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00:00 NekoGloop :)
00:00 Obiewan1111 Are you being serious?
00:00 NekoGloop why yes, yes i am good sir.
00:00 Obiewan1111 I grant that they did make the first all in one computer.
00:00 marktraceur Kacey: Chuck Norris doesn't run into anything, things run into Chuck Norris' fists.
00:00 Kacey who is the guy who owns virgin mobile?
00:00 Obiewan1111 Err..
00:00 NekoGloop Kacey: the guy who hasnt fucked up his phone
00:00 marktraceur Kacey: Richard Branson
00:00 ADFENO Hahahaha marktraceur.
00:01 NekoGloop cwhutididthar.
00:01 Obiewan1111 They call Steve Jobs a legend, but he's far from it.
00:01 Obiewan1111 I'm more of a legend, than that idea stealing bitch.
00:01 Kacey good thing they didnt name him blow lol
00:02 NekoGloop woulda been more fitting
00:02 * marktraceur took a second of "Why? Blow Branson isn't all that offensive" before figuring out the order of that conversation
00:02 Kacey i broke moltenbot lol
00:02 NekoGloop moltenbot IS broken ;
00:02 Obiewan1111 Who's moltenbot.
00:02 NekoGloop ;)
00:02 Obiewan1111 ?*
00:03 marktraceur http://fsf.org
00:03 NekoGloop moltenbot ignores IPv6 :P
00:03 marktraceur Yup, broked.
00:03 Obiewan1111 hahgay.com
00:03 Obiewan1111 www.hahgay.com
00:03 marktraceur http://no-www.org
00:03 moltenbot marktraceur's link: www. is deprecated.
00:03 marktraceur Sweet.
00:03 Kacey lol i did !joke to many times
00:04 Obiewan1111 http://moltenbot sucks.com
00:04 NekoGloop !burp
00:04 marktraceur Wonder why it didn't pick up http://fsf.org
00:04 Obiewan1111 http://Let'splayagamemoltenbotnamethisurl.com
00:04 Obiewan1111 I win.
00:05 marktraceur I'm pretty sure that single quotes aren't allowed in domain names
00:05 jojoa1997 is anyone good with coding with privs
00:05 Kacey ?
00:05 Obiewan1111 Idc.
00:05 Obiewan1111 Idc.
00:06 Kacey "A study showed the leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart disease, 2. Kacey , 3. Cancer"
00:06 jojoa1997 Idc.?
00:06 Obiewan1111 Lulwhut? Double post.
00:06 NakedFury I dont care
00:06 NakedFury i d c
00:06 jojoa1997 whats that mean
00:06 Obiewan1111 Idc=I don't care.
00:06 jojoa1997 oh
00:06 NekoGloop idc= i dont crap
00:06 NakedFury idgc more rude
00:07 NekoGloop https://github.com/celeron55/minetest_game/commit/9e23e9ecbf351cbd7a07a894abca707c91f02a5b :DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
00:07 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: Wool group ?  9e23e9e ? celeron55/minetest_game ? GitHub
00:08 NakedFury wasnt that going to be changed to cotton to be more fitting with the current game state?
00:08 Kacey "A study showed the leading causes of death in the United States are: 1. Heart disease, 2. Kacey , 3. Cancer" haha
00:08 Obiewan1111 "A study showed nothing".
00:09 ADFENO Cotton is more suitable, for me, at least.
00:09 NekoGloop dont know dont care
00:10 NekoGloop it's finally got a fucking group
00:10 ADFENO Wool comes from animals. Cotton can also be used to make strings (idea from Stranded 2) :D
00:10 NekoGloop and my version doesnt have it
00:10 NekoGloop fck
00:13 Obiewan1111 This guy hacks FS2013... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LGCtSMQ-aN4&NR=1&feature=endscreen
00:14 Kacey nice
00:14 Kacey !up sourceforge.net
00:14 moltenbot Minetest server sourceforge.net:30000 DOWN
00:14 Kacey lol oops
00:14 Obiewan1111 !down sourceforge.net
00:15 NakedFury what is fs?
00:15 ADFENO <imitation type="fanatic">"I still prefer Harvest Moon. :D"</imitation>
00:15 NakedFury I would like harvest moon farming on minetest
00:15 ADFENO FS = file system?
00:15 Kacey tractors
00:15 Kacey FS = farm simulator
00:16 ADFENO Ah, hahaha.
00:16 NakedFury the only game I liked in that series was for playstation 1
00:16 ADFENO I'm being too nerd right now.
00:17 ADFENO I like all of them, but I haven't tested Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life, and beyound.
00:18 Kacey "If, by some incredible space-time paradox, Kacey  would ever fight himself, he\'d win. Period." yes i win
00:19 ADFENO Wow.
00:19 Uberi|Away but he'd also lose
00:20 Kacey haha no
00:20 Uberi aw yiss wool groups
00:20 NekoGloop Uberi: a tad late, are ye?
00:21 Kacey "Kacey  can compile syntax errors." yes i can
00:21 Uberi :P
00:21 kaeza (22:12:19) NakedFury: I would like harvest moon farming on minetest
00:21 kaeza +1
00:21 NekoGloop s/Kacey/Chuck Norris/
00:22 Kacey "Kacey  can dereference NULL."
00:22 * ADFENO agrees with NakedFury's quote made by kaeza.
00:22 NekoGloop s/Kacey/Chuck Norris/
00:22 kaeza Kacey: that's why your brain had a core dump :P
00:22 ADFENO :D
00:23 Uberi oh snap
00:23 Kacey omg yesterday i forgot how to read and write
00:23 * NakedFury agrees with ADFEN0 doing a me about kaeza quoting NakedFury
00:23 * NekoGloop agrees with meow
00:23 ADFENO wow.
00:24 Kacey that explains why
00:24 NekoGloop /\
00:24 NekoGloop pfft
00:24 NekoGloop /\
00:24 NekoGloop /\  /\
00:24 NekoGloop triforce.
00:24 * kaeza agreens with NakedFury spamming the channel agreeing with ADFENO doing a me about kaeza quoting NakedFury
00:24 kaeza agrees*
00:24 ADFENO Wow³.
00:25 Kacey hey guys wanna see voltron force?
00:25 kaeza NekoGloop: Power, Wisdow, Courage -- Pick any two :)
00:25 kaeza Wisdom*
00:25 ADFENO Wisdom².
00:25 Uberi well I certainly don't want wisdow, whatever that is
00:25 NekoGloop kaeza: Power so i can kick your ass, Wisdom so i can know how to get the fuck out
00:25 kaeza but you won't have the Courage :)
00:26 NekoGloop That's why i'd run afterward.
00:26 Uberi heheh
00:26 kaeza trollolol
00:26 VanessaE Wisdom and Courage, fuck power.
00:26 Kacey /_\
00:27 Kacey i cant find it /_\
00:27 NekoGloop hehe
00:27 NekoGloop counting spaces ftw
00:27 NekoGloop /_\
00:27 NekoGloop /_\   /_\
00:27 NekoGloop fck
00:27 NekoGloop /_\
00:27 NekoGloop /_\ /_\
00:27 NekoGloop fck
00:28 Kacey failures
00:28 NekoGloop /_\
00:28 VanessaE (with Wisdom and Courage comes the ability to do things that Power alone would otherwise be needed for, therefor Power is not really that badly needed)
00:28 NekoGloop /_\ /_\
00:28 Kacey troll
00:28 kaeza â–³
00:28 kaeza â–³  â–³
00:28 kaeza beat that :)
00:28 NekoGloop fck
00:28 NekoGloop kaeza: easy
00:28 NekoGloop â–³
00:28 NekoGloop â–³ â–³
00:28 kaeza fail
00:28 NekoGloop like actually spacing properly :)
00:28 NekoGloop samewidth fonts ftw
00:28 kaeza hehe
00:29 VanessaE people use IRC with proportional fonts? o.O
00:29 Kacey http://www.duffelblog.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/chucknorris.jpeg i win
00:29 NekoGloop VanessaE: webchat
00:29 ADFENO Wow... I'm seeing triangles... More triangles... Here... There.. On my father's controller, oh...
00:29 ADFENO :D
00:29 VanessaE NekoGloop: meh.
00:29 Kacey i wonder could i play minetest with a 360 controller?
00:29 NekoGloop Kacey: the more pictures i see of chuck norrix, the more i see the similarity between him and Jeb.
00:30 NekoGloop norrix? norris.
00:30 Uberi hey I use proportional fonts
00:30 VanessaE Kacey: with an appropriate key mapper, why not?
00:30 kaeza VanessaE: pidgin
00:30 VanessaE xchat ftw.
00:30 Uberi with pidgin
00:30 NekoGloop webchat ftw
00:30 ADFENO I'm using Pidgin.
00:30 Kacey XChat ftw
00:30 kaeza ftw FTW!
00:30 NekoGloop no installing, no wasting space on my computer
00:30 NekoGloop also not a dime spent.
00:30 VanessaE xchat for linux is free
00:30 VanessaE :)
00:30 Kacey Chuck Norris ftw!!!!!!!!!1!!!!!1one!!!!!!!2!!!!
00:31 kaeza lol 2?
00:31 Uberi also there are free windows builds of xchat
00:31 Kacey 2 yes
00:31 NakedFury kacey use xpadder and you could
00:31 VanessaE Kacey: you fotgot "eleven" :-)
00:31 Uberi and I use pidgin portable
00:31 Kacey xpadder?
00:31 NekoGloop Chuck Norris ftw!!!!!!1!!!111!!!!meow!!!
00:32 kaeza RMS jokes FTW!!
00:32 ADFENO I like Pidgin, but I can't set it to access my SIP address using SIMPLE. Whichi I'll try tomorrow.
00:33 kaeza Uberi: isn't 'xchat' X11-based?
00:33 ADFENO Wow.
00:33 NekoGloop we should add stick, wood, stone, metal groups
00:33 NekoGloop well there is a stone one but what about the others.
00:33 kaeza lolwut
00:33 jojoa1997 what is so special about wool group
00:34 NekoGloop jojoa1997: crafting recipes in mods can use all the wools now
00:34 NekoGloop also getting 16 wools from one is kinda stupid.
00:34 jojoa1997 i am lost when did this happen
00:34 NekoGloop jojoa1997: never
00:34 Uberi kaeza: nope I ran it on windows for a while
00:34 Uberi but it didn't have the features I want
00:35 NekoGloop so he switched to linux to hack it.
00:35 kaeza Linux h4x0rz FTW!!
00:35 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caAGyHayvaY
00:35 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: English Cover?JubyPhonic P?Hide And Seek ???? - YouTube
00:36 kaeza (ad provided by GloopAds)
00:36 kaeza :D
00:36 ADFENO Woow.
00:37 Doc22 joined #minetest
00:37 Kacey i need an xpadder-like program for free for linux
00:38 Doc22 xpadder?
00:38 Doc22 wazzat?
00:38 Kacey i want to play minetest on a 360 controller
00:38 Doc22 oh
00:38 kaeza Kacey: qjoypad :)
00:38 Doc22 idk how to help there
00:39 ADFENO Yes, QJoypad. :D
00:39 marktraceur I have had *poor success* with joysticks and minetest
00:39 marktraceur It's just not as exact
00:40 OldCoder Hi
00:40 kaeza hey OldCoder
00:40 marktraceur OldCoder: Evening
00:40 marktraceur Er, TZAG
00:40 OldCoder o/
00:40 kaeza \o
00:40 NekoGloop ding dong, hurry up I'm waiting~
00:40 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caAGyHayvaY
00:40 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: English Cover?JubyPhonic P?Hide And Seek ???? - YouTube
00:40 marktraceur /o
00:40 * OldCoder posts a sign that says Lovable Kittens to Good Homes. The kittens gradually disperse to places where they are needed.
00:40 marktraceur NekoGloop: You've posted that link already, can you please keep it to one?
00:40 kaeza /o: command not found
00:41 * VanessaE grabs NekoGloop's kitten generator and pours a few more at OldCoder's feet :D
00:41 marktraceur kaeza: It's a guy scratching his head
00:41 NekoGloop VanessaE: h-hey!
00:41 OldCoder Kitten Generator O_o
00:41 NekoGloop That is a VERY expensive piece of equipment!
00:41 * OldCoder ponders the notion
00:42 * Kacey wants a kitten generator
00:42 OldCoder Whirr! Click! Meow! Whirr! Click! Meow! It is quite a picture
00:42 VanessaE NekoGloop: relax, I grabbed the spare one.  you know, the one that only seems to generate siamese and calico? ;-)
00:42 NekoGloop minetest texture pack for minecraft. Is now possible with mese being a crystal.
00:42 Mika_R joined #minetest
00:42 NekoGloop not that i would ofc. to me vanilla minetest is crappy as hell
00:43 kaeza <maybeabitofftopic>where's the code that generates the nyancat?</maybeabitofftopic>
00:43 Mika_R VanessaE, still working with the home decor?
00:43 VanessaE Mika_R: of course, though there haven't been any updates recently.  I've been too busy with regular life
00:43 kaeza hai Mika_R
00:43 marktraceur [o (guy raising hand) ,_o_, (guy directing traffic), (o (guy throwing uppercut), <o (guy saluting)
00:44 ADFENO Let's change it to generate a MooGNU.
00:44 marktraceur <o> (guy covering his ears)
00:44 NekoGloop kaeza: in mapgen.lua of default mod.
00:44 kaeza marktraceur: (o = guy doing shoryuken (right, right-down, right, punch)
00:44 Uberi heh never noticed the (o
00:44 NekoGloop VanessaE: gasp. wtf is that.
00:45 VanessaE NekoGloop: what, real life? :-)
00:45 Uberi what's a regular life?
00:45 kaeza NekoGloop: thx :)
00:45 VanessaE oh, it's that thing you're supposed to do for a few hours every morning and evening between sleep and (school|work|coding|IRC)
00:45 Kacey libxtst?
00:46 ADFENO Up², down², (left, right)², B, A. Done. :D
00:46 kaeza Konami Code FTW!!
00:46 VanessaE ADFENO: you forgot Start, Select, L1, L1, X, O....
00:46 kaeza you get 30 lives
00:46 NekoGloop you should try entering that on a few different websites.
00:46 jojoa1997 If necesity == life then life = minetest
00:47 ADFENO :D Actually, I was trying the Konami code. :D
00:47 NekoGloop Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter.
00:47 kaeza mommy, where's the L1 key ?
00:47 kaeza :P
00:47 Mika_R hi Kaeza
00:47 VanessaE OI was kidding, I tend to forget some games actually had defined standard codes like that
00:47 Kacey mcfly
00:47 Kacey "hoverboard nlocked"
00:47 Kacey :P
00:47 marktraceur NekoGloop: The weapons cheat from GTASA?
00:47 VanessaE kaeza: shoulder buttons on a standard PSX controller of course :-)
00:47 sapier1 have a look at all new monorail mod now supporting transport carts ... yes it's in "old mods" besides I don't understand why it was moved
00:48 NekoGloop marktraceur: no, the code you press on some websites for some special hidden stuff.
00:48 marktraceur *nod* I got it now
00:48 VanessaE sapier1: you sure?  looks like it's in Mod Releases to me... :D
00:48 marktraceur Backscroll is my friend
00:48 kaeza VanessaE: no L1 *key* on a PC keyb :/
00:48 sapier1 :-) that was quick
00:48 Kacey alt+L+1
00:49 ADFENO Hahaha.
00:49 Mika_R does that konami code work in old sonic?
00:49 VanessaE though as usual I forgot to turn off that STUPID! subject redirect checkbox.
00:49 kaeza Mika_R: Sonic==Sega
00:49 VanessaE celeron55: can you please make that thing default to off?  it's too easy to forget
00:49 ADFENO Wow... :D
00:49 kaeza Contra==Konami
00:49 NekoGloop ±ƒ╚TÄeƒ╚±T╖Äe
00:49 kaeza (or Castlevania)
00:50 kaeza ANSI graphic chars FTW!!
00:50 ADFENO Yay... Castlevania.
00:50 Mika_R Kaeza, in old sonic on Sega Genesis was 1 cheat, opened all the levels, never learnt it and last summer i gave the sega to my nephew
00:50 VanessaE sapier1: damn, those are some expensive recipes
00:50 NekoGloop I pressed random buttons on my alt thing
00:50 VanessaE four mese blocks for one lousy pusher? :)
00:50 kaeza oh, right... Windows
00:50 sapier1 :-)
00:50 sapier1 too expensive?
00:50 kaeza we don't have the Alt+num thing on Lin
00:51 NekoGloop Mika_R: some combination of sound test things
00:51 Mika_R VanessaE, how about some corners to the fences?
00:51 * ADFENO agrees with kaeza.
00:51 VanessaE sapier1: they were cheap enough before, but now they're...a little pricey :-)
00:51 VanessaE sapier1: remember, mese blocks are 9x more valuable now :)
00:51 sapier1 its 5 pushers ;-)
00:51 VanessaE Mika_R: eh.. I dunno.  I'll think about that
00:51 Mika_R NekoGloop, ?
00:51 NekoGloop Mika_R: to unlock the debug menu, IIRC
00:52 NekoGloop though you need to unlock the sound test first :)
00:52 sapier1 and you do need pusher only at end of track
00:52 NekoGloop which is in this handy dandy tips and tricks codebook
00:52 NekoGloop which is across the room from me
00:52 kaeza Mika_R: BTW the Konami Code works on Capcom games too
00:52 NekoGloop which I'm too lazy to get
00:52 kaeza (at least on Megaman X4/5/6
00:52 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l3Gl9gPdG2w
00:53 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: [KAITO] Hide and Seek+VSQ [????] - YouTube
00:53 kaeza (ad provided by GloopAds)
00:53 ADFENO Wow.
00:53 NekoGloop (stupid remark provided by kaeza inc.
00:53 jojoa1997 can anyone help i get this error
00:53 jojoa1997 error=bad arguement #1 to 'get_player_privs' (string expected, got nil)
00:53 jojoa1997 for
00:53 jojoa1997 minetest.get_player_privs(name)
00:53 sapier1 is name nil?
00:54 kaeza jojoa1997: post the relevant code
00:54 jojoa1997 how do i get names to be the player privs
00:54 jojoa1997 ok
00:54 VanessaE sapier1: btw, Animals had to be removed.  It was killing my server :(
00:54 jojoa1997 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1497774/
00:55 Kacey !up
00:55 kaeza jojoa1997: *relevant* code, not *all*
00:55 moltenbot Minetest server UP
00:55 sapier1 :-( do you have any idea what exactly was wrong?
00:55 VanessaE sapier1: that race condition I keep fighting with, it got worse with Animals :(
00:55 VanessaE the EmergeThread race issue.
00:55 NekoGloop the ErMehGerd race issue.
00:55 sapier1 is this same as collision check problem?
00:55 jojoa1997 yes
00:55 jojoa1997 no
00:55 Uberi hasn't the dtime clamping issue been merged already?
00:55 VanessaE sapier1: I don't think so.
00:55 VanessaE Uberi: eh?
00:55 jojoa1997 line 368
00:56 kaeza NekoGloop: mer fervet burg
00:56 jojoa1997 error=bad arguement #1 to 'get_player_privs' (string expected, got nil)
00:56 kaeza jojoa1997: k checking...
00:57 kaeza jojoa1997: where do you get `name' from?
00:57 kaeza I mean, why is it in the global chunk?
00:57 sapier1 Uberi: no wasn't merged
00:57 Kacey sapier1 where do i get monorail rails from on creative?
00:57 kaeza (i.e: outside any function)
00:58 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ROdoGff6ovQ
00:58 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: Namine Ritsu - Declare War on All VOC@LOID +mp3 - YouTube
00:58 kaeza (ads ...) meh
00:58 jojoa1997 i was trying to get the privs of the players
00:58 VanessaE sapier1: relevant:  http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest-dev/2012-12-21#i_2740418
00:58 sapier1 kacey don't know I haven't done anything to remove them
00:58 VanessaE sapier1: that's the discussion we had in -dev about this issue
00:58 Kacey i got it
00:59 kaeza jojoa1997: the get_player_privs() call must be *inside* a callback function
01:00 kaeza jojoa1997: no PM's please
01:00 jojoa1997 ok
01:00 jojoa1997 ok
01:00 jojoa1997 will it still work wiith what i am trying to do
01:00 M13 joined #minetest
01:00 Kacey sapier1 you need to replace default:mese with something else from the mese family
01:00 kaeza I don't know where to start....
01:01 kaeza that code has many things wrongs
01:01 VanessaE Kacey: no he doesn't, it just means his recipes are expensive :-)
01:01 kaeza -a
01:01 kaeza +a-s
01:01 sapier1 vanessae I don't quite remember but you run latest github server am I right?
01:01 Kacey i tried with a mese block and got nothing
01:01 VanessaE sapier1: yup
01:02 VanessaE I update fairly frequently.
01:02 sapier1 does emergethread bug consume all memory too?
01:03 Mika_R left #minetest
01:03 VanessaE I haven't noticed, but it consumes large quantities of CPU, or sometimes just hangs internally without using very much
01:03 VanessaE OldCoder: Updates for my world/game/map/cache are available just now.
01:03 NekoGloop oh god, this giant api function is sooo awesome
01:04 sapier1 ok then it's most likely not same bug ... I wonder why you didn't run into collision handler bug
01:04 VanessaE sapier1: it is possible that I did hit that bug and just didn't realize it.
01:04 Obiewan1111 Good night.
01:04 Obiewan1111 Why did I even fucking stay up.
01:05 Obiewan1111 I get what's that 5 hours of sleep. -.-
01:05 OldCoder VanessaE, O.K.
01:05 Obiewan1111 URGH.
01:05 VanessaE because you can? :-0
01:05 * NekoGloop puts a kitten with a little t-shirt that says "Sleep is for n00bs" on VanessaE's head
01:06 Uberi left #minetest
01:06 * VanessaE hands the kitten off to OldCoder and pours a bunch more from Neko's kitten generator onto the pile
01:06 NekoGloop *the kitten walks back over to Vanessa and sits at her feet*
01:06 VanessaE aww
01:07 jojoa1997 Player.on_step = function(self, dtime)
01:07 * VanessaE snuggles with it, then sets it back on OldCoder's pile, along with some treats
01:07 NekoGloop also: the kitten generator doesnt go *that* fast.
01:07 jojoa1997 would that work to start off
01:07 VanessaE NekoGloop: you forgot to shut it off earlier, I was just dumping out the collector bin.
01:07 NekoGloop you already did :O
01:08 VanessaE NekoGloop: you keep leaving that on and you're gonna have one HELL of an electric bill next month.
01:08 NekoGloop VanessaE: it runs purely on compressed kalite bars.
01:08 VanessaE oh that's right
01:08 mauvebic entry panels work http://www.zimg.eu/i/3388826269
01:08 VanessaE yeah but the kalite has to come from somewhere, and I don't see any powerplants anywhere nearby :-)
01:09 VanessaE mauvebic: sweet
01:09 VanessaE pull request that sucker :-)
01:10 mauvebic you may need to create a sort of capacitor pump though
01:10 VanessaE storage tank :-)
01:10 VanessaE that's what the intent of those was
01:10 mauvebic that works too lol
01:10 VanessaE as a buffer/capacitor
01:10 VanessaE not unlike the battery boxes in RealBadAngel's technic
01:10 Kacey weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
01:11 Kacey im riding a monorail cart
01:11 mauvebic anyways, the inakes/pump will now take any liquid from any mod - and the pressure from pump/intake is 100 -1 for each pipe segment
01:11 jojoa1997 kaeza: Player.on_step = function(self, dtime) minetest.get_player_privs(name)
01:11 VanessaE mauvebic: sweetness.
01:11 VanessaE mauvebic: pull request plz. :-)
01:11 VanessaE I must have this. :-)
01:12 mauvebic it might take less time for me to send through ompldr lol
01:12 VanessaE yeah but do that and I'll have to manually merge your changes again
01:12 Kacey sapier1: transport cart crashes server
01:12 sapier1 can you give me the error message?
01:13 Kacey no :(
01:13 sapier1 ? Can't fix it without knowing whats wrong?
01:13 NekoGloop VanessaE: a kalite fabricator hooked up to a particle compressor which sends the compressed kalite into the kitten generator
01:13 Kacey cant find the error
01:14 mauvebic the only thing that changed is the flow logic section and the entry panel node dec (made it 2 instead of 1 node with _empty _loaded)
01:14 mauvebic latest http://ompldr.org/vZ3k3bQ/pipeworks-gangnam_flowlogic.zip
01:14 sapier1 hmm :-/
01:14 VanessaE mauvebic: got it.
01:15 mauvebic i may have forgotten to comment out some print commands lol
01:15 VanessaE mauvebic: awww man you put it all in one file again :(
01:15 mauvebic but you change those to dbg
01:15 mauvebic ive been working from the same copy
01:15 sapier1 Kacey do you have mesecon installed?
01:16 Kacey yep
01:16 sapier1 probably thats difference I haven't atm I'll try
01:16 VanessaE mauvebic: I can't make sense of this :(
01:17 VanessaE can you please pull from git master and code against that?
01:17 VanessaE (without one-filing everything)
01:18 mauvebic lines 675 to 713 should be in devices.lua
01:18 mauvebic 332 to 513 is the new flow.lua
01:18 mauvebic replaces everything thats there
01:19 VanessaE no it ain't :-)
01:19 VanessaE line 332 is in the middle of the register_node() call for spigots :-)
01:20 Kacey i dont have pumps :(
01:20 mauvebic no ascii art?
01:20 sapier1 hmm it doesn't even start with latest mesecon version
01:21 VanessaE plenty of ascii art, but:
01:21 VanessaE on_construct = function(pos)
01:21 VanessaE local meta = minetest.env:get_meta(pos)
01:21 VanessaE meta:set_int("pipelike",1)
01:21 VanessaE end,
01:21 VanessaE node_box = { type = "fixed", fixed = spigotboxes, },
01:21 VanessaE selection_box = { type = "fixed", fixed = { -2/16, -6/16, -2/16, 2/16, 2/16, 8/16 } }
01:21 VanessaE that "end" is line 332.
