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IRC log for #minetest, 2012-12-15

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00:00 OldCoder Heh
00:01 mauvebic done
00:01 mauvebic do you want the direct dl links or the page?
00:01 OldCoder mauvebic, PM
00:20 OldCoder
00:20 marktraceur
00:20 ecube
00:20 OldCoder NEWS: I am replacing old plant mods with plantlife. mesecons updated. mesecons command block dropped. mauvebic world coming. Anything else? VanessaE working on your world?
00:21 marktraceur
00:21 OldCoder Anybody want other stuff?
00:21 VanessaE my world is dying and I'm trying to save it
00:21 OldCoder Hmm
00:21 OldCoder Revert to backup?
00:22 VanessaE I'm working on avoiding that.
00:23 mauvebic use worldedit to remove lava sources?
00:25 LandMine joined #minetest
00:25 LandMine Wassssssup
00:26 LandMine Mmmm
00:32 LandMine Anyone here???
00:32 OldCoder LandMine, Yes; it's quiet ATM
00:33 OldCoder Working on updates myself
00:36 LandMine I see...oldcoder no one on here likes me :-(
00:36 LandMine I think its because I'm mexican
00:36 LandMine Some say I'm indian
00:36 OldCoder LandMine, there are not many people here right now
00:36 LandMine They make me feel bad
00:37 LandMine I know that's why I'm saying it
00:37 cy1 VanessaE: https://github.com/cyisfor/fire
00:37 cy1 use that mod instead of the default fire mod... lets admins stop fire from spreading
00:38 telek ERROR[main]: /usr/share/minetest/builtin/misc_register.lua:62: Name marble:stair_technic:marble does not follow naming conventions: "modname:" or ":" prefix required
00:38 paxcoder as long as there is no ping/blink on message received, admins are useless
00:39 OldCoder mauvebic indicates furnaces are high CPU. Do people need them much?
00:39 LandMine Paxcoder keep it silent please thanks
00:39 VanessaE which furnaces?
00:39 OldCoder VanessaE, default
00:39 VanessaE the default ones?  um.  yeah they're needed.
00:39 OldCoder All right
00:39 OldCoder What about interval?
00:39 paxcoder LandMine, please send your request to /dev/null
00:39 OldCoder He says interval of one is too low
00:40 paxcoder oh i see, LandMine enjoys griefing, so useful admins are not his cup of tea.
00:40 mauvebic well when i disabled furnaces i got an extra 10 FPS right there
00:40 OldCoder VanessaE, comment ^ ?
00:41 OldCoder paxcoder, LandMine any chance of discussing these issues in PM?
00:41 cy1 telek: I hate that error. I told celeron55_ to make it just a warning, but he won't :/
00:41 LandMine He started it
00:41 OldCoder Yes
00:41 cy1 > responding to LandMine
00:41 paxcoder LandMine, sure i did
00:41 cy1 > 1920
00:41 LandMine Paxcoder u don't want to mess with me.....I'm indian
00:41 telek cy1: Oh does it just throw an error in the luascript, or is it in the C code?
00:42 paxcoder LandMine, so afraid right now
00:42 paxcoder OldCoder, as far as I'm concerned this discussion should not have even started
00:42 VanessaE well I guess then furnaces need to be rewritten
00:42 cy1 telek: it's in the C++ code I think. I patched it on my server to let mods do stuff like auto-delete other mods that aren't loaded...
00:42 VanessaE so much of the game was badly affected when c55 tarted moving too much shit into Lua
00:42 LandMine Hi VanessaE are u ok today?
00:42 VanessaE which is sad because it's become a good game overall.
00:42 OldCoder VanessaE, not likely in the short term. So they are needed. Increasing the interval would affect recipes.
00:42 VanessaE it's just gotten so slow :(
00:42 cy1 VanessaE: what's wrong with furnaces? :(
00:43 cy1 oh, slowness...
00:43 cy1 that's anticheat, not furnaces.
00:43 LandMine Cy1 wait ur turn I'm talking wit vanessa atm
00:43 VanessaE cy1: ask mauvebic - my only negative with furnaces is they got slow when they were moved to lua.
00:43 cy1 there are consequences when you try to have the server replay every player's actions in realtime
00:43 marktraceur LandMine: IRC is a many-to-many medium, don't get snippy because people use it right
00:44 cy1 VanessaE: You mean the rate that they... cook stuff? You can adjust that...
00:44 LandMine Marktraceur what areu talking about?
00:44 VanessaE cy1: no, I mean the performance impact on the game
00:44 telek So is there a working version of technic, something I need to modify to get it to work, or what?
00:44 cy1 VanessaE: That went away with nodetimers, AFAIK
00:45 marktraceur LandMine: VanessaE can talk to many people at once, so you shouldn't get upset.
00:45 cy1 oh, actually it is in lua telek, just in the builtin/ folder.
00:45 mauvebic well if you can adjust the recipes, than that should offset the difference in intervals?
00:45 telek Oh neat.
00:45 LandMine Ok mark
00:45 cy1 but you shouldn't need it for technic
00:47 cy1 telek: one of your modules is trying to register marble:something but is not named marble. Technic would register technic:marble.
00:47 cy1 if technic isn't then you have the wrong technic.
00:47 LandMine Brb
00:48 * VanessaE shrugs
00:48 telek Got a link to the latest version of technic?
00:48 VanessaE I just know from playing around with this that some stuff should NOT be done in Lua, like ore generation, etc.
00:48 cy1 telek: I think it's another module trying to mess with stuff in technic, and that module is trying to create stairs...?
00:48 cy1 https://github.com/RealBadAngel/technic
00:49 cy1 telek: what other modules do you have in there?
00:49 cy1 technic does not create any stairs.
00:49 cy1 but it uses stairsplus to do so.
00:50 cy1 so your stairsplus might be old?
00:50 cy1 telek: https://github.com/Calinou/calinou_mods is where the latest stairsplus is.
00:50 telek That's the version I have.
00:51 paxcoder VanessaE, why?
00:51 cy1 ...which would produce modname..":stair_"..etc
00:51 cy1 ...which would produce "marble:stair_" ...
00:51 cy1 wtf
00:52 Elouin_ joined #minetest
00:52 jordan4ibanez https://soundcloud.com/jordan-craige/minetest-fields
00:52 moltenbot jordan4ibanez's link: Minetest - Fields by Jordan Craige on SoundCloud - Hear the world's sounds
00:52 telek cy1: Yep.
00:52 VanessaE paxcoder: because 512000 iterations through an Lua loop for every map chunk (5x5x5 * 16x16x16) is a ridiculously high load -- and that's done for *every* ore being generated.
00:52 Elouin_ i cant compile the 3d player mod into 0.4.3
00:53 VanessaE so if you have even 2 ores - coal and iron - that's a million iterations per chunk in Lua that should have been done in C++
00:53 telek Eloin_: Why not just use 0.4.4?
00:53 jordan4ibanez lol use 0.4.4 xD
00:53 paxcoder VanessaE, I thought they prided themselves on being fast. Embeddable, or something.
00:53 VanessaE Elouin_: you can't use 3d players in 0.4.3 at all.  it does not support the necessary functions for that.
00:53 Elouin_ ahh ok and in 0.4.4 its standart?=
00:54 VanessaE correct.
00:54 paxcoder frankly, i don't see why it'd being a problem
00:54 VanessaE paxcoder: *shrug* it's only as fast as the code being run in it.
00:54 VanessaE a million iterations through a loop in *any* interpreted language is going to be slow.
00:54 marktraceur There's that....
00:55 Elouin_ k thx
00:55 telek Obviously we just need to use a lua to llvm bytecode compiler and run all our scripts as native code :D
00:55 paxcoder VanessaE, how much overhead can reading type + dereferencing a pointer introduce?
00:55 telek cy1: Definitely stairsplus/technic, but I got both of them from git.
00:55 cy1 realbadangel_: your technic doesn't work with the latest stairsplus. It needs to do stairsplus.register_stair_and_slab_and_panel_and_micro("technic","marble"...) not ("marble","technic:marble",...
00:56 cy1 telek: definitely a bug
00:56 marktraceur VanessaE: Maybe some way to register conditions for a mapgen callback? Something like "{ chance = 0.1, max_depth = -200, target_node = 'default:stone', replacement = 'mymod:coolore' }" and so on
00:56 realbadangel_ no
00:56 cy1 technic needs to be updated to match stairsplus...
00:56 telek cy1: In stairsplus or technic?
00:56 cy1 i think?
00:56 cy1 I
00:56 realbadangel_ http://realbadangel.pl/stairsplus.zip
00:57 VanessaE paxcoder: have you ever written an interpreter?
00:57 realbadangel_ stairs+ needs to be updated
00:57 paxcoder VanessaE, no
00:57 VanessaE paxcoder: I have.
00:57 paxcoder oh?
00:57 VanessaE or rather, rewrote one. and it was just a logo interpreter.
00:57 VanessaE years ago.
00:57 cy1 realbadangel_: could you make a github that shows your changes then...?
00:57 realbadangel_ i believe calinou already has one updated
00:57 VanessaE it was easily 10 times slower than the language it was written *in*.
00:57 realbadangel_ in his modpack
00:58 paxcoder last time i heard that, a guy implemented scheme in javascript -_-
00:58 paxcoder though there, it was an argument for "javascript is a functional language" somehow
00:58 marktraceur Yo' mama runs so slow, Python can run a 100m loop faster than her! OHHHHHH
00:58 VanessaE the same general condition holds true for any interpreted language - no matter how fast your code is - the language your interpreter is written in will be able to produce far faster code than what the interpreter itself runs.
00:58 realbadangel_ cy1: problem is with registration
00:58 VanessaE (in this case, C or C++ vs. Lua)
00:58 OldCoder realbadangel_, Hi!
00:58 cy1 realbadangel_: Not that I can see... https://github.com/Calinou/calinou_mods being his modpack
00:59 cy1 realbadangel_: well, a diff on pastebin would work too :p
00:59 realbadangel_ i suggested and added ":" in all stairsplus registering functions
00:59 mauvebic would compiling lua make much ofa difference ?
00:59 realbadangel_ so when any mods tries to use stairsplus
00:59 jordan4ibanez I was thinking about making me a mod, and when you right click me i drop a music disk and teleport away
00:59 OldCoder VanessaE, Indicate if your world is saved or not. I'll hold off a bit on the updates.
00:59 VanessaE which in turn means that if you have a piece of code that's going to execute more than..oh..say a few thousand times, it shouldn't be in an interpreted language - it should be compiled C/C++/whatever, or assembly if you can swing it.
00:59 paxcoder VanessaE, that isn't convincing, i'm afraid
00:59 jordan4ibanez since my skin is dj enderman
00:59 telek Thanks RBA, that fixed it.
00:59 VanessaE OldCoder: possibly, I am still working on it.
01:00 realbadangel_ for  example marble stairs will be stairsplus:marble_stairs
01:00 realbadangel_ not technic:marble_stairs
01:00 cy1 if technic tries to register stairsplus:marble_stairs, won't misc_register bug out saying it's not allowed to use the name stairsplus:?
01:00 cy1 even if calling a stairsplus function?
01:00 realbadangel_ this was intended for optimization of creative inv
01:00 realbadangel_ yes
01:00 realbadangel_ just ":" does it
01:01 cy1 ?
01:01 cy1 I don't follow
01:01 realbadangel_ so i do hava all the stairs inside "stairsplus:" domain
01:01 realbadangel_ not snow:, technic: or whatever
01:01 cy1 :marble_stairs?
01:01 VanessaE ok, I think I finally got this mess cleaned up.
01:02 VanessaE now, can someone tell me a graceful way of fixing the lighting in the damaged area?
01:02 realbadangel_ ive added new materials
01:02 realbadangel_ like marble, granite, etc
01:02 telek ServerError: LuaError: error: ...worlds/KikaRzWorld/worldmods/inventory_plus/init.lua:72: bad argument #1 to 'pairs' (table expected, got nil)
01:02 realbadangel_ and wanted stairs to be stairs mod
01:02 realbadangel_ not the technic
01:03 realbadangel_ so when i search for stairs i search one mod
01:03 paxcoder VanessaE, btw. there's LuaJIT
01:03 realbadangel_ cy1, now you get it?
01:03 VanessaE paxcoder: ask thexyz about that.  he's tried it, to no positive effect.
01:04 paxcoder thexyz, what did you try? :-)
01:07 paxcoder funny how memories are indexed by smell ;-)
01:10 telek Does the first player on a server recieve staff privs by default? And what's the command for setting privs on a player?
01:12 mauvebic '/grant playername <priv or all>'
01:12 telek Thanks mauvebic
01:13 mauvebic np
01:20 * VanessaE watches the //dig command plod slowly through ~2M nodes :-/
01:20 telek Hrmmm.
01:20 LandMine||Away Vanessae I know how
01:21 LandMine||Away Put saplings and wait for them to grow
01:21 LandMine||Away U can thank me later
01:21 telek How is block/biome generation stuff handled?
01:21 LandMine||Away It fixes the light problem
01:21 VanessaE telek: hard-coded.
01:21 VanessaE more or less anyway
01:22 mauvebic the biome mods use perlin noise
01:22 VanessaE barring stuff that hooks into the map generator to create custom biomes, what we have now is pretty well hard coded.
01:22 mauvebic no idea how that works lol
01:22 telek I meant as far as say the snow/conifers/desert/jungle/swamp biome stuff goes.
01:22 LandMine||Away Vanessae plant trees that should fix ur shadow problem
01:22 telek Yeah
01:22 LandMine||Away Adds light when u dig giant areas
01:22 VanessaE LandMine||Away: too late.  the command is already well underway.  I'll keep that in mind for the future, though.  thanks.
01:23 mauvebic my paint gun would prolly fix shadows too i think
01:23 telek I popped into a fresh world seeded off your random number VanessaE, waited a few minutes while the cpu pegged (after generating an initial map). 1/4 of the world got generated off different biome information, including it appears heightmap differences, and the other sections didn't.
01:23 mauvebic maybe not
01:23 LandMine Back bitches and gentlemen
01:23 VanessaE telek: huh?
01:24 OldCoder VanessaE, I have been elsewhere. What shape is your world in?
01:24 telek VanessaE: The seed # for your server.
01:24 paxcoder OldCoder, cube.
01:24 VanessaE telek: I didn't even pay attention to the seed :-)
01:24 VanessaE telek: slow to generate, ain't it?
01:24 OldCoder paxcoder, cube?
01:25 OldCoder Ah
01:25 paxcoder :-)
01:25 VanessaE now if celeron55_ is ever inclined to look, the world and its corresponding mods are there for him to look at and headscratch over.
01:26 LandMine Everyone silence I'm busy
01:26 mauvebic !up mauvebic.strangled.net
01:26 moltenbot Minetest server mauvebic.strangled.net:30000 UP
01:27 paxcoder !up tsundere.fi
01:27 moltenbot Minetest server tsundere.fi:30000 DOWN
01:27 telek VanessaE: Generated fast. All the mods however went through after the fact to alter the terrain. That trigger was what took time, and made the world confusing :D
01:27 OldCoder VanessaE, should I proceed with the old copy of the world?
01:27 VanessaE OldCoder: stand by.
01:27 OldCoder k
01:27 OldCoder Not urgent
01:29 marktraceur jordan4ibanez: How's the NPC stuff going?
01:31 paxcoder non playing character
01:31 paxcoder 1. take rat 2. put on floor 3. ???? 4. pooof!
01:31 paxcoder (nvm me, i'm from gameboom)
01:32 telek o.O
01:32 LandMine Paxcoder only queers play on gameboom
01:32 telek What does it mean if minetest_mapper_cpp generates an entirely white map?
01:32 paxcoder LandMine, only people who didn't get banned, and those who found a way to get around ban, play on gameboom
01:33 LandMine Lol I got 2 accounts with privs on it
01:33 LandMine And have chest with. Mese and picks
01:33 LandMine LOLOLOL
01:33 paxcoder what accounts?
01:33 mauvebic weird tree http://www.zimg.eu/i/1758590053
01:33 paxcoder privs on LandMine are build and shout
01:34 paxcoder but you need interact
01:34 LandMine Yeah like I'm going to tell u lol
01:34 LandMine I hve 2 more
01:34 paxcoder mauvebic, heh nice
01:34 LandMine I had 3 but fuzzywuzzy was revoked 2
01:34 OldCoder Somebody wanted to know if there was a way to make rats work in 0.4.4
01:35 telek Me!
01:35 paxcoder OldCoder, i can't even put them on the floor, let alone make them dig
01:35 telek I've got a whole stack of them, but if you drop them in-world they just immediately disappear
01:36 VanessaE OldCoder: I think I've recovered it.
01:38 OldCoder VanessaE, Glad to hear it. Checking it over?
01:38 VanessaE OldCoder: yeah
01:38 OldCoder Netsplit!
01:39 OldCoder Like an Earthquake
01:39 OldCoder But nettier
01:39 mrtux dem netsplits
01:39 mrtux and since chanserv is offline
01:40 mrtux channels can be stolen
01:40 OldCoder Not if we guard them
01:40 mrtux true
01:40 mauvebic joined #minetest
01:40 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
01:40 Minetest-tan joined #minetest
01:40 thexyz joined #minetest
01:40 paxcoder LandMine, all other servs suck imo
01:40 * marktraceur is hurt
01:40 marktraceur :P
01:40 paxcoder redcrab is good but too crowded
01:40 paxcoder i've put too much into gameboom
01:41 paxcoder and kray, but kray was killed by kray
01:41 paxcoder *waves fist*
01:41 mrtux #minetest is almost empty now...
01:41 LandMine Hey paxcoder back lol
01:41 LandMine Anyhow
01:42 LandMine Go to 7500.0.7500 on gameboom
01:42 marktraceur I'm only hurt because I run a server, paxcoder :)
01:42 LandMine New spawncity
01:42 LandMine Check out my castle
01:42 LandMine Its the best building on the server
01:42 LandMine I made a 200x200 base pyramide made out of glass
01:42 paxcoder marktraceur, 24-7? if not, it's not really a server ;-P
01:43 paxcoder https://gs1.wac.edgecastcdn.net/8019B6/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvfovkv8h21qaq3rpo2_500.png <-- landmine
01:43 paxcoder LandMine, you didn't finish it afair
01:43 LandMine The best buildings on gameboom are mine
01:43 marktraceur paxcoder: Did I not say that it was stupid to have a non-24/7 server earlier today? Of course it's gorram 24/7, why would I shut down a server?
01:43 paxcoder the one with game chars in it?
01:43 paxcoder *on it
01:43 LandMine Except for the chess board and the church
01:43 LandMine But mine are the best lol
01:44 LandMine So get offy sack
01:44 paxcoder i nullified your castle
01:44 LandMine My sack ***
01:44 LandMine Lol
01:44 paxcoder with my trojan donkey
01:44 LandMine Well u made that?
01:44 paxcoder ye
01:44 LandMine it was burned down
01:44 paxcoder "was"
01:44 LandMine Is
01:44 paxcoder spontaneous combustion, eh?
01:45 LandMine I think so it started to burn not sure how
01:45 paxcoder https://gs1.wac.edgecastcdn.net/8019B6/data.tumblr.com/tumblr_lvfovkv8h21qaq3rpo2_500.png
01:45 LandMine But u can go see it if u want
01:45 LandMine What is ur usernmae there?
01:45 paxcoder just building a tele to there
01:45 paxcoder LandMine, no comment
01:46 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
01:48 LandMine ???
01:48 LandMine Still its a server for queers and amatures
01:48 LandMine My giant chest and tree makes me boss
01:49 LandMine Lol
01:49 LandMine Btw if u want free stuff go to the top of the chest paxcoder
01:49 LandMine There are some nyan
01:49 LandMine And tons of mese
01:50 krayon joined #minetest
01:50 paxcoder meh
01:50 paxcoder your chest is not a pretty sight
01:51 LandMine Yes it is
01:51 LandMine Better than everything u made put together
01:51 LandMine Get off my sack paxcder
01:52 paxcoder LandMine, trojan donkey still there
01:53 LandMine Wierd
01:53 LandMine Still my castle is boss lol
01:53 LandMine Atleast was all the gravel fell with the update
01:54 paxcoder doesn't fall automatically
01:54 paxcoder only when something next to it is changed
01:54 ChanServ joined #minetest
01:54 paxcoder so basically, castle nullified
01:55 paxcoder LandMine, yeah, everything fell
01:56 LandMine I made it drop actually
01:56 paxcoder also someone griefed your clay i think
01:56 LandMine I had given it to octupuslegs
01:56 LandMine And he put doors on it
01:56 LandMine I removed it
01:56 LandMine And it fell
01:57 LandMine And I don't care if they griefed it
01:57 paxcoder o and btw, just because it's big, doesn't mean it's pretty
01:57 LandMine Lol stop hatting
01:57 LandMine Everyone says its boss
01:57 paxcoder but maybe he made it ugly
01:57 paxcoder i'm not impressed
01:58 LandMine Lol
01:58 LandMine Lol
01:58 paxcoder LandMine, all chests empty. You're like rats. They fled before they got banned ;-D
01:59 LandMine They can't ban me
01:59 LandMine Its a fact
01:59 LandMine I was banned
01:59 LandMine But I van go in anytime
01:59 Taoki|away joined #minetest
01:59 celeron55_ joined #minetest
01:59 Gizmokid2005 joined #minetest
01:59 paxcoder i still don't get that platform over my donkey's head
01:59 paxcoder anyone can go in at any time
01:59 paxcoder it's the matter of privs
01:59 LandMine I am unbannable
01:59 LandMine And I have 2 acc with privs
02:00 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
02:00 paxcoder so you're like everyone else, and you begged for more accs?
02:00 paxcoder when i got banned poof! account from thin air
02:00 LandMine I didn't beg lol
02:01 LandMine I had kmade them like 6 months ago
02:01 LandMine Back then u didt have to ask as much
02:01 LandMine Just say u had registered
02:01 LandMine And that was all
02:01 LandMine Wanna hear a funny story???
02:01 paxcoder what did you do with the companion cube?
02:02 paxcoder that was the best thing on the srv :-)
02:02 LandMine that thing was nect to my castle
02:02 LandMine I didn't do anything to it
02:02 LandMine The owner suddenly stopped gping on
02:02 LandMine But I respected it
02:02 LandMine And didn't do anything to it
02:03 LandMine Like I was saying
02:03 LandMine There is a cathedral at 500.500.500
02:03 harrison joined #minetest
02:03 klaxa joined #minetest
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02:03 yazgoo joined #minetest
02:03 lahwran joined #minetest
02:03 LandMine I griefed that
02:03 LandMine With my landmine account
02:03 LandMine And convinved them it was somebody else
02:03 LandMine That was so funnt
02:04 LandMine They tried to rebuild it but its not the same
02:04 LandMine It used to look vey nice
02:04 LandMine Now it just looks al square
02:04 SmugLeaf joined #minetest
02:04 moltenbot joined #minetest
02:04 SmugLeaf joined #minetest
02:04 LandMine So paxcoser ur the owner of the campanion cube ehh?
02:05 NakedFury joined #minetest
02:05 mauvebic joined #minetest
02:05 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
02:05 Minetest-tan joined #minetest
02:05 thexyz joined #minetest
02:05 paxcoder LM: no
02:05 FreeFull joined #minetest
02:05 kumikumi joined #minetest
02:05 xy joined #minetest
02:05 lulz joined #minetest
02:05 LandMine Then?
02:05 paxcoder i don't think my stuff is "the best eva"
02:05 mauvebic yeah all the missing ones you talked about
02:05 paxcoder mine is just cozy and cool
02:05 LandMine Mine is
02:05 paxcoder nope
02:05 LandMine Its th best on gameboom
02:06 paxcoder remember that ship that two guys build in badlands(cubelands)?
02:06 LandMine Uhhh no
02:06 eternalnight joined #minetest
02:06 eternalnight joined #minetest
02:06 paxcoder lost its coords though. that's nice
02:06 cy1 why do people build ships anyway
02:06 paxcoder big too
02:06 cy1 makes no sense
02:06 LandMine Atfy cy1
02:06 paxcoder cy1, and houses do?
02:06 cy1 paxcoder: houses aren't supposed to move
02:06 cy1 or float
02:07 LandMine True
02:07 eternalnight aw.
02:07 mauvebic you can only build so many houses and skyscrapers
02:07 paxcoder cy1, that's a crappy criterion
02:07 eternalnight i was opped during the net split
02:07 cy1 mauvebic: then you go into fractal art! :D
02:07 NakedFury mauvebic: what file must I download from your website?
