheRedMoodWin PDP-11
15:22 OldCoder Before that
15:22 TheRedMoodWin I remember using that command :)
15:22 OldCoder I started with V6 UNIX
15:22 Calinou BSD was created after 77, no?
15:22 TheRedMoodWin Ohh PDP-11
15:22 OldCoder Yes
15:22 TheRedMoodWin The beauty of a system
15:22 OldCoder Calinou, I was at B when they added the SD
15:22 OldCoder :-)
15:22 OldCoder There are some of my fortunes in the Fortunes File
15:22 Calinou you mean L?
15:22 Calinou :P
15:22 OldCoder ?
15:23 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop, so you are ....
15:23 OldCoder I knew people who did LSD if that's what you mean
15:23 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop, a CAT!
15:23 OldCoder We focused more on BSD
15:23 TheRedMoodWin :D
15:23 OldCoder Mika_R, ?
15:23 OldCoder Mika_R, I'd like to finish this
15:23 Mika_R yes
15:23 OldCoder Mika_R, Done?
15:23 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: A catboy.
15:23 Mika_R with the 3 commands yes
15:23 TheRedMoodWin :S
15:23 OldCoder Mika_R, cd $HOME
15:23 OldCoder ls
15:23 OldCoder If the old
15:23 Mika_R im home
15:23 OldCoder MT folder you used months ago
15:24 * TheRedMoodWin doesn't get the consept of being a cat and not being a cat at the same time
15:24 OldCoder is still there
15:24 OldCoder You can delete it
15:24 OldCoder I mean the old sources
15:24 OldCoder Mika_R, now for the final step
15:24 Calinou OldCoder: server IP of my world?
15:24 TheRedMoodWin unless it is quantum mechanics
15:24 Calinou so that I can edit the domain
15:24 TheRedMoodWin We could do that
15:24 OldCoder Calinou, minetest.org
15:24 OldCoder port 30003
15:24 TheRedMoodWin But then you are schrödingers cat!
15:24 TheRedMoodWin :D
15:24 Calinou I said IP
15:24 OldCoder Mika_R, what is your favorite editor?
15:24 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop, Is that correct?
15:24 TheRedMoodWin vi
15:24 Mika_R editor?
15:24 OldCoder Calinou, do you need IP? It may change. Use minetest.org
15:25 OldCoder Mika_R, text editor
15:25 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder vi
15:25 Calinou yes, so that I can change calin.sytes.net
15:25 OldCoder Calinou, game accepts hostnames
15:25 thexyz why not vim?
15:25 Calinou TheRedMoodWin: lolvi(m)
15:25 OldCoder Calinou, put down minetest.org
15:25 Calinou nano > all
15:25 Calinou OldCoder: talking about domain stuff
15:25 Calinou so that people can connect with calin.sytes.net
15:25 OldCoder Mika_R, what is your preferred editor?
15:25 Mika_R only one i've used here is leafpad
15:25 thexyz or emacs
15:25 thexyz are there any other editors?
15:25 NekoGloop I am what?
15:26 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: Wut?
15:26 OldCoder Calinou, I am not following. Server is not IP address and that may change. Domain and host and server are all minetest.org
15:26 OldCoder Try it
15:26 OldCoder It works in MT
15:26 OldCoder Mika_R, then...
15:26 OldCoder Mika_R, sudo leafpad /usr/local/bin/minetest
15:26 OldCoder Ready?
15:26 TheRedMoodWin because some of the old systems don't have vi
15:26 TheRedMoodWin I use vim when i can
15:26 Calinou a computer connected to the internet always has a public IP address; I need it so that I can redirect calin.sytes.net to the server's _IP_
15:26 Calinou not _domain_
15:26 Calinou OldCoder: gksudo
15:26 OldCoder Calinou, Fine
15:26 Calinou don't use sudo for GUI applications
15:26 TheRedMoodWin But to indicate the flexebility I said vi
15:26 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop, You are a cat then :D
15:27 Calinou use gksudo if you use gnome, xfce, lxde, kdesudo for kde
15:27 OldCoder Calinou for now but it may change
15:27 Mika_R done
15:27 OldCoder Mika_R, add this:
15:27 Calinou k OldCoder
15:27 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: A catboy! Look on google images :ap
15:27 NekoGloop :P*
15:27 TheRedMoodWin :S
15:27 OldCoder #!/bin/sh
15:27 OldCoder /opt/minetest043/bin/minetest $* &
15:27 TheRedMoodWin Why are you so mean to me :(
15:27 thexyz Calinou: nslookup minetest.org
15:27 OldCoder Mika_R, save the file
15:27 OldCoder Done?
15:27 NekoGloop I'm not mean to you.
15:28 TheRedMoodWin Yes you are
15:28 TheRedMoodWin You are making my head hurt :S
15:28 NekoGloop Then stop being incorrect. :3
15:28 TheRedMoodWin But
15:28 TheRedMoodWin But
15:28 Mika_R saved
15:28 OldCoder Mika_R, last command:
15:28 OldCoder sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/minetest
15:28 OldCoder Done?
15:29 * TheRedMoodWin doesn't have the mental capacity of understanding being both cat and not cat at the same time
15:29 TheRedMoodWin :(
15:29 TheRedMoodWin Then you are not a cat.
15:29 Mika_R done
15:29 OldCoder Mika_R, enter: minetest
15:29 OldCoder What happens?
15:30 TheRedMoodWin error
15:30 TheRedMoodWin X3
15:30 TheRedMoodWin That would have been so fun :D
15:30 thexyz TheRedMoodWin: because he's neko, not cat
15:30 thexyz see the difference http://neko.jpg.to/ http://cat.jpg.to/
15:30 Mika_R command not found
15:30 OldCoder Mika_R, Did you do the chmod?
15:30 Mika_R yes, now i got the game open
15:31 TheRedMoodWin I see no diffrence
15:31 OldCoder Mika_R, have fun
15:31 Mika_R i wrote the enter: part
15:31 TheRedMoodWin :(
15:31 Calinou OldCoder: domain works
15:31 NekoGloop thexyz: I am a nekoshounen :P
15:31 Calinou calin.sytes.net port 30003
15:31 OldCoder Mika_R, do this for me when you can. Make a ZIP file of your /opt/minetest043 folder. Put it somewhere for me.
15:31 OldCoder Calinou, k
15:31 Calinou thexyz: please change the IP of server on servers.minetest.ru
15:31 OldCoder Calinou, I am busy today. Join and I will op you.
15:31 Calinou to port 30003, same domain
15:31 Calinou joining
15:32 OldCoder thexyz, if you wish you can track the other servers listed on http://minetest.org/
15:32 OldCoder Not port 30001 yet
15:32 Mika_R FATAL ERROR
15:32 OldCoder Mika_R, what happened?
15:32 Mika_R it loaded the media from europe server and some jpegs were wrong
15:33 OldCoder Mika_R, Exit and delete the .minetest folder
15:33 OldCoder Which is what I told you to do to begin with
15:33 Mika_R ok
15:33 NekoGloop Exit and delete the .minecraft folder
15:33 OldCoder You need to start over with a fresh cache
15:33 * NekoGloop runs
15:33 OldCoder cd $HOME && rm -fr .minetest
15:33 OldCoder Don't forget the period
15:33 OldCoder Oops
15:34 OldCoder the .minetest folder
15:34 OldCoder Mika_R, ^
15:34 OldCoder
15:34 OldCoder Calinou, your world crashes periodically. But it restarts automatically.
15:35 OldCoder Calinou, when the world crashes or I shut down for backup, players will lock up. They should wait 90 seconds and then exit and reenter.
15:35 Mika_R i deleted the old directory
15:35 OldCoder Mika_R, try again
15:35 Mika_R loading media
15:35 OldCoder It will load lowly
15:35 OldCoder *slowly
15:35 OldCoder But fast in the future
15:36 Mika_R so they tend to do
15:36 OldCoder
15:36 OldCoder Calinou, I can make any modset you wish easily. Just list the mods you want and don't.
15:36 OldCoder There are only a few exceptions
15:37 OldCoder For example sdzen whisper is replaced by TheRedMoodWin redsand
15:37 OldCoder
15:37 Calinou OldCoder: make a new minetest installation with just my mods
15:37 Calinou you can remove whisper, yes
15:37 hmmmm joined #minetest
15:37 OldCoder Calinou, would you like to do /mods and select exactly what you wish?
15:38 Calinou thexyz: removed menche's server, freebuild and zenoheld the backstab, these are all down permanently
15:38 Calinou OldCoder: the list is too long; just copy your current minetest insallation somewhere else, rm -rf mods
15:38 Mika_R Calinou, is moreblocks your work?
15:38 Calinou and keep the worldmods folder in the world folder
15:38 Calinou Mika_R: yes
15:39 OldCoder Calinou, it doesn't work like that. I'll make you a reduced set.
