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IRC log for #minetest, 2012-12-16

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00:00 TheRedMoodOld KikaRz: I am mute, how did you know?
00:00 TheRedMoodOld KikaRz:  :o So I do know you.
00:01 Poorsoft joined #minetest
00:01 PilzAdam Carts update: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=57292#p57292
00:01 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: [Mod] Carts [carts] (Page 9) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
00:01 Poorsoft Hi STHGOM.
00:02 STHGOM HI!
00:02 STHGOM (do i know you?)
00:02 paxcoder joined #minetest
00:03 paxcoder !up mt1.gameboom.net
00:03 moltenbot Minetest server mt1.gameboom.net:30000 DOWN
00:03 Minetest-tan paxcoder: mt1.gameboom.net seems to be down
00:05 Poorsoft STHGOM: #powder
00:06 PilzAdam gtg; bye
00:06 BackupCoder hey
00:07 STHGOM ohh hi
00:07 STHGOM did i argue with you?
00:08 Octupus BackupCoder,
00:09 Octupus *hi
00:09 Octupus GTG bye every1 :D
00:09 paxcoder STHGOM, nr of people you talked to: 0
00:10 KikaRz bye people
00:10 STHGOM bye
00:10 paxcoder mye human
00:10 KikaRz 0:10
00:10 paxcoder *bye
00:11 paxcoder KikaRz, where are you from?
00:12 STHGOM how do you say where you're from?
00:12 TheRedMoodOld ?
00:12 TheRedMoodOld norway.
00:12 paxcoder lol
00:13 paxcoder STHGOM, you're probably asking about the quit message. you do /quit <message>
00:13 jordan4ibanez i wish creative used my infinite item trick
00:13 STHGOM no
00:13 berome joined #minetest
00:14 STHGOM yea like the WHOIS stuff
00:15 jordan4ibanez thexyz, do you vouche for my infinite item in creative modification for creative_mode mod?
00:17 STHGOM like if you go to sokomine, right-click his name, in the menu-ish thing you see that he is from Germany!
00:20 paxcoder what's the diamond texture's hash?
00:21 paxcoder as in, diamond block when in stone (unmined)
00:21 paxcoder dunno how that's called
00:21 LandMineMT joined #minetest
00:21 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
00:21 LandMineMT hiiiiiiii
00:21 LandMineMT oldcoder you there?
00:22 jojoa1997 dargon here
00:22 paxcoder if these names in /cache/media/ are hashes, that is
00:23 STHGOM joined #minetest
00:26 paxcoder hmm it's like it's generated
00:26 paxcoder *on the fly
00:26 paxcoder from a common X in stone background
00:27 paxcoder oh there are semi-transparent X textures... now just to find diamond
00:32 paxcoder found
00:36 Aqua joined #minetest
00:36 Aqua Hello
00:37 paxcoder hello, age to oh
00:38 Aqua ?
00:38 paxcoder H˘2^O
00:41 paxcoder what are "diamond encrusted steel tools"?
00:42 paxcoder anyone at all? -_-
00:45 NakedFury diamond encrusted steel tools are more expensive steel tools with added power
00:45 NakedFury are you asking in game?
00:46 paxcoder NakedFury, why would they be stronger?
00:46 NakedFury well unless the diamond is there for decoration it should cut better
00:47 paxcoder NakedFury, oh, but it's still weaker than diamond tools?
00:48 paxcoder how would you rank it vs tools made of other ores?
00:51 * paxcoder is now known as paxcoder|stillWaiting
00:54 NakedFury http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diamond_tool
00:54 moltenbot NakedFury's link: Diamond tool - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
00:55 paxcoder NakedFury, seriously?
00:55 Lumpio- left #minetest
00:56 paxcoder fine, be that way.
00:57 NakedFury diamond encrusted tools give more cutting power i think. for example saw blades
00:57 NakedFury the tools used in stone quarries use diamond encrusted blades
00:58 paxcoder <paxcoder> NakedFury, oh, but it's still weaker than diamond tools?
00:58 paxcoder that's why i was confused. it just says "stronger" on the site
00:58 paxcoder i thought that it was stronger than diamond
00:58 paxcoder from what i saw there it seemed to be also more expensive
00:59 paxcoder (2 steel per ingot)
00:59 paxcoder hence the confusion
00:59 NakedFury you plan to do a mod with that?
00:59 paxcoder no
01:00 paxcoder so can you tell me how diamond encrusted tools fare vs others?
01:00 NakedFury no. not an expert on tools
01:01 paxcoder the power has shiftes so much, the only thing i'm certain of right now is that diamond tools beat everything, and that bronze tools are very strong
01:01 paxcoder *shfited
01:02 davidpace joined #minetest
01:02 Aqua Hi
01:02 davidpace Hi Aqua
01:02 * VanessaE has returned.
01:05 STHGOM bye
01:06 davidpace bye
01:06 paxcoder bye
01:06 STHGOM left #minetest
01:10 mauvebic hey NakedFury whenever you have the time give this a shot and lemme if the GUI hampers performance: http://ompldr.org/vZ3BtZQ/mm2-121512-testing.zip
01:10 mauvebic *lemme know
01:10 Aqua mauvebic your map is huge
01:10 mauvebic been to dwarven fortress yet?
01:10 Aqua Nope to huge
01:10 Aqua too*
01:11 Aqua Its great :)
01:12 ttk2 joined #minetest
01:12 mauvebic thx though we have some stuff to fix downtown (facedirs ) lol
01:13 kizeren Your map online?
01:13 Aqua how long did it take?
01:13 mauvebic i kept the same map since i started working on my modpack
01:13 mauvebic was an exercise in reverse-compat lol
01:17 Beaster joined #minetest
01:21 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
01:21 jordan4ibanez Hello
01:21 jordan4ibanez https://github.com/celeron55/minetest_game/pull/69
01:21 moltenbot jordan4ibanez's link: have infinite items in creative mode by jordan4ibanez ? Pull Request #69 ? celeron55/minetest_game ? GitHub
01:42 NakedFury testing mauvebic
01:44 * VanessaE tests NakedFury
01:44 VanessaE hrm...  open circuit,.
01:45 cy1 mauvebic: not blowing up everything anymore?
01:54 mauvebic i dont think per user settings are gonna work
01:56 NakedFury leaving the first Selector block empty and using something on the other causes a crash
01:57 Muadtralk joined #minetest
01:57 mauvebic weird half the time it doesnt work for me just w/ the first selector
01:59 Poorsoft left #minetest
02:01 NakedFury 22:00:34: ERROR[main]: ServerError: LuaError: error running function 'on_step': ...12-15-12\bin\..\games\mauvebic_game\mods\bw\init.lua:736: attempt to perform arithmetic on field '?' (a nil value)
02:02 NakedFury using the plop gun
02:02 mauvebic theyre all doing that :/
02:02 BackupCoder what's up doc
02:03 mauvebic screw the per user settings lol ittl be admin-only
02:04 NakedFury admin only spawnable?
02:04 mauvebic admin only to shoot or change settings yeah
02:05 mauvebic because storing different settings for each user will kill it
02:05 NakedFury can the commands still work or with gui they disappear?
02:06 mauvebic the GUI isn't a bad idea, but if one admin changes a setting, it might not look accurate to any other admins in their inv
02:06 mauvebic so im not sure lol
02:07 TheRedMoodOld SO many tests openssh has to go trough
02:07 TheRedMoodOld When it is compiled X3
02:08 mauvebic it seems to work better oldschool (chatcommands lol)
02:09 mauvebic and with the GUI you cant choose a fraction as a a brush size (just realized) lol
02:10 NakedFury it was a nice idea anyway
02:11 mauvebic ill comment out the formspec for now
02:11 mauvebic at least i got tree plop and selective paint working today lol
02:11 NakedFury then how will the selector work in chat commands?
02:12 mauvebic for selective paint you do /selective <nodename to replace>
02:12 mauvebic and /terrain (what youll paint w/)
02:13 NakedFury ok
02:14 NakedFury ill wait for new nonformspec-ed version
02:14 mauvebic just need textures for the two guns and should be done :-)
02:14 kizeren Any reason graphics don't show up?  I have tried clearing the cache.  Sometimes they do but more times they don't.
02:15 Kokorobet joined #minetest
02:15 Kokorobet joined #minetest
02:23 cy1 kizeren: camera update enabled?
02:23 cy1 it's probably just a slow server.
02:23 kizeren Enabled.
02:24 kizeren cobble stairs don't load
02:24 kizeren protector does't load
02:24 kizeren sometimes its just random items
02:24 cy1 huh...
02:24 kizeren but if I place them they appear just fine.
02:24 cy1 That sounds... like I have no clue
02:25 kizeren I can't seem them if they are in inventory or a chest.  If in hand I can see or if placed I can see them.
02:25 cy1 whose world is it?
02:25 kizeren Mine.
02:26 kizeren chance could be graphics card?
02:28 cy1 eh... never heard that problem
02:29 mauvebic NakedFury the fixed version: http://ompldr.org/vZ3BuaA/mm2-121512-rel.zip
02:29 NakedFury downloading
02:31 mauvebic hopefully that one's smooth lol
02:31 NakedFury what is the name of the folder? I always dump them all and copy and replace
02:31 Viron joined #minetest
02:31 Viron Please help me to create a server
02:32 mauvebic no folder, just zipped my mods in minetest_game
02:32 Viron I port forwarded and connected but others cant connect
02:32 kizeren trying different server see if it is mine or my client.
02:33 parabyte joined #minetest
02:33 kizeren What port did you forward and what port did you set game up on?  Default is 30000
02:33 kizeren !up calin.sytes.net 30000
02:33 Minetest-tan kizeren: calin.sytes.net 30000 seems to be down
02:33 moltenbot Minetest server calin.sytes.net:30000 DOWN
02:33 NakedFury can paint work with air as "color"?
02:34 Viron Kizeren I forwarded
02:35 Viron I have the cmd window open
02:35 kizeren In your router
02:35 Viron and the server should be up
02:35 kizeren you need to forward port 30000 to that IP address.
02:35 Viron My router is netgear
02:35 Viron I did
02:36 kizeren Windows?
02:36 kizeren or GNU/Linux?
02:36 Viron it says in cmd that its port 30000
02:36 Viron Windows
02:37 kizeren I just connected to you.
02:37 Viron Oh
02:37 Viron then nvm
02:37 kizeren give me a moment tho.
02:37 kizeren make sure I can get all the way in.
02:38 Viron my friend just connected it ok
02:39 VanessaE damn, no Uberi and no Jeija...
02:52 OldCoder Hi
02:53 TheRedMoodOld ahh.
02:53 TheRedMoodOld I like old hardware
02:53 TheRedMoodOld It makes everything much cleaner.
02:54 OldCoder ?
02:57 kizeren cy1, it does it on any server I connect to.  On minetest.org 30000 can't see any inventory at all.
02:58 NakedFury just thought of 2 new commands: //deforestation q quick way of saying replace leaves air and tree air
02:58 NakedFury and //drain or //drought
02:58 mauvebic you could always selectively repaint tree to air and the leaves will decay?
02:59 NakedFury same replace water_source and flowing with air
03:00 mauvebic ill have to think about hwo to drain lakes
03:03 NakedFury ohh and the canyonator tool just loweres terrain
03:04 NakedFury Example: "/b ca y30" Moves landscape based at sea level (y:64) to y:30
03:04 mauvebic was thinking about that
03:04 NakedFury because minecraft has low ceiling level that tool lowers the landscape selected to give a canyon look and allow tall buildings to exist
03:06 mauvebic well the equivilant canyonator might have a brush where the depth increases towards the center
03:07 NakedFury ohh /brush is at 10
03:17 kizeren I thought it was 18k squares to bottom of map/
03:17 kizeren ?
