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00:01 NekoGloop Ok well i guess noone wants pizza
00:01 VanessaE I told him I saw you here yesterday so,..
00:03 OldCoder JangoFett154, Quick PM
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00:53 TheRedMood OldCoder: Quick note, got the variables in the configuration file now
00:53 TheRedMood So you will still have to go to each one of the worlds
00:53 TheRedMood But it is just to change useMOTD in conf.lua
00:53 TheRedMood to false
00:53 TheRedMood And it won't show up
00:53 TheRedMood Or trigger
00:54 TheRedMood Pushing the code up to github tommorow.
00:55 TheRedMood OldCoder: btw it is RedSand in one word
01:02 Octupus joined #minetest
01:02 Octupus hello
01:02 Octupus if there is any new ppl needing a server join
01:02 Octupus minetest.org
01:03 Octupus or develan.com
01:03 Octupus port:30004
01:06 TheRedMood Well atleast my mod isen't crashing the server
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01:29 envoyxiphos octupus
01:29 envoyxiphos Octupus
01:31 Octupus Yes
01:31 Octupus envoyxiphos,yes
01:32 envoyxiphos You should join my server!
01:32 Octupus may i see it?
01:32 envoyxiphos Yes.
01:32 Octupus port and ip
01:32 envoyxiphos minetest.org 30011
01:32 Octupus oh coder host it for u
01:32 envoyxiphos Yeah! ^^
01:33 Octupus how much building u got?
01:34 envoyxiphos A bunch
01:34 Octupus k
01:35 skully_ joined #minetest
01:35 skully_ anyone wanting to talk
01:36 envoyxiphos skully
01:36 envoyxiphos come to my server skully
01:36 JangoFett154 im coming  to it now
01:36 JangoFett154 :)
01:37 envoyxiphos I know Jango ^^
01:38 JangoFett154 what mods?
01:38 envoyxiphos the same as the ones on the other server
01:38 JangoFett154 cool
01:39 Octupus jango how come u no go on my server no more
01:41 JangoFett154 hmm? i dont think ive ever been to your server
01:41 JangoFett154 ill join after i look around envoy's
01:42 skully_ envoy whats the address for it and port?
01:42 skully_ envoyxiphos
01:45 NekoGloop joined #minetest
01:47 OldCoder Back and NekoGloop meow
01:47 envoyxiphos minetest.org
01:47 NekoGloop :3
01:47 envoyxiphos 30011
01:55 Uberi joined #minetest
01:56 Uberi hey cornernote, I just wanted you to know that I have to overwrite your last commit to WorldEdit temporarily to resolve the merge conflict
01:56 Uberi don't worry, I've already put your fix in this commit
01:59 OldCoder TheRedMood, I thought you were asleep
01:59 OldCoder But I will review
02:01 khonkhortisan what's a good size for formspec image buttons?
02:02 Uberi I like 1x1
02:02 khonkhortisan I'm using 16x16 but with a diagonal black line on white, every other dot is bigger (and every other other dot is smaller)
02:03 khonkhortisan it's not due to window size
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02:03 khonkhortisan chinny-chin chin!
02:03 beardy left #minetest
02:04 khonkhortisan must mean it's expecting 32
02:05 khonkhortisan or 24?
02:06 Octupus i just put the word Kush on the front of my castle
02:06 Octupus :D
02:06 Muadtralk joined #minetest
02:06 Octupus hi szden
02:06 Muadtralk hello
02:07 khonkhortisan oh, that's obvious.
02:07 Octupus lolz
02:07 Octupus its creativity khonk XD
02:08 NekoGloop Hello Muadtralk  :3
02:08 Octupus szden whats up with your server
02:08 Muadtralk oh yeah i knew i forgot to turn something on
02:09 Octupus XD lolz
02:09 Octupus u guys still blame me for what happened with captainfap?
02:09 khonkhortisan not unless you say that and I find out what happened, no.
02:10 Octupus i was talking to szden XD
02:14 khonkhortisan my image_button_exit is scaled from 16 to 24, then scaled again to button size.
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02:43 khonkhortisan formspec images get serious moiré
02:45 OldCoder People go see sometime what Fett built in world 30011. Coords are -120.5 17.2 -25.0 if I copied them right.
02:46 OldCoder It is pixel art... with a vengeance :-)
02:47 khonkhortisan qr?
02:47 khonkhortisan whoops enter in the wrong window
02:52 VanessaE khonkhortisan: yet another braindead decision by celeron55 - formspec images should at the very minimum use linear scaling if not something better like cubic or Lanczos
02:52 khonkhortisan it looks like it scales twice
02:53 VanessaE (and you can't tell me it's a performance issue - no one's gonna notice if those images take a fraction of a second longer to draw)
02:53 OldCoder I could patch that
02:53 khonkhortisan it's purely an ugliness issue
02:53 VanessaE yep
02:59 khonkhortisan Should I use an image and hope it will work nice later? Or is there a size that will expand evenly?
02:59 VanessaE I use 64px for inventory textures when I need the detail
02:59 VanessaE otherwise I stick to 16px
02:59 VanessaE (or 32px if that's enough)
03:00 VanessaE on my 1280x1024 screen with the minetest window maximized, 64px is about right for the inventory
03:01 khonkhortisan all those images are 16, except for the second one down on the left, which is 24.
03:01 khonkhortisan the two left ones are pixel-sized grids and the right pictures are pixel-width diagonal lines
03:02 khonkhortisan whoops did I not post the link?
03:03 khonkhortisan http://www.flickr.com/photos/79516830@N05/8084809082/in/photostream/lightbox/
03:03 VanessaE now your comment makes sense :)
03:03 khonkhortisan the top-left one looks like it's being stretched from 16 to 24 before being scaled to button size.
03:04 VanessaE nope.
03:04 VanessaE it's being scaled with nearest-neighbor to some size that isn't exactly a multiple of 16
03:04 VanessaE that's just what that method does with uneven scaling ratios
03:06 khonkhortisan If I put the same image on a node it would look fine
03:06 khonkhortisan :(
03:06 VanessaE because nodes are drawn much larger and rarely exactly square to the camera
03:17 Octupus Og Kush
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03:30 VanessaE bbl
03:46 khonkhortisan waaa the formspec is transparent but I can't use transparent images!
03:56 khonkhortisan :'{
03:58 OldCoder ?
04:00 khonkhortisan I'm putting an image_button_exit on a formspec, which is a transparent image with white scratches on it. The transparent part of the image appears completely black, on top of the partially transparent background of the formspec.
04:01 OldCoder khonkhortisan, Probably with the server rendering code?
04:01 OldCoder Or lower level?
04:01 OldCoder Scaling as was discussed earlier?
04:03 khonkhortisan What would I do to know what is causing it?
04:04 OldCoder khonkhortisan, I may be able to help when less tired
04:04 OldCoder I cannot focus tonight; I am sorry
04:04 OldCoder If I work with you and one other person
04:04 OldCoder To bridge the gap regarding server code
04:04 OldCoder I may be able to look at the server code
04:04 OldCoder
04:14 khonkhortisan the client is caching the image with transparency, so the server is sending it correctly.
04:19 OldCoder Hmm
04:19 OldCoder Where does it go wrong
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04:19 OldCoder skully_, wb
04:19 Basstard` Finish it already!
04:20 OldCoder Finish what?
04:20 Basstard` Minetest
04:20 OldCoder Ah
04:20 khonkhortisan It could be my compile, unless someone else has the same problem
04:20 OldCoder of course
04:20 OldCoder khonkhortisan, easy to check I assume
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04:25 khonkhortisan Problem Slightly Found. default_apple.png works fine.
04:28 khonkhortisan ah, when I use image[ it works but when I use image_button_exit[ I get black under it. Must have something to do with drawing blank text.
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04:32 hmmmmmm does anyone here know what happens in minecraft if you dig outward enough in the nether?
04:33 khonkhortisan never been there, in either game.
04:33 hmmmmmm does it ever change from being that red nether block? (i think it's called soulstone)
04:33 khonkhortisan Maybe it destroys the actual world.
04:33 Jousway joined #minetest
04:33 hmmmmmm lol.
04:33 hmmmmmm i was asking people who do know
04:44 khonkhortisan I'm filing an issue for formspec images not being transparent as buttons
04:46 OldCoder k
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04:58 khonkhortisan https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues/264
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06:22 anunakki iold
06:22 anunakki OldCoder,
06:22 anunakki you there?
06:28 anunakki well OldCoder whenever you're back, wanted to show you this
06:28 anunakki its not finished yet because i havent fully customized the apps and everything its just the basic installs and a little configuration on my end
06:28 anunakki but just a little sneak peak
06:29 anunakki http://i.imgur.com/2RuIe.jpg
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07:14 RealBadAngel khonkhortisan, ive played a bit with formspec images, tried to make bakcgrounds for menus of my machines
07:14 RealBadAngel images are scaled the same way as items in slots
07:15 RealBadAngel BUT spacing not counts
07:16 RealBadAngel so if you wanted it to be like 5x4, it will be as large as 5x4 slots but without horizontal and vertical spacing
07:16 RealBadAngel which made my idea impossible
07:24 cornernote hey
07:24 VanessaE hi
07:25 cornernote im having a really shit day
07:25 cornernote :(
07:25 cornernote thought id come in here and see whats up
07:25 cornernote maybe something can pick me up a little
07:25 VanessaE well I may have some interesting news for you :-)
07:25 VanessaE might help
07:25 VanessaE gimme a minute or two to finish
07:25 cornernote ok =)
07:26 VanessaE http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47684#p47684
07:27 ironking321 joined #minetest
07:27 ironking321 HEY GUYS
07:27 VanessaE hi
07:28 VanessaE cornernote: does that help any? :-)
07:30 RealBadAngel VanessaE, wow, i want a win build :)
07:30 VanessaE RealBadAngel: poke at sfan5 to get one :-)
07:30 VanessaE I don't know how to build for windows
07:30 sfan5 ok
07:30 VanessaE haha
07:30 sfan5 win build is coming in 2 mins
07:30 RealBadAngel magic :) hi sfan5 :)
07:30 VanessaE woohoo
07:31 sfan5 :D
07:31 VanessaE sfan5: please let me know if you have any troubles with that patch - it's my first attempt to publish such a thing :-)
07:31 sfan5 which patch?
07:32 VanessaE see the forum post above
07:32 cornernote VanessaE, nice.. i was reading before you posted it in IRC =)
07:32 VanessaE cornernote: reload it, I wasn't done editing :-)
07:32 cornernote i used sfan5's build with filters, and it was really poor at close range with 16x textures
07:32 cornernote i dont know which filters his build had tho
07:33 cornernote it was this one - minetest-0.4.3-25cf375-extrafilters-win32.7z
07:33 VanessaE well this one is config-file based, so you can turn them on/off as needed.
07:33 cornernote i want them on when the node is > 10 blocks away from me =)
07:34 cornernote or, maybe if i just load a HD texture pack it will be fine
07:34 ironking321 can we get sound for minetest??
07:34 sfan5 derp
07:34 cornernote it has sound
07:34 ironking321 cant here is D:
07:34 VanessaE ironking321: install OpenAL
07:35 cornernote its just cos it tries to filter a 16x16 thats already spread across 1/2 my screen
07:35 VanessaE cornernote: I'm gonna try to get a proper threshold done tomorrow
07:35 VanessaE for now, just turn off trilinear filtering.
07:36 sfan5 VanessaE: i need an unified patch
07:37 VanessaE how do I make such a beast?
07:37 sfan5 make 2 dirs minetest.original and minetest
07:37 sfan5 and then use "diff -Ru minetest.original minetest > mipmap-etc-vanessae.patch"
07:38 VanessaE stand by
07:39 VanessaE invalid option -- 'R'
07:39 VanessaE maybe lowercase r, recursive I assume you meant
07:39 cornernote rasberry pi + lego = supercomputer ?  http://www.tomshardware.com/news/Raspberry-Pi-Supercomputer-Legos-Linux,17596.html
07:40 Lumpio- How is that a supercomputer
07:40 cornernote the team was able to make a system with 11 GHz of processing power and 1TB of memory.
07:40 cornernote sounds reasonably powerful
07:41 Lumpio- That's nowhere near what can be called a supercomputer these days.
07:41 Lumpio- Also it's 1TB of *SD cards*
07:41 Lumpio- Which means it's slow as hell
07:42 wishstudio joined #minetest
07:42 cornernote su·per·com·put·er Noun: A particularly powerful mainframe computer.
07:42 cornernote meets that description to me
07:42 Lumpio- It's not "particularly powerful"
07:43 cornernote it is compared to 1 rasberry pi
07:43 Lumpio- But not in general.
07:43 Lumpio- That's just a cluster.
07:43 Lumpio- And not a very efficient one at that
07:43 VanessaE sfan5: http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/anisotropic-filtering.patch
07:44 sfan5 ok
07:44 VanessaE is that what you were talking about?
07:44 cornernote Computer clusters have a wide range of applicability and deployment, ranging from small business clusters with a handful of nodes to some of the fastest supercomputers in the world such as IBM's Sequoia.
07:44 SmugLeaf joined #minetest
07:44 cornernote clusters are supercomputers
07:44 cornernote well, can be
07:44 Lumpio- My desktop computer that cost $1300 (Finland is lolexpensive) has more gigahertz than that
07:44 VanessaE sure, if they're powerful enojugh
07:44 Lumpio- cornernote: Emphasis on "can"
07:45 Lumpio- Supercomputers these days are just clusters of more or less commodity hardware
07:45 cornernote well, you draw your line
07:45 cornernote i'll draw mine
07:45 blaze joined #minetest
07:45 cornernote its faster than my pc
07:45 Lumpio- cornernote: My desktop is a supercomputer then? Neat.
07:45 cornernote and i assume faster than yours
07:45 Lumpio- It also has 1TB of memory (in hard-disks, but they're probably faster than the SD cards on those RPis anyways)
07:46 cornernote consider this
07:46 VanessaE hard disk != memory.
07:46 cornernote a supercomputer is built in 2000
07:46 sfan5 VanessaE: thanks
07:47 cornernote its still a supercomputer
07:47 VanessaE sfan5: no prob.  I take it that worked?
07:47 sfan5 its building bow
07:47 Kray Raspberry Pis' CPUs are so ridiculously crap that you can't really make a super computer using them to begin with
07:47 sfan5 yes
07:47 VanessaE excellent
07:47 cornernote although my desktop pc outperforms it now
07:47 Lumpio- VanessaE: Yeah, but they called 64 x 16GB SD cards having "1TB of memory" so it's only fair
07:47 sfan5 i had to change the patch  a bit
07:47 VanessaE I'll just kill the other one from the post.
07:47 Lumpio- cornernote: Yeah? This one was built in 2012.
07:47 VanessaE Lumpio-: because they really *are* memory - they're flash memory.  a hard disk is not memory though.
07:47 VanessaE sfan5: what did you change>?
07:48 cornernote Lumpio, if you want to debate that this is a supercomputer, define supercomputer
07:48 Lumpio- VanessaE: They're both slow and permanent memory.
07:48 VanessaE no.
07:48 Lumpio- Close enough.
07:48 VanessaE flash is memory, a hard disk is NOT.
07:48 sfan5 i changed src/main.cpp to minetest/src/main.cpp and /home/vanessa..... to minetest/src/main.cpp
07:48 Lumpio- What is a hard disk then
07:48 VanessaE slow and permanent, yes :-)
07:48 Lumpio- If not memory
07:48 sfan5 VanessaE: heres a clean patch http://pastie.org/5055983
07:48 VanessaE sfan5: ah, thanks.  I didn't think to strip off the leading paths
07:48 Kray I have a supercomputer too if that can be called a supercomputer
07:48 Kray fuck yeah
07:48 cornernote i defined, it you disagreed with my definition, so you define it
07:48 cornernote or stop whinging about it
07:49 Lumpio- "A supercomputer is a computer at the frontline of current processing capacity, particularly speed of calculation."
07:49 Lumpio- Says wikipedia
07:49 Lumpio- Which is the definitive source of all information on the interwebs
07:49 Lumpio- A cluster of RPis is hardly at the frontline of *current* processing capacity
07:49 Lumpio- Since I have more capacity sitting under my desk
07:49 Lumpio- ¬u¬
07:49 cornernote then what do you call that thing they made in 1990 that they called a supercomputer ? ?
07:50 Lumpio- cornernote: It was at the frontline *when it was made*
07:50 cornernote ok, please extend your definition
07:50 Lumpio- Please stop being retarded
07:50 RealBadAngel ex-supercomputer ;)
07:50 VanessaE sfan5: thanks. replaced mine with yours
07:53 Lumpio- VanessaE: You still haven't told me what a hard disk is if it's not memory
07:53 VanessaE it's storage.
07:54 Lumpio- And SD cards are not storage?
07:54 VanessaE SD cards are both, by virtue of the method used to store the data
07:54 VanessaE they use electrons.
07:54 Kray so do hard disks
07:54 VanessaE hard disks use magnetized regions on disk.
07:54 cornernote Lumpio-, if your mum and dad get divorced, will they still be brother and sister ?
07:54 VanessaE (which I guess uses electrons also)
07:54 Lumpio- Magnetism is based on electrons.
07:54 VanessaE except SD cards literally store a bit as a charged region
07:54 Lumpio- cornernote: oh-ho-ho
07:55 Lumpio- How very mature
07:55 Lumpio- ...hard disks store a bit as a magnetized region
07:55 cornernote almost as mature as your answer when i asked you to extend your definition 'eh ?
07:55 cornernote dickhead
07:55 Kray hey, I just realized
07:55 Kray I'm memory
07:55 Lumpio- oh wow
07:56 Kray because my body uses electrons
07:56 Lumpio- You're memory *and* you have a supercomputer
07:56 Kray fug yes
07:56 Lumpio- yees yees
07:57 cornernote Lumpio, you are so dumb you couldn't guess which way an elevator was going, even if i gave you 3 guesses
07:58 Lumpio- (  ï¾Ÿ,_ゝ゚)
07:58 Lumpio- this guy...
07:58 Kray he has rebooted an elevator
07:58 Kray don't mess with him
08:00 VanessaE there, pull-requested against minetest git.
08:00 Kray Lumpio-: btw, isn't that elevator also a cluster
08:00 VanessaE let's see how long slowlerone55 takes to merge it ;-)
08:00 VanessaE -e
08:00 Kray because it has multiple reles
08:00 Lumpio- ¬u¬
08:00 Lumpio- That's a bit silly
08:01 Kray also definitely memory because electrons
08:01 Kray also storage because its engine uses magnetism
08:01 cornernote Lumpio- ... I ever need a brain transplant, I'd choose yours because I'd want a brain that had never been used.
08:02 cornernote then again, it may not be adequate... eg, if brains were dynomite, you couldn't blow your nose
08:02 Lumpio- Yeah?
08:02 Lumpio- Yo momma so fat she don't need the internet
08:02 Lumpio- She already world-wide.
08:03 VanessaE RAM uses a stored electron charge to store a bit.  Flash uses the same.  A hard disk uses a magnetized region to store a bit, bit does not directly use the electrons involved as the storage medium.
08:03 VanessaE that's how I delineate it.
08:03 cornernote if you ever had a bright idea, it would be beginner's luck
08:04 cornernote Yo momma's so dumb I saw her walking down the street yelling into an envelope asked what she was doing and she said sending a voice mail.
08:04 cornernote and you're so dumb it takes you 2 hours to watch 60 Minutes
08:05 cornernote you're so dumb on your application where it says emergency contact you put 911
08:05 VanessaE sfan5: link to your win build?
08:05 sfan5 http://sfan.sf.funpic.de/minetest-builds/c55/minetest-0.4.3-25cf375-extrafilters_opt-win32.7z
08:05 VanessaE danke
08:06 VanessaE figured I should add that to my post tracking this stuff.
08:06 cornernote thanks sfan5, +100 on your efforts keeping the builds up to date
08:06 VanessaE sfan5: what version of windows is that for?
08:06 sfan5 VanessaE: idk
08:07 sfan5 it works on xp vista and 7
08:07 VanessaE ok
08:07 VanessaE good enough for me :-)
08:07 cornernote and thanks Lumpio for cheering up my day, its always entertaining to argue about crap that doesnt matter
08:08 sfan5 cornernote: i just need to type: cd mt-build && ./buildmtwin32.sh ~/mt-build/builtbot/mipmap-etc-vanessae.patch extrafilters_opt
08:08 cornernote you build windows versions from linux ?
08:08 sfan5 of course
08:09 VanessaE sweet
08:09 cornernote can you share buildmtwin32.sh ?
08:09 VanessaE now, who wants to contribute a Mac build? :D
08:09 cornernote or is it secret ?
08:09 cornernote =)
08:09 sfan5 cornernote: no
08:10 sfan5 cornernote: http://pastie.org/private/uy2folye4svs2vwbyswvaq
08:13 wishstudio joined #minetest
08:14 RealBadAngel tested, it works :) thx VanessaE and sfan5
08:15 VanessaE you're welcome
08:15 VanessaE much more convenient to just hang onto a couple of custom config files than multiple builds :-)
08:15 RealBadAngel indeed
08:19 RealBadAngel VanessaE, http://realbadangel.pl/next_step.png
08:24 VanessaE RealBadAngel: I know.  I didn't add any GUI settings yet.
08:24 VanessaE read the forum post :-)
08:25 VanessaE http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47684#p47684
08:25 RealBadAngel i know you didnt. yet :)
08:25 VanessaE yet. heh
08:26 RealBadAngel hence screenshot name :)
08:26 VanessaE oh right
08:26 VanessaE I wondered why you named it that
08:27 VanessaE actually the next step is to add threshold settings for the bi-/trilinear filters so they can be limited to applying only to a certain size range
08:28 VanessaE I'll work on that tomorrow assuming I get to it :-)
08:29 VanessaE for the GUI settings, I expect to need some help :-)
08:29 RealBadAngel shouldnt be hard at all
08:29 RealBadAngel take the code of another setting just
08:29 VanessaE right
08:29 VanessaE that's what I'll probably do
08:30 VanessaE but my C++ skills are....lacking :-)
08:30 RealBadAngel ctrl shift insert?
08:31 VanessaE copy&paste coding sucks if you don't understand what you're actually *doing* :-)
08:31 RealBadAngel hmmm
08:31 RealBadAngel who knows which files settings are?
08:35 VanessaE dunno
08:35 VanessaE except for the file in which the defaults are kept
08:36 RealBadAngel https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/blob/master/src/guiMainMenu.cpp#L560
08:36 RealBadAngel got it
08:37 VanessaE hm,
08:37 VanessaE that's not very complex
08:37 VanessaE feel like hacking something together?
08:38 RealBadAngel why not
08:38 RealBadAngel lemme take a look at ur patch first
08:38 VanessaE I wonder what the measure is.  20 pixels?  20 points?
08:41 RealBadAngel https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/blob/master/src/guiMainMenu.cpp#L733
08:41 RealBadAngel first was definitions of checkboxes
08:42 RealBadAngel here checkboxes are turned to true/false
08:42 VanessaE right.
08:42 VanessaE working ...
08:44 RealBadAngel start with adding next checkbox just
08:44 RealBadAngel hold on
08:44 VanessaE yeah
08:44 VanessaE build failed, working on it...
08:44 blaze joined #minetest
08:45 RealBadAngel http://pastebin.com/nceAjckb
08:45 RealBadAngel insert this just
08:47 RealBadAngel it shall land above change keys button
08:49 VanessaE ok, I've worked in one checkbox - aniso.  let's see if it actually does anything.
08:49 VanessaE oh, close.  need to move it over some.  Edge of the text got cut off too.
08:49 RealBadAngel make another column
08:49 RealBadAngel for 4 another settings
08:50 RealBadAngel add a fixed value to option_x to move it to the right
08:50 RealBadAngel and use same option_y as old checkboxes
08:52 sfan5 VanessaE, RealBadAngel: if you want me to compile somthing just ask me
08:52 VanessaE stand by
08:52 VanessaE I may have gotten it
08:53 RealBadAngel screenshot?