02:07 paxcoder i have a floating house
02:07 mauvebic the modpack
02:07 cy1 paxcoder: it's hovering not floating
02:08 paxcoder it's floating in air :-P
02:08 NakedFury ok got it: updated today
02:08 eternalnight http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7nV9l51UUg
02:08 moltenbot eternalnight's link: ?ENGLISH COVER?Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Stalker)?????? - YouTube
02:08 cy1 just because there is air below does not mean it is floating in it!
02:08 cy1 lol I'm kidding. You can call it floating
02:08 mauvebic well at y + 30K is that floating or orbit?
02:08 cy1 I meant like, going up when under the water
02:08 paxcoder cy1, alright so my FLOATING house which is FLOATING is FLOATING near spawn.
02:09 cy1 at y + 30K you shouldn't be able to build at all... it's outside the database's coordinates
02:09 cy1 paxcoder: it still doesn't move!
02:09 NekoGloop and you mean y - 30k
02:09 mauvebic mine do
02:09 paxcoder LandMine, i think BC burned the donkey to scare me
02:09 paxcoder before the srv migrated
02:09 cy1 mauvebic: wall o' pistons?
02:09 mauvebic well they did, its CPU intensive
02:09 cy1 yeah
02:09 paxcoder cy1, nor does my ship :-D
02:09 mauvebic no not pistons
02:10 cy1 paxcoder: but houses aren't supposed to move. Ships are.
02:10 cy1 all ya got is a shipwreck :p
02:10 paxcoder not all ships
02:10 mauvebic blueprint/remove/redraw, done efficiently can work
02:10 paxcoder there are ships restaurants
02:10 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7nV9l51UUg
02:10 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: ?ENGLISH COVER?Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Stalker)?????? - YouTube
02:10 mauvebic i wanted to make a space map
02:10 cy1 now there's something you could build
02:10 cy1 except people don't eat in minetest
02:10 NekoGloop moltenbot: So now you can see me?
02:11 paxcoder cy1, that doesn't make sense!
02:11 paxcoder don't even suggest it!
02:11 cy1 mauvebic: skyblock, always night, everybody has fly?
02:11 mauvebic no mapgen, 2 types of air (inside, and outside killer), and always night yeah
02:12 mauvebic like this:
02:12 mauvebic https://www.google.ca/url?sa=t&amp;rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=web&amp;cd=4&amp;cad=rja&amp;ved=0CEwQtwIwAw&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DM183oxcU8zo&amp;ei=T9zLUNLxL4WD0QHEkYCgBQ&amp;usg=AFQjCNHFCcgUvgzUF_QBb9SQPEAjMmzKXw&amp;sig2=pny3SE8hOAoM9WZQZEN7ig&amp;bvm=bv.1355325884,d.dmQ
02:12 mauvebic not that link
02:12 NekoGloop lol
02:12 mauvebic this one http://youtu.be/M183oxcU8zo
02:12 cy1 mauvebic: how do you place anything without anything to place blocks on?
02:12 moltenbot mauvebic's link: Minecraft Timelapse - ASTRON : Asteroid Complex - YouTube
02:13 mauvebic youd need worldedit or something similiar to build basic asteroids
02:13 OldCoder VanessaE, indicate world status if you make it back
02:13 mauvebic once you have your homebase you can play with damage et al
02:14 * NekoGloop punts a kitten at OldCoder
02:14 paxcoder LandMine, companion cube is still there
02:14 NakedFury OldCoder: mauvebic is working on a sweet terraforming tools that would help create stuff in the game. Check them out when you can.
02:14 OldCoder Yes
02:14 mauvebic nakedfury hes already got the mods and the world :p
02:14 OldCoder NakedFury, I will actually try to host his demo world
02:14 * OldCoder catches the kitten
02:14 NakedFury ohh
02:15 NakedFury good news then
02:15 OldCoder NakedFury, updates coming tonight. Mostly waiting for VanessaE world. I updated to 0.4.4 yesterday.
02:16 NakedFury ok then what do I do? do you have compiled files like last time or use sfan5 compilations?
02:16 mauvebic next thing i was thinking was adding a mountain gun
02:17 mauvebic tho id like to do the Astron map at some point
02:18 NakedFury astron map?
02:18 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7nV9l51UUg
02:18 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: ?ENGLISH COVER?Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Stalker)?????? - YouTube
02:18 mauvebic this map: http://youtu.be/M183oxcU8zo
02:18 moltenbot mauvebic's link: Minecraft Timelapse - ASTRON : Asteroid Complex - YouTube
02:20 NakedFury ok that would look cool
02:20 NekoGloop Give us shift+rightclick and rightclick hooks in the itemdefs.
02:21 NakedFury another game but Starmade and Blockade Runner are space related minecraft inspired games you guys might check out. Not open source, works in progress, not sure if they are Linux.
02:22 LandMine Paxcoder I never said it wasn't there
02:22 NekoGloop We need a farming system like IC2.
02:22 paxcoder i know, i implied
02:22 mauvebic IC2?
02:23 NekoGloop Industrial Craft 2.
02:23 mauvebic http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Main_Page
02:23 moltenbot mauvebic's link: Industrial-Craft-Wiki
02:24 NekoGloop Yes, that. We need its farming system.
02:24 mauvebic i dont see alot of agriculture stuff
02:24 mauvebic or details on how it works
02:24 NakedFury mauvebic: the commands where changed? been trying to do /terrain dirt and not changing from stone
02:24 LandMine Paxcoder what ur name on gameboom ball juggler
02:24 NekoGloop mauvebic: http://wiki.industrial-craft.net/index.php?title=Crops
02:24 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: Crops - Industrial-Craft-Wiki
02:25 paxcoder LandMine, Minesweeper
02:25 mauvebic /terrain should still work
02:25 LandMine Hmmm never heard of it
02:25 paxcoder it's because it DOESN'T EXIST
02:25 LandMine Hmmm
02:25 LandMine So what is it?
02:26 paxcoder LandDeminer
02:26 LandMine Those are both lame
02:26 paxcoder what about Trolljegeren?
02:27 LandMine Nope
02:27 NekoGloop What about Bob.
02:27 LandMine Nope
02:27 LandMine I don't remember a lot of names
02:27 VanessaE OldCoder: ok, the world seems to be stable.
02:27 paxcoder http://www.imdb.com/title/tt1740707/
02:27 moltenbot paxcoder's link: Trollhunter (2010) - IMDb
02:27 LandMine Say it to your face vanessae
02:27 LandMine Woooops
02:27 LandMine ;-)
02:28 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
02:28 NekoGloop As always, let's +q LandMine
02:28 LandMine Jojoa1997 let me get that numba
02:28 OldCoder VanessaE, thank you
02:28 VanessaE OldCoder: uploading now...
02:28 LandMine Nekogloop I thought u were long gone hahahhaha
02:29 OldCoder VanessaE, k
02:29 LandMine U and ur crazy ideas
02:29 paxcoder imma let me finish, but
02:29 jordan4ibanez i think i finally made a cool mob
02:29 LandMine Yeah baby!!!!
02:29 NekoGloop jordan4ibanez: are these LUA or C++?
02:30 jordan4ibanez lua
02:30 LandMine Hey jordan4ibanez accept my fb friend invite
02:30 jordan4ibanez there is none
02:31 LandMine I sent it
02:31 LandMine Stupid fb
02:32 LandMine Send me one facebook.com/Misaelroman jordan4ibanez
02:32 LandMine Nekogloop u can send me 1 if u want too
02:32 LandMine Oldcoder send me an invite :-)
02:34 OldCoder I don't use FB
02:34 OldCoder I think I have an account but don't remember it
02:34 VanessaE OldCoder: you may now download both the world and game.
02:34 OldCoder May use it in the future
02:34 OldCoder VanessaE, ty
02:34 LandMine Lies! Why do u lie to me
02:35 LandMine I would expect it from anybody but u
02:35 LandMine :'(
02:36 OldCoder Hmm?
02:36 OldCoder LandMine, ?
02:36 LandMine Just say u don't want to add me and don't lie
02:36 LandMine I know why u don't want to add me
02:36 OldCoder I don't want to add anybody ATM and I don't recall the account anyway
02:37 LandMine Its cause I'm indian
02:37 OldCoder Heh
02:37 LandMine So u laugh at me now??
02:37 LandMine Wow
02:37 OldCoder No
02:38 VanessaE OldCoder: this download changes the behavior of mese as previously discussed and is devoid of the fire and builtin_item mods.
02:38 OldCoder Sorry if I am distracted; teaching somebody Linux elsewhere
02:38 OldCoder VanessaE, got it
02:38 OldCoder I mean; I understand. Will download shortly.
02:38 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
02:38 VanessaE OldCoder: it does not bear LandMine's suggestion of planting trees to fix the lighting -- the conifers mod will take care of that
02:38 OldCoder All right
02:39 cy1 mauvebic: that was AWESOME
02:39 cy1 flying ships!
02:39 LandMine Anybody wanna rap?
02:39 cy1 OldCoder: did you update mesecons yet?
02:39 LandMine Rap battle?
02:39 OldCoder cy1, I did but did not restart
02:39 OldCoder Will do so after downloading VanessaE world
02:39 cy1 gooby plz
02:39 telek Okay, wtf would I be getting 'port already in use' on the latest minetest when using different ports?
02:39 OldCoder ?
02:40 cy1 OldCoder: would downloading VanessaE's world stop working if you restarted?
02:40 OldCoder cy1, Explain?
02:40 LandMine Cy1 silence
02:40 OldCoder LandMine, let him ask
02:40 OldCoder cy1, Explain?
02:40 LandMine No cy1 oldcoder is busy
02:40 cy1 OldCoder: well, just keep downloading her world, restart your default world, then restart your VanessaE world when it's done downloading.
02:40 OldCoder cy1, Heh
02:40 LandMine So zip it
02:40 OldCoder Impatient?
02:41 OldCoder Very well
02:41 OldCoder Hold on
02:41 cy1 It's only been $hours!
02:41 cy1 thhh :3
02:41 OldCoder I gave her a chance to clean up her world
02:41 cy1 You don't have to restart if you don't want. I'm just complaining.
02:41 LandMine Cy1 my buddy oldcoder is teaching linux elsewhere
02:41 LandMine Stop bothering him
02:41 OldCoder cy1, I promise I will shortly
02:41 * NekoGloop kicks LandMine
02:42 mauvebic cyl what?
02:42 cy1 mauvebic: the asteroid space sim thing
02:42 LandMine Yeah to bad u have no authority nekogloop
02:42 LandMine So zip it
02:43 telek Any thoughts regarding the binding error?
02:43 OldCoder telek, ask me in a day or two
02:43 OldCoder If nobody else answers
02:43 OldCoder I have dealt with that issue
02:43 mauvebic cyl yeah i wanna try and make that
02:43 LandMine Oldcoder don't pay these people attention do ur things first
02:43 telek Well is it a server issue or something else?
02:43 OldCoder Fine
02:44 telek Because this was working an hour ago.
02:44 OldCoder telek, I need to focus on the problem to answer
02:44 OldCoder Where did this happen?
02:44 LandMine Telk stop bthering oldcoder he is busy
02:44 LandMine Get off his sack
02:45 telek left #minetest
02:46 OldCoder Proceeding with updates
02:46 OldCoder U.S. worlds going down
02:46 Aqua joined #minetest
02:47 Aqua Hello
02:47 OldCoder Hi!
02:48 Dogzilla131 joined #minetest
02:49 jeffrash joined #minetest
02:49 jordan4ibanez test
02:49 VanessaE failed.
02:49 jeffrash passed
02:49 jeffrash :)
02:50 NekoGloop fission mailed.
02:50 davidpace joined #minetest
02:50 davidpace Aqua!
02:50 VanessaE NekoGloop: you mailing nuclear bombs again? :-)
02:50 davidpace I didn't see  yo last night
02:50 davidpace *you
02:50 NekoGloop VanessaE: Kittens with nuclear cores attached to them.
02:52 LandMine Nekogloop ur ideas are sick
02:52 LandMine I will pray for u tonight aswell
02:52 LandMine God will enlighten u
02:52 cy1 thanks OldCoder
02:52 Aqua Hello
02:53 Aqua Hey Vanessa where do i put your rollercoaster map thing
02:53 davidpace Aqua
02:53 Aqua Hi david! You got the textures
02:54 davidpace Yea, I only had 10 mins to work on them :(
02:54 davidpace I think they look horrible
02:54 VanessaE Aqua: it's a worldedit map, so you have to make a new world, then put it in <minetestfolder>/worlds/<yourworld>/schems
02:54 VanessaE Aqua: so like in my case it would be ~/.minetest/worlds/My_World_server/schems/rollercoaster1.wem
02:54 VanessaE you have to unzip it first, of course.
02:54 OldCoder mauvebic, converting your world to LevelDB
02:55 davidpace Aqua, gimme a minute I'll upload them on omp
02:55 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y7nV9l51UUg
02:55 moltenbot NekoGloop's link: ?ENGLISH COVER?Rotten Girl, Grotesque Romance (Stalker)?????? - YouTube
02:55 cy1 OldCoder: got a link to leveldb? Sounds interesting...
02:56 cy1 oh https://code.google.com/p/leveldb/
02:56 OldCoder cy1, It is a standard Google database. The MT version is in source code that I can provide.
02:56 cy1 how's it any different from a BSD database?
02:56 kizeren joined #minetest
02:56 OldCoder The Google page covers it
02:56 Aqua arrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhh
02:57 kizeren Hello
02:57 Aqua Something weird happed
02:57 davidpace Did you see what I put?
02:57 LandMine Kizeren let me get that numbanbaby
02:57 davidpace I'll send the textures to you via pm
02:57 kizeren What?
02:58 LandMine I said let me get your numba baby
02:58 LandMine ;-)
02:58 kizeren Ahhh....
02:58 kizeren No.
02:58 LandMine Why??? Cause I'm indian?
02:58 mauvebic OldCoder sorry didnt notice ur msg with landmine flooding the channel
02:58 OldCoder k
02:59 mauvebic from sqlite to leveldb?
02:59 cy1 I still wanna db that stores individual nodes and entities, not mapblocks :p
02:59 mauvebic cool
02:59 OldCoder Yep
02:59 NekoGloop Please, give LandMine a time out
02:59 NekoGloop He needs it.
02:59 LandMine Mauvebic hi I love ur map
02:59 OldCoder NekoGloop, noted
02:59 LandMine And ur buildings
02:59 LandMine They are so epic
02:59 mauvebic and the guns? :P
03:00 LandMine Everything
03:00 mauvebic not bad
03:00 mauvebic i nuked the city a few times from backups
03:00 mauvebic that was fun too
03:00 LandMine I saw the image
03:00 cy1 nukes are the best fireworks.
03:01 davidpace Aqua? You here buddy?
03:01 mauvebic make mega-seas with the nukes lol
03:01 Aqua Oh hi thought i lost everything
03:02 davidpace Uhmmm
03:02 Aqua mauvebic have you published your huge city map
03:02 davidpace Do you see the private messages I sent you?
03:02 mauvebic yep
03:02 mauvebic oldcoder is putting it up too
03:03 Aqua no
03:03 mauvebic http://ompldr.org/vZ3A1Zw/mauvebicworld-121412.zip 116 mb tho
03:03 Aqua Thanks mauvebic
03:03 LandMine Still mauvebic its a shame the first thing u said about me was negative
03:03 davidpace You don't Aqua?
03:03 mauvebic no prob you got the modpack too?
03:03 Aqua No
03:03 davidpace Hmm I'll try again
03:04 mauvebic landmine well you were flooding the channel
03:04 mauvebic thats why i wasnt paying attention
03:04 davidpace Aqua are you on webchat.freenode.net?
03:04 LandMine Hmmmm ok
03:04 NekoGloop If LandMine is online, honestly i just stop paying attention at all.
03:05 LandMine Nekogloop I got a bigger dick than u
03:05 mauvebic not exactly Mr Sunshine nekogloop either
03:05 davidpace Aqua...
03:05 NekoGloop because of this kind of retarded shit that he rambles on with.
03:06 Aqua I'm not getting anythin
03:06 OldCoder NekoGloop, are you able to /ignore?
03:06 NekoGloop OldCoder: No, actually.
03:06 davidpace Okay
03:06 davidpace I'll just post the links out here then
03:06 Aqua just post the link
03:06 NekoGloop [22:07] == IGNORE Unknown command
03:07 kizeren is it "/ignore (name)" ?
03:07 OldCoder Not supported by web gateway
03:07 Aqua VanessaE  are you there?
03:07 davidpace WARNIING THESE ARE REALLY BAD: Here is the fence: http://ompldr.org/vZ3A3bA][img]http://ompldr.org/tZ3A3bA[/img][/url] And here is the Ladder: http://ompldr.org/vZ3A3aw][img]http://ompldr.org/tZ3A3aw[/img][/url]
03:07 VanessaE yes?
03:08 Aqua So i made a new world and then where do i put the wem file?
03:09 VanessaE Aqua: put it in <minetestfolder>/worlds/<yourworld>/schems
03:09 VanessaE Aqua: so like in my case it would be ~/.minetest/worlds/My_World_server/schems/rollercoaster1.wem
03:09 LandMine Nekogloop why do u have so many inferiority complexes?
03:09 harrison http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7NwpjDnuMpE
03:09 moltenbot harrison's link: Mazi en Spacosajnigo - YouTube
03:09 Aqua There is no schems
03:09 VanessaE create it
03:09 Aqua How?
03:10 Aqua folder?
03:10 VanessaE make a new folder with that name.
03:10 davidpace Aqua, what do you think of the textures? Crap right?
03:10 mauvebic !up mauvebic.strangled.net
03:10 moltenbot Minetest server mauvebic.strangled.net:30000 UP
03:10 mauvebic map: griefland
03:11 Aqua Too grey\
03:11 davidpace Needed it whitish?
03:11 Aqua Yes please
03:12 davidpace Hmph
03:12 davidpace Okaaay
03:12 harrison I wish my neighborhood was too
03:12 davidpace But I don't have to much time to work on it
03:12 Aqua now what Vanessa?
03:13 harrison whitish
03:13 davidpace Yess Harrison Whitish
03:13 davidpace *Yes
03:13 cy1 mauvebic: I'm tellin ya make a thing to keep the fires from spreading. Kills servers otw, no matter how slow the abm.
03:13 Aqua VanessaE
03:14 jordan4ibanez how do i get a real decimal of time
03:14 jordan4ibanez there's always 0.483942894294289 or so
03:14 jordan4ibanez how would i back it down to 0.48?
03:14 cy1 int(s*100)/100 ?
03:14 VanessaE Aqua: unzip the file.  Put it in that schems folder.
03:15 jordan4ibanez oh thanks
03:15 Aqua i did
03:15 VanessaE ok
03:15 VanessaE now start your world
03:15 mauvebic cyl the nukes?
03:15 davidpace Aqua, how about this?: http://ompldr.org/vZ3A3cw][img]http://ompldr.org/tZ3A3cw[/img][/url]
03:16 cy1 jordan4ibanez: that's a way to do it in C, not sure about lua
03:16 VanessaE find a nice, large open space.
03:16 VanessaE preferably FLAT if you can make it so.
03:16 Aqua Good
03:16 Aqua And then?
03:16 Aqua I like it david
03:16 cy1 mauvebic: the fire blocks
03:16 VanessaE now, stand at one corner of the area, and type //pos1
03:16 davidpace You like it Aqua?
03:16 VanessaE a black [1] should appear below you.
03:16 davidpace Ohhh ok
03:16 jordan4ibanez no, i just forgot basic math for a second lol
03:16 cy1 like mumble:plasmafire
03:16 LandMine Nekogloop smells like like poop lives in a chicken coot
03:17 cy1 Damn I think my server's the only one up right now.
03:17 kizeren yea they all seem to be dieing.
03:17 Muadtralk joined #minetest
03:17 davidpace Coot? I think you mean coop landmine :/
03:18 davidpace Alright Aqua, I will make the fence one now
03:18 cy1 kizeren: and it's all my fault ;_;
03:18 kizeren Setting fires to the massive forest you built :P
03:18 cy1 lolno
03:19 Aqua //pos1 isnt working
03:19 LandMine Well davidpace english is not my native language thanks for making me feel bad
03:19 cy1 on mauvebic's there's a nuke gun mod I was testing, which uh... fills the world with flame
03:19 cy1 and OldCoder only updated because I asked, and it didn't work so it's down.
03:19 OldCoder It will work
03:19 OldCoder I am overloaded ATM
03:19 cy1 There's marktraceur's but I'm banned from there.
03:19 davidpace LandMine, I was not in anyway trying to make you feel bad, I am sorry If I did. I just wanted to correct you.
03:19 cy1 OldCoder: No hurry, really! I'm just upset that I'm causing such problems for ppl
03:20 * OldCoder shrugs
03:20 davidpace Aqua, this is the fence one :)
03:20 davidpace http://ompldr.org/vZ3A3dQ][img]http://ompldr.org/tZ3A3dQ[/img][/url]
03:21 Aqua Thanks
03:21 davidpace Yay, I am happy you like em' :-)
03:21 davidpace No Problem
03:21 mauvebic restarded :P
03:21 Aqua VanessaE
03:22 Aqua Thanks david
03:22 davidpace mauvebic who is retarded?
03:22 davidpace Oh And *retarded
03:22 davidpace No problem Aqua
03:23 davidpace Gotta go!
03:23 mauvebic there, put t-600s everywhere
03:24 Aqua My mods are not loading when i play
03:25 Aqua nvrmind
03:26 Aqua Vanessa what do i do?
03:26 mauvebic try n grief me now :p
03:26 mauvebic got killer robots everywhere
03:27 kizeren killer robots?
03:28 Aqua Vanessa what do i do?
03:28 Aqua VanessaE
03:28 mauvebic lol come on my server ;)
03:28 kizeren addy?
03:28 Aqua Gotta go
03:28 mauvebic mauvebic.strangled.net:30000
03:29 jordan4ibanez I'm starting to also create a song mod which will hopefully be included in the default game
03:29 jordan4ibanez would someone like to try it?
03:29 kizeren I like the ambience OldCoder has.
03:30 kizeren loading........
03:30 jordan4ibanez The first song i created, i created to perfectly match the sunset
03:31 NekoGloop Someone needs to make wallmounted work with textures of "normal" drawtype objects.
03:31 jordan4ibanez https://dl.dropbox.com/s/z6foll34wtoafc0/music.zip?dl=1
03:32 OldCoder kizeren, speed issue may be solved shortly
03:32 NekoGloop jordan4ibanez: nice sig.
03:32 kizeren its probably me.
03:33 kizeren My daughter is here for the weekend.......bandwidth hog.
03:34 VanessaE dammit,
03:34 VanessaE he left :-/
03:35 jordan4ibanez thank you?
03:36 OldCoder Who left?
03:36 NekoGloop I think a better looking Main Menu would be great.
03:36 NekoGloop Simple tasks, awesome results.
03:39 VanessaE OldCoder: Aqua did before I could answer his question
03:40 OldCoder All right
03:40 kizeren mauvebic, that is just wild
03:40 mauvebic kizeren you turned us and the robots into bacon bits lol
03:40 LandMine Nekogloop why don't u do it
03:40 NekoGloop Why dont you?
03:41 kizeren :)
03:41 NekoGloop Seeing as you're this almighty C++ coder.
03:41 kizeren They wouldn't stop following so I just picked something and fired.
03:41 * OldCoder wonders where bacon fits into it
03:41 LandMine Cause I'm not bitching about it bitch
03:41 theTroy1 joined #minetest
03:42 VanessaE OldCoder: well duh, isn't everything bacon-powered? :-)
03:43 OldCoder Hmm
03:43 OldCoder I am at times
03:43 OldCoder Tomorrow may be Bacon Burgers Day again
03:43 kizeren nauvebic, did I kill the server?
03:43 kizeren I fired quite a few nukes at em :P
03:43 mauvebic !up mauvebic.strangled.net
03:43 moltenbot Minetest server mauvebic.strangled.net:30000 DOWN
03:43 mauvebic yes, yes you did lol
03:43 NekoGloop !up down
03:43 moltenbot Minetest server down:30000 DOWN
03:44 kizeren That would be an awesome survival server.  Less powerful guns.  but have to get in quick and build fort before they find you.
03:44 mauvebic back up, nuke disapeared
03:44 mauvebic i fixed the yields
03:44 kizeren !up calin.sytes.net
03:44 moltenbot Minetest server calin.sytes.net:30000 DOWN
03:44 mauvebic instead of 50 and 75 its 25 and 50
03:46 kizeren not even 1% loaded and firing at me already...........