03:49 Dopium joined #minetest
04:10 youlysses joined #minetest
04:13 Muadtralk left #minetest
04:14 OldCoder joined #minetest
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05:26 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
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05:41 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
05:53 kotolegokot joined #minetest
06:03 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
06:03 RagnarLaud Hi
06:16 davidpace joined #minetest
06:30 sfan5[iPod] joined #minetest
06:34 sfan5[iPod] !server
06:34 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: Redcrab's server 0.4 dev20120106-1 | redcrab.suret.net:30000   up (87.586%)
06:34 VanessaE !server
06:34 Minetest-tan VanessaE: M13's Server (0.4.3) | m13.servegame.com:30001   down
06:34 VanessaE heh, wonder how many tries it'll take before mine shows up :-)
06:34 sfan5[iPod] :D
06:34 VanessaE 01:35:02: ACTION[ServerThread]: DeathStark attempted to interact with [object 6] without 'interact' privilege
06:35 Calinou joined #minetest
06:35 VanessaE how many hundreds of times is this guy gonna try before he reads his chat where it says he needs interact priv. :-)
06:35 sfan5[iPod] you could try it in query withe bot
06:36 VanessaE nine tries including the one in channel :-)
06:36 VanessaE heh
06:36 sfan5[iPod] !up vanessae.mine.bz
06:36 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.237ms)
06:36 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
06:37 VanessaE Calinou: give it time, many changes since you were last on.
06:39 * Minetest-tan wants hugs
06:40 jojoa1997_ joined #minetest
06:40 VanessaE sfan5[iPod]: make up my mind :-)
06:47 kizeren !server
06:47 Minetest-tan kizeren: Redcrab's Minetest Server 0.3.1 | redcrab.suret.net:30031   up (95.299%)
06:56 sfan5[iPod] !server
06:56 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: PlanetMinetest Creative Server | planetminetest.com:30000   down
06:56 sfan5[iPod] !up planetminetest.com
06:56 moltenbot Minetest server planetminetest.com:30000 DOWN
06:56 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: planetminetest.com seems to be down
06:56 VanessaE heh. moved and seconded with one command.
06:59 sfan5[iPod] !server
06:59 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: [0.4.3] LAD's creative server 24/7 | minetest.org:30006   up (90.621%)
06:59 sfan5[iPod] !sv
07:00 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: Redcrab's server 0.4 dev20120106-1 | redcrab.suret.net:30000   up (87.587%)
07:00 sfan5[iPod] !up redcrab.suret.net
07:00 Minetest-tan sfan5[iPod]: redcrab.suret.net is up (0.204ms)
07:00 moltenbot Minetest server redcrab.suret.net:30000 UP
07:07 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
07:07 RagnarLaud Hi
07:08 RagnarLaud Hi ppl
07:08 RagnarLaud Anybody?
07:08 sfan5[iPod] hi
07:14 VanessaE Night all.
07:14 sfan5[iPod] n8
07:34 devlab joined #minetest
07:47 Calinou fakename much
07:47 Calinou (or, someone dvorak user trying to type their name with qwerty)
07:47 Calinou some*
07:48 rdwrer Calinou: It's a joke from Frasier
07:48 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
07:48 rdwrer Calinou: And I no longer use qwerty on any computer
07:48 RagnarLaud Hi
07:49 markveidemanis joined #minetest
07:49 rdwrer RagnarLaud: Hi!
07:49 markveidemanis minetest.org 30000
07:49 markveidemanis bots?
07:49 RagnarLaud Hi Calinou
07:49 RagnarLaud Hi 2 u 2
07:50 RagnarLaud Hey is KikaRz here
07:50 rdwrer RagnarLaud: Doesn't appear to be, why?
07:50 RagnarLaud VanessaE
07:51 RagnarLaud Ok...
07:51 RagnarLaud I wanted to apologize
07:51 rdwrer RagnarLaud: I missed it, what happened?
07:52 RagnarLaud I harassed the bots
07:52 RagnarLaud XD
07:52 RagnarLaud !define harassment
07:52 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: harassment definition: uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical behavior of a sexual nature especially by a person in authority toward a subordinate (as an employee or student).
07:52 RagnarLaud See?
07:53 RagnarLaud !tw shibby2142
07:53 Minetest-tan @Sacriel42 what did you end up picking? (@shibby2142)
07:53 rdwrer Heh.
07:54 markveidemanis minetest.net:30000 UP
07:54 Calinou !tw psy
07:54 Minetest-tan Pretty awesome they have digital lenses for glasses now. Way thinner than normal ones but expensive too. (@psy)
07:54 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
07:54 Calinou lol
07:54 sfan5 !tw Dinnerbone
07:54 Calinou the word "lens", redefined in 2012 by ubuntu.
07:54 Minetest-tan @TDWfan Accidents can be fun :) (@Dinnerbone)
07:54 rdwrer RagnarLaud: Well, I'm sure we'll forgive you
07:56 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
07:57 Dopium venassae server crashed?
07:57 sfan5 !up vanessae.mine.bz
07:57 Minetest-tan sfan5: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.236ms)
07:57 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
07:57 neko259 joined #minetest
07:58 Dopium Some reason i can join :(
07:58 Minetest-tan hi neko259
07:58 neko259 Minetest-tan: Hi :3
07:59 Minetest-tan i
07:59 markveidemanis is there a mesecons "core pack"
07:59 sfan5 markveidemanis: yes
07:59 Ragnar joined #minetest
07:59 sfan5 hi neko259
07:59 Ragnar Hi
07:59 markveidemanis link plz
07:59 Ragnar Hi sfan
08:00 Minetest-tan hi Ragnar
08:00 Guest42884 wtf
08:00 Guest42884 Hey sfan5
08:00 sfan5 the nick ragnar is registered
08:01 sfan5 you have to auth you with /msg NickServ identify [password]
08:01 Guest42884 Its me RagnarLaud can you change my nick?
08:01 Guest42884 I forgot my pw
08:01 sfan5 i'm not a freenode staff
08:02 sfan5 ask them
08:02 Guest42884 Ok... Them brb
08:03 Calinou staff can be found in #freenode
08:03 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
08:04 jojoa1997_ joined #minetest
08:05 neko259 sfan5: Hi.
08:06 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
08:06 EqualsRagnar Hi
08:06 EqualsRagnar Hi
08:06 EqualsRagnar Im back sfan5
08:07 sfan5 hi
08:07 simion314 joined #minetest
08:08 EqualsRagnar !g when i come around
08:08 Minetest-tan EqualsRagnar: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmJxtgmsqAE
08:08 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
08:09 RagnarLaud Hi im back i crashed
08:09 RagnarLaud !tw shibby2142
08:09 Minetest-tan @Sacriel42 what did you end up picking? (@shibby2142)
08:10 RagnarLaud !tw raywj
08:10 Minetest-tan Dear Chris Salas, your mom found my Riley Rewind shoot and beat me up until I agreed to give you a shout out http://instagr.am/p/TSXXgTvdnr/ (@raywj)
08:13 markveidemanis joined #minetest
08:13 devlab how can i hide ugly mesecon wiring?
08:15 leo_rockway joined #minetest
08:19 jojoa1997_ how do i start a server this link is getting me nowhere http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1037
08:19 moltenbot jojoa1997_'s link: A guide to server creation. (Page 1) - Servers - Minetest Forums
08:20 jojoa1997_ how do i start on i am clueless
08:21 Calinou devlab: with blocks? :P
08:21 jojoa1997_ ?
08:21 Calinou jojoa1997_: read it again
08:21 Calinou you need some kind of patience and computer knowledge to start a server
08:22 jojoa1997_ if i go to comand prompt and type in ipconfig what is the lan ip
08:22 jojoa1997_ lan #
08:22 jojoa1997_ i have basic pc knowlwedge
08:23 markveidemanis joined #minetest
08:24 jojoa1997_ what is port forwording
08:25 rdwrer jojoa1997_: https://duckduckgo.com
08:25 moltenbot rdwrer's link: DuckDuckGo
08:25 rdwrer It's very useful
08:25 sfan5 .c sqrt(cos(x))cos(300*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)(4-x*x)^0.01
08:25 jojoa1997_ ?
08:25 sfan5 !c sqrt(cos(x))cos(300*x)+sqrt(abs(x))-0.7)(4-x*x)^0.01
08:25 Minetest-tan Sorry, no result.
08:26 rdwrer sfan5: Is your computer broken?
08:26 sfan5 rdwrer: no, why?
08:26 rdwrer sfan5: Well, you're using the bot instead
08:34 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
08:34 RagnarLaud Hi
08:34 RagnarLaud Hey sfan5
08:35 sfan5 hi
08:35 RagnarLaud Sup
08:35 RagnarLaud Btw who is backup coder
08:35 rdwrer RagnarLaud: It's another account for OldCoder
08:35 RagnarLaud Oh
08:36 RagnarLaud Multiaccounting ftw
08:37 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
08:45 davidpace joined #minetest
08:51 john_minetest joined #minetest
08:51 Zeg9 joined #minetest
08:52 rdwrer john_minetest: Howdy!
08:54 neko259 joined #minetest
08:56 Zeg9 Hello!
08:57 markveidemanis joined #minetest
08:58 realbadangel_ hi
08:58 realbadangel_ http://realbadangel.pl/ltrees.png
08:58 realbadangel_ what do you think bout it?
08:58 Zeg9 Maybe leaves should be a bit higher
08:58 FreeFull I don't get why you'd use bilinear/trilinear filtering
08:58 FreeFull And get rid of those crisp pixels
08:58 Zeg9 Because he often use a texture pack
08:59 Zeg9 uses*
08:59 FreeFull Makes it look like an N64 game
08:59 realbadangel_ yup, 128x is here all the time, now its disabled just for test
08:59 FreeFull I think john_minetest is right
09:00 FreeFull At least one block
09:00 rsiska joined #minetest
09:00 moltenbot john_minetest's link: Nintendo Sixty-FOOOOOOOOOOUR - YouTube
09:00 FreeFull And the leaves shouldn't be as concentrated near the trunk
09:01 realbadangel_ they just grow this way ;)
09:01 Jordach joined #minetest
09:01 Jordach joined #minetest
09:02 rdwrer john_minetest: Maybe Ragnar didn't like your idea?
09:02 markveidemanis joined #minetest
09:02 FreeFull That oak picture doesn't show you what it looks like from underneath though
09:02 rdwrer john_minetest: Have you thought about forking it?
09:03 rdwrer john_minetest: Well, it's not really our place to criticise, so just make your own and it should be useful.
09:07 realbadangel_ http://realbadangel.pl/ltree2.png
09:07 Jordach FUCK
09:07 Jordach ME.
09:07 realbadangel_ this stick near to oak is default tree ;)
09:09 FreeFull Boy default trees are tiny
09:09 moltenbot john_minetest's link: [Mod] Educational Drugs [edudrugs] (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
09:11 Zeg9 john_minetest, LOTS[!!!] of Bugfixes lol
09:11 realbadangel_ http://realbadangel.pl/sometrees.png
09:12 realbadangel_ and view from above
09:12 FreeFull Jeezz
09:13 ruskie they certainly do
09:13 Zeg9 realbadangel_, maybe you should make different leaves, lighter ones
09:13 Zeg9 Like the ones in haven
09:13 Jordach and perhaps NOT AS LARGE
09:13 realbadangel_ i will make different kind of trees
09:13 ruskie trees need to be large
09:14 Jordach ruskie, vectors can be scaled
09:14 realbadangel_ of course they can be smaller
09:14 realbadangel_ they can grow
09:14 FreeFull How about hazel
09:14 rdwrer john_minetest: Can I ask why you made it do _nothing but_ cause damage? Drugs do other things....