15:39 OldCoder Working on it now
15:39 Calinou moreblocks moreores maptools stairsplus xdoors2 technic mesecons pipeworks farming protector woolcraft
15:39 OldCoder yes
15:40 Mika_R Still it errors
15:40 Calinou note that I used farming version 3, not the latest version which is quite borked
15:40 thexyz Calinou: >Any server with uptime < 40% will not be shown on list.
15:40 OldCoder I'm listing the worldmods folder
15:40 Calinou thexyz: still, menche's server is dead
15:40 OldCoder Calinou, do you want node_protect ?
15:40 Calinou I use protector
15:40 Calinou the mod by glomie
15:40 OldCoder Fine
15:40 OldCoder But you can have both
15:40 OldCoder Working
15:40 Calinou meh, no need
15:40 Calinou also the fixed spawn point is 0,8,0
15:41 OldCoder I added that
15:41 OldCoder Should be there
15:42 OldCoder Working on Calinou modset
15:42 Mika_R oldcoder, now when i read a bit of the error the line is "wrong JPEG library version: library is 62, caller expects 80
15:42 OldCoder
15:42 OldCoder Mika_R, when did this error occur?
15:42 Mika_R it's the same as before i deleted the old game
15:42 TheRedMoodWin Well
15:43 OldCoder Mika_R, when did this error occur?
15:43 TheRedMoodWin Are there any mods that deals with kits yet?
15:43 TheRedMoodWin Because in the next version kits will be included
15:43 Mika_R oldcoder, during the time it loads media
15:44 OldCoder This did not happen the first time?
15:44 Mika_R 2nd time, ill scroll terminal
15:44 OldCoder We may need to rebuild Irrlicht
15:44 TheRedMoodWin :)
15:44 OldCoder Anybody else have comments?
15:45 TheRedMoodWin Are there any mods deal with kits?
15:45 TheRedMoodWin And are there any mods that deals in the same area as mine
15:45 Mika_R 2 times, both times i logged in to the europe server
15:45 OldCoder Anybody else have comments?
15:45 TheRedMoodWin That have not been activly maintained for a while
15:45 OldCoder Wait
15:45 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder i had 2
15:45 TheRedMoodWin :D
15:45 OldCoder ?
15:45 TheRedMoodWin 1. in your current mod list are there any dealing with kits
15:46 TheRedMoodWin 2. Also are there anyone who is not currently developed that deals in the same area as my mod?
15:46 OldCoder Mika_R, we may need to rebuild Irrlicht. What is your schedule?
15:46 TheRedMoodWin Those are the 2 comments OldCoder :D
15:46 OldCoder Fine
15:46 Mika_R oldcoder, got time
15:47 OldCoder Not me :-) But I can try
15:47 OldCoder Wait
15:47 OldCoder Shutting down U.S. worlds for updates and also to make a Calinou modset
15:47 TheRedMoodWin Could you make a list of all the mods
15:48 OldCoder I already have
15:48 TheRedMoodWin So I can take a look at them?
15:48 OldCoder http://minetest.org/
15:48 TheRedMoodWin Ohh?
15:48 TheRedMoodWin Is that all the mods?
15:48 OldCoder I will put my versions online
15:48 OldCoder No
15:48 OldCoder My modsets
15:48 TheRedMoodWin okey
15:48 thexyz Mika_R: what's your OS?
15:48 TheRedMoodWin Anyone of them you know is unmaintained?
15:48 OldCoder xubuntu
15:48 Mika_R xubuntu 12-04
15:48 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, some
15:48 OldCoder Bookmarks for example
15:48 TheRedMoodWin is cornernotes maintained?
15:49 TheRedMoodWin Wait
15:49 TheRedMoodWin I read wrong
15:49 TheRedMoodWin Those ar not in my current domain
15:50 OldCoder Calinou, restarted with just the desired mods. If your world continues to crash we will downgrade to the old versions as you wish.
15:50 TheRedMoodWin Well going to make a forum post about my mods now :D
15:50 OldCoder U.S. worlds restarted
15:50 OldCoder Mika_R, wait
15:50 TheRedMoodWin my mod*
15:50 thexyz Mika_R: do something like dpkg -l | grep -i libjpeg
15:51 thexyz pastebin output
15:51 Mika_R ii  libjpeg-progs                          8c-2ubuntu7                              Programs for manipulating JPEG files (dependency package)
15:51 Mika_R ii  libjpeg-turbo-progs                    1.1.90+svn733-0ubuntu4.1                 Programs for manipulating JPEG files
15:51 Mika_R ii  libjpeg-turbo8                         1.1.90+svn733-0ubuntu4.1                 IJG JPEG compliant runtime library.
15:51 Mika_R ii  libjpeg62                              6b1-2ubuntu1                             Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (version 6.2)
15:51 Mika_R ii  libjpeg62-dev                          6b1-2ubuntu1                             Development files for the IJG JPEG library (version 6.2)
15:52 Mika_R ii  libjpeg8                               8c-2ubuntu7                              Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package)
15:52 OldCoder Two versions of JPEG library
15:52 OldCoder Removing 62 and rebuilding MT should work
15:53 Mika_R rebuilding MT?
15:53 OldCoder sudo apt-get remove libjpeg62-dev
15:53 TheRedMoodWin Wjat
15:53 OldCoder No big deal
15:53 OldCoder Just part of it
15:53 OldCoder Mika_R, try that:
15:53 OldCoder sudo apt-get remove libjpeg62-dev
15:53 TheRedMoodWin I cant make a new topic
15:53 TheRedMoodWin :(
15:53 TheRedMoodWin Why can't i make a new topic on the forum?
15:53 Mika_R its removed
15:53 OldCoder sudo apt-get remove libjpeg62
15:54 OldCoder Now that
15:54 thexyz OldCoder: it's not minetest's error
15:54 Mika_R done
15:54 thexyz but irrlicht's
15:54 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder I can't make a new topic in mod releases
15:54 OldCoder thexyz, yes
15:54 OldCoder thexyz, but should he use jpeg 6.2 or 8?
15:54 OldCoder We will rebuild Irrlicht
15:54 rubenwardy joined #minetest
15:55 TheRedMoodWin No answer...
15:55 OldCoder Mika_R, try this
15:55 OldCoder sudo apt-get install libjpeg8-dev
15:55 OldCoder Works?
15:55 TheRedMoodWin VanessaE, are you here?
15:56 Mika_R started to load
15:56 Mika_R done
15:56 OldCoder what started to load?
15:56 TheRedMoodWin okey
15:56 Mika_R it downloaded some files
15:56 OldCoder what started to load?
15:56 TheRedMoodWin Well is there a channel for the forums?
15:56 OldCoder What is happening?
15:56 thexyz OldCoder: there's no need in rebuilding irrlicht
15:56 OldCoder thexyz, speak then
15:56 thexyz it should just work
15:56 TheRedMoodWin Because I need to know what permissions I need to post a topic in the mod release forum
15:56 thexyz (i hope)
15:57 OldCoder thexyz, if you have suggestions feel free to make them
15:57 OldCoder Mika_R, indicate when done
15:57 Mika_R done
15:57 thexyz Mika_R: does it work now?
15:57 OldCoder thexyz, stop please
15:57 OldCoder Mika_R: Do this
15:57 OldCoder cd $HOME/minedev/minetest
15:57 OldCoder Done?
15:57 Mika_R done
15:58 OldCoder make clean && make -j2
15:58 OldCoder Try that
15:58 Mika_R building
15:58 Jordach thexyz, January 19, 2038, 03:14 xyz : fix your time server for minetest.ru
15:59 thexyz Jordach: what?
15:59 Jordach go see for yourself
15:59 thexyz that topic is "sticky"
16:01 Mika_R oldcoder, done
16:01 OldCoder Mika_R:
16:01 OldCoder sudo make install
16:01 OldCoder ?
16:01 Mika_R done
16:01 OldCoder Mika_R:
16:02 OldCoder cd $HOME && minetest
16:02 OldCoder ?
16:02 TheRedMoodWin Jordach do you know why I can't post in the mod realase forum=¨
16:02 thexyz TheRedMoodWin: because you're not moderator
16:02 Mika_R started
16:02 OldCoder Mika_R, Indicate if aborts again
16:02 Mika_R ii  libjpeg-progs                          8c-2ubuntu7                              Programs for manipulating JPEG files (dependency package)
16:02 Mika_R ii  libjpeg-turbo-progs                    1.1.90+svn733-0ubuntu4.1                 Programs for manipulating JPEG files
16:02 Mika_R ii  libjpeg-turbo8                         1.1.90+svn733-0ubuntu4.1                 IJG JPEG compliant runtime library.
16:02 Mika_R ii  libjpeg62                              6b1-2ubuntu1                             Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (version 6.2)
16:02 Mika_R ii  libjpeg62-dev                          6b1-2ubuntu1                             Development files for the IJG JPEG library (version 6.2)
16:03 Mika_R ii  libjpeg8                               8c-2ubuntu7                              Independent JPEG Group's JPEG runtime library (dependency package)
16:03 Mika_R wrong
16:03 Mika_R 19:02:40: ERROR[main]: TextureSource::buildMainAtlas(): Atlas is full, not adding more textures.