03:46 mauvebic lol robots
03:46 mauvebic turrets are crazy too
03:47 mauvebic they shoot people (not their owners) and robots
03:48 LandMine Oldcoder mute nekogloop thanks in advanced
03:48 OldCoder Hmm?
03:49 OldCoder LandMine, you have the ability to /ignore him. The reverse is not true. You are more obligated.
03:49 LandMine I don't wat to do that
03:49 LandMine I want him muted
03:49 LandMine Thanks
03:50 cy1 !up minetest.org:30000
03:50 OldCoder LandMine, mute is a last resort
03:51 NekoGloop And all of us want you muted, LandMine.
03:51 * OldCoder sighs
03:51 OldCoder Yeah, that's a help
03:51 LandMine Nekogloop who is all of us?
03:51 NekoGloop all of us = everyone in #minetest but you and OC
03:51 LandMine No one seems to bitch about it but u
03:52 LandMine So be a good boy and go watch some tv
03:52 LandMine Anyhow oldcoder mute thanks
03:52 cy1 idk who gets muted this is entertaining
03:52 NekoGloop idc*
03:53 cy1 well I'd be upset if NekoGloop did. he makes good mods
03:54 cy1 so, don't ban NekoGloop plz, unless he blows up with rage
03:54 LandMine He already did lol
03:54 LandMine He started saing some bs about good and evil
03:55 LandMine Said. Bunch of nonsense
03:55 LandMine I think he realised it was so incongruent
03:55 OldCoder It isn't good and evil
03:55 LandMine He said it was a bot
03:55 LandMine Hahhahahaa
03:55 LandMine That was funny
03:55 OldCoder You both know it's about Order and Chaos
03:56 mauvebic kizeren hiding in the ocean? :P
03:56 OldCoder Seriously; I'd hoped that the two of you would have reached an accommodation by now
03:56 OldCoder You know neither side can win
03:56 NekoGloop I havent talked to him.
03:56 OldCoder Order without Chaos is death
03:56 OldCoder Chaos without Order is formless
03:56 NekoGloop I would have wished it stay that way.
03:56 OldCoder You have no choice
03:56 OldCoder Flip sides of the coin
03:56 OldCoder Both sides are needed for life to proceed
03:56 OldCoder Order is death
03:57 OldCoder Chaos is noise
03:57 OldCoder Must have both
03:57 OldCoder
03:57 LandMine I don't need nekogloop lol
03:57 * OldCoder is teaching MySQL elsewhere
03:57 OldCoder I did not say you needed him
03:57 OldCoder As a person
03:57 OldCoder I did not say the word need
03:57 LandMine I don't need him anyway
03:57 OldCoder But Order and Chaos are two sides of the coin. Regardless of how the coin wishes it.
03:57 kizeren mauvebic I am complete hidden under ground and they still find me.....
03:57 LandMine He could drop dead tommorow and I would be the same
03:58 OldCoder Yes. You would.
03:58 OldCoder Yet the coin would remain.
03:58 OldCoder One side and the other.
03:58 OldCoder
03:58 NekoGloop inevitably tipping over.
03:58 OldCoder I got to finish MySQL elsewhere.
03:58 NekoGloop Revealing one side as the truth.
03:58 LandMine Kk oldcoder
03:59 LandMine Nekogloop there u go with ur bs agan
03:59 LandMine Enlighten us all
03:59 mauvebic kizeren climb up the chain lol
03:59 mauvebic they cant climb
04:00 LandMine Mauvebic stop spamming....take this chitchat to pm please
04:00 NekoGloop LandMine: Same could be said to you
04:00 Muadtralk it isnt spamming
04:01 Muadtralk if anytihng Landmine your bothering of nekogloop is more offtopic
04:01 Muadtralk anything*
04:01 LandMine Nekogloop I think itsbetter if I just ignore u...talking to u just maes my iq drop even more
04:01 jordan4ibanez 5 + (- sqrt(1- x^2- (y- abs(x))^2))cos(30((1-x^2-(y-abs(x))^2))), x is from -1 to 1, y is from -1 to 1.5, z is from 1 to 5
04:01 NekoGloop I dont believe that is possible.
04:02 NekoGloop jordan4ibanez: too many numbers.
04:02 jordan4ibanez paste it into google
04:02 LandMine And I have added u to my ignore list :-)
04:02 Muadtralk if you stare at it long enough it makes sense! :P
04:02 NekoGloop LandMine: Thank god.
04:02 LandMine Muadtralk who the hell are u?
04:03 Muadtralk death
04:03 Muadtralk why?
04:03 LandMine God another death kid
04:03 LandMine Hahaha
04:03 Muadtralk if you must know....
04:03 LandMine Go make me a sandwich bitch
04:03 OldCoder LandMine, You and NekoGloop are Chaos and Order. Not Death and Life. Life occurs in the interface.
04:03 LandMine Lol I know
04:03 sdzen I am the good lord ZENO!
04:04 OldCoder Heh
04:04 LandMine Oldcoder I ignored him
04:04 LandMine Forget that topic
04:04 OldCoder All right
04:04 OldCoder Maybe somebody will rap battle with you
04:04 OldCoder Heh
04:04 OldCoder I know who to send you to
04:04 OldCoder But I don't know where he is ATM
04:04 * OldCoder laughs
04:04 LandMine No one can beat me
04:04 LandMine Only good one was cornernote
04:04 OldCoder LandMine, If I find him... and he boasts he is the best... will you rap with him?
04:05 LandMine But u scared him aay
04:05 davidpace joined #minetest
04:05 OldCoder Not me
04:05 LandMine Sure oldcoder
04:05 OldCoder I will ask around
04:05 LandMine Kk
04:05 OldCoder He has disappeared
04:05 davidpace For what?
04:05 OldCoder But he is actually well known
04:06 OldCoder davidpace, For a... let's say friend... of mine who fancies himself a rap battler
04:06 mauvebic kizeren you nuked my battleship! lol
04:06 OldCoder Heh
04:06 * OldCoder imagines the sight
04:06 kizeren hehehehe
04:06 kizeren I was like a rat in a cage....
04:06 kizeren But the cage was shooting at me from every imaginable position
04:07 mauvebic the fire should kill em
04:07 mauvebic are you respawning at ground zero?
04:07 kizeren I am lagged.....have to wait on plasma to disapated.
04:07 kizeren That was my suicide mission for the night....
04:08 mauvebic that did it lol
04:08 mauvebic 3 minis? lol
04:08 preludelinux_lap joined #minetest
04:08 davidpave joined #minetest
04:08 kizeren I fired I think 3 bigboys
04:09 LandMine Hmm davidpace is the rapper u were speaking off??
04:09 kizeren be back in a minute when carnage is over :)
04:10 mauvebic restart might help lol
04:10 LandMine Lol he left
04:10 OldCoder LandMine, No
04:10 OldCoder There is somebody who insisted on rap battling me a few weeks ago
04:10 OldCoder It was quite tiring
04:11 OldCoder I would not be displeased to see the two of you rap
04:11 LandMine Then who was it??
04:11 davidpave Back
04:11 OldCoder I will find out if he is still in IRC
04:11 OldCoder I need to talk to some mutual acquaintances
04:11 davidpave Oh My a rap battle :)
04:11 OldCoder And what handle he is using now
04:12 davidpave This'll be entertaining
04:12 OldCoder May not happen
04:12 davidpave Who challenged you?
04:12 OldCoder davidpave, Somebody who is actually on TV sometimes
04:12 davidpave Ooooooo
04:12 OldCoder I'd rather discuss it in PM later
04:12 davidpave Later?
04:13 OldCoder The incident was irritating. ATM I have about 5 conversations going.
04:13 davidpave Ohk
04:13 LandMine Jooo davidpave rap with me g
04:14 mauvebic kizeren carnage complete lol
04:14 LandMine Jooo jooo jooooo. Joooooooooo
04:14 davidpave What LandMine?
04:14 jordan4ibanez http://youtu.be/-4Q6y3i8qZs
04:14 moltenbot jordan4ibanez's link: Minetest Mobs - Two New Ones! - YouTube
04:14 kizeren mauvebic reloading client :)
04:15 davidpace jordan, its very entertaining :)
04:15 LandMine Davidpace let's rap bttle
04:15 davidpace Hmph, Okay but I suck
04:15 LandMine Lol
04:15 LandMine K go
04:16 davidpace Uhhhuuhhh :)
04:17 LandMine ???????
04:17 davidpace I'm terrible.
04:17 LandMine Omg
04:17 LandMine Jooo joo jooo
04:18 LandMine Davidpace u suck at this game leave it
04:18 sdzen why why landmine you dont enjoy a guttural huh?
04:18 sdzen such thing is a pity
04:18 LandMine My level of fam u won't achieve it
04:18 sdzen i thought it was a nice start
04:18 sdzen for a weak finish
04:18 davidpace I know I suck at this game :-)
04:19 sdzen never admit defeat!
04:19 davidpace lol
04:19 LandMine Sdzen u killed my inspiration lol
04:19 davidpace OK
04:19 davidpace I am an apparition that appears in your nightmares A beast of demolition creeping at you while you're unaware Tidal wave retaliating for your every splish splash I've made a gash with a slash of vigor Your every thrash makes you look like dinner Your inner being is a well of pain Now insane you strain to hobble off Cuz I've refrained to finish the job Whoever's next, whoever's ready I'm the baddest able rapper You know you're a fo
04:19 davidpace "Copy"
04:19 davidpace "Paste"
04:19 davidpace :-)
04:19 OldCoder davidpace, For long pastes
04:19 kizeren mauvebic....fly?
04:20 OldCoder Paste in 2 parts
04:20 LandMine Kizeren take this chitchat to pm punk
04:20 davidpace Ohh sorry
04:20 davidpace A;right
04:20 mauvebic kizeren im lagged out lol restart?
04:20 kizeren yea I had to exit.
04:20 kizeren Not connecting.
04:20 kizeren guess I should not of nuked you :)
04:20 sdzen its in game chat
04:20 sdzen this is exactly why I said it was a bad idea
04:21 LandMine Oldcoder can u mute kizeren
04:21 kizeren Oo wait....am I not allowed to chitchat here?
04:21 LandMine He is annoying
04:21 NekoGloop LandMine: Why dont you take it to PM
04:21 LandMine No ur not now take it to pm
04:21 cy1 mauvebic: did your server freeze again? or is it just me?
04:21 NekoGloop Pfft.
04:21 NekoGloop Forgot he ignored me.
04:21 NekoGloop not like he actually did or anything.
04:21 mauvebic froze, too many nukes lol
04:21 mauvebic back up
04:22 LandMine Oldcoder !!!!!!
04:22 kizeren If OldCoder asks me to stop I will stop chitchating.
04:22 cy1 kizeren: seen any cool buildings lately?
04:22 davidpace_ joined #minetest
04:22 sdzen oi no ordering oldcoder around!
04:22 kizeren Nope
04:22 LandMine Oldcoder please as him too stfu
04:22 davidpace_ Yea!
04:22 sdzen there can be a peaceful resolution of this
04:22 davidpace_ What happened...
04:22 davidpace_ ?
04:23 OldCoder What?
04:23 OldCoder LandMine, You can /ignore him
04:23 cy1 mauvebic: again :/
04:23 davidpace_ Ignore who me?
04:23 LandMine No oi won't do that
04:23 OldCoder Why not?
04:23 kizeren cy1, i nuked the world will be a moment I think :)
04:23 OldCoder davidpace, No
04:23 davidpace_ Who then?
04:23 LandMine Sdzen ur frm brazil right???
04:24 sdzen no
04:24 mauvebic back lol
04:24 sdzen why would one think that?
04:24 LandMine Portugal?
04:24 sdzen I love telling people togo
04:24 sdzen but thats such a blatant lie
04:24 mauvebic ok new map this one is fucked lol
04:24 kizeren hehehe
04:24 cy1 mauvebic: again :p
04:25 OldCoder mauvebic, Is the one I have O.K. ?
04:25 LandMine sdzen u like cock. I like rocks
04:25 mauvebic yes :-)
04:25 LandMine U like dick. I like chicks
04:25 cy1 it's not the map that's at fault. it's the fire mod. it's a fork bomb.
04:25 LandMine U like penis I like ines
04:25 cy1 well the map is fucked too, but
04:25 kizeren yea we blew that map to hell it seems.
04:25 cy1 yayyy
04:26 cy1 kizeren: we'll never know, all that fire kept from seeing :/
04:27 kizeren yea
04:27 mauvebic Oldcover yeah the one i put up is fine :-)
04:27 mauvebic sorry was getting shot at lol
04:27 LandMine Kizeren for the love of jahova stop spamming
04:29 jeffrash anyone know a good server to start a home on?
04:29 mauvebic should i disable big nukes?
04:29 LandMine Jeffrash localhost
04:29 jeffrash LandMine, Funny
04:29 kizeren yea.....Think someone nuked me :P  Again...
04:30 cy1 mauvebic: just keep fire from spreading
04:30 cy1 also your server's down again
04:30 cy1 oh wait it's back
04:30 sdzen LandMine, yet again I ask what is wrong with gay people? I have nothing against them.
04:30 cy1 ...
04:31 LandMine Its against gods will tonbe queer
04:31 jeffrash I've been on minetest.org but it appears to be down
04:31 LandMine It says that queers should be put to death
04:31 cy1 any game where you can get killed again before the game finishes respawning you is a bad game for pvp :c
04:31 VanessaE LandMine: THIS behavior is why I won't trust you.
04:31 LandMine Omg
04:31 VanessaE this conversation ends NOW
04:31 cy1 jeffrash: OldCoder has that one. He was updating it earlier and it didn't work, so he went to go do something else.
04:31 LandMine Ok
04:32 OldCoder cy1, dealing with multiple issues
04:32 * OldCoder scrolls up
04:32 OldCoder ...
04:32 sdzen odd... I dont trust landmine for different behaviour
04:33 jeffrash OldCoder, should I just give up on minetest.org today?
04:34 OldCoder jeffrash, Not if I can settle things with LandMine
04:34 OldCoder Which is the last issue remaining ATM
04:34 OldCoder The last few hours have been tiring again
04:34 LandMine How is that an issue
04:34 LandMine Sdzen asked me what was wrong about being gay
04:34 LandMine And I answered hhim
04:35 OldCoder Using loaded language
04:36 jeffrash OldCoder, ok I will be going to bed in a few.  I'll check back.  thanks
04:36 OldCoder Designed to see if people would lose their tempers
04:36 OldCoder jeffrash, ty
04:36 cy1 OldCoder: /ignore is your friend
04:36 OldCoder cy1, I cannot /ignore as I have a responsibility. To both sides.
04:36 * sdzen laughs insanely
04:36 sdzen that was a loaded response?
04:36 OldCoder sdzen, His response
04:36 OldCoder was loaded
04:36 OldCoder Not yours
04:37 sdzen every so sorry if this escalates it but i completely understood what you were getting at
04:37 OldCoder This keeps happening. I have IRL stuff to do. Some of you know about it.
04:37 sdzen and I didnt even notice
04:37 OldCoder I have not even been able to update the worlds.
04:37 OldCoder Could I please just do that?
04:37 cy1 OldCoder: both sides of what?
04:37 OldCoder cy1, not important
04:38 * OldCoder hears crickets chirping
04:38 * OldCoder likes the crickets
04:38 * kizeren chirps....
04:38 * OldCoder hopes the crickets will remain
04:38 * OldCoder is on an 8 minute break
04:38 * VanessaE installed crickets_reloaded mod
04:38 VanessaE installs*
04:39 sdzen wheres marktraceur and a comment about one upping when you need him :P
04:39 LandMine Hmmm vanessae why are u not alowing freedom of speach?
04:40 marktraceur sdzen: Hi, I'm right here :)
04:40 sdzen oh sorry
04:40 sdzen i forgot to spell your name wrong
04:41 sdzen that way it wouldnt notify/bother you
04:41 sdzen my sincerest apologies if i interupted a good bout of idleness
04:41 LandMine Sdzen any questions???
04:42 sdzen one for you
04:42 sdzen do oyu know why i like communism so much?
04:42 sdzen you*
04:42 LandMine I don't care about politics
04:42 LandMine I live by the law of god
04:42 sdzen cool!
04:43 sdzen then you answered the question I didnt tell you about
04:43 LandMine ?????
04:43 sdzen logging this for future reference
04:43 LandMine Ok I guess
04:44 LandMine I will pray for u aswell sdzen
04:45 sdzen I have a religon
04:45 cy1 buttsex is way better than praying anyway
04:45 sdzen no need to pray for a sinner such as I
04:45 cy1 you bend over either way
04:45 VanessaE freedom of speech does not mean freedom to insult or to foist your religious views on other people.
04:46 LandMine I'm not trying to impose aything
04:46 LandMine He asked me and I answered
04:46 VanessaE and yet, you continue.
04:46 sdzen hmmm?
04:46 sdzen who asked you what?
04:46 sdzen i asked you about communism
04:46 sdzen you dodged an answer
04:47 LandMine U asked me what whas wrong with being gay
04:47 LandMine I answered
04:47 sdzen oh...
04:47 sdzen that one!
04:47 LandMine And u asked if I knew wy like communism I said I didn't care
04:49 jordan4ibanez I'm still not 100% sure how to make a mesh
04:49 jordan4ibanez what the FUCK are you guys talking about
04:50 jordan4ibanez This isn't #defocus
04:50 LandMine Freedom of speech
04:50 jordan4ibanez Freedom of read the fucking rules
04:50 LandMine Vanessae is trying to tae it away
04:50 jordan4ibanez Stop trolling landmine
04:50 jordan4ibanez If you really want to troll, go troll with lienucksfails2
04:50 jordan4ibanez but you're not even close to how good he is at trolling
04:50 LandMine I don't know what ur talking about
04:51 jordan4ibanez If you're not trolling, please, go be stupid somewhere else
04:52 LandMine I'm just honst
04:53 LandMine Jordan4ibanez I'm not sending u afb reqest anynore
04:54 jordan4ibanez Isn't it in the rules that you have to speak propper english to talk in english ircs?
04:54 LandMine Nope if so send me a link to it
04:57 LandMine Jordan4ibanez send me a link u hairy fat fuck
05:00 jordan4ibanez Hmm, there are rules in #archlinux, no wonder why they don't have to deal with shit like landmine
05:01 jordan4ibanez Why is there not a rules section on the website?
05:04 kizeren yea in arch they just boot+ban ya.....after just a couple of offenses.
05:04 LandMine Dunno but imma try something lolol
05:06 VanessaE jordan4ibanez: there is on the forums.
05:07 jordan4ibanez NO, it needs to be linked from the main page
05:07 jordan4ibanez Is that hard?
05:07 VanessaE jordan4ibanez: I've always figured they should apply to this channel also.
05:07 VanessaE oh right
05:07 VanessaE maybe celeron55_ should add that.
05:07 jordan4ibanez <a href="the/ad/asf/as/asd/as.html>RULES</a> IS THAT HARD
05:07 VanessaE yes, you forgot your closing quotes ;-)
05:08 VanessaE but you're right, it's easy enough to add.
05:08 sdzen left #minetest
05:10 cy1 rules are for tools
05:10 cy1 1) don't be a jerk
05:10 cy1 only rule you ever need
05:10 VanessaE +1
05:10 jordan4ibanez I'm trying to add plantlike drawtype to an entity
05:10 LandMine Cy1 there are 10 rules u know what I'm talkng about
05:10 VanessaE jordan4ibanez: you can do that?
05:10 jordan4ibanez 2.) Don't be offtopic
05:11 jordan4ibanez 3.) If you anger another member, stop talking to them
05:11 jordan4ibanez 4.) if you spam, you're banned
05:11 jordan4ibanez 5.) If you don't want to talk about minetest, go to #defocus
05:11 VanessaE LandMine: the great teacher Hillel once said that all of G*d's word (which includes the 10 you refer to) could be distilled down into one thought, and "don't be a jerk" would be the modern translation of it.
05:11 jordan4ibanez 6.) Don't come in here with arguments, or hate rage
05:11 jordan4ibanez There, the 6 rules
05:15 kizeren Five different versions of minetets on archilnux......
05:16 * OldCoder is on a walk
05:16 LandMine Jordan4ibanez I have to go pray in 5 min
05:16 LandMine Ill be sure to add u to my prays
05:16 LandMine U shall be enlightened
05:17 jordan4ibanez Why are you telling me? I better go pray for you because i can see you have no more left in your life rather than to make other people feel less than yourself
05:17 jordan4ibanez Probably have no job, no girl friend, no friends, etc, why would you pray for me?
05:18 LandMine I do have a gf though lol
05:18 jordan4ibanez Sure you do, if you did you wouldn't be in here arguing with everyone, you'd be with her having fun instead of trolling this god damn irc
05:18 kizeren !up calin.sytes.net
05:18 moltenbot Minetest server calin.sytes.net:30000 DOWN
05:19 LandMine Well I'm not home atm and have nothing bettr to do than chat with my phone lol
05:19 LandMine I had my fun yesterday don't worry about it
05:20 jordan4ibanez Well i am kind of worried for you, because you seem to come in here quite often begging for attention from multiple people, is everything okay in your life bro?
05:20 kizeren heh
05:20 LandMine Yup
05:20 LandMine And I don't ask for it
05:20 LandMine Thy just give it to me
05:20 LandMine I come in
05:20 cy1 VanessaE: and by God's word you mean my word. Because I was the one who said don't be a jerk. :I
05:21 jordan4ibanez You're damn right you don't you say some ethically questionable material to force them to give it to you
05:21 * kizeren bows to the almighty cy1
05:21 cy1 Hillel probably never heard of me B(
05:21 VanessaE cy1: I mean your phrase makes a good, if gritty translation of the original summary I was referring to :-)
05:21 cy1 VanessaE: thanks <3
05:21 jordan4ibanez Now i don't know you very well landmine, but you seem pretty bright, why do you troll all these people?
05:22 LandMine Case I can lol
05:22 cy1 same reason I play minetest
05:22 jordan4ibanez hmmm
05:23 LandMine Jordan4ibanez get off my sack
05:23 LandMine Anyhow its 11 30 here and I'm tired so I'm out
05:24 jordan4ibanez Old coder stop pming me about talking to ghosts
05:25 jordan4ibanez My SlenderEnder is going to scare the shit out of people
05:25 kizeren New mob?
05:25 VanessaE SlenderEnder?  oh boy...
05:26 jordan4ibanez I'm making it so it teleports behind you, and growls, well the growl i show in this video http://youtu.be/-4Q6y3i8qZs
05:26 moltenbot jordan4ibanez's link: Minetest Mobs - Two New Ones! - YouTube
05:26 VanessaE why does the black and white one jump around like that?
05:27 jordan4ibanez because it's fucking scary when it jumps out at you lol
05:27 VanessaE suggestion:  make the coal spawn just in *front* of the santa so he doesn't look like he's shitting coal :-)
05:27 jordan4ibanez No, that's the point ;)
05:27 VanessaE heh
05:27 kizeren I see santa crapping coal?
05:28 anunakki joined #minetest
05:28 jordan4ibanez That's shitting santa :D
05:29 VanessaE OMG, santa swarm
05:31 OldCoder As a capper to a wonderful day mr. jordan4ibanez here has just set me to /IGNORE. I'd appreciate it if somebody would mention to him that that is just fine.
05:31 * OldCoder whistles a happy tune
05:31 jordan4ibanez Yes, these mobs are so light weight you can spawn a shit load of them
05:32 OldCoder anunakki, Hi
05:32 anunakki hello
05:32 OldCoder Oh; you're live :-)
05:32 mauvebic joined #minetest
05:32 OldCoder mauvebic, wb
05:33 mauvebic hey :-) switched comps again
05:33 mauvebic i wish this chair had hweels lol
05:33 kizeren wb mauvebic
05:34 mauvebic howfy :-)
05:34 mauvebic *d
05:34 mauvebic things are suddenly alot quieter here :P
05:34 kizeren yep
05:34 kizeren its nice.
05:35 mauvebic just remember dont say his name three times or he'll show up! lol
05:35 mauvebic (beetlejuice) :p
05:37 kizeren I would rather have beetlejuice
05:37 mauvebic its an attention thing lol
05:38 kizeren yea.....
05:38 kizeren !up calin.sytes.net
05:38 moltenbot Minetest server calin.sytes.net:30000 DOWN
05:38 kizeren gahh......
05:39 mauvebic bunch of 24/7 servers to chose from :p
05:39 mauvebic never been but i hear its nice
05:39 kizeren I really not fond of creative servers.