08:54 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/Screenshot-10142012-04:53:12AM.png
08:54 VanessaE \o/
08:54 VanessaE and I can check it on/off
08:54 RealBadAngel yeah
08:54 sciopath joined #minetest
08:54 RealBadAngel but i suggest move it to the left
08:54 VanessaE had to edit guiMainMenu.h also to insert a bool for that variable
08:54 RealBadAngel wait
08:55 RealBadAngel fist lets make whole column for filtering settings
08:55 VanessaE I want to put them on the right
08:55 CTMN joined #minetest
08:55 RealBadAngel move it a little to the left
08:55 RealBadAngel to leave space for future settings
08:55 VanessaE how much?
08:55 VanessaE oh ok
08:56 RealBadAngel just a few chars after first column ends
08:56 VanessaE one sec...
08:56 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/Screenshot%20-%2010142012%20-%2004:56:28%20AM.png
08:57 RealBadAngel even closer a bit
08:57 VanessaE yes, no, maybe so? :-)
08:57 VanessaE ok
08:57 Jordach joined #minetest
08:57 Jordach good morning
08:57 RealBadAngel then at the same option_x add 3 more checkboxes
08:57 RealBadAngel mornin
08:58 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/Screenshot%20-%2010142012%20-%2004:57:49%20AM.png
08:58 RealBadAngel for the other settings
08:58 RealBadAngel better
08:58 Jordach THAT SETTING.
08:58 RealBadAngel yeah, THAT
08:59 RealBadAngel Vanessa already made it in config file
08:59 RealBadAngel now the GUI part :)
08:59 VanessaE Jordach: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47684#p47684
08:59 VanessaE implemented.
08:59 VanessaE we're putting it into the GUI now.
08:59 TheRedMoodWin joined #minetest
08:59 RealBadAngel Jordach, http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47684#p47684
09:00 TheRedMoodWin Hello all
09:00 TheRedMoodWin What a wonderfull morning this is :)
09:00 RealBadAngel indeed
09:00 TheRedMoodWin And how are you RealBadAngel!
09:00 RealBadAngel fine
09:00 TheRedMoodWin That is very good to hear
09:00 TheRedMoodWin I have been seeing your name allaround
09:00 RealBadAngel added some more chat commands/
09:00 RealBadAngel ?
09:01 TheRedMoodWin May I ask what you do around here? You seem important, sir/mis.
09:01 RealBadAngel ah nothin, just foolin around ;)
09:01 RealBadAngel maybe just im makin Technic mod ;)
09:01 TheRedMoodWin And no, sir/mis, I did fix a problem with privleges and also made the config file much more extensive
09:01 TheRedMoodWin Really?
09:02 TheRedMoodWin That is really really awesome, sir/mis.
09:02 RealBadAngel and im male
09:02 TheRedMoodWin Let me note that down, sir.
09:02 Calinou TheRedMoodWin is landmine
09:02 Calinou 99% chance
09:02 CTMN I'm wondering why there r 2 mods that simulate electricity
09:02 RealBadAngel lol
09:02 TheRedMoodWin I don't think so.....
09:02 Calinou he's trolling
09:03 RealBadAngel CTMN, not really, mesecons do logic, i do power
09:03 TheRedMoodWin Do you mean that I am a landmine or that I am another user named landmine, sir/mis=
09:03 Jordach TheRedMoodWin, is from Norway
09:03 TheRedMoodWin Wait
09:03 TheRedMoodWin I can prove it to you, sir/mis
09:03 CTMN RealBadAngel, I know
09:03 TheRedMoodWin I'm going to open up putty and connect to my slackware box and login as my offical "TheRedMood"
09:04 Jordach * [TheRedMoodWin] (TheRedMood@ti0056a380-dhcp1112.bb.online.no): ...
09:04 Jordach * [TheRedMoodWin] #minetest
09:04 Jordach * [TheRedMoodWin] asimov.freenode.net :TX, USA
09:04 Jordach * [TheRedMoodWin] idle 00:00:18, signon: Sun Oct 14 09:59:41
09:04 Jordach * [TheRedMoodWin] End of WHOIS list.
09:04 Jordach http://www.online.no/
09:04 TheRedMoodWin That name is password protected so it should be enough proof :)
09:04 Calinou lolslackware
09:04 CTMN Ur mod simulates non-endless electricity, mesecons simulates how electricity flows.
09:05 TheRedMood here
09:05 CTMN Lackware
09:05 TheRedMood I disagree with you there, sir/mis.
09:06 TheRedMood There :)
09:06 TheRedMood His os is weak.
09:06 TheRedMood x3
09:06 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/Screenshot%20-%2010142012%20-%2005:06:10%20AM.png
09:06 TheRedMood Sorry that was rude.
09:06 VanessaE \o/ YAY!
09:06 CTMN joined #minetest
09:06 VanessaE now the question is, I can click them on/off, but do they actually work inside the game :-)
09:06 TheRedMoodWin WOW.
09:07 TheRedMoodWin That is really something, Mrs.
09:07 TheRedMoodWin can you do this with the basic lua scripting or have you gone into the gamefiles itself?
09:08 CTMN Such things r impossible with Lua
09:08 TheRedMoodWin How would you make anisotropic filtering with the API i have seen so far...
09:08 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, that is why I asked, sir/mis.
09:08 Jordach TheRedMoodWin, a knownledge of c++
09:08 TheRedMoodWin yeah, I have that too, but not to that extent.
09:08 CTMN Why do u always say sir/mis?
09:09 TheRedMoodWin I am glad there are people around like, Mrs, which really help all us other out :)
09:09 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, I am not sure if you are a male or female yet. Once I know I can say just one of them.
09:10 TheRedMoodWin okey
09:10 TheRedMoodWin Now I need to add more commands
09:10 CTMN TheRedMoonWin, no one says sir or mis at all
09:10 * Jordach is male: https://plus.google.com/114730736371852911496/posts
09:10 CTMN U don't need to say that
09:10 Jordach CTMN, solves a solution
09:10 Mika_R joined #minetest
09:11 CTMN 1up
09:11 CTMN :D
09:11 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, I am not sure it it is just me, but you are being sarcastic or negative to almost everytithing i say, sir/mis. Is there a reason for that?
09:11 CTMN NO
09:12 Jordach ^ hates everything
09:12 CTMN I mean Im not negativ/sarcastic
09:12 TheRedMoodWin Oh. I see, sorry for bringing that up then, sir
09:12 CTMN Im just wondering
09:12 TheRedMoodWin Does this mean I can ignore him, sir?
09:12 CTMN Who is him?
09:13 TheRedMoodWin Jordach: Does this mean I can ignore him, sir?
09:13 CTMN And I see u found out that Im male and I didn't say that
09:13 Jordach TheRedMoodWin, your choice
09:13 TheRedMoodWin okey, then it is an ignore
09:14 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, Anything usfule to say before I ignore you, sir/mis?
09:14 * CTMN is confused
09:14 TheRedMoodWin CTMN: That was a joke, sir/mis. I wouldn't ignore anyone! :)
09:15 TheRedMoodWin Do you guys want a /kill command?
09:15 TheRedMoodWin And do you want it as a op command or as a sucide command?
09:16 CTMN There r lots of ways to kill somebody >:-)
09:16 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, this will clear the confusen, sir/mis http://gifsound.com/?gif=http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj7e34Tgt11qhy6c9o1_400.gif&sound=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWa-rWSsoZA
09:16 CTMN Why do we need a command then?
09:17 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, if you get stuck and need to take sucide. I am adding it either way.
09:17 TheRedMoodWin But just wanted to see if someone was strongly against it
09:17 CTMN Make a /kill priv
09:17 TheRedMoodWin Ofcurse its just going to be a switch in the config file, but its good to know
09:17 TheRedMoodWin X3
09:18 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, It is probebly my bad english, but we are talking past each other, sir/mis.
09:18 TheRedMoodWin http://gifsound.com/?gif=http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj7e34Tgt11qhy6c9o1_400.gif&sound=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWa-rWSsoZA
09:18 TheRedMoodWin Coding music is on
09:18 TheRedMoodWin Lets do this :D
09:18 CTMN Stop confusing me more
09:18 Mika_R jordach, what's happened on europe server?
09:19 CTMN I'm entering the link my system has no copy function for my IRC client
09:19 Jordach dunno
09:19 TheRedMoodWin Want me to shorten it for you CTMN?
09:20 CTMN U don't need, i'm almost ready
09:21 Jordach ^ has no copy and paste
09:22 CTMN I'm not using my computer
09:22 TheRedMoodWin Jordach, you also seem important, sir. Can i ask what you do for this community, sir?
09:22 Jordach sit around and tell questions
09:23 TheRedMoodWin :D
09:23 TheRedMoodWin Can you tell me a question, sir?
09:23 Jordach or answer questions
09:26 TheRedMoodWin Anyone know of a way to get the player object with the player name?
09:26 TheRedMoodWin I could just list trough all the connected player
09:26 TheRedMoodWin And check the names
09:26 TheRedMoodWin But that would be unoptimized
09:26 TheRedMoodWin So anyone know how?
09:27 NekoGloop joined #minetest
09:27 CTMN U mean any objected which is called"* owned by *"?
09:28 TheRedMoodWin No
09:28 TheRedMoodWin When someone says a command
09:28 TheRedMoodWin I get their player name
09:28 TheRedMoodWin I need the player object of that player
09:28 CTMN Ok
09:28 TheRedMoodWin So i could do it by hand, but if there is a API function for it
09:28 TheRedMoodWin That would be the best
09:31 TheRedMoodWin going over to #regex
09:31 TheRedMoodWin give me a sec
09:34 TheRedMoodWin http://www.bay12games.com/champions.html
09:37 NekoGloop minetest.get_player_by_name(...)?
09:37 TheRedMoodWin Thanks Neko, I just found that :)
09:37 TheRedMoodWin I am so quick to ask question, I am sorry for that, sir/mis.
09:37 NekoGloop Meow :3
09:37 TheRedMoodWin OHH!
09:38 TheRedMoodWin I have something for you neko
09:38 NekoGloop Hm?
09:38 TheRedMoodWin http://gifsound.com/?gif=http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lj7e34Tgt11qhy6c9o1_400.gif&sound=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YWa-rWSsoZA
09:38 TheRedMoodWin I think you might like it, sir/mis.
09:39 NekoGloop Um... Ok then.
09:39 TheRedMoodWin I got 6 hours and 23 minutes in yesterday
09:45 CTMN joined #minetest
09:52 NekoGloop http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jd3ms4IcRxg oppan nightcore style! *runs*
09:52 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop seems like that is the wrong function. It expects t ohave a player object allready
09:55 Jordach_ joined #minetest
09:58 q66 joined #minetest
09:59 TheRedMoodWin okey
09:59 TheRedMoodWin We wil have to do this manually
09:59 NekoGloop Wut?
09:59 TheRedMoodWin It is to get the objcect ref of a player object
09:59 NekoGloop Dont most functions give you the player name?
09:59 TheRedMoodWin Yes
09:59 NekoGloop s/name/object
10:00 TheRedMoodWin But I want the player object
10:00 TheRedMoodWin no
10:00 TheRedMoodWin Don't the chat command
10:00 NekoGloop As puncher, player, digger, etc.
10:00 NekoGloop I know chat commands do.
10:00 TheRedMoodWin yeah, but I am making a chat command
10:00 TheRedMoodWin If you can show me that
10:00 CTMN U can exctract the name out of the chat command
10:00 TheRedMoodWin Then it would be greate
10:00 TheRedMoodWin I don't want the name CTMN
10:01 TheRedMoodWin neko, remember that there are no paramaters to it
10:01 NekoGloop Troll detected.
10:01 TheRedMoodWin I will start on the checker function meanwhile
10:01 NekoGloop The fucking function you can call can pass the fucking player object.
10:01 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop, I am not a troll. I ask because I care about how fast it will run
10:01 TheRedMoodWin The please show me how.
10:02 TheRedMoodWin And why are you so angry with me.
10:02 NekoGloop Do you seriously think i can tell you from an ipad?
10:02 NekoGloop And i'm angry because this is elementary modding.
10:02 Jordach_ NekoGloop, chilol
10:02 Jordach_ cill*
10:02 TheRedMoodWin Well, since I have looked at it And i can't find it out, then I will have to do it my way until i can get your
10:02 Jordach_ chill*
10:03 TheRedMoodWin And NekoGloop you are a very bad teacher and person. There is no thing as elemantary. Everyone learns and fails. You are no super human neither am i
10:03 TheRedMoodWin So deal with it, sir/mis.
10:03 NekoGloop No.
10:04 NekoGloop The difference between you and me is that i -am- a superhuman C:
10:04 CTMN -.-
10:04 TheRedMoodWin Well, A super human could  explain it from the ipad, and they would not get angry.
10:04 TheRedMoodWin But this is turning silly so lets all smile :)
10:04 NekoGloop :(
10:05 * NekoGloop kicks theredmoodwin
10:05 TheRedMoodWin That hurt.
10:05 * TheRedMoodWin hugs NekoGloop
10:05 TheRedMoodWin :D
10:05 CTMN Why did u kick him/her?
10:06 TheRedMoodWin The name is Teodor
10:06 TheRedMoodWin And I am male, sir/mis.
10:06 CTMN Ok
10:07 NekoGloop The name is GHOST
10:07 NekoGloop and i am neither.
10:07 CTMN ...
10:07 TheRedMoodWin NekoGloop, so the suffix would be, None, I presume?
10:08 NekoGloop left #minetest
10:12 CTMN Why does he think he's a superhuman only cause he's better in Lua?..
10:12 TheRedMoodWin CTMN, he did not. I just threw it at him.
10:13 TheRedMoodWin CTMN as you might have seen I can be quite intense/annoying. I don't like people acting better acording to skill not learning. But I tried to stop it by smiling though, sir.
10:15 CTMN Skills can be more useful than learning sometimes
10:15 TheRedMoodWin no.
10:15 CTMN Not always, but sometimes
10:15 TheRedMoodWin Never will the will to help others to learn or learn by others
10:16 TheRedMoodWin be less important than skill
10:16 TheRedMoodWin Well then I am going to discuss that with you
10:16 TheRedMoodWin Want to do it here or in a /quary ?
10:16 TheRedMoodWin And how long do you have?
10:17 CTMN Do I have what?
10:17 tripod joined #minetest
10:18 TheRedMoodWin Time.
10:18 SpeedProg1 joined #minetest
10:19 CTMN Don't know
10:19 CTMN I think more than 1 hour
10:19 TheRedMoodWin okey
10:20 TheRedMoodWin Tell me when it is more important.
10:22 anunakki joined #minetest
10:22 TheRedMoodWin It works
10:22 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder: New /kill command works
10:24 Jordach_ TheRedMoodWin, OldCoder is awesoe
10:24 TheRedMoodWin Yeah
10:24 TheRedMoodWin I am reporting the progress on my plugin to him
10:25 Jordach_ Mika_R, has euro been griefed?
10:26 CTMN OldCoder is offline
10:26 CTMN I mean away
10:35 * Jordach_ coughs
10:36 Fixer joined #minetest
10:51 Jordach_ sfan5, /me is getting Rigs of Rods
10:53 Mika_R jordach, i think so
10:53 NekoGloop joined #minetest
10:53 Mika_R my area was messed a bit
10:53 NekoGloop Meow.
11:00 Mika_R jordach, rigs of rods, what os?
11:00 Mika_R jordach_ ^
11:00 Jordach_ Windows
11:00 Jordach_ where gaming is a good thing
11:01 Mika_R thinking of windows
11:01 Mika_R i'm downloading it now to try to run it throw wine
11:04 TheRedMoodWin Nice
11:05 TheRedMoodWin I run windows soly for gaming
11:05 TheRedMoodWin I have 2 disks
11:05 TheRedMoodWin one for gentoo and one for windows
11:13 CTMN joined #minetest
11:18 VanessaE sfan5: stand by for a new patch...with GUI options this time :-)
11:18 sfan5 ok :D
11:18 RealBadAngel :)
11:19 VanessaE I have the code working perfectly, I just need to figure out how to generate a clean patch :-)
11:19 RealBadAngel diff to clean nonpatched code
11:20 CTMN Hope that Celeron will implement this
11:20 VanessaE I mean how to cut out all this /home/vanessa/blahblahblah shit
11:20 RealBadAngel he said he will when got workin GUI patch
11:23 * VanessaE grumbles
11:26 VanessaE fucking thing is picking up every last stupid little file that was created in the last build
11:26 VanessaE I can't see the real modifications among all this garbage
11:28 Xenux joined #minetest
11:30 paniq joined #minetest
11:31 wishstudio joined #minetest
11:32 VanessaE http://pastebin.com/dTAE4qtY
11:32 VanessaE sfan5: is that correct?>
11:32 sfan5 yes
11:32 VanessaE woohoo!
11:33 VanessaE ok
11:33 VanessaE that patch applies against the patch I had earlier.  I suppose I should re-generate it against a clean source tree
11:33 RealBadAngel i believe so
11:35 Mika_R Rba, anything odd with your place on europe server?
11:36 RealBadAngel no, everythin is ok
11:36 RealBadAngel checked
11:36 VanessaE ok, here it us
11:36 VanessaE is
11:36 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/video-filtering-with-gui.patch
11:36 VanessaE apply this against a clean source tree
11:37 wishstudio then plz renew your pull request :)
11:38 VanessaE I will in a sec
11:41 Jordach joined #minetest
11:46 VanessaE pull request closed and re-opened with fresh, new code.
11:46 VanessaE sfan5: go ahead and give it a shot.
11:47 sfan5 ok, i'll do that in 10 misn
11:47 sfan5 *minutes
11:47 VanessaE ok
11:48 Mika_R Jordach, was there anything missing at your place on europe?
11:48 Jordach nope
11:48 VanessaE forum post updated
11:49 VanessaE Jordach: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47684#p47684
11:51 * Jordach will say it again
11:51 Jordach HDX textures suck
11:51 Jordach 8px FTW#
11:51 VanessaE hah
11:51 Jordach VanessaE, when i get to converting your pack into the MC format, i'll let you know
11:51 VanessaE ok
11:52 VanessaE note that the homedecor stuff therein is slightly out of date
11:52 VanessaE not that it matters for MC :-)
11:53 Jordach VanessaE, i could go to town on your pack
11:53 VanessaE go for it :-)
11:54 Jordach i'd end up using the 128x size (750mb of video ram will crash with 256+)
11:56 VanessaE aw shit...something may be wrong with that build...
11:56 VanessaE yup, it's fucked up.
11:56 VanessaE sigh.
11:56 VanessaE I know what to do though.
11:57 Jordach ^ always makes a cock up and "somehow" fixes it
11:58 * Jordach waits for obligitory "shush"
11:59 Jordach i hate it when i close chrome while its downloading stuff
12:00 Mika_R jordach, did you get RoR to work?
12:00 Jordach yes
12:01 Jordach 40fps
12:01 Mika_R oh
12:01 * Jordach checks out lb photorealism
12:04 VanessaE ok, that fixes the pull request.
12:05 Jordach VanessaE, the bonus to yours is it wont take as long as mine :(
12:06 * Jordach is forced to scale to 16px but make it look 8px
12:07 VanessaE ok, new patch is up.  Apply it against a clean source tree.
12:07 VanessaE new ubuntu build is up.
12:07 VanessaE forum post updated.
12:08 Jordach i used to like hdx like you, but then i took a pixel to the knee
12:08 VanessaE haha
12:09 tripod http://www.redbullstratos.com/
12:09 Jordach my games shelf has three sections, bad - kill some mins, - meh - its alright and gold - time to waste far too much time
12:09 Jordach skyrim sits at the top
12:11 VanessaE sfan5: it is now safe to make a new win build with that patch:  http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/video-settings-with-gui-2.patch
12:11 sfan5 ok
12:12 JangoFett154 joined #minetest
12:14 sfan5 building...
12:26 sfan5 VanessaE: http://sfan.sf.funpic.de/minetest-builds/c55/minetest-0.4.3-25cf375-extrafilters_chkbox-win32.7z
12:27 VanessaE \o/
12:29 * Jordach ops #minetest
12:29 CTMN joined #minetest
12:30 VanessaE http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47712#p47712
12:30 RealBadAngel works great :)
12:30 CTMN JangoFett do u know Zeitgeist?
12:30 JangoFett154 not really
12:30 JangoFett154 hi CTMN
12:30 CTMN But u know him
12:31 CTMN Hi
12:31 JangoFett154 i know of him yes
12:31 RealBadAngel at least the settings are here and in menu :)
12:32 CTMN Ur German right?
12:32 JangoFett154 Me? no
12:32 RealBadAngel vanessa, got next idea
12:34 JangoFett154 CTMN on mrtux's server do you think the nuke mod would be a good mod to be put in?
12:34 CTMN Pls leave the papyrus as it is and don't touch other's things if u do
12:34 CTMN What for?
12:35 JangoFett154 oh that was skully who took it, but i took some from him and went and replanted some
12:35 CTMN Pls say him to leave other's things
12:35 JangoFett154 like should we get the nuke mod or do you think it would cause more harm
12:36 CTMN Im afraid that people would use it to grief
12:36 JangoFett154 hmm do you think it would work if we had to have the privliage to make it?
12:37 Basstard` Duke Nukem mod?
12:37 JangoFett154 its very useful when mining
12:37 CTMN Why do u always want privs?
12:37 JangoFett154 ???
12:37 CTMN Nukes detroy stuff in MT
12:38 CTMN It's not like in MC where items r dropped by nuking them
12:38 Basstard` How about strippers in MT?
12:38 * Jordach sends Basstard` to the corner
12:38 JangoFett154 CTMN which mod you use of it depends, there is one that makes items drop, if i remember correctly
12:39 Calinou joined #minetest
12:39 Basstard` Jordach: Is that where the strippers are?
12:39 CTMN If u don't want to have to craft items, go to a creative server
12:39 Jordach FFS
12:39 Jordach . /op Calinou i WILL enter this
12:39 VanessaE Calinou: you missed a new development :-)
12:39 CTMN Im not sure about dropping items
12:40 CTMN Do u have infinty tools?
12:40 JangoFett154 ok then the nuke mod is out :/
12:40 Jordach its called NOPE.AVI
12:40 JangoFett154 yes i have infinity tools
12:40 VanessaE Calinou:  http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=47712#p47712  <-- now GUI-ified :-)
12:40 CTMN Or at least mined?
12:40 JangoFett154 hmm?
12:41 Jordach does anyone remember wipeout3
12:42 VanessaE no, no one remembers that.
12:42 Basstard` I remember the first.
12:42 Jordach i found it among my lost stuff
12:42 Jordach the sound track is pretty good
12:42 Calinou another report from a guy wanting to quote... :|
12:42 Calinou people keep presssing the "report" button instead of "quote", this is getting funny :>
12:43 VanessaE heh
12:43 Basstard` requote
12:43 Calinou port
12:43 Jordach Calinou, ubuntu paste it
12:43 CTMN JangoFett did u ever go below -500?
12:44 JangoFett154 yea i craft  a teleporter and went to bottom
12:44 CTMN I only wanna know if u have experience in mining stuff
12:44 CTMN Without teleporters
12:45 JangoFett154 oh yea, i have mined down to bottom in Calinou's server, that server has most of the same mods
12:45 Calinou that's what she said
12:45 JangoFett154 even made a big cave at bottom
12:45 CTMN Ok so u know what ur talking about
12:45 JangoFett154 ya
12:46 CTMN K
12:47 JangoFett154 who made towntest mod? the builder bugs really bad
12:49 * Jordach pokes cornernote
12:49 Jordach there is one thing. #minetest - now with OPs
12:49 CTMN It's already a big project to make AIs at all
12:50 CTMN In MT
12:50 * Jordach then makes a super powered AI
12:50 Jordach which passes turings test
12:51 * CTMN waits some years till the new super AI will be ready
12:54 CTMN JangoFett r u goin to make any big things with thechnic mod?
12:57 JangoFett154 maybe, want to help me make a community technic machines room?