01:21 mauvebic weird me its on 641
01:22 klunk tchao :-)
01:22 klunk left #minetest
01:22 mauvebic wrong one
01:22 VanessaE mauvebic: refactor your code against pipeworks git master and pull request it
01:22 VanessaE this is gonna get too complicated otherwise.
01:23 sapier1 great ... is there a way to do one version that supports both mese and non mese?
01:25 VanessaE sapier1: check whether mese crystals are registered..um, hold a sec
01:25 VanessaE where the hell did I put that code
01:25 kaeza VanessaE: can you craft MESE crystals back from shards?
01:26 kaeza s/shards/fragments/
01:26 VanessaE if minetest.registered_nodes["default:mese_crystal"] == nil then  [so stuff that doesn't use crystals] else [do stuff that does] end
01:26 VanessaE kaeza: no, because when you craft them, you're actually shattering the crystal.
01:26 kaeza k
01:26 sapier1 hmm not quite sur if this is what i was looking for but I'll try
01:26 VanessaE s/so stuff/do stuff/
01:27 VanessaE sapier1: or, you could just register a new craft using crystals and just blithely leave it there - it's harmless to old MT versions.
01:27 Kacey how do i turn on a pump?
01:27 VanessaE Kacey: punch it.
01:27 Kacey it dissapears when i do that
01:28 VanessaE Kacey: O.O
01:28 VanessaE disappears!?
01:28 leo_rockway so much violence... I'd disappear too if somebody tried to punch me.
01:28 Kacey maybe mesecons could be applied for the power
01:28 ADFENO I must go now, it's 11:30 PM here.
01:28 leo_rockway Kacey: idk what you're talking about, but I like technic for power and mesecons for logic.
01:29 ADFENO Bye everybody.
01:29 VanessaE night ADFENO
01:29 leo_rockway bye, ADFENO
01:29 ADFENO left #minetest
01:29 sapier1 that's not my problem my problem atm is that i need to add mesecon info to my node definition ... which will fail if no mesecon mod is installed am i correct?
01:30 VanessaE sapier1: correct.  So you need to check for the presence of some registered mesecons node e.g. a mesecons wire.  If it exists, execute the code needed to hook into the mesecons api
01:31 Kacey turned creative mode off
01:31 sapier1 thats what i did before latest version requires registering whole different nodes?
01:31 VanessaE Kacey: I test routinely in vanilla minetest_game both in creative mode and in standard mode.
01:31 NekoGloop it should need a right click
01:32 * VanessaE pokes mauvebic with a pull request icon :D
01:32 VanessaE NekoGloop: no.  :-)
01:32 NekoGloop yes.
01:32 VanessaE mauvebic and I *just* got water flow working.  I'm not about to switch to using rightclicks yet :-)
01:33 mauvebic rightclicks?
01:33 mauvebic did i send the right version?
01:33 VanessaE mauvebic: new feature added today, lets a mod catch a right-click for something other than a formspec.
01:33 VanessaE mauvebic: unrelated to pipeworks.
01:33 NekoGloop https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/commit/5bc14e2fe45f12cdb69d302807d05985ee5552ee
01:33 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: Add on_rightclick(pos, node, clicker) callback for nodes ?  5bc14e2 ? celeron55/minetest ? GitHub
01:33 mauvebic ok lol
01:34 VanessaE mauvebic: refactor against current pipeworks git master and pull request plz.
01:34 Kacey right-click menu with a switch
01:35 NekoGloop [transformR90?
01:36 kaeza NekoGloop: I'm working on the documentation about that
01:36 VanessaE NekoGloop: rotates the texture listed to the left of the command by 90 degrees clockwise before applying it to the node/item
01:36 kaeza just being a bit laxy
01:36 kaeza lazy+
01:36 NekoGloop lazy*
01:36 kaeza **
01:36 NekoGloop VanessaE: so digging, not smacking?
01:37 VanessaE NekoGloop: eh?
01:37 NekoGloop instead of smacking with a shovel, we're digging ;)
01:37 VanessaE oh, yes
01:40 jojoa1997 how do i make this be for players
01:40 jojoa1997 Player.on_step = function(self, dtime)
01:41 Kacey VanessaE:idea: make the pipes slightly stronger as in more hp or whatever
01:42 VanessaE stronger!?
01:42 VanessaE you mean digging groups?
01:42 Kacey yes so they dont dissapear with one click in creative
01:42 VanessaE they're supposed to - that's a feature in creative now apparently.
01:43 VanessaE in normal mode, they'll take a second or two each to dig.
01:43 NekoGloop soo cant wait for pipes that carry ITEMS
01:43 VanessaE NekoGloop: pneumatic tubes, technic mod.
01:43 NekoGloop VanessaE: ones that can be used in a useful manner
01:43 mauvebic where does oil spawn in oil mod?
01:44 VanessaE mauvebic: shallow water at a beach, at the sand-water interface I think
01:44 OldCoder If I add node_ownership by randomproof to a world should I remove glomie protector?
01:44 VanessaE http://i.imgur.com/JewyW.png
01:44 VanessaE OldCoder: no need, they don't interfere with one another afaik.
01:45 OldCoder How do people feel about these two these days?
01:45 NekoGloop one is better than the other :P
01:45 OldCoder Which one?
01:45 NekoGloop protect block
01:45 OldCoder protector limits to -1000
01:45 OldCoder protect block?
01:45 OldCoder Is that the third?
01:45 NekoGloop you should be able to remove that IIRC
01:45 OldCoder I know there are three
01:45 OldCoder NekoGloop, safe to patch it out?
01:45 NekoGloop OldCoder: protect block == protector
01:45 OldCoder Glomie
01:45 OldCoder So use both
01:45 VanessaE OldCoder: I am partial to node_ownership, because that requires the admin or operator to issue the protection, meaning some random player can't just claim land someone else built on.
01:46 OldCoder VanessaE, would you keep protector as well?
01:46 OldCoder Hmm
01:46 OldCoder I guess not
01:46 NekoGloop VanessaE: they cant place it if you've protected your land :P
01:46 VanessaE OldCoder: I don't see a reason to keep it, as long as you have time to answer protection requests
01:46 OldCoder Well, I don't but world admins would
01:46 OldCoder O.K.
01:46 VanessaE sfan5: are you awake?
01:47 NekoGloop yes! super seeecret api for super seeeecret project is done :P
01:47 mauvebic you could always sell predefined 'lots' on the server, that could be done automatically
01:47 mauvebic (sell with funny money)
01:48 NekoGloop now to actually make a super seeeecret use for it :P
01:48 OldCoder Do people have opinions on the Nether mod?
01:48 kaeza OldCoder: just no
01:48 kaeza don't use it
01:48 mauvebic never tried it, does it work?
01:49 OldCoder kaeza, O.K. Go on.
01:49 OldCoder mauvebic, I don't know yet myself
01:49 VanessaE OldCoder: it's old, outdated, and extremely slow.
01:49 OldCoder k!
01:49 VanessaE OldCoder: do not use it.
01:49 kaeza the nether mod lags the server as...well, the nethe
01:49 kaeza +r
01:49 OldCoder Heh
01:49 OldCoder There is consensus
01:49 OldCoder never nether :p
01:49 OldCoder nethver
01:49 kaeza ;)
01:49 mauvebic we attack at dawn, leave no survivors
01:50 mauvebic i need villager NPC's for pillaging
01:50 sapier1 vanessae why has olde mesecon register_conductor support been dropped?
01:50 VanessaE sapier1: I'm not entirely sure, I have not read up on the new API Jeija is working on
01:50 NekoGloop whaaaaat
01:51 NekoGloop mesecons making progress instead of just updating every few seconds with miniscule changes
01:51 NekoGloop what is this.
01:51 kaeza lol
01:51 VanessaE NekoGloop: yep
01:51 sapier1 the way he's doing it right now makes it imposible to create mods that do run without mesecon installed ... at least i don't se a obvious way atm
01:51 Exio kaeza: the nether is slow as hell!
01:51 VanessaE sapier1: he's reworking the API for now
01:52 NekoGloop sapier1: you could always code in a soft dependancy.
01:52 Kacey afk dinner
01:52 NekoGloop like i should have done for gates mod
01:52 kaeza inb4 /nick Kacey|dinner
01:52 NekoGloop and because xyz stole my post i cant update :P
01:52 sapier1 no you can't if you need to do node different if a mod is present or not
01:53 Kacey nvm it will be here in an hour
01:53 sapier1 node registration
01:53 VanessaE sapier1: all you have to do is check for the presence of mesecons wires having been registered.
01:53 NekoGloop what the fuck.
01:53 NekoGloop did he fuck up the api since i left?
01:53 sapier1 they aren't as my mod is loaded prior mesecons
01:53 kaeza how about we put captchas to prevent node spambots from registering?
01:53 VanessaE sapier1: damn it.
01:53 kaeza </badjoke>
01:54 VanessaE sapier1: check for the presence of mesecons files on disk then
01:54 NekoGloop that is known as a soft depends :P
01:54 mauvebic still cant find oil lol
01:54 VanessaE e.g. look for mesecons/init.lua, if present, register.
01:54 NekoGloop mauvebic: then get better at it
01:54 sapier1 great ... hop pilzadam fixes this again as it's a regression to prior state of mesecons
01:54 VanessaE mauvebic: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=962
01:55 kaeza sapier1: according to celeron55 (or somebody) you can use minetest.get_modpath() to check for the availability of a mod
01:55 VanessaE kaeza: yes; I've used that myself once or twice
01:55 NekoGloop sapier1: ikr
01:56 sapier1 hmmm might work thx ... nevertheless its 100 lines of code compared to 6 lines it has been before ... not quite what i call "proggress"
01:56 kaeza cant remember if it returns nil or "" if mod not avail
01:56 VanessaE kaeza: nil I think
01:57 NekoGloop guess I'm making my own logic wires then
01:57 NekoGloop :)
01:57 * Kacey needs a mod idea
01:57 mauvebic under water thats where im looking lol am i sposed to dig ?
01:57 VanessaE mauvebic: no, apparently it should just be there, randomly - if the mod still works!
01:58 VanessaE maybe just do a /giveme and place a bunch for testing :)
01:58 mauvebic great lol none of my liquids work either :/
01:58 kaeza sapier: local path=minetest.get_modpath("foomod"); if (path) then dofile(path.."/init.lua"); foomod_available = true; end
01:59 mauvebic http://www.zimg.eu/i/3339724765
02:00 VanessaE heh
02:00 VanessaE doesn't flow eh? :-)
02:00 kaeza that's strange
02:00 kaeza I got it flowing
02:00 mauvebic nope, neither does any other liquid i try to add
02:00 VanessaE or you mean the content_ignore errors, not sure why those happen
02:00 VanessaE mauvebic: some ABM has you stalled out then
02:01 VanessaE ABMs are used to make liquids flow I think
02:01 Kacey bbl
02:01 mauvebic but lava and water still flow :/
02:01 VanessaE weird
02:01 NekoGloop mauvebic: try calling nodeupdate when you place a liquid out of a pipe
02:01 VanessaE dunno, must be some engine change since oil mod was written
02:03 mauvebic ill try compiling the latest engine from git in its own folder
02:04 NekoGloop nodeupdate(pos) where pos is the node being updated
02:04 VanessaE mauvebic: I suspect you need to go the other way, e.g. back to 0.4.1 or even 0.4.0-dev
02:04 NekoGloop use it when placing a liquid out of a pipe.
02:04 mauvebic i cant, economy mods needs fixed item_image rba submitted
02:05 VanessaE mauvebic: I mean for testing the oil mod - it obviously needs updated :-/
02:05 VanessaE you know what the irony of this is?  I originally wrote pipeworks as a replacement for oil mod's pipes
02:06 NekoGloop teaser of new api thing (i hope you can guess :3): http://pastebin.com/rctyQA8K
02:06 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: glooptest.ore_module.register_ore("glooptest", "kalite", "Kalite", {  ore = {   - Pastebin.com
02:06 mauvebic the version i have: none of the mod liquids work
02:06 VanessaE NekoGloop: be sure you start from my fork of gloopblocks, I fixed some broken recipes.
02:06 mauvebic in one case i copied the dec from default and changed the name and texture and still didn't work
02:07 VanessaE when you get to that mod I mean :)
02:07 mauvebic so hoepfully its just a bug that updating will fix
02:07 NekoGloop VanessaE: blocks_module will be from scratch anyhow.
02:07 VanessaE blocks_module? o.O
02:07 NekoGloop the ore_module, blocks_module, etc.
02:08 NekoGloop tis a modpack :)
02:08 VanessaE as long as you don't break the old node names :-)
02:09 sapier1 minetest.get_modpath won't work either as you need mesecons.on/off on registering nodes ... without setting a dependency you can't enforce mod load order
02:09 NekoGloop gloopblocks will likely be broken as i will likely add completely different things.
02:09 VanessaE my server uses gloopores and gloopblocks fairly liberally.
02:09 VanessaE nooooooOOOOOooooOOOooooOOoooOooOOooOoOoOOo
02:09 NekoGloop gloopores will be supported with aliases
02:09 Kacey joined #minetest
02:09 Kacey back lol
02:09 NekoGloop VanessaE: they should be considered seperate mods, and should be used in combination.
02:09 VanessaE NekoGloop: well, okay as long as there's no duplication between them
02:10 Aggies joined #minetest
02:10 VanessaE what made you decide to resume working on it?
02:10 NekoGloop boredom
02:10 Kacey Aggies, ##kacey please
02:10 VanessaE heh
02:10 VanessaE ok, well I look forward to seeing what you come up with :-)
02:10 NekoGloop besides, I'm writing this all from scratch.
02:11 Aggies ##kacey please
02:11 NekoGloop CC-BY-NC-SA license on it all.
02:11 VanessaE sounds okay to me
02:11 NekoGloop some parts may be licensed differently, just to comply with other licenses should i use anyone else's code.
02:12 VanessaE ok
02:12 NekoGloop which is why i wanted generate_ore exposed; too lazy to see if LGPL v2.1 is compatible in any form with CC-BY-NC-SA
02:12 VanessaE as long as people are free to steal your work ;)
02:12 NekoGloop my work, sure.
02:13 NekoGloop because it's shit anyway :P
02:13 VanessaE so
02:13 VanessaE so's mine, but I write it anyway :)
02:13 VanessaE there's a reason mauvebic is doing the fluid flowing code for pipeworks :)
02:14 NekoGloop because you're too incapable of doing it yourself? :>
02:14 VanessaE because when it comes to that kind of logic, I suck :)
02:14 NekoGloop pfft, why need logic
02:14 NekoGloop just check for connected pipes and alter metadata :P
02:15 VanessaE ask celeron55.  He'll tell you my logic is random :)
02:15 NekoGloop like the fact that sometimes you ping him and some times you dont?
02:15 VanessaE no, that's just a mood thing :)
02:16 NekoGloop anyway, that little snippet is obviously code for adding a kalite ore.
02:16 VanessaE before you do that
02:16 NekoGloop while not adding the lump or anything else, it does that much.
02:16 mauvebic nope liquids still dont wont in newest version and i have to hold 'e' to fast move (not happy lol)
02:16 VanessaE generate_ore() was just exposed in the minetest API today
02:16 VanessaE so you don't have to copy the code.
02:16 NekoGloop Kacey: you're only gonna make my ping go down
02:16 NekoGloop VanessaE: i know
02:16 Kacey haha
02:17 NekoGloop the reason i wanted it that was was BECAUSE i didnt know if LGPL and CC-BY-NC-SA would play nicely.
02:19 NekoGloop VanessaE: would you be so kind as to pastebin the generate_ore lines from gloopores?
02:19 mauvebic anyone have a mod with liquids that work/flow?
02:20 NekoGloop and also because you've assumed *coughstolencough* control of the mod, then could you make it use the new default.generate_ore?
02:20 VanessaE NekoGloop:  http://pastebin.com/mFRPnHgQ
02:20 NekoGloop ty :)
02:21 NekoGloop VanessaE: see above
02:21 Kacey !up
02:21 moltenbot Minetest server UP
02:21 Kacey alright
02:21 VanessaE NekoGloop: I am not maintaining it.  I just put the post back online.
02:22 NekoGloop VanessaE: and i cant do anything with it :)
02:22 VanessaE why?
02:22 NekoGloop because I'm too lazy and it's your post
02:22 NekoGloop :)
02:22 VanessaE download the code, change it, upload the changes somewhere and I'll mirror them and change the post
02:22 NekoGloop >too lazy
02:22 VanessaE pfft
02:23 VanessaE says the guy who wants to rewrite it from scratch :)
02:23 NekoGloop also why would i bother, it's outdated as soon as i release the modpack :)
02:23 NekoGloop says the guy who has already rewritten it from scratch
02:23 NekoGloop ComputerCraft minecraft mod is excellent for learning lua.
02:23 VanessaE s/wants to rewrite/rewrote/
02:24 NekoGloop all i have to do is plug in the numbers now.
02:24 NekoGloop have vanilla lumps at least been put in the middle of the image?
02:24 jojoa1997 how do you make a function dependent on a priv
02:25 VanessaE NekoGloop:  not sure actually.
02:25 VanessaE (I didn't pay attention)
02:25 kaeza joined #minetest
02:26 NekoGloop >9 month ago commit for default_coal_lump.png
02:26 NekoGloop yep, they're still sitting in the bottom of the image.
02:26 VanessaE NekoGloop: someone should submit my 16px HDX as default now :-)
02:26 VanessaE (yes, 16px)
02:27 NekoGloop heh.
02:27 NekoGloop ewwwww.
02:27 VanessaE (except some tools and craft items are 64px because they lose too much detail otherwise)
02:27 NekoGloop screenies or it looks like shit
02:27 VanessaE ok, hold.
02:27 * NekoGloop holds onto a kitten in a baseball cap
02:28 OldCoder VanessaE, update in progress
02:29 jojoa1997 how do you make a function dependent on a priv
02:30 kaeza jojoa1997: what function?
02:30 VanessaE NekoGloop: several screenshot links coming in just a minute....
02:30 kaeza minetest.check_player_privs()
02:31 jojoa1997 nonono
02:31 * kaeza is installing Xfce4 desktop
02:31 kaeza hope this is worth the 24MB
02:32 kaeza I tried an older version and it was sh*t
02:32 kaeza jojoa1997: ?
02:32 jojoa1997 here is functionhttp://paste.ubuntu.com/1498063/
02:32 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
02:32 jojoa1997 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498063/
02:32 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
02:33 NekoGloop molten could click it but we couldnt
02:33 NekoGloop haaaaax
02:33 kaeza gimme a sec
02:33 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/Screenshot%20-%2001042013%20-%2009:28:15%20PM.png
02:33 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/screenshot_143302163.png
02:33 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/screenshot_143402271.png
02:33 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/screenshot_143454409.png
02:33 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/screenshots/screenshot_143494758.png
02:33 VanessaE NekoGloop:  ^^^^^^^^^
02:33 NekoGloop holy shit
02:33 VanessaE I'd post more but that's already borderline flooding :)
02:33 kaeza SPAAAAAAAM
02:34 VanessaE kaeza: no, flood.  there's a subtle difference.
02:34 jojoa1997 they are all different
02:34 NekoGloop your wooden planks look like shit
02:34 NekoGloop :)
02:34 kaeza well
02:34 kaeza that's better?
02:34 VanessaE kaeza: yup
02:35 jojoa1997 so about function
02:35 VanessaE flooding just means a posted a bunch of stuff, useful or not.  spam is when it's purely useless and usually only if it's an advertisement :-)
02:35 kaeza jojoa1997: it seems right now
02:35 kaeza but you are not checking for privs again
02:35 NekoGloop VanessaE: hey, wanna see if my woodplanks are compatible?
02:35 jojoa1997 do i do it in the same spot
02:35 NekoGloop s/compatible/mesh well/
02:36 VanessaE NekoGloop: maybe later.
02:36 NekoGloop why not now
02:36 NekoGloop ):)
02:36 VanessaE busy :)
02:36 NekoGloop well then get un-busy
02:37 VanessaE hey, I just took a bunch of screenies for you.  so Pthththt
02:37 VanessaE :P
02:37 redcrab joined #minetest
02:37 * NekoGloop ponuces redcrab
02:37 NekoGloop ponuces? pounces.
02:38 kaeza jojoa1997: http://pastebin.com/7RTQVvt1
02:38 moltenbot kaeza's link: [Lua] on_place = function(itemstack, placer, pointed)  local name = placer:get_player - Pastebin.com
02:39 jojoa1997 kaeza:error=bad arguement #1 to 'get_player_privs' (string expected, got nil)
02:39 NekoGloop will adding multiple register_on_generated calls slow down the game any more than the same amount of code in a single on_generated?
02:39 kaeza jojoa1997: see the link I posted
02:39 VanessaE NekoGloop: slightly less of a slowdown to use multiple calls
02:40 jojoa1997 i saw testing
02:40 VanessaE let the C++ part of the game do its job :-)
02:40 VanessaE oh weird
02:40 NekoGloop oh really? multiple on_generateds cause LESS lag than one on_generated?
02:40 VanessaE lava goes slightly translucent as you move farther away from it.
02:41 jojoa1997 \o/ i see NOPE!
02:41 jojoa1997 it works
02:41 VanessaE NekoGloop: yes, if you run the same equivalent amount of code, because with one call, you have to manage your decisions in Lua, versus multiple calls which lets C++ manage it
02:41 kaeza jojoa1997: now try giving yourself the npcwhatever priv
02:43 NekoGloop VanessaE: but what if it's just different generate_ore calls?
02:43 VanessaE then it doesn't matter, because generate_ore() is entirely in Lua anyway :(
02:44 kaeza jojoa1997: you there?
02:44 NekoGloop gotcha.
02:44 jojoa1997 yep
02:44 jojoa1997 it works
02:44 kaeza working as expected?
02:44 jojoa1997 yep
02:44 kaeza good
02:44 kaeza even with the npc... priv?
02:44 jojoa1997 VanessaE: now it is ready for whenever you do it
02:45 VanessaE ok
02:45 kaeza jojoa1997: can I test it too?
02:45 jojoa1997 cant place npc without priv
02:45 jojoa1997 use my github
02:45 kaeza link?
02:45 jojoa1997 https://github.com/jojoa1997/peaceful_npc
02:45 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: jojoa1997/peaceful_npc ? GitHub
02:45 kaeza k thx
02:48 jojoa1997 enough modding for me play time
02:50 jojoa1997 VanessaE: can you update now
02:50 kaeza jojoa1997, VanessaE: mod working as expected
02:50 kaeza jojoa1997: nice job
02:50 jojoa1997 thanks
02:50 jojoa1997 tnks for help too
02:50 VanessaE jojoa1997: done.
02:51 kaeza jojoa1997: np
02:51 VanessaE you break my server, I break your head :)
02:51 jojoa1997 \o/
02:51 NekoGloop you break his head, i break his arm
02:51 NekoGloop :D
02:51 jojoa1997 just what i wanted for new years ;)
02:51 kaeza VanessaE: just don't give peacefulnpc priv to known spammers (*cough*KikaRz*cough*)
02:52 kaeza :P
02:52 VanessaE I probably won't give it to anyone actually
02:52 NekoGloop she'll just spam the npc's herself.
02:52 kaeza better yet :P
02:52 jojoa1997 i also fixed the bug where it would make players move sideways too
02:52 VanessaE 20:18:53: ACTION[ServerThread]: CHAT: <0gb_us> I see you guys are no longer mad at me.
02:52 VanessaE 20:19:08: ACTION[ServerThread]: CHAT: <0gb_us> Jojoa must have straitend things out.
02:52 VanessaE 20:22:07: ACTION[ServerThread]: CHAT: <0gb_us> First you ignore me, then you want to creepily follow me weverywhere?
02:52 VanessaE jojoa1997:  ^^^^  someone noticed :-)
02:53 jojoa1997 ?
02:53 jojoa1997 VanessaE:your gonna give the priv to me right
02:53 NekoGloop VanessaE: you will need to rename the images though.
02:53 NekoGloop inb4 rage scream
02:53 kaeza lol
02:53 VanessaE that's for the "they all turn sideways when I approach" bug actually.
02:53 VanessaE NekoGloop: rename what?
02:53 NekoGloop VanessaE: in your texture pack
02:53 VanessaE NekoGloop: no. :-)
02:54 VanessaE keep your filenames the same.
02:54 NekoGloop well then it wont support it :)
02:54 jojoa1997 me?
02:54 VanessaE NekoGloop: ^^
02:54 kaeza brb
02:54 kaeza left #minetest
02:54 NekoGloop VanessaE: the items and blocks will alias, not the textures.
02:54 VanessaE NekoGloop: why rename the textures?  you can make them any filenames you want you know
02:55 VanessaE there's no practical reason to rename them
02:55 NekoGloop seeing as I'm not doing this in the normal modpack fashion it's a bit strange to code as is.
02:55 VanessaE mine's the only third-party texture pack that supports gloopores :-)
02:55 NekoGloop no modpack.txt in this modpack :)
02:55 VanessaE (but I haven't done the others yet)
02:56 NekoGloop I'm making a modpack that minetest doesnt think is a modpack
02:58 NekoGloop this is to avoid the spam of the /mods command ala mesecons :)
02:58 jojoa1997 kaeza: how is the spawn command
02:59 jojoa1997 you like it?
02:59 Kacey there is a /mods command?
03:00 VanessaE yep
03:00 jojoa1997 type /summonnpc #
03:00 NekoGloop and mesecons spams it.
03:00 NekoGloop :-)
03:00 jojoa1997 # = how many you want to spawn
03:00 VanessaE [01-04 22:00] * summonnpc :Unknown command
03:00 VanessaE ;)
03:00 * VanessaE is not on the server at the moment
03:01 jojoa1997 why you shutting down server
03:01 VanessaE I didn't.