09:14 realbadangel_ and be larger too
09:15 * ruskie takes a world tree for 100 blocks please
09:15 rdwrer rdwrer: Well, I mean, you could do more than just cause damage
09:15 rdwrer Er sorry
09:15 rdwrer john_minetest: ^^
09:16 rdwrer john_minetest: Well, I understand it makes sense to discourage, but presenting all of the evidence can't hurt
09:16 ruskie it does when you have kids playing
09:17 Penguin_ joined #minetest
09:17 Penguin_ hi
09:17 rdwrer john_minetest: Maybe adding random movement input for some things, more long-term periodic damage for smoking, etc. would be even better
09:17 markveidemanis joined #minetest
09:17 markveidemanis hello
09:17 Penguin_ markveidemanis u on server
09:18 markveidemanis yeh its up
09:18 markveidemanis 1 thing: do not use fireworks
09:18 markveidemanis no, not shout
09:18 Penguin_ i have something cooll we could do
09:18 rdwrer john_minetest: Well, you can't reload the auth through a mod, can you?
09:18 Penguin_ talk to you on server
09:19 rdwrer john_minetest: You could add in random unwanted messages though, like random statements of "Have you ever like, thought about toes before?" on marijuana usage
09:19 FreeFull Lol
09:20 rdwrer I'm not sure that's totally accurate, though, the effects of most of these drugs being long-term
09:21 rdwrer john_minetest: The best one I can think of is one HP reduction per minute after each cigarette
09:21 rdwrer john_minetest: Random loss of inventory items on cocaine usage to symbolize the financial effects, maybe
09:23 markveidemanis add BEER!
09:24 realbadangel_ http://realbadangel.pl/realhuge.png
09:24 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
09:24 RagnarLaud Hi
09:24 realbadangel_ this time really huge ones :)
09:24 RagnarLaud Hey has anybody ever seen sin city
09:26 rdwrer Boy, Ragnar is fascinating to talk with
09:27 KikaRz joined #minetest
09:27 KikaRz erv IDENTIFY adriano99
09:27 KikaRz nooooooooo
09:27 KikaRz did you seen my pass?
09:27 KikaRz joined #minetest
09:28 marktraceur KikaRz: Fail.
09:28 KikaRz good morning people
09:28 marktraceur KikaRz: Change it.
09:28 KikaRz Yea i Know marktraceur
09:28 KikaRz Did you seen my password?
09:28 devlab This reminds me of a Bash.org quote
09:28 marktraceur KikaRz: Yes.
09:28 devlab yep
09:28 Penguin_ joined #minetest
09:28 marktraceur devlab: KikaRz is made of slightly stronger stuff than your average bash.org punchline :)
09:29 devlab I know
09:29 KikaRz ??
09:29 KikaRz :'(
09:30 KikaRz why ? -NickServ- Verification failed. Invalid key for KikaRz.
09:30 whirm joined #minetest
09:30 Penguin_ mark
09:31 KikaRz -NickServ- Syntax: <account> <key> <newpass>
09:31 Penguin_ hello
09:31 KikaRz whats the key?
09:32 KikaRz hi Pnenguin_
09:32 KikaRz *Penguin_
09:32 Penguin_ kikarz are you on Vanessa
09:32 Penguin_ s server
09:32 KikaRz No, i'll be there in few minutes
09:32 KikaRz I'M WORRIED WITH IRC!!!
09:32 KikaRz :'(((
09:32 Penguin_ why
09:32 marktraceur Penguin_: Hi
09:33 marktraceur Penguin_: You pinged me a few days ago and never came back, what was up?
09:33 KikaRz everybody knows my password now
09:33 marktraceur KikaRz: Change it
09:33 KikaRz I CANT
09:33 Penguin_ idk
09:33 KikaRz -NickServ- Syntax: <account> <key> <newpass> - Whats the Key?
09:33 marktraceur KikaRz: It sent you an email, probably
09:34 marktraceur KikaRz: Use "set password", not "setpass"
09:34 kizeren joined #minetest
09:34 marktraceur Nice talking to Penguin again (I effing hate it when people don't stay on IRC, very frustrating)
09:35 KikaRz changed.
09:35 KikaRz uf...
09:36 KikaRz i've been scared.
09:36 KikaRz entering
09:36 KikaRz minetest vanessa e's server
09:36 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
09:36 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.238ms)
09:36 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
09:37 markveidemanis joined #minetest
09:38 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
09:38 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.237ms)
09:38 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
09:38 KikaRz i still connecting to the server
09:38 KikaRz and dont enters
09:38 KikaRz VanessaE?
09:41 KikaRz nothing to do...
09:41 KikaRz entering youtube
09:44 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
09:45 RagnarLaud hyva joulen
09:45 * devlab wonders the purpose of the Water turbines in mesecons mod
09:45 RagnarLaud Celeron55, hyva joulen
09:46 RagnarLaud !g hyva joulen
09:46 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.asesivut.net/ruger96.htm
09:51 Zeg9 brb
09:56 TheRedMood Hello
09:56 TheRedMood :D
09:56 Jordach hello
09:56 Jordach TheRedMood, you should stay more often
09:58 TheRedMood Yeah
09:58 TheRedMood :)
09:58 TheRedMood I know.
09:59 Penguin_ joined #minetest
09:59 TheRedMood I am sorry that I didn't last time, it is just that school and some ohter personal things hit me at the same time
09:59 Penguin_ markveidemanis
09:59 Zeg9 joined #minetest
10:00 Penguin_ ?
10:01 TheRedMood ello :=
10:01 Zeg9 Hi
10:01 realbadangel_ http://realbadangel.pl/scr1.png
10:02 Penguin_ marjk
10:07 Minetest-tan john_minetest: minetest.org:30015 is up (0.299ms)
10:07 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org:30015:30000 DOWN
10:07 blaze joined #minetest
10:11 john_minetest joined #minetest
10:11 blaze joined #minetest
10:12 Penguin_ joined #minetest
10:12 Penguin_ hi
10:15 Penguin_ kikarz
10:15 KikaRz what ?
10:15 Penguin_ u on vanesssas server
10:16 Penguin_ ?
10:17 KikaRz i cant enter
10:17 Penguin_ same
10:17 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
10:17 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.234ms)
10:17 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
10:17 KikaRz but says that its up
10:17 PilzAdam joined #minetest
10:18 Penguin_ cqarnt get on
10:18 PilzAdam Hello everyone!
10:18 devlab Hey, PilzAdam
10:18 Penguin_ hi
10:18 KikaRz Hello PilzAdam!
10:18 Zeg9 Hi PilzAdam
10:19 KikaRz when will VanessaE come? :(
10:19 Penguin_ when>
10:20 blaze joined #minetest
10:20 KikaRz Dislike. http://email.jagex.com/a/hBQyOLiB8KDmdB8vsetNm2OC$lB/view?t_params=REMOVE%3Drm-0b7k17d0bfpkfy6auv26ctqhd49xbq3%2540email.jagex.com
10:20 KikaRz Ace Of Spades is now payed.
10:20 jin_xi joined #minetest
10:20 KikaRz i hate that!
10:20 KikaRz I don't want minetest to turn into it too!
10:21 KikaRz i made 10 maps for it... now i cant play it
10:21 Zeg9 minetest is opensource, and I guess will stay
10:21 Zeg9 ace of spades had never been opensource I think
10:22 KikaRz yes its not.
10:22 devlab *sigh*
10:22 KikaRz but it was 100% Free FOREVER
10:22 KikaRz now, its payed on steam
10:22 Penguin_ http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/645517/psy/ kakarz my skin
10:22 moltenbot Penguin_'s link: PSY | Minecraft Skin
10:22 KikaRz do not make the same of them :(
10:22 KikaRz Penguin_, it's KikaRz
10:22 Penguin_ sorry
10:22 KikaRz and that's copyright
10:22 Penguin_ No
10:23 KikaRz Yes it is
10:23 Penguin_ free skins
10:23 KikaRz skin created by every people of the world
10:23 KikaRz not from you
10:23 Penguin_ its the one i want to use
10:23 devlab haha
10:23 KikaRz ... Penguin_, create one.
10:24 rsiska joined #minetest
10:24 Jordach https://github.com/iamgreaser/buldthensnip/
10:24 moltenbot Jordach's link: iamgreaser/buldthensnip ? GitHub
10:24 Jordach KikaRz, thats a Open Source AoS gane
10:24 Jordach game
10:24 KikaRz ... Free?
10:25 Jordach yes
10:25 Jordach Open Source = FREE
10:25 marktraceur KikaRz: A note, you should be more interested in retaining your freedom, which will ensure that you're able to defend against price hikes, than in retaining your pocket money.
10:25 KikaRz anyone plays?
10:25 Zeg9 realbadangel_, can you add an image for snow mod in your texture pack?
10:25 KikaRz This will be my 24/25 December's skin
10:25 KikaRz http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/642949/speedo-santa/
10:25 moltenbot KikaRz's link: Speedo Santa | Minecraft Skin
10:25 Zeg9 If you want, I made one I use... http://ompldr.org/vZ3BzZA
10:26 KikaRz hahahhaha
10:26 marktraceur Pay $50 to support a free game today, and be free to work with it forever. Pay $50 to support a non-free game, they can take it away from you tomorrow if they want.
10:26 realbadangel_ Zeg9, i will add some more, it has already snow and ice textures
10:26 Zeg9 ok
10:27 KikaRz Jordach, for linux or windows?
10:27 Jordach BOTH
10:27 marktraceur s/windows/NT/
10:27 KikaRz - You can buld!
10:27 KikaRz - You can grif cahirs!
10:27 KikaRz - YOU CAN SNIP!
10:27 KikaRz whats that?
10:28 Jordach http://paste.ubuntu.com/1443307/
10:28 moltenbot Jordach's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
10:28 KikaRz SNIP, grif cahirs and buld?
10:28 Jordach read the require ments
10:28 Jordach KikaRz, snipe, grief towers and build
10:28 KikaRz xd
10:28 KikaRz i prefer placing laters
10:29 * marktraceur points y'all to #buldthensnip and heads to bed
10:29 marktraceur Ta all
10:30 KikaRz Jordach
10:30 KikaRz how to compile it in linux?
10:30 KikaRz cmake make?
10:31 Jordach its not a cmake
10:31 Jordach idk, im a windows user
10:31 Jordach http://paste.ubuntu.com/1443307/ this is the requirements for it to work
10:31 Penguin_ lol
10:31 moltenbot Jordach's link: Ubuntu Pastebin
10:31 Jordach (and frankly it works)
10:31 Penguin_ wow
10:31 moltenbot john_minetest's link: JustBeamIt - file transfer made easy
10:31 KikaRz john_minetest, too laggy for SuperTux
10:32 Penguin_ vaness
10:32 TheRedMood BACKS :D
10:32 Penguin_ carnt connect to vanessae.mine.bz
10:33 Penguin_ is it up
10:34 Minetest-tan john_minetest: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.233ms)
10:34 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
10:34 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
10:34 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.231ms)
10:34 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
10:34 KikaRz yes.