12:58 CTMN I wanted to make that
12:58 JangoFett154 by yourself? thats cool
12:58 CTMN I made the hydro plant and the power line
12:59 JangoFett154 i saw, i like how you put the turbine under the path to you island
12:59 CTMN Then it can't be difficult to make a public machine room
12:59 CTMN Im going to make a second power line for the technic mod
13:00 JangoFett154 yea, technic is harder to work then mesecons but gives bigger rewards
13:00 CTMN I need the mesecon power line too because there arent any lamps in the technic mod
13:01 CTMN I have much copper and a good mine, so it won't be much harder
13:01 JangoFett154 yea i think they should just conbine the mods and make them both use copper coble that comes from technic
13:01 JangoFett154 if ya need any resources i can give some
13:01 CTMN Still too much copper is needed for too few cables
13:02 CTMN No, I will mine the stuff
13:02 CTMN I gave the 2 stolen machines back and crafted new ones
13:02 JangoFett154 lol why you steal them? lol i dont know why but i find that really funny
13:03 CTMN And Im very close to a technic solar panel
13:03 CTMN I stole them because I thought u hacked
13:03 CTMN Zeitgeist thought it too
13:03 JangoFett154 hahahahaah i would never
13:04 CTMN Hmm...
13:04 JangoFett154 yea solar panels from technic are too hard to make for the ammount of power they rpoduce
13:04 CTMN He told me a bit about u
13:04 CTMN Solar panels only need to be placed very high
13:05 JangoFett154 how high?
13:05 CTMN That's why I built my floating island
13:05 CTMN The higher the more power
13:05 JangoFett154 oh cool, have you seen my mansion-type thing in air?
13:05 CTMN Im going to make another floating island that will be much higher
13:05 CTMN I saw it
13:06 JangoFett154 oh, on Calinou's server i put mine at like 5.5 high lol
13:07 CTMN Im not sure if I will make an underground power line or an overground one
13:08 JangoFett154 personaly i like underground because it doesnt look messy
13:08 CTMN Ur right XD
13:09 JangoFett154 :D
13:09 CTMN I only built the mesecon power line overground because there arent any vertical mesecons
13:10 CTMN Did u see any rubber trees?
13:10 CTMN Im asking because of the MV cables
13:11 JangoFett154 i havnt seen many rubber but if you want ill get a sapling from giveme
13:11 CTMN No I wanna find a sapling
13:12 CTMN Im playing fair
13:12 CTMN "fair"
13:12 JangoFett154 :(
13:12 CTMN What?
13:12 JangoFett154 ill go search for one
13:12 CTMN It isnt a creative server
13:12 CTMN I will search
13:13 CTMN U may too
13:13 JangoFett154 ok
13:13 CTMN But I wanna make a rubber tree plantage
13:14 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
13:15 JangoFett154 found one
13:15 CTMN Yay^^
13:15 CTMN Now plant some saplings and u will have lots of rubber trees
13:16 JangoFett154 yep i did that one Calinou's :D
13:16 VanessaE bbl
13:17 CTMN Do u always use giveme to get a rare item?
13:18 JangoFett154 no i hunt for rare, i use giveme if i need alot of a common item
13:20 CTMN Like diamonds ^^
13:22 JangoFett154 lol i was gonna make a bank to circulate money, but oldcoder and me dicided to ask players what prices will be and design of bank
13:22 CTMN 1. I built a marketplace for such stuff and now it doesnt have any place to be extended
13:23 CTMN 2. I buy mese for 1000g and steel for 100 g
13:23 JangoFett154 macket place is for players to build shop, but bank is place that set standred for other price shopd
13:24 CTMN I sell both for a higher price because Im not having a bank ^^
13:24 CTMN Yes
13:24 OldCoder Good morning
13:24 JangoFett154 if we dont have bank then how to let players get more money then running others out of it or making altd
13:24 CTMN Hi
13:24 JangoFett154 hey
13:24 CTMN I agree
13:25 CTMN But the bank shouldnt be yours
13:25 JangoFett154 it wasnt, it was just made by me
13:25 JangoFett154 Shall i create a Alt called Bank that can do banking?
13:25 CTMN And the bank should sell only stuff that is hard to craft and that cant be used to craft
13:26 CTMN Its ok if u BUILD the bank
13:26 CTMN But there should be a neutral acc that has infinite money
13:26 JangoFett154 ive seen a server that did that, everyone had little to no money, execept for 1 guy and everyone else couldnt money without ALOT of work
13:27 JangoFett154 yes that is what im saying, but someone has to control the alt
13:27 CTMN It should be possible to sell stuff to him and he wouldnt sell it again
13:27 CTMN The admin
13:28 JangoFett154 but what if you buy too much copper and then need money back, you could sell back to bank
13:28 CTMN The thing is that if the bank sells stuff, nobody would go mining
13:28 JangoFett154 the bank sells stuff higher then bank buys
13:29 CTMN If 1 mithril costs 10000 g, anyone could sell 10 mese and buy one mithril
13:29 JangoFett154 people only get 2000 money, 2k cant make them rich from a bank
13:29 CTMN Or sell 1000 steel
13:29 JangoFett154 10k for 1 mithril? then we would need to up the price of start-out money
13:30 JangoFett154 would it be fair if you start out with 2k and need 10k to get 1 mithril? 5 times your money
13:30 JangoFett154 brb
13:30 CTMN No 10k k is even a bit too few
13:30 OldCoder TheRedMood, if you see this, typo correction: REVIVE_MSG = "Like a Phoenix %s rises from the ashes"
13:30 Mika_R joined #minetest
13:31 OldCoder Mika_R, wb
13:31 Calinou mithril < mese actually
13:31 Mika_R hi oldcoder
13:31 CTMN JangoFett, if the bank were like u imagine, nobody would go mining
13:31 Mika_R oldcoder, what happened to the europe server?
13:32 OldCoder Mika_R, checking
13:32 CTMN Calinou, mithril = 10*mese
13:32 OldCoder Mika_R, looks fine
13:32 OldCoder Mika_R, checking further
13:32 Calinou mithril is slower than mese
13:32 CTMN Harder to get
13:32 OldCoder Mika_R, explain
13:32 Calinou except for wood iirc
13:32 CTMN Thats why it should cost more
13:33 Mika_R oldcoder, what is logged from the server?
13:33 OldCoder Mika_R, It looks all right
13:33 OldCoder Mika_R, is there a problem?
13:33 CTMN OldCoder, why is the log never updated?
13:34 OldCoder CTMN, that file was a snapshop. Not live. If you want a live log I may put one online
13:34 CTMN Oh
13:34 OldCoder *snapshot
13:34 Mika_R there were holes in my road and i seem to have lost some chests
13:34 OldCoder One issue is chat
13:34 CTMN Didnt know that
13:34 OldCoder I'd filter it out for privacy unless there was a dispute
13:35 OldCoder Mika_R, does it look like bugs or griefing?
13:35 OldCoder Mika_R, last backup is 8 hours ago as I fell asleep early
13:35 OldCoder Mika_R, I can revert to 8 hours ago if you wish. is the damage serious?
13:36 OldCoder Never mind; the backup is some hours older
13:36 OldCoder Mika_R, does it look like bugs or griefing?
13:36 Mika_R no need to rollback, i rebuilt all damages
13:36 OldCoder Mika_R, I will back up shortly
13:36 Mika_R i'd say griefing,
13:36 OldCoder Mika_R, I can identify griefers
13:36 OldCoder In fact
13:36 OldCoder I believe I *will* put live logs online
13:36 OldCoder So people can see the griefers and report them
13:37 CTMN With coords?
13:37 OldCoder Yes
13:37 OldCoder The full logs
13:37 OldCoder But they will be too large unless I write some filters
13:37 Mika_R cause i saw what mapgen made to a village on an other server and my damage is 9 missing chests and some gravel, that i know
13:37 OldCoder I will put this on the task list
13:37 OldCoder Griefers can be identified
13:37 OldCoder If people will check the logs for me after griefing this can be helped
13:38 Jordach ctrl + f : "digs default:shest"
13:38 OldCoder I will proceed and put live logs online when I can
13:38 CTMN Is there any possibility for something like auto-node owning?
13:38 Jordach chest
13:38 Mika_R not default chests, technics gold chests
13:39 OldCoder I see that redsand has been updated. Does anybody else have mod update or addition requests?
13:39 CTMN Mika_R, locked ones?
13:40 Mika_R unlocked, was gonna make locked, migt be locked, don't remember
13:50 CTMN A crafting guide would be nice
13:50 Mika_R for what?
13:51 CTMN Crafting maybe?
13:51 Mika_R you mean all recipes in 1 place?
13:51 CTMN Theres a mod that shows all the crafting recipes
13:51 CTMN Its called crafting guide
13:52 CTMN Its very useful especially for my server
13:53 CTMN Technic, moreblocks, lots of other mods
13:53 OldCoder http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1020
13:53 OldCoder I'd like to get the images in the first post
13:53 OldCoder But they don't seem to be downloadable or they need Flash or something
13:54 OldCoder If anybody can download them please let me know
13:55 OldCoder
13:55 OldCoder I am experimenting with adding more player characters. If anybody has any pictures with both front and back they'd like to use let me know
13:56 OldCoder
13:56 CTMN It stands"to the download folder" there
13:56 OldCoder Does not work for me
13:56 Jordach_ joined #minetest
13:56 OldCoder But ty
13:56 OldCoder Jordach, do you have any player pictures you'd like to use?
13:56 Jordach_ nope
13:56 OldCoder k
13:56 Jordach_ not at the second no
13:56 OldCoder The current one is fun but I need to add more
13:58 ttk2 joined #minetest
14:00 CTMN Look at the forums in the texture packs section
14:00 CTMN Theres a thread with many player textures
14:00 OldCoder I am reading it now
14:00 OldCoder so far they are low resolution
14:00 OldCoder I think I'll add more that are at least 32x32
14:00 CTMN But still not bad
14:00 OldCoder Reviewing
14:01 OldCoder Actually I don't see any yet except those by Infinity Project
14:01 CTMN They don't really look pixelated
14:01 CTMN I mean them
14:02 OldCoder Link to characters you like
14:02 * Calinou should've ad hominem more often for server applications
14:02 CTMN If u r goin to use them, pls don't use the slenderman texture
14:02 Calinou I let the griefers grief
14:02 OldCoder No
14:02 OldCoder CTMN, if you see characters you like link to them
14:03 JangoFett154 joined #minetest
14:04 CTMN Use what u like, its ur server
14:04 OldCoder CTMN, What I like is to use what works for people
14:04 OldCoder Link to characters you like
14:04 OldCoder
14:04 CTMN And beside, I don't really like anyone of them
14:04 OldCoder Very well
14:05 OldCoder Calinou, can I assume Faithful textures are not fully legal? Copyright to MC?
14:05 Calinou now everyone who played on the server will hate me, because I'm not paying the server again, it will be down in two days
14:05 Calinou the world will be available for download
14:05 Calinou OldCoder: they are not
14:05 Calinou vattic didn't put a license
14:05 OldCoder Calinou, is the download possible now?
14:05 Calinou let's say it's fair use
14:05 OldCoder No good for my purposes
14:05 Calinou OldCoder: not right now, the world takes 2 HOURS to upload
14:05 OldCoder Calinou, it is on a PC?
14:05 OldCoder Calinou, I could transfer directly; no need for upload
14:06 Calinou ecube: did you grief
14:06 OldCoder Note: If there is no license for textures then standard copyright applies. Fair use is not possible for the entire set.
14:06 Calinou OldCoder: vps
14:06 OldCoder Calinou, it is simple for me to download, hen
14:06 OldCoder *then
14:06 Calinou OldCoder: I'm not even using the whole textures
14:06 OldCoder Calinou, is it a Debian VPS?
14:06 Calinou meh, I used scp
14:07 Calinou and uploading it to somewhere like omploader and hope it works
14:07 OldCoder Calinou, if you wish then provide a guest account and I will scp it directly to a new home
14:07 OldCoder Calinou, does the VPS have a guest account?
14:07 OldCoder Just PM me a guest password
14:07 OldCoder I will scp to a new home
14:07 OldCoder The world will continue uninterrupted
14:09 OldCoder
14:09 OldCoder Calinou, actually it is much easier than that
14:09 OldCoder Just symlink the worlds folder to /var/www
14:09 OldCoder Run Apache
14:09 OldCoder Done
14:09 OldCoder I will give you the commands
14:10 OldCoder Can probably have the world transferred in 15 minutes
14:10 OldCoder
14:10 OldCoder No password or account needed
14:10 XavierCR84 joined #minetest
14:10 OldCoder
14:10 JangoFett154 Hey OldCoder ive asked some friends and i dicided that i want a server, do you think you could make a server for me?
14:10 Calinou OldCoder: you forgot one step: russians/chinese
14:10 CTMN A creative one?
14:10 Calinou OldCoder: what when the server will be down?
14:11 OldCoder JangoFett154, you are doing nicely with the current world. But I am not really adding more empty worlds ATM without a good reason. Do you have a built up world?
14:11 OldCoder Calinou, go on. I am confused. Is the server up ATM?
14:11 Calinou yes
14:11 OldCoder Calinou, this is very simple then. Is it a Debian VPS?
14:11 JangoFett154 OldCoder i want a empty place where me and friends can create whatever we want without any bothers
14:12 JangoFett154 i dont have a built up world, just need empty place
14:12 OldCoder JangoFett154, And I don't need an empty world. You are trustworthy and talented. But the worlds cost me $$$. I have plenty of empty worlds. What will the new world offer that is interesting?
14:12 OldCoder Don't be offended; these are sensible points
14:13 OldCoder
14:13 CTMN JangoFett how about a new world in our server?
14:13 JangoFett154 i have a friend that can mine for hours and i can find some more pixel art template
14:13 OldCoder Calinou, ssh into your VPS and we'll transfer the world to a new home right now. I'll give you the whole thing as a ZIP.
14:13 OldCoder
14:13 OldCoder JangoFett154, Maybe
14:13 CTMN We only need to ask Zeitgeist
14:13 OldCoder JangoFett154, it's just that I have a lot of empty worlds already
14:13 OldCoder
14:14 OldCoder Calinou, VPS to VPS transfer may be rapid. It depends on a couple of factors.
14:14 JangoFett154 completely empty? or little structures?
14:14 OldCoder JangoFett154, go on; explain
14:14 OldCoder I am not following yet
14:15 OldCoder JangoFett154, and there is plenty of room in 30001 or other worlds of mine
14:15 OldCoder Would you like full privs in one of them?
14:15 JangoFett154 have any that have little activity or almost no buildings, like a spawn point, 2 or 3 buildings
14:15 OldCoder JangoFett154, Sorry; are you asking me a question?
14:15 OldCoder Oh
14:15 OldCoder Yes
14:15 JangoFett154 yea
14:16 OldCoder Let me review the list
14:16 JangoFett154 what port?
14:16 OldCoder Let me review the list
14:16 JangoFett154 ok
14:16 OldCoder Jordach_, do you still plan to do much with your world at 30002 ?
14:16 OldCoder Oops
14:16 Jordach_ nope.
14:16 OldCoder I mean 30003
14:17 OldCoder JangoFett154, if Jordach_ is reconsidering his plans I could take 30003 offline and give it to you. But would you finish your stuff in 30001 for me? And make 30003 very interesting?
14:17 Calinou why the fuck can't I tab complete in ssh?
14:17 OldCoder Calinou, do bash
14:17 OldCoder Calinou, you may be there in sh
14:17 JangoFett154 yea sure what else do you want in 30001?
14:17 Calinou what?
14:18 OldCoder Calinou, are you ssh'd into your VPS?
14:18 JangoFett154 ill still build on 30001 but just not as much
14:18 OldCoder JangoFett154, just finish anything you started there. And tell me of your plans for the new world.
14:18 OldCoder We may have a deal
14:18 OldCoder Fettworld Rising
14:18 OldCoder :-)
14:19 CTMN He Im mot against a new world on 30001
14:19 OldCoder CTMN, we are discussing a new world on 30003
14:19 CTMN Theres still the problem with the ores
14:19 OldCoder I might set it up now
14:19 OldCoder CTMN, is there consensus about the ores?
14:19 JangoFett154 :) ill finish the Mansion, in the new world ill make some pixel art and me andfriends can make some good houses and a friend can mine for hours and you can look at his chests
14:19 CTMN The world was mainly generated without the moreores mod
14:20 OldCoder CTMN, should parts be destroyed and recreated?
14:20 OldCoder Or...
14:20 OldCoder CTMN, solution: what if the admins give ores to people?
14:20 CTMN So there r only the default ores around the spawn
14:20 OldCoder The bank idea but for free
14:20 OldCoder CTMN, solution: what if the admins give ores to people?
14:20 BartoCH joined #minetest
14:20 CTMN OldCoder, I wanna mine the ores
14:21 OldCoder CTMN, O.K. Can I worldedit them in?
14:21 CTMN Why r u again a new world?
14:21 CTMN Yes u can worldedit
14:21 OldCoder CTMN, I am not against it. I may create a new world right now. But I don't want to destroy the nice stuff in 30001.
14:21 CTMN Thats a solution
14:21 OldCoder CTMN, paste worldedit instructions for me and you shall have your mining
14:21 CTMN Worldedit is a solution
14:22 CTMN What do I have to do?
14:22 JangoFett154 so world 30003?
14:22 OldCoder JangoFett154, will you run a friendly world and manage your visitors?
14:22 OldCoder JangoFett154, wait a moment
14:22 JangoFett154 yep
14:22 OldCoder CTMN, paste some notes for me at a paste site such as http://pastebin.com/ to explain what I must do
14:23 OldCoder Just tell me the commands. Or perhaps Calinou or somebody else can tell me how to edit the SQLite3 database
14:23 OldCoder I will add ores
14:23 CTMN U only have to copy our village into a new world
14:23 OldCoder Hmm
14:23 OldCoder O.K.
14:23 OldCoder Then I will do that
14:23 OldCoder CTMN, write instructions for that
14:23 Jordach_ sigh
14:23 CTMN That would be the best solution
14:23 OldCoder Jordach_, ?
14:23 Jordach_ im bored
14:23 OldCoder Jordach_, there are new worlds coming
14:23 CTMN Instructions?
14:23 OldCoder Maybe Calinou world too
14:23 OldCoder CTMN, Yes. Paste instructions for moving the structures
14:24 Calinou HAY TAR AND ZIP
14:24 CTMN Just the coords?
14:24 Calinou seriously
14:24 OldCoder CTMN, No; I need instructions
14:24 Calinou command line is fucked up
14:24 OldCoder Calinou, I can do this for you
14:24 Calinou noone needs to read 150 optins
14:24 Calinou OldCoder: no.
14:24 OldCoder Calinou, is it a Debian VPS?
14:24 Calinou I installed something non-free for nothing
14:24 Calinou that's stupid
14:24 OldCoder Calinou, this is a trivial operation. Just symlink the worlds folder to /var/www/bacon
14:25 OldCoder ln -s /something/worlds /var/www/bacon
14:25 * Jordach hates installers that bundle "driver scanners", "spyware toolbars" and "crap apps that install malware"
14:25 OldCoder Calinou, You will need Apache first. I will give you the commands
14:25 OldCoder
14:26 Calinou OldCoder: I have apache
14:26 Calinou why bacon?
14:26 OldCoder JangoFett154, explain something. We are about to move 30001 world.
14:26 OldCoder Calinou, That was to stand for whatever you wished
14:26 Calinou also, I want to put that in a gzip
14:26 Calinou because else, folders will show up
14:26 OldCoder Calinou, I will gzip it for you
14:26 Calinou not a file to download
14:26 OldCoder Calinou, just symlink and it's done
14:26 OldCoder One command
14:26 OldCoder One simple line
14:26 Calinou I KNOW.
14:26 OldCoder ln -s /whatever/it/is/worlds /var/www/bacon
14:26 OldCoder Done
14:26 OldCoder k
14:27 OldCoder Be sure to shut down the MT server first
14:27 CTMN The only instructions r to move the village into a fully new generated world with a new seed
14:27 OldCoder CTMN, just tell me how
14:27 Jordach wait, is Calinou moving his server into the OldCoder server nexus?
14:27 OldCoder Jordach, he has not decided
14:27 JangoFett154 hmmmm old coder?
14:27 OldCoder JangoFett154, wait...
14:27 Jordach \o/
14:27 CTMN Do u think I know how to use worldedit?
14:27 OldCoder Well, I don't; ask somebody who does and we'll move forward
14:28 CTMN Oh ok
14:28 CTMN Wait
14:28 OldCoder JangoFett154, there will be a new world on 30001. I will add more mods first if you wish them. What is wrong with that world? You can share ops with Zeitgeist
14:28 OldCoder Or is that the issue?
14:29 JangoFett154 so your resetting 30001?
14:29 Calinou Jordach: it will be down in two daysn
14:29 OldCoder JangoFett154, if the buildings can be moved
14:29 Calinou not paying a server with a shit CPU
14:30 OldCoder JangoFett154, CTMN is looking for instructions
14:30 JangoFett154 moved to a new world or just new place on that server?
14:30 OldCoder JangoFett154, to a new world
14:30 JangoFett154 idk
14:30 JangoFett154 i dont have a server so i dont know :/
14:30 Jordach <Calinou> not paying a server with a shit CPU : lol
14:30 OldCoder JangoFett154, idk what idk means. We may set up a new world right now.
14:30 OldCoder JangoFett154, Oh; don't worry about the procedures
14:30 JangoFett154 i see what you did there lol
14:30 Jordach OldCoder's awesome points went up by 89
14:32 CTMN They will be rise by 100 when he will learn how to use worldedit
14:32 Jordach aw man, my op dissapeared
14:32 MilanFIN joined #minetest
14:33 Jordach op op op op op op me please
14:33 Jordach ^ gangham style
14:33 OldCoder Folks I am working on all of this right now
14:33 OldCoder bbs
14:34 Jordach OldCoder, thanks
14:34 OldCoder CTMN, ask people to paste some instructions for moving the village
14:34 OldCoder Calinou, terminate your MT server process if you have not done so
14:35 CTMN OldCoder wait I'm searchin
14:35 Jordach are they moving the village with worldedit?
14:36 Jordach i could move it for you, just as long as you provide me a place to put it
14:36 CTMN Here it is:minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=572
14:36 CTMN So will it be ready tomorrow?
14:36 OldCoder Jordach, I'd prefer that you show me how
14:36 OldCoder CTMN, right now
14:36 Jordach /pos1
14:37 OldCoder If I am taught how to do this
14:37 OldCoder Wait
14:37 OldCoder Reviewing
14:37 CTMN Wow
14:37 Jordach . //pos1
14:37 Jordach at one corner
14:37 Jordach and . //pos2 at the opposite
14:37 OldCoder Jordach, hold on a moment
14:37 OldCoder I am entering world 30001
14:38 Jordach there, the area is done, then you may have to //cut and //paste (i think, i dont use we often)
14:38 OldCoder Wait
14:38 hmmmm joined #minetest
14:38 CTMN OldCoder, dont forget my island and Zeitgeists castle
14:38 OldCoder Will /ignore pattern*!*@* work?
14:38 OldCoder CTMN, yes
14:38 CTMN Thx
14:38 OldCoder CTMN, explain how to save them though
14:39 CTMN I know plain nothing about worldedit
14:39 CTMN Maybe open MT a second time and copy it in a new world?
14:39 CTMN Just try
14:40 OldCoder I am working on this now
14:40 OldCoder Jordach, find me the coords to use
14:41 Jordach dunno
14:41 CTMN Ur in the server
14:41 Jordach the edge of the village is probably defined by the players, and not me
14:41 OldCoder Jordach, explain to CTMN how to find the coords; he knows this world
14:41 OldCoder CTMN, yes
14:41 CTMN I cant join MT
14:41 OldCoder Why not?
14:41 CTMN I can only go online tomorrow
14:42 Jordach OldCoder, i highly dislike doing assistance over long distance for computers....the other person either never listens, or they do the absolute opposite
14:42 CTMN I'm depending on my parents >:-(
14:42 Jordach or even gaming
14:42 OldCoder Jordach, I agree
14:42 CTMN Me2
14:42 * Jordach sods of to LibreOffice and starts writing mini stories
14:42 OldCoder CTMN, oh? You are not allowed to play ATM?
14:42 CTMN Yes :-(
14:43 CTMN But I can take a look at the map
14:43 OldCoder JangoFett154, CTMN, Jordach: Here is the deal. Somebody needs to get me coords. Not today then. I will move 30001 into a new world when I have them. Then we will talk of additional worlds.