16:03 Mika_R Unsupported texture format
16:03 thexyz you should learn to use pastebin
16:03 OldCoder Mika_R, ^
16:03 OldCoder Yes
16:03 TheRedMoodWin thexy so where am I supposed to post my mod?
16:03 Jordach mod general
16:03 TheRedMoodWin Or rather information about my mod :)
16:03 TheRedMoodWin really?
16:03 TheRedMoodWin :o
16:03 TheRedMoodWin That seems weird but okey
16:04 thexyz then you ask moderator to move it
16:04 Jordach VanessaE is a person that can help
16:05 OldCoder Mika_R, ?
16:05 Mika_R oldcoder, where can i find the minetest.conf?
16:05 OldCoder Here:
16:06 OldCoder /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/minetest.conf
16:06 OldCoder Use sudo leafpad
16:06 OldCoder to edit it
16:07 Calinou gksudo
16:07 Calinou or use sudo nano
16:07 thexyz or sudo vim
16:07 Calinou and there you can use sudo
16:07 thexyz or sudo emacs
16:07 Calinou thexyz: vim... FFS
16:07 Calinou nano is actually usable
16:08 thexyz nope
16:08 Calinou because it's a "generic" text editor, like windows notepad
16:08 OldCoder Calinou, modset replaced. Your world crashes though. If it continues we'll try the obsolete releases of the mods.
16:08 OldCoder Calinou, you have full privs now
16:08 thexyz because CTRL+O
16:08 Calinou crash log please?
16:08 thexyz not usable at all
16:08 Calinou why not usable?
16:08 OldCoder Calinou, If you mean debug.txt I usually run without it. But I'll enable it now.
16:08 Calinou using IJKL to move around in a text file isn't even correct
16:08 Mika_R would it be possible to fix that atlas is full, not adding more textures with enable_texture_atlas = 0 in the conf file?
16:08 Calinou we have arrow keys for a reason
16:08 thexyz Calinou: how the fuck am i supposed to press it?
16:08 Calinou OldCoder: server log?
16:08 OldCoder Mika_R, yes
16:09 Calinou thexyz: ctrl+o works fine for me
16:09 OldCoder Calinou, It didn't say anything. I have reset it. You will get both logs on the next crash.
16:09 thexyz Calinou: well, anyway
16:10 thexyz vim shortcuts are more fingers-friendly
16:10 Calinou use two hands to press ctrl+o... duh
16:10 Calinou you're using one hand?
16:11 Calinou or are you one handed?
16:11 Calinou :p
16:11 thexyz then what if someone is?
16:11 thexyz well, anyway
16:11 thexyz nano can't undo
16:12 OldCoder "nano, nano"
16:12 OldCoder Takes me back
16:12 OldCoder Mork
16:12 OldCoder The Orkan editor of choice
16:12 thexyz then if i need to "go to line"
16:12 TheRedMoodWin There
16:12 thexyz i should press ctrl+_
16:12 thexyz that is, ctrl+shift+-
16:12 TheRedMoodWin Now i have posted it :D
16:12 TheRedMoodWin http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47830#p47830
16:12 thexyz awful
16:13 thexyz awful shortcuts
16:14 Calinou no u
16:14 thexyz in vim i simply do 15G
16:14 thexyz and it jumps to 15-th line
16:14 thexyz in nano i should ctrl+shift+-, enter line number, press enter
16:15 thexyz well, anyway, i don't know anybody who'd use nano as text editor
16:15 OldCoder mrtux uses it
16:15 thexyz i mean, yes, it's ok to create empty file with it (if you don't know about touch)
16:15 FreeFull thexyz: :15 would do the same as 15G
16:15 FreeFull But has the advantage that you can see the number as you type it
16:16 rubenwardy TheRedMoodWin: /list would be better as /players
16:16 TheRedMoodWin Well
16:16 TheRedMoodWin Bye :D
16:16 OldCoder Calinou, are you on Twitter?
16:19 OldCoder Calinou, yugiohracecar7 visited. The world crashed. Nothing in debug.txt or the main log.
16:19 OldCoder Hmm
16:20 thexyz OldCoder: run "gdb minetestserver"
16:20 OldCoder I'll try resetting the map
16:20 OldCoder thexyz, ty
16:20 thexyz after compiling debug version
16:20 OldCoder Yes
16:20 OldCoder One step at a time
16:20 thexyz then "bt" after crash
16:20 OldCoder *Cannot* spend 16 hours today n thi
16:20 OldCoder Yes
16:20 thexyz have i said something about stepbystep execution?
16:20 OldCoder No
16:20 OldCoder One step at a time
16:21 OldCoder Refers to what I will do
16:22 OldCoder Error: database disk image is malformed
16:23 OldCoder Ah-HA!
16:23 OldCoder Calinou, thexyz ^
16:23 OldCoder His DB is corrupted
16:23 OldCoder Is there a way to rebuild it without a worldedit dump of 300MB?
16:23 OldCoder this is the copy from his server
16:23 OldCoder I downloaded it twice
16:23 OldCoder And byte compared
16:24 OldCoder Maybe an export and import?
16:25 OldCoder It's corrupted
16:25 OldCoder Any ideas?
16:34 rubenwardy and there is no answer... :P
16:34 OldCoder Yep
16:34 OldCoder Too bad
16:34 OldCoder It's a nice world
16:34 Calinou the server is down now
16:34 Calinou files unavailable
16:34 Calinou I bet the world will have to be reset
16:34 Calinou :|
16:34 OldCoder Calinou, read above
16:34 Joschasa left #minetest
16:35 OldCoder Is there any way to repair a corrupted MT DB ?
16:35 Calinou probably not
16:35 OldCoder You can worldedit
16:35 OldCoder Extract a number of the schemas
16:35 FreeFull OldCoder: You could repair by hand
16:35 OldCoder FreeFull, go on
16:35 FreeFull Depending on how it got corrupted
16:35 OldCoder It was on the server side
16:35 OldCoder Calinou, remarks?
16:35 Calinou meh
16:35 OldCoder This is a bytewise guaranteed copy
16:35 OldCoder I'll try some worldediting
16:36 OldCoder FreeFull, go on
16:36 OldCoder Calinou, want to generate a schema yourself?
16:36 FreeFull Look at minetest's source code responsible for it
16:36 OldCoder FreeFull, go on
16:36 FreeFull I don't know the exact details
16:36 OldCoder I'll worldedit
16:36 OldCoder proceeding
16:37 rubenwardy OldCoder: why do you use a cleverly designed tool to rebuild a replica? Start again :(
16:37 OldCoder rubenwardy, ?
16:37 OldCoder rubenwardy, it is a gigantic world
16:37 OldCoder Are you proposing to throw away the buildings?
16:37 OldCoder I told Calinou I would host
16:37 OldCoder Therefore I will host
16:38 OldCoder Will anybody help me with worldedit?
16:41 BartoCH joined #minetest
16:42 thexyz OldCoder: upload it.
16:42 OldCoder thexyz, upload the DB ? It is uploaded. I will put it online now if you wish.
16:42 thexyz yep
16:43 OldCoder One minute
16:43 OldCoder ZIPPing
16:44 NekoGloop joined #minetest
16:45 OldCoder http://minetest.org/calinou_world.zip
16:45 OldCoder thexyz, ^
16:45 thexyz downloading now
16:46 OldCoder It's just the sqlite file. Will add the others if you wish.
16:47 OldCoder seed = 1394848354828098307
16:47 OldCoder Is probably the most important part
16:47 thexyz well, it's corrupted
16:47 OldCoder That was fast
16:47 thexyz http://pastebin.com/eRUUVWcH
16:47 OldCoder Reviewing
16:47 OldCoder Yep
16:48 OldCoder I downloaded twice and byte compared
16:48 rubenwardy my suggestion?#
16:48 OldCoder This is guaranteed to be what was on his server
16:48 OldCoder rubenwardy, start over?
16:48 OldCoder I'm going to try worldedit
16:48 OldCoder I could use some help
16:48 rubenwardy uh huh
16:49 OldCoder And?
16:49 thexyz when was it copied?
16:49 OldCoder The other day
16:49 OldCoder Exact day was...
16:49 thexyz i mean, was minetestserver down at the moment?
16:49 OldCoder He said yes
16:49 OldCoder It was an offline copy
16:49 OldCoder Server was running
16:49 OldCoder He refused to shut it down
16:49 OldCoder But gave me a copy
16:49 OldCoder He probably made the copy
16:49 OldCoder Without shutting the server down first
16:50 OldCoder Shall I TP to the two corners
16:50 thexyz that's the problem
16:50 OldCoder and try WE?
16:50 thexyz it won't work
16:50 OldCoder No?