10:34 Penguin_ carnt get on
10:35 KikaRz I KNOW
10:35 KikaRz ITS MAYBE 99% CPU
10:35 KikaRz or 100
10:35 Penguin_ urg
10:36 Penguin_ who is on server
10:37 KikaRz nobody
10:37 Zeg9 Technic won't run with latest mesecons
10:37 Penguin_ when will vanessae be here
10:38 Penguin_ KikaRz what server you on
10:38 KikaRz nothing
10:38 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
10:39 RagnarLaud !g PilzAdam
10:39 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: https://github.com/PilzAdam
10:39 RagnarLaud Hey PilzAdam your famous
10:39 RagnarLaud !define PilzAdam
10:39 RagnarLaud !g PilzAdam
10:39 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:39 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: https://github.com/PilzAdam
10:39 Zeg9 PilzAdam, can you update tnt for nextgen mesecons ? ^^
10:40 PilzAdam oh, sure
10:40 Dopium Vanessae server running yet?
10:40 RagnarLaud Hi Zeg9
10:40 Zeg9 Hi RagnarLaud
10:40 Penguin_ kikarz come on for a bit
10:40 RagnarLaud Hi PilzAdam
10:40 Jordach !g "jordach"
10:40 RagnarLaud Hey adam look
10:40 Minetest-tan Jordach: http://soundcloud.com/jordach
10:40 KikaRz i cant Penguin
10:40 RagnarLaud !g PilzAdam
10:40 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: https://github.com/PilzAdam
10:40 Jordach WOOP!
10:40 Penguin_ and no Dopium
10:40 Dopium awww :(
10:40 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz
10:40 Penguin_ why
10:40 KikaRz Fuck you RagnarLaud.
10:41 KikaRz Abuser.
10:41 RagnarLaud Im sorry for yesterday
10:41 KikaRz !define stupid
10:41 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: stupid definition: slow of mind.
10:41 KikaRz thats what you are
10:41 KikaRz you can't abuse the bots
10:41 Dopium lol kikarz
10:41 RagnarLaud No really KikaRz im really sorry for yesterday
10:41 KikaRz hi doipum
10:41 Dopium hello
10:41 RagnarLaud I know and im sorry
10:43 RagnarLaud So KikaRz will you forgive me?
10:44 Elouin_ joined #minetest
10:44 Minetest-tan john_minetest: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javase/tech/index-jsp-140239.html
10:44 Zeg9 !g Zeg9
10:44 Minetest-tan Zeg9: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3530
10:44 Zeg9 o.o
10:44 Zeg9 My server ! lol
10:45 Penguin_ whois on a 0.4.4 server
10:45 * john_minetest is
10:45 jojoa1997_ iam
10:45 Penguin_ what server
10:45 PilzAdam Zeg9, done
10:45 jojoa1997_ NOTOBOMALAND
10:45 RagnarLaud Hi pingu
10:45 Zeg9 Yeah
10:46 jojoa1997_ it is the only 0.4.4 non laggy server right now
10:46 Penguin_ i am on
10:46 RagnarLaud Hey PilzAdam you wanna help me with my mod tomorrow? a c4 mod
10:47 PilzAdam Zeg9, are there any other mods from me that need to update mesecon API functions?
10:48 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
10:48 kaeza joined #minetest
10:48 RagnarLaud Hi im back i crashed
10:49 kaeza hello
10:49 Penguin_ urg vanessas server
10:49 RagnarLaud Hey john_minetest
10:49 RagnarLaud Hi pingu
10:49 Penguin_ stop
10:50 RagnarLaud !define forgiveness
10:50 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: forgiveness definition: the act of forgiving.
10:50 Penguin_ !define hate
10:50 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: hate definition: intense hostility and aversion usually deriving from fear, anger, or sense of injury.
10:50 RagnarLaud Hey pingu you wanna join the mafia when i open my server?
10:50 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:50 Penguin_ yes
10:50 Penguin_ lol
10:51 KikaRz !define unforgived
10:51 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:51 RagnarLaud You too john_minetest
10:51 KikaRz !define unforgive
10:51 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:51 Penguin_ !define you mum
10:51 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: you definition: the one or ones being addressed —used as the pronoun of the second person singular or plural in any grammatical relation except that of a possessive.
10:51 KikaRz !define kill
10:51 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: kill definition: to deprive of life.
10:51 KikaRz Yea.
10:51 kaeza1 joined #minetest
10:51 Penguin_ !define milf
10:51 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:52 kaeza1 I'm back
10:52 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz please forgive me, im just a 13 year old brat, i know any better
10:52 Penguin_ i am on server
10:52 KikaRz go to the small kids place
10:52 kaeza1 john_minetest: I think it was sfan 5
10:52 Jordach !owner
10:52 KikaRz this place is just for the mature ones
10:52 kaeza1 hey KikaRz
10:53 Penguin_ !define mine
10:53 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: mine definition: my —used before a word beginning with a vowel or '''h'''.
10:53 Penguin_ !define test
10:53 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: test definition: '''chiefly British''' cupel.
10:53 Penguin_ threre
10:53 KikaRz hi kaeza1
10:54 KikaRz do you know where is my son? (telek)
10:54 kaeza ?
10:54 * Penguin_ Orders Blowey
10:54 KikaRz do you know where is it ?
10:54 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz please forgive me, im begging you
10:55 KikaRz I don't pardon babies.
10:55 kaeza Penguin_: you are on Vanessa's serv right?
10:55 KikaRz kaeza, nobody is.
10:55 Penguin_ i was just disconected
10:55 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
10:55 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.234ms)
10:55 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
10:55 RagnarLaud Lets just forget everything thats happened and be friends ok?
10:55 KikaRz her server is bugge
10:55 KikaRz d
10:55 KikaRz RagnarLaud, i don't pardon babies.
10:56 kaeza :(
10:56 Penguin_ !define ragnar
10:56 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:56 kaeza !define pr0n
10:56 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:56 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: thinking definition: the action of using one's mind to produce thoughts.
10:56 KikaRz !define Laud
10:56 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: English prelate who as archbishop of Canterbury supported Charles I and absolutism in church and state.
10:56 Penguin_ !define  loling
10:56 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:56 KikaRz !define penguin
10:56 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: penguin definition: any of various erect short-legged flightless aquatic birds (family Spheniscidae) of the southern hemisphere.
10:57 KikaRz OOooh! Erect...
10:57 KikaRz hahahahah
10:57 KikaRz any of various erect short-legged
10:57 Penguin_ !define erection
10:57 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:57 Jordach !defing PilzAdam
10:57 KikaRz !define boner
10:57 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:57 KikaRz '-'
10:57 Jordach !define PilzAdam
10:57 devlab lol
10:57 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:57 RagnarLaud The names Kaknockers, Vod Kaknockers
10:57 Jordach !define OldCoder
10:57 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:57 Penguin_ !define pussy
10:57 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:57 KikaRz !define cock
10:57 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:57 KikaRz !define jockey
10:57 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: Sports One who rides horses in races, especially as a profession.
10:58 KikaRz !define spider-jockey
10:58 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:58 KikaRz ok. john_minetest
10:58 KikaRz you don't have fun too.
10:58 Penguin_ !define randy
10:58 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: randy definition: '''chiefly Scottish''' having a coarse manner.
10:58 RagnarLaud !tw tv6eesti
10:58 Minetest-tan Kell 21:00 selguvad X-Factori finalistid! Kelles neist on iksfaktor? (@tv6eesti)
10:59 KikaRz !define ddg.dg
10:59 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:59 KikaRz !define ddg
10:59 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: DDG may refer to: DDG-1000, a 21st century United States Navy ship class.
10:59 KikaRz Lawl.
10:59 RagnarLaud Oo x-factor is no tonight
10:59 Penguin_ !define youtube
10:59 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: YouTube A very popular video sharing Web site that lets anyone upload short videos for private or public viewing.
10:59 Penguin_ !define minecraft
10:59 moltenbot no definition found, try to use 'thinking'
10:59 KikaRz !tw enkai
10:59 Minetest-tan Sorry, couldn't get a tweet from https://twitter.com/enkai?1355655580.4 (@enkai)
10:59 KikaRz awx.
11:00 moltenbot Try !up <hostname.org> !teach <topic> !ping <hostname.org> [<port>] !date [timezone] !define <word> !joke
11:00 Penguin_ !tw officialactev8
11:00 Minetest-tan @ProSyndicate I Found An Cool Minecraft Map Kino Der Toten Map Its Pretty Sick And Fun Check It Out 1.3.2 http://www.mediafire.com/?d2qj4pn0p4jp9hv (@officialactev8)
11:00 Penguin_ lol
11:01 Penguin_ !define joke
11:01 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: joke definition: something said or done to provoke laughter; '''especially'''.
11:01 RagnarLaud !g apple
11:01 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.apple.com/
11:01 Penguin_ !g minetest
11:01 Minetest-tan Penguin_: http://minetest.net/
11:01 RagnarLaud !g worst computer ever
11:01 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://www.pcworld.com/article/129857/article.html
11:01 Penguin_ !help
11:01 moltenbot Try !up <hostname.org> !teach <topic> !ping <hostname.org> [<port>] !date [timezone] !define <word> !joke
11:01 Dopium any servers running?
11:02 Penguin_ !joke
11:02 KikaRz :putnam:
11:02 KikaRz oh, here dont works :C
11:02 Jordach !define directed energy weapon
11:02 KikaRz !joke
11:02 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: director definition: one who directs.
11:02 RagnarLaud !joke apple sucks
11:02 KikaRz <moltenbot> "It takes KikaRz  20 minutes to watch 60 Minutes."
11:02 KikaRz Right!
11:03 KikaRz !joke windows stupid
11:03 RagnarLaud All type !joke
11:03 KikaRz SHUT UP NOOB
11:03 RagnarLaud !joke
11:03 Penguin_ <+moltenbot> http://ddg.dg:    Your mum  also called fat
11:04 KikaRz <moltenbot> "Along with his black belt, RagnarLaud often chooses to wear brown shoes. No one has DARED call him on it. Ever."
11:04 RagnarLaud !joke
11:04 KikaRz <moltenbot> "Along with his black belt, RagnarLaud often chooses to wear brown shoes. No one has DARED call him on it. Ever."
11:04 Penguin_ <moltenbot> "Scientists have estimated that the energy given off during the Big Bang is roughly equal to 1CNRhK (Penguin_  Roundhouse Kick)."
11:04 Penguin_ !joke all
11:04 Penguin_ <moltenbot> "A diff between your code and Penguin_ \'s is infinite."
11:04 RagnarLaud All of my chromosomes are poisones
11:04 KikaRz <moltenbot> "So stupid than he is, RagnarLaud prefers eating WASABI and getting tired of running."
11:04 Penguin_ !joke KikaRz
11:04 KikaRz !joke Penguin_
11:05 Penguin_ <moltenbot> "The opening scene of the movie "Saving Private Ryan" is loosely based on games of dodgeball Penguin_  played in second grade."
11:05 RagnarLaud !joke
11:05 KikaRz bot, you're dead
11:05 KikaRz !re
11:05 moltenbot go away KikaRz
11:05 KikaRz !re
11:05 moltenbot go away KikaRz
11:05 Penguin_ !re
11:05 moltenbot go away Penguin_
11:05 KikaRz DIEEE BOT!!!
11:05 KikaRz !joke moltenbot
11:05 Penguin_ !die
11:05 moltenbot die yourself Penguin_
11:05 RagnarLaud !RE
11:05 Penguin_ lol
11:05 KikaRz !die
11:05 moltenbot die yourself KikaRz
11:05 KikaRz <moltenbot> "KikaRz  shot the sheriff, but he round house kicked the deputy."
11:05 Penguin_ !your mum
11:05 KikaRz sheriff = moltenbot
11:05 RagnarLaud !joke
11:05 RagnarLaud !re
11:05 moltenbot go away RagnarLaud
11:05 Penguin_ !your mum
11:06 Jordach only iqualfragile can turn it off
11:06 Penguin_ !fuck you
11:06 RagnarLaud !joke
11:06 RagnarLaud !re
11:06 moltenbot go away RagnarLaud
11:06 Penguin_ !