03:01 jojoa1997 my neck is breaking
03:01 kaeza joined #minetest
03:01 VanessaE 22:01:00: ERROR[main]: ERROR: An unhandled exception occurred: ServerError: LuaE
03:01 VanessaE rror: error: ...netest/games/vanessa_game/mods/peaceful_npc/init.lua:515: 'for'
03:01 VanessaE limit must be a number
03:01 VanessaE you suck.
03:01 VanessaE :)
03:01 kaeza what did I miss there?
03:01 jojoa1997 it worked on my pc
03:02 VanessaE disabled until you fix it.
03:02 NekoGloop the command was entered wrong i bet :P
03:02 jojoa1997 just shutdown VanessaE's server
03:02 VanessaE I disabled peaceful npc's and restarted the server, just until you fix that bug.
03:03 jojoa1997 can anyone help http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498175/
03:03 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
03:05 jojoa1997 well..........
03:05 jojoa1997 vanessae can you see why it shut down
03:05 jojoa1997 like in the debug.txt
03:06 kaeza jojoa1997: line 6
03:06 OldCoder mauvebic, Is my copy of your world up to date?
03:06 jojoa1997 what
03:06 VanessaE jojo, you forgot to do some basic sanity checking on the inputs you give to the code.
03:06 kaeza change to local npcs_to_spawn = tonumber(param) or 0
03:06 VanessaE do what kaeza said.
03:06 kaeza err
03:06 jojoa1997 so i add "or 0"
03:06 kaeza change to local npcs_to_spawn = tonumber(param) or 1
03:06 kaeza better
03:06 VanessaE or better, make it "or 1" at the end of the line
03:06 VanessaE nonja'd agaiN!
03:06 VanessaE ninja'd too
03:06 kaeza nonja'd?
03:07 kaeza lol
03:07 jojoa1997 local npcs_to_spawn = tonumber(param) or 1
03:07 kaeza jojoa1997: right
03:08 jojoa1997 done
03:09 VanessaE jojoa1997: updated, reinstalled, server restarted.
03:10 jojoa1997 kaeza: you test it?
03:11 NekoGloop VanessaE: you get your wish. the textures are not renamed due to my laziness
03:11 VanessaE jojoa1997: well if you'd hurry the hell up and finish logging in....
03:11 VanessaE NekoGloop: heh, ok
03:11 jojoa1997 would not load
03:11 VanessaE jojoa1997: ok, or time out.
03:11 jojoa1997 loading now
03:12 jojoa1997 it always get stuck at Loading mesh: character.x
03:12 jojoa1997 then everything loads fast
03:12 jojoa1997 tupid windows
03:12 jojoa1997 *stupid
03:12 kaeza jojoa1997: use Linux :)
03:12 jojoa1997 no
03:12 kaeza :(
03:13 Kacey did you say no to linux?!?!?!?!
03:13 jojoa1997 WINDOWS ALL THE WAY for me
03:13 VanessaE Linux is Your Friend â„¢
03:13 * leo_rockway pats jojoa1997's head.
03:13 leo_rockway I'm sorry
03:13 kaeza LIYF!!
03:13 jojoa1997 Windows is also my friend ;)
03:13 Kacey chuck norris will kill you in your sleep
03:13 kaeza no
03:13 jojoa1997 yay
03:13 NekoGloop new version of the glooptest ore module api example: http://pastebin.com/TdyE9j9u
03:13 jojoa1997 then i kill him
03:14 TorpedoSkyline joined #minetest
03:14 kaeza NekoGloop: new ores?
03:14 NekoGloop read: "kalite"
03:14 VanessaE kaeza: nope, the same dusty old ores as usual :D
03:14 NekoGloop same ores, implemented differently.
03:14 NekoGloop also exposed api function
03:15 kaeza NekoGloop: add kryptonite :D
03:15 NekoGloop kaeza: would look too much like arol
03:15 jojoa1997 scarry type /summonnpc 15 at night
03:15 VanessaE NekoGloop: technically, it wouldn't.  the real thing is actually a greyish white.
03:15 VanessaE (yes, kryptonite is a real mineral)
03:15 NekoGloop ninja'd
03:16 NekoGloop then it would look too much like the stone it's in
03:16 VanessaE heh
03:16 NekoGloop besides, that would be better for the suuuper seeeeeecret other modules.
03:16 jojoa1997 bbs pc restart
03:17 OldCoder NEW: Rebuilding worlds. Mostly changes to Mark Twain that may be copied elsewhere after testing. Updated Vanessa World. Any other requests?
03:17 OldCoder mauvebic, see question above
03:18 Kacey OldCoder can i have a world?
03:19 NekoGloop can i have a pie?
03:19 * Kacey hands Neko a pie
03:20 * Kacey hands VanessaE a cookie
03:20 OldCoder NEWS Worlds are restarted! VanessaE That includes updated copy of yours.
03:20 OldCoder Kacey, What do you have?
03:21 * NekoGloop nomnomnomnomnom
03:21 VanessaE OldCoder: thanks.  Also, news:  the contractor finished most of the rough-in for the bathroom downstairs; the in-game model of my home is current, except I forgot to lay the hardwood floor we have planned.
03:22 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
03:22 * jojoa1997 crunch crunch crunch
03:23 jojoa1997 back with funions and munchies
03:23 VanessaE FUNYUNS!!!
03:23 * VanessaE steals all *NOM*
03:23 jojoa1997 saorry all gone
03:24 VanessaE you bastard :)
03:24 VanessaE selfish :-)
03:24 jojoa1997 you  can have pretzels
03:24 VanessaE bleah.
03:24 jojoa1997 too bad my dog ate them
03:24 jojoa1997 i have munchies
03:24 jojoa1997 cheese flavored
03:25 jojoa1997 http://www.fritolay.com/our-snacks/munchies-cheese.html
03:25 Kacey OldCoder: what?
03:28 jojoa1997 just sommuned 20 npcs over water mass suicide
03:29 jojoa1997 vanessae look in game
03:29 VanessaE jeez
03:31 Kacey lol /summonnpc 99999999999999999999999\
03:32 VanessaE BAHAHAH!
03:32 jojoa1997 you crashed my client
03:32 VanessaE I summoned 20, then another 50 - the latter crashed my client :D
03:32 jojoa1997 how many did you spawn
03:33 jojoa1997 try summoning 1000
03:33 VanessaE fuck no
03:33 jojoa1997 server crash time
03:33 VanessaE it won't crash the server but I bet it'll take forever and a day to spawn 'em all
03:33 jojoa1997 i know
03:33 jojoa1997 it is funny how they drop in just five spots
03:33 VanessaE actually, that did crash the server
03:34 jojoa1997 so it looks like there is only five
03:34 * VanessaE issues /clearobjects
03:34 jojoa1997 !up vanessae.mine.bz
03:34 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
03:34 kaeza joined #minetest
03:34 Kacey wb
03:34 jojoa1997 kaeza try spawning 50 npcs
03:34 VanessaE jojoa1997: now you see why that command and the spawners absolutely HAVE to be priv-limited.
03:35 jojoa1997 vanessae /clearobjects issue
03:35 OldCoder Kacey, you asked *me* a question
03:35 jojoa1997 yep
03:35 VanessaE it's still running :-)
03:35 OldCoder jojoa1997, test peaceful npc now
03:35 jojoa1997 we already did
03:35 VanessaE oops, killed the server again :D
03:35 jojoa1997 just dont spawn above 10
03:35 VanessaE (that time, just because I hit the wrong key on the command line)
03:36 jojoa1997 spawn 30 i n one spot and vanessae server shutsdown
03:36 jojoa1997 nvm
03:36 jojoa1997 '!up vanessae.mine.bz
03:36 * VanessaE re-issues /clearobjects
03:36 jojoa1997 why issues
03:36 VanessaE jojoa1997: it's up already.  let it clear out the damage I did :-)
03:36 jojoa1997 just takes forever
03:36 VanessaE jojoa1997: learn to read.
03:37 VanessaE [01-04 22:35] <VanessaE> oops, killed the server again :D
03:37 VanessaE [01-04 22:35] <VanessaE> (that time, just because I hit the wrong key on the command line)
03:37 jojoa1997 i know
03:37 jojoa1997 [22:35] <jojoa1997> spawn 30 i n one spot and vanessae server shutsdown [22:36] <jojoa1997> nvm
03:37 VanessaE that's why I re-issued it - when you shut the server down gracelessly like I did, it also kills any commands that were running
03:37 jojoa1997 oh
03:38 jojoa1997 i thought you were saying that there were issues with the command
03:38 jojoa1997 line 508 https://github.com/jojoa1997/peaceful_npc/blob/master/init.lua
03:38 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: peaceful_npc/init.lua at master ? jojoa1997/peaceful_npc ? GitHub
03:38 VanessaE criminy!
03:38 VanessaE this is taking forever.
03:38 jojoa1997 anyone want to tell me how to set limit
03:39 VanessaE ok, screw this.
03:39 * VanessaE yanks out peaceful_npc
03:39 jojoa1997 will you add it later
03:40 VanessaE when you debug it, yes.
03:40 jojoa1997 anyone want to tell me how to set limit
03:41 jojoa1997 well
03:41 VanessaE keep a count of how many NPCs are active, compare that value against the amount a person asks to spawn, if it tries to go over some limit, say max of 20, adjust the number being spawned.
03:41 Kacey nope
03:42 TorpedoSkyline joined #minetest
03:44 * VanessaE patiently waits for /clearobjects to finish...
03:45 jojoa1997 try that with mobf
03:46 VanessaE shit, I actually went into swap there for a while
03:46 VanessaE christ in a cartoon
03:48 jojoa1997 how is this http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498361/
03:48 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
03:49 VanessaE well I think I killed them all off (as "unknown object" sprites, but that works anyway)
03:49 jojoa1997 is it right
03:49 jojoa1997 nvm testing it
03:50 VanessaE jojoa1997: that should work, but you still need to keep a count of the total number of NPCs in the active area
03:50 jojoa1997 how do i do that
03:50 jojoa1997 nvm
03:50 jojoa1997 sorry how do i do that
03:51 VanessaE I'm not sure how that's done, probably with the get_objects_inside_radius() function
03:51 VanessaE maybe with a radius of 100, if the value returned is over say 30, deny the spawn request entirely.
03:51 VanessaE get_objects_inside_radius(pos, radius)
03:51 jojoa1997 i know i can just shut off function if
03:51 VanessaE where pos would be the player's current position
03:51 jojoa1997 it is over 30
03:52 jojoa1997 one sec
03:52 VanessaE bear in mind that this command will also find things like carts, signs text, torch particles, etc., so it will need some tuning.
03:52 jojoa1997 there s code for that in the spawner
03:52 kaeza back
03:52 VanessaE ok
03:53 kaeza bad weather and wireless transmissions don't get along very well :/
03:53 VanessaE kaeza: long-distance wireless?
03:53 kaeza especially when there's thunder
03:54 VanessaE eek
03:54 VanessaE where there's thunder, there's lightning - I hope you've isolated all your important equipment
03:54 kaeza it already passed
03:54 kaeza (th storm)
03:54 VanessaE oh ok
03:55 VanessaE jojoa1997: now, realistically, you should probably have the spawn limit set to no more than twice what your automatic spawning limit is set for
03:55 Kacey tehe
03:55 jojoa1997 k
03:56 VanessaE so if you're doing 4 per 100 node radius, you probably want to set your limit to maybe 10
03:56 jojoa1997 spawner set for 5 but will set limit for 15
03:56 jojoa1997 it is now 1 per 100 radius
03:56 VanessaE ok
03:56 VanessaE I think 2-3 per 100-node radius is good
03:56 jojoa1997 meseblock is too valueable to have 4 per 100
03:56 VanessaE ok
03:57 jojoa1997 set to 2
03:57 Kacey http://static.fjcdn.com/pictures/Pants_92d7d3_245780.jpg haha
03:58 Kacey core dumped :(
03:58 khonkhortisan joined #minetest
03:58 * Kacey is going to start on a mod
03:59 Kacey idk what it is going to be but ooh well
04:00 jojoa1997 is this right
04:00 jojoa1997 if SPAWN_LIMIT >= 15 then
04:01 jojoa1997 for the >=
04:03 jojoa1997 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498419/
04:03 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
04:03 Kacey mod ideas... mod ideas
04:03 jojoa1997 syas unexpected symbol near "}"
04:03 Kacey AHA COOKIES!!!!
04:03 jojoa1997 line 20
04:05 sdzen joined #minetest
04:05 Kacey are cookies already in a mod?
04:05 jojoa1997 what is unexpected about end
04:05 VanessaE jojoa1997: SPAWN_LIMIT is a misnomer, you should put something like "active_npc_count"
04:05 jojoa1997 k
04:05 VanessaE since that 15 really is your spawning limit.
04:05 kaeza jojoa1997: again, respect indentation
04:06 Kacey ok who changed the api page?
04:07 jojoa1997 same error
04:07 VanessaE jojoa1997: correct your indentation first, then let's see the current code
04:07 NekoGloop ok who pushed the red button
04:08 jojoa1997 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498451/
04:08 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
04:08 VanessaE remember, every time you "if", function(), register_something(), etc., tab.  every time you "end", subtract a tab.
04:08 Kacey sorry i thought i would get cookies
04:09 VanessaE your variable usage looks more or less okay now.  what's the exact error?
04:09 jojoa1997 unexpected symbol near }
04:09 jojoa1997 line 20
04:09 VanessaE actually I see it, you need to get rid of that if at line 18 of the paste, then add an end at line 18
04:09 NekoGloop unexpected symbol near jojoa1997
04:10 VanessaE you are doing: for xxxxxxx if xxxxxx then xxxxx else if xxxxxxx  end
04:10 VanessaE you're short at least one 'end'.
04:11 VanessaE jojoa1997: get rid of the whole of line 17, then add another 'end' right between line 19 and 20.
04:11 VanessaE jojo, so you should have something like:
04:11 VanessaE for xxxxxxx if xxxxxx then xxxxx else xxxxxxx  end end })
04:12 jojoa1997 f active_npc_count <= MAX_SPAWN then minetest.env:add_entity({x=pos.x+math.random(-1,1),y=pos.y+math.random(2,3),z=pos.z+math.random(-1,1)}, ("peaceful_npc:npc")) else minetest.chat_send_player(name, "The spawn limit is 15") end end })
04:12 VanessaE jojoa1997: pastebin!!!!!
04:12 jojoa1997 sorry
04:12 thexyz NekoGloop: nobody needs them, right?
04:12 thexyz so broken links is not a problem
04:12 NekoGloop thexyz: yeah but what was it supposed to link to
04:13 jojoa1997 dooing something weird with spacing http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498471/
04:13 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
04:13 NekoGloop curiousity shall kill the cat, in an incredibly crude metaphorical manner of speech
04:13 jojoa1997 same error
04:15 VanessaE jojoa1997: code and exact error message via pastebin
04:15 Kacey how do i call upon the get_player_name() function
04:15 jojoa1997 gtg please make correction a pull request
04:15 jojoa1997 cya
04:15 VanessaE Kacey: very politely? ;)
04:15 NekoGloop I just realised I have no way of testing all of this code until I've finished making it all.
04:15 Kacey lol no
04:16 NekoGloop fck.
04:16 VanessaE NekoGloop: ah, the joys of coding :-)
04:17 Kacey how do i get it to be in the middle of a sentence
04:17 NekoGloop because the way i set this up, it'll error at startup because this one file doesnt exist yet
04:17 SpeedProg joined #minetest
04:17 NekoGloop but if i comment that out, then it wont load ANYTHING.
04:19 Kacey O.o it loaded
04:20 oa_Bob1 joined #minetest
04:20 Kacey how do i call the get_player_name() function/command in the middle of a chat message output
04:20 Kacey thst was horribly put
04:21 NekoGloop Kacey: "foo "..get_player_name().." bar"
04:21 Kacey ooh ok
04:22 NekoGloop .. is the same as +, except for strings.
04:23 VanessaE there, git reset back to his last good commit before the privs/summonnpc stuff.
04:23 VanessaE (so at least the server still has them)
04:24 Kacey testing...
04:24 kaeza NekoGloop: problems with code? can I help in your "supah secret projekt"?
04:24 jojoa1997_tab joined #minetest
04:24 NekoGloop kaeza: no.
04:25 kaeza ok :)
04:25 NekoGloop because i dont have a "supah secret projekt"
04:25 jojoa1997_tab sorry but i have to go to bed now. could you please make a pull request on my github
04:25 Kacey init.lua:5: attempt to call global 'get_player_name' (a nil value)
04:25 NekoGloop I have a "suuuuuuuper seeeeeeeeecret project"
04:25 Kacey huh?
04:25 kaeza NekoGloop: problems with code? can I help in your "suuuuuuuper seeeeeeeeecret project"?
04:25 Kacey what is up with my code
04:25 kaeza :)
04:25 VanessaE jojoa1997_tab: no, because you need to fix your own code
04:26 VanessaE you have to learn how to do this :)
04:26 NekoGloop kaeza: no.
04:26 kaeza Kacey: wrong
04:26 kaeza Kacey: code plz?
04:26 Kacey hang on
04:26 kaeza NekoGloop: ok :)
04:26 jojoa1997_tab no i meant with the latest pastebin i gave yall. i lost it on my pc
04:27 VanessaE jojoa1997_tab: git pull
04:27 VanessaE that'll re-fetch your code from github.
04:27 VanessaE or git clone, whichever you need to do
04:27 jojoa1997_tab no i mean the paste bin
04:27 kaeza oh dear
04:27 VanessaE http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498419/
04:27 jojoa1997_tab i have the git version on my pc
04:27 Kacey http://pastebin.com/zf9TFtSV
04:27 moltenbot Kacey's link: minetest.register_chatcommand("hello", {  params = "",  description = "Player  - Pastebin.com
04:27 VanessaE wait, wrong one.
04:27 VanessaE http://paste.ubuntu.com/1498451/
04:28 VanessaE that's the last one you posted I think
04:28 Kacey kaeza ^^^^^^
04:28 kaeza Kacey: http://pastebin.com/pYeARQ2y
04:28 moltenbot kaeza's link: [Lua] minetest.register_chatcommand("hello", {  params = "",  description = "Player  - Pastebin.com
04:28 jojoa1997_tab thanks
04:29 kaeza Kacey: you don't actually need get_player_name() in that case
04:29 Kacey ooh ok
04:29 kaeza because it is already passed as the `name' argument
04:29 Kacey ok
04:30 Kacey tehe
04:30 kaeza working?
04:31 Kacey ya forgot spaces the
04:31 Kacey though*
04:31 TorpedoSkyline joined #minetest
04:32 Kacey get on my server and see it work
04:33 NekoGloop gaaaah
04:33 NekoGloop ore module code is sooo huge
04:33 NekoGloop this is like the opposite of what i wanted ;.;
04:34 Kacey lol
04:34 NekoGloop although, since it is performing less code than gloopores was, maybe it'll be faster? :?
04:35 Kacey haha have a /hello and a /cookie command
04:37 jojoa1997_tab bet time good night
04:37 jojoa1997_tab bed
04:38 Kacey night
04:38 Kacey beware of chuck norris
04:38 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caAGyHayvaY
04:38 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: English Cover?JubyPhonic P?Hide And Seek ???? - YouTube
04:39 Kacey idea: mese apples made from mese fragments and apples
04:40 NekoGloop idea: meow
04:40 NekoGloop too golden apple-y
04:40 kaeza NekoGloop: my turn :3 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a1nsBwLqLTE
04:40 moltenbot kaeza's link: Grand Theft Awesome - YouTube
04:41 NekoGloop it's not musidc
04:41 NekoGloop music*
04:41 NekoGloop your agruement is invalid.
04:41 kaeza err..what?
04:42 NekoGloop someone tell me why the fuck i just made alatro tools have arol aspects >.>
04:42 kaeza NekoGloop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pT7Cz7K_QkI
04:42 moltenbot kaeza's link: no te va gustar - al vacio - YouTube
04:42 kaeza THAT is music :3
04:42 M13 joined #minetest
04:42 NekoGloop no, it's people screaming and whistling :P
04:43 Kacey no mese apple isnt a good idea
04:43 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HL6CHHWw1hU
04:43 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: Alice Human Sacrifice [64 Voices] Chorus nico nico + you tube - YouTube
04:45 Kacey http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15hOaHnS4t4 i win
04:45 moltenbot Kacey's link: Hollywood Undead - Everywhere I Go with Lyrics (Uncensored) - YouTube
04:46 kaeza </youtubelinks>
04:46 NekoGloop No, that doesnt even touch alice human sacrifice.
04:47 Kacey it kills it
04:47 NekoGloop no, alice human sacrifice kills you.
04:47 Kacey alright /cookie works :P
04:47 NekoGloop needs moar /kitten
04:48 NekoGloop VanessaE: I suppose you want me to not break tool incompatibility either?
04:48 VanessaE actually, gloopblocks and toolsizes aren't supported in HDX yet :-)
04:48 VanessaE however,
04:49 NekoGloop gloopores tools.
04:49 VanessaE ah
04:49 VanessaE well
04:49 NekoGloop and i meant with wear and shit.
04:49 VanessaE all I know is the item/node names need to stay the same or there will be unknown nodes/items all over the map
04:49 thexyz and in reply to >you could at least leave it as my name :P
04:50 thexyz what if you'll delete everything again?
04:50 NekoGloop why, are talinite blocks the newest fad in interior lighting
04:50 VanessaE evening thexyz.
04:50 thexyz morning, VanessaE
04:50 NekoGloop thexyz: obviously nothing because I'd never even be *able* to.
04:50 VanessaE NekoGloop: no but for some incomprehensible reason, people seem to like evil blocks/stairs as well as rainbow blocks :)
04:51 Kacey what is the evil mod about?
04:51 NekoGloop rainbow blocks dont tile as well as I'd like them to.
04:51 NekoGloop also, those are gloopblocks. As i said, gloopblocks will be kept as a seperate mod entirely.
04:51 VanessaE NekoGloop: you have to make them an exact multiple of 6 (or 7), so 18 or 21 px instead of 16.
04:52 NekoGloop :P
04:52 thexyz lol, wtf, http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4332 leftclick — 2, rightclick — 13
04:52 moltenbot thexyz's link: [Poll] Open/Close Doors (Page 1) - Feature Discussion - Minetest Forums
04:52 thexyz why?
04:53 NekoGloop ew, non standard sizes
04:53 NekoGloop thexyz: because digging is an ass
04:53 kaeza thexyz: consistency?
04:53 NekoGloop i'm also one of the 8.
04:53 kaeza me too
04:53 thexyz kaeza: rightclick to open doors *is* inconsistent
04:53 NekoGloop thexyz: do you right click to open a chest?
04:53 kaeza thexyz: it *is* consistent with how other activatable nodes work
04:53 NekoGloop the answer is yes
04:54 kaeza what Neko said
04:54 VanessaE if doors go to right-click to operate, I guess I'll tweak home decor, but only after that flag we talked about in -dev gets in.
04:54 NekoGloop mesecons will update shortly i presume to use right click for levers buttons etc.
04:54 NekoGloop VanessaE: care to share with the class?
04:54 thexyz kaeza: how can it be consistent if there was no on_rightclick before?
04:54 VanessaE NekoGloop: what share?
04:54 thexyz and everything is activated ATM using left click
04:55 NekoGloop VanessaE: the flag
04:55 kaeza thexyz: read what Neko said ^^^
04:55 NekoGloop not everyone hangs out in -dev
04:55 thexyz we don't use chests (in terms of minetest api)
04:55 VanessaE neko: minetest.api_features (table) that will hold one or more fields/flags that indicate if a given feature is present, in this case one which indicates that right-click-to-operate is availab.e.
04:55 VanessaE available*
04:56 NekoGloop you could also just add a config.
04:56 thexyz well, I see, this has more advantages than disadvantages
04:56 NekoGloop suddenly, matryoshka.
04:56 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ye4ZFA5OtKI
04:56 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: ?????200+??Matryoshka ??????  - Nico Nico Ultimate Chorus of Choruses! - YouTube
04:57 kaeza thexyz: lclick should be reserved exclusively for the "main" action (digging). rclick for "secondary" (or "context sensitive") actions.
04:57 NekoGloop now i want tools to have a on_rightclick as well
04:58 ecube What's wrong with them dropping on rightclick?
04:58 NekoGloop 1) stupid
04:58 kaeza 2) duplicated functionality from 'Q'
04:58 VanessaE ecube:  admin pick in a server that shouldn't allow regular users to have it?
04:58 VanessaE drop one accidentally, someone else finds it...
04:58 NekoGloop 2) i want my gun to shoot on right click, rather than also not being able to dig with it
04:59 NekoGloop (gun is an example)
04:59 NekoGloop also, eating.
04:59 kaeza Neko: +1
04:59 NekoGloop I eat apples like crazy because I try digging with them.
04:59 Kacey xpad
04:59 Kacey going to play minetest with a 360 controller
04:59 NekoGloop gl hf
05:00 NekoGloop yay 4 saturday~
05:00 kaeza Kacey: I use qjoypad
05:00 thexyz you mean, we should drop on_use?
05:00 Kacey linux/init.h: No such file or directory
05:00 Kacey i ccannot compile qjoypad
05:00 thexyz too bad for you
05:00 kaeza Kacey: sudo apt-get?
05:01 ecube those are under linux-headers, wouldn't they be?
05:02 ecube VanessaE: good point
05:02 NekoGloop thexyz: on_use should be rightclick :P
05:02 ecube Nah, you should be able to call on_use in on_rightclick, but the on_rightclick thing should be introduced for more flexibility
05:03 thexyz NekoGloop: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/issues
05:03 moltenbot thexyz's link: Issues ? celeron55/minetest ? GitHub
05:03 NekoGloop why, so you can piss on my idea in a more official setting?