16:50 thexyz (i think)
16:50 OldCoder What about pieces?
16:50 thexyz http://www.sqlite.org/howtocorrupt.html
16:51 OldCoder Yep
16:51 thexyz 1.2
16:51 OldCoder Yep
16:51 OldCoder I asked him to shut down
16:51 OldCoder he said this was an offline copy
16:51 OldCoder Trying WE now
16:52 OldCoder Where should I go for one corner?
16:52 OldCoder All the buildings seem to be there
16:52 OldCoder This is a shame
16:56 OldCoder So nobody but me backs up servers?
16:56 NakedFury joined #minetest
16:56 thexyz i suggest you to .dump it
16:56 OldCoder I did
16:56 OldCoder Corrupted
16:56 thexyz then do something with huge .txt output
16:56 thexyz then restore
16:56 OldCoder Didn't work
16:56 OldCoder Corrupted
16:56 OldCoder Aborted
16:57 thexyz worked for me fine
16:57 OldCoder Oh?
16:57 OldCoder Check tail
16:57 OldCoder Says corrupted
16:57 NakedFury hello OldCoder and thexyz
16:57 OldCoder NakedFury, hi
16:57 Jordach OldCoder, https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/129
16:57 OldCoder What coords should I use for WE
16:57 OldCoder Jordach, what is that?
16:57 OldCoder
16:57 OldCoder Anybody:
16:57 OldCoder What coords should I use for WE
16:57 OldCoder ?
16:57 Jordach minesplice script
16:57 OldCoder Jordach, Yes
16:57 OldCoder Will that be better than WE?
16:58 Jordach https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues/112
16:58 OldCoder Reviewing
16:58 OldCoder We know what that was
16:58 OldCoder They are attempting repairs now
16:58 OldCoder What is the minesplice DL link?
16:59 OldCoder I can't find it
16:59 Jordach https://github.com/Bad-Command/minetest/blob/master/util/minesplice.py
16:59 OldCoder Reviewing
17:00 anunakki joined #minetest
17:02 OldCoder Jordach, able to suggest usage? Usage text is aborting when I run it
17:03 OldCoder Jordach, do you or anybody else know the usage for minesplice?
17:05 thexyz well, it "repaired" from 306M to 295M file
17:05 thexyz after I deleted one duplicate block
17:05 OldCoder How did you find it?
17:06 thexyz it reported its line to me
17:06 OldCoder Which reported?
17:07 OldCoder Running minesplice
17:08 thexyz where to upload it?
17:08 OldCoder ZIP it and use http://sendspace.com/
17:08 OldCoder Note the delete link that will be provided
17:08 OldCoder I am also trying minesplice
17:08 thexyz ok, i gzipped it
17:09 OldCoder ty
17:09 OldCoder sendspace will show you a delete link
17:09 OldCoder Make a note of it
17:12 cosarara97 Does anyone know what does minetest do when it finds 2 mods with the same name? (example: one in game folder and the other in worldmods)
17:13 khonkhortisan I've wondered about that.
17:13 khonkhortisan I haven't had any problems with it
17:14 cosarara97 Well, I want to disable bucket from worldmods without touching minetest_game
17:14 * cosarara97 is afk
17:17 * cosarara97 is here
17:17 CTMN joined #minetest
17:17 OldCoder CTMN, wb
17:17 CTMN Hi
17:19 CTMN So what do u need help with?
17:19 CTMN On 30001
17:20 khonkhortisan both redcrab and bad_command would know how to disable bucket
17:21 CTMN Bucket at all?
17:21 cosarara97 I'd like to disable the lava bucket
17:22 cosarara97 without modifying the mod in the minetest_game folder
17:23 NakedFury if you can come up with a way to make it so items would need priviledges to be used like in MC then it would help with what you want
17:25 cosarara97 Now that I think of it... I just need to write a "bucket.disable_liquid" function
17:26 CTMN It could check if theres a variable on getting water
17:26 CTMN And ur function would toggle it
17:27 Mika_R oldcoder, how can i get own textures?
17:27 RealBadAngel joined #minetest
17:27 RealBadAngel hi
17:27 OldCoder Mika_R, Explain
17:27 OldCoder RealBadAngel, hi
17:27 OldCoder Mika_R, what do you mean?
17:28 OldCoder Do you mean install texture packs?
17:28 OldCoder If so
17:28 OldCoder The images go in the folder:
17:28 Mika_R oldcoder, it uses the textures there came with the pack not the ones i input in textures all folder
17:28 OldCoder Wrong folder
17:28 Mika_R ok
17:28 OldCoder Try this one:
17:28 OldCoder /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures/all
17:28 CTMN Mika_R modify the textured in games/minetest/mods/default/textures(or similar)
17:28 OldCoder Did you use that folder?
17:28 OldCoder CTMN is also correct
17:29 OldCoder It depends
17:29 RealBadAngel whats the problem?
17:29 OldCoder on what you are trying to do
17:29 CTMN My pack wont be published because of copyrights :(
17:30 CTMN RBA:Mika_R wants to install/modify his textures
17:30 Mika_R oldcoder, is there a way into that folder without terminal
17:31 OldCoder Mika_R, explain
17:31 OldCoder What do you mean?
17:31 CTMN He probably wants to get to the server
17:31 Mika_R when i open home folder, how do i navigate to opt?
17:31 RealBadAngel Mika_R, you have to put your textures in folder /texures/all
17:31 OldCoder CTMN, He is the server
17:31 OldCoder Mika_R, it is /opt
17:31 Mika_R RBA there they are
17:31 OldCoder Forward slash
17:32 Mika_R found it
17:32 OldCoder Mika_R, you may wish to do this:
17:32 RealBadAngel whats the directory tree where /textures/all is located?
17:32 OldCoder chmod 777 /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures
17:32 OldCoder RealBadAngel, there
17:33 Mika_R operation not permitted
17:33 OldCoder See above
17:33 OldCoder chmod 777 /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures
17:33 OldCoder also
17:33 OldCoder chmod 777 /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures/all
17:33 OldCoder sudo chmod
17:35 Mika_R now im confused
17:36 OldCoder
17:36 OldCoder Mika_R, do this:
17:37 OldCoder sudo chmod 777 /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures/all
17:37 OldCoder sudo chmod 777 /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures
17:37 OldCoder
17:37 OldCoder Both commands
17:37 cosarara97 Done it :) (Created a mod with can live peacefully next to unmodified bucket and disables the lava bucket)
17:37 Mika_R now i have an all folder
17:38 Myk267 joined #minetest
17:39 Mika_R is there a shortcut to terminal path writing, i first went into textures folder to create folder all and then had to write all from /opt to get in to the all folder
17:39 OldCoder Mika_R, can you explain?
17:39 cosarara97 you have autocompletation pressing tab
17:39 OldCoder Mika_R, what do you mean?
17:39 Mika_R oldcoder, made the all with mkdir
17:39 cosarara97 and if you are in nautilus and press Ctrl+L, you can copy the path
17:40 OldCoder Mika_R, is there a question?
17:40 cosarara97 nautilus is the default file browser in ubuntu btw
17:40 cosarara97 Mika_R: and you can paste with Ctrl+Shft+V
17:40 Mika_R Oldcoder, the question was if there is a shorter way or am i always required to write full path to the directory i want to go into
17:41 OldCoder Mika_R, to load textures?
17:41 OldCoder Just use a script
17:41 OldCoder Or set an environment variable
17:42 Mika_R oldcoder, no just to get into a folder with terminal
17:42 OldCoder Mika_R, I do not understand
17:42 OldCoder I am sorry
17:42 OldCoder Try this
17:42 OldCoder ln -s /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures minetext
17:42 OldCoder Wait
17:42 OldCoder
17:42 OldCoder ln -s /opt/minetest043/share/minetest/textures $HOME/minetext
17:42 OldCoder
17:42 * Jordach wonders why i use run in place
17:42 OldCoder Do that
17:43 Mika_R oldcoder, minetext?
17:44 OldCoder Bacon
17:44 OldCoder Any word
17:44 OldCoder Pick a word
17:44 Mika_R ok
17:44 Mika_R i wrote that
17:44 OldCoder applesauce
17:44 OldCoder horsefeathers
17:44 OldCoder mustard
17:44 OldCoder Then
17:44 OldCoder In file manager
17:44 OldCoder Folder will appear by that name in your home directory
17:45 Mika_R found it
17:45 OldCoder k
17:45 OldCoder All set?
17:45 OldCoder Happy?
17:46 Mika_R YES
17:47 OldCoder All right!
17:47 OldCoder :-)
17:49 CTMN R u still busy?
17:53 Jordach VanessaE, present?
17:54 OldCoder CTMN, Me?
17:55 OldCoder CTMN, I am fixing Calinou world
17:58 CTMN Still?
17:58 OldCoder CTMN, It has been two busy MT days. I have also shown Mika_R how to build Minetest.