05:39 kizeren Only survival.
05:39 kizeren Ones I can be left alone on and do my thing.
05:40 mauvebic like the space map idea i had
05:40 mauvebic everybody mind their own asteroid lol
05:40 kizeren space map?
05:40 kizeren Ahh yes.
05:41 mauvebic it would be fun to layer maps into dimensions too but thats getting complex
05:42 kizeren I saw an idea, might of been yesterday, but someone mentioned the idea of linking maps.
05:43 kizeren Something like walking to a predfined point and your "teleported" to someone elses server with out logging.
05:43 mauvebic that would be cool
05:43 mauvebic like activeworlds had this main world with portals to all the other worlds
05:43 kizeren yea
05:44 kizeren Just wonder if that can be accomplish with minetest and different versions at that.
05:44 mauvebic definately needs a patch methinks
05:44 mauvebic unless the API has a connect function i dont know about lol
05:45 kizeren I would also think the mods would have to be the same.
05:45 mauvebic naw
05:45 mauvebic mods are hosted by the servers
05:45 kizeren that way it could be almost instant and not have to load new skins/textures/mods
05:46 mauvebic i think players would continue to have different inventories on different worlds
05:46 mauvebic its just a matter of using the same nick
05:46 kizeren yea
05:46 jordan4ibanez http://youtu.be/oEhGs40VXzE
05:46 moltenbot jordan4ibanez's link: Donkey Kong Country Returns Review? - JonTron Game Reviews? - YouTube
05:49 jordan4ibanez Oldcoder is starting drama with everyone lol
05:49 jordan4ibanez I am creating a fireworks mod that actually works btw
05:50 OldCoder jordan4ibanez, enough
05:50 OldCoder "starting drama"
05:50 OldCoder A magic phrase
05:50 OldCoder To dismiss
05:50 OldCoder You summoned me back after you said
05:50 OldCoder You
05:50 OldCoder You'd /IGNORE me.
05:50 VanessaE ok, time to get outta here for the night.
05:50 OldCoder To lecture me.
05:50 OldCoder Go to Hell.
05:50 OldCoder Not you VanessaE.
05:51 VanessaE :P
05:51 jordan4ibanez Oh and landmine is someone that is not a troll, and when you argue with him, you look stupid
05:51 OldCoder Heh
05:51 VanessaE night all.
05:51 OldCoder Of course LM is a troll
05:51 jordan4ibanez probably taking screen shots of the irc and putting them on 4chan or some shit
05:51 OldCoder That is the purpose for which he was created
05:51 jordan4ibanez anyways, if you see landmine, do not talk to him, don't respond to him, etc
05:51 OldCoder That is sensible advice
05:52 jordan4ibanez and yea, old coder knows who the person really is, but he won't tell anyone
05:52 OldCoder Bullshit
05:52 jordan4ibanez just wanted to get that out in the open to stop all the drama for your baby llama
05:52 OldCoder ?
05:52 OldCoder That does not even parse
05:52 OldCoder You going to keep your promise and /IGNORE me?
05:52 * OldCoder waits
05:52 * OldCoder taps his feet
05:52 OldCoder Well?
05:53 * OldCoder is disappointed
05:53 OldCoder :-(
05:53 OldCoder When you are out of diapers, Jordan, you can sit at the big table and decide things.
05:53 OldCoder Until then... get your facts straight.
05:56 * kizeren chrips some more....
05:57 * OldCoder likes crickets
05:57 * OldCoder wishes he still had them in real life
05:57 mauvebic http://youtu.be/Tbgv8PkO9eo
05:57 moltenbot mauvebic's link: Harry Nilsson - Coconut (1971) - YouTube
05:58 OldCoder That rings a bell
05:58 OldCoder Nilsson... He was always good
05:58 OldCoder Gentle songs
05:58 * OldCoder checks
05:59 mauvebic they dont make monkey suits like that anymore :(
05:59 OldCoder Times change, mauvebic
05:59 OldCoder That is normal
06:00 mauvebic probably couldn't see well with those masks though
06:00 OldCoder I will download the clip. Hold on.
06:00 OldCoder "movgrab, I choose you!"
06:01 * OldCoder is actually in the credits for that one
06:01 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
06:01 NakedFury put the lime in the coconut
06:02 OldCoder Wait
06:02 RagnarLaud Hey ya guys
06:02 OldCoder I will play the video; nearly downloaded
06:02 RagnarLaud Hi naked
06:02 OldCoder YouTube downloads are pretty slow
06:02 RagnarLaud Ikr
06:02 NakedFury hey
06:02 RagnarLaud Hi
06:03 RagnarLaud Hey did you know i made a mod
06:03 RagnarLaud Nakedfury
06:04 NakedFury baba yetu
06:04 OldCoder Interesting
06:04 NakedFury http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QR_rKSTM43I
06:04 moltenbot NakedFury's link: Christopher Tin - Calling All Dawns (Full Album) - YouTube
06:04 OldCoder mauvebic, You aren't old enough to remember Ernie Kovacs I assume
06:05 OldCoder mauvebic, Here is a fun fact. One of the monkeys in Kovacs group was Jack Nicholson IIRC.
06:05 mauvebic no but i am a fan of Bing Crosby
06:05 OldCoder Ah
06:05 OldCoder He was illusion, you know
06:05 OldCoder Ever read some of the biographies?
06:05 mauvebic like the beatles methinks lol
06:05 OldCoder Go on
06:06 mauvebic and that guy in the 60s who played an indian and wasnt lol
06:06 mauvebic i might be confused there
06:06 OldCoder Hmm?
06:06 OldCoder Context?
06:06 mauvebic cant remember the name atm
06:07 mauvebic T-12hours since last coffee lol
06:07 OldCoder Fair enough
06:07 mauvebic though i know alot of actors and musicians fake their roots
06:07 OldCoder Sure
06:07 OldCoder I was speaking more fundamentally
06:08 jordan4ibanez how do i delete an entity?
06:09 OldCoder mauvebic, that is a fine clip
06:09 jordan4ibanez nevermind
06:10 OldCoder mauvebic, I am down to about three emergencies now elsewhere. If I can fix one of them I'll boot your world.
06:10 mauvebic yeah its always a funny distraction clip :-)
06:10 OldCoder Sure
06:10 mauvebic no hurry to boot anything' up, you gotta sleep to sometime lol
06:10 mauvebic beer, dinner, beer, stuff like that lol
06:11 OldCoder mauvebic, sleep is a bit odd for me at this time. So is food.
06:11 jordan4ibanez Holy shit, i just created the smoothest fireworks mod ever lol
06:12 OldCoder One emergency is settled.
06:12 OldCoder That leaves two.
06:13 mauvebic anyways its almost sleepy times for me :p
06:13 kizeren Well think all that radiation from Nukes on mauvebic's server gave me a head ache.  Night all.
06:14 kizeren left #minetest
06:14 mauvebic night night
06:14 mauvebic hes gone lol
06:15 OldCoder Hmm?
06:15 OldCoder Oh
06:15 OldCoder mauvebic, You seem older than you indicated
06:15 OldCoder Not as ancient as Real Bad Angel of course :p
06:16 mauvebic not that old :p
06:17 mauvebic my luck sucks today
06:17 mauvebic i pull the chain for the light, it pops out
06:17 mauvebic in the next room, i pull the chain, the light burns out lol
06:17 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
06:17 RagnarLaud Hi
06:18 RagnarLaud Hey nakedfury
06:18 NakedFury hey
06:18 RagnarLaud What do you think about my mod
06:18 M13_ joined #minetest
06:18 OldCoder RagnarLaud, tell us about yourself. This is an experiment.
06:18 mauvebic shitty ceiling fans lol
06:19 RagnarLaud [mod]Drugs[drugs]
06:19 RagnarLaud Well im 13 i live im estonia
06:19 OldCoder RagnarLaud, you are making a mod
06:19 OldCoder I see
06:19 OldCoder 13, huh?
06:19 OldCoder Eastern European
06:19 OldCoder Interesting
06:20 RagnarLaud Im the best im english at school because i sound like the lead singer im green day
06:20 OldCoder Quite a few Eastern European kids come through here
06:21 RagnarLaud Really you want me to quote some european kids that came here?
06:21 OldCoder RagnarLaud, so; where did you learn Lua?
06:21 RagnarLaud PilzAdam
06:21 OldCoder Good
06:21 RagnarLaud And VanessaE
06:21 OldCoder Good too
06:22 RagnarLaud Yeah...from Vanessa i usually learn about nodeblocks
06:24 OldCoder Uh huh
06:25 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
06:25 RagnarLaud Hi im back
06:25 OldCoder Welcome
06:25 RagnarLaud I crashed
06:25 OldCoder Sorry to hear it
06:25 RagnarLaud So lets continue with the poll ok
06:26 OldCoder Poll?
06:26 RagnarLaud Im no my phone that happens to me all the time
06:26 RagnarLaud You ask and i answer
06:26 OldCoder RagnarLaud, All right. Were you ever here before yesterday?
06:27 RagnarLaud Hue
06:27 OldCoder Hue?
06:27 RagnarLaud Whoops
06:27 OldCoder ?
06:27 RagnarLaud I have been here for many months
06:27 OldCoder I C
06:27 OldCoder Under that name?
06:27 botokiller joined #minetest
06:27 OldCoder I don't actually see you
06:28 OldCoder and I just grepped going back months
06:28 OldCoder Excuse the question
06:28 botokiller hi people
06:28 OldCoder Just curiosity
06:28 OldCoder botokiller, Hi
06:28 RagnarLaud No im EqualsRagnar and Ragnar_ too
06:28 OldCoder All right
06:28 OldCoder Funny
06:28 RagnarLaud You wont cann me right
06:28 OldCoder ??
06:28 OldCoder What??
06:29 OldCoder Just curious
06:29 RagnarLaud Ban*
06:29 OldCoder Why??
06:29 OldCoder You are much more polite than Jordan
06:29 OldCoder You are welcome here
06:29 RagnarLaud Cause i use more nicknames than 1... Its like multi accounting
06:29 OldCoder Sure
06:29 OldCoder But the thing is...
06:29 botokiller i didn't expect to see over 70 people here
06:30 OldCoder I don't see any of those names in the logs
06:30 OldCoder botokiller, why not?
06:30 RagnarLaud Really???
06:30 OldCoder Well perhaps I made a mistake!
06:30 OldCoder <-- makes mistakes
06:30 OldCoder <-- old and foolish
06:30 OldCoder You must excuse my foolishness
06:30 botokiller thought there were a lot less people playing this game and moreover talking on its irc
06:30 RagnarLaud I was here as RagnarLaud and equalsragnar yesterday
06:30 OldCoder RagnarLaud, that is true
06:31 OldCoder But you said months
06:31 * OldCoder is old and confused
06:31 * OldCoder should be ignored as he is feeble minded
06:32 * OldCoder notes that the explanation must be simple so it does not matter
06:32 RagnarLaud Well... As im months i mean more than 1 month... And not every day... But the first time i was here you will have to ask Pilzadam cause that was when he helped me start my first mod
06:32 OldCoder Uh huh
06:32 botokiller can you recommend a good minetest server?
06:32 OldCoder botokiller, I have about 18
06:32 OldCoder They are down because I have been delayed in updates today
06:32 OldCoder But will return shortly
06:33 OldCoder I hope
06:33 OldCoder RagnarLaud, It is nice to meet you. You don't seem to be in any of the logs going back months though.
06:33 RagnarLaud The HVG | Minetest Cops and Robbers
06:34 MiJyn joined #minetest
06:34 MiJyn joined #minetest
06:34 OldCoder MiJyn, Hi!
06:34 RagnarLaud The server isnt up  online yet cause its my server... And it isnt 24 7
06:34 jordan4ibanez I made a video of making delux fireworks 8)
06:35 OldCoder RagnarLaud, people will prefer 24-7
06:35 RagnarLaud Nice i guess... XD
06:35 Aura joined #minetest
06:35 Aura Soup
06:35 Aura http://i.imgur.com/EKrCr.jpg
06:35 RagnarLaud Yes i know, but im working no it...
06:35 Aura <3 /v/
06:35 jordan4ibanez Oh, you guys haven't seen fireworks like this
06:36 RagnarLaud Hey oldcoder how old are you then
06:36 OldCoder I am so old that I was a beta tester for dirt
06:37 OldCoder They brought dirt to show Twisted Time and me
06:37 OldCoder And they asked us, "Is it good? Shall there be dirt?"
06:37 OldCoder And we said, "It is good. Let us use it."
06:37 OldCoder
06:38 mauvebic lol
06:38 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
06:38 EqualsRagnar Hi im back
06:38 OldCoder Hi
06:39 EqualsRagnar Im gonna im soon for like 10 minutes so you will have to wait...
06:39 OldCoder Hmm?
06:39 OldCoder Have fun. Whatever.
06:39 EqualsRagnar Im going on a public pc
06:40 EqualsRagnar Im the library
06:40 EqualsRagnar Dont mind the typos...
06:40 OldCoder Typos are fine
06:42 OldCoder mauvebic, things seem to be quieter
06:43 OldCoder LM and jordan4ibanez have grown tired of talking. Most of the people PMg me for help have received it. I am fading but I can try to finish updates now. I wish to see your world.
06:44 mauvebic im still hanging here :-)
06:44 OldCoder All right
06:44 mauvebic but i wont be on much longer making a late night snack :/
06:44 OldCoder mauvebic, Let me put the final person on hold
06:44 OldCoder To everybody else...
06:45 mauvebic naw take care of them
06:45 mauvebic ill be back tomorrow
06:45 mauvebic 2am now, so i should be up by 6 or 7 lol
06:46 OldCoder I regret letting temper show. But jordan4ibanez was the straw on the camel's back. Really REDACTED enough. I have done little today but try to fix things. I am done with some of them. As jordan4ibanez has /IGNOREd me; I will consider it a favor if somebody will tell him to shove it.
06:46 OldCoder
06:46 OldCoder mauvebic, very well
06:46 Zeg9 joined #minetest
06:46 OldCoder Zeg9, hi
06:46 OldCoder Good morning
06:46 Zeg9 Hello
06:47 mauvebic night night (or day? lol)
06:47 OldCoder It is morning for him
06:48 mauvebic well see ya'll next cycle :p
06:48 OldCoder All right
06:49 Zeg9 Iirc on nintendo DS, hope it won't crash
06:49 OldCoder k
06:49 Zeg9 Irc*
06:52 Zeg9 brb
06:52 Zeg9 on my computer soon
07:02 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
07:02 RagnarLaud hi
07:02 OldCoder Hi!
07:03 RagnarLaud im on a pc now, so i wont crash etc
07:03 OldCoder Good!
07:03 RagnarLaud yeah :D
07:03 RagnarLaud so lets continue the poll-thing?
07:03 OldCoder What?
07:04 OldCoder There is no poll
07:04 RagnarLaud you ask and i answer...
07:04 * OldCoder shrugs
07:04 RagnarLaud the thing we did before
07:04 OldCoder I have no questions or answers ATM
07:04 RagnarLaud oh ok
07:04 cy1 is it animal mineral or vegetable
07:04 OldCoder cy1, are you not asleep?
07:04 OldCoder Awake?
07:04 OldCoder Then I will update
07:04 OldCoder Just for you
07:04 OldCoder After about 9 hours
07:04 OldCoder D:
07:05 RagnarLaud_ joined #minetest
07:05 RagnarLaud_ hi
07:05 OldCoder RagnarLaud, this is deja vu
07:05 RagnarLaud_ my firefox crashed xD
07:06 RagnarLaud_ ikr xD
07:06 OldCoder Ah
07:06 OldCoder Flying Fox
07:06 RagnarLaud_ hey can you kick the other RagnarLaud
07:07 RagnarLaud_ hey is there a minetest version for Ubuntu 9.4?
07:07 RagnarLaud_ 9.04*
07:09 RagnarLaud_ yay
07:09 OldCoder RagnarLaud_, I can build one
07:09 OldCoder and you can ghost other identities
07:09 OldCoder Unless the other identities are ghosts
07:09 RagnarLaud_ what?
07:10 RagnarLaud_ i mean about the ghosting...
07:10 simion314 joined #minetest
07:10 OldCoder There is a ghost command to kick older copies of yourself
07:10 OldCoder BTW you can use /nick now
07:10 Ilan231 joined #minetest
07:10 Ilan231 Hello!
07:10 Ilan231 Anyone here?
07:10 OldCoder Ilan231, Hi!
07:10 OldCoder Not many people; just 74
07:10 Ilan231 lol
07:10 Ilan231 anyways
07:10 Ilan231 I just wanted to ask what MC version minetest is at now
07:10 Ilan231 and if multiplayer is available
07:10 RagnarLaud_ minetest or minecraft
07:11 RagnarLaud_ cause the last minecraft i played was 1.4.5
07:11 Ilan231 Minetest is sorta minecraft
07:11 Ilan231 but in C++ irc
07:11 Ilan231 iirc
07:11 RagnarLaud_ i know that!!!
07:11 RagnarLaud_ you asked what is the minecraft version...
07:11 Ilan231 so if it's a port, what MC version is it? :P
07:11 Ilan231 The latest MC version is 12w50b ;o
07:12 RagnarLaud_ the minecraft and minetest dont have the the same versions you moron
07:12 Ilan231 I know that -_-
07:12 Ilan231 I was asking what version it is
07:13 RagnarLaud_ 0.4.4
07:13 RagnarLaud_ hey OldCoder are you making a minetest build for ubuntu 9.04?
07:13 OldCoder RagnarLaud_, If you want one then I will do it
07:13 OldCoder But you would need to ask me next week
07:14 OldCoder My time has been all burned up today
07:14 OldCoder Ashes
07:14 RagnarLaud_ umm then no...
07:14 OldCoder You must have one tonight?
07:14 RagnarLaud_ kinda, but i was just asking that was there one..
07:14 RagnarLaud_ you dont need to do it...
07:15 RagnarLaud_ because my PC is broken, this is a public pc, and im getting my pc fixed in 2 weeks...
07:15 OldCoder I C
07:16 OldCoder So you need Ubuntu 9.04 but only for 2 weeks
07:16 Weedy_lappy joined #minetest
07:16 Weedy_lappy joined #minetest
07:16 OldCoder RagnarLaud_, There is a simple answer
07:16 RagnarLaud_ wine?
07:16 OldCoder I had a fun idea
07:16 OldCoder No
07:16 OldCoder That would work though
07:16 RagnarLaud_ then what...
07:16 RagnarLaud_ i know, but it doesnt cause i cant download it here...
07:17 OldCoder My idea was to run a public rdesktop system for people to play MT through
07:17 OldCoder Any X11 system would probably work
07:17 RagnarLaud_ well yeah...
07:17 OldCoder Because VNC would be part of it and could download as Java
07:17 RagnarLaud_ :D
07:17 OldCoder Good idea?
07:18 RagnarLaud_ but like i said, i dont need it then...
07:18 OldCoder Others might
07:18 RagnarLaud_ ofcourse it is :D
07:18 RagnarLaud_ well yeah...
07:18 OldCoder <--- Not so dull witted then
07:18 OldCoder :-)
07:18 RagnarLaud_ if you want to do it, thed go ahead, im not stopping you :D
07:18 OldCoder Indeed
07:18 RagnarLaud_ and...'
07:18 * OldCoder quakes at the thought that he will be stopped from providing the game
07:19 RagnarLaud_ if your 99% done, ill hack into your pc and delete all the files...
07:19 RagnarLaud_ :D
07:19 RagnarLaud_ hey is it possible to make a brownie, that might kill you?
07:19 RagnarLaud_ like 1 of 5 chance you would die...
07:20 RagnarLaud_ is it possible in lua?
07:20 OldCoder Explain
07:20 RagnarLaud_ if you eat a pot brownie, your health goes up...
07:20 RagnarLaud_ but there is a 1/5 chance it would go down
07:20 RagnarLaud_ is it possible?
07:20 OldCoder Sure
07:20 RagnarLaud_ help me?
07:21 OldCoder It is 11:20pm here. I have been given Hell by LM and Mr. jordan4ibanez here. I have helped a dozen people today. And two others are still waiting.
07:21 OldCoder Ask next week.
07:21 RagnarLaud_ oh ok
07:21 OldCoder I am kind of tired
07:21 RagnarLaud_ or im just gonna ask VanessaE or PilzAdam later
07:22 RagnarLaud_ yeah i understand :D
07:22 OldCoder They will be delighted
07:22 OldCoder to see you I am sure
07:22 RagnarLaud_ omfg i just found a bug :D
07:22 OldCoder Oh?
07:22 RagnarLaud_ i made a minetest.register_craft but didnt make a minetest.register_tool xD
07:22 * marktraceur wonders if anyone else has seen random spawning of entities
07:22 OldCoder marktraceur, you are awake?
07:23 marktraceur I think somebody said it earlier, but they were struggling with a tenuous grasp of human language
07:23 OldCoder For Goodness Sake
07:23 RagnarLaud_ hey what are craft items?
07:23 RagnarLaud_ minetest.register_craftitem
07:23 RagnarLaud_ what are they?
07:23 marktraceur OldCoder: No, this is test #14 of the trans-consciousness transfer protocol
07:23 OldCoder marktraceur, All right
07:23 OldCoder TCTP
07:23 OldCoder Got it
07:23 RagnarLaud_ hey what are craft items?
07:23 RagnarLaud_ minetest.register_craftitem
07:23 OldCoder RagnarLaud_, marktraceur will surely leap to your aid
07:24 OldCoder marktraceur, there you go. You handle this one.
07:24 OldCoder :p
07:24 marktraceur Sorry, TCMP
07:24 marktraceur https://xkcd.com/269/
07:24 OldCoder R
07:24 RagnarLaud_ is it an item that has only 1 use...crafting?
07:24 RagnarLaud_ like cocaine or marijuana?
07:24 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: Yes, exactly
07:24 RagnarLaud_ and if so, then how do i declare that
07:25 RagnarLaud_ minetest.register_craftitem(what goes here)
07:25 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: It's basically something that can be in an inventory, but if it's placed with a right-click, it'll be an entity
07:25 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: Do you have minetest cloned from git?
07:25 RagnarLaud_ umm...
07:25 RagnarLaud_ idk...
07:25 RagnarLaud_ i dont have minetest here...
07:25 RagnarLaud_ i just write...
07:25 marktraceur Well it'll be hard to test mods, then
07:25 RagnarLaud_ in GEdit
07:25 RagnarLaud_ i know, cause im not the one whos testing it...
07:25 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/blob/master/doc/lua_api.txt
07:26 marktraceur C-f register_craftitem
07:30 RagnarLaud_ hey is it possible
07:31 RagnarLaud_ minetest.register_item
07:31 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: That one doesn't exist, no
07:31 cy1 how do you craft white wool?
07:31 RagnarLaud_ fuck...theres alot of those in my init.lua :D
07:32 RagnarLaud_ on_use = minetest.item_eat(50)
07:32 RagnarLaud_ hey does this heal 50 hp?
07:32 cy1 I think so
07:32 RagnarLaud_ because the same-ish code was in pilzadam's farming mod...
07:34 cy1 in the default game I mean
07:34 cy1 how do craft wool
07:34 RagnarLaud_ umm...
07:34 RagnarLaud_ idk...
07:35 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: You're doing it wrong, but that's what the function does
07:36 RagnarLaud_ what?
07:36 RagnarLaud_ what am i doing wrong...
07:36 RagnarLaud_ and on_use = minetest.item_eat(50) heals 50 hp?
07:36 cy1 aagh it's in farming
07:37 RagnarLaud_ hey how do i do it so if i use a tool once, then it changes into another tool?
07:37 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: No, it will cause an error
07:37 RagnarLaud_ what?
07:37 RagnarLaud_ on_use = minetest.item_eat(50)
07:37 RagnarLaud_ you mean that?
07:37 marktraceur Yeah
07:37 RagnarLaud_ oh...
07:37 RagnarLaud_ then what do i do...
07:37 RagnarLaud_ to get it to heal 50hp
07:38 marktraceur Unless I'm totally misreading the docs, you need to pass on_use a function that contains (among other things) minetest.item_eat
07:38 RagnarLaud_ wait a sec...
07:38 marktraceur Oh, hm
07:38 marktraceur The docs appear to be _wrong_
07:39 marktraceur RagnarLaud_: You were right, the minetest_game default mod corroborates your theory
07:39 marktraceur I'll submit a pull request for the docs
07:39 RagnarLaud_ so it does heal 50 hp?
07:39 RagnarLaud_ so im RIGHT?