11:06 Penguin_ 12
11:06 Penguin_ 3
11:06 Penguin_ !re
11:06 moltenbot go away Penguin_
11:06 Penguin_ !re
11:06 moltenbot go away Penguin_
11:06 Penguin_ !re
11:06 moltenbot go away Penguin_
11:06 Penguin_ tfuck u
11:06 devlab wtf?
11:06 Penguin_ :(
11:07 RagnarLaud "If at first you dont succeed, your not Ragnar Laud"
11:07 RagnarLaud !joke
11:07 RagnarLaud !re KikaRz
11:07 moltenbot go away RagnarLaud
11:07 Penguin_ "Penguin_  smells what the Rock is cooking... because the Rock is Penguin_ \' personal chef." [11:07] <moltenbot> "The pen is mighter than the sword, but only if the pen is held by Penguin_ ."
11:08 * devlab wonders if he can add a bot that can tell jokes
11:08 KikaRz fuck you RagnarLaud
11:08 RagnarLaud !joke
11:08 RagnarLaud !joke KikaRz
11:08 KikaRz fuck you RagnarLaud
11:08 Dopium lol Penguin but true the the pen mighter then the sword
11:09 kaeza <RagnarLaud>"If at first you dont succeed, your not Ragnar Laud" <-- you're*
11:09 Penguin_ [11:07] <moltenbot> "The pen is mighter than the sword, but only if the pen is held by RagnarLaud's mum_ .
11:09 Penguin_ lol
11:09 Penguin_ tthats what bot said
11:09 Penguin_ [11:07] <moltenbot> "The pen is mighter than the sword, but only if the pen is held by RagnarLaud's mum_ .
11:09 RagnarLaud "Ragnar Laud puts his pants no one leg at a time, just like the rest of us, the only difference is that then he kills somebody"
11:10 Penguin_ vanessae.mine.bz
11:10 Penguin_ !Penguin
11:10 RagnarLaud !joke
11:10 RagnarLaud !joke KikaRz
11:10 KikaRz fuck you RagnarLaud
11:10 KikaRz fuck you RagnarLaud
11:10 KikaRz fuck you RagnarLaud
11:10 KikaRz RagnarLaud, you're now BAN PENDING
11:10 Penguin_ !joke KikaRz
11:10 KikaRz reason: Abusin bot
11:10 Dopium Vanessa's server is down :(
11:11 kaeza Dopium: :(
11:11 Zeg9 PilzAdam, I was wondering: in farming_plus, what's the point of potatoes, rhubarb and cocoa?
11:11 RagnarLaud !joke
11:11 RagnarLaud !joke KikaRz
11:11 Penguin_ [11:10] <moltenbot> "We live in an expanding universe. All of it is trying to get away from Penguin_ ."
11:11 PilzAdam Zeg9, dunno, i added them because of rubenwardy's food mod
11:12 Penguin_ Penguin_  is the only person to ever win a staring contest against Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder."
11:12 thexyz stop it
11:12 kaeza1 joined #minetest
11:12 Penguin_ Penguin_  wipes his ass with chain mail and sandpaper. lol
11:12 ObKo joined #minetest
11:13 RagnarLaud 1. Im 13 . 2. I do like p0rn alot
11:13 kaeza1 fcking modem
11:13 kaeza1 keeps disconnecting :(
11:13 KikaRz 1. Yes you are (5). 2. You're stupid.
11:13 Zeg9 Why don't you just /ignore each other?
11:13 Penguin_ 1)ragnars a mummys boy 2)grow up
11:13 RagnarLaud John_minetest no, there isnt the joke bot
11:14 khor joined #minetest
11:14 KikaRz SO STOP THAT!"
11:14 Penguin_ ?
11:14 Penguin_ Penguin_  wipes his ass with chain mail and sandpaper.
11:14 RagnarLaud Im not a mummys boy cause i almost would have hit her with an axe
11:14 KikaRz RagnarLaud, I said to the Freenode staffs to send you to #off-topic channel
11:15 KikaRz so, if you dont go, you'll be forced to
11:15 Penguin_ fhard boy ragnar
11:15 * Penguin_ wipes his ass with chain mail and sandpaper.
11:15 kaeza1 KikaRz: you are using Windows right?
11:15 KikaRz No.
11:15 KikaRz kaeza1, no
11:15 RagnarLaud !joke
11:15 RagnarLaud !joke KikaRz
11:15 kaeza1 oh nevermind then
11:15 KikaRz RagnarLaud, you going to be forced
11:15 Zeg9 RagnarLaud and KikaRz, stop fighting, or everyone will just ignore both
11:16 Zeg9 Or maybe not everyone, but doesn't matter lol
11:16 KikaRz he started.
11:16 KikaRz and it wasnt me
11:16 kaeza1 hey sfan5
11:16 KikaRz it was RagnarLaud, he's a baby.
11:17 KikaRz YAAAY!
11:17 KikaRz Partyy!
11:17 Penguin_ fuck yeh
11:17 Penguin_ FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:17 KikaRz YEEEAAAA!
11:17 Penguin_ FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!FUCK YEH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
11:17 kaeza ...
11:17 KikaRz Diggy Diggy hole...
11:17 KikaRz Diggy hole... diggy diggy hole
11:17 kaeza areyoufuckingkiddingme.jpg
11:18 Zeg9 ...The ones interested in minetest join ##minetest
11:18 KikaRz yea!
11:18 Zeg9 john_minetest, same :D
11:18 moltenbot john_minetest's link: Better Item Collision (Page 1) - Feature Discussion - Minetest Forums
11:18 PilzAdam Zeg9, Ive ignored them all
11:18 KikaRz who PilzAdam?
11:19 Zeg9 Nice try KikaRz
11:19 KikaRz shut up
11:19 KikaRz-AFK who PilzAdam?
11:20 markveidemanis hi
11:21 Zeg9 Hello
11:21 markveidemanis HELLO
11:21 kaeza hey
11:21 markveidemanis UFO mod??
11:21 kaeza hello
11:21 Minetest-tan GIT: xyzz (Ilya Zhuravlev) commited to celeron55/minetest: Added ability to fetch media from remote server (using cURL library) 3578e1d4a7 2012-12-16T03:20:18-08:00
11:21 KikaRz-AFK Better way to start the day: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0
11:21 moltenbot KikaRz-AFK's link: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (?????) M/V - YouTube
11:22 kaeza markveidemanis: wat?
11:22 devlab lol,
11:22 KikaRz-AFK 961970227 views - Gangnam Style.
11:22 kaeza KikaRz-AFK: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dQw4w9WgXcQ
11:22 moltenbot kaeza's link: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - YouTube
11:23 kaeza fck you moltenbot
11:23 devlab No thanks, not intending on a rickroll
11:23 kaeza I failed at my mission
11:24 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
11:24 devlab haha
11:24 kaeza :P
11:25 KikaRz-AFK kaeza
11:25 KikaRz-AFK use a yt shorter
11:25 KikaRz-AFK http://youtu.be/9bZkp7q19f0
11:25 markveidemanis_ joined #minetest
11:25 kaeza anyone interested? now with updates! https://github.com/kaeza/minetest-irc
11:25 moltenbot KikaRz-AFK's link: PSY - GANGNAM STYLE (?????) M/V - YouTube
11:25 moltenbot kaeza's link: kaeza/minetest-irc ? GitHub
11:25 KikaRz-AFK STUPID BOT! Discovered what!
11:25 kaeza KikaRz-AFK: It does by inspecting the webpage
11:25 markveidemanis_ moltenbot...]
11:26 markveidemanis_ no i haven'y
11:26 markveidemanis_ nave not quit
11:26 * noone cares
11:26 devlab anyone wants to listen to the duet version: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wcLNteez3c4 ?
11:26 moltenbot devlab's link: PSY (ft. HYUNA) ?? ? ? ??? - YouTube
11:26 devlab haha
11:26 kaeza KikaRz-AFK: http://5z8.info/pirate-anything_b0s0dv_open.exe
11:26 moltenbot kaeza's link: Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up - YouTube
11:27 FreeFull Lol
11:27 devlab Thanks moltenbot
11:27 markveidemanis minetest.org 30000 UP
11:32 KikaRz-AFK same
11:39 kaeza KikaRz-AFK: are you on Linux then?
11:39 KikaRz-AFK Nope
11:40 KikaRz-AFK Android.
11:40 kaeza ?
11:40 kaeza oh
11:40 kaeza phone :)
11:40 kaeza again nevermind
11:47 Xenux joined #minetest
11:48 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
11:48 RagnarLaud Hi
11:49 blaze joined #minetest
11:49 RagnarLaud !joke
11:49 RagnarLaud !joke
11:50 RagnarLaud !joke
11:50 RagnarLaud !joke KikaRz
11:54 TheRedMood Back :D
11:54 TheRedMood VanessaE: How are you today?
11:55 davidpace joined #minetest
11:57 davidpace Can somebody try connecting to this server? Address: Port: 30000 Thanks!
11:57 q66 joined #minetest
11:57 thexyz no way
11:57 davidpace With 0.4.4
11:57 PilzAdam !up
11:57 moltenbot Minetest server DOWN
11:57 Minetest-tan PilzAdam: seems to be down
11:57 thexyz this ip is from your local subnet
11:58 Jordach !up
11:58 Minetest-tan Jordach: is up (0.098ms)
11:58 moltenbot Minetest server UP
11:58 davidpace IPV4
11:58 davidpace Yes, it won't work will it?
11:58 thexyz davidpace: of course it won't
11:58 davidpace Alright, no need to be rude.
11:59 kaeza back
11:59 TheRedMood :)
11:59 TheRedMood haahah !
11:59 TheRedMood X3
11:59 TheRedMood If his localhost is not up then how the hell should he be talking here?
11:59 TheRedMood If not he has seriously messed with the loopback
12:00 kaeza hello davidpace, thexyz, Jordach, PilzAdam
12:00 TheRedMood Which actully quite affects the eht0 interface
12:00 davidpace Hi kaeza
12:02 kaeza anyone interested? https://github.com/kaeza/minetest-irc
12:02 moltenbot kaeza's link: kaeza/minetest-irc ? GitHub
12:02 TheRedMood Jordach: I have been doign a lot of local networking latley, and what is really nice is ot have multiple virtual machines bundled together by bridges. Then you add a dhcpd server at the end and you can basicly port forward diffrent packages to diffrent servers
12:03 davidpace PilzAdam I am using your simple mobs mod, I haven't seen hardly any mobs at all! Do you know whats wrong?
12:03 PilzAdam dunno
12:03 davidpace There's no error.
12:03 kaeza davidpace: try using it in a brand-new world
12:03 davidpace I have
12:03 davidpace How many usually spawn at night?
12:04 kaeza in mine there were around 10 dirt monsters
12:04 PilzAdam they spawn  randomly
12:05 KikaRz-AFK RagnarLaud, you going to die in 21 December. and we all we are going to live!
12:05 KikaRz-AFK in peace! without you!
12:05 davidpace Hmm, I'll continue playing, hopefully they'll start spawning more :-), I'm trying to play on an LAN server with my brother. And he wants more mobs :/
12:05 TheRedMood davidpace: If you want help setting up servers in general I can be of some help :)
12:06 gry joined #minetest
12:06 thexyz how can we access your local subnet?
12:06 davidpace I need no help with a LAN server. But I would like some help with a normal one :)
12:06 KikaRz-AFK gry,
12:06 davidpace thexyz, what?