17:58 OldCoder
17:59 OldCoder Announcement!
17:59 CTMN What?
17:59 OldCoder Calinou World is online again at port 30003. Please visit! I need to see if the world will crash!
17:59 OldCoder Thank you
17:59 OldCoder
17:59 CTMN So u can go over to 30001 now?
17:59 OldCoder Shortly
17:59 CTMN At last
18:01 Jordach haha, funny, my pc makes a "beep" when i press backspace with no text in xchatr
18:02 OldCoder Calinou, do you want music and sound effects for your world?
18:04 rubenwardy joined #minetest
18:05 OldCoder Calinou, rejoin as the name you used before; calinou
18:05 OldCoder We can fix the upper case later
18:05 Calinou I used "calinou" before? huh
18:05 OldCoder yes
18:05 OldCoder You did
18:06 OldCoder rejoin and I'll edit it during the next restart
18:06 OldCoder Also indicate your country
18:06 OldCoder thexyz, I think it is repaired!
18:06 CTMN I always thought it ignores upper or lower letters
18:06 thexyz nice
18:06 Jordach CTMN, NOPE.
18:06 OldCoder Thank you for advice and assistance!
18:07 OldCoder Calinou, if you find a bad spot on the map let us know
18:08 OldCoder Hmm
18:08 OldCoder May still be locking up; I am not sure
18:08 OldCoder Reviewing
18:10 Mikeonline joined #minetest
18:10 Mikeonline hi
18:10 Calinou is it possible to register a chat command without adding it in /help command list?
18:10 Calinou would be good for aliases :P
18:10 Mikeonline is the drop dublication glitch already known/fixed?
18:10 OldCoder Calinou, talk to TheRedMood
18:10 OldCoder He is doing things like that
18:10 Calinou yes, told him a suggestion
18:10 rubenwardy (7:10:27 PM) Mikeonline: is the drop dublication glitch already known/fixed?
18:10 rubenwardy It is in the issues on the GitHub
18:10 Mikeonline -b+p
18:11 thexyz Mikeonline: what glitch?
18:11 Mikeonline you put mese 99 into a air node
18:11 Mikeonline and after a while got 2x 99
18:11 rubenwardy yeah, i posted an issure
18:11 rubenwardy issue
18:11 thexyz link
18:11 rubenwardy i cant open my web browser
18:12 Mika_R left #minetest
18:12 thexyz why?
18:12 rubenwardy i dont know
18:12 Mika_R joined #minetest
18:12 CTMN Does it crash?
18:12 OldCoder Worlds going down
18:12 thexyz what's your OS?
18:12 Mikeonline it works in a special case if surroundin is not air or sth else
18:12 rubenwardy windows
18:12 rubenwardy firefox
18:12 thexyz oh, then I think I've found the problem
18:12 thexyz windows
18:12 thexyz ^
18:13 CTMN Does the window just not open?
18:13 OldCoder Calinou, do you want Calinou or calinou ?
18:13 thexyz strange anyway
18:13 OldCoder Pick one because I think there is a server bug
18:13 Calinou Calinou
18:13 rubenwardy nothing happens, i looked in task manager -> processes and it says firefox.exe is running
18:13 Calinou I gtg anyway, bye
18:13 OldCoder k
18:13 Calinou <rubenwardy> firefox
18:13 Calinou firefox is a decent OS lacking only a good web browser
18:13 Calinou #emacsjoke
18:13 rubenwardy Internet explorer does not work either
18:14 CTMN Does ur hard disk scratch?
18:14 rubenwardy no, all other programs work
18:14 thexyz the bad thing about calinou is that the only what he knows about (good linux) software is jokes or some other unrelated crap
18:14 thexyz oh, he won't even see it
18:14 rubenwardy lol
18:14 rubenwardy brb
18:14 rubenwardy left #minetest
18:17 OldCoder Worlds restarted
18:20 OldCoder Do try out calinou world at minetest.org port 30003 as we wish to see if it will live or die
18:20 rubenwardy joined #minetest
18:21 rubenwardy On ubuntu now... So much better
18:21 cosarara97 live or die?
18:21 OldCoder cosarara97, the world was damaged. We have tried to repair it
18:21 OldCoder It must be tested
18:22 OldCoder cosarara97, I will set interact for you
18:22 bulletrulz joined #minetest
18:22 bulletrulz OldCoder,
18:23 rubenwardy Duplication Glitch: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues/218
18:23 bulletrulz is the minetest server minetest.org 30000 down?
18:23 OldCoder No
18:23 OldCoder Restart
18:23 OldCoder rubenwardy, Reviewing
18:23 bulletrulz cause i cant get on it OldCoder
18:24 OldCoder rubenwardy, is there a question?
18:24 OldCoder bulletrulz, have you restarted?
18:24 rubenwardy no
18:24 OldCoder rubenwardy, ty
18:24 rubenwardy someone asked me for a link
18:24 OldCoder k
18:24 OldCoder Oh
18:24 bulletrulz yes
18:24 OldCoder bulletrulz, said my name
18:24 OldCoder not yuo
18:24 OldCoder u
18:24 OldCoder bulletrulz, wait
18:25 OldCoder bulletrulz, You're there
18:25 OldCoder What do you see?
18:25 rubenwardy Mikeonline, i believe
18:25 OldCoder cosarara97, you're trapped?
18:25 OldCoder Wait
18:25 bulletrulz now it says im connecting but still at 0% media
18:25 cosarara97 yes
18:25 OldCoder bulletrulz, wait
18:25 rubenwardy (19:23:06) rubenwardy: Duplication Glitch: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues/218
18:25 cosarara97 very trapped
18:26 bulletrulz now 1
18:26 cosarara97 in a protected box
18:26 OldCoder cosarara97, I will give you fly
18:26 OldCoder How did that happen?
18:26 CTMN Bulletrulz, just wait, it should load
18:26 cosarara97 I appeared there when I connected
18:26 bulletrulz im stuck at 1 % WE ARE THE 1% XD
18:26 CTMN Media always loads for a very long time when first time joining a server
18:26 OldCoder cosarara97, can you fly now?
18:26 cosarara97 yes
18:26 OldCoder Fly, then
18:26 bulletrulz how long does this take OldCoder
18:27 cosarara97 well, someone built an awesome spawn point
18:27 CTMN Or when joining a server that was changed
18:27 cosarara97 I'm free already
18:27 OldCoder bulletrulz, it varies but is fast the second time
18:27 OldCoder cosarara97, there must be an escape route
18:27 CTMN Bulletrulz, it may take half an hour
18:27 bulletrulz ohk
18:27 bulletrulz WTD
18:27 bulletrulz WTF 30MIN
18:27 OldCoder bulletrulz, don't blame *me*
18:27 OldCoder Some people demanded music
18:27 OldCoder It is very nice
18:28 CTMN It took that time when I joinde 30001 after the change
18:28 cosarara97 come and see, It's just above the original one
18:28 OldCoder k
18:28 bulletrulz WELL i guess ill just ill just wait xD
18:28 bulletrulz 4%
18:29 bulletrulz damn 39% now
18:30 bulletrulz 40 %
18:30 bulletrulz gonna be using somebodys wifi
18:30 bulletrulz lol
18:30 cosarara97 Calinou, u here?
18:30 MiJyn hi
18:30 OldCoder He left
18:30 bulletrulz 61% and hi MiJyn
18:31 OldCoder But we can ask him later
18:31 cosarara97 ok
18:31 MiJyn bulletrulz, what are you downloadding?
18:31 cosarara97 well, the server seems ok
18:31 bulletrulz MiJyn, im joining OldCoders server
18:31 OldCoder Yes
18:31 bulletrulz 73% OldCoder
18:32 OldCoder thexyz, others: Calinou World is repaired. There was one crash but I think it's another bug.
18:32 MiJyn bulletrulz, ah
18:32 bulletrulz 91%
18:32 OldCoder CTMN, I must rest for a few minutes. I will look at 30001 then
18:32 cosarara97 bulletrulz: what's that percentage?
18:32 OldCoder Zzz
18:32 * OldCoder is resting
18:32 bulletrulz 100
18:32 MiJyn kk
18:32 CTMN The media
18:32 bulletrulz 100%
18:33 bulletrulz now i have a black screen
18:33 OldCoder Wait
18:33 cosarara97 wait
18:33 CTMN Wait
18:33 cosarara97 lol
18:33 CTMN Lol
18:33 CTMN XD
18:33 bulletrulz lol oh
18:33 OldCoder lol
18:34 CTMN Bulletrulz did u ever join a server?
18:34 * cosarara97 is going to berenar/merendar/(this doesn't have a translation in english, I think)
18:34 CTMN Is it... ?
18:34 bulletrulz accedently exited!
18:34 bulletrulz ?
18:35 CTMN What language?