07:39 RagnarLaud_ YAY
07:40 RagnarLaud_ i know how to replace something :D
07:40 marktraceur Actually, no, I won't
07:40 RagnarLaud_ what?
07:40 marktraceur Fuck dealing with GitHub, I don't know why I have an account there even
07:40 RagnarLaud_ oh ok
07:40 RagnarLaud_ lol :D
07:42 jordan4ibanez http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4083
07:42 cy1 it's because you can't tolerate wizard swears
07:42 jordan4ibanez Very classy, stylish fireworks
07:43 marktraceur jordan4ibanez: I didn't hear, how's the NPC stuff going?
07:43 jordan4ibanez It's going good
07:43 marktraceur Maybe even well?
07:44 marktraceur :)
07:44 marktraceur jordan4ibanez: Is there anything I can do to help?
07:45 jordan4ibanez sure, make an api if you want
07:45 jordan4ibanez its a cluster fuck http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4082
07:46 RagnarLaud_ what ive earned this month : $0.006280
07:46 RagnarLaud_ yay :D
07:46 OldCoder Profit!
07:46 RagnarLaud_ ikr :D
07:46 RagnarLaud_ im scamming adfly :D
07:47 Zeg9 joined #minetest
07:47 jordan4ibanez how did you earn less than a penny?
07:48 RagnarLaud_ :D
07:48 RagnarLaud_ its adfly xD
07:48 RagnarLaud_ ive had 3 visitors...
07:48 RagnarLaud_ http://adf.ly/Fy8SV
07:48 OldCoder $$$
07:48 OldCoder $-)
07:48 RagnarLaud_ go there please!
07:48 RagnarLaud_ PLEASE!
07:48 OldCoder Riches abound!
07:48 RagnarLaud_ help the community!
07:48 RagnarLaud_ please!
07:48 OldCoder Sure
07:48 RagnarLaud_ thanks!
07:48 OldCoder We will dance as gold rains down!
07:49 RagnarLaud_ im gonna get a 24/7 server soon :D
07:49 RagnarLaud_ LOL
07:49 OldCoder Pennies... from heaven
07:49 RagnarLaud_ im saving up for a laptop, so i can host it 24/7
07:49 RagnarLaud_ LOL
07:49 RagnarLaud_ so will you?
07:50 RagnarLaud_ jordan4ibanez and OldCoder will you go http://adf.ly/Fy8SV
07:51 RagnarLaud_ cmon!
07:52 Zeg9 I wonder if you get money when we use adblock
07:52 OldCoder RagnarLaud_, I did
07:52 RagnarLaud_ idk...hope so :D
07:52 RagnarLaud_ oh hey Zeg9
07:52 RagnarLaud_ :D
07:52 Zeg9 And hi btw
07:52 RagnarLaud_ http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=57045#p57045
07:52 Zeg9 Great image
07:52 RagnarLaud_ image?
07:52 RagnarLaud_ what image?
07:52 Zeg9 on your adfly link
07:53 Zeg9 brb
07:53 RagnarLaud_ oh :D
07:53 Zeg9 joined #minetest
07:54 RagnarLaud_ hi!
07:54 RagnarLaud_ hey zeg wheres john_minetest?
07:54 Zeg9 He's not here
07:54 Zeg9 (I help)
07:54 RagnarLaud_ is he on the project pedobird channel?
07:54 RagnarLaud_ :D
07:55 Zeg9 Nop
07:55 RagnarLaud_ ok
07:55 Zeg9 hexchat should import settings from xchat -_-
07:55 Zeg9 I wonder if...
07:55 Zeg9 brb
07:56 Zeg9 joined #minetest
07:56 Zeg9 There.
07:56 RagnarLaud_ ok
07:57 RagnarLaud_ hey zeg did you know that i have a jmIrc client on my phone
07:57 RagnarLaud_ that means...
07:57 Zeg9 I have clIrc on my ds
07:57 RagnarLaud_ do you know what that means?
07:57 RagnarLaud_ LOL
07:57 RagnarLaud_ stop doing that!
07:57 Zeg9 What is it supposed to mean ?
07:58 RagnarLaud_ stop requestions shit!
08:08 jin_xi joined #minetest
08:13 Aqua joined #minetest
08:13 Aqua Hello
08:14 OldCoder Hello back
08:14 RagnarLaud_ hi aqua!
08:15 RagnarLaud_ Aqua hi!
08:16 Aqua Hi
08:17 Aqua Have you got a server up?
08:18 RagnarLaud_ not yet...
08:18 RagnarLaud_ btw, im making an AWESOME mod :D
08:19 RagnarLaud_ [Mod]Drugs[drugs]
08:19 Aqua I would like to see screenshots
08:21 cy1 ok wool on my world now :p
08:22 RagnarLaud_ cant...
08:22 RagnarLaud_ hey aqua!
08:22 RagnarLaud_ you wanna be my beta-tester?
08:23 RagnarLaud_ WOAH
08:23 RagnarLaud_ i just learned something new :D
08:23 RagnarLaud_ if i hold right-mouse-button and scroll up/down, i can switch tabs :D
08:27 RagnarLaud_ i need help!
08:27 RagnarLaud_ somebody help me!
08:28 Beaster joined #minetest
08:29 markveidemanis joined #minetest
08:35 markveidemanis hi
08:36 Aqua joined #minetest
08:36 Aqua Hello
08:53 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
08:53 RagnarLaud hi
08:54 davidpace joined #minetest
08:54 RagnarLaud hi David!
08:54 RagnarLaud my mod is reaching 0.1.0
08:54 RagnarLaud :D
08:54 davidpace Hi Ragnar
08:54 RagnarLaud next version is 0.0.8
08:54 RagnarLaud when john_minetest finishes the textures, it will be 0.1.0
08:55 davidpace What kind of textures?
08:55 RagnarLaud the textures for the mod :D
08:55 RagnarLaud there are ALOT of textures needed...
08:55 davidpace Which Mod?
08:56 RagnarLaud [Mod] Drugs [drugs]
08:56 RagnarLaud :D
08:56 davidpace Alright
08:56 RagnarLaud you dont know about it?
08:56 davidpace Can I help?
08:56 davidpace I do
08:57 RagnarLaud does john use any other im programs?
08:57 RagnarLaud do you know
08:57 RagnarLaud like yahoo, facebook, msn etc
08:57 davidpace programs?
08:57 davidpace Oh I don't know
08:57 RagnarLaud ok...
08:57 RagnarLaud well then idk...
08:57 davidpace alright
08:57 RagnarLaud hey are you in the middle of a texturepack?
08:57 davidpace No
08:57 RagnarLaud oh ok...
08:58 RagnarLaud i thought then you could add my mods textures there too :D
08:58 davidpace I was helping Aqua, But I finished with him today
08:58 RagnarLaud wow there are already 275 lines in the init.lua :D
08:58 RagnarLaud hey you wanna be my beta tester?
08:58 davidpace Nice, I dun't know lua..
08:58 davidpace *don't
08:58 RagnarLaud beta tester - you try my mod out...
08:58 RagnarLaud xD
08:58 davidpace Yes I can be
08:59 RagnarLaud and say if you see any bugs/errors etc...
08:59 Zeg9 joined #minetest
08:59 davidpace Alright...
08:59 RagnarLaud then wait a bit.
08:59 RagnarLaud oh hey Zeg9
08:59 Zeg9 Hi again
08:59 davidpace What kind of drug textures do you need?
08:59 davidpace Hi Zeg9
09:00 davidpace Are you 9 years old?
09:00 davidpace Just asking...
09:00 Zeg9 I'm not, why ?
09:00 davidpace Because of Zeg9
09:00 davidpace the 9 at the end of Zeg
09:01 RagnarLaud zeg is 14...
09:01 RagnarLaud xD
09:01 RagnarLaud and im 13 D:
09:01 davidpace okay...
09:01 RagnarLaud you didt know?
09:01 RagnarLaud LOL
09:02 davidpace I didn't need to know either of those...
09:02 davidpace Buuut Annnywaaay I am 13 also
09:02 davidpace XD
09:02 Zeg9 Ragnar, why do you tell this ?
09:02 davidpace Because thats what he does
09:04 RagnarLaud wait its a secret?
09:04 RagnarLaud sorry, i didnt know...
09:04 RagnarLaud afk...
09:04 RagnarLaud uploading 0.0.8
09:05 davidpace Byebye
09:05 RagnarLaud wait!
09:05 davidpace I gotta go, Be back on within an hour hopefully
09:05 RagnarLaud dont you wanna test it out?
09:05 RagnarLaud oh ok
09:05 davidpace whatsup?
09:05 RagnarLaud hey Zeg9
09:05 davidpace Yea, I'll be back
09:05 Zeg9 Cya david
09:06 RagnarLaud Zeg9
09:06 Zeg9 That's me
09:06 RagnarLaud you wanna test it out, check if there arent any errors?
09:06 RagnarLaud you need farming too...
09:07 Zeg9 I may do it...
09:07 Zeg9 But how do you get drugs ? when punching dirt with a hoe ?
09:07 RagnarLaud idk...
09:08 RagnarLaud you need to /giveme drugs:cocaseed
09:08 RagnarLaud that will give you seeds...
09:08 RagnarLaud just check if there arent any errors when starting it,...
09:08 Zeg9 RagnarLaud, about your post in TNT mod
09:08 Zeg9 of course you can modify it, it's WTFPL
09:08 RagnarLaud :D
09:08 RagnarLaud i know, im in the middle of it :D
09:08 RagnarLaud hey ompldr doesnt work...ir keeps on loading...
09:08 RagnarLaud any suggestions?
09:09 RagnarLaud where to upload?
09:09 RagnarLaud not mediafire etc
09:09 RagnarLaud YAY
09:09 RagnarLaud my earnings this month
09:09 RagnarLaud 0.009630
09:10 RagnarLaud $
09:10 RagnarLaud Zeg9
09:11 Zeg9 ompldr works for me
09:12 RagnarLaud oh i got it
09:12 RagnarLaud http://adf.ly/Fzoco
09:12 RagnarLaud download it :D
09:15 RagnarLaud Zeg9, hey did you try it yet?
09:15 Zeg9 Not yet.
09:16 RagnarLaud :(
09:16 RagnarLaud please!
09:16 RagnarLaud comeon try it and tell me does it work... :(
09:18 Zeg9 RagnarLaud, http://pastebin.sabayon.org/pastie/11567
09:18 Doipum joined #minetest
09:19 RagnarLaud ok wait...
09:19 RagnarLaud gonna fix it...
09:21 kotolegokot joined #minetest
09:23 Jeija joined #minetest
09:24 RagnarLaud fixed, zipping/uploading
09:24 Zeg9 When you have your own computer, you should use git for your mods
09:24 RagnarLaud i know... -.-
09:26 RagnarLaud http://adf.ly/Fzpzh
09:26 RagnarLaud try it now
09:27 Zeg9 Why adfly :(
09:27 RagnarLaud because!
09:27 RagnarLaud im saving for a laptop so i can host my server 24 7
09:27 RagnarLaud YAY
09:27 Zeg9 Just use a 24/7 hoster
09:27 RagnarLaud like what?
09:27 RagnarLaud or who?
09:27 Zeg9 If you have a wii or ps3, you can install linux on it, too
09:28 Zeg9 like a vps
09:28 RagnarLaud and host on a ps3/wii?
09:28 RagnarLaud LOL
09:28 RagnarLaud i did not know that :D
09:28 Zeg9 Yep. It's really possible lol
09:28 RagnarLaud but no, i dont... -.-
09:28 Zeg9 But , you need to make a good swap
09:29 RagnarLaud hey, but its also possible to install linux on my ps2 :D
09:29 RagnarLaud with a ps2 hdd :D
09:29 RagnarLaud and a flash drive
09:29 RagnarLaud and a disc etc
09:29 RagnarLaud so hows it doing?
09:31 tango_ joined #minetest
09:31 RagnarLaud Zeg9 hows the mod?
09:31 Zeg9 I have javascript disabled, adfly doesn't work
09:31 RagnarLaud oh...
09:31 RagnarLaud why is it disabled?
09:32 Zeg9 Using elinks
09:32 RagnarLaud http://ompldr.org/vZ3Bhag
09:32 RagnarLaud here, direct link... -.-
09:32 Zeg9 same error >.<
09:32 Zeg9 I'll fix it myself lol
09:33 Zeg9 Using gedit ? :D
09:33 Zeg9 *.lua~
09:33 RagnarLaud yeah...
09:33 RagnarLaud lua~ is a backup file...
09:33 Zeg9 dude it is not ""..."" but ""..""
09:33 Zeg9 only 2 dotqs
09:33 RagnarLaud whats wrong with it then?
09:33 Zeg9 dots
09:33 RagnarLaud oh :D
09:33 RagnarLaud wait ill fix it then
09:34 Zeg9 There are a lot of syntax errors -_-
09:34 RagnarLaud really?
09:34 RagnarLaud OMG
09:34 RagnarLaud wait where are 2 dots?
09:35 Zeg9 Try to fix all syntax errors then send me it...
09:35 Zeg9 a lot of { are not closed
09:35 RagnarLaud oh... ok
09:35 Zeg9 some , are ommited in {} etc
09:35 Zeg9 Sorry but I already fixed 3 and it still doesn't run...
09:36 markveidemanis forums down?
09:36 RagnarLaud no
09:37 RagnarLaud wait i got a theory...
09:37 Doipum can anyone let me know if vanessa's server is down i cant join :(
09:38 RagnarLaud Zeg9, hey ill give u the code, you try that one
09:44 jin_xi oops wrong channel?
09:44 jin_xi hey Taoki!
09:45 RagnarLaud hi!
09:45 jin_xi i'm still wonderin if you could tell me a bit about what needs to be done so we can see what people are holding in their hands?
09:46 RagnarLaud Zeg9
09:53 KikaRz joined #minetest
09:53 KikaRz VanessaE :D
09:54 OldCoder KikaRz, lo
09:54 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
09:54 RagnarLaud hi
09:54 RagnarLaud im back
09:55 KikaRz OldCoder, I'm going to tell you the truth
09:55 OldCoder O?
09:55 RagnarLaud hi KikaRz
09:55 KikaRz the truth is: I hate disconnections by ping timeout or re-entering, or watching internet videos and crash.
09:55 OldCoder O?
09:56 KikaRz shut up RagnarLaud, i don't talk to you
09:56 KikaRz O = ?
09:56 RagnarLaud hey oldcoder
09:56 OldCoder Oh
09:56 RagnarLaud how old are you :D
09:56 OldCoder RagnarLaud, I am:
09:56 OldCoder Old enough to know better but too young to care
09:56 OldCoder :p
09:56 OldCoder
09:58 Doipum *wants to join VanessaE server but is down :(
09:58 OldCoder Doipum, I have a copy
09:58 OldCoder May start it shortly
09:58 OldCoder But I am falling asleep
09:58 Doipum oh ok cool
09:58 Doipum awww :(
09:59 KikaRz LAD, are you captain ?
09:59 Doipum is ok just wanted to finish off my house but is all good
09:59 KikaRz OldCoder,
09:59 KikaRz your copy isnt updated i guess.
09:59 KikaRz my school isn't built on it yet.
09:59 OldCoder KikaRz, yesterday was a bad day
10:00 KikaRz was a bad day, for?
10:00 OldCoder I have not been able to finish the work
10:00 KikaRz well, going to finish wikipedia.
10:00 OldCoder Have fun
10:01 KikaRz a fucking brazilian moderator has deleted it.
10:01 KikaRz reason: incomplete and no links
10:09 davidpace joined #minetest
10:11 KikaRz joined #minetest
10:12 KikaRz joined #minetest
10:12 KikaRz ... stupid computer
10:13 Doipum kikarz it may be the operator.... jks
10:14 Jordach joined #minetest
10:14 Jordach joined #minetest
10:14 Jordach hello everyone
10:15 davidpace Hi Jordach, I love the video you made with mito
10:16 Jordach cheers
10:17 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
10:17 Calinou joined #minetest
10:17 RagnarLaud hey Calinou
10:17 KikaRz hat Doipum?
10:17 RagnarLaud hey i need help with ubuntu...
10:17 RagnarLaud who can help me
10:17 KikaRz problem?
10:18 Doipum i was joking kikarz
10:18 RagnarLaud how do i change the keyboard language...
10:18 KikaRz KikaRz for OP! (Votings at 21/12/12
10:18 KikaRz vote for KikaRz
10:18 KikaRz :P
10:18 RagnarLaud oh wait, got it
10:18 Jordach KikaRz, that will never happen
10:18 KikaRz yes it will... in the last day of our lifes (21/12/12)
10:19 KikaRz im cleaning my desk
10:21 davidpace Me = Dead Tired
10:22 KikaRz lets make you a funeral
10:22 Doipum what time is it where you guys are from?
10:22 RagnarLaud how do i make a link in html
10:22 KikaRz 10:22
10:22 RagnarLaud i know its something like
10:22 davidpace I'm from the united states and its 4:22 Am for me
10:22 RagnarLaud <a href=""></a>
10:22 davidpace And I stayed up alll night looong
10:22 Doipum wow no wonder you are all so tired
10:23 davidpace Yea
10:23 RagnarLaud hey david
10:23 RagnarLaud you know html_
10:23 davidpace Hey Ragnar
10:23 RagnarLaud ?
10:23 Doipum its only 9pm in Australia
10:23 davidpace No I do not Ragnar
10:23 KikaRz i know
10:24 RagnarLaud so?
10:24 RagnarLaud i didnt ask you >D
10:24 davidpace RagnarLaud, I do not know html
10:24 RagnarLaud yeah i heard you the first time lol >D
10:25 davidpace So whats with the "so"?
10:25 davidpace Sorry I'm tired, really tired
10:25 davidpace Can't even type normally
10:27 RagnarLaud ok KikaRz
10:28 RagnarLaud help me with html...
10:28 RagnarLaud how do i put a link inside of a picture_
10:28 RagnarLaud the pic is HVGaming.png
10:28 RagnarLaud and the link must go to index.html
10:30 RagnarLaud KikaRz!!!
10:31 ruskie <a href="index.html"><img src="HVGaming.png"></a> maybe or something like that
10:34 KikaRz what?
10:35 KikaRz i was cleaning the floor and the monitor
10:35 KikaRz and the computer
10:35 KikaRz juff
10:38 berome joined #minetest
10:45 KikaRz shelters = ?
10:57 q66 joined #minetest
11:06 davidpace joined #minetest
11:07 davidpace Hey OldCoder, Why can't I connect to your PvP server?
11:10 iqualfragile joined #minetest
11:14 Zeg9 joined #minetest
11:17 PilzAdam joined #minetest
11:17 PilzAdam Hello everyone!
11:17 Calinou hi
11:18 berome hello !
11:18 Zeg9 Hello
11:18 KikaRz Hi PilzAdam
11:19 KikaRz sorry for don't talking you, i'm updating Minetest wikipedia's thread
11:19 KikaRz in other language
11:19 klunk KikaRz: wich language ?
11:20 KikaRz Not FR.
11:20 KikaRz It's surprise.
11:21 ObKo joined #minetest
11:21 klunk KikaRz: yes it is !!
11:21 * VanessaE rubs her eyes and sits down on the channel sofa.
11:21 VanessaE good morning.
11:21 KikaRz Hi VanessaE
11:22 Doipum hello
11:22 Zeg9 Hello
11:22 Doipum is your server down?
11:22 VanessaE not anymore.
11:22 KikaRz VanessaE, turn on your server
11:22 VanessaE I restarted it.
11:22 VanessaE it crashed.
11:22 Doipum awesome thanks
11:22 VanessaE can someone tell me what the last thing was that happened before that?
11:22 VanessaE it went into a 100% CPU spinlock.
11:22 Penguin_ joined #minetest
11:23 Doipum not sure i was building then it crashed
11:23 ObKo left #minetest
11:23 VanessaE hope nothing was lost.
11:23 Penguin_ Hi
11:23 klunk hi
11:23 iqualfragile hi people
11:24 VanessaE hiiq
11:24 VanessaE meh.  hi :-)
11:24 iqualfragile hiiq VanessaE
11:24 FreeFull Minetest is coming along really well
11:24 Zeg9 Hi
11:24 KikaRz VanessaE, you're cute :)
11:26 KikaRz ok
11:26 KikaRz going to play
11:26 KikaRz VanessaE, are you going to your server? or you goiing to do what?
11:27 Penguin_ http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4087
11:28 VanessaE I'm already there looking around Doipum's area
11:28 VanessaE Doipum: note you misspelled your IRC nick :-)
11:30 Penguin_ Any Good Builders
11:30 Jordach hello VanessaE
11:30 VanessaE mornin Jordach
11:30 Jordach VanessaE, y u op?
11:31 VanessaE op?  what op? ;-)
11:31 Penguin_ ?
11:31 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
11:31 RagnarLaud hi
11:31 Penguin_ Ragnar<3
11:32 Penguin_ its me actev8
11:32 RagnarLaud oh hey penguin >D
11:32 RagnarLaud yes i know >D
11:32 RagnarLaud KikaRz, NO!
11:32 Zeg9 Hello, Ragnar
11:32 FreeFull How do bottles and glasses and stuff work
11:32 KikaRz So fuck you!
11:32 Penguin_ http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4087 Ragnar your a good builder
11:32 VanessaE hey now.
11:32 KikaRz RagnarLaud is now Ignored. Reason: Annoying
11:32 VanessaE it's okay for him to say 'hi' on entering a channel
11:32 Penguin_ and ragnar type /mute KikaRz
11:32 VanessaE that's just being polite.
11:33 KikaRz Penguin_ not my problem
11:33 RagnarLaud LOL
11:34 RagnarLaud hey Zeg9 hows the mod_
11:34 RagnarLaud ?
11:34 RagnarLaud hi VanessaE
11:35 RagnarLaud hi PilzAdam
11:35 KikaRz Shut the hell up.
11:35 PilzAdam sup RagnarLaud
11:35 RagnarLaud balls to you too xD
11:35 RagnarLaud hey PilzAdam
11:35 RagnarLaud can you please de-bug my mod_
11:35 RagnarLaud ?
11:35 Penguin_ KikaRz Shut up
11:35 KikaRz ... RagnarLaud, stop spamming.
11:35 RagnarLaud idk whats wrong with it...
11:35 VanessaE guys stop it.
11:35 KikaRz <RagnarLaud> hi PilzAdam
11:35 KikaRz <KikaRz> Shut the hell up.
11:35 KikaRz <PilzAdam> sup RagnarLaud
11:35 KikaRz <RagnarLaud> balls to you too xD
11:35 KikaRz <RagnarLaud> hey PilzAdam
11:36 KikaRz 2 times hi PilzAdam
11:36 RagnarLaud hi was hi, but hey was like 'hey can you help me"
11:36 RagnarLaud dumbass
11:36 KikaRz ... stupid.
11:36 VanessaE mornin' PilzAdam, didn't see you there :-)
11:36 RagnarLaud or "hey you!"
11:36 RagnarLaud LOL
11:36 KikaRz stupid 13 years old kid.
11:36 RagnarLaud so can you PilzAdam?
11:37 RagnarLaud stupid 22 year old virgin xD
11:37 KikaRz no im not.
11:37 Penguin_ lol
11:37 KikaRz im 23.
11:37 RagnarLaud so you already had anal?
11:37 RagnarLaud xD
11:37 Penguin_ 50yr old virgin then
11:37 KikaRz fuck yourself.
11:37 PilzAdam RagnarLaud, what code?
11:37 RagnarLaud [13:35] <RagnarLaud> stupid 22 year old virgin xD
11:37 RagnarLaud [13:35] <KikaRz> no im not.
11:37 PilzAdam VanessaE, hi there
11:37 RagnarLaud wait a sec
11:38 RagnarLaud http://ompldr.org/vZ3Bhag
11:38 RagnarLaud ddll
11:38 RagnarLaud direct download link :D
11:38 VanessaE PilzAdam: I've had a request for an all-steel boat, something that can float on lava.  interested?
11:38 RagnarLaud adam!
11:38 Elouin_ joined #minetest
11:38 RagnarLaud PilzAdam, http://ompldr.org/vZ3Bhag
11:39 PilzAdam RagnarLaud, init.lua line 9 missing "
11:39 RagnarLaud ok ill check that
11:39 Penguin_ Any one want me to test any mods
11:40 PilzAdam but I just woke up and dont want to check your whole block
11:40 PilzAdam s/block/mod
11:40 RagnarLaud oh thanks :D
11:40 RagnarLaud Penguin me!
11:40 Penguin_ okay link
11:41 RagnarLaud wait...