14:43 OldCoder CTMN, O.K.
14:44 skully_ joined #minetest
14:44 skully_ old coder
14:44 CTMN Can I write the coords in the world in MT?
14:44 JangoFett154 so do you have my world ready OldCoder?
14:44 OldCoder skully_, hi
14:44 OldCoder JangoFett154, read the above
14:44 OldCoder JangoFett154, Let's see what happens with 30001 first
14:44 skully_ make a chat with us
14:44 OldCoder JangoFett154, I need coords before I proceed
14:44 JangoFett154 so i cant get it today? great.....
14:45 JangoFett154 oh ok
14:45 OldCoder JangoFett154, you can get it right now
14:45 JangoFett154 coords of what
14:45 OldCoder skully_, O.K. What do you want your channel called?
14:45 OldCoder JangoFett154, coords of everything to save from the old world
14:45 OldCoder JangoFett154, scroll up and read
14:45 skully_ ill just ask you to chat
14:45 OldCoder skully_, one moment
14:46 OldCoder skully_, join ##skully
14:46 CTMN OldCoder can u get the coords if I say u where to go?
14:46 Calinou lol @ ##
14:46 OldCoder CTMN, No. I need numbers
14:46 OldCoder Calinou, he is hardly a formal organization
14:46 Calinou yeah
14:46 skully_ hi calinou
14:46 Calinou if he does something for one handed creepers, he might have a channel with #
14:46 Calinou hi skully_ :)
14:46 OldCoder Calinou, Indeed
14:47 OldCoder The Society for the Preservation of Creepers
14:47 skully_ oldcoder i made a channle
14:47 OldCoder skully_, what is it called?
14:47 skully_ #minetest
14:47 CTMN Ok OldCoder I will write the coords on a locked sign in MrTux's house tomorrow
14:47 CTMN On 2 locked signs
14:47 OldCoder CTMN, PM them to me
14:47 OldCoder I need things I can copy and paste
14:47 OldCoder Not ingame signs
14:47 skully_ i queryed you already
14:48 CTMN Im not sure if I can get on IRC tomorrow
14:48 OldCoder CTMN, there is no rush
14:48 CTMN When do u start to get online tomorrow?
14:48 OldCoder JangoFett154, things are in motion. But one step at a time. I need the coords.
14:48 JangoFett154 coords of what? i read and still dont know
14:48 OldCoder CTMN, I am often here by 6:00am to 8:00am Pacific Time
14:49 OldCoder JangoFett154, people want the mrtux world moved. So I will recreate 30001.
14:49 OldCoder But I don't want the stuff there destroyed
14:49 CTMN How many hours to Greenwich?
14:49 OldCoder So I need all the buildings moved
14:49 JangoFett154 so coords of the whole place?
14:49 OldCoder CTMN, one moment...
14:49 OldCoder JangoFett154, plus CTMN and Zeitgeist buildings
14:49 OldCoder CTMN, where are your buildings?
14:50 OldCoder CTMN, I am presently 8 hours behind London
14:50 CTMN Ok
14:50 OldCoder JangoFett154, new worlds will come when the old one is movedd
14:50 CTMN My island is the border to east
14:50 OldCoder I need the coords
14:50 OldCoder CTMN, ah
14:51 OldCoder CTMN, Island? Are you in Scotland?
14:51 OldCoder I have friends there
14:51 skully_ oldcoder you going to chat
14:51 CTMN A strange house with scrambled words on signs(in the middle of a desert) to south
14:51 CTMN No
14:51 CTMN OldCoder
14:51 CTMN I meant the MT world
14:52 CTMN But its near
14:52 CTMN I live in Europe
14:52 JangoFett154 ok OldCoder -71.0,180.0,25.0 to 55.0,-5.0,-370.0
14:52 OldCoder CTMN, get coordinates of your stuff to
14:52 OldCoder JangoFett154, Is that the mrtux buildings?
14:52 JangoFett154 yes
14:52 OldCoder Maybe we can do this right now after all
14:53 CTMN JangoFett did u include the strange house with scrambled signs?
14:53 OldCoder How about the CTMN stuff? Scroll up just a little
14:53 JangoFett154 unless some crazy uy build it past their but i dont think there are any buildings past there
14:53 JangoFett154 would we really need to keep ruins?
14:53 CTMN He Im still having the last map of the world
14:53 JangoFett154 i think i got it
14:53 OldCoder JangoFett154, if they are interesting
14:54 OldCoder Very well
14:54 JangoFett154 wait
14:54 CTMN Maybe the ruins r interesting
14:54 OldCoder Yes ^
14:54 CTMN I built them ^^
14:55 CTMN An abandoned project that I wanted to make like Area55
14:55 JangoFett154 -140.0,180.0,25.0 to 55.0,-5.0,-370.0
14:55 OldCoder JangoFett154, does that include everything?
14:55 CTMN Zeitgeists blinky plant too?
14:56 JangoFett154 Zeitgeists blicky plant?
14:56 Jordach why move the village, when you can move the server?
14:57 OldCoder Jordach, to create a new world. CTMN explain this to Jordach. The ores issue.
14:57 CTMN Go to my ruin and stand so that the sea is behind u and just go till u see a desert full of torches and a building
14:57 OldCoder Jordach, plus I should learn how to do this
14:57 Jordach CTMN, youre forgetting i am bored
14:57 OldCoder CTMN, I think he is talking to JangoFett154
14:57 OldCoder Oops
14:57 CTMN The map was generated with the default ores and we have the technic mod installed
14:57 OldCoder Jordach, I think he is talking to JangoFett154
14:57 Jordach im gonna cycle channel
14:58 CTMN Zeitgeists blinky plant is the border of the south-west
14:58 JangoFett154 well can you just find coords and write them down here
14:59 CTMN I can cause I cant join the world
14:59 CTMN I cant
15:00 CTMN Is Zeitgeist online?
15:00 CTMN Pls check
15:00 OldCoder Not yet
15:00 OldCoder Maybe later
15:00 JangoFett154 he is never online, ive never seen him online
15:00 CTMN Was he online?
15:00 OldCoder CTMN, ask mrtux when he comes
15:00 CTMN Ive seen him
15:00 OldCoder It is Sunday. mrtux will stop by.
15:00 CTMN Ive
15:01 CTMN Ive seen Zeitgeist around this time
15:01 CTMN But he doesnt play every day
15:01 JangoFett154 eh then again ive never seen you until earlier
15:01 OldCoder BTW JangoFett154 CTMN would either of you like more mods added before we regenerate?
15:01 OldCoder There is a current list at http://minetest.org/
15:01 CTMN I play every day, but not always at the same time
15:01 JangoFett154 hydroculture and maybe nuke
15:02 OldCoder hydroculture
15:02 OldCoder Is that stable?
15:02 OldCoder Checking the mod now
15:02 CTMN Pls remove nodeboxes
15:02 OldCoder CTMN, which mod is that?
15:02 CTMN Its more than useless
15:02 OldCoder CTMN, which mod is that?
15:03 CTMN The mod that allows 1/3 nodes of every shape
15:03 OldCoder CTMN, see the list at http://minetest.org/
15:03 OldCoder Tell me the mod
15:03 OldCoder Scroll down
15:03 CTMN Ah I remember: node deploy
15:03 OldCoder Tell me the mod
15:03 CTMN Its called node deploy
15:03 OldCoder I didn't add that
15:04 OldCoder Is it in the default set?
15:04 krayon joined #minetest
15:04 CTMN No deploy nodes
15:04 OldCoder What is the exact mod name?
15:04 CTMN No
15:04 OldCoder Is it a flag?
15:04 OldCoder Indicate what you wish
15:04 CTMN It allows vertical labs for example
15:04 OldCoder CTMN, we are busy. Please be specific. What do you wish me to do?
15:04 OldCoder Exactly?
15:06 CTMN Wait Im searchin
15:07 CTMN Is it multinode?
15:07 CTMN Or maze?
15:07 OldCoder Are you asking me?
15:07 CTMN Yes
15:07 OldCoder CTMN, give me something to search the code for
15:08 CTMN Craft 2 wood or stone in a column
15:08 OldCoder Too generic
15:08 JangoFett154 can you hurry? friend is getting unpatience
15:08 OldCoder JangoFett154, then help
15:08 CTMN Ok delete it later
15:08 OldCoder CTMN, I'd like to get the mods right before we regenerate
15:08 CTMN Never mind, I will look for its name
15:08 CTMN It can be deleted later
15:09 JangoFett154 how to help?
15:09 OldCoder CTMN, JangoFett154 are the coords above correct? Do they include CTMN ruins?
15:09 CTMN Im sure it wont be used and it isnt generated
15:09 OldCoder Fine
15:09 OldCoder CTMN, JangoFett154 are the coords above correct? Do they include CTMN ruins?
15:09 JangoFett154 ya
15:10 OldCoder k
15:10 OldCoder JangoFett154, next step is to add hydroculture. Wait while I do that.
15:10 CTMN Pls update the mod that allows it to make plastic
15:11 OldCoder CTMN, identify the mod
15:11 OldCoder CTMN, Link, please
15:11 CTMN Pipe
15:11 OldCoder Exact link
15:11 CTMN Ok then never mind
15:11 CTMN U can make it later, it wont be generated
15:11 OldCoder CTMN, while I am at it I can get things right. Find the link.
15:11 OldCoder This won't take long
15:12 OldCoder I need to get things stabilized as I have real life work to do
15:13 OldCoder
15:13 OldCoder hyrdo added to OldCoder modset. It will appear on next restart.
15:13 CTMN minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2155
15:13 OldCoder Reviewing
15:14 OldCoder JangoFett154, skully_ has PMd to say make you a world. Patience is a virtue. I am working on all of this right now.
15:14 OldCoder I will post every step right here
15:14 OldCoder Next step is to review CTMN link above
15:14 OldCoder Hydro is added
15:15 CTMN minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2041
15:15 OldCoder Pipeworks looks good; getting added
15:15 CTMN This too
15:15 OldCoder One moment
15:15 CTMN If it is used
15:15 OldCoder CTMN, I have pipeworks already
15:16 CTMN If its not used, dont download it
15:16 CTMN I meant update
15:17 OldCoder CTMN, I am current for all of those
15:17 OldCoder JangoFett154, you wanted Nuke. Do you have a link?
15:17 CTMN Ok
15:17 JangoFett154 no nvm
15:17 CTMN Thx
15:17 OldCoder k
15:17 skully_ NO NUKE
15:17 OldCoder Then next step is to copy the buildings
15:17 OldCoder Hold on
15:17 OldCoder -140.0,180.0,25.0 to 55.0,-5.0,-370.0
15:17 OldCoder Wait
15:18 CTMN Nuke mod:minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=638
15:18 OldCoder Nobody wants more mods? I don't want to do this too often?
15:18 OldCoder Reviewing
15:18 OldCoder Is this safe?
15:19 CTMN Tnt mod:minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2902
15:19 NakedFury joined #minetest
15:19 OldCoder NakedFury, Hi. Lots of news.
15:19 CTMN I only link to minetest forum pages
15:19 OldCoder CTMN, which do you want? Nuke or TNT?
15:19 CTMN Both
15:19 NakedFury hi guys. hi oldcoder
15:19 OldCoder NakedFury, what do you think of Nuke and TNT?
15:19 CTMN I only posted the links
15:19 CTMN Jango wanted nukes
15:20 OldCoder Yes
15:20 OldCoder NakedFury, what do you think of Nuke and TNT?
15:20 NakedFury what does nuke do? I guess tnt is like in minecraft right?
15:20 CTMN But pls backup every day
15:20 OldCoder Hmm
15:20 OldCoder Let's skip Nuke and TNT unless people really want them
15:20 OldCoder
15:20 OldCoder O.K. Last Call for Mods
15:20 OldCoder What more mods does a new world need?
15:20 CTMN NakedFury, nukes r like TNT, but higher range
15:20 OldCoder Anything else?
15:20 NakedFury ok thank ctmn
15:21 CTMN Nothin except the old mods
15:21 OldCoder Fine
15:21 OldCoder Preparing to copy
15:21 NakedFury I guess you got most of the good(quality) mods in
15:23 CTMN Infinity tools,moreblocks,moreores,mesecons,technic,deploy nodes(or something similar)
15:23 OldCoder CTMN, they don't work
15:23 CTMN And some more
15:23 CTMN What?
15:23 OldCoder O.K. /pos1 does not work
15:23 OldCoder CTMN, Infinity Tools are unmaintained
15:23 OldCoder How do I set one corner
15:23 CTMN R u pointing @ it?
15:23 OldCoder The /pos1 command does not work
15:24 OldCoder Somebody may tell me what to do
15:24 OldCoder I am at one corner
15:24 OldCoder What is the next step?
15:24 CTMN Use Infinity tools pls, they r just finished
15:24 JangoFett154 .//pos1
15:24 skully_ waz
15:24 JangoFett154 then in other corner //pos2
15:24 skully_ fuzzy wazzy
15:24 OldCoder Wait
15:24 JangoFett154 after that idk
15:25 CTMN It stands in the link
15:26 OldCoder O.K. I have done pos1 and pos2
15:26 OldCoder CTMN, JangoFett154 does not know next step; Do you?
15:26 CTMN ^
15:26 CTMN The link
15:26 OldCoder Will anybody tell me what to do?
15:26 skully_ plaplalpalpaplapllpaplalpa
15:26 OldCoder CTMN, there is much material in there
15:27 OldCoder Does anyboddy simply know what to do?
15:27 CTMN Skully pls
15:27 OldCoder CTMN, there are a number of links above. Please repost the one you wish
15:27 OldCoder I am rather busy and have spent 2 hours this morning on MT. If somebody will help I will continue.
15:28 skully_ what
15:28 OldCoder I need to know the next step
15:28 OldCoder I have done pos1 and pos2
15:28 CTMN It says copy there
15:28 skully_ ctmmn what do you want
15:28 OldCoder Exactly how?
15:28 OldCoder What do I type?
15:29 CTMN No enter /save and a filename
15:29 OldCoder Fine
15:29 CTMN Try to open it
15:29 OldCoder It says invalid command
15:29 OldCoder Type what exactly? Or post the link
15:30 CTMN Oh sry //save filename
15:30 OldCoder It says no WorldEdit region selected
15:30 OldCoder Trying to set positions again
15:30 SpeedProg joined #minetest
15:30 skully_ oldcoder is jangos server done yet
15:31 OldCoder skully_, Read the above
15:31 OldCoder JangoFett154, are you here?
15:31 CTMN Enter //p set and punch the 2 blocks
15:31 JangoFett154 ya
15:31 CTMN Or read:minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=572
15:31 skully_ so is it?
15:32 OldCoder skully_, wait
15:32 OldCoder JangoFett154, one moment
15:33 JangoFett154 cool
15:33 OldCoder CTMN, please be more specific. *EXACTLY* what should I type?
15:33 OldCoder JangoFett154, there may be a misunderstanding. Or not. Let's talk...
15:33 CTMN Did u type //p set?
15:33 JangoFett154 ok
15:34 OldCoder JangoFett154, If there is a new world with plenty of room and all the ores and you have full privs, is there any reason not to share it with mrtux?
15:34 CTMN I write the link a third time:minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=572
15:34 OldCoder JangoFett154, I am making a new world that will have the stuff you just built. If it is new and has the ores and you have privs; can you work with mrtux and Zeitgeist?
15:34 CTMN And me
15:34 JangoFett154 well i kinda want a server all to me and friends ive tried to make my own server but it wont work so i asked you
15:35 OldCoder Yes
15:35 CTMN Dont forget me
15:35 JangoFett154 lol
15:35 OldCoder CTMN, Nobody is forgetting you :-)
15:35 OldCoder JangoFett154, let me finish the world then
15:35 CTMN R u sarcastic?
15:35 OldCoder CTMN, No
15:35 OldCoder CTMN, The :-) is intended to be humor
15:35 JangoFett154 yep
15:35 OldCoder CTMN, Because of your enthusiasm
15:35 CTMN So the link a 4. time:minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=572
15:36 JangoFett154 ty btw OldCoder
15:36 CTMN Did u enter//p set?
15:36 OldCoder Yes
15:36 OldCoder Now what?
15:36 CTMN Enter //save filename
15:36 OldCoder It didn't do anything at all
15:36 OldCoder Just took the command
15:36 CTMN No new file?
15:37 OldCoder No
15:37 OldCoder Wait
15:37 CTMN The file should be located in the folder schems
15:37 CTMN In the world folder
15:38 OldCoder Nothing
15:38 OldCoder Wait
15:38 OldCoder Trying all of this again
15:39 CTMN Does it say anything?
15:39 skully_ is it up and finshed yet or not?
15:39 CTMN Ente //volume
15:39 CTMN Skully, not
15:39 skully_ awww
15:40 OldCoder /teleport -140-140.0,180.0,25.0
15:40 CTMN What?
15:40 skully_ really???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
15:40 CTMN Who did u say that to?
15:40 CTMN Skully!
15:40 skully_ ?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
15:40 OldCoder CTMN, I am logging what I am doing so people can see and comment
15:40 OldCoder skully_, do not do that
15:41 skully_ awww
15:41 OldCoder /teleport -140-140.0,180.0,25.0
15:41 OldCoder skully_, it slows things down
15:41 skully_ :(
15:41 CTMN Ur only teleporting
15:41 skully_ olcoder im sorry D:
15:41 OldCoder CTMN, I know
15:41 OldCoder CTMN, wait please
15:41 OldCoder skully_, fine
15:41 skully_ to wonder land :")
15:41 OldCoder ?
15:42 CTMN Teleporting to wonder land? No
15:42 Jeija joined #minetest
15:42 skully_ teleporting to wonder land :")
15:42 OldCoder //pos1
15:42 Jeija left #minetest
15:42 CTMN Then teleport
15:42 OldCoder /teleport 55.0,-5.0,-370.0
15:42 OldCoder //pos2
15:42 Calinou joined #minetest
15:43 OldCoder Calinou, wb
15:43 OldCoder //p set ?
15:43 CTMN No
15:43 OldCoder ?
15:43 CTMN Enter //save filename
15:43 skully_ weblome to wonder land
15:43 skully_ ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????///////////////
15:43 OldCoder //save baconworld
15:43 OldCoder skully_, please
15:43 skully_ BACON
15:44 OldCoder //p set ?
15:44 CTMN Do I have to kick u? ;-)
15:44 CTMN No
15:44 OldCoder Next?
15:44 CTMN Is the file there?
15:44 skully_ teleporting to bacon wrold woooosh
15:44 OldCoder CTMN, you have not said what to type
15:45 OldCoder What is next?
15:45 CTMN In the world file in the scheme file
15:45 OldCoder CTMN, you have not said what to type
15:45 OldCoder What is next?
15:45 CTMN Open the world
15:45 CTMN The file
15:45 OldCoder CTMN, you have not said what to type
15:45 OldCoder What is next?
15:45 CTMN Through MT
15:45 OldCoder I do not wish to repeat myself
15:45 OldCoder after //pos1 and //pos2
15:45 OldCoder then what is next?
15:45 CTMN after u typed //save, there should be a filey
15:46 OldCoder When is //p set done?
15:46 CTMN U dont have to type it
15:46 OldCoder But you mentioned it
15:46 OldCoder Just //pos1 //pos2 //save bacon ?
15:46 CTMN U type //pos 1 and 2  OR //pos set, nor both
15:46 CTMN Yes
15:47 OldCoder explain //pos set
15:47 CTMN Thats what to type
15:47 OldCoder explain //pos set
15:47 CTMN Te
15:47 OldCoder explain //pos set
15:47 CTMN The same as //pos 1 and 2 u type it and hit the first block then the second
15:47 OldCoder I have the schems file
15:47 OldCoder Interesting
15:47 OldCoder What do you mean, hit the first block?
15:48 CTMN And its possible that I go offline soon without sayin anything
15:48 OldCoder CTMN, then to finish
15:48 OldCoder What is the procedure for adding schems file to new world?
15:48 CTMN First block= 1 corner , second block= second corner
15:48 OldCoder You mean dig in two places?
15:49 CTMN Just enter what u guessed
15:49 OldCoder But never mind
15:49 OldCoder What is the procedure for adding schems file to new world?
15:49 OldCoder We are almost done
15:49 OldCoder Thank you
15:49 OldCoder Is anybody able to tell me:
15:49 OldCoder
15:49 OldCoder What is the procedure for adding schems file to new world?
15:49 OldCoder
15:49 CTMN A
15:50 OldCoder ty
15:50 CTMN //save filename
15:50 OldCoder That is to save
15:50 OldCoder What about restore?
15:50 OldCoder We are ready to finish
15:50 CTMN first //pos 1 and 2 then //save
15:50 OldCoder If I make a new world
15:50 OldCoder Fine
15:50 OldCoder We are ready to finish
15:50 OldCoder If I make a new world
15:50 OldCoder What about restore?
15:51 CTMN The open the file in %world folder%/schems
15:51 CTMN With MT
15:51 OldCoder Open how?
15:51 OldCoder What is the command?
15:52 CTMN Make a new world and replace the map with the file
15:52 OldCoder The .we file?
15:52 mrtux joined #minetest
15:52 OldCoder mrtux Hhi
15:52 OldCoder Hi
15:52 OldCoder
15:52 mrtux hi
15:53 OldCoder Too bad. We almost finished. Is anybody else able to tell me how to load a .we schems file?
15:53 OldCoder
15:53 OldCoder JangoFett154, you wish a new world. Is there a reason you could not share with mrtux? He will not be on that world much. You will have full privs.
15:53 OldCoder Just asking
15:53 OldCoder
15:53 OldCoder Does anybody else know how to load a WorldEdit we file into MT?
15:53 OldCoder
15:54 OldCoder As nobody is answering I will work on Calinou world now
15:54 OldCoder
15:55 OldCoder I need to shut down the 30001 world temporarily as it is being moved. It will be down until I learn how to load a WorldEdit file into MT.
15:55 OldCoder
15:56 mrtux why oldcoder?
15:56 mrtux where is it being moved to?
15:56 OldCoder mrtux There are new developments
15:56 OldCoder They are positive
15:56 mrtux ah ok
15:56 OldCoder First...
15:56 JangoFett154 ok i back
15:56 OldCoder JangoFett154, scroll up
15:56 mrtux hi jangofett154
15:56 OldCoder JangoFett154, there are these open issues:
15:56 JangoFett154 hi mrtux
15:56 OldCoder 1. I need to load 30001 world back into a new world
15:57 JangoFett154 open issuses?
15:57 OldCoder I have a schems file
15:57 OldCoder Does anybody know how to do this?
15:57 OldCoder CTMN had to leave
15:57 OldCoder We are almost done
15:57 OldCoder 2. mrtux I am hosting Calinou world now
15:57 OldCoder 300MB !
15:57 JangoFett154 open issuses????????
15:57 OldCoder O_o
15:57 OldCoder
15:57 OldCoder JangoFett154, see above
15:57 OldCoder Scroll up and read please
15:57 OldCoder
15:57 JangoFett154 how far above?
15:57 OldCoder JangoFett154, first question is simple
15:58 mrtux ok
15:58 OldCoder I have copied mrtux buildings to a schemes file of type .we
15:58 OldCoder How do I get it back into a new world?
15:58 JangoFett154 .//pos1
15:58 OldCoder Then?
15:58 JangoFett154 .//load <file name>
15:58 OldCoder k
15:58 OldCoder Now...
15:58 OldCoder Here is an obvious and fun question
15:59 JangoFett154 why doesnt choclate milk come from brown cows?
15:59 OldCoder How exactly do new buildings come back onto random terrain? If the terrain isn't flat what happens?
15:59 OldCoder Hmm
15:59 OldCoder How Now Brown Cow?
15:59 JangoFett154 hmmmmm i dont know, try it
15:59 OldCoder Fun1
15:59 OldCoder !
15:59 JangoFett154 exactly XD
15:59 OldCoder What I bring them back onto water?!
15:59 OldCoder Splash!
16:00 OldCoder Atlantis!
16:00 JangoFett154 Atlantis!
16:00 JangoFett154 lol
16:00 OldCoder Shall we make an underwater city?!
16:00 OldCoder O.K.