18:35 CTMN Bulletrulz, from now on, media will load faster
18:35 CTMN It should load faster
18:36 bulletrulz black screen
18:36 CTMN Wait
18:36 CTMN Just wait
18:36 CTMN Is it ur first time on a server?
18:37 bulletrulz NO! CTMN  im a first 100 player
18:37 CTMN Then u should know that
18:38 bulletrulz OldCoder, can i have privs?
18:40 bulletrulz please?!
18:40 khonkhortisan Is there a way to catch an un-punch of a node?
18:40 * cosarara97 is here
18:41 khonkhortisan to catch the person letting go between punching and digging?
18:42 bulletrulz cosarara97, r u a mod?
18:43 khonkhortisan base080, you here?
18:43 cosarara97 bulletrulz: not a moderator, not a modification
18:43 khonkhortisan modulus?
18:43 bulletrulz cosarara97, can u giveme privs?
18:43 cosarara97 where?
18:44 bulletrulz on minetest.org
18:44 bulletrulz 30000
18:44 cosarara97 I can't
18:44 CTMN There r many servers
18:45 bulletrulz CTMN, can u give me privs?
18:45 CTMN 1. Im only playing on 30001
18:45 CTMN 2. Im not a mod
18:46 bulletrulz oki mean privs to build
18:46 CTMN Ask Ol
18:46 CTMN OldCoder
18:46 bulletrulz bye
18:46 bulletrulz i guess
18:47 cosarara97 bye
18:47 CTMN Bb
18:47 bulletrulz nvm
18:48 bulletrulz ok yeah bye
18:50 CTMN Does anyone know why the server page was removed from minetest.net?
18:50 CTMN It was really useful
18:50 thexyz http://servers.minetest.ru/
18:51 CTMN I know
18:51 CTMN But the link was removed
18:51 cisoun joined #minetest
18:59 cisoun1 joined #minetest
18:59 Jordach sup cisoun1
19:00 cisoun1 hi
19:00 CTMN Why did u change ur name?
19:01 OldCoder Hello
19:01 RealBadAngel propably rejoined and old nick is still here because of lags
19:01 khonkhortisan ctmn can't say yo
19:01 khonkhortisan yo+u yo+ur
19:01 khonkhortisan :)
19:02 khonkhortisan Do you think I could get a cop to arrest me for an open bottle of root beer?
19:02 Jordach nope
19:03 OldCoder CTMN, I am reviewing 30001
19:03 TheRedMoodWin OHH!
19:03 TheRedMoodWin _D
19:03 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:03 TheRedMoodWin Nice feedback on the forums
19:03 OldCoder ?
19:03 CTMN Thx OldCoder
19:03 RealBadAngel hi OldCoder
19:04 TheRedMoodWin Hello RealBadAngel :D
19:04 OldCoder RealBadAngello
19:04 RealBadAngel hi
19:04 Jordach http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/jordach/2835425
19:04 CTMN Hi
19:04 RealBadAngel i think PilzAdam made a water a bit too dark
19:04 RealBadAngel i mean underwater
19:08 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, people give really good feedback here :D
19:08 thexyz Jordach: Java (TM) is required to display some elements on this page
19:08 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, Oh?
19:08 TheRedMoodWin I posted my mod on the forums
19:08 OldCoder Yes
19:08 TheRedMoodWin And they have already given me much good feedback :D
19:09 OldCoder All right
19:09 hmmmm hey guys, in the Lua api, what's an 'ABM'?
19:09 hmmmm i mean what does it stand for
19:09 thexyz active block modifier
19:09 hmmmm and that's basically a callback for a registered timer?
19:10 hmmmm or is it more generally a callback that's called on some event, such as a timer expiring
19:10 thexyz it only affects selected nodes
19:10 thexyz called every X seconds for all nodes with {"name", "name2", ...}
19:11 hmmmm i see
19:11 hmmmm and 'chance' means it has a 1/5 chance of being called on a 2 second interval, for the case of leaf decay where interval = 2 and chance = 5?
19:11 thexyz yep
19:12 hmmmm is the dirt->dirt_with_grass transform a Lua defined abm?
19:12 thexyz there's also `neighbors` variable which specifies what neighbor(s) node should have
19:13 thexyz doesn't seem so
19:14 CTMN Why not?
19:14 CTMN It only needs to check if the block has light
19:15 hmmmm well
19:15 hmmmm moving it out into lua certainly isn't critical
19:15 hmmmm i don't see any benefits from doing so anyway
19:16 CTMN If its done in C++, let it so
19:16 hmmmm alright, so i need your opinion on this
19:16 thexyz +1 for moving it to lua
19:17 CTMN Things implemented in the source code r always better and faster than Lua
19:17 thexyz btw, hmmmm, do you have any public repo where I can view your changes?
19:17 hmmmm ever bug you when you lay down dirt and it takes a long time to turn into grass
19:17 hmmmm thexyz, not yet
19:17 hmmmm so then you leave the area, the block unloads, and you come back, it's exactly the same as it was before
19:17 hmmmm well
19:17 thexyz I also would like to see mapgen implemented as lua script
19:17 hmmmm dohohoh
19:17 hmmmm not happening in a million years
19:17 hmmmm i know you guys like lua but you don't realize how slow it is.
19:17 thexyz but for minetest it requires a lot of code tweaking
19:18 thexyz hmmmm: why is it slow?
19:18 CTMN I dont think C55 is goin to show his mapgen code
19:18 thexyz i thought it's not THAT slow
19:18 hmmmm beeecause it's an interpreted language...?
19:18 OldCoder
19:18 hmmmm if i recall correctly, someone tried to do a nether mod with the Lua scripting
19:18 thexyz there's also luajit
19:18 CTMN What is OldCoder?
19:19 hmmmm go check out how nice that works out
19:19 OldCoder If I delete a world's sqlite file and run again it should regenerate with the same seed; correct?
19:19 hmmmm someone tried adding luajit before and it didn't make much of a difference from what i've heard
19:19 CTMN I think so if there r other map files
19:19 thexyz yep
19:19 thexyz that was me ^^
19:19 khonkhortisan I added in sand texture transitions, and the only slow part was scanning the world to place them.
19:19 OldCoder All right
19:19 OldCoder Here is what I am doing:
19:19 thexyz but i still think that's minetest problem
19:19 thexyz not lua
19:19 hmmmm I mean let's face it, if you Lua-happy people had your way, you'd move the entire game out into lua and only have a rendering engine in C++ (like irrlicht)
19:20 CTMN OldCoder, it can be another seed
19:20 hmmmm and what was the reason for moving away from minecraft again?
19:20 khonkhortisan lua is used as an api, can you really tell which side is being slow?
19:20 hmmmm oh wait, that's right, "ugh java is so slow and crappy"
19:20 thexyz hmmmm: closed source?
19:20 OldCoder Teleport to a corner, //pos1, teleport to other corner, //pos2, //save bacon, delete sqlite file, run again, teleport to corner, //pos1, //load bacon
19:20 hmmmm that's a reason
19:20 OldCoder Will this recreate a world with the same terrain and structures?
19:20 Jordach i wanted a controlled game
19:20 Jordach like it was 0.2 again
19:21 hmmmm so, no, critical portions of the mapgen will never be in lua
19:21 CTMN It would only load the village I think
19:21 OldCoder CTMN, explain
19:21 hmmmm but anyway like i was saying
19:21 OldCoder Will this recreate a world with the same terrain and structures?
19:21 OldCoder The procedure as described above?
19:21 OldCoder If not, what am I missing?
19:21 CTMN OldCoder, its better to generate a new map and then load the village and paste it
19:21 OldCoder CTMN, explain how the procedure above would be modified
19:21 OldCoder Be specific
19:22 hmmmm what I was thinking was the ABM for a block ought to be called (timestamp - old_timestamp) / (interval * chance) times on load
19:22 TheRedMoodWin Wow
19:22 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder need some help here o.o
19:22 hmmmm but there's a problem, what if the server shuts down
19:22 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder I want to give an alias for an command
19:22 CTMN Save as u wrote, generate a fully new world(with same seed), go to a corner, //pos1, //load
19:22 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder so that /message becomes /msg
19:22 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, sorry I am occupied
19:22 OldCoder Oh?
19:22 TheRedMoodWin okey :(
19:22 OldCoder CTMN, then what changes?
19:22 TheRedMoodWin I tried mindtest.register_alias
19:22 hmmmm we'll have a timestamp for that too in order to take into account the gap between the block being unloaded and the block being loaded, excluded from the time the server wasn't online
19:22 CTMN Any qustions?
19:23 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I don't know mods yet?
19:23 hmmmm of course it'd need to be tuned a bit
19:23 OldCoder <CTMN> OldCoder, its better to generate a new map and then load the village and paste it
19:23 OldCoder CTMN, explain
19:23 OldCoder And be specific
19:23 OldCoder What is wrong
19:23 CTMN I wrote it
19:23 OldCoder with the procedure that I stated?