05:03 ecube somebody added the minecraft bukkit stuff to the AUR T_T
05:03 thexyz NekoGloop: sure
05:03 ecube (offtopic)
05:04 VanessaE NekoGloop: but then again, the pissing-on would go on record officially as well, so you can shame random people then ;)
05:04 VanessaE (just kidding *hides from thexyz*)
05:04 NekoGloop it's also on record here
05:04 * NekoGloop points at loggingbot_
05:04 VanessaE NekoGloop: but it's easier to forget, even with the log :-)
05:12 jakssoul joined #minetest
05:12 kaeza hey jakssoul
05:12 jakssoul You guys know what's awesome? Amnesia - The Dark Descent. You know what's not awesome? Playing it with only 6FPS.
05:12 jakssoul Hey kaeza! I've missed you.
05:13 jakssoul I turned two HP Mini 1010NR's into a HP DV6700. Twice the size, 4 times the RAM, dedicated video card, etc.
05:13 Kacey im going to play minetest on a 360 controller
05:13 jakssoul Kacey, it's way nicer that way.
05:13 kaeza jakssoul: you know what's more awesome? that warcraft III locks up your entire computer if the fullscreen window loses focus
05:13 Kacey you have done it?
05:13 kaeza :P
05:13 jakssoul Wow. That's awful.
05:13 jakssoul Yes, Kacey.
05:13 Kacey what keymapper did you use?
05:13 jakssoul On Windows though. Haven't tried doing it on Linux.
05:13 Kacey crap
05:14 jakssoul There should be a default one.
05:14 kaeza Kacey: q-j-o-y-p-a-d
05:14 jakssoul Like, preinstalled.
05:14 jakssoul YEAH! That.
05:14 Kacey I cannot compile that
05:14 jakssoul Oh darn.
05:16 VanessaE if you're on linux, you can compile.
05:16 VanessaE one goes with the other, like bacon and eggs.
05:16 jakssoul Bacon and Pancakes, she means.
05:16 Kacey Error: you will need libxtst to compile this program
05:16 jakssoul Eggs are gross.
05:16 VanessaE so install libxtst ?
05:17 Kacey i tried sudo apt-get install libxtst but it could not find the package
05:17 VanessaE apt-cache search libxtst
05:17 VanessaE pick whichever one looks like the right one.
05:18 VanessaE you probably want libxext-dev
05:18 Kacey apparently i already have it
05:19 Kacey nvm wrong one lol
05:19 VanessaE oops, misread that
05:19 VanessaE libxtst-dev
05:19 VanessaE try installing that one :)
05:20 Kacey rror: you need at least Qt version 4.2 to use this program
05:20 VanessaE libqt4-dev
05:21 Kacey now we wait...
05:22 Kacey k now i make qjoypad
05:22 VanessaE have fun :)
05:23 kaeza well played *ubuntu! we want to install a 200KB program and you make us install 200MB of additional libs. well played...
05:23 Kacey going to get on your server with it lol
05:23 VanessaE kaeza: I think the theory is that if you're building a program that needs all those libs, you're probably already running a system that uses them (e.g. KDE in this case)
05:24 Kacey good thing i got a chatpad for christmas and 12 months of xbox live gold
05:24 VanessaE Kacey: have fun
05:24 Kacey i will :)
05:24 jakssoul kaeza, Have you always lived... where you live? xD Where was it again?
05:24 jakssoul (Country)
05:25 kaeza VanessaE: now we have KDe running Gtk+ apps, Gnome running Qt apps, foo running bar apps, and so on, so you need *all* the libs anyway
05:25 Kacey mkdir: cannot create directory `//usr/local//share/pixmaps': Permission denied
05:25 Kacey hmm?
05:25 VanessaE kaeza: true :-/
05:25 kaeza jakssoul: Uruguay
05:25 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_OcKMD5d3w
05:25 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: Touhou - Rumia's Are you NUTS!?! PV ~Full Version~ {1080p} - YouTube
05:25 VanessaE kaeza: sudo make install
05:25 VanessaE Kacey: ^^^^
05:25 jakssoul That's right. Have you always live in Uruguay?
05:25 kaeza yup
05:25 kaeza y?
05:25 jakssoul Hello, NekoGloop/.
05:25 VanessaE Kacey: but it's better to learn how to use checkinstall, in case you need to remove it later.
05:25 jakssoul Why do you have such a good sense of humor?
05:25 kaeza -.-
05:26 jakssoul kaeza, the sense of humor thing was directed towards you. xD
05:26 Kacey qjoypad is already open... i donnt see it
05:27 kaeza you say us Uruguayans have some bad sense of humor?
05:27 kaeza you're right :(
05:27 jakssoul No, I say foreigners generally don't get American humor, yet you take it like a comic genius.
05:27 jakssoul But yes, I was thinking that. xD
05:28 kaeza hehe
05:28 Kacey how do i open a gui for qjoypad?
05:28 kaeza the thing is I speak better in english than in spanish :P
05:29 * NekoGloop speaks better in japanese than english. Note that this doesnt mean i know all the words in japanese.
05:29 kaeza konnichiwa
05:29 kaeza fail?
05:29 NekoGloop I just flow better with my speech in japanese
05:29 NekoGloop kaeza: konnichiha*
05:29 jakssoul kaeza, do many people in your community speak English?
05:30 Kacey how do i sync a wired controller with my computer?
05:30 jakssoul I really freaking wish there was a Slender build for Linux.
05:30 jakssoul Plug it in.
05:30 jakssoul It should have the drivers preinstalled.
05:30 jakssoul Even with Linux. I have tested that.
05:30 Kacey i did that but it is not connecting
05:30 kaeza jakssoul: not many, at least properly
05:30 jakssoul Then do some Googling, man.
05:30 kaeza (english speakers)
05:30 jakssoul Then why do you, kaeza ?
05:31 kaeza dunno
05:31 kaeza too much videogames I think :P
05:31 jakssoul Hahahaha!
05:32 NekoGloop http://pastebin.com/Df9BkniJ glooptest.ore_module.register_ore in it's entirety.
05:32 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: [Lua] glooptest.ore_module.register_ore("glooptest", "alatro", "Alatro", {  ore = {   - Pastebin.com
05:34 NekoGloop VanessaE: ^
05:35 VanessaE zzz
05:35 OldCoder zzz?
05:35 Kacey my computer is not sensing the controller
05:35 VanessaE zzz.
05:35 * NekoGloop puts a kitten with an alarm clock on VanessaE's head
05:35 NekoGloop dingdingdingding
05:35 * VanessaE sets the alarm two minutes into the future and sticks it at the bottom of OldCoder's pile of kittens
05:36 jakssoul joined #minetest
05:36 jakssoul Hey, VanessaE, are you busy?
05:36 NekoGloop jakssoul: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zdsRkhQUbZc
05:36 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: [Original Song] Slender [Miku, Rin, Len, and Luka] PV- English Subbed - YouTube
05:36 VanessaE jakssoul: not presently, but I am getting pretty tired X-O
05:36 * OldCoder opens a portal into Happy Kitten Land and gently moves the kittens through the portal.
05:37 jakssoul How do I get to the file where I need to uncomment crud to get my repositories working?
05:37 * jakssoul catches the portal on fire.
05:37 OldCoder mauvebic, VanessaE, check my copy of your world sometime
05:37 * VanessaE opens a portal above OldCoder and points it at Happy Kitten Land's receiving dock.
05:37 NekoGloop now to add the other ores into the ore_module
05:37 * OldCoder is bemused at the rain of kittens. Mew! Mew!
05:37 * kaeza pings realbadangel to make him implement the portals so OldCoder can send the kittens to the Happy Kitten Land
05:37 * NekoGloop throws a portal gun at VanessaE
05:37 VanessaE NekoGloop: your code looks good acually, at least it's well-formatted, easy to read through
05:38 * VanessaE looks at the portal gun...what do I do with it?
05:38 NekoGloop shoot portals, ma'am
05:38 NekoGloop :)
05:38 kaeza also: THE CAKE IS A LIE!!!
05:38 NekoGloop no.
05:38 * jakssoul scream, "THE CAKE IS A LIE",
05:38 jakssoul DAMN YOU KAEZA! You beat me to it.
05:38 * VanessaE opens a portal with it, sets the gun on auto-fire, 5 second delay, and tosses the gun in
05:39 kaeza ninja'd
05:39 jakssoul VanessaE, You would destroy reality.
05:39 VanessaE :)
05:39 NekoGloop what if you shoot a portal while traveling between two portals.
05:40 NekoGloop "Do not look directly into the operational end of the device"
05:40 NekoGloop "Do not submerge the device in liquid"
05:40 * NekoGloop plays multiplayer, looks at his friend's gun's operational end
05:40 VanessaE "Do not taunt happy fun ball."
05:41 * NekoGloop also jumps into water with the portal gun
05:41 kaeza "warranty void if seal broken"
05:41 kaeza "made in taiwan"
05:41 * NekoGloop biggest fuck you to GLaDOS ever.
05:41 Kacey no made in china
05:41 VanessaE kaeza: meanwhile, the seal is on the outside of the packaging :)
05:41 NekoGloop technically, it's made in aperture science
05:41 Kacey my computer will not recognize my controller
05:41 NekoGloop which is somewhere in the midwest.
05:42 kaeza VanessaE: http://www.picslap.com/sites/default/files/field/image/sealofapproval.jpg
05:42 NekoGloop VanessaE: the api code which you saw there, is actually longer than the code that actually uses it :o
05:43 VanessaE kaeza: haha that's actually kinda cute :D
05:43 VanessaE NekoGloop: sounds about like plantlife....the library is bigger than the functional parts of the mods that use it
05:44 NekoGloop heh :)
05:45 NekoGloop the api code can be called from any mod that depends on glooptest.
05:46 NekoGloop also, i ninja'd in generate code INSIDE the register_ore
05:46 NekoGloop :D
05:46 Kacey haha i win
05:47 NekoGloop one giant leap at a time, i shall make this mod.
05:47 NekoGloop Today's giant leap was coding register_ore.
05:47 kaeza NekoGloop: and add Kryptonite :D
05:48 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caAGyHayvaY
05:48 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: English Cover?JubyPhonic P?Hide And Seek ???? - YouTube
05:49 NekoGloop ding dong, i have won this game~
05:49 Kacey wawwwwwwaw
05:49 Kacey typed that with my controller
05:50 NekoGloop Up left up up up up up up left up
05:50 Kacey s/left/down
05:50 NekoGloop S should be down.
05:51 Kacey ooh ya
05:51 Kacey please work
05:52 NekoGloop is that pointed at anyone in particular, or your controller?
05:52 Kacey controller
05:53 NekoGloop tomorrow: add arol, talinite, akalin, desert coal & iron
05:53 NekoGloop next day: add furnace powered by nearby lava
05:54 Kacey does anyone know how to set axis to mouse?
05:54 NekoGloop magic
05:55 Kacey must be
05:55 Kacey i cannot get an axis to go to more than one setting
05:55 NekoGloop you're the one on linux
05:55 NekoGloop haxxor it
05:55 Kacey howz?
05:56 NekoGloop decompile make it work recompile
05:56 Kacey how do i decompile?
05:56 NekoGloop you're the haxxor, not me.
05:56 Kacey im no haxxor
05:56 NekoGloop linux user == software haxxor
05:57 NekoGloop if you're allowed to make stereotypes about windows users then I'm allowed to make stereotypes about linux users.
05:59 Kacey uugh wish this would WORK
05:59 kaeza joined #minetest
06:00 kaeza aswddawdaaadddddddddddwswsw
06:00 kaeza yup
06:00 Kacey ?
06:01 Kacey what was that
06:01 kaeza qjoypad :)
06:01 Kacey :'( i cant get mine to work :'(
06:02 kaeza joystick not recognized?
06:02 kaeza oh wait
06:02 kaeza nvm
06:02 kaeza joystick not recognized?
06:02 Kacey it is recognized i just cant program it
06:03 kaeza Kacey: in a terminal: qjoypad -notray
06:04 Kacey ok now what?
06:04 kaeza configure :)
06:05 kaeza Kacey: a window should have popped up
06:05 kaeza with the image of a gamepad
06:05 Kacey i can only get it to push mouse in one direction
06:06 kaeza hm?
06:06 kaeza explain
06:06 Kacey wdsaw
06:07 Kacey s a w
06:07 Kacey yay
06:09 NekoGloop ...
06:12 Kacey joined #minetest
06:12 Kacey oops pointer got stuck
06:15 jakssoul_ joined #minetest
06:15 jakssoul_ Any of you guys have Minecraft for PC?
06:16 Oblivion1500 NO!
06:16 Kacey eesewessdwas
06:17 jakssoul_ I don't like it either, don't worry.
06:17 Oblivion1500 GOOD!
06:17 jakssoul_ But since nobody is going to help this Linux n00b (me) out with compiling Minetest, I'm just going to get someone's account info so I can login to Minecraft once then play offline foreverrrr.
06:17 Oblivion1500 just kidding, havent played it on pc so i really couldent say if it was good or bad
06:18 jakssoul_ It's decent from what I played on 360.
06:18 Oblivion1500 you just said you didnt like it
06:18 jakssoul_ It's so much like Minetest it's not even funny. Well, it's the other way around, but whatever.
06:18 jakssoul_ Yeah, but it's better than nothing.
06:18 Oblivion1500 why dont you just play minetest online?
06:19 jakssoul_ I. Cannot. COMPILE IT!
06:19 jakssoul_ xD
06:19 Oblivion1500 there should be something showing you how to do it on minetest.net front page
06:19 jakssoul_ I read all the directions.
06:19 jakssoul_ I am too stupid.
06:19 Oblivion1500 google is the god of all answers
06:19 jakssoul_ Hahah, not really.
06:19 jakssoul_ Instructions take too long.
06:19 Oblivion1500 no, really
06:19 jakssoul_ Too impatient.
06:19 OldCoder Or is it... the answer of all Gods?
06:19 jakssoul_ Both.
06:19 Oblivion1500 same thing
06:19 jakssoul_ Well, neither.
06:20 jakssoul_ Gods don't exist. Me = Winner.
06:20 Kacey i gtg to bed and i got my controller programmed!
06:20 Oblivion1500 lol no you just lost the game
06:20 jakssoul_ Good job, Kacey.
06:20 jakssoul_ Who already left.
06:20 Oblivion1500 yep see you lose
06:21 jakssoul_ Die, Oblivion.
06:21 jakssoul_ Have you played Oblivion?
06:21 jakssoul_ It's pretty amazing.
06:21 Oblivion1500 no
06:21 jakssoul_ You're kidding.
06:21 Oblivion1500 nope,
06:21 jakssoul_ It's one of the best games I have ever played.
06:21 jakssoul_ It stole at least 300 hours of my life from me.
06:21 jakssoul_ Skyrim only took maybe 60.
06:21 Oblivion1500 bahaha
06:22 jakssoul_ Oblivion, in reality, probably got more like 400.
06:22 Oblivion1500 yea im more of a fps fan depending on the online content of rpgs
06:22 jakssoul_ Have you played any Bethesda games based on that engine?
06:22 jakssoul_ Like, Fallout? It's FPS.
06:22 Oblivion1500 yea and borderlands
06:23 jakssoul_ FPSRPG. Hahah.
06:23 jakssoul_ Both are great.
06:23 Oblivion1500 i just got borderlands 2
06:23 jakssoul_ Fallout I like more, though.
06:23 jakssoul_ B-lands 2 kicked ass for action, not so much for RPG.
06:23 Oblivion1500 i like BL because its online gameplay is epic
06:23 jakssoul_ No tengo internet, usually.
06:24 jakssoul_ So, online play means nothing to me.
06:24 Oblivion1500 do what now?
06:24 jakssoul_ BL's split screen was my favorite.
06:24 jakssoul_ I don't have internet, usually*
06:24 jakssoul_ Played with my little brothers on B-Lands allllll the time.
06:24 Oblivion1500 oh lol well i am a social person so i need internets to play games
06:24 jakssoul_ Now I'm in foster care, so even that is ruined. Bahaha.
06:24 Oblivion1500 oh that sucks
06:24 jakssoul_ I have to solo all of my games.
06:25 jakssoul_ Right now I'm standing to rip off my neighbors internet. xD
06:25 jakssoul_ Not going to get immersed in any game I have to stand for. :P
06:25 Oblivion1500 lol
06:25 jakssoul_ I installed that Amnesia game earlier.
06:25 Oblivion1500 just put your system on the wall
06:25 jakssoul_ Have you played it?
06:25 Oblivion1500 (mount)
06:25 jakssoul_ I got rid of my system to get my fiance her ring.
06:26 Oblivion1500 no whats it about?
06:26 jakssoul_ It's a Horror game.
06:26 jakssoul_ Scariest shit ever. Well, would be if I had more than 6 Frames Per Second.
06:26 jakssoul_ I got it from TPB. *coughs.* I meaaaaan. WHAT?
06:27 Oblivion1500 im gonna watch the trailer one sec
06:27 jakssoul_ It's pretty great.
06:31 Oblivion1500 i lold
06:31 kaeza want a creepy game? play The Adventures of JB
06:31 Oblivion1500 Whats jb?
06:31 Oblivion1500 jail bait?
06:31 kaeza Justin Bieber
06:31 kaeza yuck
06:31 Oblivion1500 NO
06:32 Oblivion1500 i wont do it
06:32 Oblivion1500 hey kaeza, you have a server right. whats the ip?
06:32 kaeza jail bait O_o
06:33 kaeza not currently
06:33 jakssoul_ You lol'ed?
06:33 Oblivion1500 thats what i thought you were getting at.. lol i didnt know what JB was
06:33 Oblivion1500 yea i did.. thought it was funny. not a game i would play
06:34 Dogzilla131 joined #minetest
06:34 kaeza (04:29:34) Oblivion1500: hey kaeza, you have a server right. whats the ip?
06:34 kaeza not currently ^^
06:34 Oblivion1500 i dont get freaked out by games... maybe a good movie.. usually dont.. im the guy in the theater that laughed as everyone gasped
06:34 kaeza hey Dawg
06:34 Oblivion1500 yea i saw that lol
06:35 Oblivion1500 i dont miss anything kaeza
06:35 Oblivion1500 well how about this, what is the best server in your oppionion
06:36 kaeza vanessae.mine.bz
06:36 jakssoul_ Oblivion, you don't understand.
06:36 kaeza and minetest.org 30010
06:36 Oblivion1500 isent that creative? i
06:36 jakssoul_ I don't get freaked out by games either, but this... this is different.
06:36 Oblivion1500 im on mt.org lol
06:37 kaeza ikr
06:37 kaeza :P
06:37 Oblivion1500 i dont know.. i still think all games need to be online. i wont play it if i cant be social
06:38 kaeza fck social games
06:38 Oblivion1500 and if i want to be an asshole to everyone i will play a online fps lol
06:38 kaeza (at least FB ones)
06:38 Oblivion1500 no
06:38 Oblivion1500 i dont like facebook game lol
06:38 Oblivion1500 well pot farm is fun
06:39 * jakssoul_ high fives kaeza.
06:39 jakssoul_ Social games. ughhh.
06:39 * jakssoul_ vomits.
06:40 kaeza let's make minetest more like a FB social game: "You walked 3 steps! Your energy is depleted! Invite 821749 of your friends and you'll both have 1 extra energy point to walk another step!"
06:40 Oblivion1500 but games that you can actually talk to people wile playing them..
06:40 Oblivion1500 yea no
06:41 * jakssoul_ laughs uncontrollably, and begins developing a game like kaeza described.
06:41 jakssoul_ Oh, that was a joke, huh?
06:41 jakssoul_ xD
06:41 Oblivion1500 if you develop it you could make money
06:41 jakssoul_ Money wouldn't cover the humility I would suffer for that kind of violation of video game culture.
06:41 kaeza Making money is not the primary goal in FLOSS
06:42 Oblivion1500 yea, thats for teeth
06:42 kaeza (and sometimes is not a goal at all)
06:42 jakssoul_ Screw FLOSS in this instance, doing stuff like that is just being a douchebag.
06:42 kaeza thanks, I appreciate your thoughts :/
06:43 Oblivion1500 lol
06:43 jakssoul_ I meant going against the philosophy of it.
06:43 jakssoul_ Not contributing to the idea of FLOSS.
06:43 jakssoul_ Ugh nevermind. I worded that badly.
06:43 kaeza yup
06:43 Oblivion1500 What the heck is FLOSS?
06:43 jakssoul_ Dick.
06:43 kaeza Free/Libre and Open Source Sfotware
06:44 kaeza Software*
06:44 jakssoul_ Libre = ?
06:44 jakssoul_ Latin or something?
06:44 Oblivion1500 oic
06:44 jakssoul_ Spanish?
06:44 jakssoul_ It's both Latin and Spanish.
06:44 jakssoul_ Why isn't it just FOSS or LOSS?
06:44 kaeza Free = free as in "free beer" (i.e: gratis), Libre = free as in "free speech"
06:45 Oblivion1500 what is the goal usually in an open source game? something that everyone can contribute to?
06:45 OldCoder Liberty
06:45 jakssoul_ Oh, combining the tool.
06:45 jakssoul_ too*
06:45 jakssoul_ TWO*!
06:45 jakssoul_ Blagghh. Oblivion: Yup.
06:45 jakssoul_ It's free.
06:45 Oblivion1500 tow
06:45 jakssoul_ Free = Love. :D
06:45 jakssoul_ Don't you know, Love is all you need. xD
06:45 Oblivion1500 na something could be paid for and still have love
06:46 Oblivion1500 like food
06:46 kaeza Oblivion1500: the main goal is to make it so eveeryone can learn, and so that everyone is free to use the software
06:46 Oblivion1500 i pay for food and love it
06:46 jakssoul_ But, here's some math.
06:46 jakssoul_ Food = Love. Free food = LOVE.
06:46 jakssoul_ Understand?
06:46 jakssoul_ xD
06:46 kaeza no?
06:46 jakssoul_ New Software = Love. Free New Software = LOVE.
06:46 Oblivion1500 well someone has to pay for it
06:47 Oblivion1500 somehow
06:47 jakssoul_ Nah.
06:47 jakssoul_ Unless you derive a direct correlation between time and money.
06:47 kaeza Oblivion1500: the "payment" is in contributions
06:47 jakssoul_ Then someone, lots of someones, is paying for it.
06:47 kaeza be it a simple patch
06:47 kaeza a feature suggestion
06:47 kaeza etc
06:47 jakssoul_ Oh.
06:47 jakssoul_ I guess you could be a pedantic jackass and say, "They're paying for electricity".
06:48 Oblivion1500 so like i said something that eveyone can contribute too, something that eveyone can make it better
06:48 kaeza yup
06:48 kaeza exactly
06:49 Oblivion1500 what do you thinks going to happen when it hits 1.0 or even 2.0, im sure there are going to be fetures that you have to pay for just like every game
06:49 kaeza tell me something: can you *actually* help make Windows better?
06:49 kaeza nope
06:49 Oblivion1500 ... uhm duh
06:49 Oblivion1500 yea you can
06:49 kaeza cause it's closed source, proprietary software
06:49 Oblivion1500 you cant produce it
06:50 jakssoul_ Yes, you can, kaeza.
06:50 jakssoul_ That's not true. You can develop applications and the like to make it better. I suppose you aren't making "Windows" better, but you are making the Windows experience better.
06:50 Oblivion1500 you just need software that you install onto windows, you cant sell an edited version of windows
06:50 jakssoul_ Is modding for Minetest making Minetest better? I say yes, so same theory.
06:51 jakssoul_ Mods aren't changing "Minetest", but they change the experience.
06:51 kaeza yeah, but you are missing a point
06:51 Oblivion1500 isent there modding for minecraft as well
06:51 kaeza you can freely modify the *game engine*
06:51 jakssoul_ No, I got your point. I am in a "Pedantic Jackass" mood.
06:51 kaeza (or the "OS")
06:51 kaeza (contrary to Windows)
06:51 simion314 joined #minetest
06:52 jakssoul_ I wish I could put Xubuntu on a tablet.
06:52 jakssoul_ I would ****** everywhere.
06:52 kaeza yeah! lets ****** everywhere!!!
06:52 kaeza um...
06:52 kaeza what's ******?
06:52 Oblivion1500 i want to install an linux based os on my external but i dont have the time lol
06:53 Oblivion1500 also im not sure of the one i should install...
06:53 jakssoul_ (Orgasm)
06:53 Oblivion1500 should i get ubuntu?
06:53 jakssoul_ Xubuntu.
06:53 Oblivion1500 or what
06:53 Oblivion1500 why?
06:53 jakssoul_ NO! UNITY IS FOR douchebags.
06:53 kaeza Oblivion1500: if you are for games, go for good old 'buntu
06:54 kaeza and yes, fck unity
06:54 jakssoul_ Ubuntu is for <i>douchebags.</i>
06:54 jakssoul_ Darn, no HTML.
06:54 kaeza install another desktop environment ASAP
06:54 jakssoul_ Xubuntu? Yes.
06:54 jakssoul_ Lubuntu? Yes.
06:54 jakssoul_ Kubuntu? Ye.....maybe.
06:54 Oblivion1500 not really a gaming computer.. but yea
06:54 jakssoul_ Unity and Kubuntu are pretty heavy resource users.
06:54 jakssoul_ Xfce is beautiful.
06:55 kaeza jakssoul_: fun fact: you can (almost) totally replace Unity
06:55 jakssoul_ kaeza: fun fact: Yeah, that's called uninstalling Ubuntu and getting Xubuntu.
06:55 jakssoul_ xD
06:55 kaeza with a bit of patience
06:55 kaeza nope
06:55 jakssoul_ I know.
06:55 jakssoul_ It was humor.
06:55 kaeza I'm using plain 'buntu with Xfce
06:55 kaeza yep
06:56 kaeza we have bad humor
06:56 kaeza :D
06:56 jakssoul_ Why would you do that, kaeza?
06:56 jakssoul_ http://www.pcworld.com/article/2014263/meet-the-pengpod-a-true-linux-tablet-starting-at-120.html
06:56 moltenbot jakssoul_'s link: Meet the PengPod, a 'true Linux' tablet starting at $120  | PCWorld
06:56 kaeza do what?