11:41 RagnarLaud omploading
11:41 RagnarLaud http://ompldr.org/vZ3BiYQ
11:41 KikaRz ... send everything in a line.
11:41 RagnarLaud ddll
11:41 Zeg9 Penguin_, good luck, it has syntax errors everywhere :D
11:41 Zeg9 That's what happens when you can't test your mods by yourself, actually
11:42 RagnarLaud not anymore lol
11:42 PilzAdam Zeg9, have you worked further on the model?
11:42 RagnarLaud lol PilzAdam when i first saw what you wrote i thought you wrote ... worked fucker...
11:42 RagnarLaud sorry :D
11:44 Zeg9 PilzAdam, what should I do?
11:45 PilzAdam If the player is attached to the cart and driving down/uphill and looks down it doesnt look like the player is "in" the cart
11:45 RagnarLaud hey Penguin
11:45 PilzAdam so move the model a bit
11:45 Zeg9 Ok... But I don't see how I could fix this
11:45 Zeg9 move or rotate it less?
11:45 Garp joined #minetest
11:45 PilzAdam move it
11:45 Garp Hi.
11:45 PilzAdam horizontally in the uphill direction
11:46 Zeg9 Ok
11:46 Zeg9 Hi Garp
11:46 RagnarLaud hey Zeg9
11:46 RagnarLaud try my mod out
11:46 Zeg9 Not now, working on carts
11:46 Garp Question: stuff that I put somewhere (by 'Q') doesnt stay in place, why? Is this expected? Thanks.
11:46 RagnarLaud oh ok... -.-
11:46 RagnarLaud who wants to try out my mod!!!
11:46 KikaRz i don't.
11:46 RagnarLaud didnt ask you
11:46 KikaRz <RagnarLaud> who wants to try out my mod!!!
11:46 KikaRz I'm a women too.
11:47 PilzAdam Garp, what do you mean by "not stay there"?
11:47 Penguin_ 11:46:50: ERROR[main]: ModError: Failed to load and run C:\Users\Penguinl\Desktop \minetest-0.4.4-win32\bin\..\games\minetest_game\mods\drugs\init.lua
11:47 Penguin_ RagnarLaud
11:47 RagnarLaud yeah i see...
11:47 RagnarLaud thats it?
11:47 Calinou huh, "desktop" with a space?
11:47 Zeg9 Penguin_, you help a lot with this xD
11:47 Calinou avoid spaces/special cahrs in world path
11:47 RagnarLaud money ive earned this month : $0.009630
11:48 RagnarLaud :D
11:48 Penguin_ i changed my name cuz it was my reall name
11:48 OldCoder Calinou, davidpace, Penguin_, VanessaE, Zeg9 I am falling asleep. The U.S. worlds are all down because I've had no peace for 24 hours and have not been able to work on them. And because the LM issue has come to a head. I will fix things when I wake up. New stuff as usual.
11:48 OldCoder
11:48 OldCoder Oh
11:48 RagnarLaud but is that all that it got?
11:48 Garp PilzAdam: I build a warehouse to stock stuff we dont use. I sort them by kind (stone, wood, etc.) each time in enter it, things are all moved everywhere again, even if I sorted them well.
11:48 OldCoder Somebody tell Jordan Ibanez to go f*ck himself
11:48 OldCoder Thank you
11:48 OldCoder Zzz
11:48 KikaRz ...
11:48 Penguin_ yes
11:48 davidpace Alright OldCoder
11:49 VanessaE heh
11:49 VanessaE good night OldCoder
11:49 Penguin_ yeh regnarlaud
11:49 Zeg9 'night OldCoder
11:49 RagnarLaud Penguin PM
11:49 Zeg9 Ow crap...
11:49 PilzAdam Garp, the object handling of the engine isnt the best
11:49 Zeg9 I maybe lost the cart .blend
11:49 Garp PilzAdam: it aslo often append that when I reconnect I got apile of stuff near my feet, looks like it falled from my inventory
11:49 PilzAdam Garp, i suggest to store things in a chest
11:50 Garp PilzAdam: OK, thanks good suggestion.
11:51 Garp PilzAdam: does it append for objects to disareap or are they just moved elswhere ?
11:51 Garp disapear
11:51 VanessaE thexyz: op?  what op? ;-)
11:51 RagnarLaud PilzAdam help!
11:51 RagnarLaud minetest_game\m ods\drugs\init.lua:2: ')' expected near '...' 11:50:11: ERROR[main]: =======END OF ERROR FROM LUA ======== 11:50:1
11:51 RagnarLaud where is it...
11:51 RagnarLaud do you know?
11:51 Penguin_ jeija Thats Amazing Do You mind posting the link in the topic fill the fourm in please
11:52 PilzAdam RagnarLaud, Im half asleep
11:52 PilzAdam i cant help you right now
11:52 RagnarLaud oh :(
11:52 RagnarLaud ok
11:52 RagnarLaud VanessaE
11:52 RagnarLaud HELP
11:52 PilzAdam read lua-api.txt
11:52 RagnarLaud please
11:52 RagnarLaud I WILL
11:52 RagnarLaud :)
11:52 RagnarLaud not now...
11:52 RagnarLaud i have 10 more minutes today...
11:52 RagnarLaud VANESSA!
11:53 davidpace Alright, its 6:00 in the morning here, I am half asleep. Ima get a few hours of sleep
11:53 RagnarLaud Hey did you know, that Penguin's real name is Michael?
11:53 KikaRz RagnarLaud, try typing everything in a line. and minus offtopic
11:53 davidpace (I stayed up all night)
11:53 RagnarLaud ERROR[main]: ========== ERROR FROM LUA =========== 11:50:10: ERROR[main]: Failed to load and run script from 11:50:10: ERROR[main]: C:\Users\michael\Desktop\minetest-0.4.4-win32\bin\..\game s\minetest_game\mods\drugs\init.lua: 11:50:10: ERROR[main]: ...ktop\minetest-0.4.4-win32\bin\..\games\minetest_game\m ods\drugs\init.lua:2: ')' expected near '...' 11:50:11: ERROR[main]: =======END OF ERROR FROM LUA ======== 11:50:1
11:53 PilzAdam pastebin......
11:53 RagnarLaud :D
11:55 RagnarLaud http://pastebin.com/3MzLSaBJ
11:55 rsiska joined #minetest
11:55 RagnarLaud PilzAdam http://pastebin.com/3MzLSaBJ
11:56 KikaRz hate when someone pastes something in IRC chat. too lag.
11:59 RagnarLaud ORLY :D
11:59 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
11:59 iqualfragile joined #minetest
12:00 RagnarLaud well bye
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 RagnarLaud You should explain more of what this is about, and what people do.
12:00 VanessaE wtf?
12:00 KikaRz Mute him
12:00 VanessaE KikaRz: THAT is spamming, fwiw.
12:00 KikaRz or ban him
12:00 KikaRz Its abusing
12:01 VanessaE too late, he already signed out.
12:01 KikaRz * RagnarLaud (c3fab2da@gateway/web/freenode/ip. entrou em #minetest
12:01 KikaRz i got his info
12:01 KikaRz its in log.
12:01 VanessaE no point in banning/muting if he's already gone.
12:01 VanessaE let him try again.
12:01 KikaRz Ok
12:01 VanessaE also,
12:01 KikaRz Uff!! Aleluia!
12:02 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/images/my_world_map.png
12:02 VanessaE the server you all have been playing on :-)
12:06 iqualfragile joined #minetest
12:07 Zeg9 PilzAdam, if I move the cart more, then it is inside the rails or too much above :/
12:08 Zeg9 Or...
12:09 Jeija left #minetest
12:10 KikaRz Yaaay :)
12:11 Zeg9 PilzAdam, please try this: http://ompldr.org/vZ3Bibw
12:14 PilzAdam Zeg9, I will try to change the attachment instead of using a new model
12:16 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
12:16 KikaRz haha1
12:16 KikaRz spammer is dead.
12:17 KikaRz VanessaE, if i timeout
12:17 KikaRz its problem of my client
12:17 KikaRz i already said.
12:18 VanessaE I know
12:18 VanessaE did you accidentally turn off camera updates?  (F4)
12:18 KikaRz no...
12:18 VanessaE your client didn't get the updated nodes, but mine did
12:18 VanessaE (plus I got the message that they were indeed replaced)
12:19 VanessaE KikaRz: you need to remove all traces of minetest - configs, mods, everything except your worlds.  Wipe out the entire thing.  Then re-compile the program using celeron55's instructions and not Calinou's.
12:20 KikaRz i used celeron55
12:20 KikaRz and its not his problem
12:22 VanessaE try anyway
12:23 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
12:26 KikaRz EqualsRagnar is RagnarLaud, VanessaE.
12:26 KikaRz he's trying to evade.
12:32 Jeija joined #minetest
12:32 Jeija left #minetest
12:32 Jeija joined #minetest
12:35 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
12:40 * Zeg9 is back
12:41 davidpace joined #minetest
12:41 davidpace Hi Again.
12:42 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
12:44 Zeg9 Hi again, davidpace.
12:44 Zeg9 What happens to Ragnar?
12:44 KikaRz Mutted.
12:46 davidpace afk, gonna have some eggs
12:47 Xenux joined #minetest
12:48 john_minetest joined #minetest
12:49 klunk hi john !
12:52 klunk If I want to modificate a 3D player texture, I need something like Blender, or "surface visual appearence" could be modificated by editing files with Gimp?
12:53 VanessaE 3d players use Minecraft skins.
12:53 VanessaE so just follow that format.
12:53 VanessaE any size/resolution as long as the proportions are correct.
12:53 klunk Ok :-) (I know just Nothing about Minecraft...)
12:53 VanessaE now if you want to change the *model* you'll need blender or some other cad program also
12:54 KikaRz VanessaE, come to my place
12:54 KikaRz please
12:54 klunk ok, catched the difference, thanks !
12:54 VanessaE klunk:  http://www.epicminecraft.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/minecraft-skin-editor.jpg
12:54 KikaRz klunk, use skincraft
12:54 klunk ok x 2
12:56 VanessaE john_minetest: all of OldCoder's world are down temporarily.
12:56 VanessaE worlds*
12:56 KikaRz VanessaE!
12:56 VanessaE WHAT!?!?!
12:56 VanessaE :-)
12:56 KikaRz come to myp lace
12:56 VanessaE learn some patience, KikaRz.  I move slow lately.
12:58 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
13:00 davidpace Hey Ragnar!
13:00 davidpace Btw John is on.
13:00 davidpace :-)
13:04 davidpace Mmmm This sausage is delicious! ;)
13:04 KikaRz since when you are
13:04 KikaRz oh
13:04 KikaRz its food.
13:07 ttk2 joined #minetest
13:08 cisoun joined #minetest
13:21 Zeg9 left #minetest
13:22 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
13:23 Zeg9 joined #minetest
13:30 cisoun1 joined #minetest
13:31 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
13:38 KikaRz joined #minetest
13:38 KikaRz joined #minetest
13:43 KikaRz VanessaE, i couldnt enter in linux
13:44 KikaRz its bugged
13:44 VanessaE works for me. :-)
13:44 VanessaE you're doing it wrong.
13:44 VanessaE what did it do?
13:44 VanessaE just sit there?  crash?  what
13:48 Muadtralk joined #minetest
13:51 Jeija left #minetest
13:59 VanessaE bbl.
14:04 Zeg9 joined #minetest
14:04 Guest53434 joined #minetest
14:06 PilzAdam What do you think about this: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest_game/pull/66
14:07 Muadtralk cool
14:08 FreeFull I thought minetest already had those
14:08 FreeFull Maybe I'm wrong and it's part of a mod
14:08 Zeg9 It's in stairsplus
14:08 PilzAdam its in stairs+
14:09 Zeg9 This should be merged
14:10 kizeren joined #minetest
14:11 FreeFull I see
14:12 Muadtralk left #minetest
14:12 PilzAdam does stairs+ use upside down slabs when they are placed at the bottom of a node?
14:13 Zeg9 No
14:13 Zeg9 You need to flip them manually
14:13 Zeg9 But what you made is better :D
14:13 hmmmm joined #minetest
14:15 FreeFull Ok, there is a bug with the way shaders lower lava, when it's flowing against something
14:15 FreeFull As in, a bit of it will be see-through
14:23 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
14:39 thexyz sfan5: something is wromg with that bot
14:40 thexyz She missed git update, again
14:40 sfan5 hmm
14:41 sfan5 thexyz: try restarting the bot
14:41 thexyz that's not the solution
14:41 simion314 joined #minetest
14:42 thexyz There is line in logs stating that it found RSS update
14:42 thexyz i'll probably have to rewrite it...
14:42 sfan5 wait...
14:43 sfan5 i think i found the bug
14:45 sfan5 she replies to whatever raised the event, so it is possible that she replies to a user or the server itself instead of sending a message to #minetest
14:45 sfan5 @thexyz
14:45 thexyz oh
14:45 thexyz can you fix this one?
14:47 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
14:48 sfan5 dunno
14:48 sfan5 let me see...
14:54 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
14:56 babyface1031 joined #minetest
14:56 MinetestBot joined #minetest
14:57 MinetestBot joined #minetest
15:00 MinetestBot joined #minetest
15:00 MinetestBot GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest: Dont sneak while flying 9786202b08 2012-12-11T10:04:55-08:00
15:00 MinetestBot GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Add upside down slabs and stairs 0636d574af 2012-12-15T06:01:49-08:00
15:00 sfan5 good!
15:01 babyface1031 hi
15:01 Zeg9 Hello
15:03 jeffrash_ joined #minetest
15:06 jeffrash joined #minetest
15:08 Muadtralk joined #minetest
15:11 Muadtralk joined #minetest
15:12 Zeg9 11 minutes without a message
15:12 jeffrash What's up with the mintest.org servers?
15:13 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
15:14 Zeg9 They are down.
15:14 Zeg9 (helpful guy)
15:14 Zeg9 Hi RagnarLaud
15:15 Dogzilla131 joined #minetest
15:16 babyface1031 hi Dogzilla131
15:16 Dogzilla131 HI babyface
15:19 jeffrash joined #minetest
15:22 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
15:22 anunakki joined #minetest
15:22 EqualsRagnar Hi
15:23 babyface1031 hi
15:25 iqualfragile joined #minetest
15:26 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
15:31 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
15:34 mauvebic joined #minetest
15:36 berome joined #minetest
15:41 preludelinux_lap hello everyone
15:42 klunk ello !
15:48 babyface1031 very quite today
15:49 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
15:50 Zeg9 quiet you mean?
15:51 Zeg9 PilzAdam, could you make carts forward a bit if up is pressed ?
15:52 PilzAdam maybe
15:56 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
15:58 akerok_ joined #minetest
15:58 akerok joined #minetest
15:59 matkveidemanis joined #minetest
15:59 MiJyn left #minetest
16:05 markveidemanis joined #minetest
16:06 Penguin_ joined #minetest
16:06 Penguin_ hi
16:07 Zeg9 Hello.
16:08 Penguin_ jin_xi ?
16:09 babyface1031 hi Penguin_
16:09 Penguin_ Hi Babyface1031
16:10 KikaRz joined #minetest
16:10 KikaRz joined #minetest
16:10 KikaRz VanessaE, your server is lagging a lot.
16:10 KikaRz Hi Doipum
16:13 jojoa1997 really bad
16:14 markveidemanis anyone know a mod that adds a static npc that does not move but ca be pushed and follows laws of gravity?
16:14 mauvebic most entities have their own incomplete physics
16:15 KikaRz Why my Supertux graphics are completely bugged?
16:15 mauvebic though youll probably have to code your own to get what youre looking for :/
16:15 KikaRz No markveidemanis
16:15 markveidemanis but can someone edit the npc mod and send me the edited version?
16:15 Penguin_ maerkveide is server up
16:15 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
16:16 PilzAdam gravity: obj:setacceleration({x=0, y=-10, z=0})
16:16 jojoa1997 maybe change npcmod animation speed to 0
16:16 mauvebic thats what accel does
16:17 mauvebic for us french cdn types, velocity and accel are the same lol
16:17 KikaRz friends
16:17 KikaRz who knows a good Game recorder?
16:17 KikaRz in Linux
16:17 jojoa1997 is vanessa here
16:17 KikaRz No.
16:17 mauvebic game or screen recorder?
16:17 KikaRz game screen recorder
16:17 KikaRz xd
16:17 KikaRz want to record SuperTux
16:17 KikaRz :P
16:17 FreeFull There is recordmydesktop but that makes minetest lag
16:18 FreeFull Presumably will make other games lag too
16:18 KikaRz not for Minetest
16:18 Penguin_ If Anyone Asks for me tell them to msg me
16:18 KikaRz SuperTux 0.1.3 without OpenGL.
16:18 mauvebic theres another one im trying to find it
16:18 PilzAdam kazam
16:19 KikaRz installing Java
16:20 KikaRz yesterday i had problems when installing java
16:20 KikaRz so...
16:20 mauvebic it was something like xscreenrec it didn;t lag but i cant find it :/
16:20 KikaRz dpkg --configure -a
16:20 KikaRz ???
16:20 KikaRz VLC its to play
16:20 KikaRz not to record
16:20 KikaRz "that's what she said"
16:21 klunk or salasaga
16:21 Zeg9 gtk-recordmydesktop
16:22 Zeg9 oh it has already been said
16:22 KikaRz I never seen. i just watch films with it
16:22 KikaRz thats too lag
16:22 ubsy joined #minetest
16:22 FreeFull KikaRz: You need to increase the fps setting
16:23 FreeFull Then it will be smoother
16:23 Renoki joined #minetest
16:23 KikaRz john_minetest; he's muted
16:25 mauvebic xvidcap!
16:25 mauvebic no lag :-)
16:25 KikaRz mauvebic, already tried it
16:25 mauvebic still crap?
16:26 KikaRz youtube.com/joaoadriano3
16:26 KikaRz that's my brother's channel, search for: Como criar uma casa da tribo
16:26 PilzAdam KikaRz, if your computer is so slow that it cant run an browser then you are not able to record anything
16:27 * john_minetest will make a new drug mod thread if Ragnar won't arrive in a few minutes
16:27 KikaRz or something: Recorded with Linux (xvidcap)
16:27 KikaRz PilzAdam, not tha
16:27 KikaRz *not that
16:28 KikaRz my video was TOO FAST
16:29 KikaRz if he persists... you mute him again
16:30 akerok Hello everyone!
16:30 Zeg9 Hi
16:30 markveidemanis joined #minetest
16:31 KikaRz hi there
16:31 Zeg9 It seems vlc has problem with recording to theora, everytime I tried it was too fast
16:31 Zeg9 Even when recording tv lol
16:31 KikaRz theora?
16:31 mauvebic vlc... lol i filed two bug reports concerning major flaws a year ago. theyre just getting to it now lol
16:33 Zeg9 theora, ogg video
16:33 akerok How is everyone?
16:33 SpeedProg joined #minetest
16:33 M13 joined #minetest
16:34 M13 anyone out and about?
16:35 KikaRz im here
16:35 M13 hey, my website is done!
16:35 KikaRz link
16:35 KikaRz and description
16:35 M13 http://m13.myftp.biz/
16:36 KikaRz description
16:36 M13 its my site for my projects and such
16:36 M13 and free vps
16:36 mauvebic does anyone know where i can get a MT server status indicator for a webpage?
16:36 M13 not for minetest servers!
16:36 Zeg9 What are you supposed to host on your vps?
16:37 M13 um ask thexyz
16:37 M13 Zeg9, there for like small use, websites ect.
16:37 mauvebic isnt it iqualfragiles' bot that checks these things?
16:37 Zeg9 Oh I see
16:37 KikaRz M13
16:38 Zeg9 Nice, your first mod john ?
16:38 M13 yes?
16:38 KikaRz i mgoing to host a lot of things
16:38 M13 on the free vps?
16:38 M13 on mine, lol have fun
16:38 KikaRz M13
16:39 KikaRz not only on your
16:39 M13 yes
16:39 KikaRz i have 3 vps
16:39 M13 o ok
16:39 KikaRz your (you gave to me)
16:39 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
16:39 KikaRz and other 2 that i requested in freevps sites
16:39 KikaRz RagnarLaud
16:40 KikaRz If you persist, you'll get mute AGAIN
16:40 klunk M13: you should fix typo in introduction: they are only two sentences ...
16:40 RagnarLaud Hi
16:40 KikaRz and at 3rd time, you banned.
16:40 Zeg9 Nice textures john_minetest :D
16:40 RagnarLaud Umm i yeah right
16:40 RagnarLaud Really?
16:40 PilzAdam Zeg9, interested in making a boat model?
16:40 M13 its still being built so... i will
16:41 klunk :-) ok !
16:41 M13 :P
16:41 Zeg9 PilzAdam, why not... but what should it look like?
16:41 KikaRz s noat.
16:41 KikaRz *a boat
16:41 RagnarLaud Hi PilzAdam
16:41 PilzAdam dunno, I wouldnt mind if they look like MC's
16:41 M13 celeron55_
16:42 KikaRz FUCK.
16:42 Zeg9 I like the one you have in the model branch atm, what's the problem with it?
16:42 PilzAdam its too small
16:42 Zeg9 scale it?
16:42 PilzAdam yep
16:42 PilzAdam should work
16:43 Zeg9 Ok, I'll try that
16:43 Zeg9 Should I also center it ?
16:43 PilzAdam dunno
16:43 RagnarLaud Hey who wants to suggest a gang name?
16:44 Calinou joined #minetest
16:44 RagnarLaud Hey btw who made KikaRz admin
16:44 PilzAdam admin of what?
16:45 RagnarLaud This irc channel
16:45 PilzAdam nobody
16:45 RagnarLaud How can she mute me?
16:45 PilzAdam it wasnt her
16:46 M13 KikaRz
16:46 M13 PM?
16:46 RagnarLaud Who then
16:46 celeron55_ https://github.com/madchicken13/M-OS-Graphical/blob/master/M-OS-Graphical/run.sh
16:46 celeron55_ lol :D
16:46 M13 lol
16:46 RagnarLaud Hi c55
16:46 PilzAdam heh
16:47 M13 its stable :P
16:47 FreeFull Lol what
16:47 RagnarLaud Wait is that a nicklamer
16:48 RagnarLaud Is celeron55 a nicklamer
16:48 FreeFull M13: You can do better than that in bash if you try
16:48 M13 celeron55_ when i update my site, can I use your c55.me, template
16:48 celeron55 M13: no
16:48 M13 mkay
16:49 celeron55 why would you use it
16:49 Zeg9 PilzAdma, what do you think about this ? http://ompldr.org/vZ3BmaQ
16:49 M13 and does the minetest oldsite still work???
16:49 M13 celeron55, i like the simpleness of it
16:50 MilanFIN joined #minetest
16:50 celeron55 it's so simple i don't see why you couldn't just make it from the ground up yourself
16:50 M13 i dont like the template of my site to much
16:50 M13 um.. because i just started html
16:50 PilzAdam Zeg9, ummm... wtf?
16:51 M13 i can try, can i refrence off it?
16:51 Zeg9 Ok, smaller...
16:51 M13 like through chrome or something
16:51 PilzAdam Zeg9, i was talking about this model: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=56172#p56172
16:51 celeron55 feel free to look at the code and learn from it, but don't copy it directly
16:51 celeron55 it's not that good
16:52 Zeg9 Oh
16:52 Zeg9 ...
16:52 Zeg9 You should have told me that before!
16:52 PilzAdam i thought it was the one on GitHub
16:53 M13 ok, just wanted to know if it was of, and is there a way i can edit html on the web?
16:53 M13 ok**
16:54 mauvebic joined #minetest
16:56 Zeg9 M13, did you make this spaceinvaders ?
16:56 M13 and how hard is it to make a forum from scratch?
16:56 Zeg9 Use PunBB or phpBB, or somethingBB
16:56 Zeg9 for forums
16:56 M13 Zeg9, no ot was opensource so i edited, it and used tcup
16:57 KikaRz joined #minetest
16:57 KikaRz joined #minetest
16:57 KikaRz Hi
16:57 KikaRz Back. Stupid computer crashed
16:57 akerok Can anyone help me set up my own public server?
16:57 M13 lol
16:57 KikaRz Me.
16:57 KikaRz but you need a vps
16:57 M13 i can
16:57 KikaRz going to try to record SuperTux
16:58 M13 no need for vps, are you going to run in on windows, linux
16:58 akerok linux
16:59 akerok Ubuntu 12.10 to be exact.
16:59 M13 ok, thats easy
16:59 M13 have you compiled, or installed minetest?