19:23 hmmmm boy this channel is noisy
19:23 OldCoder You said:
19:23 hmmmm but nobody talks in the other ones
19:23 OldCoder <CTMN> OldCoder, its better to generate a new map and then load the village and paste it
19:23 OldCoder How does this
19:23 OldCoder differ from what I wrote?
19:23 TheRedMoodWin Anyone willing to help me out?
19:23 OldCoder Explain the difference please
19:24 thexyz hmmmm: then you should begin to talk in -delta
19:24 TheRedMoodWin Need someone to explain to me how to use minetest.register_alias()
19:24 TheRedMoodWin To make a alias for a commmand
19:24 TheRedMoodWin Just putting it in the doesn't work
19:24 CTMN All the //load stuff
19:24 OldCoder What changes?
19:24 hmmmm yeah
19:24 CTMN I mean the // save stuff
19:24 OldCoder What is different in my procedure?
19:24 OldCoder CTMN, be specific
19:24 CTMN Make all the stuff u wrote till //save, save then
19:25 OldCoder Teleport to a corner, //pos1, teleport to other corner, //pos2, //save bacon, delete sqlite file, run again, teleport to corner, //pos1, //load bacon
19:25 OldCoder Change what/
19:25 OldCoder ?
19:25 OldCoder Be specific
19:25 CTMN Then make a fully new world with same seed if u want
19:25 OldCoder Change what?
19:25 OldCoder Be specific
19:25 OldCoder How is the preceding procedure incorrect?
19:25 CTMN Replace delete sqlite file with generate a new world and copy the file in /scheme
19:26 OldCoder Explain
19:26 OldCoder How is the preceding procedure incorrect?
19:26 OldCoder Be specific
19:26 OldCoder You are not being specific
19:26 OldCoder Be specific
19:26 OldCoder Generate a new world how?
19:26 CTMN I dont know how u generate a new world
19:26 CTMN Just a new world
19:27 CTMN Im not an admin
19:27 OldCoder CTMN, Then...
19:27 OldCoder If I understand correctly
19:27 OldCoder My procedure is correct
19:27 OldCoder But I need to verify this
19:27 OldCoder That is the step
19:27 OldCoder I told you I needed to do
19:27 CTMN But make a new world isntead of deleting the sqlite file
19:27 OldCoder How?
19:27 OldCoder Be specific
19:27 OldCoder If I do not use
19:28 OldCoder the same seed, the terrain will be different
19:28 OldCoder What will happen then?
19:28 CTMN Like pressing the "new" button in the singleplayer menu
19:28 OldCoder If I do not use
19:28 OldCoder the same seed, the terrain will be different
19:28 OldCoder What will happen then?
19:28 CTMN Get the seed
19:28 OldCoder If I do not use
19:28 OldCoder the same seed, the terrain will be different
19:28 OldCoder What will happen then?
19:28 CTMN Ok then use the same seed for a new world
19:29 OldCoder You seemed to wish for a new seed
19:29 CTMN Not important to me
19:29 OldCoder What happens when a schema for a village is loaded over terrain of different types?
19:29 CTMN In the worst case, it will be like in a hole
19:30 CTMN The village could be in a notch then
19:30 CTMN Just never mind about a new seed, its not that important for me
19:31 OldCoder If it is of interest
19:31 OldCoder Explain why you wanted one
19:31 CTMN Just replace "delete sqlite file" with generate new map with same seed and copy the file in /scheme to the new world
19:31 OldCoder If it is of interest
19:31 OldCoder Explain why you wanted one
19:31 CTMN Dont know
19:31 OldCoder Don't know? Very well
19:32 CTMN Just forget it
19:32 OldCoder Heh
19:32 CTMN It was a bad idea
19:32 OldCoder Not as patient as you promised :p
19:32 OldCoder I believe in understanding things
19:32 OldCoder Need to figure them out
19:32 OldCoder Working now
19:32 CTMN Thats why I have to go sleeping soon
19:32 OldCoder Yes
19:32 OldCoder Pretty late there
19:33 CTMN Almost 22:00
19:33 CTMN Pls go on
19:33 ttk2 joined #minetest
19:33 OldCoder CTMN, The worldedit isn't working
19:33 CTMN I dont have much time
19:33 CTMN Why?
19:33 OldCoder I'm going to need help from somebody who knows worldedit
19:33 OldCoder I did the load
19:33 CTMN Does it just do nothing?
19:33 OldCoder It said nodes loaded
19:33 OldCoder It said nodes loaded
19:33 RealBadAngel CTMN, use /time
19:33 OldCoder But the buildings are not there
19:34 CTMN RBA: not enough parameters
19:34 RealBadAngel set whatever you want ;)
19:35 CTMN OldCoder, did u mark it with //pos1?
19:35 OldCoder Yes
19:35 OldCoder And just verified
19:35 OldCoder using //p get
19:35 OldCoder pos1 is correct
19:35 RealBadAngel theres a GUI for worldedit i believe
19:35 OldCoder I have done //load bacon
19:35 OldCoder I don't need a GUI
19:35 OldCoder I need to know why it doesn't work
19:35 OldCoder So I need a worldedit person
19:36 OldCoder to come on and show me
19:36 OldCoder CTMN, that may take a while
19:36 CTMN No a last try
19:36 OldCoder To be clear:
19:36 RealBadAngel i think cornernote may know somethin
19:36 OldCoder /teleport numbers
19:36 CTMN Mark it only with //pos1
19:36 OldCoder //pos1
19:36 OldCoder //load bacon
19:36 CTMN Yes
19:36 OldCoder Says nodes are loaded
19:36 CTMN Yes
19:36 OldCoder But no buildings are at
19:37 OldCoder the known coords
19:37 CTMN Did anything change?
19:37 OldCoder Nope
19:37 CTMN Which version do u have?
19:37 OldCoder Of what?
19:37 OldCoder Latest of all I believe
19:38 CTMN Then it should say"x blocks pasted at p1"
19:38 CTMN Did it say it?
19:38 OldCoder Yes
19:39 OldCoder I am doing it all *again*
19:39 CTMN Oh gtg bb :(
19:39 OldCoder For the fifth time
19:39 OldCoder cu
19:39 JangoFett154 hey guys i back
19:39 OldCoder Huh
19:39 OldCoder Missed CTMN by 1 second
19:39 OldCoder He is interested in 30001
19:40 OldCoder But I cannot get worldedit to work
19:40 JangoFett154 hmm?
19:40 OldCoder See above
19:40 OldCoder What is hmm?
19:40 JangoFett154 ill try it
19:40 OldCoder Wait
19:40 JangoFett154 what do you need to do on worldedit
19:40 OldCoder <CTMN> Then it should say"x blocks pasted at p1"
19:40 OldCoder It says
19:40 OldCoder 19086 blocks loaded
19:41 OldCoder Not pasted
19:41 OldCoder How do I make it say pasted?
19:41 JangoFett154 what are you trying to do with worldedit?
19:41 OldCoder We have been over this. But I will explain again.
19:41 OldCoder One moment.
19:41 JangoFett154 only the infinity blocks or the whole thing?
19:41 OldCoder First answer a simple question
19:41 OldCoder <OldCoder> <CTMN> Then it should say"x blocks pasted at p1"
19:41 OldCoder <OldCoder> It says
19:41 OldCoder <OldCoder> 19086 blocks loaded
19:41 OldCoder <OldCoder> Not pasted
19:41 OldCoder <OldCoder> How do I make it say pasted?
19:42 OldCoder Is CTMN right or wrong about the wording?
19:42 OldCoder Should it say loaded or pasted?
19:42 JangoFett154 let me go check worldedit page
19:42 Jordach sfan5, help out OldCoder with worldedit
19:42 sfan5 ok, whats the problem
19:42 OldCoder One moment ty
19:42 JangoFett154 it should say: loaded
19:42 OldCoder JangoFett154, Fine
19:42 OldCoder But I only see air
19:42 OldCoder One moment ty
19:43 JangoFett154 oops i mean CTMN was right, i read wrong thing
19:43 khonkhortisan the word "pasted" doesn't appear in current worldedit git.
19:43 JangoFett154 --Importing Blocks from a File--
19:43 JangoFett154 Select P1
19:43 OldCoder Run server, teleport to a corner, //pos1, teleport to opposite corner, //pos2, //save bacon, stop server, delete sqlite file, run server again, teleport to first corner, //pos1, //load bacon
19:44 OldCoder Will this or will it not
19:44 JangoFett154 Type //load filename and wait for "X Blocks pasted at P1"
19:44 OldCoder Recreate a world?
19:44 roboman2444 joined #minetest
19:44 JangoFett154 The File is read from the World-Folder in the folder schems
19:44 OldCoder JangoFett154, that is apparently not in the git version
19:44 OldCoder sfan5, my procedure above...
19:44 RealBadAngel OldCoder, maybe "move" ?
19:44 skully_ joined #minetest
19:44 OldCoder Will this or will it not recreate a world?