16:00 OldCoder
16:00 OldCoder JangoFett154, skully_, mrtux: Next step for me is this:
16:00 OldCoder Calinou is using more mods. I will add them. Then your world will regenerate with them too.
16:00 OldCoder Next step after that...
16:01 JangoFett154 wait you adding more mods
16:01 OldCoder \<OldCoder> JangoFett154, you wish a new world. Is there a reason you could not share with mrtux? He will not be on that world much. You will have full privs.
16:01 JangoFett154 ? i made a list of mods my friends want
16:01 OldCoder JangoFett154, Yes. More mods.
16:01 OldCoder JangoFett154, Paste the list
16:01 mrtux i might start a new map oldcoder
16:01 mrtux one with hardly any mods too
16:01 OldCoder mrtux I have given you a private world. I will regenerate that world with ores. You can build there.
16:01 JangoFett154 Towntest Bookmarks Jungletrees Infinity's Diamond colored wood
16:02 mrtux ok
16:02 OldCoder JangoFett154, I have Towntest. We will add the others in a few minutes
16:02 OldCoder
16:02 OldCoder JangoFett154, I feel 30001 may be a remarkable world. Perhaps you can stay there.
16:02 mrtux towntest?
16:02 OldCoder mrtux It is fun
16:02 OldCoder mrtux You feel a robot and he builds for you
16:02 JangoFett154 cool
16:02 mrtux is this a server that is of a town?
16:02 OldCoder *feed
16:02 mrtux ok
16:02 FreeFull joined #minetest
16:02 mrtux hi
16:03 OldCoder JangoFett154, mrtux, skully_ I am adding mods for a while. Stick around if you wish to advise.
16:03 OldCoder Then I will seed a new world
16:03 OldCoder Then I will reload 30001 there
16:03 JangoFett154 dont but 300 apples in towntest, i did that yesterday and it lagged like crazy
16:03 OldCoder Do not build on 30001 as it is about to be destroyed
16:03 OldCoder Yes
16:03 mrtux oldcoder
16:03 OldCoder mrtux
16:03 mrtux i want the map seed of 30001
16:04 OldCoder All right
16:04 mrtux i really like it because it has lots of building room near spawn
16:04 OldCoder That is fine
16:04 OldCoder I will simply regenerate the world with new mods
16:04 OldCoder Excuse me now as I am modding
16:05 OldCoder This looks like 30 to 60 minutes work
16:05 OldCoder
16:05 skully_ it is up yet
16:05 OldCoder skully_, No
16:05 OldCoder skully_, I am adding lots of mods
16:05 OldCoder mod mod mod
16:06 OldCoder Everybody likes mods
16:06 * Jordach added 660mb of new music into Winamp
16:06 OldCoder Whoa
16:06 OldCoder Tunes
16:07 OldCoder Calinou has some type of bones textures
16:07 OldCoder Anybody know what mod those are from?
16:07 Jordach actual library weighs 6.74GiB
16:07 OldCoder Hefty
16:07 mrtux Jordach, why aren't you using Audacious?
16:07 mrtux Best music player ever.
16:07 Jordach because open source crap playback
16:07 mrtux :(
16:07 mrtux :P\
16:07 OldCoder Ha
16:07 Jordach i use 320kbps mp3s
16:08 OldCoder <--- Likes FOSS
16:08 mrtux fosssssssssssssssss
16:08 Jordach until you find something gapless AND WITH tonnes of features, have fun
16:08 OldCoder FOSS is Boss
16:08 mrtux audacious is really good though
16:08 mrtux never had problems with it
16:08 OldCoder What about Rhythmbox?
16:09 mrtux Noooo
16:09 mrtux I use vlc for videos, audacious for muzak
16:09 mrtux never used rhythmbox
16:09 OldCoder To each their own
16:09 OldCoder <--- uses mplayer
16:10 Jordach http://i.imgur.com/R6Gv7.png
16:10 Jordach see the bottom
16:10 Jordach (should be larger, had a album selected at the time)
16:10 OldCoder 76MB
16:12 JangoFett154 so how much longer?
16:12 skully_ how much onger?
16:13 mrtux Jordach, you use windows xp too>
16:14 SpeedProg joined #minetest
16:15 Calinou <OldCoder> FOSS is Boss < yay incompatible hardware, yay uefi, yay preinstalled windows
16:15 Calinou these all say no
16:15 Calinou :P
16:16 Calinou when I run lubuntu, my computer constantly makes an high-pitched noise whenever the graphics card is not used <_< this is facepalmable
16:18 OldCoder Calinou, I am not Stallman :p
16:18 OldCoder Don't make Ghostshell's mistake
16:18 mrtux brb
16:19 Calinou same, the idea of free software is good, but it is not applicable to real life and actual computer use
16:19 OldCoder Calinou, where are your bones textures from? I am updating all my mods to match your world
16:19 Calinou I use windows, but 99% of the software I use is FOSS :P
16:19 Calinou OldCoder: these are the default
16:19 OldCoder Calinou, we will FOSS another time. Your world is fine right now.
16:19 Calinou :P
16:19 OldCoder Calinou, so those replace the default? Or they are the default?
16:19 OldCoder I mean, I am focused on MT ATM
16:19 OldCoder MTATM
16:19 OldCoder Ha
16:20 Calinou these are the default, yes
16:20 OldCoder So I can delete them?
16:20 JangoFett154 oldcoder on mine dont add bone mod i hate that mod
16:20 OldCoder JangoFett154, I don't have bone mod
16:21 Calinou OldCoder: huh? no
16:21 * Calinou has an alatro pickaxe on europe.minetest.org
16:21 OldCoder Calinou, The bone images; these are new textures of yours?
16:21 OldCoder calinoubones or something?
16:21 Calinou the. default. ones...
16:21 OldCoder Patience!
16:21 OldCoder One more time:
16:21 Calinou the ones you've seen on the server screenshot are from misa
16:22 OldCoder I don't care about screenshots. I am sorting your folders. There are bones there. Where are they from?
16:22 Calinou OldCoder: mind hosting the gloopores mod?
16:22 Calinou sendspace is terrible
16:22 OldCoder Calinou, it is fine
16:22 Calinou OldCoder: bones mod
16:22 OldCoder But one step at a time
16:22 OldCoder k
16:22 Calinou ok
16:22 CTMN joined #minetest
16:23 OldCoder So: bones mod for you but JangoFett154 dislikes it for his world
16:23 mrtux back
16:23 OldCoder CTMN, wb
16:23 OldCoder mrtux, wb
16:23 mrtux hai ctmn
16:23 OldCoder How do others feel about bones?
16:23 mrtux no bones
16:23 skully_ almost done
16:24 OldCoder So bones just for Calinou
16:24 OldCoder k
16:24 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
16:24 CTMN_ joined #minetest
16:25 skully_ so is it oldcoder
16:25 * Jordach is back
16:25 OldCoder skully_, I am adding mods
16:25 OldCoder Lots of them it appears
16:25 Jordach unrelated: wheres pilzadam
16:25 skully_ ok just wondering
16:26 Calinou what the fuck
16:26 Calinou I tried to export an image to .png
16:26 Calinou gimp opened me an help file
16:26 skully_ can hurry up a little?
16:26 OldCoder Calinou, Portable GIMP?
16:26 OldCoder skully_, I am making a good world!
16:26 Calinou and now it crashed
16:26 Calinou no
16:26 OldCoder With mods that JangoFett154 has asked for
16:26 JangoFett154 hey old coder if its not any more trouble could you make the server then add mods later
16:26 OldCoder skully_, I am also helping people all over IRC
16:26 CTMN_ So did u move the village?
16:26 OldCoder CTMN_, Jordach, skully_, mrtux: This is the plan
16:27 * OldCoder writes
16:27 OldCoder 1. I must add mods. Now and not later. Not server first.
16:27 CTMN_ Big sorry that I couldnt get ready(OldCoder u know the reason)
16:27 JangoFett154 ok
16:27 CTMN_ With instructing
16:27 OldCoder 2. CTMN_ fine. I will bring up Calinou world for him.
16:27 Jordach http://dl.dropbox.com/u/82810123/minetestmods/screenshots/realistic_ores_and_metals/screenshot_27864445.png OMFG
16:27 OldCoder 3. I will generate new world 30001
16:27 OldCoder 4. All will be well
16:27 OldCoder
16:28 OldCoder Patience is a virtue
16:28 skully_ well i want to play it and you can add a mod each day so makes it faster
16:28 OldCoder skully_, patience
16:28 skully_ :"(
16:28 OldCoder I am actually helping people all over IRC at the same time
16:28 CTMN_ Oh
16:28 JangoFett154 i like step 4
16:28 OldCoder skully_, somebody had their forums go down. Should I let them be crashed or help them?
16:28 Jordach i like step 5
16:28 OldCoder I need to help people
16:28 Jordach PLAY MINETEST
16:28 OldCoder Step 5?
16:28 OldCoder Fine
16:28 OldCoder
16:28 * OldCoder is working!
16:28 skully_ idk
16:28 CTMN_ OldCoder pls just say: is 30001 ready?
16:30 CTMN_ Mrtux, I thought ur playing MC
16:30 mrtux not exactly
16:30 mrtux mt has too many bugs though
16:30 OldCoder CTMN_, I am working on all of the above
16:30 * Jordach can at any time
16:30 mrtux lags like hell
16:30 mrtux crashes too often
16:30 OldCoder The more people talk to me the less I can do
16:31 mrtux mc runs fine on my POS Intel P4 w/ 512mb of ram
16:31 OldCoder So hold questions for a while please
16:31 CTMN_ R u playin MC and MT?
16:31 mrtux mainly MC
16:32 mrtux MT is becoming a memory hog
16:32 mrtux too many memory leaks
16:32 CTMN_ Oh common
16:32 CTMN_ If it´s working on MY ************************************************************** hardware, its ok
16:33 CTMN_ And u can be sure that I´m having the worst hardware in this channel
16:33 Jordach i cant even play this damn game on 256mb of ram
16:33 Jordach Minecraft runs fine
16:33 Jordach on non SSE2 compiant CPUs
16:33 * CTMN_ is thinking of a mobile version
16:34 * CTMN_ is thinking of a mobile version of MT with 4x4 textures and 4x4 viewing range
16:35 OldCoder mrtux, try now
16:35 mrtux k
16:35 Jordach I have a challenge
16:35 skully_ x
16:35 mrtux loading stuff oldcoder
16:35 Jordach make a mining game that eats only 25 mb of ram
16:35 mrtux gonna see how long MT will stay stable
16:35 CTMN_ gtg bb
16:35 OldCoder cu
16:35 CTMN_ see u tomorrow
16:36 OldCoder k
16:36 mrtux At times, MT has taken up ALL my ram making my pc slow as hell
16:36 mrtux c u ctmn
16:36 mrtux Lol minetest crashed
16:36 mrtux lol
16:36 OldCoder so fast?
16:37 mrtux celeron55 has a lot of bugs to fix
16:37 Jordach OR, -O6
16:37 mrtux main one being stability and memory leaks
16:37 mrtux yes -06
16:37 OldCoder Calinou, you have two versions of stairsplus in your world; one in the modpack and one in main. If I use latest git will that work?
16:37 mrtux *-O6
16:37 SpeedProg joined #minetest
16:37 Calinou yes, remove stairsplus in main folder then
16:37 mrtux Minetest 0.4.1 was stable
16:38 mrtux had no problems with it
16:38 OldCoder Calinou, ty
16:38 Jordach mrtux, mod support for 0.4.1 is BARE
16:38 mrtux yeah
16:39 mrtux not many mods work for 0.4.1 now
16:39 mrtux shops doesn't work on 0.4.1
16:39 Jordach i know right
16:40 mrtux i might have to wait for MT 1.0 then :P
16:40 mrtux moar stability
16:40 Jordach mrtux, we wont EVER hit 0.5-dev
16:40 mrtux true
16:41 NakedFury unofficial .5 dev yes. official by next year
16:42 OldCoder sethome mod added
16:43 mrtux minetest is crashing again
16:43 mrtux wth
16:44 OldCoder We will work on it. But as you are fond of saying:
16:44 OldCoder "I am busy"
16:44 OldCoder :p :-)
16:44 mrtux yesh
16:44 hmmmm I'm not aware of any memory leaks
16:44 mrtux most of the time i say it because i want to be left alone lol
16:44 hmmmm are you just saying that because there is a lot of memory usage?
16:49 Jordach hmmmm, it does eat a lot of memory
16:49 Jordach 700mb on linux for me
16:49 Jordach 160mb on windows
16:49 hmmmm 'eats a lot of memory' != 'memory leak'
16:49 jin_xi i believe there are a lot of texture leaks in tile.cpp
16:49 Jordach hmmmm, the game is badly coded in places where a memory leak would occur
16:50 sonismcnx joined #minetest
16:50 hmmmm it's a memory leak if, after all loaded chunks were unloaded, stays relatively high
16:50 hmmmm hmm
16:50 sonismcnx left #minetest
16:50 thexyz https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues/142
16:51 hmmmm has anybody worked on this?
16:51 AndrewPH joined #minetest
16:51 thexyz there was some (outdated i guess) patch by kahrl
16:51 hmmmm and it was never actually included?
16:51 OldCoder thexyz, I am adding sethome now
16:52 thexyz let me find it, one moment..
16:52 thexyz it was quite hacky
16:52 thexyz https://github.com/kahrl/minetest/commit/d85113bab5281eaa31ec4c662c265125f663df0e
16:52 JangoFett154 close to being finished OldCoder?
16:52 thexyz i think it's incompatible with current master
16:53 hmmmm is that hacky?
16:53 thexyz i think so
16:53 thexyz it searches for texture with same name
16:53 thexyz instead of freeing it when it's not needed anymore
16:53 OldCoder thexyz, I am hosting Calinou world now. Does this mean I must drop sethome for him?
16:54 OldCoder JangoFett154, I am posting step by step here what I am doing. Read as I go.
16:54 thexyz hmmmm: by the way, don't you want to http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3280 ?
16:54 JangoFett154 oh ok
16:54 thexyz it seems you're the only one who can deal with minetest source
16:54 roboman2444 joined #minetest
16:54 OldCoder thexyz, so I should drop sethome for now?
16:54 thexyz OldCoder: what?
16:54 thexyz sorry, can't understand question
16:54 hmmmm hmm?
16:55 OldCoder thexyz, I gather you were speaking to hmmmm. Excuse me. I have /ignored him. Does sethome work?
16:55 hmmmm ...
16:55 hmmmm OldCoder can shove a dick up his ass
16:55 thexyz it does
16:55 thexyz hmmmm: lol
16:55 OldCoder thexyz, there was confusion because you did not say who you were addressing
16:55 OldCoder all right
16:55 hmmmm he's such a drama maker
16:55 OldCoder sethome mod has been added
16:55 hmmmm xyz, i can't do any of that
16:55 hmmmm nobody has commit access
16:55 OldCoder bones mod has been added but only for Calinou world so far
16:56 thexyz hmmmm: there are plenty of patches here and there, there isn't anybody to apply them
16:56 thexyz hmmmm: i mean, fork it
16:56 hmmmm yeah the problem with that is
16:56 OldCoder thexyz, I can fork the server
16:56 hmmmm everybody knows minetest
16:56 thexyz and apply patches in your own fork, like minetest-delta
16:56 hmmmm they go to the website
16:56 hmmmm they see the official minetest links
16:56 hmmmm that's what they get
16:56 RealBadAngel joined #minetest
16:56 thexyz hmmmm: then we make c55 to merge them
16:56 hmmmm new developers will go straight to minetest
16:57 hmmmm i'm working under the assumption that he will be completely uncooperative
16:57 thexyz otherwise all your work will be lost anyways
16:57 hmmmm which isn't too bad of an assumption
16:57 hmmmm but this is FOSS
16:57 thexyz for example, that pow() thing, something else..
16:58 hmmmm alright
16:58 hmmmm i'll fork and apply the patches
16:58 thexyz that'd be really nice
16:58 OldCoder RealBadAngel, hi
16:58 RealBadAngel hi
16:58 OldCoder JangoFett154, I am working
16:59 TheRedMoodWin joined #minetest
16:59 TheRedMoodWin Hello
17:00 TheRedMoodWin ;)
17:00 thexyz i also want to see ttf patch included somewhere... but it seems nobody likes the idea
17:00 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, hey have you seen the new patch?
17:00 hmmmm ttf?
17:00 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, yes and it goes in shortly
17:00 OldCoder Plus lots of other mods
17:00 OldCoder Thank you
17:00 PilzAdam joined #minetest
17:00 thexyz hmmmm: yep, (almost) full unicode support
17:00 hmmmm uh oh
17:00 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, I wanted to make sure that i understood you
17:00 thexyz there're some problems with windows though
17:00 PilzAdam Hello everyone!
17:00 thexyz hmmmm: if you're interested: http://minetest.ru/ttf/ttf-25cf3757b29a0397e201a4719788ead3dc76ec94.patch
17:01 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, I find it the easiest to have all the configs in the conf.lua file
17:01 hmmmm let's see it...
17:01 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, yes
17:01 OldCoder PilzAdam, hi
17:01 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, Is this very unhandy for you?
17:01 thexyz it seems that windows can't handle formspec unicode
17:01 thexyz but chat works fine
17:02 hmmmm alright
17:02 TheRedMoodWin And also I am adding a /msg function OldCoder, and I also have a plan for some neat features there :)
17:02 TheRedMoodWin I think I can make it remember who it spoke to last
17:02 OldCoder Nice
17:02 TheRedMoodWin So insted of writing /msg theredmood hello
17:02 hmmmm so from what i'm seeing it's basically adding in Unicode GUI things and GUI support for Irrlicht
17:02 TheRedMoodWin All the time
17:02 TheRedMoodWin You would just have to do it the first time
17:02 hmmmm you're not modifying much of the minetest code
17:02 OldCoder k
17:03 TheRedMoodWin And after that if you wanted to talk to the same person you could do /msg Hi again
17:03 hmmmm and then you set the locale of course
17:03 OldCoder k
17:03 TheRedMoodWin Does that interfere with any of your current plugins?
17:03 OldCoder I don't know; it will be interesting to see
17:03 thexyz hmmmm: actually, that code isn't mine
17:03 hmmmm ah
17:03 TheRedMoodWin Even if it does it will just be to turn it off :)
17:03 OldCoder Yes
17:03 hmmmm well the Irrlicht unicode stuff obviously isn't
17:03 Octupus joined #minetest
17:03 hmmmm that's been around for a while
17:03 Octupus Hello
17:03 hmmmm i assume the rest of the stuff is yours
17:03 TheRedMoodWin Also all the privleges are now in the conf file
17:04 thexyz that thing is made by kahrl & ValkaTR, afaik
17:04 thexyz (except cegui)
17:04 thexyz or how's that called
17:04 hmmmm ah
17:04 OldCoder Octupus, Hey
17:04 OldCoder Lots of news soon
17:04 TheRedMoodWin Btw, the name is Redsand
17:04 Octupus cool
17:04 TheRedMoodWin not Red Sand
17:05 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, fine. One step at a time
17:05 thexyz hmmmm: http://irrlicht.sourceforge.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=37296
17:05 thexyz here: > Multi-byte font rendering
17:05 TheRedMoodWin :)
17:05 TheRedMoodWin Wow
17:05 hmmmm ah
17:05 TheRedMoodWin Thats nice thexyz.
17:05 hmmmm of course
17:05 hmmmm things like this need to be fixed first
17:05 hmmmm +set(FREETYPE_LIBRARY "${PROJECT_SOURCE_DIR}/../../freetype2/objs/win32/vc2005/freetype247.lib"
17:05 hmmmm +CACHE FILEPATH "Path to freetype247.lib")
17:05 hmmmm haha
17:06 hmmmm and the whole thing ought to be optional
17:06 hmmmm i would make official builds unicode though
17:06 thexyz why not enable by default?
17:06 hmmmm unicode is always messy and really heavy
17:06 thexyz afaik, c55 refused to include it because windows freetype2 port is outdated/not supported/etc..
17:06 hmmmm that's the thing
17:07 hmmmm it needs to work for everybody if it's going to be default
17:07 thexyz but it works well on windows
17:07 hmmmm if it's not default it can be marked as experimental so nobody gets butthurt when it doesn't work for them
17:07 hmmmm thought you said it didn't
17:07 thexyz "official" minetest.ru windows client builds go with that patch by default
17:07 thexyz it doesn't work for formspec
17:07 thexyz but does for chat
17:08 hmmmm i really don't know the state of freetype on windows, so i couldn't really tell you
17:08 thexyz of course, latin works fine even with that patch
17:08 thexyz it seems something handles chat strings and formspec strings differently
17:11 OldCoder whisper mod added to all worlds
17:11 TheRedMoodWin okey going to work on msg now....
17:13 Octupus coder look on ##Minetest-m13
17:13 OldCoder k
17:19 OldCoder JangoFett154, others: To be clear I have now been working on MT for 4 hours today already. That is quite a while. So patience is good.
17:21 OldCoder
17:21 OldCoder maptools now added for Calinou world
17:21 OldCoder It looks like a crashy mod; should it stay out of default for now?
17:22 TheRedMoodWin Stability first
17:22 OldCoder Yes
17:22 TheRedMoodWin Reliabilty 2
17:22 TheRedMoodWin features 3
17:22 TheRedMoodWin Id rather have 1 feature I know is going to work
17:22 TheRedMoodWin than have 10 I am unsure is going to not work
17:22 TheRedMoodWin :)
17:23 OldCoder Yes
17:28 Octupus coder mt 13
17:30 OldCoder Hi
17:30 Calinou maptools is not crashy
17:30 Calinou it has nothing dynamic
17:30 Calinou just node definitions and a tool definition and a item definition
17:30 Calinou it is used in my world a bit
17:30 OldCoder Calinou, is it safe to use? There was something about a conflict with WorldEdit
17:31 OldCoder Calinou, it is in your new world regardless
17:31 OldCoder The question is, will it conflict with WorldEdit etc. for other worlds?
17:31 Calinou it doesn't conflict: you just can't removen on-pointable block without worldedit
17:32 Joschasa joined #minetest
17:32 CTMN joined #minetest
17:35 CTMN OldCoder do u have the stairs+ mod installed?
17:37 Calinou he does, at least on europe.minetest.org
17:37 CTMN I mean on minetest.org:30001
17:38 CTMN If it´s not the node deploy mod, then it´s stairs+
17:39 Octupus coder did u add nodeprtection on the servers?
17:40 hmmmmmm joined #minetest
17:41 Calinou minetest.org port 30001 is down
17:41 OldCoder Calinou, Yes
17:41 OldCoder Calinou, that is related to your world
17:41 OldCoder Calinou, lots of fun changes today
17:41 CTMN Calinou, I know
17:42 OldCoder Calinou, I am adding mods, then your world, then regenerating 30001 with more ores and stuff
17:42 Fixer left #minetest
17:42 CTMN But HAD u the stairs+ mod installed?
17:42 OldCoder CTMN, yes I did
17:42 Fixer joined #minetest
17:42 OldCoder CTMN, there are many other changes
17:42 CTMN THAT´s what I wanted to have deleted
17:42 Octupus u saw what i said coder
17:42 OldCoder CTMN, I have spent about 4.5 hours on this now. And people elsewhere in IRC need help too.
17:42 OldCoder Octupus, We will fix lag!
17:42 CTMN Ok
17:42 OldCoder Octupus, lag is due to Internet partly
17:43 OldCoder CTMN, you do not like stairsplus?
17:43 OldCoder CTMN, I could omit it from 30001
17:43 CTMN It takes too much time to load
17:43 OldCoder What is the consensus?
17:43 OldCoder Does it?
17:43 CTMN yes
17:43 OldCoder JangoFett154, around? Shall I remove stairsplus from 30001?
17:43 JangoFett154 almost done?
17:43 CTMN every combination of nodeboxes has to be loaded
17:43 CTMN And no one really needs it
17:44 JangoFett154 i kinda like stairplus but i dont need it
17:44 OldCoder JangoFett154 you and CTMN decide
17:44 OldCoder Consensus and I will obey you
17:44 Jordach PilzAdam, https://battlefield.play4free.com
17:44 OldCoder What do the two of you wish?
17:44 JangoFett154 you need it CTMN?