16:59 akerok Yes
17:00 M13 ok is it compiled or installed?
17:00 Zeg9 He said yes
17:00 PilzAdam is it compiled XOR installed?
17:01 M13 Zeg i need to know witch dir the minetest files are in
17:01 akerok It's installed.
17:02 M13 ok, open nautilus in rot
17:02 PilzAdam minetestserver --worldname Server
17:02 M13 no
17:02 Zeg9 nautilus in root ? o_o
17:02 M13 you need to add the mods you want
17:02 Zeg9 Just add them in ~/.minetest/mods/minetest ...
17:02 Zeg9 or ~/.minetest/games
17:03 akerok At this point, I'm not going to use any mods.
17:03 M13 zeg, the game folder is in usr/share/minetest
17:03 Calinou doing the commit about damage again
17:03 Calinou -_-
17:03 captainLAD joined #minetest
17:03 PilzAdam Calinou, then I will merge it
17:03 Calinou third time I delete my minetest_game repo
17:04 kizeren Calinou....any idea when your server might be back online?
17:04 M13 ok did you forward a port so ppl can conect to ur server?
17:04 LAD joined #minetest
17:04 akerok One sec.  I forget.  I'll check real quick.
17:04 M13 ok
17:05 KikaRz no john_minetest
17:05 KikaRz i was going to use recordmydesktop
17:05 KikaRz no!
17:05 KikaRz do not
17:05 M13 KikaRz, using linux?!?!
17:05 Calinou https://github.com/celeron55/minetest_game/pull/68
17:05 M13 nice
17:05 KikaRz yes M13.
17:06 M13 lol, nice
17:06 KikaRz john_minetest
17:06 KikaRz whats the package?
17:06 M13 and ur computer crashes?
17:06 KikaRz yes M13.
17:06 KikaRz of VLC
17:06 Calinou recordmydesktop is more glitchy than minecraft
17:06 Calinou KikaRz: vlc
17:06 Calinou 8D
17:06 akerok I did.  It's port 3000.
17:06 KikaRz guys
17:07 KikaRz yesterday, i bugged java installation
17:07 KikaRz so... if i do apt-get...
17:07 M13 you mean port 30000?
17:07 KikaRz my pc automaticly installs the package i selected
17:07 PilzAdam Is everyone ok with Calinou's patch?
17:07 KikaRz and next, java
17:08 M13 akerok, port 30000?
17:08 akerok No.  It's set to port 3000.  I should probably change that to 30,000.
17:08 Zeg9 I'm ok with the patch
17:08 M13 no ur fine
17:08 M13 ok ready to start ur server?
17:09 KikaRz no
17:09 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
17:09 KikaRz do not
17:10 M13 minetestserver --port 3000 --worldname <whatever you want>
17:12 Zeg9 PilzAdam, would this size be ok ? http://ompldr.org/vZ3BnYQ
17:12 Zeg9 (it's a screenshot)
17:13 akerok Ok, I opened terminal, and ran the command: "minetestserver --worldname (name of my world)
17:13 akerok It showed me: ">"
17:13 PilzAdam Zeg9, can you give me the model?
17:13 KikaRz ./
17:13 Zeg9 Of course.
17:13 KikaRz use -/minetest
17:13 akerok Now, do I type in what you just said, or no?
17:13 PilzAdam I cant see it very well on the screenshot
17:14 KikaRz ./minetestserver
17:14 Zeg9 http://ompldr.org/vZ3BnYg
17:14 M13 yes
17:14 KikaRz M13, you forgot that
17:14 M13 with 30000
17:14 M13 instead of 300
17:14 Zeg9 You should also scale up the collision box, PilzAdam
17:14 KikaRz M13
17:14 KikaRz default is 30000
17:14 M13 yes
17:14 M13 ik
17:14 M13 o yeah
17:15 M13 type this
17:15 KikaRz so, not needed --port 30000
17:15 M13 minetestserver --worldname Nwhatever>
17:15 KikaRz Z
17:15 KikaRz <*
17:15 M13 <whatever>***
17:16 M13 KikaRz dont correct me!
17:16 KikaRz its my son online?
17:16 KikaRz no, it's not. :(
17:16 M13 son?
17:16 KikaRz yea
17:16 LandMine joined #minetest
17:16 KikaRz oh, you didnt knew.
17:16 KikaRz telek is my son
17:16 LAD lol
17:16 M13 dammit landmine.
17:16 PilzAdam Zeg9, thats way too big
17:16 LAD hey M13 long time no talky
17:16 KikaRz LAD, are you captainLAD?
17:16 LAD yup
17:16 PilzAdam Zeg9, make it fit to the current collisionbox
17:17 M13 lol talky, ik right
17:17 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
17:17 Zeg9 Ok, that will be hard though...
17:17 RagnarLaud Hi
17:17 LAD is LandMine typeing any thing to you guys?
17:17 NakedFury joined #minetest
17:17 KikaRz No
17:17 LAD ok
17:17 LAD i cant tell because i have him blocked
17:17 RagnarLaud Hey who belives that apocalypse shit?
17:18 akerok Ok, now I'm confused.
17:18 KikaRz day 21
17:18 KikaRz will be a war for everyone who believed on that
17:18 LAD why you comfused
17:18 RagnarLaud Who belives in the end of the world?
17:18 M13 akerok type this in the terminal:
17:18 KikaRz reason: they will set cars to fire...
17:18 KikaRz they will blow up banks
17:18 KikaRz etc
17:18 KikaRz etc
17:19 Zeg9 PilzAdam, I made a new one, it is a bit bigger than the one thetoon submited, but it fits the collision box
17:19 LAD <RagnarLaud> Who belives in the end of the world? do think it' comeing next week?
17:19 PilzAdam Zeg9, should be fine
17:19 RagnarLaud What will you KikaRz do then
17:19 M13 minetestserver --worldname server
17:19 Zeg9 http://ompldr.org/vZ3BnZg
17:19 LandMine joined #minetest
17:20 RagnarLaud Like i said, if i see an alien on the 21st, im gonna anal it
17:20 Zeg9 omg he says that again
17:20 RagnarLaud No really
17:20 Zeg9 And if you see one on another day?
17:20 akerok Ok.  Done.
17:20 PilzAdam Zeg9, nearly perfect, make it just a *bit* bigger
17:20 RagnarLaud Atleast i would not did a virgin xD
17:20 Zeg9 Okay
17:20 PilzAdam and also the textures doesnt work correctly
17:21 M13 ok connect to ur server with ip :
17:21 M13 and other people will connect with ur eternal ip
17:21 RagnarLaud Hey PilzAdam what will your last thing before death be
17:21 LandMine left #minetest
17:21 LAD why you kep talking about death
17:22 PilzAdam RagnarLaud, explain people that the world wont go down at 21st december
17:22 LandMineMT joined #minetest
17:22 LandMineMT Hmmm
17:22 LAD hmmm
17:22 RagnarLaud Cause part of me beliver that and part of me doesnt
17:22 LAD fallow your haert
17:22 LAD or hart
17:22 LAD twhat ever way it's spellt
17:23 PilzAdam RagnarLaud, its a missunderstanding of the mayas
17:23 RagnarLaud Your no a typo streak with 2 typos
17:23 PilzAdam they say that a god will come down to earth and everything will go on
17:23 Zeg9 PilzAdam, this one should be fine
17:23 Zeg9 http://ompldr.org/vZ3BnaQ
17:23 * Jordach finds it to be pure bullshit#
17:24 * kizeren thinks aliens took the mayans before they finished the doomsday calender
17:24 LAD who believes in creation or evlalotion
17:25 akerok I changed my port to 30000.  I entered the IP to connect to as, and port 30000.  It will not allow me to connect.
17:25 LAD Ragnar what's your view
17:25 RagnarLaud What
17:25 M13 did you close the terminal after you where done, the could be a problem
17:25 PilzAdam Zeg9, maybe a bit bigger?
17:26 Penguin_ joined #minetest
17:26 LAD LAD> who believes in creation or evlalotio
17:26 M13 that*
17:26 Zeg9 PilzAdam, ok... lol
17:26 LAD that thingy
17:26 LAD what's your view
17:26 KikaRz joined #minetest
17:26 akerok I did not.  I just tried that.  It still could not connect to the server.
17:26 Penguin_ hi
17:26 SpeedProg1 joined #minetest
17:27 Penguin_ any new 0.4.4 server
17:27 * Zeg9 hopes PilzAdam will like this one http://ompldr.org/vZ3Bnag
17:27 LAD there is VannessaE's
17:27 RagnarLaud If i will see a ufo then im gonna shoplift from a videogame store
17:27 LAD but i dont know if it's up right now
17:27 M13 joined #minetest
17:27 Zeg9 UFOs ? Well, I made them come in minetest today
17:28 RagnarLaud Hi pingu
17:28 LandMineMT M13 got an issue? Grab a tissue trick
17:28 M13 lol
17:28 LAD long time LM
17:28 M13 issue? with what?
17:28 RagnarLaud Hey pingu what will your last thing before death be
17:29 LandMineMT Dunno I got and u said dammit landine
17:29 M13 o lol
17:29 Penguin_ minetest ragnar lol
17:29 Penguin_ jin_xi ?
17:29 RagnarLaud What
17:29 M13 akerok, did you close the terminal?
17:29 LAD im AFK for a while cya allz later
17:30 RagnarLaud Hey pingu, your last thing before death is???
17:30 Penguin_ minetest will be
17:30 akerok I did.  I think I may have just fixed the issue.
17:30 M13 you cant close the terminal lol
17:30 Penguin_ and anyone comming on 0.4.4 minetest.ru port 12345
17:30 blaze joined #minetest
17:30 Penguin_ please
17:30 RagnarLaud I mean what will be your last action before death
17:30 Penguin_ dogiystyle ?
17:31 LandMineMT RagnarLaud stop talking all this nonsense
17:31 RagnarLaud Well mine will be having anal sex with an alien
17:31 Penguin_ lol
17:31 M13 and akerok, if you want ppl to join you, ho to http://whatsmuip.us and post ur serverds ip and port on the forum
17:31 M13 go*
17:31 Dopium joined #minetest
17:31 RagnarLaud Hi
17:31 Penguin_ ragnar come on on 0.4.4 minetest.ru 12345
17:31 M13 http://whatsmyip.us   ***
17:32 RagnarLaud Hey john
17:32 RagnarLaud Your last thing before death???
17:33 LandMineMT Oldcoder why did u mute me??
17:33 M13 he is not here
17:33 RagnarLaud Cause your an arshole
17:33 M13 i have tried to talk to him
17:33 akerok All right.  Thank you for the help.
17:33 RagnarLaud Hey john
17:33 LandMineMT Ohh ok m13
17:33 M13 is it working?
17:33 RagnarLaud Your last thing before death
17:34 Zeg9 akerok, I joined your server
17:34 Penguin_ anyone comming on minetest.ru 12345 please 0.4.4
17:34 LandMineMT No
17:34 thexyz LandMineMT: I did
17:34 LandMineMT Ohh why??
17:34 Zeg9 Are you Chris?
17:34 LandMineMT Because of my god talk?
17:34 M13 yes, i am
17:34 RagnarLaud John!!!
17:34 Penguin_ whos server is minetest.ru 12345 0.4.4
17:34 akerok You did?
17:34 LandMineMT Thexyz was it because of that?
17:34 Zeg9 I am there
17:35 Zeg9 just type your ip to connect
17:35 Zeg9
17:35 jin_xi Penguin_: wut?
17:35 thexyz LandMineMT: nope
17:35 LandMineMT Then why? Thexyz
17:35 Penguin_ come on minetest.ru 12345 jin_xi
17:36 M13 can i come?
17:36 M13 i got ubuntu on my psp:P
17:36 Penguin_ yes
17:37 LAD ok i'm back
17:37 akerok I am Chris.  If anyone wants to join my server and help with it, feel free.
17:37 blaze joined #minetest
17:37 Zeg9 akerok, if you have a good computer, try this:
17:37 Zeg9 sudo renice -5 $(pidof minetestserver)
17:37 Zeg9 It will make the server lag less
17:37 thexyz LandMineMT: you were insulting NekoGloop this time
17:38 LandMineMT I ignored him and he started it
17:38 thexyz http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest/2012-12-15#i_2717348
17:38 M13 i needed this command when I was running my 0.4.3 server on my crappy vps
17:38 M13 brb
17:39 blaze joined #minetest
17:40 Minetest-tan joined #minetest
17:40 thexyz Minetest-tan: say hi
17:40 thexyz =(
17:41 markveidemanis what mods add dfferent types of wood?
17:41 mauvebic wool
17:41 markveidemanis or flooring
17:41 mauvebic hdb
17:41 LandMineMT Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
17:41 Minetest-tan joined #minetest
17:41 LandMineMT Hi mauvebic
17:41 LandMineMT :-)
17:41 mauvebic su7p
17:41 mauvebic *-7
17:42 LandMineMT Hmmmm
17:42 Minetest-tan GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest: Dont sneak while flying 9786202b08 2012-12-11T10:04:55-08:00
17:42 markveidemanis mauvebic: that are 16x16 textures
17:42 Minetest-tan GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
17:42 mauvebic wool
17:43 akerok It should lag less now.  I closed some programs I was running.
17:43 LandMineMT Mauvebic are u the same person who made the giant ships or am I confused!?
17:43 kizeren Hi mauvebic
17:43 mauvebic depends which ships ur talking about
17:43 mauvebic hi
17:43 LandMineMT The giant space ships
17:44 mauvebic well most of the latest ones posted in screenshots are prolly mine yeah lol
17:44 LandMineMT Ohh ok
17:44 mauvebic kizeren nuked one of them yesterday lol
17:44 kizeren it was awesome!
17:44 Minetest-tan GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 60eed032fa 2012-12-15T09:43:40-08:00
17:45 mauvebic theyre blueprinted in my modpack methinks
17:45 LandMineMT I see
17:45 LandMineMT Who is telecks mom?
17:46 thexyz OldCoder: have you succeeded in building windows MT client?
17:47 LandMineMT Thexyz can I have interact privs???
17:47 LandMineMT !up google.com
17:47 LandMineMT !up
17:48 LandMineMT Gosh this irc is dead
17:49 mauvebic saturday morning lol
17:49 mauvebic need coffee
17:49 mauvebic or saturday evening for some?
17:49 thexyz LandMineMT: no way
17:49 PilzAdam thexyz, any test server for the curl thing?
17:50 kizeren Oo nice...my startup script for minetest server is working.....now wonder how to make it autostart on server reboot......
17:50 thexyz !up minetest.ru 12346
17:50 LandMineMT !up google.com 30000
17:50 thexyz where's this damn bot when he's most needed
17:51 LandMineMT Thexyz why can't I have privs???
17:51 LandMineMT Is it cause I'm mexican?
17:51 RagnarLaud I dont speak americano
17:52 RagnarLaud Me no speak americano
17:52 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
17:52 jojoa1997 vanessa server is taking forever to load
17:53 LandMineMT Vanessa server is boss
17:53 RagnarLaud Idk
17:53 RagnarLaud But its a great song
17:53 jojoa1997 not when i spend five minutes on the "connecting to server" screen
17:53 LandMineMT Mayb ur banned
17:53 jojoa1997 no
17:53 LandMineMT Ohh
17:54 jojoa1997 it had alot of lag before i left
17:54 RagnarLaud Lol, stop changing the subject jojoa
17:54 mauvebic i think vanessa's got griefed yesterday and OC had to reload the map or something
17:54 jojoa1997 sorry i just came on
17:54 LandMineMT Lololol
17:54 LandMineMT Lololololol
17:54 mauvebic might be why its taking long to connect
17:54 RagnarLaud XD
17:54 LandMineMT Good godd
17:55 RagnarLaud Hey who is underaged?
17:55 jojoa1997 ?
17:55 LandMineMT Me
17:55 LandMineMT I'm 14
17:55 RagnarLaud -18
17:55 RagnarLaud Im 13...who wants to get high before the great apocalypse takes a shit upon up???
17:56 mauvebic ive been around since at least 1485
17:56 LandMineMT ragnarLaud ur not funny
17:56 LandMineMT Stop trying so hard
17:56 PilzAdam thexyz, seems to work; no shitstorm for now
17:57 RagnarLaud I JUST GOT THE BEST IDEA EVER!!! What about an orgy on the 21st
17:57 kizeren I saw some protection blocks on servers.  What mod is that.  There seems to be alot of protection mods.
17:57 mauvebic ...
17:57 LandMineMT Glomies protect block
17:57 LandMineMT That's the mod
17:57 kizeren Glomies was where I saw them at.
17:57 RagnarLaud MexicanName im not trying to be funny, im trying to be original
17:57 LandMineMT I already did john
17:58 RagnarLaud I have ya guys..
17:58 RagnarLaud Bye fuckers
17:58 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
17:59 LandMineMT Hmmmm good :-)
18:01 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
18:02 jojoa1997 :)
18:02 jojoa1997 :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
18:02 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:02 MinetestBot GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 60eed032fa 2012-12-15T09:43:40-08:00
18:02 MinetestBot GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
18:03 sfan5 !server
18:03 Minetest-tan sfan5: Globis server |   down
18:03 MinetestBot sfan5: Calinou's Server | calin.sytes.net:30000   down
18:03 sfan5 !server
18:03 Minetest-tan sfan5: Minetest.Ru main server | minetest.ru:30000   up (99.627%)
18:03 MinetestBot sfan5: Minetest.Ru main server | minetest.ru:30000   up (99.627%)
18:03 kizeren thanks john_minetest but looking for something simple want to start a survival server
18:03 sfan5 !up minetest.ru
18:03 MinetestBot sfan5: minetest.ru is up (0.388ms)
18:03 sfan5 yay! @thexyz
18:03 Zeg9 Exactly, kizeren, that's really simple ;)
18:03 Zeg9 It's the same as glomie's
18:04 kizeren Well let me hop over and look at it.
18:04 LandMineMT !up google.com
18:05 kizeren Ahh yes this is the one i had already on an older server.
18:05 sfan5 LandMineMT: no!
18:06 LandMineMT Why not sfan5?
18:06 sfan5 its for checking if a minetest server is up
18:06 sfan5 i don't think anyone at google's playing minetest
18:07 OldCoder Back
18:07 akerok If anyone wants to try my server, it's up right now.  IP Address: Port: 30000
18:07 LandMineMT K my bad sfan5
18:08 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:08 sfan5 !up
18:08 MinetestBot sfan5: is up (0.302ms)
18:08 sfan5 !up google.com
18:08 MinetestBot GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 60eed032fa 2012-12-15T09:43:40-08:00
18:08 MinetestBot GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
18:08 LandMineMT !up google.com
18:08 LandMineMT Hmmmmmm
18:08 LandMineMT Sfan5 u killed the bot
18:08 sfan5 LandMineMT: no
18:08 sfan5 look!
18:09 sfan5 hi Minetest-tan
18:09 Minetest-tan Hi sfan5!
18:09 sfan5 oops
18:09 sfan5 hi MinetestBot
18:09 MinetestBot Hey sfan5!
18:09 LandMineMT hi Minetestbot
18:09 MinetestBot Hello LandMineMT
18:09 * Calinou switched to linux 1 month ago exactly :D
18:09 Calinou (on this computer)
18:09 Jordach hey MinetestBot
18:09 MinetestBot Hey Jordach
18:09 LandMineMT Say you are gay Minetestbot
18:09 Calinou LandMineMT: no u
18:09 sfan5 !g google
18:09 Minetest-tan sfan5: http://www.google.com/
18:09 MinetestBot sfan5: http://www.google.com/
18:09 LandMineMT Minetestbt say hi
18:10 LandMineMT Minetestbot say hi
18:10 LandMineMT !up yahoo.com
18:10 LandMineMT Hmm
18:10 Jordach LandMineMT, the up is for minetest servers only
18:11 LandMineMT I see that
18:11 LandMineMT !up planetminetest
18:11 MinetestBot LandMineMT: planetminetest seems to be down
18:11 Jeija joined #minetest
18:11 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
18:11 Jordach !up redcrab.suret.net
18:11 MinetestBot Jordach: redcrab.suret.net is up (0.377ms)
18:11 Jordach see?
18:11 RagnarLaud Hi
18:11 LandMineMT !up my penis
18:12 MinetestBot LandMineMT: my penis seems to be down
18:12 LandMineMT Hhahahahha
18:12 RagnarLaud Hey ya guys would never belive who is at my place
18:12 Jordach huh?
18:12 LandMineMT !up my autoestime
18:12 youlysses joined #minetest
18:12 MinetestBot LandMineMT: my autoestime seems to be down
18:12 RagnarLaud Charlie the alien
18:12 Zeg9 This guy is really a troll...
18:12 markveidemanis how i disable antialiasing in blender
18:12 RagnarLaud Who
18:12 Zeg9 These guys are*
18:13 Zeg9 markveidemanis, in the texture tab
18:13 Zeg9 in "image sampling", uncheck "interpolation"
18:14 OldCoder jeffrash, Zeg9 Friday ended with problems. I will work on my works now.
18:14 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:14 LandMineMT No minetestbot left
18:14 OldCoder work on my worlds *
18:14 LAD hi coder
18:14 LandMineMT !up jordach
18:14 MinetestBot LandMineMT: jordach seems to be down
18:14 MinetestBot GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 60eed032fa 2012-12-15T09:43:40-08:00
18:14 MinetestBot GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
18:14 RagnarLaud Hi oldcoder
18:14 OldCoder Hi
18:14 LAD my jaw herts
18:15 LAD chewing 1 hour on gum
18:15 LandMineMT Hey minetestbot d u think jordach is down for some buttsecks????
18:15 markveidemanis wheres the texture tab
18:15 LandMineMT !up jordach
18:15 MinetestBot LandMineMT: jordach seems to be down
18:15 LandMineMT Awesome!
18:15 RagnarLaud Hey OldCoder i have a new bff
18:16 Zeg9 Hi again, OldCoder
18:16 OldCoder RagnarLaud, Zeg9 o/
18:16 Penguin_ joined #minetest
18:16 LandMineMT !up
18:16 Penguin_ hi
18:16 RagnarLaud Hey OldCoder my new bff is Charlie the alien
18:17 RagnarLaud Hi pingu
18:17 sokomine has anyone played around a bit with the biome api yet? i'd like to use more diverse plantlife in singleplayer
18:18 LandMineMT !up my testosterone
18:18 thexyz LandMineMT: please, stop abusing the bot
18:18 MinetestBot LandMineMT: my testosterone seems to be down
18:18 thexyz otherwise I'll have to kick you
18:18 LandMineMT Gosh so many rules
18:19 LAD is VE on???
18:19 babyface1031 joined #minetest
18:19 NakedFury using a 32 inch tv as a monitor 1 feet from you is insane
18:19 thexyz just common sense, what rules are you talking about?
18:20 LandMineMT Thexyz ur limiting my imgination
18:20 LandMineMT That's not cool
18:20 OldCoder babyface1031, Hi
18:20 OldCoder RagnarLaud, All right
18:20 thexyz LandMineMT: for sure, that's not cool
18:20 baembaem joined #minetest
18:21 LandMineMT minetestbot I'm not felling very well
18:21 LandMineMT !up landmine
18:21 MinetestBot LandMineMT: landmine seems to be down
18:21 oro1 joined #minetest
18:21 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:22 MinetestBot GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 60eed032fa 2012-12-15T09:43:40-08:00
18:22 baembaem oro1, well done
18:22 MinetestBot GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
18:22 MinetestBot john_minetest: Invalid Address
18:22 oro1 baembaem aree you here
18:22 oro1 ?
18:22 baembaem oro1, yes
18:22 baembaem ok, people help oro1. he had trouble registering his son at gameboom.net
18:23 baembaem (the site is down)
18:23 oro1 what now?.. sorry sound so stupid
18:23 baembaem so give him an address for an open server perhaps
18:23 MinetestBot was kicked by thexyz: MinetestBot
18:23 kizeren poor bot....
18:23 sokomine you might try redcrab.suret.net (the largest i suppose) or one of the servers hosted by oldcoder. the skyblock game e.g. is quite fun
18:24 babyface1031 joined #minetest
18:24 baembaem sokomine, do they require registering?
18:24 OldCoder baembaem, which?
18:24 jordan4ibanez fireworks now have a better explosion, and they actually light up the night sky
18:24 sokomine er, port 30401 on redcrab
18:24 baembaem OldCoder, I don't know. some classic one, just to get the guy started
18:24 OldCoder baembaem, I will bring 18 worlds back in the next 90 minutes
18:25 OldCoder Is he in Europe?