19:44 skully_ oldcoder
19:44 OldCoder skully_, busy ATM
19:44 RealBadAngel im lookin at the GUI code, i think move will do it
19:45 OldCoder What does load do?
19:45 khonkhortisan /save doesn't recreate meta (chests, signs, etc.)
19:45 OldCoder Hmm
19:45 OldCoder Just buildings?
19:45 OldCoder So no way to save a world except splice?
19:45 khonkhortisan they'll still be there, just blanked out
19:45 RealBadAngel OldCoder, http://cornernote.net/minetest/screenshots/2012-09-26_1117.png
19:45 OldCoder No way to export them
19:45 OldCoder Reviewing
19:45 khonkhortisan There's a function to save meta, I haven't tried it.
19:45 JangoFett154 load take the file from schems and places it where the //pos1 was placed
19:45 RealBadAngel screenshot says its possible
19:46 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Yes
19:46 OldCoder See khonkhortisan remarks above
19:46 OldCoder No point
19:46 OldCoder World cannot be saved with components
19:46 OldCoder But
19:46 OldCoder FWIW
19:46 sfan5 /metasave
19:46 sfan5 and //metaload
19:46 OldCoder sfan5, ty
19:46 OldCoder Does that do everything?
19:46 OldCoder Blocks and meta?
19:46 OldCoder And...
19:47 OldCoder Please forgive my pasting this one last time
19:47 OldCoder But I am literal and I do not understand what is unclear
19:47 OldCoder Run server, teleport to a corner, //pos1, teleport to opposite corner, //pos2, //save bacon, stop server, delete sqlite file, run server again, teleport to first corner, //pos1, //load bacon
19:47 OldCoder
19:47 OldCoder If I use metasave and metaload
19:47 OldCoder Should this procedure recreate a world?
19:47 OldCoder Same terrain? Same buildings? Same chests and signs?
19:47 OldCoder
19:48 OldCoder That is my question
19:48 OldCoder Presently I just see air
19:48 OldCoder Nothing comes back
19:48 OldCoder And it does say 19086 nodes loaded
19:48 OldCoder So where are they?
19:48 khonkhortisan the code looks like it should save nodes along with the meta
19:49 OldCoder khonkhortisan, ty
19:49 OldCoder Triple checking what I have done
19:49 TheRedMoodWin sfan5 is there a way to register an alias for an command, without having to re register the command?
19:49 sfan5 idk
19:50 khonkhortisan if there was a minetest.registered_commands it would be possible
19:50 OldCoder Is anybody able to tell me if my procedure is correct?
19:50 OldCoder JangoFett154, you asked what I wanted. What I want is the answer.
19:51 sfan5 OldCoder: it should be correct
19:51 OldCoder sfan5, ty
19:51 sfan5 but make backups!
19:51 OldCoder Of course
19:51 OldCoder The thing is...
19:51 JangoFett154 i dont know uch about that meta part srry
19:51 OldCoder I teleport to where the buildings are
19:51 OldCoder Never mind that
19:51 OldCoder I teleport to where the buildings are
19:51 OldCoder And there is nothing but air
19:51 OldCoder Nothing comes back
19:51 khonkhortisan I tried //metasave/load on a single chest with wood in it, and what I got out was a chest that doesn't even have buttons in the inventory.
19:52 OldCoder khonkhortisan, ty
19:52 OldCoder But
19:52 OldCoder I am intrigued by the fact that nothing at all comes back
19:52 OldCoder Not a cobblestone
19:52 OldCoder Yet it says 19086 nodes loaded
19:52 OldCoder Hmm
19:52 khonkhortisan it should at least have an empty inventory, not missing inventory buttons.
19:52 * OldCoder pokes at the world
19:53 khonkhortisan /save //load gives me an empty chest, but //metasave //metaload gives me a non-functional chest. Something's not right.
19:56 sfan5 OldCoder: it pastes the world at p1
19:56 OldCoder sfan5, I know
19:56 sfan5 teleport to p1
19:56 OldCoder So the coords should match up; true?
19:56 OldCoder ^
19:56 OldCoder No need to teleport as I stay there for the load
19:57 OldCoder I am trying other things
19:57 OldCoder If there is bacon at 1,2,3 in the old world there should be bacon at 1,2,3 in the new? Or at least the bacon building if bacon is meta
19:57 sfan5 OldCoder: no
19:57 khonkhortisan only if your p1 was in the same place
19:57 OldCoder Yes
19:58 OldCoder Assume p1 was exactly the same
19:58 OldCoder And same seed was used
19:58 Jordach night all, tell VanessaE i said sup
19:58 OldCoder Everything the same
19:58 sciopath joined #minetest
19:58 OldCoder Jordach, cu
19:58 NekoGloop joined #minetest
19:58 khonkhortisan I /msg'd it
19:58 OldCoder NekoGloop, Hello
19:59 TheRedMoodWin NEKO!
19:59 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:59 NekoGloop Lets see. Noobs have taken up modding, VanessaE was deopped, I managed to corrupt about 10 minecraft worlds, and I had a cookie.
20:00 NekoGloop Pretty productive day.
20:00 OldCoder ?
20:00 OldCoder What about VanessaE ?
20:00 NekoGloop nothing XD
20:00 NekoGloop she was op previously
20:00 OldCoder And is not now?
20:00 * TheRedMoodWin throws himself over neko
20:00 NekoGloop last time i was in the channel anyway.
20:00 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: Get off of me!
20:00 NekoGloop 3:
20:00 TheRedMoodWin I just want to play :(
20:00 TheRedMoodWin I even brought a ball of string
20:00 TheRedMoodWin T_T
20:00 OldCoder Oh!
20:00 NekoGloop hm..
20:00 OldCoder STRING
20:00 TheRedMoodWin I was just trying to be friendly....
20:00 NekoGloop gimme that. :3
20:01 TheRedMoodWin :(
20:01 TheRedMoodWin No
20:01 TheRedMoodWin You where mean
20:01 NekoGloop lol sfan
20:03 OldCoder Maybe the Z coordinates are wrong. JangoFett154 you gave me the two corners. Is the save range correct in the vertical axis?
20:03 * TheRedMoodWin throws himself over Neko again
20:03 TheRedMoodWin :D
20:03 * TheRedMoodWin holds neko up in the air
20:03 TheRedMoodWin A cat :D
20:03 OldCoder because I purged my cache and restarted the server and I'm getting *nothing* back
20:04 * TheRedMoodWin puts neko on his chest while getting the ball of string
20:04 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: er... I'm still a catboy
20:04 TheRedMoodWin Here kitty :D
20:04 TForsman joined #minetest
20:04 * TheRedMoodWin holds ball of string some distance over nekos head.
20:05 TheRedMoodWin catch it :D
20:05 cosarara97 lol
20:05 NekoGloop uh..
20:05 NekoGloop it isnt that hard to catch a ball of string...
20:06 cosarara97 It is if you don't reach it :)
20:06 NekoGloop I am a catboy :P
20:08 khonkhortisan OldCoder, it won't load from P1
20:08 khonkhortisan I had P1 at the bottom-left corner and P2 at the top-left corner when I saved. When I loaded, it placed everything so that P1 was at the bottom-left corner.
20:09 khonkhortisan whoops *I had P1 at the bottom-right corner and...
20:09 OldCoder khonkhortisan, ?
20:10 khonkhortisan You'll have a corner load at P1 but unless you know the axes, you won't know which corner will load there.
20:10 OldCoder Conclusions?
20:10 OldCoder Where does it actually put things?
20:10 OldCoder Corners are random?
20:10 OldCoder And thank you for the information
20:10 khonkhortisan it always loads NE of P1
20:11 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop try then
20:11 TheRedMoodWin :D
20:11 TheRedMoodWin No
20:11 TheRedMoodWin you are a kitten
20:11 * NekoGloop snatches the yarn from TheRedMoodWin's hand
20:11 TheRedMoodWin :D
20:11 TheRedMoodWin Good kitten
20:12 * TheRedMoodWin strokes the furr on nekos ear
20:12 TheRedMoodWin :3
20:12 NekoGloop ^w^
20:12 Exio joined #minetest
20:12 khonkhortisan oh. Okay, so I save a 3x3 area that had three chests in it. I set P in the top layer of sand. I load what I saved, and the three chests come back, but now there's sand in-between them instead of air.
20:12 khonkhortisan It brings back the nodes you saved, but doesn't clear the area in the process.
20:13 khonkhortisan that's with //save and //load
20:13 NekoGloop yeah
20:13 NekoGloop because it doesnt save air
20:13 TheRedMoodWin :o
20:13 TheRedMoodWin Neko is a wise cat
20:14 * TheRedMoodWin throws neko up into the air and catches him again
20:14 TheRedMoodWin weee :D
20:14 TheRedMoodWin That was so fun :)
20:14 NekoGloop stop it 3:
20:14 TheRedMoodWin Ohh
20:14 TheRedMoodWin :(