17:45 CTMN No
17:45 OldCoder JangoFett154, he is asking for delete
17:45 PilzAdam Jordach, ???
17:45 CTMN @Jordach: lol
17:45 Octupus ok
17:45 Octupus im making a new spawn on ma server atm
17:46 OldCoder Octupus, talk to others about speed. See if there is agreement about what causes issues.
17:46 Octupus to much mods :)
17:46 CTMN Too deep underground?
17:47 Octupus any1 know the give for bobblocks
17:47 CTMN Happens with me sometimes
17:47 OldCoder Octupus, reach agreement with others about which ones are slow
17:48 OldCoder Octupus, Lua is not *that* slow
17:48 OldCoder It depends on the mods
17:48 CTMN Lua is a scripting language
17:48 OldCoder Yes
17:48 OldCoder So settle which mods are speed issues
17:48 CTMN Compiled languahes r always faster than scripting ones
17:48 OldCoder Yes
17:48 OldCoder That is not the point
17:48 TheRedMoodWin *
17:48 OldCoder The point is...
17:48 TheRedMoodWin Good code
17:48 CTMN I know
17:48 TheRedMoodWin Clean code
17:49 TheRedMoodWin !
17:49 OldCoder are there any mods which are having a speed effect?
17:49 TheRedMoodWin I don't think Mine would...
17:49 CTMN The pipe mod
17:49 OldCoder Make a list
17:49 CTMN When things r transported through tubes
17:49 OldCoder of questionable mods
17:49 CTMN Technic
17:50 Octupus any1 know the give for white bobblocks
17:50 OldCoder worldtime mod added
17:50 CTMN Stairsplus need much RAM space
17:50 CTMN Pipes maybe
17:50 OldCoder Does anything depend on stairsplus?
17:50 CTMN I dont think so
17:50 OldCoder Maybe I'll drop it
17:50 CTMN No one needs
17:50 OldCoder Does anybody like it?
17:50 CTMN it
17:50 CTMN JangoFet
17:51 OldCoder JangoFett154, ^
17:51 CTMN Its useful, but useless
17:51 OldCoder You suspect it is a problem, then
17:51 CTMN Its not a problem
17:51 OldCoder RAM and speed?
17:51 thexyz hmmmmmm: btw, what's your github username?
17:51 CTMN only RAM
17:51 OldCoder You dislike it?
17:51 OldCoder significant?
17:52 CTMN It takes a lot of time to load
17:52 Octupus hm
17:52 CTMN Only because of that
17:52 OldCoder You notice that?
17:52 CTMN Yes
17:52 OldCoder O.K. I will drop for now
17:52 OldCoder From everywhere
17:52 OldCoder See what happens
17:52 OldCoder worldtime mod added and stairsplus dropped
17:52 OldCoder
17:52 OldCoder I am now almost ready to start Calinou world
17:52 OldCoder But
17:52 OldCoder JangoFett154 wanted more mods for friends
17:52 OldCoder Checking
17:53 OldCoder A few more mods coming
17:53 CTMN Bookmarks would be nice
17:53 OldCoder Yes
17:54 CTMN R ur servers too slow for mobs?
17:54 OldCoder They are said to be crashy
17:54 OldCoder Bookmarks are unmaintained
17:54 OldCoder Do they still work?
17:54 CTMN idk
17:55 PilzAdam bye
17:55 OldCoder CTMN, I can't get Bookmarks. Flash crap. Can you download it?
17:55 CTMN I think there r already many mods
17:56 OldCoder http://www.filedropper.com/bookmarks_5
17:56 OldCoder Nope
17:56 OldCoder It is the choice of mods
17:56 OldCoder Not the mods per se
17:56 OldCoder And I just got rid of stairsplus
17:56 OldCoder Will somebody download
17:56 OldCoder http://www.filedropper.com/bookmarks_5
17:56 OldCoder For me?
17:56 OldCoder It is a crappy site
17:56 OldCoder Does not work for me
17:56 CTMN wait
17:57 CTMN Its a HTML file
17:58 OldCoder cornernote saved a copy
17:58 OldCoder I'll use his
17:58 OldCoder Folks I have now worked 5 hours on MT today. Patience is requested.
17:58 CTMN There r just a few links
17:58 TheRedMoodWin okey
17:58 TheRedMoodWin ./msg done
17:58 TheRedMoodWin For redsand
17:59 CTMN Means ur ready for now?
17:59 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, Updating
17:59 OldCoder CTMN, I am working
17:59 TheRedMoodWin Haven't pushed yet
17:59 OldCoder On the mods JangoFett154 requested
17:59 CTMN Oh ok
17:59 TheRedMoodWin I want to look over the code before i push it this time
17:59 TheRedMoodWin :)
18:00 Octupus i got a better spawn now :)
18:00 OldCoder k
18:00 OldCoder Just three mods to go
18:01 CTMN R u interested in texture packs?
18:01 OldCoder bookmarks added
18:01 OldCoder CTMN, yes but we don't need to worry about those ATM
18:01 CTMN Im working on a new SMB4 texture pack
18:01 Octupus DOKU :D
18:01 CTMN almost done
18:01 OldCoder Octupus, I have DOKU
18:01 CTMN It looks nice
18:01 OldCoder It is added
18:01 OldCoder CTMN, I will add some of yours
18:02 OldCoder Jungle Trees coming
18:02 OldCoder Folks all of this will be worth it
18:02 CTMN Jungle Tree?
18:02 CTMN *s?
18:02 OldCoder JangoFett154, requested them
18:02 OldCoder Hmm
18:02 CTMN ...
18:02 OldCoder I'm skipping them
18:02 OldCoder Problems
18:02 Octupus ik
18:02 CTMN rubber trees would be better
18:02 OldCoder That leaves just one mod
18:02 Octupus :D
18:02 OldCoder Are there rubber trees?
18:03 CTMN In the technic mode
18:03 CTMN mdo
18:03 CTMN *mod
18:03 OldCoder Colored Wood
18:03 SpeedProg joined #minetest
18:03 OldCoder I will add Colored Wood now
18:03 TheRedMoodWin Found a things that needs ironing
18:03 TheRedMoodWin It is to picky about small and big characters right now
18:03 TheRedMoodWin Should I leave it like that
18:03 TheRedMoodWin Or just have it lower them all=
18:04 TheRedMoodWin That could bring problems if there are 2 players with same name, but diffrent capitalization
18:04 TheRedMoodWin Thats a security risk.
18:04 TheRedMoodWin Its staying.
18:04 OldCoder I want to fix the capitalization problem
18:04 TheRedMoodWin really?
18:04 OldCoder Yes
18:04 OldCoder But not today
18:04 CTMN gtg bb
18:04 OldCoder cu
18:04 TheRedMoodWin If you want to I can make it an option in the file?
18:05 TheRedMoodWin Well it would take me 5 minutes
18:05 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, Hmm? Don't worry about it today
18:05 OldCoder I am thinking ahead
18:05 TheRedMoodWin Well, I am going to keep coding until 22:00
18:05 TheRedMoodWin So I am going to put it in there :)¨
18:07 OldCoder colored wood is in
18:07 Myk267 joined #minetest
18:08 OldCoder
18:08 OldCoder Installing Calinou world
18:08 Octupus ok now to set some tp
18:08 OldCoder You found the tp mod
18:08 Octupus yes
18:08 Octupus :)
18:08 Octupus im made a new spawn
18:13 OldCoder
18:13 OldCoder Preparing to start Calinou World
18:13 anunakki joined #minetest
18:13 OldCoder A few more minutes
18:13 OldCoder anunakki, Hi
18:13 OldCoder There are new mods and a new world
18:15 hmmmmmm thexyz, i don't have a github account yet
18:15 hmmmmmm i need to make one..
18:15 roboman2444 joined #minetest
18:15 OldCoder all of the worlds are going down briefly
18:15 Octupus ok
18:15 NakedFury ok
18:15 Octupus i made a tp to the arena
18:15 OldCoder k
18:15 NakedFury I got a fresh batch of sandstone for my project
18:15 OldCoder Exit
18:16 OldCoder NakedFury, Good
18:16 TheRedMoodWin Tjere
18:16 TheRedMoodWin Now i have added the options
18:16 OldCoder Does anybody have new updates?
18:16 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, ^
18:16 OldCoder ?
18:16 TheRedMoodWin Well
18:16 TheRedMoodWin I am taking a final look
18:16 OldCoder k
18:16 TheRedMoodWin And then I am pushing :)
18:17 Octupus lalalalala
18:17 Octupus how much new mods are there now?
18:17 OldCoder Octupus, I will post a list
18:17 OldCoder in a little while
18:17 OldCoder Worlds restarted
18:17 Octupus k
18:17 OldCoder except 30001
18:18 JangoFett154 joined #minetest
18:18 JangoFett154 sorry, was watchinf Felix and was afk
18:18 OldCoder 18:18:06: ERROR[main]: ERROR: An unhandled exception occurred:
18:18 OldCoder Player::deSerialize(): PlayerArgsEnd not found
18:18 OldCoder Can anybody comment on the above?
18:19 OldCoder JangoFett154, the mods are in and worlds restarted
18:19 OldCoder Proceeding with 30001 rebuild shortly
18:19 JangoFett154 my world is ready??
18:19 OldCoder No
18:19 OldCoder See right there
18:19 OldCoder Proceeding with 30001 rebuild shortly
18:19 JangoFett154 oh so after that?
18:19 envoyxiphos joined #minetest
18:19 OldCoder Yes
18:19 OldCoder envoyxiphos, Hi
18:19 OldCoder envoyxiphos, Lots of news
18:19 TheRedMoodWin Hello ;)
18:19 JangoFett154 awesome job OldCoder
18:19 envoyxiphos Server?
18:19 OldCoder Wait
18:19 envoyxiphos NEWS?
18:20 skully_ joined #minetest
18:20 OldCoder Lots
18:20 TheRedMoodWin Give me a secound
18:20 TheRedMoodWin Fetching the liscence
18:20 TheRedMoodWin And its push time :)
18:20 skully_ hi oldcoder
18:20 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder Using the BSD licence
18:20 OldCoder skully_,
18:20 OldCoder hi
18:20 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, k
18:21 envoyxiphos Please tell me the news
18:21 skully_ so how long untill jangos server is done?
18:21 OldCoder envoyxiphos, skully_ I have been working for 5 hours straight on this now.
18:21 OldCoder Please wait.
18:22 skully_ k
18:22 TheRedMoodWin O forget the licence for now
18:22 TheRedMoodWin We are pushing :)
18:22 skully_ envoyxiphos i found 5 mese and 15 gold down when i went mining
18:23 Octupus Finish new spawn
18:24 Octupus its kind of better
18:24 OldCoder Good
18:24 envoyxiphos so old?
18:24 OldCoder Wait
18:24 Octupus hm i need to find a great building space for new comers
18:24 OldCoder Oops
18:25 OldCoder Servers cycling
18:25 OldCoder That was an accident :-)
18:25 Octupus :D
18:25 OldCoder Sorry
18:25 Octupus np
18:25 OldCoder Calinou World is Up!
18:25 OldCoder Come and see
18:25 OldCoder Port 30003
18:25 OldCoder Replaces Jordach world there for now
18:25 OldCoder I will inspect
18:25 OldCoder Then rebuild 30001 world
18:26 OldCoder envoyxiphos, news is:
18:26 OldCoder 1. I am hosting Calinou world nice and large
18:26 OldCoder 2. Lots of new mods
18:26 OldCoder 3. Rebuilding world 30001 with ores and stuff
18:26 OldCoder Done
18:26 OldCoder Come and see Calinou world at
18:26 OldCoder server minetest.org
18:26 OldCoder port 30003
18:26 skully_ lol you finshed calinou first and not jangos and jango asked first??!!!!
18:27 envoyxiphos Rebuilding world 30001??
18:27 TheRedMoodWin There
18:27 TheRedMoodWin IT has been pushed
18:27 OldCoder skully_, Yes. This was necessary.
18:27 OldCoder skully_, It is about mods
18:27 JangoFett154 i dont mind
18:27 Octupus y u mad bro ?
18:27 Octupus XD
18:27 Octupus just felt like saying that :D
18:27 OldCoder Huh
18:28 TheRedMoodWin Old coder
18:28 TheRedMoodWin Now you can pull
18:28 skully_ oldcoder i am trying to get on calinou server
18:30 OldCoder skully_, K
18:30 OldCoder skully_, wait
18:30 TheRedMoodWin I just hope he got my message :)
18:31 OldCoder I am making a quick fix
18:31 TheRedMoodWin My code?
18:31 OldCoder No
18:31 OldCoder Calinou
18:31 TheRedMoodWin Ohh phew ;)
18:31 skully_ \mine is VERY LAGGY
18:32 Octupus my server is fine :)
18:33 skully_ i got disconnect
18:34 TheRedMoodWin what is your server octopus
18:35 Octupus port:30004
18:35 TheRedMoodWin I can't connect
18:35 OldCoder Calinou World at port 30003 is restarted and very nice
18:35 OldCoder Come and see
18:36 TheRedMoodWin I can't connect to them OldCoder...
18:36 OldCoder Oh?
18:36 skully_ i would but i keep getting disconnect
18:36 OldCoder Exit client
18:36 OldCoder and restart
18:36 OldCoder Seem to be working
18:36 TheRedMoodWin I am sure it is just me
18:36 Octupus what is ambience
18:36 skully_ when are you going to get jango online?
18:37 OldCoder Octupus, music
18:37 OldCoder skully_, now
18:37 Octupus ah
18:37 OldCoder As soon as we are sure the worlds are working
18:37 OldCoder Are they?
18:37 TheRedMoodWin I am not amused by having to reinstall minetest all the time
18:37 Octupus they are
18:37 Octupus because im on mine
18:37 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, why reinstall?
18:37 skully_ how long?
18:37 TheRedMoodWin It seems to unjam it
18:37 OldCoder envoyxiphos, Do not build. I am destroying that copy now.
18:38 OldCoder World 30001 is going down for regeneration
18:39 TheRedMoodWin There
18:39 TheRedMoodWin As before reinstalling fixed it...
18:39 TheRedMoodWin This is really wierd
18:39 OldCoder World 30001 regenerate in progress
18:39 JangoFett154 XD
18:40 OldCoder JangoFett154, I added most mods. Skipped Infinity Tools because they do not work. Skipped Jungle Trees because very high CPU.
18:40 JangoFett154 ok
18:40 OldCoder Dropped Stairs Plus but will add it to worlds that need it.
18:40 OldCoder Bookmarks need to be tested
18:40 OldCoder Working on 30001 now
18:40 OldCoder JangoFett154, the idea is this:
18:41 Octupus im going to watch calinou server
18:41 envoyxiphos joined #minetest
18:41 OldCoder JangoFett154, 30001 is same world but with all the new ores and stuff. You get full ops and co-control with mrtux's friend.
18:41 OldCoder Try it
18:41 OldCoder If you don't like it, let me know
18:41 OldCoder Octupus, I will interact you
18:41 envoyxiphos OldCoder , We have an issue.
18:41 OldCoder envoyxiphos, I am rebuilding 30001
18:41 OldCoder Read the IRC
18:41 Octupus kay
18:41 JangoFett154 omg all that waiting and work for co-control -.-
18:41 OldCoder JangoFett154, ?!
18:41 envoyxiphos OldCoder.
18:41 OldCoder What work? I have spent 5.5 hours on this!
18:41 MiJyn joined #minetest
18:41 OldCoder envoyxiphos
18:41 JangoFett154 sorry OldCoder but it thought it was just mine
18:42 OldCoder Hmm
18:42 JangoFett154 ill take it tho
18:42 OldCoder 30011 just crashed
18:42 envoyxiphos OldCoder All stairs are unknown blocks..
18:42 OldCoder envoyxiphos, fixing that now
18:42 OldCoder envoyxiphos, there has been a
18:42 OldCoder BOAT:LOAD
18:42 OldCoder of changes today
18:42 JangoFett154 who is mrtux' friend?
18:42 OldCoder Zeitgeist
18:43 JangoFett154 omg he never gets online when i am
18:43 skully_ of coures
18:43 JangoFett154 and im here all day
18:43 OldCoder JangoFett154, Then you have no complaints
18:43 OldCoder Worlds are stopped
18:43 skully_ i thought jango was going to get his own lol
18:43 OldCoder Apparently people are using Stairs Plus
18:43 OldCoder Does it matter??
18:43 OldCoder Two people
18:43 OldCoder One of whom
18:43 OldCoder is rarely here
18:43 OldCoder Try it
18:43 TheRedMoodWin worlds offline
18:43 TheRedMoodWin ?
18:43 OldCoder See above
18:43 OldCoder Read
18:44 OldCoder Announcements
18:44 TheRedMoodWin okey :)
18:44 TheRedMoodWin Hey man. Chill out.
18:44 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, shall I pull your update?
18:44 TheRedMoodWin Yeah
18:44 OldCoder k
18:44 TheRedMoodWin Its really sparkly and stuff ;(
18:44 TheRedMoodWin :)*
18:44 OldCoder k
18:44 JangoFett154 the world empty OldCoder, right?
18:44 OldCoder pulling
18:44 Octupus coder alot f stuff might be going through your mind right about now
18:44 OldCoder JangoFett154, Except for the part we copied
18:44 OldCoder Octupus, Heh
18:45 OldCoder Octupus, go on
18:45 Octupus so much ppl talking to u at oncve
18:45 Octupus *once
18:45 JangoFett154 !!! so the whole point of this was to put in afew mods and call it me and zeig's server?
18:45 Octupus u cant consentrate on 1 thing at a time
18:45 OldCoder Octupus, I am fine
18:45 Octupus ok:)
18:46 OldCoder JangoFett154, I have been clear since the beginning. I am flexible. I have worked nearly 6 hours now to make people happy. I will give you full ops. A world regenerated. All you need to do is allow mrtux buildings there. And allow Zeitgeist ops.
18:46 OldCoder OMG
18:46 OldCoder As you would say
18:46 envoyxiphos_ joined #minetest
18:46 OldCoder :P
18:46 OldCoder
18:46 OldCoder OMG indeed
18:46 OldCoder D:
18:46 mrtux >omg
18:47 Octupus XD
18:47 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I am updating
18:47 Jordach OldCoder, your IRC client keeps making random newlines
18:47 TheRedMoodWin Thanks, and for the record I am happy :)
18:47 JangoFett154 thought i was gonna get my own server.........
18:47 OldCoder Jordach, what IRC client
18:47 OldCoder JangoFett154, explain this to me
18:47 OldCoder Please.
18:47 Jordach you make a newline with no text at times
18:47 OldCoder What is the REDACTED difference?
18:47 OldCoder Jordach, that is me
18:47 OldCoder Because
18:47 OldCoder I am like you
18:47 OldCoder You know what I mean
18:47 OldCoder
18:47 OldCoder the blank lines
18:47 JangoFett154 you spents 5.5 hours to put in afew mods and say that its my and zeigs server
18:48 OldCoder are paragraph delimiters
18:48 Jordach yes, there again!
18:48 OldCoder JangoFett154, I think we are done talking for right now
18:48 OldCoder
18:48 TheRedMoodWin ...
18:48 Jordach AdiIRC never showed them
18:48 TheRedMoodWin O shit is going down.....
18:48 OldCoder ... indeed
18:48 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, hold on. I am updating your mod.
18:48 * TheRedMoodWin hugs OldCoder it is going to be alright :)
18:48 OldCoder Does anybody else need updates
18:48 * OldCoder laughs out loud
18:49 * TheRedMoodWin lets go
18:49 TheRedMoodWin See?
18:49 OldCoder Jordach, then it is your client and not mine
18:49 TheRedMoodWin It had the desiered effect
18:49 TheRedMoodWin ;)
18:49 OldCoder A few mods, though
18:49 OldCoder D:
18:49 OldCoder There has been a bit more work
18:50 RealBadAngel oldcoder, music one? :) just for eu? plz :)
18:50 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, here is a typo change for you:
18:50 OldCoder RealBadAngel, just a minute
18:50 OldCoder REVIVE_MSG = "Like a Phoenix %s rises from the ashes
18:50 skully_ oldcoder i have a private chat with you and i need to talk
18:50 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, use that line ^
18:50 OldCoder skully_, all right
18:50 OldCoder Let me get the worlds restarted and fixed
18:51 OldCoder REVIVE_MSG = "Like a Phoenix %s rises from the ashes
18:51 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, use that line ^
18:51 OldCoder
18:51 OldCoder RealBadAngel, what type of change is involved?
18:51 RealBadAngel i told ya, two new tracks
18:51 OldCoder New?
18:51 TheRedMoodWin Old coder
18:51 OldCoder Not changes to old? That should work
18:51 TheRedMoodWin Want me to change it?
18:51 TheRedMoodWin ohh i SEE!
18:52 TheRedMoodWin THANKS :D
18:52 RealBadAngel http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2807
18:52 OldCoder TheRedMood, you are welcome
18:52 RealBadAngel "two new incredible" tracks
18:52 * OldCoder is working
18:52 OldCoder <--- He is working hard
18:52 RealBadAngel sounds good enough to update :)
18:52 OldCoder <--- To make you pleased
18:52 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Fine. Wait.
18:53 RealBadAngel anyway ive listened to more music from the source those two comin from
18:53 RealBadAngel theyre real nice
18:53 NakedFury it sucks not finding enough copper for cables
18:54 RealBadAngel example: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=53lfXb73z3c
18:54 RealBadAngel NakedFury, use grinders to double it
18:54 NakedFury grinders double the copper?
18:54 RealBadAngel of course, grind lumps to dusts
18:55 RealBadAngel 1 lump -> 2 dusts, each smelted to 1 ingot
18:55 NakedFury dammit I didnt know that
18:55 RealBadAngel hehehe
18:55 [JJ]Albert joined #minetest
18:56 OldCoder RedSand updated
18:56 OldCoder Checking RealBadAngel music
18:56 RealBadAngel that works with any technic and moreores ore except for uranium
18:56 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Oh!
18:56 OldCoder Separate mod!
18:56 OldCoder Does not conflict with Ambience?
18:56 OldCoder Wait
18:56 RealBadAngel this is the ambience mod
18:56 TheRedMoodWin DIBE!
18:56 TheRedMoodWin :D
18:56 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I need a download link
18:56 TheRedMoodWin DONE!
18:56 TheRedMoodWin :D
18:56 TheRedMoodWin Fixed it
18:56 TheRedMoodWin thanks
18:56 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, k
18:57 NakedFury not connecting to server
18:57 RealBadAngel http://ompldr.org/vZnZpMA
18:57 OldCoder NakedFury, all are down because people keep talking about changes
18:57 RealBadAngel it was linked under the "current version"
18:57 OldCoder I have been working nearly six hours on this now
18:57 OldCoder RealBadAngel, downloading
18:57 NakedFury ok didnt know that
18:57 OldCoder NakedFury, while we are at it; any new DokuTest?
18:58 NakedFury no. got a school project taking most of my time at this moment
18:58 NakedFury and 2 tests
18:58 RealBadAngel i vote for dokutest to be default texture pack for EU server btw
18:59 envoyxiphos_ old.
18:59 OldCoder RealBadAngel, DokuTest is default everywhere
18:59 OldCoder IIRC
18:59 OldCoder envoyxiphos_, I am working
18:59 OldCoder Pretty hard actually
18:59 RealBadAngel OldCoder, lemme check
19:00 RealBadAngel NakedFury, btw seen this build? http://sfan.sf.funpic.de/minetest-builds/c55/minetest-0.4.3-25cf375-extrafilters_chkbox-win32.7z
19:01 NakedFury what is new?
19:01 RealBadAngel mipmap and filters settings in GUI
19:01 RealBadAngel under Options tab
19:01 NakedFury my last was 9696ed3
19:01 RealBadAngel this is from today
19:02 OldCoder RealBadAngel, what exactly are the changes? I can't use the mod as-is; it is all messed up. I need to merge it.
19:02 RealBadAngel try bilinear filtering with dokutest, looks nice
19:03 RealBadAngel OldCoder, the ambience mod? added new tracks and some tweaks
19:03 RealBadAngel OldCoder, theres no dokutest on EU, still default texture pack
19:04 TheRedMoodWin so
19:04 TheRedMoodWin the server is down still?