12:06 KikaRz-AFK everytime he enters, he spams the channel
12:07 kaeza KikaRz: so it's just like you >:]
12:07 KikaRz No it's not kaeza
12:07 KikaRz I changed.
12:07 thexyz davidpace: ?
12:07 kaeza J/K
12:07 davidpace PilzAdam, is there anyway for me to edit the lua for them to spawn more?
12:07 PilzAdam sure
12:08 davidpace thexyz, what did you mean by "how can we access your local subnet?"
12:08 davidpace PilzAdam, please tell me how to edit it.
12:08 TheRedMood davidpace: Portforwarding or?
12:08 KikaRz PilzAdam, you know when VanessaE comes? I'm depressed.
12:08 thexyz davidpace: i mean, we cannot
12:08 davidpace I don't think I need help with portforwarding TheRedMood
12:09 davidpace Okay thexyz
12:09 TheRedMood davidpace: Give me a case where i can help you :)
12:09 davidpace Hold on TheRedMood, I dunno if I need help right now.
12:09 TheRedMood davidpace: Good!
12:09 PilzAdam davidpace, search all the mobs:register_spawn() functions in the init.lu and decrease the 5th parameter
12:09 TheRedMood :D
12:10 TheRedMood The best thing in the world is when people don't need help.
12:12 davidpace How much do I decrease the 5th parameter by?
12:12 PilzAdam dunno, 1000?
12:14 davidpace Soooo 3, -1, 7000, 3, 31000, I should decrease the 31000? or the 7000?
12:14 davidpace Noobs question sorry
12:14 PilzAdam the 7000
12:14 davidpace Alright, thank you
12:14 KikaRz PilzAdam, can you send me API link?
12:15 KikaRz EN please.
12:15 PilzAdam Im not google
12:15 davidpace why wouldn't I just put it instead of 7000 why wouldn't I just put it to 1? Wouldn't that make it spawn everywhere?
12:15 PilzAdam yep
12:15 PilzAdam every second on every node
12:15 davidpace Alright thanks a lot!
12:15 davidpace oh my
12:15 KikaRz PilzAdam, google is not my friend.
12:16 PilzAdam use ixquick
12:16 ObKo left #minetest
12:16 davidpace Alright, I'll experiment for awhile with it :)
12:17 davidpace Wait, would it still spawn in light though?
12:18 PilzAdam https://github.com/PilzAdam/mobs/wiki/API
12:18 kaeza KikaRz: what API?
12:18 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: API ? PilzAdam/mobs Wiki ? GitHub
12:18 PilzAdam davidpace, read that a bit
12:18 kaeza nvm
12:18 KikaRz no, not that.
12:18 davidpace ok
12:18 KikaRz The Minetest one.
12:18 KikaRz to create a mod
12:18 kaeza !g minetest lua_api.txt
12:18 Minetest-tan kaeza: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/blob/master/doc/lua_api.txt
12:18 kaeza there^
12:19 kaeza KikaRz: ^^^
12:20 TheRedMood Minetest-tan: I have not seen you before
12:20 kaeza TheRedMood: it's a bot
12:21 markveidemanis www.google.com
12:21 Minetest-tan john_minetest: http://www.google.com/
12:21 PilzAdam www.ixquick.com
12:21 TheRedMood Oh
12:21 TheRedMood Phenny i take it?
12:22 TheRedMood !wa 2 + 2
12:22 kaeza !c 2+2
12:22 Minetest-tan 4
12:22 markveidemanis remember yesterday...lol
12:22 markveidemanis minetest.org UP
12:22 TheRedMood Minetest-tan: help
12:22 KikaRz !c 2012:4*10000
12:22 Minetest-tan Sorry, no result.
12:22 markveidemanis minetest.org:30000 UP
12:22 TheRedMood ah
12:22 TheRedMood it is not phenny now is it?
12:22 TheRedMood !help
12:22 KikaRz !c 2012/4*10000
12:22 moltenbot Try !up <hostname.org> !teach <topic> !ping <hostname.org> [<port>] !date [timezone] !define <word> !joke
12:22 Minetest-tan 5 030 000
12:22 KikaRz O_O'
12:22 TheRedMood Is it phjenny?
12:22 TheRedMood !up therunnner.org
12:22 Minetest-tan TheRedMood: therunnner.org seems to be down
12:22 moltenbot Minetest server therunnner.org:30000 DOWN
12:22 KikaRz just 1 n
12:22 KikaRz *2 n
12:22 TheRedMood !ping !ping
12:22 moltenbot try !help
12:23 KikaRz !up therunner.org
12:23 moltenbot Minetest server therunner.org:30000 DOWN
12:23 Minetest-tan KikaRz: therunner.org seems to be down
12:23 TheRedMood !ping ${lolcats.com}
12:23 moltenbot host ${lolcats.com} DOWN
12:23 TheRedMood !ping \$
12:23 moltenbot host $ DOWN
12:23 gry left #minetest
12:23 TheRedMood ping $
12:23 TheRedMood !ping $
12:23 moltenbot host $ DOWN
12:23 TheRedMood :D
12:23 KikaRz !ping minetest.ru
12:23 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=58 time=9.09 ms
12:23 TheRedMood It accepts special characters.
12:23 kaeza not this again...
12:23 TheRedMood This is going to be fun!
12:23 TheRedMood !pign \001ALOL
12:23 TheRedMood !ping \001ALOL
12:23 moltenbot host 001ALOL DOWN
12:24 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
12:24 KikaRz !ping \001A4$#$="#($"#)/(
12:24 moltenbot host 001A4$#$="#($"#)/( DOWN
12:24 KikaRz LAWL
12:24 TheRedMood !ping u'\001ALOL'
12:24 moltenbot host u'001ALOL' DOWN
12:24 KikaRz hi jojoa1997
12:24 TheRedMood :/
12:24 Zeg9 !ping
12:24 moltenbot host DOWN
12:24 Zeg9 o.o
12:24 Zeg9 click on this ip :D
12:24 kaeza hey jojoa1997
12:24 kaeza !ping
12:24 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=64 time=0.017 ms
12:25 KikaRz !ping localhost
12:25 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=64 time=0.016 ms
12:25 kaeza !ping `exit`
12:25 moltenbot host `exit` DOWN
12:25 KikaRz hah. localhost its faster than
12:25 KikaRz 0.001 ms of difference
12:25 Zeg9 !ping ; exit
12:25 moltenbot host ; DOWN
12:25 kaeza lol
12:26 kaeza !ping os.remove("/")
12:26 moltenbot host os.remove("/") DOWN
12:26 Zeg9 no
12:26 Zeg9 But maybe...
12:26 Zeg9 There is one, but I won't tell
12:26 Zeg9 too dangerous
12:26 jojoa1997 hi kika
12:26 xy joined #minetest
12:26 kaeza hope it's virtualboxed
12:26 Zeg9 !ping ; print 'Hi!'
12:26 moltenbot host ; DOWN
12:26 jojoa1997 and kaeza
12:26 KikaRz !c 21-6
12:26 Minetest-tan 15
12:26 kaeza hey
12:26 Zeg9 !ping ; echo 'hi'
12:26 moltenbot host ; DOWN
12:26 KikaRz !c 21-16
12:27 Minetest-tan 5
12:27 KikaRz 5 days left!!! :'(
12:27 Zeg9 !c 21/0
12:27 Minetest-tan Sorry, no result.
12:27 TheRedMood !ping kjellen.moo.com
12:27 moltenbot host kjellen.moo.com DOWN
12:27 TheRedMood Really?
12:27 TheRedMood !ping kjellen.mooo.com
12:27 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=49 time=47.2 ms
12:27 TheRedMood :)
12:27 kaeza !ping localhost') DROP TABLE Users;
12:27 moltenbot host localhost') DOWN
12:27 TheRedMood X3
12:27 TheRedMood kaeza: lets try sql injection
12:28 TheRedMood !ping ' or '1'='1
12:28 moltenbot host ' DOWN
12:28 Zeg9 !ping ; echo Testt | nc 5151
12:28 moltenbot host ; DOWN
12:28 KikaRz !ping
12:28 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=58 time=42.4 ms
12:28 TheRedMood kaeza: lets try sql injection
12:28 TheRedMood :D
12:28 kaeza TheRedMood: k
12:28 Zeg9 ooops
12:28 kaeza :P
12:28 TheRedMood We are getting banend
12:28 TheRedMood X3
12:28 TheRedMood bye people :/
12:28 KikaRz Ok, bye. I hope you like your ban
12:29 kaeza lol
12:29 TheRedMood KikaRz: I most certainly don't, but someoen like you might love it.
12:29 TheRedMood KikaRz: All the quiteness in ther world.
12:29 TheRedMood the*
12:29 KikaRz you knew that: a moderator of Freenode went here?
12:29 thexyz TheRedMood: can't you PM it?
12:29 thexyz instead of flooding the channel
12:30 PilzAdam heh, 59 ignored channel messages
12:30 kaeza1 joined #minetest
12:30 KikaRz thexyz, whats the difference of - get2d(pos) -> 2d noise value at pos={x=,y=}
12:30 KikaRz and get3d(pos) -> 3d noise value at pos={x=,y=,z=}
12:30 thexyz KikaRz: don't you see the difference between 2d and 3d coordinates?
12:30 KikaRz not that
12:30 RealBadAngel joined #minetest
12:31 KikaRz PerlinNoise: A perlin noise generator
12:31 KikaRz Hi RBA
12:31 RealBadAngel two more screenshots:
12:31 KikaRz about?
12:31 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/trees.png
12:31 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/trees1.png
12:32 KikaRz that is?
12:32 KikaRz awesome
12:32 PilzAdam nice
12:32 kaeza1 hello RealBadAngel
12:32 KikaRz but do not put the trees so low
12:32 KikaRz make trees a bit more high
12:32 PilzAdam can you create some screenshots with the default TP?
12:32 KikaRz and a bit more pretty
12:33 RealBadAngel KikaRz, those trees are about 10 times bigger than default :)
12:33 TheRedMood thexyz: Sorry. :)
12:35 kaeza1 joined #minetest
12:35 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/trees2.png with default TP
12:35 kaeza1 fcking modem again
12:36 TheRedMood KikaRz: What is the problem?
12:36 RealBadAngel KikaRz, that small thing between 1st and 2nd tree, is the default tree
12:36 Jordach RealBadAngel, -!- Server: Time set to 6am - what is that?
12:36 RealBadAngel UI
12:36 Jordach ahhhh
12:39 Zeg9 I just noticed that Unified Inventory has same initials than User Interface
12:39 Zeg9 Good.
12:39 KikaRz Jordach, its a time machine.
12:39 ObKo joined #minetest
12:39 TheRedMood Wow.
12:39 TheRedMood A real ip?
12:39 TheRedMood Thats wierd :o
12:39 KikaRz what?
12:40 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/comapare.png view to compare old "trees" and new ones :)
12:40 TheRedMood His/Her suffix is just an ip. it is rare to see that :)
12:40 TheRedMood Nice :)
12:40 kaeza ...
12:40 davidpace Alright, thanks for your help PilzAdam. I edited it to how I wanted it to be :-) Thanks. Bye guys!
12:40 TheRedMood Trees! Large trees!
12:40 TheRedMood :D
12:40 TheRedMood BYE!
12:40 TheRedMood :D
12:40 kaeza bye davidpace
12:44 markveidemanis joined #minetest
12:44 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
12:44 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/trees.zip
12:44 RagnarLaud 1408 BEST SCARY MOVIE EVER!!!