18:25 baembaem OldCoder, can you take over oro1
18:25 OldCoder The Europe world is up presently
18:25 OldCoder oro1, Hi
18:25 OldCoder oro1, where are you?
18:25 oro1 I see but please give me detailed instructions
18:25 OldCoder oro1, where are you?
18:25 baembaem thanks. oro1, OldCoder will talk to you now, bye
18:25 oro1 italia
18:25 baembaem left #minetest
18:25 OldCoder oro1, go here please: europe.minetest.org port 30000
18:25 oro1 thanks baen
18:25 sokomine baembem: yes, but redcrab has self-registering and oldcoder is online and can provide interact by just asking him :-) oldcoder hosts several servers. the one he runs that formerly was calinous isn't bad e.g. :-)
18:25 jordan4ibanez http://i.imgur.com/lshxL.gif
18:26 LandMineMT Brb in 2 hours
18:26 oro1 oldcoder I am listening
18:26 OldCoder That is it
18:26 OldCoder oro1, go here please: europe.minetest.org port 30000
18:26 OldCoder oro1, what is your OS?
18:27 OldCoder Windows? Linux?
18:27 sfan5 !up europe.minetest.org
18:27 sokomine oro: you don't have to stick to european servers. weather a server has lag or not seems to depend more on what kind of mods are installed. at least that's my experience
18:27 OldCoder sfan5, I will check
18:27 OldCoder It should be running
18:27 oro1 ubuntu
18:27 youlysses oro1: So GNU/Linux
18:27 OldCoder oro1, All right. Europe is still 0.4.3. A 0.4.3 Ubuntu client should work.
18:27 oro1 will try need any passwd
18:28 OldCoder oro1, No
18:28 OldCoder Pick one
18:28 OldCoder Must pick a unique password of your own
18:28 oro1 thanks alot
18:28 Minetest-tan joined #minetest
18:28 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
18:28 thexyz !up minetest.ru:12346
18:28 Minetest-tan thexyz: minetest.ru:12346 is up (0.153ms)
18:28 thexyz Minetest-tan: ty
18:28 Minetest-tan GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 60eed032fa 2012-12-15T09:43:40-08:00
18:28 Minetest-tan GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
18:28 Minetest-tan john_minetest: minetest.org:30015 seems to be down
18:29 sfan5 !up europe.minetest.org
18:29 Minetest-tan sfan5: europe.minetest.org is up (0.434ms)
18:29 OldCoder Hmm
18:29 OldCoder So it is up
18:30 RagnarLaud !up the.great.apocalypse:30000
18:30 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: the.great.apocalypse:30000 seems to be down
18:30 RagnarLaud !up the.world
18:30 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: the.world seems to be down
18:31 OldCoder john_minetest, no
18:31 OldCoder That one will not be allowed here
18:31 sfan5 !g off-topic
18:31 Minetest-tan sfan5: http://www.offtopic.com/
18:31 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:31 sfan5 @john_minetest
18:31 MinetestBot I hate LandMineMT!
18:31 MinetestBot GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 60eed032fa 2012-12-15T09:43:40-08:00
18:32 MinetestBot GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
18:32 sfan5 !up europe.minetest.org
18:32 Minetest-tan sfan5: europe.minetest.org is up (0.154ms)
18:32 MinetestBot sfan5: europe.minetest.org is up (0.483ms)
18:32 RagnarLaud !g TheGreatApocalypse
18:32 oro1 dear oldcoder it seem working but the loading will take sometime... 1% a minute...
18:32 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.wowhead.com/item=33478/jinrohk-the-great-apocalypse
18:32 MinetestBot RagnarLaud: http://www.wowhead.com/item=33478/jinrohk-the-great-apocalypse
18:32 OldCoder oro1, Yes. There are three solutions:
18:33 oro1 real slow
18:33 OldCoder oro1, (1) The problem will be fixed soon. (2) Presently it only happens once. Then the data will be cached. Afterward it will not happen. (3) We can give you a preloaded copy of the cache.
18:33 RagnarLaud !g redtube
18:33 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: Gross!
18:33 MinetestBot RagnarLaud: Search term contains badword
18:33 RagnarLaud Lol
18:34 RagnarLaud Nice work OldCoder
18:34 OldCoder That is not my bot
18:34 oro1 well I'll just wait until it load
18:34 OldCoder oro1, All right
18:34 OldCoder oro1, I will interact you once you are in
18:34 RagnarLaud Them who did the bot
18:34 oro1 thank you
18:34 OldCoder Three or more people have done bots. iqualfragile and sfan5 may have.
18:34 sfan5 I coded the modules for the bot
18:35 sfan5 OldCoder: MinetestBot and Minetest-tan ae made by me and thexyz
18:35 oro1 2% will take a brake and will see you later
18:35 sfan5 *are
18:35 OldCoder sfan5, ty
18:35 sfan5 iqualfragile made moltenbot
18:35 RagnarLaud Nice work sfan
18:35 thexyz it's only hosted by me, the code is by sfan5
18:36 sfan5 !up localhost
18:36 Minetest-tan sfan5: Invalid Address
18:36 MinetestBot sfan5: Invalid Address
18:36 mauvebic joined #minetest
18:36 sfan5 !up
18:36 Minetest-tan sfan5: is up (0.102ms)
18:36 MinetestBot sfan5: seems to be down
18:36 sfan5 :D
18:36 RagnarLaud !up www.rate.ee
18:36 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: www.rate.ee seems to be down
18:36 MinetestBot RagnarLaud: www.rate.ee seems to be down
18:37 sfan5 !serve
18:37 sfan5 !server
18:37 Minetest-tan sfan5: dise's server [0.4.3] | dise-minetest.no-ip.org:30000   down
18:37 sfan5 !up dise-minetest.no-ip.org:30000
18:37 Minetest-tan sfan5: dise-minetest.no-ip.org:30000 is up (0.289ms)
18:38 RagnarLaud !g your favourite martian
18:38 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.youtube.com/user/Yourfavoritemartian
18:38 RagnarLaud Nice
18:38 RagnarLaud !g skinner
18:38 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.skinnerinc.com/
18:39 RagnarLaud !g seymour
18:39 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seymour
18:39 ttk2 joined #minetest
18:40 RagnarLaud !g vera wang
18:40 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.verawang.com/
18:40 RagnarLaud !g counter strike
18:40 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.counter-strike.net/
18:41 RagnarLaud !g gay
18:41 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gay
18:41 sfan5 !g
18:41 Minetest-tan sfan5: No results found for ''.
18:41 Calinou stop it, RagnarLaud..
18:41 sfan5 !g 204-229-50-195.internet.emt.ee
18:41 Calinou no need for bot spam
18:41 Minetest-tan sfan5: No results found for '204-229-50-195.internet.emt.ee'.
18:41 RagnarLaud I freaking love the bots
18:43 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
18:44 OldCoder With power comes responsibility etc.
18:45 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
18:45 Minetest-tan GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest: Dont sneak while flying 9786202b08 2012-12-11T10:04:55-08:00
18:45 EqualsRagnar Hi
18:45 NakedFury and dont forget to tell us GIT stuff and title of youtube links
18:45 markveidemanis_ joined #minetest
18:46 moltenbot joined #minetest
18:46 EqualsRagnar !g SHITTYG
18:46 Minetest-tan EqualsRagnar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GU6t2JcrR0M
18:47 EqualsRagnar !g maya predict end of the world
18:47 Minetest-tan EqualsRagnar: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2012_phenomenon
18:47 youlysse` joined #minetest
18:47 markveidemanis_ what mods add controllable, moveable entities, e.g. carts and ufo mod
18:48 iqualfragile GUYS stop it now!
18:48 iqualfragile those bots are not here for spamming
18:48 NakedFury OldCoder: is the mod list on your website the complete list of mods you use on the servers?
18:48 iqualfragile they are here to assist
18:48 EqualsRagnar !g bros before hoes
18:48 Minetest-tan EqualsRagnar: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=bros%20before%20hoes
18:48 iqualfragile sfan5: bitte entfern die google-funktion, die ist überflüssig wie nen kropf
18:49 EqualsRagnar !g ragnar laud
18:49 Minetest-tan EqualsRagnar: http://twitter.com/Fram3R_dll
18:49 EqualsRagnar Wow it found me no twitter
18:49 sfan5 iqualfragile: vielleicht
18:49 sfan5 !tw Fram3R_dll
18:49 Minetest-tan @steam_games im better than all of ya guys, i played it before it was on steam... (@Fram3R_dll)
18:50 iqualfragile besides removing !g you should remove !tw too
18:50 iqualfragile its annoying
18:50 iqualfragile realy
18:50 iqualfragile and it spamms the channel
18:50 sfan5 its useful as long as nobody abuses it
18:50 EqualsRagnar Thats about ace me spades releasing on steam
18:50 iqualfragile sfan5: yeah, but people abuse it
18:50 NakedFury its not annoying, its just that users MAKE it annoying with continued use
18:50 sfan5 iqualfragile: then they'll get kicked
18:50 iqualfragile and it has nothing to do with minetest
18:51 EqualsRagnar Its just amazing
18:51 markveidemanis_ i need a worldedit schematic for a boeing 747 airliner. you cannot use wool
18:51 iqualfragile no they do not get kicked
18:51 iqualfragile as seen some minutes ago
18:51 EqualsRagnar !g minetest
18:51 Minetest-tan EqualsRagnar: http://minetest.net/
18:51 EqualsRagnar !tw fram3r_dll
18:51 Minetest-tan @steam_games im better than all of ya guys, i played it before it was on steam... (@fram3r_dll)
18:52 sfan5 EqualsRagnar: stop!
18:52 iqualfragile EqualsRagnar: and ragnarlaud would have been kicked
18:52 iqualfragile yeah, now you say something
18:52 EqualsRagnar !tw shibby2142
18:52 Minetest-tan Girls that bite their lip > (@shibby2142)
18:52 iqualfragile -.-
18:52 EqualsRagnar was kicked by sfan5: EqualsRagnar
18:52 iqualfragile sfan5: that just create additional work for the ops and annoys everybod
18:52 iqualfragile y
18:52 sfan5 ....
18:53 thexyz iqualfragile: i agree, people are awful
18:53 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
18:53 EqualsRagnar !tw shibby2142
18:53 OldCoder Heh
18:53 Minetest-tan Girls that bite their lip > (@shibby2142)
18:54 iqualfragile OldCoder sfan5 usualy you just +o to do something and then instantly -o on freenode
18:54 EqualsRagnar Man i love shibbys gameslays
18:54 NakedFury can we place votes on removing default voice on the channel?
18:54 sfan5 default voice?
18:54 EqualsRagnar Voice???
18:55 NakedFury so if we dont know the user they cant talk here
18:55 OldCoder iqualfragile, I am aware that some people are used to that
18:55 NakedFury like ragnar
18:55 NakedFury he keeps spamming the bots
18:55 NakedFury so mute him
18:55 sfan5 oh right...
18:55 OldCoder NakedFury, it is an interesting idea. But if we do that how would people gain voice?
18:55 sfan5 derp
18:55 NakedFury if they turn into bot spammers or trollers mute
18:56 EqualsRagnar Hey sfan can i add the bot to my website???
18:56 sfan5 wtf??
18:56 OldCoder NakedFury, I agree. Problem is that is sometimes in the eye of the beholder.
18:56 OldCoder john_minetest, It would need to be the first thing in the channel topic.
18:56 OldCoder But it *would* solve some problems
18:56 thexyz wtf
18:56 preludelinux_lap ?
18:56 youlysses joined #minetest
18:56 OldCoder john_minetest, NakedFury seek consensus on the idea
18:57 iqualfragile what are you trying to do?
18:57 EqualsRagnar !g transexual
18:57 Minetest-tan EqualsRagnar: Gross!
18:57 sfan5 iqualfragile: mute EqualsRagnar
18:57 OldCoder No... ##minevoice
18:57 OldCoder Honestly I think it is a good idea
18:57 thexyz this channel should not be "moderated"
18:57 mauvebic #minetest and ##minetestmature?
18:57 sfan5 +1
18:57 NakedFury the amount of bot abuse and sometimes ridiculous trolling going on here needs to be stopped
18:57 thexyz i'm against it
18:58 OldCoder thexyz, You are correct but I am exhausted from the LM issue
18:58 OldCoder thexyz, seriously there is only so much that can be done
18:58 mauvebic perhaps we just need to seperate the kiddies from the grownups
18:58 sfan5 ^ +1
18:58 Polaque joined #minetest
18:58 OldCoder mauvebic, which means 95%
18:58 thexyz OldCoder: kickban him then
18:58 OldCoder thexyz, we went over this last night
18:58 thexyz I'm sure celeron55 against this idea too
18:58 OldCoder The person in question is here right now
18:58 Calinou if there is bot abuse, temporarily quiet the bot...
18:58 Calinou that's enough
18:58 thexyz why quiet the bot?
18:59 Polaque hello
18:59 thexyz quiet the human
18:59 mauvebic cant you deny certain people bot privileges?
18:59 sfan5 mauvebic: yes
18:59 OldCoder mauvebic, this is about more than bots
18:59 Calinou mauvebic: make the bot ignore some people
18:59 thexyz mauvebic: i'm too lazy for this, it's easier for me to /kick people
18:59 iqualfragile mauvebic: yes and i do so
18:59 preludelinux_lap why not just ban those that abuse policy
18:59 mauvebic tempbans for flooding then?
18:59 sfan5 the !g command already ignores some people
19:00 OldCoder preludelinux_lap, there is a problem with one person in particular. He cannot be banned.
19:00 mauvebic landmine?
19:00 OldCoder The name should not be spoken
19:00 markveidemanis_ !
19:00 Calinou hi markveidemanis_ :)
19:00 markveidemanis_ hi
19:01 EqualsRagnar Im outta here ya guys, i have ya all
19:01 thexyz EqualsRagnar: bai
19:01 Penguin_ hi markveidemanid
19:01 Penguin_ markveidemanis*
19:02 markveidemanis_ *hi
19:02 babyface1031 hi Penguin_ OldCoder
19:03 OldCoder Hi
19:05 MilanFIN joined #minetest
19:06 oro1 oldcooder are you here
19:06 oro1 ?
19:06 Calinou oro1: he is
19:06 Calinou just ask your question :P
19:07 oro1 we are in europe.minetest.org
19:07 oro1 how do we take a spot?
19:08 Calinou what do you mean? a screenshot? press f12
19:08 mauvebic F1 F2 to remove the overhead
19:08 oro1 I mean a spot where we can mine without  bracking anithing
19:09 Minetest-tan joined #minetest
19:09 mauvebic ?
19:10 Minetest-tan joined #minetest
19:10 Minetest-tan Hello World!
19:10 Minetest-tan GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest: Dont sneak while flying 9786202b08 2012-12-11T10:04:55-08:00
19:10 Minetest-tan GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
19:10 oro1 cainou we are reaL BEGINNER
19:10 mauvebic NakedFury got the tree plop gun and selective paint working (though no aliases for sel. paint)
19:11 thexyz !reload
19:11 thexyz well, forget it..
19:11 sfan5 you must say that in query
19:11 sfan5 it won't work otherwisw
19:12 sfan5 -w +e
19:13 Polaque_ joined #minetest
19:16 blaze joined #minetest
19:17 baembaem joined #minetest
19:17 baembaem left #minetest
19:19 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:19 akerok joined #minetest
19:20 MinetestBot GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest: Dont sneak while flying 9786202b08 2012-12-11T10:04:55-08:00
19:20 MinetestBot GIT: Calinou (Calinou) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Damage tweaks 73d078fd27 2012-12-15T09:05:14-08:00
19:20 sfan5 !server
19:20 Minetest-tan sfan5: LPGC Minetest Server | games.libreplanet.org:30000   up (99.863%)
19:20 MinetestBot sfan5: PlanetMinetest Creative Server | planetminetest.com:30000   down
19:20 thexyz joined #minetest
19:21 akerok Hello again everyone!
19:21 Zeg9 I'm off, bye all
19:21 TForsman joined #minetest
19:21 thexyz left #minetest
19:23 Kokorobet joined #minetest
19:23 Kokorobet joined #minetest
19:23 thexyz joined #minetest
19:25 jordan4ibanez jeija there is a bug in latest github
19:25 jordan4ibanez you can have the extra wires in your inventory
19:25 jordan4ibanez on placing, it crashes the game
19:25 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
19:25 jordan4ibanez crashing = gives server error
19:26 NakedFury nice to hear about the guns
19:26 NakedFury im updating my minetest folder
19:26 sokomine jordan4ibanez: i've installed your biome api on singleplayer and hoped to be able to use the swamps with it in some way
19:26 jordan4ibanez 14:26:32: ERROR[main]: ServerError: LuaError: error: ...etest/mods/mesecons/mesecons_extrawires/vertical.lua:69: attempt to call global 'addPosRule' (a nil value)
19:26 jordan4ibanez Awesome
19:26 sokomine the jungletrees from bas' mod are nicer but unfortionately seem to cause lag
19:27 mauvebic NakedFury havent posted any updates yet still doing the inv thing
19:30 iqualfragile sfan5 you can remove the git-update-funciton if celeron55 (feel alerted) enables githubs builtin irc-notifications
19:30 iqualfragile (or PilzAdam or whoever is able to)
19:30 jordan4ibanez Now firework boxes work with mesecons
19:31 thexyz iqualfragile: do they have those?
19:32 Kyleidge joined #minetest
19:32 iqualfragile can you access https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/settings/hooks
19:34 thexyz nope
19:34 thexyz ok, i see, there is one
19:35 PilzAdam iqualfragile, only c55 has access to the repo settings
19:35 iqualfragile does he read #minetest ?
19:35 PilzAdam sometimes
19:36 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
19:37 PilzAdam iqualfragile, what was the IP of the server?
19:39 Kyleidge left #minetest
19:42 Penguin_ joined #minetest
19:43 jordan4ibanez lol, the player detector in mesecons detects my npcs too
19:45 PilzAdam_ joined #minetest
19:46 jordan4ibanez celeron55, why does the entity deleter delete entities so quickly? is there a way to modify the value to stop entities from being deleted?
19:46 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:46 MinetestBot left #minetest
19:47 jordan4ibanez and the entities of items should stop itself from moving when the y velocity hits 0 so items don't float on top of nodeboxes
19:48 KikaRz joined #minetest
19:48 KikaRz sfan5, since when you're op?
19:49 sfan5 KikaRz: i dont s
19:49 sfan5 *see anything
19:49 Octupus joined #minetest
19:49 KikaRz [19:48] == mode/#minetest [+o sfan5] by sfan5
19:49 Octupus Hello
19:49 STHGOM joined #minetest
19:49 rsiska joined #minetest
19:51 markveidemanis anyone got a decent boeing 747 map, without wool
19:52 jordan4ibanez line 88 of item_entity.lua add this
19:52 jordan4ibanez local v = self.object:getvelocity()
19:52 jordan4ibanez if not minetest.registered_nodes[nn] or minetest.registered_nodes[nn].walkable and v.y == 0 then
19:53 jordan4ibanez makes it so you can throw items onto mesecon pressure plates, and stares without awkward effects
19:53 STHGOM OldCoder : in the Zegeton server done upgrading?
19:55 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:55 MinetestBot left #minetest
19:57 OldCoder STHGOM, Yesterday was difficult. I am working on things now.
19:57 STHGOM ok
19:57 OldCoder Folks what should I delete to turn off 3D avatars for a world? player.lua. Anything else?
19:57 STHGOM no hard feelings :D
20:03 mauvebic NakedFury does something like this make sense for terraforming? http://www.zimg.eu/i/1332984408
20:04 Uberi joined #minetest
20:05 OldCoder Uberi, Hi
20:05 OldCoder mauvebic, your world is... detailed
20:05 Uberi hello OldCoder!
20:05 OldCoder Uberi, You will see mauvebic world shortly
20:05 mauvebic found all the POIs? :)
20:05 Uberi got a screenshot? :P
20:05 OldCoder mauvebic, world seems slow. Not yet re POI.
20:05 OldCoder Uberi, I plan too
20:06 OldCoder mauvebic, Visit and tell me what to speed up and how
20:06 mauvebic hmm,fire and furnaces already disabled?
20:08 mauvebic turret abms can go too
20:08 mauvebic or set from 1 to 10~15
20:08 OldCoder mauvebic, I have not done furnaces yet because you don't have them
20:08 mauvebic oh ok if theyre not in then thats fine :-)
20:09 OldCoder mauvebic, You can look the world over in a bit and comment
20:09 mauvebic okiedokie sned me the addy when youre ready
20:10 NakedFury mauvebic you mean the Brush and Other options buttons?
20:11 mauvebic yeah trying to fit them in the inventory, expanded it to 14 wide so far lol
20:11 markveidemanis mauvebic: how many inventory modifications have you made??
20:12 mauvebic to fit brush options and possibly bookmarks, quite a few lol
20:12 NakedFury would the buttons only appear on creative mode or is there a way to have them appear in survival mode but for players that the priviledge. example /grant singleplayer terraform  so now he can use the guns and have that inventory tab with terraforming buttons
20:13 mauvebic im trying to setup privs through the inv so stuff doesnt show up if you cant use it yeah
20:14 markveidemanis can i have the link to the bigger inventory?
20:14 mauvebic still deving it
20:15 kizeren Sounds like there will be a world where I can nuke space ships soon?
20:16 NakedFury the nukes are dangerous
20:17 NakedFury made the mistake of quick firing it several times
20:17 NakedFury had to delete world after that
20:17 mauvebic i should put a lock on rapid firing nukes lol
20:17 mauvebic like a 2minute timeout before being able to fire another
20:17 NakedFury yes
20:17 kizeren yea
20:18 NakedFury will in the end help the server from dying
20:18 mauvebic how about this but upside down: http://www.zimg.eu/i/2670996068
20:18 kizeren or just load me up with them and let me loose on the world agai.
20:18 mauvebic i could shorten the inventory when there are no options to show
20:18 NakedFury give it time to calculate the awesomeness
20:18 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:18 RagnarLaud Hi
20:19 Uberi hey
20:20 RagnarLaud Sup
20:21 jordan4ibanez i'm fucking impressed with myself that i could make fireworks this good in minetest lol
20:22 kizeren joined #minetest
20:24 NakedFury I saw the video
20:25 PilzAdam jordan4ibanez, tomorow I will try your builtin item collision patch
20:25 Uberi did someone make fireworks?
20:26 Uberi and ITEM COLLISION?
20:26 Uberi O_o
20:26 jordan4ibanez ok
20:27 jordan4ibanez yes
20:27 PilzAdam if you want credit then pull request it
20:27 jordan4ibanez Minetest does not handle entities very well, but i did what i could with what i have
20:27 KikaRz VanessaE, you there?
20:28 Uberi how? AABB collisions?
20:28 VanessaE I am testing things on the server, trying to un-break some mods.
20:28 KikaRz Can i?
20:28 KikaRz enter
20:28 KikaRz ?
20:28 KikaRz im on Windows, but i can enter in minetest.
20:28 VanessaE you can if you want but expect frequent restarts until I solve the problem
20:29 VanessaE looks like mesecons or some part of technic is the problem
20:29 VanessaE *sigh*
20:29 jordan4ibanez What? Not entity collision, i meant item collisions with nodeboxes
20:30 NakedFury what size would blocks be in blender?
20:30 NakedFury 1 m x 1m x1m?
20:30 TForsman joined #minetest
20:30 PilzAdam should be
20:30 jordan4ibanez pulled
20:31 jordan4ibanez pushed
20:31 jordan4ibanez whatevered
20:31 VanessaE NakedFury: yeah, 1m^3
20:32 Penguin_ joined #minetest
20:32 Uberi oh OK jordan4ibanez
20:32 jordan4ibanez https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/356
20:32 moltenbot jordan4ibanez's link: Fix item entity's collision with nodeboxes by jordan4ibanez ? Pull Request #356 ? celeron55/minetest ? GitHub
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20:34 thexyz jordan4ibanez: that's not how you should compare floats
20:34 jordan4ibanez why not tell me how i should instead of just pointing it out?
20:35 sfan5[iPod] !server
20:35 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: Jordach's Pixel Art | redcrab.suret.net:30402   up (95.674%)
20:35 thexyz jordan4ibanez: well, the correct way to compare floats is to compare abs(a - b) with eps
20:35 sfan5[iPod] !up redcrab.suret.net:30402
20:35 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: redcrab.suret.net:30402 is up (0.207ms)
20:35 moltenbot Minetest server redcrab.suret.net:30402:30000 DOWN