19:04 TheRedMoodWin Or do i just need to reinstall it?
19:04 TheRedMoodWin X3
19:04 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, people keep talking to me
19:04 TheRedMoodWin I am such a non smart person
19:04 OldCoder Tell them to stop
19:04 TheRedMoodWin no
19:04 OldCoder And I can work
19:04 TheRedMoodWin I am just asking
19:04 TheRedMoodWin if it is down
19:04 TheRedMoodWin or if it is me
19:04 OldCoder It is down
19:05 OldCoder Because
19:05 TheRedMoodWin As I said before, I am not the enemy.
19:05 OldCoder People keep talking to me
19:05 TheRedMoodWin okey
19:05 OldCoder No
19:05 OldCoder You are a mod maker
19:05 OldCoder It is a good mod
19:05 TheRedMoodWin I just wanted to know. Taking stress out on me won't help
19:05 OldCoder No
19:05 * OldCoder laughs
19:05 OldCoder Enough
19:05 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I cannot tell if you are joking. But congratulating you on your mod is hardly taking stress out on you
19:05 OldCoder
19:06 NakedFury I have no idea what mip mapping, anisotropic, bi linear, and tri linear filtering do. need to check on google
19:06 TheRedMoodWin Ohh, I mean the thing before it :)
19:06 RealBadAngel NakedFury, no need. just SEE it
19:06 TheRedMoodWin Try to breath in with your nose and out with you mouth
19:06 TheRedMoodWin Do that slowly an fill your loungs with air.
19:06 TheRedMoodWin Then go back to what you are very good at, making people happy :)
19:07 OldCoder
19:07 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I appreciate your humor but I am kind of busy. I will work on the worlds now.
19:08 TheRedMoodWin That was no humor. It will help you very much, if you give it a real chance.
19:08 RealBadAngel NakedFury, basically those options makin textures smooth. no pixelization. even at close
19:08 OldCoder If people would like things finished faster ask JangoFett154 and skully_ to chill for a while. I am not really in the mood to hear GIMME GIMME right now
19:08 TheRedMoodWin But do it your way :)
19:08 OldCoder RealBadAngel, can you identify the exact music changes please?
19:08 TheRedMoodWin May I break their faces, if they ask?
19:08 NakedFury ok bi linear makes it smooth but on leaves looks weird
19:08 RealBadAngel for that i shall have previous versions which i havent here
19:09 NakedFury the leafs get a white ish sort of border
19:10 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I will try
19:10 RealBadAngel that means leaves shall have more detailed texture
19:10 RealBadAngel not just a few pixels
19:10 OldCoder RealBadAngel, If I get the Ambience mod wrong people will be unhappy as music will recache and take 10 minutes to download
19:11 RealBadAngel Oldcoder, even so it is once
19:11 RealBadAngel and worth the waiting
19:11 OldCoder I know
19:11 OldCoder Working on it now
19:11 RealBadAngel ambience mod shall be made local and default
19:12 RealBadAngel part of the game simply
19:12 * TheRedMoodWin is waiting for JangoFett154 or skully_ to say "GIMME GIMME" so he can break their faces. <3
19:12 skully_ pitcure of someone getting spanked /(
19:13 OldCoder RealBadAngel, the music looks O.K.
19:13 OldCoder AvalonShort?
19:14 OldCoder EtheraelShort etc.?
19:14 OldCoder Adding them now
19:14 OldCoder RealBadAngel, and thank you for the music
19:14 RealBadAngel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Tb3Ax7Nt7o
19:15 NekoGloop joined #minetest
19:15 NekoGloop something up with minetest.org?
19:15 OldCoder NekoGloop, yep
19:15 OldCoder LOTS of changes
19:15 NekoGloop ah, ok.
19:15 OldCoder Delayed by a bit of nonsense
19:15 TheRedMoodWin CAN I BREAK HIS FACE?
19:15 OldCoder No
19:15 TheRedMoodWin okey :(
19:15 OldCoder He is a nice kitty
19:15 NekoGloop No, no you may not.
19:15 * OldCoder puts down TWO kitty treats
19:15 * TheRedMoodWin hugs neko
19:15 NekoGloop ^w^
19:15 TheRedMoodWin See!
19:15 * NekoGloop eats the treat :3
19:15 TheRedMoodWin I can be friendly too ;D
19:15 NekoGloop +s
19:16 * TheRedMoodWin lets go of neko
19:16 RealBadAngel NekoGloop, http://sfan.sf.funpic.de/minetest-builds/c55/minetest-0.4.3-25cf375-extrafilters_chkbox-win32.7z
19:16 NekoGloop eh?
19:16 RealBadAngel and check Options tab
19:16 TheRedMoodWin Was that the right reaction, OldCoder?
19:16 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, kind of busy here
19:16 TheRedMoodWin okey
19:16 TheRedMoodWin Sorry!
19:16 TheRedMoodWin :(
19:16 * TheRedMoodWin goes back to being a bouncer
19:17 OldCoder I have real life work to do today
19:17 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:17 TheRedMoodWin Then do that, boos
19:17 TheRedMoodWin boss*
19:17 OldCoder Ha
19:17 TheRedMoodWin I will bounce people :)
19:17 NekoGloop what the fuck are all these options, realbadangel?
19:17 RealBadAngel turn them on and play
19:17 TheRedMoodWin O_o
19:17 Jordach <OldCoder> I have real life work to do today : something actually worth IRL time?
19:17 TheRedMoodWin He used the bad words
19:18 OldCoder ?
19:18 TheRedMoodWin Should I bounce Jordach ?
19:18 OldCoder No
19:18 OldCoder Jordach, I need to find more employment
19:18 OldCoder RealBadAngel, did you adjust frequencies for the birds?
19:18 NekoGloop ew, blurry textures
19:18 * TheRedMoodWin tosses neko in the air
19:18 RealBadAngel OldCoder, thats not my mod
19:18 TheRedMoodWin Wee :D
19:19 OldCoder Hmm
19:19 OldCoder Who added the music?
19:19 * TheRedMoodWin catched neko
19:19 TheRedMoodWin That was fun :D
19:19 RealBadAngel NekoGloop, those options are mostly for higer resolution textures
19:19 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: this is disgusting!
19:19 * Jordach agrees with NekoGloop
19:19 TheRedMoodWin RealBadAngel: can i give him a bath?
19:19 OldCoder I am working on his mod
19:19 TheRedMoodWin I think cats like those...
19:20 TheRedMoodWin :o
19:20 NekoGloop it's not worth the load times to load 516874534x4563156486 textures.
19:20 RealBadAngel disgusting? you are in love in square pixels or what?
19:20 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: *hisses*
19:20 TheRedMoodWin Did I hiss?
19:20 TheRedMoodWin Or did you hiss at me?
19:20 TheRedMoodWin :o0
19:20 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: let's see, 16x16 defaults
19:20 TheRedMoodWin :o*
19:20 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: at you
19:20 NekoGloop cat no like water -_-
19:20 RealBadAngel who uses 16x16?
19:20 TheRedMoodWin Well then RealBadAngel then consider it
19:20 RealBadAngel machochists?
19:21 TheRedMoodWin He would smell like soap after it :D
19:21 OldCoder
19:21 OldCoder Rebuilding Ambience mod
19:21 TheRedMoodWin rebuilding life
19:21 TheRedMoodWin Compile error
19:21 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: people who arent insane and use 2156456152x1561648615 textures and wait 56486161 hours for minetest to load
19:21 OldCoder Rebuilding all the worlds
19:22 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: I'm an anthro kitty :3
19:22 OldCoder A Neko
19:22 NekoGloop (half human half cat)
19:22 RealBadAngel my minetests starts in like 5s with 128x textures
19:22 NekoGloop yes :3
19:22 TheRedMoodWin yeah
19:22 OldCoder Catboy
19:22 RealBadAngel so no point :P
19:22 OldCoder Or Catgirl
19:22 TheRedMoodWin And those need to bath
19:22 JangoFett154 OldCoder i have to go eat, plz make it working before i get back
19:22 paniq joined #minetest
19:22 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: again, not all of us steal nasa's computers to play games.
19:22 TheRedMoodWin OKEY
19:22 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:22 OldCoder JangoFett154, If you will not speak I will try to work
19:23 TheRedMoodWin PLEASE?
19:23 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, do not break faces as they are useful
19:23 OldCoder Faces serve a number of purposes
19:23 * TheRedMoodWin trips up and down
19:23 RealBadAngel i do have old 2 cores intel at 1,8ghz with 4gb of ram
19:23 RealBadAngel so again no point
19:23 TheRedMoodWin :(
19:23 * TheRedMoodWin picks neko up over shoulder
19:23 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: then you just stole the graphics card
19:23 RealBadAngel you sir are just a masochist, thats the point
19:24 TheRedMoodWin I am going to wash this kitten :3
19:24 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: H-hey! Put me down! 3:
19:24 RealBadAngel pixel lover ;)
19:24 * TheRedMoodWin walks out, toward the local lake
19:24 TheRedMoodWin As we march we sing~
19:24 TheRedMoodWin We will win, we will win ~
19:24 NekoGloop Put me down NOW! 3:
19:25 RealBadAngel NekoGloop, btw im almost ready with the flashlight
19:25 * TheRedMoodWin is about 150 meters from the lake
19:25 OldCoder
19:25 OldCoder Announcement:
19:25 RealBadAngel ive taken walkin_light code and made a powered tool out of it
19:25 TheRedMoodWin Now Kitten
19:26 TheRedMoodWin Lets make you clean :)
19:26 OldCoder All U.S. worlds are restarted except for 30001 which will be rebuilt now. Calinou World is on port 30003. Come and see Calinou World it is nice. There are new mods and updates.
19:26 * NekoGloop flails around
19:26 OldCoder Have fun
19:26 NekoGloop No!
19:26 NakedFury ok I got mip mapping, AF and BLF filters on
19:26 * TheRedMoodWin grabs neko with both hands, wearing glows
19:26 RealBadAngel TheRedMoodWin, btw your codin music is quite ok
19:26 OldCoder RealBadAngel, tell me if the new music works
19:26 edwtjo joined #minetest
19:26 TheRedMoodWin Yeah :)
19:26 RealBadAngel ok
19:26 Jordach just got 40fps on battlefield 4 free
19:26 * TheRedMoodWin lowers neko closer and closer to the water
19:27 * NekoGloop scratches at theredmoodwin
19:27 * TheRedMoodWin nekos tail is now entering the water
19:27 NakedFury Jordach do you like that kind of shooters? big battles and maps?
19:27 * NekoGloop flicks his tail out
19:27 Jordach yes
19:27 * TheRedMoodWin laughs at the small claws
19:27 NakedFury are you on the Planetside 2 beta?
19:27 * TheRedMoodWin dips neko under the water
19:27 * NekoGloop /teleport 0,0,0
19:27 NekoGloop bye. :3
19:27 RealBadAngel OldCoder, are u sure you updated EU? i connected in no time
19:27 * TheRedMoodWin still standing with neko in hands
19:28 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I have not update EU yet
19:28 OldCoder RealBadAngel, I wish to verify these changes won't break everything
19:28 NekoGloop i teleported away, smartass
19:28 TheRedMoodWin You forgot the fact that your have no permissions?
19:28 TheRedMoodWin :)
19:28 TheRedMoodWin O MY!
19:28 TheRedMoodWin I need to take you up again
19:28 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Try one of the U.S. worlds but not 30001
19:28 NekoGloop you forgot that SCREW THE RULES
19:28 RealBadAngel ok
19:28 * TheRedMoodWin pulls neko out of the water
19:28 OldCoder He is a Kitty Who Lives by His Own Rules!
19:28 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:28 OldCoder Danger Kitty!
19:28 TheRedMoodWin Now you are clean!
19:28 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:29 * TheRedMoodWin smiles at the soaking wet neko
19:29 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:29 * NekoGloop eye twiches
19:30 TheRedMoodWin Let us do it again :D
19:30 * TheRedMoodWin starts lowering neko into the water
19:30 * NekoGloop kicks theredmoonwin
19:30 envoyxiphos_ OldCodetr..
19:30 envoyxiphos_ OldCoder.
19:31 * TheRedMoodWin laughs again
19:31 envoyxiphos_ No stairs still..
19:31 TheRedMoodWin Now the little kitten can kick :D
19:31 OldCoder The mod should be there
19:31 TheRedMoodWin How adorable
19:31 OldCoder Checking
19:31 TheRedMoodWin That means you can svim to!
19:31 * TheRedMoodWin starts swinging neko in a back and forth motion
19:31 TheRedMoodWin 1...
19:31 OldCoder envoyxiphos_, one moment
19:31 TheRedMoodWin 2...
19:31 OldCoder A moment is about 120 seconds
19:31 TheRedMoodWin 3...
19:32 OldCoder Oh hell
19:32 OldCoder I think I forgot to rebuild
19:32 OldCoder Everybody out of the pool
19:32 * TheRedMoodWin throws neko in a high arch into the water
19:32 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:32 * NekoGloop teleports away before touching the water
19:32 TheRedMoodWin Svim neko! Svim!
19:32 TheRedMoodWin Well.
19:32 TheRedMoodWin You can break the rules?
19:32 NekoGloop Missing Privledges of TheRedMoodWin: be_an_ass
19:32 TheRedMoodWin :(
19:33 TheRedMoodWin why are you so mean to me?
19:33 NekoGloop because kitty no like water 3:
19:33 TheRedMoodWin But after a bath you smell nice :D
19:33 OldCoder
19:33 OldCoder envoyxiphos_, try now
19:34 OldCoder envoyxiphos_, Stairs there?
19:35 TheRedMoodWin Still can't connect :(
19:35 NekoGloop but that water stinky :3
19:35 OldCoder Which port?
19:35 TheRedMoodWin Guess i need to reinstall
19:35 TheRedMoodWin No i think it is just me
19:35 OldCoder k
19:35 NekoGloop reinstall your OS
19:35 TheRedMoodWin Nah
19:35 TheRedMoodWin Gentoo is a pain to reinstall
19:35 TheRedMoodWin :)
19:36 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, he'll be sorry to hear that. Friend of mine.
19:36 OldCoder Want to meet him?
19:36 TheRedMoodWin Hmm
19:36 TheRedMoodWin what is his name?
19:37 OldCoder It has kitty in it :-)
19:37 OldCoder He also says meow
19:37 TheRedMoodWin hmm
19:37 TheRedMoodWin Let it pass
19:37 TheRedMoodWin bring him in
19:37 OldCoder Sometime
19:37 OldCoder He is asleep
19:37 OldCoder Lives in China
19:37 TheRedMoodWin And what will he be sad to hear?
19:38 OldCoder <TheRedMoodWin> Gentoo is a pain to reinstall
19:38 TheRedMoodWin Which server should i play on?
19:39 NekoGloop 30000 because awesomeness :3
19:39 OldCoder http://minetest.org/
19:39 OldCoder Take your pick
19:39 OldCoder 30001 is very nice but offline for regeneration
19:39 OldCoder Oh
19:39 TheRedMoodWin There ;)
19:39 TheRedMoodWin Now installing
19:39 OldCoder Go check out Calinou World
19:40 TheRedMoodWin Any reason media takes so long for me?
19:40 TheRedMoodWin Just me or?
19:40 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, blame RealBadAngel
19:40 OldCoder We have added new music
19:40 OldCoder This is a one time delay
19:40 TheRedMoodWin It did so before to
19:40 OldCoder Yes
19:41 OldCoder This is newer music
19:41 TheRedMoodWin Ohh
19:41 TheRedMoodWin RealBadAngel I don't blame you :)
19:41 RealBadAngel its worth the time
19:42 NekoGloop 1% media :3
19:42 TheRedMoodWin Neko
19:42 TheRedMoodWin You are a person.
19:42 TheRedMoodWin Aren't you...
19:42 TheRedMoodWin :o
19:42 NekoGloop yes.
19:42 TheRedMoodWin O_O
19:42 TheRedMoodWin So you are not a cat?
19:42 NekoGloop what?
19:42 NekoGloop i am a catboy
19:42 SpeedProg joined #minetest
19:42 TheRedMoodWin But not pure cat?
19:43 NekoGloop no! XD
19:43 TheRedMoodWin :o
19:43 TheRedMoodWin Then I am so sorry!
19:43 NekoGloop my claws arent so small ;)
19:43 TheRedMoodWin :(
19:43 TheRedMoodWin I diden't mean to bath you!
19:43 TheRedMoodWin I thought you were a cat :(
19:43 NekoGloop yes you did
19:44 NekoGloop I am a neko! :P
19:44 TheRedMoodWin Neko != cat
19:44 TheRedMoodWin :o
19:44 NekoGloop neko == catboy/catgirl
19:44 TheRedMoodWin catboy/catgirl != cat
19:44 NekoGloop directly translated from japanese it is cat however.
19:44 TheRedMoodWin Then you are a cat!
19:44 TheRedMoodWin :D
19:45 NekoGloop I am nekoshounen
19:45 NekoGloop (catboy, literally)
19:45 TheRedMoodWin So not  a cat :(
19:46 NekoGloop boy with cat ears, tail, and claws :3
19:46 TheRedMoodWin but not a cat :(
19:46 TheRedMoodWin Therfor I am sorry :(
19:46 NekoGloop how did i know that my treehouse would be griefed?
19:46 TheRedMoodWin because you are negative minded
19:47 TheRedMoodWin ;D
19:47 NekoGloop well i guess that i should have seen it coming
19:47 NekoGloop it looked so much like the rest of the trees :3
19:48 OldCoder nekoshounen = neko shounen = cat boy
19:48 NekoGloop yes.
19:48 OldCoder Shounen Jump is the magazine that ran DBZ
19:49 NekoGloop yes i know that
19:49 NekoGloop actually where i learned what shounen meant
19:50 NekoGloop NakedFury: WHAT DA FUCK
19:50 NekoGloop this hand image.
19:50 NekoGloop it burnsssssssssssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
19:50 NakedFury make a better one and give it
19:50 NekoGloop use the default one for god's sake
19:51 NekoGloop or not stretch the thing to the full size of the image
19:51 NakedFury default sucks badly
19:51 TheRedMoodWin Well
19:51 TheRedMoodWin I am not doing this
19:52 TheRedMoodWin 3%
19:52 TheRedMoodWin Not worth it to wait this long
19:52 NekoGloop default is the best texture pack ever.
19:53 NakedFury in your dreams and many others
19:57 thexyz almostmc is better
19:58 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, that seems a bit slow
19:58 TheRedMoodWin still at 12%¨
19:59 TheRedMoodWin Now it speeds up
19:59 TheRedMoodWin Really much Oo.o
19:59 TheRedMoodWin This is fast enough for me
20:02 OldCoder
20:02 OldCoder Anybody know WorldEdit?
20:02 OldCoder I did this today:
20:03 OldCoder Had somebody tell me two points that covered most of a world's buildings
20:03 OldCoder Teleported to one corner and did //pos1
20:03 OldCoder Teleported to 2nd corner and //pos2
20:03 OldCoder //save baconworld
20:03 OldCoder Deleted the map file
20:03 OldCoder Restarted
20:03 OldCoder This produced the world hopefully with the same seed
20:04 OldCoder Teleported to 1st corner
20:04 OldCoder Did //pos1 again
20:04 OldCoder Did //load baconworld
20:04 OldCoder I got back parts of the buildings floating in the sky
20:04 OldCoder Any comments?
20:04 OldCoder
20:05 TheRedMoodWin Lol cats
20:05 OldCoder ?
20:06 TheRedMoodWin 39%
20:06 TheRedMoodWin now same speed as before
20:06 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, I hope to fix that by using streaming
20:07 TheRedMoodWin Yeah
20:07 TheRedMoodWin I agree
20:07 RealBadAngel OldCoder, i told ya bout solution to even most big mods
20:07 OldCoder That is no solution at all
20:07 RealBadAngel zip the server cache
20:07 OldCoder You admitted this
20:07 OldCoder No good
20:07 RealBadAngel and let it download
20:07 RealBadAngel it works
20:07 RealBadAngel we had such system on sdzens server
20:07 OldCoder Wait
20:07 OldCoder Explain again
20:07 OldCoder When you say
20:07 RealBadAngel a sec
20:08 OldCoder Let it download
20:08 OldCoder What do you mean?
20:08 RealBadAngel take /cache folder
20:08 RealBadAngel zip it
20:08 RealBadAngel provide a link for downloading it
20:08 OldCoder From client side
20:08 OldCoder No
20:08 OldCoder
20:08 OldCoder We discussed this
20:08 RealBadAngel no, server side
20:08 OldCoder Nobody will download
20:09 TheRedMoodWin 62% now
20:09 TheRedMoodWin And I know that if i jump out now it is going to go crazyt
20:09 TheRedMoodWin now it sped up again
20:09 RealBadAngel better wait than a few seconds download? :)
20:09 TheRedMoodWin 66
20:09 sciopat joined #minetest
20:09 TheRedMoodWin Well
20:10 TheRedMoodWin Oldcoder
20:10 TheRedMoodWin I hope you like what I did to the mod
20:10 TheRedMoodWin It should make your job a bit easier
20:10 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, yes ty
20:10 TheRedMoodWin Also note that the permissions are in there too
20:10 TheRedMoodWin So just change them as you want :)
20:10 TheRedMoodWin Going to keep adding them
20:10 OldCoder k
20:10 TheRedMoodWin Although not on a daily basis do to school
20:22 RealBadAngel joined #minetest
20:22 TheRedMoodWin finally
20:23 NakedFury where do I place the music files from technic mod?
20:23 TheRedMoodWin What?
20:23 TheRedMoodWin No connection?=
20:23 TheRedMoodWin I could not speak when I joined the game
20:23 TheRedMoodWin world 1
20:25 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, a problem
20:25 TheRedMoodWin we have a overlapping mod
20:25 NekoGloop joined #minetest
20:25 OldCoder Yes?
20:25 TheRedMoodWin my /msg
20:26 OldCoder And?
20:26 TheRedMoodWin And some else mods /msg
20:26 OldCoder Which one?
20:26 TheRedMoodWin it is not using mine
20:26 TheRedMoodWin So i hope you have switched it off
20:26 TheRedMoodWin I don't know
20:26 NekoGloop Meow.
20:26 OldCoder meow
20:26 TheRedMoodWin I just know that another mod has registerd the command /msg
20:26 OldCoder TheRedMood, I will check
20:26 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: sdzen's mod.
20:26 NekoGloop It adds private messaging.
20:26 TheRedMoodWin So if you want to keep that then you will need to disable my version :)
20:27 OldCoder Wait
20:27 OldCoder Which one should be kept?
20:27 TheRedMoodWin Just go into the config file and switch useMSG to false
20:27 OldCoder Wait
20:27 TheRedMoodWin I don't know :)
20:27 OldCoder If you are actively maintaining and he is not
20:27 TheRedMoodWin I just know that I am going to keep mine
20:27 OldCoder Fine
20:27 OldCoder Does yours work?
20:27 TheRedMoodWin And that I am adding a whole new division around it
20:27 TheRedMoodWin yes
20:27 NekoGloop He hasnt updated his
20:27 OldCoder I'll drop his for now
20:27 TheRedMoodWin Really?
20:27 TheRedMoodWin :D
20:27 OldCoder Will vanish on next rebuild
20:27 TheRedMoodWin :o
20:28 NakedFury OldCoder: where do I place the music from technic to speed up the server joining?
20:28 NekoGloop And wont update for forever.
20:28 OldCoder Yes really
20:28 OldCoder NakedFury, Explain
20:28 TheRedMoodWin OldCoder, Right now the only diffrence I could see was that his sent a message back
20:28 NakedFury well I tought if I had it then joining the server would be faster
20:28 OldCoder sdzen whisper is gone from scripts
20:28 TheRedMoodWin I don't have that because I think it would produce a lot of verbose ness
20:28 OldCoder NakedFury, oh; if you just join once it will be fast
20:29 TheRedMoodWin I also plan on adding a mail system
20:29 OldCoder NakedFury, But RealBadAngel can explain an alternate approach
20:29 NakedFury so having them before hand wont work?
20:29 OldCoder NakedFury, It may. RealBadAngel will explain.
20:29 TheRedMoodWin No.