12:45 RealBadAngel if some1 wanna test the trees in game
12:45 RagnarLaud Hi realbadangel
12:45 KikaRz RealBadAngel
12:45 KikaRz put them a big high (altitude)
12:45 KikaRz *bit
12:45 markveidemanis how can i "spawn a tree"
12:45 RagnarLaud Hi KikaRz, still haven forgive me?
12:45 RealBadAngel use spawn sticks from creative inventory
12:46 devlab where's the StairsPlus mod?
12:46 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/stairsplus.zip
12:46 ttk2 joined #minetest
12:46 markveidemanis spawn sticks????
12:47 RagnarLaud !joke
12:47 KikaRz RagnarLaud, if you still spamming and abusing bot, you'll get ban by the 3rd
12:47 KikaRz time abusing and getting muted
12:47 KikaRz that's what the moderator said
12:48 RagnarLaud I will, under 1 condition. You forgive me and we forget this ever happened
12:49 RealBadAngel john_minetest, thyere not in worldgen yet, those are manually spawned
12:49 KikaRz I'm occupied now.
12:49 RealBadAngel take the stick and spawn some trees for yourself
12:49 RealBadAngel theyre damn cool, when you just walk around them
12:50 RealBadAngel not it feels like walkin under the tree
12:51 kaeza RealBadAngel: they look awesome sir
12:52 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bzx
12:52 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bzx seems to be down
12:52 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bzx:30000 DOWN
12:52 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
12:52 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.374ms)
12:52 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
12:52 KikaRz still down
12:53 KikaRz VanessaE, wake up please... :(
12:53 TheRedMood let her sleep.
12:53 RealBadAngel i afraid the server is down due to some problems she had
12:53 TheRedMood She needs sleep, so we can wait :)
12:54 OldCoder Sleep is necessary
12:55 Jordach good morning OldCoder
12:55 OldCoder Jordach, Hi
12:56 TheRedMood OldCoder: Did you see the picture?
12:58 Zeg9 Hi OldCoder
12:59 kaeza o hai OldCoder
13:00 KikaRz OldCoder )
13:00 KikaRz :)
13:01 devlab RBA, the tools from the technic mod work?
13:03 devlab if yes, how can i activate them?
13:03 KikaRz OldCoder, depression makes our life get problematic
13:04 TheRedMood :o
13:04 TheRedMood =_=
13:04 TheRedMood Did a mod just ban himself?
13:04 RealBadAngel devlab, charge them first in the battery box
13:04 OldCoder KikaRz, I don't understand. TheRedMood I will scroll up. Zeg9 Is your world working? kaeza Hi! RealBadAngel Howdy.
13:05 * OldCoder is starting the day. It is 5:00am. He will return in a few minutes.
13:05 KikaRz OldCoder, you said: Sleep is necessary
13:05 OldCoder Yes
13:05 OldCoder It is
13:05 KikaRz And i Say: Depression makes bad to our lives.
13:05 OldCoder Back in a few minutes
13:05 OldCoder All right
13:05 KikaRz I Don't have anything to play!
13:05 OldCoder KikaRz, What? Why not?
13:06 KikaRz no servers to play
13:06 KikaRz and nothing to play
13:06 OldCoder You are welcome in my worlds. And does the VPS M13 you gave you not work?
13:06 KikaRz VCMP: server offline
13:06 Zeg9 OldCoder, yes, it's working
13:06 KikaRz SAMP: my server is offline
13:06 Dopium Waiting for VanessaE server
13:06 OldCoder KikaRz, What happened to your server?
13:06 KikaRz OldCoder, his vps its too laggy, i used it to another thing
13:06 KikaRz Dopium, me too
13:06 RealBadAngel OldCoder, hi, and take a look: http://realbadangel.pl/trees.png
13:06 OldCoder KikaRz, then you can play on some of mine
13:06 OldCoder RealBadAngel, R
13:06 KikaRz I prefer creative
13:06 OldCoder KikaRz, we have a couple of creative worlds
13:07 Jordach RealBadAngel, they take two seconds to generate on my pc :D
13:07 jojoa1997 Survival with fly and fast is the best
13:07 KikaRz in the TPB, what means Leechers?
13:07 OldCoder RealBadAngel, The trees are coming along!
13:07 Zeg9 RealBadAngel, are you going to update technic for mesecons nextgen ?
13:07 RealBadAngel of course
13:07 devlab rba, i added a battery, now what
13:07 RealBadAngel Jordach: treegen will be made in c++
13:07 OldCoder I will be here a few hours without interruption but I am still starting the day. Back in a few minutes. TheRedMood I will scroll up shortly.
13:07 RealBadAngel lua is too slow for that
13:07 Jordach FUCK YEAH
13:08 kaeza OldCoder: https://github.com/kaeza/minetest-irc
13:08 Zeg9 RealBadAngel, where is the music pack for technic again?
13:08 moltenbot kaeza's link: kaeza/minetest-irc ? GitHub
13:08 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/technic_ambience.zip
13:08 Zeg9 Thanks
13:08 KikaRz stupid Upgrading software, please check back in some minutes.
13:09 Jordach did you mean: skaven pack?
13:09 Zeg9 Yes, this one
13:09 RealBadAngel its skaven pack applied to ambience
13:09 devlab RealBadAngel: how to charge? i added the battery
13:10 RealBadAngel put item into charge slot
13:11 KikaRz yay, my samp server is on
13:11 devlab then what?
13:11 RealBadAngel of course battery shall be full
13:12 RealBadAngel devlab, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bMLb4kkbt8g
13:12 moltenbot RealBadAngel's link: Basics - How to setup stuff - YouTube
13:13 kaeza1 joined #minetest
13:13 kaeza1 ...
13:14 markveidemanis joined #minetest
13:14 markveidemanis hi
13:16 markveidemanis HELLOOO
13:16 KikaRz Dopium, do you play SAMP?
13:16 KikaRz markveidemanis, just one Hi.
13:16 markveidemanis one was hi, and 1 hello
13:17 kaeza1 hello markveidemanis
13:17 kaeza1 we noticed your 213468 greetings
13:17 Penguin_ joined #minetest
13:17 kaeza1 :)
13:17 Penguin_ Hey
13:18 KikaRz Hi penguin
13:18 kaeza1 hi Penguin_
13:18 Penguin_ Server On Yet
13:18 KikaRz you play SAMP? VanessaE is sleeping. so, server off
13:18 Penguin_ what server you on KikaRz
13:18 KikaRz im playing SAMP, if you say server of SAMP, go to query and ask me
13:19 Penguin_ markveidemanis
13:20 markveidemanis_ joined #minetest
13:20 Penguin_ hi
13:20 kaeza1 hi again
13:20 kaeza1 mark
13:20 Penguin_ Markveidemanis is server up
13:21 * Penguin_ server of SAMP
13:21 KikaRz you want?
13:21 Penguin_ yes
13:22 kaeza1 OldCoder you there?
13:23 KikaRz Penguin_, query.
13:24 Penguin_ wont work
13:24 KikaRz why?
13:24 Penguin_ i knwo
13:24 KikaRz version 0.3e?
13:25 devlab the solar panel in RBA's video looks different than in mesecons, no?
13:25 * kaeza wants to play a round f CS 1.6
13:25 KikaRz surf map?
13:26 kaeza de
13:26 Penguin_ what 0.4.4 server are yous on
13:26 KikaRz dust2 or nuke?
13:26 TheRedMood CS 1.6!
13:26 TheRedMood WONDERFULL!
13:26 kaeza any dust or airstrip
13:26 KikaRz dust2.
13:26 KikaRz leaving SAMP...
13:26 kaeza brb
13:26 KikaRz lets go to #minetest-offtopic
13:27 Penguin_ how
13:27 KikaRz kaeza
13:27 KikaRz join #minetest-offtopic
13:27 KikaRz and TheRedMood
13:28 kaeza back
13:28 kaeza KikaRz: k
13:28 KikaRz ip
13:32 markveidemanis joined #minetest
13:32 markveidemanis anyone, my server is up
13:33 markveidemanis Zeg9 and john_minetest, can u.. k
13:33 markveidemanis irc keeps crashing
13:33 OldCoder Back for the day
13:33 OldCoder markveidemanis, perhaps you can set up a bouncer
13:33 Penguin_ yay mark
13:33 markveidemanis huh
13:33 OldCoder markveidemanis, the web gateway is not very stable
13:33 markveidemanis bouncer
13:34 markveidemanis bouncer?
13:34 OldCoder markveidemanis, get a free VPS. You can run a MT server there. And stay connected to IRC 24 hours a day.
13:34 KikaRz OldCoder, it's not stable
13:34 markveidemanis whats a vps and how do i get one
13:34 OldCoder kaeza, I am here yes
13:34 KikaRz with the mods that he uses
13:34 OldCoder KikaRz, the Amazon AWS is stable. And you can redo his setup.
13:35 KikaRz .
13:35 OldCoder markveidemanis, I will write articles about this when I can
13:35 markveidemanis ok
13:35 TheRedMood OldCoder: ISn't your brother head of amazon?
13:35 kaeza OldCoder I updated the irc mod. Can you test it?
13:35 OldCoder kaeza, should I try the IRC mod again
13:35 OldCoder TheRedMood, Kenneth is the technical lead at one branch of Amazon yes
13:36 markveidemanis how can i make .blend files if i dont have blender?
13:36 OldCoder TheRedMood, Kenneth I know you are probably here as a logbot. Hi!
13:36 OldCoder Oops
13:36 OldCoder That was meant for Kenneth and not TheRedMood
13:36 OldCoder markveidemanis, Blender is the best way. It runs under Windows as well as Linux I think
13:37 markveidemanis but me screen is too small for blender
13:37 markveidemanis 1024x600
13:37 TheRedMood OldCoder: I am not a logbot
13:37 TheRedMood :o
13:37 OldCoder markveidemanis, Hold on then
13:37 kaeza could you please OldCoder?
13:37 OldCoder TheRedMood, I know. That was a typo
13:37 TheRedMood ;_;
13:37 OldCoder kaeza, Please, what? Try the IRC mod. All right
13:37 TheRedMood He thinks I am a bad person....
13:37 OldCoder TheRedMood, ;_; why?
13:37 OldCoder TheRedMood, what are you talking about?
13:38 OldCoder TheRedMood, can you relink the screenshot you wanted me to see?
13:38 OldCoder kaeza, did you wish to test the IRC mod again?
13:38 kaeza yes
13:38 kaeza please
13:38 OldCoder kaeza, that is fine; sure
13:38 OldCoder RealBadAngel, those trees are impressive
13:39 RealBadAngel wait for textures
13:40 RealBadAngel now adding them
13:41 kaeza1 joined #minetest
13:41 OldCoder Penguin does that again he gets muted
13:41 OldCoder kaeza1, I will test the mod with you shortly
13:42 OldCoder TheRedMood, I can't find the link. Repost it when you can.
13:42 kaeza1 take your time OldCoder, there's no hurry
13:42 * OldCoder scrolls further
13:42 OldCoder ...
13:45 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
13:47 markveidemanis p
13:48 OldCoder U.S. worlds going down for backups and minor changes
13:50 TheRedMood OldCoder: Will do!
13:50 TheRedMood :D
13:50 TheRedMood OldCoder: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qjegq103s1bsod0/cPCfGjzGiA
13:50 moltenbot TheRedMood's link: Dropbox - Public - Simplify your life
13:53 devlab RBA, what does the tech workshop do?
13:54 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
13:54 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.230ms)
13:54 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
13:54 KikaRz still offline
13:54 KikaRz (0.230 = 2 seconds delay - too much cpu charge)
13:54 OldCoder TheRedMood, R
13:56 OldCoder TheRedMood, thank you but what is it?