06:56 jakssoul_ Does this not make you want to *** everywhere?
06:56 jakssoul_ Put Xfce on ubuntu.
06:56 kaeza hmm...no?
06:57 jakssoul_ I meant the link.
06:57 jakssoul_ It should.
06:58 kaeza (04:53:42) jakssoul_: Put Xfce on ubuntu.
06:58 kaeza because there is some concept called "Freedom" where you can install whatever the gnikcf operating system you want
06:59 jakssoul_ Yeah, but, that's... pointless.
06:59 jakssoul_ I don't get your point.
06:59 jakssoul_ It's convoluted.
06:59 kaeza then install Arch :)
06:59 jakssoul_ Why have Ubuntu at all if you're going to change the biggest thing separating it from Xubuntu?
07:00 Oblivion1500 jak you dont even know how to compile something
07:00 jakssoul_ Oblivion, were you really taking me seriously?
07:00 jakssoul_ I was clearly kidding.
07:00 kaeza yeah...right
07:00 kaeza "kidding"
07:00 Oblivion1500 lol
07:01 jakssoul_ >_> I may not be a Linux genius, but I know how to compile programs
07:01 kaeza yes, certainly you are not :P
07:02 jakssoul_ Dick.
07:02 Oblivion1500 so, kaeza what os do you think i should install
07:03 Oblivion1500 lol
07:03 kaeza lol
07:03 kaeza sorry jakssoul!
07:03 kaeza :P
07:03 Oblivion1500 so?
07:04 kaeza I would recommend Xubuntu or something like that
07:04 Oblivion1500 lol arguing with him only to give me his suggestion
07:04 kaeza :P
07:05 Oblivion1500 is there an easy way to install it on my external?
07:05 kaeza explain external
07:05 Oblivion1500 1tb external harddrive
07:51 thexyz of course you should try gentoo
07:55 kaeza thexyz: too late, I already converted him to Puppy Linux. MWAHAHAHA
07:55 kaeza lol J/K
07:56 Oblivion1500 whats your thoughts on Mint 13
07:56 Oblivion1500 lol no you didnt
07:56 kaeza Mint is too overbloated IMHO
08:01 khonkhortisan first you start compiling programs, then you start fixing compilation errors, then segfaults, then bugfixes, then adding new features, and ta-da! You're a programmer!
08:02 kaeza wrong
08:02 khonkhortisan okay
08:02 khonkhortisan I'm fine with being wrong
08:02 kaeza you fix a bug, you introduce 10 new bugs
08:02 kaeza (repeat until bugs == 0)
08:03 khonkhortisan I'd say that goes more for features than for bugs
08:04 khonkhortisan No, I did NOT search for the 10 biggest bugs on Earth.
08:04 kaeza "Any sufficiently advanced bug is indistinguishable from a feature." -- Rich Kulawiec
08:09 Weedy joined #minetest
08:10 Oblivion1500 i should learn python before learning C shouldent i?
08:11 khonkhortisan I know c++ better than python, so I wouldn't know.
08:11 khonkhortisan x**y = x^y
08:11 Weedy_la1py joined #minetest
08:21 OldCoder kaeza, Hi
08:21 OldCoder kaeza, PM
08:22 kaeza OldCoder: hi
08:22 kaeza k
08:24 thexyz Oblivion1500: mint is fine
08:26 * OldCoder is resting
08:28 OldCoder NEWS: http://minetest.org/ has been tidied up a bit but more work is needed. For example, I'll add _game ZIPs at some point and possibly full maps.
08:28 moltenbot OldCoder's link: OldCoder Minetest Site
08:29 OldCoder Also more clients
08:29 Oblivion1500 lol for a comp running with 2gb of ram? and im trying to install on an external hard drive and dual boot it with windows
08:30 Oblivion1500 OldCoder: good work
08:46 Oblivion1500 learning http://cli.learncodethehardway.org/book/ then im going to go on to python ext by the end of this year i should be ready to create my own extencive program :)
08:46 moltenbot Oblivion1500's link: None
08:49 Oblivion1500 lol trust me thats a link
08:51 codile joined #minetest
08:53 kaeza lol: http://cheezburger.com/6935923712
08:53 moltenbot kaeza's link: Internet Explorer Crashed! - Cheezburger
08:55 webdesigner97 joined #minetest
08:56 webdesigner97 hi :)
08:57 markveidemanis joined #minetest
08:57 markveidemanis Hi!
08:57 webdesigner97 hi mark
08:58 markveidemanis !up minetest.org:30010
08:58 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org:30010:30010 DOWN
08:58 markveidemanis ?
08:58 markveidemanis moltenbot won't behave
08:58 markveidemanis !up minetest.org 30010
08:58 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org:30010 UP
08:58 markveidemanis ?
08:58 markveidemanis yay
08:59 markveidemanis why not with the colon?
08:59 SpeedProg joined #minetest
08:59 webdesigner97 huh?
09:00 markveidemanis as in...
09:00 markveidemanis !up minetest.org:30010
09:00 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org:30010:30010 DOWN
09:00 markveidemanis :30010:30010
09:00 webdesigner97 idk
09:00 markveidemanis Bots are bugged...
09:00 markveidemanis anyways, want to  come on?
09:01 Oblivion1500 something with irc makeing : a referance to repeat or something
09:01 Oblivion1500 probably something to do with ping
09:02 markveidemanis who can help me compile ZNC
09:02 Oblivion1500 not me lol
09:02 webdesigner97 i can't :D
09:04 kaeza http://cheezburger.com/6934338048
09:04 moltenbot kaeza's link: I Will Not Give In! - Cheezburger
09:04 Oblivion1500 lol so in other words markveidemanis everyone else can
09:05 webdesigner97 btw, what is ZNC?
09:05 markveidemanis Google it:D
09:06 jin_xi joined #minetest
09:07 webdesigner97 ok :)
09:07 markveidemanis Compiling now.
09:07 markveidemanis just ran "make" from terminal:D
09:07 markveidemanis Cake!
09:07 markveidemanis Come on my server?
09:08 markveidemanis ZNC sounds "Light"
09:08 markveidemanis on the CPU
09:08 webdesigner97 who, I?
09:09 markveidemanis Yep.
09:10 markveidemanis how do i set an away message
09:10 webdesigner97 I'm working on my mod, so i can't come to your server :/
09:11 webdesigner97 but I've got a little problem: How can i access the methods of InvRef? http://dev.minetest.net/InvRef
09:11 moltenbot webdesigner97's link: InvRef - Minetest Developer Wiki
09:13 Oblivion1500 with those commands
09:13 Oblivion1500 lol
09:14 webdesigner97 :/
09:15 webdesigner97 local inventory =  placer:get_inventory()
09:15 webdesigner97 print(inventory.get_size("main"))
09:15 Oblivion1500 i need to learn lua first
09:15 webdesigner97 bad argument #1 to "get_size" userdata expected, got string :/
09:17 webdesigner97 and the dev wiki says get_size("listname") <= and that is a string.....
09:19 Oblivion1500 maybe asl oldcoder?
09:19 Oblivion1500 ask
09:20 webdesigner97 i asked on forum and continue the mod later
09:20 webdesigner97 bye :)
09:20 markveidemanis joined #minetest
09:20 markveidemanis what port is FreeNode
09:22 Oblivion1500 i think 6667 if i remember correctly
09:22 markveidemanis ok
09:22 markveidemanis do i want SSL?
09:23 Oblivion1500 i dont know lol
10:26 webdesigner97 joined #minetest
10:26 webdesigner97 hi :)
10:26 kaeza hey
10:29 Oblivion1500 ello
10:29 q66 joined #minetest
10:31 webdesigner97 thx for your help, kaeza :)
10:31 kaeza hm?
10:31 kaeza np ;)
10:31 webdesigner97 http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=62029#p62029
10:31 moltenbot webdesigner97's link: Place a block with LUA (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
10:32 kaeza webdesigner97: about your last comment
10:32 webdesigner97 found out
10:32 kaeza is that on_dig?
10:32 kaeza oh
10:32 webdesigner97 return itemstack
10:32 kaeza ninja'd :P
10:32 webdesigner97 on_place
10:33 webdesigner97 :)
10:33 kaeza does it work as expected now?
10:34 webdesigner97 yep
10:34 webdesigner97 it removes I item from the inventory :)
10:34 KikaRz joined #minetest
10:34 kaeza nice
10:34 KikaRz Hi there people
10:34 KikaRz now in Linux :)
10:34 kaeza hey KikaRz
10:34 webdesigner97 hi
10:35 kaeza KikaRz: +100000
10:35 KikaRz ??
10:35 KikaRz What's that?
10:35 kaeza Linux :P
10:35 Oblivion1500 internets
10:35 Oblivion1500 thats how many you got
10:35 KikaRz lol
10:35 KikaRz making apt-get update dist-update
10:35 KikaRz or something
10:36 KikaRz sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
10:36 kaeza Xubuntu?
10:36 KikaRz yay, i have amd64...
10:36 KikaRz no kaeza
10:36 kaeza which one?
10:36 KikaRz It's Crunchbang. (Or Debian-based linxu)
10:36 KikaRz *linux
10:37 kaeza oh ok
10:37 KikaRz A lot of shortcut keys
10:37 KikaRz don't you think?
10:37 KikaRz They're useful.
10:38 kaeza very useful
10:38 kaeza especially the desktop/workspace switch
10:38 kaeza (win+[1-9])
10:38 KikaRz wow. crunchbang already haves XChat and CHROMIUM!
10:39 kaeza preinstalled?
10:39 kaeza cool
10:39 KikaRz Yea.
10:39 KikaRz You should try it
10:39 kaeza I had to install them manually here :(
10:39 kaeza KikaRz: link?
10:40 KikaRz crunchbang.com
10:40 KikaRz 2.8.8 its the latest version of XChat?
10:41 Oblivion1500 should i get that one?
10:41 KikaRz Yea
10:41 kaeza hmm dunno
10:41 * kaeza is googling
10:41 KikaRz very cool, with good programs included
10:41 kaeza 2.8.9
10:42 KikaRz apt-get dist-upgrade will update xChat?
10:42 KikaRz lol
10:43 KikaRz And no normal menus. You know that menus of button? or from Unity?
10:43 KikaRz Here you can right click on the desktop
10:43 KikaRz and the menu will open
10:43 KikaRz :P
10:43 kaeza KikaRz: sudo apt-get upgrade
10:43 kaeza will update everything outdated
10:43 KikaRz kaeza, it was the First Running Configuration
10:44 kaeza KikaRz: doesn't it come with a panel (aka taskbar)?
10:44 KikaRz Yea
10:44 KikaRz it comes
10:44 kaeza fbpanel?
10:44 KikaRz on the below
10:44 KikaRz of the screen
10:44 KikaRz there is 2 spaces
10:44 KikaRz (screen 1 ) (screen 2)
10:45 KikaRz there it will show programs running into 2 screens
10:45 kaeza maybe it's fbpanel
10:45 KikaRz and at the side:
10:45 KikaRz the things
10:45 kaeza fbpanel/openbox make a great couple :P
10:45 KikaRz Internet, Clipboard manager, sound, XChat
10:45 KikaRz and the time and date
10:45 KikaRz :P
10:46 kaeza you can configure *all* the things in it, including the "Menu" icon
10:46 kaeza (and the label)
10:46 KikaRz idk
10:46 KikaRz but i can try.
10:46 kaeza y u no put your name on it? :P
10:47 KikaRz lol?
10:47 kaeza for fbpanel, the config is at ~/.fbpanel/menu
10:47 kaeza IIRC
10:49 KikaRz should i install linux-image-2.6-liquorix-amd64 ?
10:49 KikaRz hmmm... i don't know if i should do that...
10:51 KikaRz If you want a new google page...
10:51 KikaRz choose this: http://crunchbang.org/start/
10:51 moltenbot KikaRz's link: Web Search - CrunchBang
10:51 kaeza http://www.google.com/ig :)
10:51 moltenbot kaeza's link: iGoogle
10:53 KikaRz iGoogle will not be available after November 1, 2013. Learn more.
10:54 Zeg9 joined #minetest
10:54 Oblivion1500 why?
10:55 KikaRz Wait
10:56 KikaRz http://www.google.pt/url?sa=t&amp;rct=j&amp;q=igoogle%20will%20not%20be%20available%20after%20november%201%2C%202013.%20learn%20more.&amp;source=web&amp;cd=1&amp;cad=rja&amp;ved=0CDcQFjAA&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fsupport.google.com%2Fwebsearch%2Fbin%2Fanswer.py%3Fhl%3Den%26answer%3D2664197&amp;ei=vAboUJPbApOAhQf7zIC4BQ&amp;usg=AFQjCNGe4IngxvLFO6PYhavmsP5yCTzgeQ&amp;bvm=bv.1355534169,d.ZG4
10:56 KikaRz FAIL
10:56 KikaRz Thats not a virus, just a google link,.
10:57 KikaRz Gangnam style in 1080 HD... = SLOW NETWORK
10:58 KikaRz eeeeee...e.e.e.eeeeeeee
10:58 KikaRz sexist lady...
10:59 sapier joined #minetest
11:01 kaeza KikaRz: http://5z8.info/PIN-phisher_j2s9he_racist-raps
11:02 KikaRz And that's?
11:03 Oblivion1500 nothing at all lol, a shady url
11:03 kaeza KikaRz: http://5z8.info/this-page-will-steal-all-of-your-personal-data_j6m4sw_dont-just-drizzle
11:03 KikaRz ...
11:03 kaeza lol
11:03 kaeza click it ;)
11:04 Oblivion1500 that page will steal all your personal information
11:04 bnd joined #minetest
11:04 kaeza maybe.... after all, it points to google lol
11:05 Weedy joined #minetest
11:05 Weedy joined #minetest
11:05 Oblivion1500 lol yea you should just use bing
11:07 SpeedProg joined #minetest
11:12 Zeg9 Yahoo
11:12 NakedFury joined #minetest
11:21 KikaRz testing minecraft...
11:21 KikaRz then ill test minetest
11:23 KikaRz Minecraft: 4 FPS
11:36 PilzAdam joined #minetest
11:36 PilzAdam Hello everyone!
11:37 sapier hello
11:37 kaeza hey
11:38 kaeza (and awaiting for KikaRz to disclose the Minetest FPS)
11:38 sapier does anyone have experience in exporting to md2 from blender?
11:38 KikaRz finalized the compilation
11:38 KikaRz let me run it...
11:39 kaeza 15 minutes? obamanotbad.jpg
11:39 KikaRz 20/25 FPS
11:39 KikaRz 5 fpss.
11:39 kaeza that's a HUGE increase from MC :D
11:40 KikaRz no, at initial, minecraft did 24/25 fps
11:40 KikaRz then, decreased
11:40 KikaRz like minetest
11:40 kaeza oh
11:41 KikaRz how i update the drivers?
11:41 KikaRz and what drivers i should get?
11:41 kaeza gfx card? (exact model)
11:41 KikaRz wait
11:42 kaeza is "wait" a gfx card vendor? lol
11:42 KikaRz damn
11:42 KikaRz i forgot
11:42 kaeza NVidia right?
11:43 KikaRz yea
11:43 KikaRz geforce nforce something
11:44 KikaRz wait
11:44 kaeza http://www.gpugrid.net/forum_thread.php?id=266
11:44 moltenbot kaeza's link: HOW TO - Install NVIDIA drivers on Linux 64 bit (generic)
11:44 KikaRz i guess i need to get into windows to see the properly
11:44 KikaRz The exactly
11:45 kaeza KikaRz: wait
11:45 kaeza there should be some "System info" program
11:46 kaeza In ubuntu it's Settings->System->Details
11:46 Jordach joined #minetest
11:46 Jordach joined #minetest
11:46 kaeza see if you have it somewhere
11:46 kaeza hey Jordach
11:46 Jordach hey
11:52 KikaRz cant find video card
11:55 OldCoder Back
11:56 KikaRz 00:0d.0 VGA compatible controller: nVidia Corporation C61 [GeForce 6150SE nForce 430] (rev a2)
11:56 KikaRz OldCoder!|
11:56 KikaRz I missed you so much!
11:56 KikaRz *--*
11:57 PilzAdam hi Jordach
11:58 KikaRz kaeza, ive sent you
11:58 kaeza wb OldCoder
12:00 TB|Vibe-X hi all
12:01 TB|Vibe-X PilzAdam, do you have a second? i found your bed mod and installed it on my server (linux). the mod ist loaded, but do you know if it is possible to skip night (sleep) on a dedicated server?
12:01 TB|Vibe-X or is it just in singleplayer possible?
12:01 PilzAdam it has multiplayer support
12:01 kaeza KikaRz: I think it's either libgl1-mesa or the nouveau drivers. not sure
12:01 PilzAdam if all players are in the bed the night is skipped
12:02 PilzAdam s/the/a/
12:02 Calinou joined #minetest
12:02 TB|Vibe-X ah okay, beacuse if i left click on a bed, nothing happens, but im the only one on server
12:02 Calinou SAUEROOOOO
12:02 Calinou hi
12:02 Calinou (new sauerbraten release :D)
12:02 kaeza hey
12:02 TB|Vibe-X i installed in /games/minetest_game/mods because in m/mods/ it doesnt run on my server o.O
12:02 PilzAdam TB|Vibe-X, do you have the latest version?
12:02 TB|Vibe-X sauerbraten release? :D
12:02 bas080 joined #minetest
12:03 TB|Vibe-X yeah, minetest, minetest_game and yours from git
12:03 Calinou yes, see sauerbraten.org
12:03 TB|Vibe-X i just use git versions
12:03 * Calinou is collectin' teh collect edition
12:03 PilzAdam TB|Vibe-X, then try rightclick the bed ;-)
12:03 TB|Vibe-X o.O wait i try again :D
12:03 TB|Vibe-X but i can install on /games/minetest_game/mods right=
12:03 PilzAdam its not recommended, but you can do it
12:03 kaeza PilzAdam: the rightclick is already in master right?
12:04 PilzAdam yep
12:04 Calinou bad practice
12:04 PilzAdam I pushed it yesterday
12:04 Calinou put your mods in ~/.minetest/mods/minetest
12:04 kaeza oh right
12:04 Calinou (if you compiled without run-in-place)
12:04 Calinou if you compiled with, then in your minetest folder/mods/minetest
12:05 TB|Vibe-X yeah i did run in place, when i install in mods/minetest the mod wont be loaded o.O i will try again
12:05 Calinou make sure you put the mod folder correctly
12:05 Calinou eg. mods/minetest/moreblocks/init.lua
12:05 Calinou make sure your structure is similar to that
12:05 KikaRz idk what i want linux for
12:05 KikaRz :(
12:05 KikaRz if i cant play minetest / minecraft properly on it.
12:05 Calinou for fleeing windows?
12:06 Calinou :>
12:06 TB|Vibe-X minetest@srv1:~/minetest-0.4.4-d1-linux/mods/minetest/beds$
12:06 kaeza WOW PilzAdam appears as a suggestion on Google Instant :P
12:06 TB|Vibe-X right?
12:06 PilzAdam kaeza, what?
12:06 Calinou kaeza: it is not a google instant suggestion, it's ajax suggestions
12:06 Calinou TB|Vibe-X: with init.lua file inside? yes
12:06 Calinou are you 100% sure it is run in place?
12:06 TB|Vibe-X yes
12:06 Calinou are you running the minetest_game and not "minimal" game?
12:06 TB|Vibe-X yes
12:06 Calinou you can see it in server log
12:06 kaeza Calinou: whatever
12:07 TB|Vibe-X i compiled on virtual maschine in rune place, made archive
12:07 TB|Vibe-X with make
12:07 Calinou type /mods to see mod list, does it return any mods you installed?
12:08 PilzAdam http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4332
12:08 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: [Poll] Open/Close Doors (Page 1) - Feature Discussion - Minetest Forums
12:08 TB|Vibe-X beds are missing, but bones is used (installde on /games/minetest_game/mods/
12:08 TB|Vibe-X beds is in /mods/minetest/ and not loaded o.O
12:08 Calinou PilzAdam: voted for right click
12:08 Calinou more logical
12:08 PilzAdam great!
12:08 Calinou you don't open chests with left click
12:08 Calinou also, it makes mining the doors easier
12:09 Calinou they don't flip like hell especially if you play singleplayer
12:11 PilzAdam Ill push this patch this afternoon
12:12 TB|Vibe-X nice beds is loaded now, but clicking do nothing :D i will look at this later . have to eat (all you can eat chinese buffet)
12:12 TB|Vibe-X have a nice day ;)
12:12 PilzAdam c u
12:21 PilzAdam Calinou, can you add the first 7 chars of the commit hash to your unofficial changelog?
12:22 PilzAdam (to see when its last updated)
12:23 Calinou if I want to do that I'll have to go through the whole git log for minetest and minetest_game, would take time for little benefit
12:24 Calinou if someone wants to see the commits they can just look at the git logs then ctrl+f :P
12:24 PilzAdam no, I mean only for "last update"
12:24 PilzAdam like "last update: 2013-01-04 (f6asd4g"
12:25 PilzAdam +)
12:25 Calinou oh
12:26 Calinou PilzAdam: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest_game/commit/a0ba7cf97302eab03f331a4cd81b02aa2cecc05d < add a minetest.conf setting to allow read only chests maybe :P
12:26 moltenbot Calinou's link: Show the contents of the locked chest only to the owner ?  a0ba7cf ? celeron55/minetest_game ? GitHub
12:26 KikaRz Going to windows.
12:26 Calinou like, "locked_chest_read" setting
12:26 KikaRz Linux its too hard for me
12:26 Calinou KikaRz: closing my windows!
12:26 KikaRz ?
12:26 Calinou it is not, linux is easier to use than windows, has no shitstrictions and is free
12:26 KikaRz not that
12:27 Calinou my OS is an "ultimate" edition, not a "starter" or "home" one
12:27 Calinou any linux distro is
12:27 KikaRz ...
12:27 KikaRz Calinou
12:27 KikaRz What i mean is: I can't install the drivers properly, and the games are with low FPS (3/4/5 FPS)
12:27 KikaRz like Minetest, Minecraft... etc
12:27 KikaRz all that use OpenGL
12:28 NakedFury joined #minetest
12:28 Calinou file-roller, I am disappoint
12:28 Calinou can't you understand my CPU has 8 threads?
12:28 Calinou it only uses one ;-;
12:29 * Calinou just extracted a 590MB .tar.bz2 file
12:29 PilzAdam Sauerbraten?
12:35 sapier :-) food or engine?
12:36 Calinou changelog updated
12:36 Calinou sapier: game
12:36 Calinou sauerbraten is a game not an engine, the engine is cube 2 :P
12:36 sapier btw I recommend using b3d model format as minetests default mesh format it's size is way smaller than .x
12:36 Calinou wait
12:37 Calinou i don't have any floppies
12:37 Calinou I have a 64GB USB drive
12:37 Calinou please don't make it full
12:37 PilzAdam sapier, pull request it
12:37 Calinou :P
12:37 Calinou b3d sucks at minetest
12:37 Calinou .x works fine
12:37 sapier @calinou are you sure? i thought engine was called sauerbraten
12:37 sapier .x sucks way more even small models with animation >250kb
12:38 Calinou sapier: yes, I am
12:38 sapier pilzadam b3d is already supported
12:38 Zeg9 b3d is used in STK too
12:38 Calinou we support any format irrlicht supports, no?
12:39 Calinou Zeg9: STK has one of the worst engines /me has even seen :p
12:39 PilzAdam sapier, pull request it to minetest_game
12:39 sapier according to wikipedia its "sauerbraten game engine" while game is called "Cube 2: Dauerbraten"
12:39 Zeg9 Calinou, for a karting game, it's a great engine :p
12:39 sapier -D +S
12:39 Zeg9 I haven't looked at the source code though...
12:40 Calinou Zeg9: the physics make me vomit frame pointers
12:40 Calinou the graphics engine is very weak, and the art sucks: P
12:40 Calinou good art is very hard to make though
12:40 Calinou and GIMP still isn't the best at texturing
12:41 Zeg9 Their physics are still better than our :P
12:41 Calinou heh
12:41 sapier pilzadam I don't understand pull what to minetest_game?
12:41 Calinou we could have better ones, just reduce friction/acceleration and remove air control if you want something realistic :P
12:41 PilzAdam convert the .x to whatever you want
12:42 sapier I haven't had a look at minetest_game .x files I was talking about mobfs ones. And to let others know what I have already discovered
12:42 Zeg9 Saying that, it's true that in STK I often drived into water and ended up in the sky, Calinou XD
12:42 jin_xi joined #minetest
12:42 Calinou still better than bugrigs :D
12:43 PilzAdam sapier, havent you talked about the default model?
12:43 Zeg9 [Poll] What do you think is the longer ? Generate a map with onomatopoeia or send it to a remote server with my great connection ?
12:44 sapier not quite exactly but it applies to it too
12:45 sapier default character.x is 296 kb character.b3d would be 72kb
12:46 PilzAdam sapier, then pull request the character.b3d to minetest_game
12:46 sapier puuuuhhh ... that'll take far more time than creating it but I'll do
12:47 PilzAdam then delete the old character.x and change player.lua to fit the changes
12:49 sapier yes but It'll still need some testing, I've just done basic tests with b3d for mobf
12:50 PilzAdam sure
12:51 berome joined #minetest
12:51 devlab joined #minetest
12:52 devlab what does the technic obsidian do?
12:56 kaeza can't tell if spammer or just stupid: http://minetest.net/forum/search.php?action=show_user_posts&amp;user_id=3339
12:56 moltenbot kaeza's link: Posts by alessio (Page 1) - Minetest Forums
12:56 kaeza s/stupid/too lazy to read/
12:57 devlab he didn't see 'whitelisted'
13:03 Calinou <sapier> default character.x is 296 kb character.b3d would be 72kb => you spent about 15 minutes for that, yet downloading that file 100 times would take less time :P
13:03 Zeg9 Was playing STK, back
13:04 sapier calinou it doesn't matter if you do have only character.x but if you have 10 other meshes rangeing from 300kb to >700kb it DOES matter
13:05 Zeg9 Also, we wouldn't use microsoft's format anymore :p
13:06 sapier zeg9; that isn't an argument ;-), startup times are a big argument in my oppinion
13:06 Zeg9 Yeah, that's just joking.