20:29 TheRedMoodWin It is cached
20:29 RealBadAngel you are talkin bout Skaven's Music Pack or the ambience mod?
20:29 TheRedMoodWin Meaning that it can be diffrent on diffrent clients
20:29 NakedFury well if it can be both then better
20:30 NakedFury skaven for the moment
20:30 TheRedMoodWin ! not safe to just copy paste !
20:30 TheRedMoodWin Btw what does Atlas is full, not adding more textures mean?
20:30 RealBadAngel NakedFury, so it shall go on the server side, i dont think OldCoder gonna like it
20:30 NekoGloop Means you need to disable the texture atlas
20:30 RealBadAngel its way bigger than ambience mod
20:30 NekoGloop It causes more problems than it solves.
20:30 OldCoder No way
20:31 TheRedMoodWin Btw I have no build rights ;)
20:31 OldCoder Which world
20:31 TheRedMoodWin 3000
20:31 NekoGloop The three thousand ways to die :3
20:32 TheRedMoodWin I am a dwarf fortress player
20:32 TheRedMoodWin I think it is fun to die :D
20:32 OldCoder 30000
20:32 OldCoder What is your name there?
20:32 NakedFury we need drowning, lack of air, electrified
20:33 TheRedMoodWin TheRedMood
20:33 NekoGloop NakedFury: You insane?
20:33 TheRedMoodWin ADD IT ADD IT ADD IT :D
20:34 NakedFury yes I want a real man/woman survival not a "carebear" survival!!!! you call it dwarf fortress mode where dying is fun
20:34 NekoGloop Those all need interface image adding.
20:34 anunakki joined #minetest
20:34 OldCoder TheRedMoodWin, you have interact now
20:35 TheRedMoodWin tahnks
20:35 TheRedMoodWin Wait a secound
20:35 TheRedMoodWin Are there round trees here?
20:35 anunnaki joined #minetest
20:35 NekoGloop I want mobs that dont freeze the game or suck.
20:35 NekoGloop Yes there are
20:35 NakedFury yes the trees are round
20:35 TheRedMoodWin Nice :)
20:35 TheRedMoodWin I am liking the better and better
20:35 NekoGloop Annoying as fuck for my house plans.
20:36 NekoGloop TheRedMoodWin: It's part of this server, minetest by default doesnt have them.
20:36 NekoGloop Mod is called 3dforniture.
20:37 TheRedMoodWin wIt is laggy :))
20:37 NekoGloop Minetest is laggy.
20:37 TheRedMoodWin Why are you mad at me neko?
20:37 TheRedMoodWin :o
20:37 NekoGloop I'm not?
20:38 TheRedMoodWin neko
20:38 TheRedMoodWin You said earlier that chatcommands can give the player object
20:38 TheRedMoodWin Could you explain that
20:38 TheRedMoodWin I found my own way
20:38 TheRedMoodWin But nothing native
20:39 NekoGloop I dont know.
20:39 NekoGloop My memory sucks :3
20:39 anunnaki OldCoder, you around?
20:40 OldCoder Yep
20:40 OldCoder anunnaki, ^
20:40 OldCoder Kind of tired
20:40 OldCoder 7 hours work on MT
20:40 OldCoder And I think WorldEdit is broken
20:41 anunnaki just a sec
20:41 NekoGloop Worldedit is always broken
20:41 TheRedMoodWin Well this proves that my mod works and all
20:41 TheRedMoodWin I will see you all later :)
20:41 NakedFury worldedit is a good mod for server admins
20:41 anunnaki this is the one i used for the mac os x reference, just a simple dock to resemble os x, i've changed it since to fit my 'theme' so to say
20:41 anunnaki http://i.imgur.com/omqbj.jpg
20:42 OldCoder NakedFury, I seem to have lost a large part of a world
20:42 TheRedMoodWin i.imgur.com/4LwV8.png
20:43 TheRedMoodWin That is my desktop
20:43 TheRedMoodWin Here it is clean
20:43 TheRedMoodWin http://i.imgur.com/W9UUc.jpg
20:43 NakedFury that is bad luck. and I entered the server. try using worldedit in smaller chunks?
20:44 TheRedMoodWin I am not on the list of modders :(
20:45 OldCoder TheRedMood, my list? I have not updated the file yet
20:45 TheRedMoodWin Okey :D
20:45 TheRedMoodWin I am such an easy person to deal with x3
20:45 anunnaki OldCoder, you see the pic?
20:46 anunnaki the other one was to show you, but this one is what it looks like now, i'll be adding apps to the dock as i install them for my needs
20:46 anunnaki http://i.imgur.com/mX524.jpg
20:46 OldCoder Reviewing
20:46 anunnaki nice theredMood
20:46 OldCoder All right
20:46 anunnaki nice TheRedMoodWin
20:46 anunnaki is that unity?
20:46 TheRedMoodWin Me?
20:46 anunnaki yea
20:46 anunnaki or is that openbox?
20:46 TheRedMoodWin that is echinus
20:46 anunnaki i see
20:46 TheRedMoodWin An really old wm
20:47 TheRedMoodWin I think I am one of the few people left using it
20:47 anunnaki lol
20:47 TheRedMoodWin all the files are at https://github.com/TheRedMood/dotfiles
20:47 NakedFury OldCoder you need to take more breaks. working on MT for so long will make you hate it, unless you actually enjoy it then, forget this msg.
20:48 TheRedMoodWin the setup file is my own code
20:48 OldCoder NakedFury, `Very well
20:48 TheRedMoodWin It links all of the resources so that it is all dependent on the git code :)
20:48 OldCoder NakedFury, I did not plan on 7.5 hours today and it looks like I must leave one world down. I need help to figure it out.
20:49 NekoGloop What's wrong with it?
20:50 OldCoder NekoGloop, I will explain. Bear with me as I am now tired and have made no progress on IRL work.
20:50 * OldCoder writes
20:51 TheRedMoodWin http://images.wikia.com/arcanafamiglia/images/4/4b/Pace.png
20:51 OldCoder I ran WorldEdit on 30001 and did a copy as instructed. Paste into a new world did not work. Fine. But old copy seems destroyed. Fine. I went back to a ZIP backup. envoyxiphos buildings are there but I can't find mrtux buildings at all. There is sky where they should be. The ZIP was made before I experimented with WorldEdit.
20:51 TheRedMoodWin That is me
20:51 OldCoder I need to take 30001 offline until I can find out where mrtux buildings went
20:52 TheRedMoodWin when I am happy
20:52 TheRedMoodWin and this is me
20:52 TheRedMoodWin http://images.ados.fr/bd-manga/photo/7517093751/storia-arcana-famiglia/storia-arcana-famiglia-38073437c4.jpg
20:52 OldCoder Did somebody else use worldedit and delete them? I do not know
20:52 TheRedMoodWin when I want something done :d
20:52 NekoGloop I only have worldedit on skyblock.
20:52 OldCoder Help would be appreciated as I am quite tired
20:52 NekoGloop And dont use it even there xD
20:53 OldCoder NekoGloop, I will grant that. Do you know anything about it?
20:53 NekoGloop Worldedit?
20:53 OldCoder Yes
20:53 OldCoder Or
20:53 NekoGloop Grant it where?
20:53 OldCoder Just how to find mrtux buildings
20:53 OldCoder I will PM you
20:53 NekoGloop I think your backup is corrupt
20:53 OldCoder Nope
20:53 OldCoder Unlikely
20:53 OldCoder No problems til now
20:54 OldCoder I think somebody might have deleted mrtux buildings
20:54 OldCoder But I'd like to try to find them
20:54 OldCoder No takers to help? Fine. I'll leave the world off until I can figure it out.
20:55 mrtux idk what is wrong
20:55 mrtux why are you doing this anyways?
20:56 NekoGloop Your buildings disappeared when he loaded from his backup.
20:56 mrtux hmm
20:56 mrtux oh well
20:56 NekoGloop He thinks someone worldedit'd them away.
20:56 icallitvera joined #minetest
20:56 OldCoder It is a possibility
20:56 OldCoder But maybe
20:57 OldCoder I have misunderstood the coordinates
20:57 OldCoder How do I find his buildings?
20:57 mrtux dunno
20:57 OldCoder I can't put the world up
20:57 OldCoder Til I figure it out
20:57 mrtux i bet skully was mad at me
20:58 mrtux someone probably wa
20:58 OldCoder There is no way
20:58 mrtux *was
20:58 OldCoder He'd know how to worldedit
20:58 mrtux aj
20:58 mrtux *ah
20:58 OldCoder I have probably simply misplaced you
20:58 mrtux it's fine
20:58 mrtux i don't exactly care about my map anymore
20:58 OldCoder No; world stays off til I figure it out
20:58 OldCoder But I care; it is an interesting world
20:59 mrtux ok
20:59 OldCoder I will poke at this for 15 minutes more. Then no more MT for the day.
20:59 OldCoder That will be 8 hours
20:59 OldCoder Which is fine but a few people were a bit impatient
20:59 harrison joined #minetest
21:05 coolkid900 joined #minetest
21:16 JangoFett154 joined #minetest
21:16 JangoFett154 hi guys im back
21:17 JangoFett154 OldCoder is it working yet?
21:18 OldCoder JangoFett154, there is an issue
21:18 JangoFett154 what kind of issue?
21:18 * OldCoder writes
21:19 NekoGloop A stupid one.
21:19 JangoFett154 whats the issue?
21:19 OldCoder I am looking through several copies of world 30001. I cannot find mrtux's stuff. Was it bulldozed or worldedited away? I probably have the wrong coords. But I have worked 8 hours on this now and am tired.
21:19 OldCoder NekoGloop, that seems unkind
21:19 OldCoder A stupid issue?
21:19 NekoGloop No i meant it was a stupid issue
21:19 OldCoder Explain
21:20 OldCoder Or don't
21:20 JangoFett154 so can he just build it over again?
21:20 OldCoder No
21:20 NekoGloop Some kid was probably pissed and worldedited away the building
21:20 NekoGloop +s
21:20 JangoFett154 not to be mean but it wasnt much in the chests
21:20 OldCoder So it was deleted?
21:20 OldCoder Where is the sign?
21:20 NekoGloop What sign?
21:20 OldCoder The one in my screenshot
21:20 OldCoder http://minetest.org/
21:21 mrtux It could of been erno99
21:21 JangoFett154 hi mrtux
21:21 mrtux hi
21:21 JangoFett154 i can help rebuild and get you your stuff back
21:22 OldCoder
21:22 OldCoder JangoFett154, that is not the issue
21:22 JangoFett154 ? explain
21:22 OldCoder I need to understand if this was a technical error on my part or a program bug; what happened
21:22 OldCoder Or if I have simply lost the coords
21:22 OldCoder When I teleport to one place
21:22 OldCoder I am in the sky
21:22 OldCoder And this is not the worldedit copy
21:22 OldCoder
21:23 OldCoder NekoGloop, I feel those reasons mean it is not a "stupid" issue but even kitties are entitled to their opinions
21:23 OldCoder
21:24 JangoFett154 it was probably a regular one-time bug/glitch, likte the kind we find once in a while
21:24 OldCoder It has now passed eight hours. As nobody is helping I will move on. I will document the changes I have made today. Then I must help others I have promised.
21:24 OldCoder
21:24 OldCoder The worlds have many new mods and new music. There is also the Calinou world now.
21:24 OldCoder It is my hope that people will play and enjoy
21:24 OldCoder
21:24 OldCoder That is all for now I think
21:24 OldCoder mrtux we will discuss rsync as you requested. But I will be AFK for a little while.
21:25 OldCoder
21:25 JangoFett154 can you make the world work?  i have been waiting awhile and want to play :/
21:25 mrtux ok oldcoder
21:25 OldCoder To rest of you I present the updated worlds besides 30001 which is offline. Calinou is port 30003. I hope you enjoy these things.
21:25 OldCoder
21:25 OldCoder JangoFett154, read above. Not one person has offered to help me. Including you.
21:25 OldCoder
21:26 JangoFett154 i will help and you know that, all you have to do is ask and tell me what to do
21:26 RealBadAngel ok, im done with the flashlight, now just tweakin work time
21:26 OldCoder Good day folks. I will do my best to keep things running smoothly
21:26 * OldCoder bows
21:26 RealBadAngel update will come in a few minutes
21:26 OldCoder RealBadAngel, PM me in a bit if technic is updated. I am AFK right now
21:27 RealBadAngel ok, once im done with testing
21:28 JangoFett154 *sigh* i stared at the sreen for over 8 hours and still havnt got it working -.- im done for today ill be on 30011
21:40 skully_ joined #minetest
21:40 skully_ oldcoder
21:45 RealBadAngel Oldcoder, technic update ready
21:46 OldCoder RealBadAngel, k
21:46 OldCoder
21:46 OldCoder <JangoFett154> *sigh* i stared at the sreen for over 8 hours and still havnt got it working -.- im done for today ill be on 30011
21:46 RealBadAngel flashlight is here and workin just fine :)
21:46 OldCoder JangoFett154, yes. You worked very hard waiting. Surely you deserve whatever you wish in exchange for this sacrifice.
21:46 OldCoder :P
21:46 OldCoder
21:49 LAD joined #minetest
21:50 OldCoder LAD, wb
21:50 LAD thnx glad to be back
21:55 * LAD is afk
22:28 RealBadAngel joined #minetest
22:28 OldCoder RealBadAngel, wb
22:29 RealBadAngel hey hey
22:29 hmmmmmm wow, does OldCoder have a life?
22:29 OldCoder yeh yeh
22:29 NakedFury RBA how will your mining blocks work?
22:29 hmmmmmm he spends all of his time on this irc channel
22:29 RealBadAngel NakedFury, hold on
22:30 NakedFury are they on all servers or only on your pc in an experimentation state?
22:30 JangoFett154 joined #minetest
22:30 RealBadAngel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GZEAp5YSpm0&amp;feature=plcp
22:31 RealBadAngel theyre in current technic release
22:31 RealBadAngel so, on all servers
22:31 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Pulled Technic and will restart worlds shortly. Europe will be updated within an hour.
22:31 NakedFury do they only break blocks in front?
22:32 RealBadAngel OldCoder, reload it plz, just posted one extra glitch fix
22:32 OldCoder K
22:32 RealBadAngel a few minutes ago
22:32 OldCoder Seconds to do
22:32 RealBadAngel NakedFury, yes
22:32 OldCoder That is what JangoFett154 did not understand. It is important to do things right. RealBadAngel I can now update you instantly. Done.
22:33 RealBadAngel if you wanna see nodebreakers in action join europe.minetest.net
22:33 RealBadAngel i can show you working farming instalation
22:34 OldCoder I'd love to but I'm MT'd out today
22:34 OldCoder I'll update my webpages in a bit
22:34 OldCoder That's about it
22:41 RealBadAngel NakedFury, wanna see it?
22:41 NakedFury trying to connect
22:43 NakedFury the port is 30000
22:44 OldCoder Allow extra time for new music
22:44 OldCoder Which was RealBadAngel idea
22:44 NakedFury but its stuck at Connecting not on media loading
22:44 RealBadAngel so retry
22:44 RealBadAngel im logged in
22:47 JangoFett154 RBA how does flashlight work?
22:47 RealBadAngel charge it and put onto hotbar
22:47 JangoFett154 hotbar?
22:47 RealBadAngel where do you put your pick?
22:48 RealBadAngel this part of your inventory which is all the time visible on the screen
22:48 JangoFett154 oh
22:50 JangoFett154 it wont charge :/
22:50 RealBadAngel youre playin on a server?
22:52 Gizmokid2005 joined #minetest
22:52 RealBadAngel if so, wait till Oldcoder restarts the servers, if not dowload latest technic
22:52 OldCoder ABout 10 minutes
22:53 OldCoder Busy elsewhere
22:53 Kacey joined #minetest
22:53 JangoFett154 oh ok cool
22:53 Kacey hello
22:54 anunnaki to give myself gold blocks or gold tools what mod is it?
22:54 RealBadAngel moreores
22:54 anunnaki ty
22:54 anunnaki and i dont think mese tools other than a pickaxe are supported on my server
22:55 anunnaki so i have to use gold :(
22:55 Kacey there is no othermese tool besides a pickaxe
22:55 anunnaki or any other ore
22:55 RealBadAngel try mithril ones
22:55 anunnaki oh, i was on one of the wiki's and there were other mese tools
22:55 anunnaki hmm alright
22:56 RealBadAngel and there are also powered tools
22:56 anunnaki :O
22:56 Kacey gonna go check the wiki i guess
22:56 Kacey unless it is a mod
22:56 anunnaki http://minetest.net/wiki/doku.php?id=give_command_arguments
22:56 RealBadAngel laser, mining drills, screwdrivers
22:57 anunnaki what mod is that RealBadAngel ?
22:57 RealBadAngel and soon the flashlight
22:57 RealBadAngel technic
22:57 Kacey aaaah technic
22:58 RealBadAngel anunnaki, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7L44DC_UYx4&amp;feature=plcp
22:59 OldCoder Restarting now
22:59 RealBadAngel ok
22:59 anunnaki see yea my sound dont work on minetest either
22:59 anunnaki lol
22:59 OldCoder anunnaki, what sound?
22:59 anunnaki any sound
22:59 anunnaki lol
22:59 anunnaki if there is any
22:59 OldCoder No?
22:59 OldCoder FreeBSD client?
22:59 anunnaki windows
22:59 Kacey there is sound on minetest now oldcoder
22:59 OldCoder Are you using my client?
22:59 OldCoder Kacey, yes
22:59 RealBadAngel so easy, reinstall OpenAL
22:59 OldCoder Music
22:59 anunnaki yes
23:00 OldCoder I'll try to help
23:00 OldCoder U.S. worlds rebooting for Technic
23:00 RealBadAngel anunnaki, http://connect.creativelabs.com/openal/Downloads/Forms/AllItems.aspx
23:00 Kacey it wasnt a question
23:00 OldCoder Rebooted
23:00 RealBadAngel use OpenAL installer for windows
23:01 OldCoder Kacey, I thought it was because I'm the one who added Ambience to a dozen worlds
23:01 OldCoder
23:01 anunnaki ty RealBadAngel
23:01 OldCoder U.S. worlds restarted
23:01 Kacey lol
23:01 Taoki joined #minetest
23:01 JangoFett154 RBA is the deployer gonna be in next version?
23:02 RealBadAngel it is here, but not finished yet
23:02 JangoFett154 oh
23:03 Kacey learning how to code minetest
23:03 RealBadAngel OldCoder, and the EU?
23:04 OldCoder Shortly if the current worlds are working
23:04 OldCoder No problems so far?
23:05 JangoFett154 RBA quick question, if you have a water can and its empty and you pick up some, is there a way to  see how many are left?
23:08 ttk2 joined #minetest
23:08 anunnaki RealBadAngel, is the laser tool just called laser? technic:laser?
23:08 RealBadAngel the wear bar under the can show how much is  inside
23:09 RealBadAngel anunnaki, technic: laser_mk1
23:09 anunnaki ah, ok
23:10 RealBadAngel anunnaki, before use you have to charge it, if you dont have power production setup, you can come to my place to charge it
23:10 anunnaki ayea, i'm setting one up now, i'd like to know how to set one up myself, i'm watching your video
23:10 RealBadAngel oke
23:10 anunnaki aww he must be restarting
23:10 anunnaki i'll wait
23:10 OldCoder No
23:10 OldCoder The worlds should be up
23:11 OldCoder Not?
23:11 anunnaki yea they are, just stuck in place
23:11 anunnaki waiting for updates
23:11 OldCoder ah
23:11 RealBadAngel got info EU is goin down
23:11 anunnaki starting to love minetest more and more, so much i can do/build
23:11 RealBadAngel im waitin for the restart so i can test flashlights online
23:11 anunnaki and the building chests are fun too :P might have to make my own
23:12 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Going down in a minute to get all updates
23:12 RealBadAngel ok
23:15 anunnaki RealBadAngel, is there like a graphics update mod or something? noticed yours are better than mine
23:15 anunnaki lol
23:15 RealBadAngel use my texture pack for example
23:15 RealBadAngel Haven
23:16 anunnaki ok
23:16 OldCoder RealBadAngel, how do those compare to DokuTest?
23:16 RealBadAngel http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2419
23:16 OldCoder anunnaki, Shall we discuss the BSD distro this week? If it isn't clear we're actually going to go public with it
23:16 RealBadAngel dokutest is 32x32 i belive
23:17 OldCoder Assuming I can build it
23:17 OldCoder RealBadAngel, yes
23:17 RealBadAngel Haven is 128x128
23:17 OldCoder Hmm
23:17 anunnaki yea OldCoder sure
23:17 anunnaki did you see the screenshots/
23:17 OldCoder anunnaki, Yes and I thought I commented. If I did not; I am looking forward to trying this
23:18 anunnaki its awesome if you're running *nix on a older box and you want something lightweight
23:18 anunnaki onlything that thats kind of bulky is cairo-dock
23:21 Fixer left #minetest
23:22 OldCoder RealBadAngel, Europe has all updates active. Please verify that I didn't just break the world.
23:22 RealBadAngel conecting
23:24 RealBadAngel took 3 minutes to connect, so not bad at all
23:25 RealBadAngel and at the start new music
23:25 RealBadAngel cool
23:25 OldCoder RealBadAngel, works O.K. then
23:26 OldCoder Enjoy
23:26 RealBadAngel testing right now
23:26 OldCoder anunnaki, that sounds good
23:26 harrison spasim.org
23:29 krayonWork joined #minetest
23:31 OldCoder Hmm
23:31 OldCoder RealBadAngel, anunnaki, NakedFury: What do you think of the Node Ownership mod? Would this greatly reduce griefing? But it would also affect groups working together on buildings
23:31 * VanessaE peeks in
23:32 OldCoder VanessaE, hey!
23:32 VanessaE regarding node_ownership, you can sublet a property to own to as many people as you want
23:32 Kacey joined #minetest
23:32 VanessaE s/to own/you own/
23:32 Kacey rba are u on
23:32 NakedFury node ownership is used as a sort of town starter thingy
23:32 NakedFury and yes it can promote groups playing together
23:33 Kacey RealBadAngel are you on
23:33 VanessaE it's definitely helpful for anti-griefing
23:33 RealBadAngel yeah
23:33 VanessaE Kacey: much better.  "r" and "u" aren't words :-)
23:33 RealBadAngel Olcoder, that is useful
23:33 Kacey i cannot download technic
23:33 RealBadAngel why?
23:34 Kacey sometimes i have brainfarts or i am in a hurry
23:34 RealBadAngel VanessaE, try new flashlight, its out :)
23:34 VanessaE RealBadAngel: any troubles with that patch?
23:34 Kacey it turns into an unkown file
23:34 RealBadAngel no, any problems
23:34 RealBadAngel kacey, what link are you using?
23:35 VanessaE vanessa@rainbird:~$ ls Downloads/
23:35 VanessaE RealBadAngel-technic-909f010.zip
23:35 VanessaE Kacey: it downloads fine for me?
23:35 Kacey the one on the forum topic that says download mod
23:35 RealBadAngel verified, link is ok
23:35 VanessaE that ^^^ is the one on the forum that says "download mod".
23:36 Kacey it doesnt work for windows apparently
23:36 RealBadAngel lol
23:36 NakedFury copper dust and what gives me more copper ingots?
23:36 VanessaE get a better OS ;)
23:36 RealBadAngel works, windows here
23:36 OldCoder Consensus is node ownership
23:36 VanessaE Linux here, firefox.
23:36 OldCoder 12 browsers
23:36 VanessaE OldCoder: yes.  no reason not to install it - glomie's protector mod doesn't hold a candle to it :-)
23:36 anunnaki chrome4lyfe
23:36 anunnaki :P
23:36 Kacey internet explorer 8 on windows xp
23:37 anunnaki ew
23:37 RealBadAngel throw away IE
23:37 anunnaki who the hell uses IE
23:37 RealBadAngel suiciders
23:37 anunnaki lol
23:37 anunnaki enjoy your 'accidental' malware
23:37 Kacey i cant understand google chrome and it lags horribly (google chrome)
23:37 VanessaE IE *puke*
23:37 RealBadAngel kacey: install firefox and try again
23:38 anunnaki doesnt lag for me
23:38 NekoGloop joined #minetest