13:07 Calinou ask irrlicht devs to add .iqm support
13:07 Calinou then tell all the debian rusty users to use *buntus
13:07 Zeg9 .blend support
13:07 sapier b3d is blizzard ... don't know if its better :-)
13:07 Calinou ???
13:07 Calinou PROFIT
13:07 Zeg9 .blend are really huge files :D
13:08 sapier I've tried md2 too but couldn't get blender to produce propper files
13:08 sapier 3ds doesn't have animation
13:08 Calinou md2 is so 1997
13:08 Calinou md3 is so 1999
13:08 Calinou md5 is so 2003
13:08 sapier and .obj animation is creating a separate obj file for each frame
13:08 Zeg9 Yeah, .obj doesn't have animation
13:09 Calinou sauerbraten maps can be exported to .obj format :P
13:09 Calinou but you can import it in blender then convert it to .x
13:09 Zeg9 BZFlag maps can be exported to .obj
13:09 Zeg9 Ok, I go away xD
13:10 sapier what I can't tell is if dae dmf or ms3d might be even better that b3d as i didn't find a way to create those mesh formats
13:10 PilzAdam sapier, can you import .b3d to blender?
13:11 sapier pilzadam no it's one-way as .x
13:11 Calinou noone made an importer for it, that means :P
13:11 Zeg9 .x is two way !
13:11 Calinou but it is possible probably
13:11 Zeg9 but the importer is a WIP iirc
13:11 sapier working b3d exporter is hard to find too ... the one from supertuxcart is working with blender 2.63
13:12 Calinou 2.65 is latest, and blender breaks everything every release...
13:13 sapier zeg9 are you sure? my blender version can't import .x
13:13 Zeg9 sapier, you have to find it in addons
13:13 sapier yes so did I to enable the exporter but even if enabled i can't import .x
13:14 Zeg9 Yeah you also need to enable the importer
13:14 Zeg9 let me find it again
13:14 Zeg9 In "supported levels" you need to check "testing"
13:15 Zeg9 Wait, I can't find it anymore
13:16 sapier i still can't import but i don't need it anyway
13:16 Zeg9 sapier, I remember there was one but I don't remember how I enabled it anyway it wouldn't be useful
13:16 sapier maybe there's a import addon out there somewhere
13:16 sapier i doubt there's one for b3d
13:17 thexyz Zeg9: have you uploaded your map to server yet?
13:17 Zeg9 thexyz, it's uploading, around 35%
13:17 thexyz ok
13:17 Zeg9 With my great upload speed...
13:18 Zeg9 o_O
13:18 Zeg9 Wait, I'll upload it as .zip, it should be faster
13:18 Taoki joined #minetest
13:19 SpeedProg joined #minetest
13:23 Calinou .tar.xz ftw
13:25 Zeg9 Yeah but I don't think there is .tar.xz in php
13:25 Zeg9 Anyway, I upload it as .zip because there are a lot of files, not because they are big
13:26 thexyz don't you have shell access to your server?
13:26 Zeg9 No, it's just a free http hosting
13:27 Zeg9 I don't know what will be the speed of the map but at least it won't ruin my bandwidth ;)
13:27 Zeg9 And it should be better than 90KB/s
13:49 TB|Vibe-X hi all :)
13:52 kaeza1 joined #minetest
14:00 Leuthihi joined #minetest
14:10 youlysse` joined #minetest
14:26 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
14:26 john_minetest joined #minetest
14:26 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
14:26 jojoa1997 is it possible to have two people share a post
14:29 Zeg9 No why
14:30 Obiewan1111 joined #minetest
14:30 jojoa1997 me and luk3yx are co makers of a mod and i just updated it
14:30 jojoa1997 but he has to add it to topic
14:30 markveidemanis joined #minetest
14:31 markveidemanis on my server, i have protected skycity - if anyone has a house there, please tell me where so i can add you as the owner
14:31 Calinou use a github repo, or a shared dropbox folder
14:31 Zeg9 You need to wait for him. But during that you should just "reply" to the topic
14:32 markveidemanis Anyone?
14:32 jojoa1997 yep i am the one with the repo. i did reply
14:32 markveidemanis jojoa
14:32 markveidemanis there is a new protection mod on the server
14:32 jojoa1997 yeah
14:32 jojoa1997 i know
14:32 jojoa1997 OldCoder you there
14:32 markveidemanis use /set_owner <pos1> <pos2>
14:33 markveidemanis and /add_owner " "
14:33 jojoa1997 i requested that
14:33 markveidemanis i did too lol
14:35 mark__ joined #minetest
14:37 markveidemanis left #minetest
14:39 Jabama Wrong game nick. o.o
14:40 Zeg9 left #minetest
14:40 Zeg9 joined #minetest
14:42 TB|Vibe-X OP, are you here?
14:43 jojoa1997 can you make a tool's maxlevel=3.5
14:43 jojoa1997 would it do anything different
14:45 Xenux joined #minetest
14:45 jojoa1997 nvm'
14:46 markveidemanis joined #minetest
14:46 OP hi
14:46 OP im markveidemanis, testing irssi
14:47 markveidemanis how do i list users
14:47 markveidemanis OP
14:47 OP what?
14:47 iqualfragile joined #minetest
14:47 markveidemanis how to list them?
14:47 markveidemanis lol
14:47 markveidemanis OP, you have to go now
14:47 iqualfragile markveidemanis: list what?
14:47 markveidemanis users in irssi
14:48 markveidemanis lol that was me in another client
14:48 iqualfragile i know
14:48 iqualfragile you had the same ip
14:48 markveidemanis yep
14:48 mark__ joined #minetest
14:49 OP pp
14:49 OP how do i list them?
14:49 OP i am in terminal
14:50 OldCoder jojoa1997, Yes I am here
14:50 OldCoder Woke up at 3:15am today
14:50 jojoa1997 you want to go three way with markv
14:50 OldCoder When he wishes; one of you PM me
14:50 iqualfragile OldCoder: me too, but pm -.-
14:51 OldCoder iqualfragile, I have PMd
14:51 iqualfragile oh, no, i meant i woke up at 3:15 pm
14:51 iqualfragile (thats ~20 minutes ago)
14:52 jojoa1997 lol marktwains initials were mt
14:56 kaeza hello everyone
14:56 kaeza screenie: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_187603648.jpg
14:56 kaeza jojoa1997: ^
14:56 jojoa1997 O.O
14:56 kaeza I could spawn ~30 before game crashed ^_^
14:57 markveidemanis kaeza
14:57 kaeza that just shows some of them
14:57 markveidemanis what can i do with a terminal-based IRC program
14:57 kaeza uhhh... chat?
14:58 markveidemanis can you forward the log from a server to a client in chat?
14:58 OP me!
14:58 kaeza not everything
14:58 OP to me
14:59 jojoa1997 kaeza it only spawns in five spots but let the disperse then you see them all
14:59 kaeza markveidemanis: I'm making a separate mod for that
14:59 markveidemanis really?
15:00 markveidemanis :D
15:00 markveidemanis YAY
15:00 kaeza what do you need forwarded?
15:00 markveidemanis server log
15:00 markveidemanis forward to client "OP"
15:00 kaeza I can log most things (place/dig/chat)
15:00 kaeza s/log/forward/
15:01 markveidemanis invoked commands?
15:01 kaeza maybe
15:02 kaeza everything typed in the chat window can be logged
15:02 kaeza also place/dig nodes
15:02 markveidemanis can it be sent to a client?
15:02 kaeza yup
15:02 markveidemanis but so the client can filter
15:02 kaeza as PMs
15:02 markveidemanis filter, chat, dig/place
15:02 markveidemanis grant,
15:03 jojoa1997 who wants to try out xhands
15:03 PilzAdam jojoa1997, why do I need xhands when I have creative?
15:03 jojoa1997 https://github.com/jojoa1997/xhands
15:03 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: jojoa1997/xhands ? GitHub
15:04 kaeza markveidemanis: that will be for later; for now, I fixed that annoying delay on connecting
15:04 markveidemanis delay?
15:05 kaeza waiting for the MOTD
15:05 markveidemanis do you have that mod done?
15:06 mark__ joined #minetest
15:09 kaeza IMHO the poll feature of the forums is being abused
15:09 kaeza http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4338
15:09 moltenbot kaeza's link: Gui Pictures for Minetest (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
15:10 jojoa1997 for coding if i use "for" do i need an "end" for it
15:10 markveidemanis left #minetest
15:11 PilzAdam jojoa1997, sure
15:11 Zeg9 kaeza: I agree
15:12 kaeza I think it should be moved to a different page
15:13 kaeza or better yet, don't allow users to make polls until they have a certain amount of posts
15:13 PilzAdam kaeza, I like the poll feature because it makes my life easier (decide what feature to add to mt_game)
15:13 kaeza PilzAdam: I understand your point, but some users are just making nonsense polls
15:13 Zeg9 Require 204 posts to make polls
15:15 PilzAdam kaeza, I just dont care about useless polls, why would you need to disable them?
15:15 kaeza not disable them entirely
15:15 PilzAdam I mean, If users make useless polls, then just let them do that
15:15 PilzAdam who cares?
15:16 kaeza ooook
15:20 Jousway joined #minetest
15:23 iqualfragile joined #minetest
15:24 kaeza1 joined #minetest
15:26 jojoa1997 gtg bbl
15:26 Zeg9 bye
15:29 Zeg9 lol kaeza
15:29 Zeg9 "What means abusing?" nvm
15:30 kaeza yeah
15:30 kaeza should I post a *proper* response?
15:30 kaeza nah
15:30 Obiewan1111 Ah sh*t.
15:30 Obiewan1111 Chelsea are down.
15:30 Obiewan1111 Rage quits everything.
15:31 kaeza dafuq
15:37 jojoa1997 help
15:38 jojoa1997 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1499908/
15:38 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
15:38 kaeza jojoa1997: ?
15:38 jojoa1997 unexpected symbol near '}'
15:38 jojoa1997 the last "}"
15:39 kaeza ...
15:39 kaeza f-i-x-y-o-u-r-i-n-d-e-n-t-a-t-i-o-n
15:40 sebastiansam55 joined #minetest
15:40 PilzAdam jojoa1997, your indentation is messed up
15:40 jojoa1997 how?
15:40 sapier make blanks and tabs grouping if/else while etc
15:40 kaeza jojoa1997: do you really think that code is readable?
15:40 PilzAdam read defaults and builtings Lua code to see how its done correctly
15:41 PilzAdam *builtin's
15:41 jojoa1997 k
15:41 devlab left #minetest
15:41 jojoa1997 brb
15:41 sapier there ain't a single right solution but yours is wrong for sure ;-)
15:42 kaeza mixing tabs and spaces == bad idea
15:42 Taoki[mobile] joined #minetest
15:42 kaeza that's one of the nice features of python IMHO
15:42 sapier depends what you call "mixing" minetest uses tab for prefix whitespacing and spaces for anything else
15:43 kaeza I mean for indentation
15:43 kaeza either use tabs, *or* space
15:43 kaeza +s
15:43 sapier true
15:43 kaeza but not both
15:46 jojoa1997 i use only tabs
15:46 sapier but they don't match the code blocks you have
15:47 kaeza jojoa1997: wrong
15:47 kaeza lines 4&5 use spaces
15:48 sapier for example after a "function(parameters)" line any code is one tab deeper until the corresponding "end" occurs
15:48 sapier same to "if" .... "end"
15:48 * kaeza is a bit bitchy
15:48 kaeza :P
15:48 jojoa1997 did i massacre the code? http://paste.ubuntu.com/1499939/
15:48 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
15:48 kaeza ...
15:48 LandMine joined #minetest
15:49 kaeza where do I start?
15:49 sapier where are you from jojoa?
15:49 NekoGloop joined #minetest
15:49 jojoa1997 pluto ;)
15:49 PilzAdam jojoa1997, dont split the else and the if
15:49 jojoa1997 k
15:50 PilzAdam elseif active_npc_count >= MAX_SPAWN then
15:50 PilzAdam here you go
15:50 jojoa1997 so it is all one line
15:50 PilzAdam yep
15:50 kaeza inb4 line 11 contains PilzAdam's code :P
15:51 jojoa1997 is this part wrong
15:51 jojoa1997 function spawn_for_command(name, param)
15:51 PilzAdam no
15:51 PilzAdam but an local would help keeping the global namespace clea
15:51 jojoa1997 do i need
15:51 jojoa1997 local pos = player:getpos()
15:51 PilzAdam *clean
15:51 PilzAdam local is recommended
15:52 Obiewan1111 joined #minetest
15:52 jojoa1997 make the func local?
15:52 PilzAdam func = spawn_for_command
15:52 jojoa1997 oh
15:52 Obiewan1111 Anyone remotely interested in British football?
15:52 kaeza jojoa1997: lines 24-25: wat
15:52 PilzAdam and:
15:52 PilzAdam local function spawn_for_command(name, param)
15:52 kaeza nope
15:52 jojoa1997 local func = spawn_for_command
15:52 LandMine Football? U mean soccer?
15:53 PilzAdam jojoa1997, no, dont put the local there
15:53 jojoa1997 i didnt
15:53 Obiewan1111 Are you being serious LandMine?
15:53 jojoa1997 we posted same time
15:53 LandMine of course
15:53 jojoa1997 are all the locals in the function needed
15:53 OldCoder Football is soccer in many parts of the world
15:54 PilzAdam jojoa1997, yea
15:54 jojoa1997 k
15:54 jojoa1997 how about the if for stuff that right
15:54 PilzAdam if active_npc_count == nil then has a missing "end"
15:55 PilzAdam and (as said above) bring that elseif in one line
15:55 jojoa1997 dammit it never stays
15:55 jojoa1997 i always delete it
15:55 LandMine Obiewan1111 beside britsh don't know how to play
15:55 LandMine Damm he lft
15:55 kaeza jojoa1997: if you indent the code correctly you can find most of these trivial errors for yourself
15:56 jojoa1997 k
15:56 PilzAdam jojoa1997, protip: http://www.lua.org/pil/
15:56 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: Programming in Lua
15:56 LandMine Kaeza jojoa1997 pilzadam please move this chat to #minetest-mods thanks
15:56 kaeza how about no?
15:57 PilzAdam LandMine, why?
15:57 kaeza btw hi LandMine
15:57 LandMine Because it would be the best thing to do pilzadam
15:57 LandMine Its not an order
15:57 LandMine But a suggestion
15:57 PilzAdam the -mods channel is dead and this channel is used to talk about mods too
15:57 LandMine You might
15:58 LandMine Ok ;-)
15:59 jojoa1997 ok so far the mod loaded
16:00 NekoGloop -mods is deprecated and exists purely for backwards compatibility. </luaapitxt>
16:00 PilzAdam hello NekoGloop
16:00 LandMine Nekogloop mind ur own buisness
16:00 kaeza hey Neko
16:00 NekoGloop hai guise :3
16:02 kaeza jojoa1997: so?
16:02 jojoa1997 nope
16:02 kaeza works?
16:02 kaeza k
16:02 kaeza code?
16:02 jojoa1997 first error
16:02 * VanessaE wanders in, takes one of NekoGloop's kittens, and puts it on LandMine's head.
16:02 jojoa1997 attempt to index local 'player'(a nil value)
16:03 VanessaE good morning
16:03 PilzAdam heh
16:03 PilzAdam hi VanessaE
16:03 kaeza o hai VanessaE
16:03 NekoGloop no need to soil the kitten's underside.
16:03 jojoa1997 http://paste.ubuntu.com/1499982/
16:03 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
16:03 PilzAdam jojoa1997, func = spawn_for_command,
16:03 PilzAdam nothing else
16:05 jojoa1997 nope
16:05 jojoa1997 it says = expected near end but there is nothing to =
16:05 kaeza pastebin?
16:05 NekoGloop func is not valid if you are putting it in place of function()
16:05 kaeza inb4 you forgot the comma
16:06 jojoa1997 this right
16:06 jojoa1997 func = function spawn_for_command
16:06 PilzAdam no
16:06 PilzAdam thats wrong
16:06 jojoa1997 didnt think so
16:06 NekoGloop commas are everything in lua :P
16:06 LandMine Hmmm
16:06 kaeza lol yeah :P
16:06 PilzAdam its func = spawn_for_command
16:06 LandMine Hmmm wanna rap battle?
16:06 VanessaE NekoGloop: I thought you had your kittek generator set for "Scotch Brite" mode?
16:07 kaeza kittek?
16:07 VanessaE kitten*
16:07 NekoGloop VanessaE: No, i set it to "cute and fluffy, idc what it is" :3
16:07 VanessaE oh, right
16:07 jojoa1997 \o/ test time
16:07 * VanessaE tweaks the setting, generates another kitten, and replaces the soiled one on LandMine's head.
16:08 LandMine Vanessae stop trying to get my attention....I'm taken geeesh :-)
16:08 jojoa1997 kitty
16:08 * kaeza codes an ABM: neighbors={"human:head",action=put_kittehs}
16:09 kaeza whatever, I suck at ABMs :P
16:09 VanessaE interval=1, chance=1
16:10 VanessaE ;)
16:10 kaeza lol that was what I missed
16:10 NekoGloop also action is outside of the neighbors
16:10 kaeza (excluding the very obvious syntax error)
16:10 VanessaE plus you forgot to set nodenames=
16:10 VanessaE so your abm will never execute :)
16:10 kaeza ninja'd
16:10 * Jordach walks in
16:11 * Jordach is bemused in what VanessaE said
16:11 * VanessaE puts a kitten on Jordach's head.
16:11 * Jordach meows
16:11 jojoa1997 i summoned 20 :(
16:11 * NekoGloop burp
16:12 kaeza jojoa1997: so?
16:12 jojoa1997 the limit was 15
16:12 jojoa1997 .code http://paste.ubuntu.com/1500014/
16:12 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
16:12 kaeza if active_npc_count <= MAX_SPAWN then
16:12 kaeza active_npc_count = 0
16:12 kaeza ???
16:12 kaeza (the other way around)
16:13 jojoa1997 if active_npc_count == nil then active_npc_count = 0 end
16:13 jojoa1997 that stops nil error
16:13 jojoa1997 one sec
16:14 FreeFull Does minetest still generate those awesome super-tall mountains?
16:14 kaeza jojoa1997: line 12: you are checking the wrong var
16:14 NekoGloop FreeFull: I think so
16:14 NekoGloop Ones that you could jump off of and die of fall damage about a third of the way down?
16:15 markveidemanis joined #minetest
16:15 markveidemanis hi
16:15 markveidemanis how do i switch windows in irssi
16:15 MasterBot joined #minetest
16:15 FreeFull NekoGloop: I'm thinking any mountain that goes above cloud layer
16:15 markveidemanis left #minetest
16:16 FreeFull Anyway, minetest doesn't give you fall damage right now unless you hit the ground
16:16 NekoGloop FreeFull: Usually play with clouds off :P
16:16 FreeFull Cloud layer is at 100
16:16 NekoGloop And i know, it's just that if you landed at that point you'd die :D
16:16 jojoa1997 kaeza what is the right var
16:16 FreeFull Well, unless you fall in water =p
16:16 NekoGloop True
16:16 kaeza NekoGloop: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1538663744.jpg
16:17 NakedFury joined #minetest
16:17 jojoa1997 oh
16:18 kaeza jojoa1997: think: what is the var that is "counting" the *current* number of the NPC?
16:18 jojoa1997 i have to add something
16:18 kaeza no
16:18 FreeFull I've been fruitlessly trying to find one by constantly moving east
16:18 FreeFull Hit 3200 already
16:19 jojoa1997 if active_npc_count + npcs_to_spawn <= MAX_SPAWN then
16:19 * NekoGloop puts a kitten on FreeFull's head
16:20 * FreeFull pets the kitten
16:20 thexyz Zeg9: any progress?
16:20 jojoa1997 is this possible
16:20 jojoa1997 elseif active_npc_count + npcs_to_spawn >= MAX_SPAWN + 1 then
16:20 Zeg9 Not really, I had to restart it many time
16:20 Zeg9 many times*
16:20 jojoa1997 for me?
16:20 Zeg9 No, thexyz
16:20 Zeg9 thexyz, it's at 74% of the current upload...
16:21 Zeg9 It says 13 minutes remaining
16:21 Zeg9 Last time, it crashed around 90% :(
16:21 thexyz crashed?
16:21 Zeg9 Timed out or something.
16:21 thexyz aww
16:23 kaeza jojoa1997: ???
16:24 PilzAdam thexyz, according to this http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=62091 I will push this rightclick to open doors patch
16:24 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: [Poll | Finished] Open/Close Doors (Page 1) - Feature Discussion - Minetest Forums
16:24 jojoa1997 it works
16:24 kaeza FreeFull: like these? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1935471382.jpg
16:24 thexyz PilzAdam: k
16:24 kaeza PilzAdam: +1
16:24 FreeFull kaeza: No
16:24 FreeFull Way bigger
16:24 thexyz don't forget about apple
16:25 NekoGloop apple would need on_rightclick to be able to be tied to items as well
16:25 NekoGloop inb4 it is already
16:25 kaeza FreeFull: I could upload my entire collection of tall mountain screenies, but my connection is bitchy today :/
16:25 VanessaE today?
16:25 kaeza would*
16:25 kaeza -.-
16:25 FreeFull kaeza: Has to be at least 100 blocks tall
16:25 VanessaE isn't that word a little redundant?
16:26 FreeFull Preferably bigger
16:26 Jordach FreeFull, remember the 0.3.x / 0.2.x mountains?
16:26 kaeza thanks VanessaE for reminding me of my crappy connection
16:26 FreeFull Jordach: Yeah
16:26 FreeFull Those were cool
16:26 VanessaE I was just kidding :-)
16:26 FreeFull Although I never played 0.2.x
16:26 kaeza :P
16:26 Minetest-tan GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Open/close doors with rightclick 686c0d087c 2013-01-05T08:25:19-08:00
16:26 FreeFull The 0.3.x terrain was awesome
16:26 jojoa1997 what do yall say for adding a tool that instint kills npc
16:27 kaeza Jordach: any screenies handy?
16:27 kaeza (preferably in 1x1 and in JPG :P
16:27 Jordach gimme a few mins
16:28 kaeza jojoa1997: have you fixed you current code yet?
16:28 FreeFull I played on one server that had a huge mountain, it also had a wall around the area where people were supposed to remain
16:28 jojoa1997 yep but have to edit wont let me spawn 15
16:29 kaeza then wait until you fix this
16:29 kaeza copypasta is no programming teacher
16:29 jojoa1997 fix what
16:29 kaeza (14:25:43) jojoa1997: yep but have to edit wont let me spawn 15
16:29 kaeza that ^
16:29 FreeFull I don't remember if it was before or after deserts
16:30 jojoa1997 i know what to do
16:30 kaeza then do it :)
16:30 jojoa1997 i did testing
16:31 sapier does anyone know a nice book about computer programming in jojoas native language? no offense jojoa but you need to learn the basics prior doing complex stuff
16:31 roboman2444 joined #minetest
16:32 markveidemanis joined #minetest
16:32 NekoGloop No you dont
16:32 sapier you're a smart guy you'll get it done quickly but you have to do it
16:32 NekoGloop Take me as an example :P
16:32 markveidemanis i want to compile ircll but i get an error
16:32 markveidemanis make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mark/irc/source' rm -f count.c lex count.l make[1]: lex: Command not found make[1]: *** [count.c] Error 127 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mark/irc/source' make: *** [irc] Error 2
16:32 kaeza jojoa1997: basically what I told you: learn to walk before you can run
16:32 PilzAdam since we have now doors that are opened/closed with a righclick we can change the bucket to be used with an rightclick too
16:32 Zeg9 thexyz, 96% of uploading - hope it won't crash and the unzip thing will work
16:32 jojoa1997 ok it works but one prob
16:32 PilzAdam what do you think?
16:32 markveidemanis ...
16:32 markveidemanis ;
16:32 kaeza markveidemanis: sudo apt-get install lex
16:33 markveidemanis k
16:33 kaeza flex*
16:33 jojoa1997 the server says "The spawn limit is 15" for every npc if you type a numbre over the limiy
16:33 Zeg9 PilzAdam, maybe pick water with left and put water with right ?
16:33 sapier yes everyone thinks he can fly before walking but afer some time you discover it'd be way faster if you did it right order ;-)
16:33 PilzAdam Zeg9, that could work
16:34 sapier did you use a global variable for spawn limit jojoa?
16:34 jojoa1997 how do i make it say that only once
16:34 jojoa1997 The spawn limit is 15
16:34 jojoa1997 no would interfere withother limits
16:34 NekoGloop PilzAdam: First, make it so items/tools *have* a rightclick callback
16:34 kaeza jojoa1997: if we say it we will be making the mod for you :)
16:34 jojoa1997 nvm your right
16:34 Zeg9 NekoGloop, they have, it is called on place
16:34 PilzAdam NekoGloop, they have it since forever
16:35 markveidemanis make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mark/irc/source' rm -f count.c lex count.l mv -f lex.yy.c count.c gcc  -o count -O count.c  /tmp/ccZpGuvc.o: In function `yylex': count.c:(.text+0xcf5): undefined reference to `yywrap' collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status make[1]: *** [count] Error 1 make[1]: Leaving directory `/home/mark/irc/source' make: *** [irc] Error 2
16:35 jojoa1997 is it in the api though
16:35 NekoGloop on_place requires you to be pointing at something
16:35 kaeza markveidemanis: p-a-s-t-e-b-i-n
16:35 PilzAdam NekoGloop, not really, no
16:35 markveidemanis ok
16:35 NekoGloop Which for liquid is not always the case
16:35 sapier make sure your code is correct befor blaming api ;-)
16:35 NekoGloop PilzAdam: Yes it does
16:35 PilzAdam NekoGloop, and you do have to point a liquid to pick them up
16:36 jojoa1997 i dont blame api
16:36 PilzAdam NekoGloop, trust me, pointed_thing.type can be "none"
16:36 sapier sorry missunderstood you
16:36 markveidemanis http://pastebin.com/9apzfWXj
16:36 moltenbot markveidemanis's link: make[1]: Entering directory `/home/mark/irc/source'  rm -f count.c  lex count.l  - Pastebin.com
16:36 Jordach kaeza, couldnt find any but: http://imgur.com/a/QshVo
16:36 moltenbot Jordach's link:             Photo Album - Imgur
16:36 NekoGloop PilzAdam: You will see soon enough that if you arent pointing at something, on_place is not called. Period.
16:36 Zeg9 thexyz, I give up - the .zip magically disappeared.
16:36 kaeza markveidemanis: checking
16:37 markveidemanis kaeza: can you join #mtmt
16:37 markveidemanis its *quiet* there
16:37 kaeza Jordach: thanks
16:37 kaeza (if it ever loads that is) :P
16:37 Jordach kaeza, dont expect much
16:37 Jordach there were a few hills tho
16:37 NekoGloop For buckets your idea is great. What about guns, or food.
16:38 NekoGloop on_place would require me to look at a suface to eat
16:38 NekoGloop Which is just ew.
16:38 NekoGloop Or shooting, which is even more redundant. If i'm looking at something, chances are that i wont hit my target.
16:38 markveidemanis left #minetest
16:38 M13 joined #minetest
16:39 PilzAdam http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=62095
16:39 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: [Poll] Buckets (Page 1) - Feature Discussion - Minetest Forums
16:39 PilzAdam Vote now!
16:39 NekoGloop PilzAdam: See above
16:40 kaeza Jordach: those hills are just pretteh
16:40 NekoGloop PilzAdam: You forgot the actual poll.
16:40 ttk2 joined #minetest
16:40 PilzAdam poll fixed: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4340
16:40 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: [Poll] Buckets (Page 1) - Feature Discussion - Minetest Forums
16:41 PilzAdam (it had only 3 options before)
16:41 NekoGloop I'm 100% of the votes :D
16:41 PilzAdam not anymore
16:41 NekoGloop As i said, for buckets your idea is great.
16:42 NekoGloop What about eating with rightclick. You'd have to look at a solid surface to eat.
16:43 PilzAdam NekoGloop, oh, yes, I forgot that there was some strange behaviour of on_place(), sorry
16:43 NekoGloop PilzAdam: But yes, buckets can implement that perfectly.
16:44 FreeFull So I flew high up and made my v_range huge
16:44 NekoGloop Besides, it's on_place = function() :P
16:44 FreeFull And my conclusion is that the current minetest terrain generator generates essencially flat terrain
16:44 FreeFull I don't see anything above 50
16:45 NekoGloop FreeFull: Hate to give out details but my modpack will have something of a solution.
16:45 sapier1 joined #minetest
16:47 FreeFull I have a feeling it has to do with an adjustment that was meant to eliminate floating islands
16:48 NekoGloop Most likely.
16:49 jojoa1997 how is this for my NPC Instakill http://ompldr.org/vZ3llMw/peaceful_npc_npc_instakill.png
16:50 FreeFull I'm going to download 0.3.x
16:50 FreeFull For exploratory purposes
16:51 jojoa1997 well what do you think
16:54 Jordach FreeFull, :D
16:57 FreeFull Building
16:59 celeron55 http://apina.biz/93286.png
16:59 moltenbot celeron55's link: http://apina.biz/93286.png
16:59 celeron55 (oh don't mind the other images)
16:59 FreeFull XD
17:00 celeron55 https://twitter.com/notch/statuses/287440874902806528 <- better link
17:00 moltenbot celeron55's link: Twitter / notch: So I tried this Omegle thing. ...
17:01 Kacey joined #minetest
17:01 FreeFull /home/freefull/minetest/0.3.x/src/content_cao.cpp:907:60: error: cannot allocate an object of abstract type ‘irr::scene::MyBillboardSceneNode’
17:01 FreeFull Yay
17:02 Kacey hello
17:04 Jordach celeron55, we dont wish to know yer dirty habits :P
17:04 * Jordach also saw this on Twitter a few hours ago
17:05 FreeFull Wtf do I do now ):   I want to play 0.3.x
17:06 PilzAdam fix it?
17:07 NekoGloop Use windows? :?
17:07 davidpace joined #minetest
17:07 PilzAdam can you compile 0.3.x for him?
17:07 davidpace Hello
17:08 NekoGloop Me? Lol?
17:08 NekoGloop I cant even compile for *me* properly.
17:08 Kacey lol
17:08 PilzAdam then using windows isnt recommended
17:08 NekoGloop Let alone cross compile for some random linux distro
17:08 NekoGloop PilzAdam: No, this is my own incompetence.
17:09 NekoGloop :3
17:09 Kacey https://github.com/downloads/celeron55/minetest/minetest-0.3.1-win32.zip
17:09 FreeFull I think irrlicht might have changed
17:09 hmmmm joined #minetest
17:09 PilzAdam Kacey, thats 0.3.1 not 0.3.x
17:09 FreeFull Let me try compiling 0.3.1 and seeing if that works
17:09 Kacey that is precompiled
17:10 kaeza back
17:10 NekoGloop 0.3.x == {0.3.1, ...}
17:10 Kacey http://c55.me/minetest/oldsite/packages/win32/minetest-0.3.0-win32.zip
17:10 PilzAdam VanessaE, youre here?
17:10 Kacey http://c55.me/minetest/oldsite/packages/win32/minetest-0.0.1-win32-110214104633.zip enjoy
17:11 NekoGloop heh.
17:11 kaeza what?
17:11 kaeza the first version?
17:12 kaeza (one of)
17:12 iqualfragile joined #minetest
17:14 ecube joined #minetest
17:15 kaeza that's the version where cobblestone grew in trees right? lol
17:15 NekoGloop left #minetest
17:15 Kacey lol i should make a server for it\
17:20 kaeza lol according to 0gb.us, i'm a 'She' now
17:20 kaeza (actually, my nick may be a bit ambiguous):P
17:21 Kacey mine too
17:21 ecube ._.
17:21 * Kacey is reading c55's blog
17:22 * kaeza is playing a C64 emu
17:22 Zeg9 PilzAdam, is it intentional that the door can only be open/closed from the top node?
17:22 Zeg9 The bottom still uses left click :S
17:23 kaeza s/playing/using/
17:23 PilzAdam Zeg9, no, works fine for me
17:23 Zeg9 Weird
17:23 Zeg9 For me, the top opens with right click, bottom with left
17:24 PilzAdam is it on a server?
17:24 Zeg9 No, singleplayer
17:24 Zeg9 And I don't have any door mod
17:25 PilzAdam repull minetest_game
17:26 Zeg9 I searched in doors/init.lua and there is no on_punch
17:26 PilzAdam strange
17:27 Zeg9 Here is my mod list:
17:27 Zeg9 http://ompldr.org/vZ3lmMg
17:29 Zeg9 I'll try on another world, wait
17:30 Zeg9 Oh, I think I know
17:31 M13 joined #minetest
17:31 Calinou joined #minetest
17:33 Zeg9 PilzAdam, one mod is causing that, trying to find which...
17:33 PilzAdam does it depend on the wielditem?
17:33 Zeg9 No.
17:34 Zeg9 Only the top is open with right click, bottom with left. I'll try to find out which mod does this.
17:34 Zeg9 ...it is mesecons
17:34 PilzAdam try vanilla game
17:34 Zeg9 I tried vanilla game. It works there
17:34 Zeg9 grep door $(find ~/.minetest/mods/minetest)
17:34 PilzAdam oh, yes, mesecons override doors to add the mesecon functionality IIRC
17:35 Zeg9 It's in mesecons_compatibility
17:37 markveidemanis joined #minetest
17:37 markveidemanis come to #mtmt
17:37 markveidemanis and help...
17:37 markveidemanis left #minetest
17:38 Calinou why?
17:41 PilzAdam Calinou, move this to Discussions in other Languages: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=62097
17:41 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: My channel (Page 1) - General Discussion - Minetest Forums
17:51 ZegBot joined #minetest
17:51 jakssoul joined #minetest
17:51 Zeg9 zegbot, leave this channel
17:51 jakssoul Hellooo.
17:51 ZegBot left #minetest
17:51 Zeg9 Hi
17:51 jakssoul How's it going?
17:52 Kacey ooh hai
17:52 Kacey how do i kill a player with a command?
17:52 jakssoul /kill
17:52 Kacey what is the code to do that?
17:52 jakssoul Kidding. I don't know.
17:52 PilzAdam /givme default:sword_steel
17:52 jakssoul YES!
17:52 jakssoul Very nice, PilzAdam.
17:52 PilzAdam *giveme
17:53 Calinou Kacey: there is none in defaul game :P
17:53 Kacey no i mena i am making a /suicide command and i need it to kill the player
17:53 Kacey mean*
17:53 PilzAdam player:set_hp(0)
17:53 PilzAdam or:
17:54 PilzAdam minetest.env:set_node(player:getpos(), {name = "default:lava_source"})
17:54 Calinou we should have one, made an issue about it a few seconds ago
17:54 Kacey haha
17:54 kasutaja joined #minetest
17:55 kasutaja hi
17:55 RagnarLaud hi :D
17:55 Zeg9 Hi
17:55 RagnarLaud oh yo zeg
17:55 RagnarLaud long time no see huh?
17:56 RagnarLaud i was with my family the time i wasnt online LD
17:56 Kacey init.lua:20: attempt to index global 'player' (a nil value)
17:56 RagnarLaud :D*
17:56 RagnarLaud it couldnt merge the player
17:56 RagnarLaud Kacey
17:56 PilzAdam Kacey, you need to get a player reference
17:56 RagnarLaud idk how to fix it, its something that i remembered c55 say
17:56 RagnarLaud hi PilzAdam
17:56 RagnarLaud >D
17:56 RagnarLaud :D
17:57 Kacey maybe if i delete the player: part
17:57 PilzAdam hey RagnarLaud
17:57 * RagnarLaud is happy to be back
17:57 PilzAdam Kacey, that wont work
17:57 PilzAdam you need to get a player reference
17:57 RagnarLaud fuck i freaking hate my mouse -.-
17:57 RagnarLaud its wire is broken
17:57 RagnarLaud hey adam
17:58 RagnarLaud can you help me with a small lua/api thingy?
17:58 PilzAdam maybe
17:58 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
17:58 Kacey minetest.set_hp(0)
17:58 RagnarLaud it sets the hp to (nr)
17:58 Kacey nope
17:59 PilzAdam Kacey, I say it one more time: You need to get a player reference
17:59 RagnarLaud PilzAdam, do you know how to make a crafting recipe that works in a node/crafting table/coffee maker im making?
18:00 Kacey minetest.set_player_hp(0)
18:00 Kacey if not i will find someething
18:00 RagnarLaud it sets the players hp to (nr)
18:00 RagnarLaud Kacey
18:00 PilzAdam RagnarLaud, depends on how you implement the formspec
18:00 RagnarLaud umm...
18:00 RagnarLaud let me gimp it
18:00 PilzAdam (but thats not a "small thingy")
18:00 Zeg9 RagnarLaud, implement != design
18:00 RagnarLaud ???
18:01 Kacey i know that it sets the player  hp to (#) it is a /suicide command
18:01 PilzAdam I mean the coding side of the formspec
18:01 RagnarLaud wait a sec
18:01 RagnarLaud im away
18:02 john_minetest joined #minetest
18:03 RagnarLaud ji john_minetest
18:03 RagnarLaud hi*
18:03 Kacey there's my chatpad lol
18:04 RagnarLaud lol
18:04 RagnarLaud lag much?
18:05 cisoun joined #minetest
18:06 davidpace joined #minetest
18:06 Kacey hi davidpace
18:06 davidpace Hi Kacey.
18:07 RagnarLaud oh hey david
18:07 RagnarLaud :D
18:07 davidpace Hi Ragnar
18:08 Kacey gtg bye
18:12 markveidemanis joined #minetest
18:13 davidpace Hi markveidemanis.
18:13 markveidemanis hi
18:13 Dogzilla131 joined #minetest
18:13 markveidemanis theres a bot competition at #mtmt
18:14 markveidemanis best bots join!
18:14 markveidemanis Minetest-tan...
18:14 markveidemanis ...moltenbot
18:14 PilzAdam markveidemanis, please stop advertising channels or servers
18:15 markveidemanis im not, im just asking to see the best bots
18:15 sapier joined #minetest
18:17 markveidemanis left #minetest
18:25 kaeza1 joined #minetest
18:25 RagnarLaud hi kaeza
18:26 * RagnarLaud is mouse-less
18:26 RagnarLaud i fucking HATE my mouse :@
18:27 RagnarLaud lol i guess karma striked me :D
18:27 RagnarLaud it zapped me :D
18:27 RagnarLaud hmm...kinda electricuted :D
18:29 TB|Vibe-X sapier, hey? i saw your mods (cactus, trees), are you using git ? or are your mods downloadable via mediafire only?
18:29 RagnarLaud umm...
18:29 RagnarLaud TB|Vibe-X
18:29 kaeza hi RagnarLaud
18:29 RagnarLaud i could host the mods on my website :D
18:29 RagnarLaud im re-moddeling it
18:30 RagnarLaud and making sub-sites :D
18:30 TB|Vibe-X cactus and tree mod? o.O
18:30 TB|Vibe-X you remoddeling it?
18:30 RagnarLaud if i get them
18:30 RagnarLaud no
18:30 RagnarLaud im re moddeling the website
18:30 RagnarLaud http://hvgaming.bugs3.com
18:30 TB|Vibe-X ah
18:30 TB|Vibe-X what site should that beß
18:31 TB|Vibe-X its not the problem about hosting. im interested in versioning ;)
18:31 RagnarLaud hvgaming.coming_soon ({"Minetraft Mods Section",
18:31 RagnarLaud :D
18:31 Zeg9 RagnarLaud, take a look at the new http://minetest.web1337.net
18:31 moltenbot Zeg9's link: Zeg9's Minetest Server - Home
18:31 RagnarLaud later
18:31 RagnarLaud im mouseless atm
18:31 RagnarLaud :d
18:32 RagnarLaud cant click on your ADVERTISEMENTS!!!
18:32 RagnarLaud xD
18:32 TB|Vibe-X :D
18:32 RagnarLaud hey TB
18:32 TB|Vibe-X im building german minetest server
18:32 TB|Vibe-X minetest.de =)
18:32 RagnarLaud you got any mods you ade?
18:32 RagnarLaud ok?
18:32 TB|Vibe-X but there are so many things to do so far :/
18:32 RagnarLaud "D
18:32 RagnarLaud how ya gonna get .de?
18:32 TB|Vibe-X jop
18:32 Zeg9 Ragnar, pay
18:32 TB|Vibe-X its mine ;)
18:32 RagnarLaud it isnt free ya know...
18:33 TB|Vibe-X i registred for some day
18:33 TB|Vibe-X i think wednesday ? dont know exactly
18:33 RagnarLaud every month like $5 - $100 / month
18:34 TB|Vibe-X huh?
18:34 TB|Vibe-X what do you mean :D
18:34 Zeg9 Ragnar, he knows...
18:34 RagnarLaud cause here, @ estonia, the .ee domains cost 20-30 euros/month :S
18:34 RagnarLaud so i suggest .bugs3.com
18:34 TB|Vibe-X better using .fm for minetest radio or such crazy shit :D
18:34 RagnarLaud thats WITH hosting :D
18:34 RagnarLaud it costs!
18:34 TB|Vibe-X you better use .com or org
18:34 RagnarLaud you dumbass!
18:35 TB|Vibe-X its cheaper then .ee
18:35 TB|Vibe-X or .eu
18:35 RagnarLaud yeah, no shit!
18:35 TB|Vibe-X o.O
18:35 RagnarLaud but .bugs3.com is...umm....how will i make it clear enought for ya...its...umm...FREE!!!
18:35 RagnarLaud you dumbass
18:35 TB|Vibe-X uhm, kk
18:35 TB|Vibe-X i have own root server so no problems about this :)
18:36 RagnarLaud and its also with free hosting
18:36 RagnarLaud zeg9
18:36 RagnarLaud was it 1GB or 10GB of space?
18:36 RagnarLaud on bugs3
18:36 RagnarLaud wait gonna restart my pc
18:36 RagnarLaud brb
18:36 RagnarLaud bbl
18:36 RagnarLaud what ever :D
18:36 RagnarLaud bye yall
18:38 Zeg9 What a weird guy
18:42 Obiewan1111 joined #minetest
18:45 TB|Vibe-X Zeg9, you are right, very strang :D
18:45 MasterBot joined #minetest
18:45 markveidemanis joined #minetest
18:45 markveidemanis hi
18:45 Zeg9 Hi
18:45 MasterBot hi
18:46 markveidemanis hello, MasterBot
18:46 MasterBot Hello markveidemanis
18:46 Zeg9 Hi MasterBot
18:46 Zeg9 It isn't a bot.
18:46 markveidemanis Zeg9, plz help with ZegBot
18:46 MasterBot Hello markveidemanis
18:46 MasterBot Hello Zeg9
18:47 MasterBot hollo
18:47 MasterBot whoops TYPE
18:47 MasterBot TYPO
18:48 MasterBot left #minetest
18:49 markveidemanis left #minetest
18:54 NekoGloop joined #minetest
18:54 NekoGloop the captcha I just got was the longest one EVER
18:54 NekoGloop "t he"
18:57 cisoun joined #minetest
18:58 NekoGloop So, do furnaces accept recipes including item stacks as input yet?
18:59 PilzAdam what?
19:00 NekoGloop minetest.register_recipe(type="cooking",recipe="foo:bar 2", output="foo:rab")
19:00 NekoGloop is that valid yet?
19:00 PilzAdam I dont think so
19:01 NekoGloop should look into it.
19:01 ecube joined #minetest
19:01 NekoGloop you could see if rba's alloy furnace code can be adapted to the default furnace.
19:14 kaeza1 joined #minetest
19:14 NekoGloop also, yay mapgen junglegrass :D
19:16 markveidemanis joined #minetest
19:16 InvBot joined #minetest
19:16 markveidemanis hi InvBot
19:17 InvBot oןןǝɥ
19:18 InvBot uʍopǝpısdn sǝʇıɹʍ ʇoq sıɥʇ
19:18 kaeza invbot: gtfo
19:18 kaeza /msg InvBot !filter shout
19:18 kaeza /msg InvBot say what
19:18 InvBot SAY WHAT
19:18 kaeza fail
19:18 NekoGloop PilzAdam: stick, wood, and tree blocks should have groups and should be used in crafting recipes.
19:18 NekoGloop InvBot: looks like someone's using LuaIRC.
19:19 * kaeza points at markveidemanis
19:19 markveidemanis stick, wood, and tree blocks should have groups and should be used in crafting recipes.
19:19 markveidemanis me?
19:19 markveidemanis its kaeza's bot!
19:19 markveidemanis :D
19:19 kaeza nope
19:19 kaeza check the IP
19:19 kaeza :D
19:19 markveidemanis !
19:19 NekoGloop i see the other mark is still op'd.
19:19 markveidemanis NO!
19:19 markveidemanis HEXADECIMAL
19:20 InvBot 68 65 6C 6C 6F
19:20 InvBot 48 45 58 41 44 45 43 49 4D 41 4C
19:20 kaeza invbot: gtfo
19:20 InvBot nwod
19:20 InvBot SAY WHAT
19:20 markveidemanis invbot
19:21 markveidemanis left #minetest
19:26 Leuthihi I have a server with some friends on it and we already built homes and stuff.
19:26 Kokorobet joined #minetest
19:26 Kokorobet joined #minetest
19:26 Leuthihi Now I'm wondering if it's possible to add mods without the need to create a new world, and if we don't like the mod to simply remove it again?
19:26 kaeza so?
19:27 kaeza Leuthihi: you can
19:27 Leuthihi awesome!
19:28 kaeza install the mods in /minetest/mods/minetest
19:28 kaeza if you don't like them later you can remove them
19:28 Leuthihi And to activate them, I simply restart the server?
19:30 kaeza1 joined #minetest
19:30 PilzAdam yep
19:30 Leuthihi Thanks a lot.
19:31 Leuthihi I also have some issue, but since everything works perfectly fine for my friends, I'm sure it must be related to something on my computer.
19:31 Leuthihi I'm on Windows 7 x64, and the game freezes occasionally. Sometimes the whole windows freezes and I have to kill it.
19:32 NekoGloop dont use direct3d
19:32 Leuthihi I searched on the forum if someone has a similar issue but couldn't find anything.
19:32 NekoGloop also try only having minetest open
19:33 Leuthihi Thanks for the suggestions, I will try that.
19:34 Elench joined #minetest
19:35 Leuthihi Hello Elench.
19:35 Elench Hi
19:35 Elench (:
19:40 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d_OcKMD5d3w
19:40 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: Touhou - Rumia's Are you NUTS!?! PV ~Full Version~ {1080p} - YouTube
19:43 STHGOM joined #minetest
19:45 * marktraceur waves
19:45 marktraceur Does anyone know of a way to create minecart accelerators that isn't mesecons?
19:45 marktraceur (or technic, I'm not sure I want either of them)
19:46 NekoGloop marktraceur: dunno.
19:46 marktraceur NekoGloop: Thanks for chiming in anyway
19:46 NekoGloop :P
19:47 NekoGloop dunno == polite way of saying look it up yourself
19:47 STHGOM left #minetest
19:48 marktraceur *nod* the only one I can see is mesecons
19:48 marktraceur Maybe I'll hack the powered rails out of mesecons
19:48 mauvebic just take the bit you need
19:48 NekoGloop it should use mese fragments for a slower one, and mese crystals for a faster one :D
19:49 PilzAdam wich carts are you talking about?
19:50 sapier monorail already has non mesecon booster rails
19:51 NekoGloop hm.. i wonder how hard a conveyer belt would be.
19:51 marktraceur PilzAdam: Yours
19:51 marktraceur sapier: I don't suppose you have a link, do you?
19:52 NekoGloop marktraceur: near the top of mod releases
19:52 PilzAdam marktraceur, there is an accelerator: driving downhill; the acceleration of it is higher than the deceleration when driving uphill
19:52 marktraceur NekoGloop: Doesn't seem super-hard. I've already defined a craftitem for conveyors, and a node that transfers between two inventory nodes
19:52 NekoGloop heh
19:52 NekoGloop looks like two people are making a tech-style modpack now :)
19:53 marktraceur PilzAdam: So I guess it would be possible to just make a hilly road, and be done
19:53 PilzAdam yea
19:53 NekoGloop http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=730
19:53 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: [Mod] Monorail [0.0.12] [pushable_block] (transport cart added) (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
19:53 NekoGloop also: sapier: do your recipes use blocks or crystals or fragments now?
19:53 PilzAdam marktraceur, here, get a free track: /\/\/\/\/\/\ ;-)
19:53 marktraceur PilzAdam: Unless (deceleration over one node of uphill) + (deceleration over one node of flat) == -(acceleration over one node of downhill)
19:54 PilzAdam I tested it and it seems to work
19:54 PilzAdam (although I never calculated it)
19:55 PilzAdam marktraceur, heres the relevant code: https://github.com/PilzAdam/carts/blob/master/init.lua#L315
19:55 sapier blocks by now but I may change if there is interest in this mod
19:55 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: carts/init.lua at master ? PilzAdam/carts ? GitHub
19:56 NekoGloop sapier: use new vehicle api and make it crystals, then I'll be interested.
19:56 sapier marktraceur: monorail supports hil climbing for ages and its wtfp you don't have to reinvent the wheel
19:56 ADFENO joined #minetest
19:56 ADFENO Hello.
19:57 sapier vehicle api? attache detache?
19:58 NekoGloop yes vehicle api
19:58 NekoGloop or attachment api
19:58 sapier already added
19:59 ADFENO I'm having problems running my Minetest, to be short, it's a segmentation fault. If someone wants to help, I can provide more details. :D
19:59 sapier I've had exatly same in my minetest branch when I created monorail ... as it wasn't included to core I've lost interest in monorail ... now its in and monorail already is exactly designed for this api
20:00 sapier and monorail supports transport carts
20:01 marktraceur sapier: I'm not reinventing anything, just putting a few stone blocks in my cart path. No problem.
20:02 NekoGloop well, now i work on my modpack :)
20:03 NekoGloop oh, wait, i guess there'll be 3 tech-style modpacks, if technic counts
20:04 sapier so I assume pilzadams carts have learned to climb hills by now?
20:04 NekoGloop prolly not :)
20:04 PilzAdam sapier, I rewrote the carts mod and the first thing ive done was climbing hills
20:05 PilzAdam so its currently the best thing they can do ;-)
20:05 NekoGloop s/best/only/
20:05 NekoGloop :-)
20:05 PilzAdam they can also drive downhill and even turn on corners(!)
20:06 NekoGloop also, i made my register_ore command allow a light level to be set for ore.
20:06 NekoGloop now no more defining everything but the ore and block in talinite
20:07 mauvebic why is it in the latest git i compiled yesterday - that fast 'J' doesn't work?
20:07 NekoGloop no idea
20:07 NekoGloop maybe it's not J anymore? :?
20:07 mauvebic checked the keys
20:07 mauvebic its still J
20:08 mauvebic it says "fast move enabled" but i aint moving any faster
20:08 PilzAdam mauvebic, hold "E"
20:08 mauvebic are you serious?
20:08 mauvebic i have to hold it every time i wanna fast move?
20:08 sapier PilzAdam: don know when you did it but last time i tried they couldn't do that ... but its been a while since that time
20:08 NekoGloop isnt that how it always worked...
20:09 sapier and downhil and corners are nothing special ;-)
20:09 mauvebic how do i restore the previously sane setting?
20:09 PilzAdam mauvebic, its really handy if you use fly to build etc.
20:09 NekoGloop mauvebic: fast_move always required E.
20:09 mauvebic uhm no
20:09 NekoGloop also no more reaching over the fucking keyboard to turn it off in fly mode
20:09 PilzAdam its same as it was for walking before
20:09 mauvebic e has always worked but you didnt need to hold it down the whole time youre moving fast
20:10 Calinou joined #minetest
20:10 mauvebic holding 'e' as opposed to tapping 'j' twice is more tiresome
20:10 NekoGloop QUICK LITTLE POLL: should talinite ore look like mese ore?
20:10 Zetetic joined #minetest
20:10 Calinou no
20:10 mauvebic no wonder vanessa was telling me to downgrade yesterday lol
20:10 ADFENO No. -1.
20:11 NekoGloop well that's a rather definite answer
20:11 NekoGloop why?
20:11 kasutaja joined #minetest
20:11 kasutaja hi
20:11 Calinou could be confusing :p
20:11 kasutaja hi calinou
20:11 kasutaja :D
20:11 NekoGloop Calinou: a light blue version of mese ore.
20:11 kasutaja hi neko
20:11 kasutaja wait
20:11 Calinou did I disconnect/reconnect?
20:11 mauvebic how do i undo the holding 'e' thing?
20:11 NekoGloop talinite == the baby/sky blue ore.
20:11 NekoGloop mauvebic: you dont.
20:12 RagnarLaud hi
20:12 mauvebic i will lol
20:12 RagnarLaud :D
20:12 mauvebic one way or another lol
20:12 RagnarLaud hi mauvebic
20:12 NekoGloop Calinou: talinite is the sky blue ore. How could that confuse with mese?
20:13 mauvebic rba will know
20:13 NekoGloop i mean to change the ore pattern of talinite to match mese, not the ore colour.
20:13 Calinou might look like inverted mese to some :p
20:13 Calinou but change the pattern a bit maybe, just rotate it?
20:13 MasterBot joined #minetest
20:13 Calinou would look better if someone wants to use it in builds
20:13 MasterBot hi
20:13 markveidemanis joined #minetest
20:14 MasterBot hi...
20:14 markveidemanis who has programmed a good bot
20:14 NekoGloop Calinou: explain. talinite ore is never gathered; that's the ore that's in the ground.
20:14 RagnarLaud hey i need help!
20:14 NekoGloop ore ~= block :)
20:14 RagnarLaud who knows how to fix a mouse!
20:15 mauvebic where do pull requests that have gone through go?
20:15 NekoGloop RagnarLaud: feed it cheese.
20:15 RagnarLaud PLEASE help me
20:15 RagnarLaud -.-
20:15 markveidemanis who's bot is moltenbot
20:15 NekoGloop markveidemanis: iqual
20:15 MasterBot k
20:15 RagnarLaud not an actuall mouse, a computer mouse you moron!
20:15 markveidemanis what about Minetest-tan
20:15 RagnarLaud so please!
20:15 RagnarLaud help me!
20:15 Calinou NekoGloop: suddenly: creative or /give
20:15 RagnarLaud i cant live without it :S
20:15 PilzAdam markveidemanis, please stop advertising channels or servers
20:15 ADFENO RagnarLaud: plaese, be more kind. :D
20:16 NekoGloop RagnarLaud: feed it computer cheese.
20:16 markveidemanis im not...
20:16 RagnarLaud CMON NekoGloop
20:16 RagnarLaud srsly
20:16 NekoGloop Calinou: so, change it as it is NOW, or rotate AND recolor mese ore pattern?
20:16 RagnarLaud ADFEN0 im in a rush
20:16 RagnarLaud ADFENO im in a rush
20:16 ADFENO Ok, RagnarLaud, what exactly happened with your mouse?
20:16 RagnarLaud sorry :D
20:17 RagnarLaud umm...i cant move the cursor...
20:17 markveidemanis Heh
20:17 NekoGloop inb4 he's pinged by both names.
20:17 Calinou no, don't do anything then
20:17 RagnarLaud it has = a light istead of a ball, a USB cord...
20:17 RagnarLaud the cord is kinda broken tho...
20:17 RagnarLaud and thats the problem
20:17 NekoGloop Calinou: ?
20:17 RagnarLaud the light is on, but it doesnt work :S
20:17 ADFENO RagnarLaud: do you use a portable computer?
20:17 NekoGloop you said "but change the pattern a bit maybe, just rotate it?"
20:17 RagnarLaud no...
20:18 RagnarLaud a pc...
20:18 RagnarLaud not a laptop
20:18 mauvebic normally when someone changes behaviour in MT they put a checkbox to re-enable old behaviour
20:18 RagnarLaud with Ubuntu 12.10
20:18 RagnarLaud mauvebic, GENIUS
20:18 NekoGloop mauvebic: that's because old behavoir was shit :P
20:18 RagnarLaud so ADFENO will ya help me?
20:18 ADFENO Hm... I'm thinking.
20:18 Calinou RagnarLaud: -EBUY_A_DESKTOP :)
20:18 Calinou oh
20:18 RagnarLaud ???
20:19 Calinou thought it was a laptop
20:19 RagnarLaud lawl
20:19 Calinou ADFENO: you successfully trolled me D:
20:19 ADFENO Wow... sorry Calinou.
20:19 mauvebic holding key's ad-inifinitum is endlessly more retarded and certainly no help for carpel tunnel
20:19 RagnarLaud i had a laptop once, but i selled it for a DELL
20:19 RagnarLaud ADFENO
20:19 RagnarLaud HELP
20:19 RagnarLaud ima ina needa for somea helpa, pleasea
20:19 markveidemanis !t bots
20:19 moltenbot Bots are there to help you and the channel, dont missuse them to spamm. You can use /msg moltenbot
20:20 Calinou heh, dell
20:20 RagnarLaud !g broken speedlink mouse
20:20 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.speedlink.com/?s=1&amp;p=3&amp;sup=12
20:20 RagnarLaud :D
20:20 RagnarLaud what
20:20 RagnarLaud DELL is great for games :D
20:20 NekoGloop Calinou: so explain what you mean by rotate the ore pattern?
20:20 RagnarLaud so please!
20:20 Calinou NekoGloop: nevermind
20:20 ADFENO Ok... RagnarLaud, was the mouse working vefore the boot?
20:20 Calinou RagnarLaud: it is not
20:20 ADFENO *before the*
20:20 Calinou build your own desktop next time
20:20 RagnarLaud i need a doctor...uh...repair man...
20:21 RagnarLaud yes...
20:21 Calinou much cheaper and lets you put the non-half-assed OS on it easier :P
20:21 NekoGloop Calinou: at least tell me what you meant
20:21 Calinou dell, lenovo, hp are overpriced and acer sucks
20:21 ADFENO Hm... Your mouse is a USB one, right?
20:21 Calinou NekoGloop: just tweak the ore pattern a bit else it'll look boring
20:21 RagnarLaud its done this before, but usually it hasnt done this for so long
20:21 RagnarLaud yes
20:21 Calinou ADFENO: no, wireless I bet :trollface:
20:21 NekoGloop gotcha.
20:21 RagnarLaud i need help with getting it open, fixing it inside etc.
20:21 Calinou just flip or rotate it, way better than nothing
20:22 Calinou RagnarLaud: google might help you a lot for that..
20:22 NekoGloop I'll rotate 90 degrees. vertical ore looks better than nothing :D
20:22 Calinou tweaking a premade computer is not always a good idea, they sometimes use outdated technologies
20:22 ADFENO As far as I know, it's not related to a problem inside it.
20:22 RagnarLaud i cant click on any links...kinda...
20:22 Calinou my computer lacks USB 3.0 and SATA III yet it's from january 2012 :facepalm:
20:22 NekoGloop LOL
20:22 Calinou <RagnarLaud> who knows how to fix a mouse!
20:22 Calinou buy a new one? :p
20:23 RagnarLaud WAIt
20:23 RagnarLaud I HAVE A GENIUS IDEA :D
20:23 ADFENO Wait...
20:23 Calinou back in november 2011, my previous mouse somehow broke
20:23 NekoGloop buy it some cheese, problem solved.
20:23 RagnarLaud i remember when i used my gamepad to play mt
20:23 markveidemanis <RagnarLaud> who knows how to fix a mouse!
20:23 markveidemanis grab its tail!
20:23 Calinou I had some gaming mouse bought in 2009, so I used it
20:23 RagnarLaud i set the left stick on mouse_settings
20:23 RagnarLaud GENIUS
20:23 Calinou the logitech g500 is awesome btw, if you want to buy a new mouse :]
20:23 markveidemanis does anyone know InvBot?
20:23 RagnarLaud i do
20:23 RagnarLaud its moltenbot
20:23 markveidemanis really?
20:23 markveidemanis no
20:24 markveidemanis .
20:24 RagnarLaud since of yesterday
20:24 RagnarLaud yes!
20:24 markveidemanis who can help me with a bot
20:25 mauvebic like you need a bot lol
20:25 markveidemanis wat?
20:25 mauvebic well you do a pretty good job of spamming without one :p
20:25 markveidemanis i want the bot to say Y when X is mentioned
20:25 markveidemanis and?...
20:25 markveidemanis http://www.sendspace.com/file/a5a23t
20:25 moltenbot markveidemanis's link: Download invbot.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
20:25 markveidemanis help
20:25 markveidemanis plz...
20:25 markveidemanis and send back
20:26 markveidemanis but use X and Y
20:26 mauvebic i dont want to imagine what you'd do w/ a bot lol
20:26 markveidemanis reply lol to everything
20:26 NekoGloop http://ompldr.org/vZ3lnaw textures folder size of gloopores
20:27 ADFENO As far as I know, the mouse issue is related to the module, however, if the mouse was working, in the same system, then
20:27 markveidemanis mauvebic...
20:27 ADFENO ... I have no clues.
20:27 markveidemanis please code my bot...
20:27 mauvebic weird, lulzpack liquids work, oil doesnt,, code looks the same lol
20:27 NekoGloop mauvebic: the power of IMAAAAAAAAAAAGINATION
20:28 NekoGloop </spongebob>
20:28 markveidemanis mauvebiC...
20:28 mauvebic are you too the same person?
20:28 MasterBot Code my bot please
20:28 NekoGloop which two?
20:28 MasterBot yeah, which
20:29 markveidemanis http://www.sendspace.com/file/a5a23t
20:29 moltenbot markveidemanis's link: Download invbot.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
20:29 MasterBot http://www.sendspace.com/file/a5a23t
20:29 moltenbot MasterBot's link: Download invbot.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
20:29 markveidemanis quiet MasterBot...
20:30 markveidemanis dont +q masterbot, diff meaning
20:30 NekoGloop quick, +q masterbot!
20:30 markveidemanis NOOOOOOO
20:30 markveidemanis MOO
20:31 MasterBot initiate self-destruct
20:31 NekoGloop we dont need another spammer in here, let alone one who pretends to be a bot.
20:31 markveidemanis oh, no
20:31 MasterBot i AM a bot
20:31 MasterBot i think
20:31 NekoGloop no you arent.
20:31 MasterBot wanna see a real bot?
20:31 NekoGloop You're mark.
20:31 markveidemanis SO what>
20:31 marktraceur MasterBot: Please change your nick.
20:31 NekoGloop ./whois MasterBot
20:31 NekoGloop :P
20:32 InvBot joined #minetest
20:33 MasterBot left #minetest
20:34 Dogzilla131 joined #minetest
20:37 NekoGloop Calinou: http://ompldr.org/vZ3lnbw like this?
20:40 NekoGloop or... this? http://ompldr.org/vZ3lncg
20:41 PilzAdam NekoGloop, the latter one is better
20:41 NekoGloop MC technic players will be like: "WTF nikolite"
20:41 NekoGloop xD
20:43 xy joined #minetest
20:44 Calinou http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4342 :)
20:44 moltenbot Calinou's link: Application for port forwarding using UPnP (Page 1) - Servers - Minetest Forums
20:44 Calinou looks good NekoGloop
20:44 Calinou (testing would be appreciated about the port forwarder, thanks)
20:45 Calinou probably works
20:45 NekoGloop this is called fucking with a lot of settings in GMPaint :)
20:45 NekoGloop also with selection moving
20:45 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:46 PilzAdam Calinou, off topic comment added
20:46 RagnarLaud hey who uses ubuntu?
20:46 RagnarLaud hi btw...
20:46 RagnarLaud i know most of you do...
20:46 PilzAdam sry, Kubuntu here
20:46 RagnarLaud but who also has a gamepad?
20:46 RagnarLaud PilzAdam
20:46 RagnarLaud do u have a gp?
20:46 RagnarLaud gamepad
20:46 PilzAdam sure, from my xbox 360
20:46 NekoGloop Calinou: now arol :) http://ompldr.org/vZ3loMA
20:47 ADFENO I'm using Trisquel, I have gamepad, but I use it mainly for emulated games.
20:47 RagnarLaud hey ADFENO
20:47 RagnarLaud do you use wine+xpadder?
20:47 ADFENO No, sorry.
20:47 RagnarLaud f.....
20:48 Calinou PilzAdam: swing gui? :p
20:48 Calinou ADFENO: trisquel? O_o
20:48 RagnarLaud hey is there a emulated mouse or something likethat?
20:48 NekoGloop centered a bit better: http://ompldr.org/vZ3loMQ
20:48 ADFENO I don't need to use XPadder since my games are emulated, and the emulators recognise the input well.
20:48 ADFENO QJoypad., RagnarLaud.
20:49 RagnarLaud !g QJoypad
20:49 Calinou whoops, my external IP is visible D:
20:49 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://qjoypad.sourceforge.net/
20:49 Calinou lemme fix that
20:49 PilzAdam Calinou, you arent a Java programmer?
20:49 NekoGloop is VanessaE about?
20:50 ADFENO Calinou: Yes, I'm still testing the system. My main problem is trying to get Minetest to not exit with a segmentation fault. :(
20:50 Calinou PilzAdam: no
20:50 Calinou ADFENO: trisquel... that's why :D
20:50 Calinou the open source drivers are far from the proprietary ones
20:50 Calinou same goes to firmware
20:50 NekoGloop anyone who cares: http://ompldr.org/vZ3loMQ arol ore texture thingy.
20:50 RagnarLaud ADFENO how does it work?
20:50 ADFENO Strange, other more resource taking games work just fine.
20:51 Calinou btw, you said "free distro"? i'm going to download steam then buy L4D on it :3
20:51 ttk2 joined #minetest
20:51 Calinou NekoGloop: nice
20:51 Calinou ADFENO: what resource taking game?
20:51 NekoGloop :D
20:51 NekoGloop I would be so pissed if i load this all and it fails instantly
20:52 ADFENO Calinou: Neverball, Nexuiz, OpenArena, TORCS.
20:52 ADFENO RagnarLaud: For me, Trisquel installed just fine.
20:53 ADFENO I just had to update it a bit to get the latest 3D support from the Mesa project.
20:53 ADFENO Otherwise I couldn't even run Minetest.
20:54 Calinou nexuiz is the only resource demanding game in your list :P
20:54 Calinou ADFENO: but it is much slower
20:54 ADFENO No, for me, it's not slow.
20:54 Calinou by much, it is like 2-6 times slower
20:54 Calinou what is your graphics card?
20:54 ADFENO Nexuiz runs just fine.
20:54 Calinou what is "just fine"?
20:55 NekoGloop Calinou: http://ompldr.org/vZ3loNQ
20:55 Calinou I get 60FPS on my old laptop with high settings, I bet the open source drivers does worse :P
20:55 Calinou (xonotic, nexuiz is dead btw)
20:55 ADFENO Minetest: 60-70 FPS, 40~ whne looking at deserts and deep sea.
20:55 Calinou ADFENO: what is your hardware, again?
20:56 ADFENO NVidia GeForce GT 430.
20:56 Calinou I get 20FPS on minetest with nouveau and this is my hardware: http://paste.ubuntu.com/1500666/
20:56 moltenbot Calinou's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
20:56 ADFENO (Using the Nouveau module, with the latest 3D renderer by the Mesa project, to be short: Gallium3D)
20:56 ttk2 joined #minetest
20:56 Calinou (fully loaded terrain, range 128, max settings, no shaders, singleplayer)
20:57 Calinou also had VRAM corruption when using xchat
20:57 Calinou and only opengl 3.0 support instead of 4.2
20:57 ADFENO Hm... You might want to try Gallium3D, then. :D
20:57 Calinou the nouveau driver in ubuntu's repos uses gallium3D, no?
20:57 NekoGloop Calinou: thoughts on the akalin ore texture?
20:57 RagnarLaud hey i need help!
20:58 Calinou NekoGloop: no need to ask every time :P
20:58 mauvebic 20 FPS? :S
20:58 Calinou RagnarLaud: just ask :P
20:58 RagnarLaud umm....
20:58 RagnarLaud ok?
20:58 Calinou buut with nvidia driver I get 300FPS :>
20:58 ADFENO I'm not sure, Calinou. Only the glxinfo command can tell.
20:58 RagnarLaud ./config
20:58 NekoGloop RagnarLaud: I'm not qualified to administer that kind of help
20:58 Calinou ADFENO: so I don't want to use nouveau when I can get 300FPS :P
20:58 mauvebic well at least you reconize nouveau's crappyness lol
20:58 RagnarLaud i wrote that in the term. trying to install/compile QJoypad
20:58 Calinou 570GTX, which is a fermi GPU can't be reclocked by nouveua
20:58 mauvebic some people would have me believe it works better lol
20:58 Calinou nouveau
20:59 Calinou if it was i'd get MUCH better performance
20:59 RagnarLaud and i dont know what to do
20:59 Calinou but the question is, when will this be possible :(
20:59 NekoGloop Calinou: well you didnt answer to the akalin texture http://ompldr.org/vZ3loNQ
20:59 Calinou looks nice
20:59 Calinou RagnarLaud: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4342
20:59 moltenbot Calinou's link: Application for port forwarding using UPnP (Page 1) - Servers - Minetest Forums
20:59 Calinou might be interesting :P
20:59 mauvebic at this point i just use the hooks that come with nividia biinary
21:00 mauvebic nouveau will be *as good* if /when they get access to the binary source lol
21:00 RagnarLaud umm...
21:00 mauvebic so in the meantime, ill use the binary
21:00 mauvebic lol
21:00 ADFENO Well.. I use Nouveau. The only difference here is: Instead of using the Mesa renderer, I use Gallium3d, which is also open source.
21:00 RagnarLaud how do i apt-get libxtst
21:00 RagnarLaud :D
21:00 RagnarLaud E: Unable to locate package libxtst
21:01 mauvebic not alot of dists though come with binaries pre-loaded
21:01 RagnarLaud what?
21:01 mauvebic so you have about 1-3 hours of mesa-hell lol
21:01 RagnarLaud not alot of distros come with binaries built-in?
21:02 RagnarLaud is that what you mean?
21:02 RagnarLaud !g how to install libxtst
21:02 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://forums.fedoraforum.org/archive/index.php/t-244583.html
21:02 mauvebic they come with every other graphics driver, except the ones that work for most people lol
21:02 ADFENO :D
21:02 mauvebic even the dirt-cheapest computers today have nvidia/radeon cards that work better with binary lol
21:03 Calinou mauvebic: doing so is illegal for distros ;)
21:03 mauvebic ok i can deal with that but you'd think they'd all have that tool like ubuntu had which detects these things and points you to the right driver
21:04 RagnarLaud hey how do i install LibXtst
21:04 RagnarLaud ???
21:04 NekoGloop fck omploader upload limit
21:04 RagnarLaud LAWL
21:04 mauvebic what limits?
21:04 RagnarLaud but srsly
21:04 RagnarLaud NekoGloop, sudo apt-get install libxtst
21:04 ADFENO It wasn't hard to active my GPU capabilities... I just had to update the kernel using Jxself repository, and then install libgl1-mesa-dri-experimental. :D
21:04 NekoGloop "NO COOKIE!" where there *should* be an upload button :P
21:04 mauvebic ive ompld'ed over 400mb of maps in one day lol
21:05 RagnarLaud doesnt work
21:05 NekoGloop mauvebic: My uploads were in multitute, not mass.
21:05 RagnarLaud YO
21:05 RagnarLaud i need help!
21:05 NekoGloop RagnarLaud: and you expect me to know what the fuck you need to do?
21:05 RagnarLaud ADFENO
21:05 RagnarLaud yeah :D
21:06 RagnarLaud got it :D
21:06 NekoGloop You: linux user who needs to install something in order to install this thing that lets you use something to install the next thing
21:06 RagnarLaud it was this one
21:06 NekoGloop Me: windows user who can install what he wants from the start
21:06 Calinou NekoGloop: me: I know how to read readmes and forum threads
21:06 RagnarLaud sudo apt-get install libxtst-dev
21:06 RagnarLaud :D
21:06 Calinou you paste one line in a terminal and you have a minetest install
21:06 NekoGloop Calinou: that too xD
21:06 Calinou (my script)
21:07 Calinou ADFENO: yeah, but performance is partial and opengl support is worse
21:07 NekoGloop I can at least find what i need :P
21:07 mauvebic thats because in linux the minute something matures into stable a new buggy abstraction layer has to be added lol
21:07 ADFENO <text type="gentle">RagnarLaud: What do you want to install?</text>
21:07 Calinou no "misc feature" support too
21:07 Calinou mauvebic: no u
21:07 Calinou xubuntu is very stable for me, i never found *buntus broken
21:07 ADFENO Calinou: I find the performance a lot better with Gallium3D than Mesa.
21:07 Calinou compare to the proprietary driver
21:08 NekoGloop now, http://ompldr.org/vZ3loYw
21:08 NekoGloop alatro
21:08 Calinou looks good too.
21:08 NekoGloop :D
21:08 RagnarLaud ADFENO
21:08 mauvebic ubuntu, in 07/08 was actually faster than the other distros (imagine that)
21:09 Calinou it still is
21:09 Calinou game performance is the same than with arch
21:09 Calinou and RAM usage is not an indicator of performance, again -- RAM is cheap too
21:09 Calinou 8GB costs €30 if you don't care about speed
21:09 RagnarLaud hey how do i change a tab in xChat without a mouse?
21:10 jakssoul joined #minetest
21:10 RagnarLaud with keyboard buttons
21:10 jakssoul 'Ello.
21:10 mauvebic well ram usage is an indicator if the system starts filling swap, SSD or not thats bloody slow compared to ram
21:10 RagnarLaud like on firefox its CTRL+TAB
21:10 RagnarLaud doesnt work here
21:10 mauvebic even with 3gb of ram here it mostly peaks at 1/4 usage
21:10 RagnarLaud ADFENO
21:10 RagnarLaud hey how do i change a tab in xChat without a mouse?
21:10 RagnarLaud like on firefox its CTRL+TAB
21:10 RagnarLaud doesnt work here
21:11 mauvebic though admittedly, im not running 3d docks and transparent gadgets
21:11 ADFENO Sorry, I don't use XChat.
21:11 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:11 RagnarLaud ok
21:11 RagnarLaud MARV!
21:11 mauvebic 2x 1920x1080 and i still dont have enough room tho
21:11 Calinou mauvebic: what if you have a lot of RAM
21:11 Calinou also, multiscreen is only useful to create bugs :3
21:11 RagnarLaud mauvebic = Marv (from home alone)
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 mauvebic even if i had the ram i wouldn't be tempted to run unity or gnome or kde lol
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 RagnarLaud mauvebic
21:12 mauvebic +q
21:12 RagnarLaud Calinou
21:12 ADFENO RagnarLaud: stop.
21:12 RagnarLaud was kicked by Calinou: RagnarLaud
21:12 mauvebic ty
21:12 Calinou :>
21:12 Calinou mauvebic: xfce here :)
21:12 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
21:12 RagnarLaud sorry
21:12 mauvebic love xfce
21:12 RagnarLaud mauv
21:12 RagnarLaud marv*
21:12 mauvebic like gnome 2
21:12 RagnarLaud SRSLY!
21:12 Calinou well I have 854MB RAM used right now -- running clementine, firefox, thunderbird, gimp, terminals, teamspeak
21:12 Calinou ...out of 12GB
21:13 ADFENO I like GNOME 2, a little less GNOME 3.
21:13 mauvebic the only thing i miss about gnome 2 is all the UI's being the same
21:13 RagnarLaud yo calinou!
21:13 Calinou RagnarLaud: please no spamming, try to act like a mature person, thanks..
21:13 mauvebic yeah those are all heavy apps lol
21:13 RagnarLaud I CANT
21:13 mauvebic except maybe clementine
21:13 mauvebic (and obvs the terminals)
21:13 Calinou mauvebic: chromium loads pages a bit slower for me, but i like it too
21:13 PilzAdam RagnarLaud, guess why
21:13 mauvebic chromium but in a crunch ill use midori too
21:14 RagnarLaud prove me wrong!
21:14 Calinou you deserved it
21:14 thexyz BAI
21:14 NekoGloop ragequit
21:14 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=caAGyHayvaY
21:14 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: English Cover?JubyPhonic P?Hide And Seek ???? - YouTube
21:14 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
21:15 mauvebic though chromium+flash+nvidia+minetest = bug lol
21:15 Calinou mauvebic: closed firefox/thunderbird/gimp/terminals, 464MB now :P
21:15 mauvebic for certain cards
21:15 Calinou mauvebic: disable HW accel -- anyway latest nvidia driver fixes smurf videos
21:15 Calinou or use HTML5 :D
21:15 Calinou why does youtube still use flash today
21:15 Calinou flash is dead
21:15 mauvebic weirdly, the xfce4-panel is taking twice the ram than minetest right now
21:15 NekoGloop because their html5 one doesnt like to work on all vids
21:16 NekoGloop ... I think task manager is lying to me. This thing cant humanly be dualcore, it sucks too much for that.
21:16 Jeija joined #minetest
21:16 mauvebic html5, ipv6, something about it all makes me want to retch its like the 90's all over again lol