13:56 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
13:56 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.235ms)
13:56 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
13:57 KikaRz OldCoder
13:57 KikaRz sry, but im going to spam your bot (Minetest-tan) with up's
13:57 KikaRz just to make a statistic results
13:58 KikaRz ok, server is 100% over charged. thats the problem
13:58 OldCoder KikaRz, yes?
13:58 KikaRz Yea. VanessaE's server over reacted on the night
13:59 OldCoder She thought that was fixed
13:59 KikaRz if you want to see, go to your bot query
13:59 KikaRz no
13:59 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/forest2.png  -- some birches, pines and oaks
13:59 OldCoder RealBadAngel, R
13:59 OldCoder That's a big tree on the left
13:59 KikaRz <Minetest-tan> KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.232ms)
13:59 KikaRz vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.265ms)
13:59 KikaRz <Minetest-tan> KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.232ms)
13:59 KikaRz you see?
14:00 KikaRz 0.265 was the maximum i got
14:00 KikaRz normal was 0.188 0.100
14:00 KikaRz 0.100 -> 0.188
14:01 moltenbot john_minetest's link: Pastebit, beep beep beep
14:01 KikaRz faail, i launched skype
14:02 Minetest-tan john_minetest: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.234ms)
14:02 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
14:02 FreeFull What is the state of vehicles in minetest?
14:03 RealBadAngel OldCoder, big? take a look from the ground :) http://realbadangel.pl/under_the_tree.png
14:04 ruskie wow
14:05 OldCoder RealBadAngel, R
14:05 OldCoder Nice
14:05 OldCoder Does anybody wish mod updates?
14:05 FreeFull What server can I play on that has vehicles then? :)
14:05 OldCoder Or new mods?
14:06 KikaRz Look at his cutey face
14:06 KikaRz https://www.dropbox.com/sh/qjegq103s1bsod0/cPCfGjzGiA#f:2012-12-14%2020.37.49-2.jpg
14:06 moltenbot KikaRz's link: Dropbox - Public - Simplify your life
14:06 OldCoder KikaRz, for images ImgUR is much simpler for people
14:07 KikaRz This is dropbox of TheRedMood
14:07 KikaRz i think
14:07 OldCoder k
14:07 anunakki joined #minetest
14:07 OldCoder anunakki, hi
14:15 NakedFury joined #minetest
14:15 OldCoder NakedFury, Hi
14:16 NakedFury hey
14:17 TheRedMood It is pictures of me configuring kernel for my armada m799
14:17 OldCoder ?
14:18 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/four_kinds.png  -- ok, all four kinds of trees at once
14:18 OldCoder RealBadAngel, you are God on the Nth day
14:18 OldCoder Planting trees
14:19 RealBadAngel lol
14:21 TheRedMood OldCoder: Have you configured your own kernel before?
14:22 NakedFury RealBadAngel: I see that its going to be a pain to harvest the trees, hundred of leafs to /pulverize
14:22 RealBadAngel threre will be of course also small ones
14:22 RealBadAngel i mean smaller
14:23 RealBadAngel so it gonna be random how big is the tree
14:24 RealBadAngel those on pictures are trees on 4th iteration
14:24 RealBadAngel on second theyre almost comparable to original ones
14:24 NakedFury well then please make it so leafs have a lower chance to be given to you
14:25 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
14:25 OldCoder TheRedMood, do you mean Linux kernel? Sure. I have my own distro.
14:25 NakedFury better yet I wished we did leafs harvesting the same way it is done in minecraft, with a special scissors tool
14:27 kaeza1 joined #minetest
14:27 OldCoder kaeza1, hi
14:27 KikaRz TheRedMood, you pretty ;)
14:28 kaeza1 this damned modem keeps disconnecting
14:29 OldCoder Zeg9, hi
14:29 kaeza1 Is there support to use models for entities?
14:29 Zeg9 OldCoder, hi
14:29 OldCoder Zeg9, is inv_improved now totally obsolete?
14:29 OldCoder Not used anywhere?
14:29 kaeza1 Zeg9: nice mod that UFO thing
14:30 Zeg9 I think, I won't update it anyway, except if anyone wants it
14:30 PilzAdam RealBadAngel, whats the download link for your trees?
14:30 OldCoder Zeg9, that is not the question
14:30 Zeg9 kaeza, thanks
14:30 OldCoder Zeg9, is inv_improved now totally obsolete?
14:30 OldCoder Not used anywhere?
14:30 OldCoder Superseded by Places?
14:30 Zeg9 No, I only gave it to you
14:30 Zeg9 Yep
14:30 OldCoder k
14:30 OldCoder So you don't use inv_improved anywhere any longer?
14:30 RealBadAngel PilzAdam, hold on, i will upload most recent one
14:31 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
14:31 OldCoder kaeza,  may I have the most recent IRC mod?
14:32 PilzAdam OldCoder, https://github.com/kaeza/minetest-irc
14:32 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: kaeza/minetest-irc ? GitHub
14:32 OldCoder PilzAdam, ty
14:32 OldCoder kaeza, what should I change if anything in the mod? PM
14:33 kaeza configuration was moved to `config.lua'
14:33 OldCoder k
14:33 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/trees.zip
14:33 kaeza as always, you only need to change the server (and possibly the server_nick)
14:34 OldCoder kaeza, Is there a config option to disable the mod?
14:34 kaeza oh and the channel and dtime settings :)
14:34 kaeza hmmm
14:34 kaeza OldCoder: I'll add in the next version
14:34 OldCoder k
14:34 kaeza nice idea
14:34 OldCoder If you do
14:34 OldCoder I will include it everywhere
14:34 kaeza maybe a /join chat command?
14:34 OldCoder Separate but yes
14:35 kaeza hmmm
14:35 NakedFury joined #minetest
14:35 * kaeza is now coding
14:35 Penguin_ joined #minetest
14:35 OldCoder Penguin_, PM
14:35 kaeza OldCoder: also take a look at the deco computers. there was a small update
14:36 OldCoder kaeza, which link?
14:36 devlab I found a ghost chest
14:36 kaeza OldCoder: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3830
14:36 moltenbot kaeza's link: [MOD] Computers (Decorative) [0.1.4] [computer] (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
14:36 OldCoder kaeza, ty
14:36 kaeza np
14:36 PilzAdam RealBadAngel, do they grow?
14:37 RealBadAngel not yet
14:37 kaeza I just have to add the Commodore 55
14:37 TheRedMood kaeza: Thanks :) But I really aint :)
14:38 RealBadAngel im just testing them now. i will have to make gen code in c++
14:38 RealBadAngel lua is too slow for that kind of stuff
14:38 kaeza TheRedMood: ?
14:39 PilzAdam RealBadAngel, cutting them down is really fun; its a nice improvement to the gamelay
14:40 TheRedMood kaeza: you said i wehre pretty X3 A lie to be honest
14:40 markveidemanis OldCoder
14:40 OldCoder markveidemanis
14:40 kaeza TheRedMood: It was KikaRz
14:40 markveidemanis is minetest.org:3000 UP?
14:40 kaeza not me
14:40 RealBadAngel PilzAdam, number of iterations is how big they grow
14:40 OldCoder markveidemanis, scroll up. I am backing up and updating.
14:40 markveidemanis !minetest.org:30000
14:40 OldCoder markveidemanis, Got any mod requests?
14:40 KikaRz it was who?
14:40 RealBadAngel you can test smaller ones
14:40 KikaRz ah
14:40 KikaRz yea, i said that you were pretty
14:41 markveidemanis what mods do you have?
14:41 OldCoder markveidemanis, one moment
14:41 RealBadAngel -1 is randomly subbed on generate by now
14:41 OldCoder http://oldcoder.org/general/minetest/
14:41 moltenbot OldCoder's link: Minetest Server Nexus
14:41 markveidemanis add: chains, scaffolding, utility, BUILDING_BLOCKS!
14:42 OldCoder markveidemanis, the list is obsolete but will be updated
14:42 PilzAdam RealBadAngel, i dont like the HD textures, though
14:42 TheRedMood kaeza: sorry x!
14:42 TheRedMood X3
14:42 TheRedMood KikaRz: We both know that is a lie
14:42 OldCoder Chains are said to be buggy. I have scaffolding. Where are links for other two? markveidemanis
14:42 kaeza TheRedMood: np
14:42 markveidemanis i edited building blocks and will send u the link...
14:42 RealBadAngel PilzAdam, im makin them out of what i have by now
14:43 OldCoder markveidemanis, is there a thread?
14:43 markveidemanis yes, but my version is more umm.. sensible
14:43 RealBadAngel textures are the less important problem, i just wanted to make them distinct quick
14:43 OldCoder markveidemanis, good
14:43 markveidemanis no spleef sticks
14:43 OldCoder But include thread for reference
14:43 TheRedMood KikaRz: guess how Old I am :)
14:44 kaeza OldCoder: what would be better? connect by default or need to use /join?
14:44 KikaRz TheRedMood, you got a photo in your Dropbox
14:44 markveidemanis http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=674
14:44 moltenbot markveidemanis's link: [Mod] Building Blocks [?] [building_blocks] (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
14:44 kaeza I'm coding a setting to enable/disable connecting by default on joinplayer
14:45 markveidemanis [14:41] <Penguin_> [14:39] == Cannot send to channel: #minetest
14:45 TheRedMood KikaRz: I know :) I asked how old you think I am loking at that picture
14:45 KikaRz 21 ?
14:46 KikaRz or 18 ?
14:46 KikaRz ;P
14:46 markveidemanis http://ompldr.org/vZ3B1dQ/modpack.zip  - literally ALL the mods i have
14:47 OldCoder markveidemanis, I will review shortly
14:47 markveidemanis k
14:47 Penguin_ thanks
14:47 OldCoder All right
14:47 OldCoder markveidemanis, reviewing
14:48 RealBadAngel i alsmost feel sorry for the so called "forrest" of the default trees in the middle ;) http://realbadangel.pl/sorry.png
14:48 * OldCoder laughs at loud
14:48 Penguin_ is there a way i can message every one at onece with out saying something on #Minetest
14:48 OldCoder Penguin_, maybe
14:48 OldCoder Penguin_, PM
14:49 Penguin_ PM ?
14:49 markveidemanis whats the stick you are holding
14:49 OldCoder Private Message
14:49 jin_xi joined #minetest
14:49 markveidemanis nodename?
14:50 RealBadAngel hi jin_xi
14:50 RealBadAngel wanna see the trees?
14:50 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/trees.zip in creative there are four spawnin sticks
14:51 SpeedProg joined #minetest
14:52 OldCoder markveidemanis, which of these are you submitting?
14:52 markveidemanis all of them, accross the minetest game and mods folder
14:52 OldCoder No
14:52 markveidemanis building blocks and ufo mod
14:52 OldCoder You are modifying some of the basic ones
14:53 OldCoder Tell us about those two
14:53 OldCoder Go on
14:53 * OldCoder is interested
14:53 OldCoder May we see the original threads?
14:53 OldCoder markveidemanis, I am short on time. Link the threads unless you are AFK
14:54 thexyz left #minetest
14:54 KikaRz VanessaE, are you there?
14:54 markveidemanis http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4086
14:54 moltenbot markveidemanis's link: [Mod] UFOs [ufos] (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
14:55 OldCoder kaeza, connect by default *if* it is enabled. Can support a config mode for /join
14:55 kaeza done
14:55 kaeza now testing
14:55 OldCoder markveidemanis, ufo looks cool. But is it high CPU? Has it been tested?
14:55 KikaRz !define UFO
14:55 moltenbot http://ddg.dg: ufo definition: an unidentified flying object; '''especially''' flying saucer.
14:55 markveidemanis it will lagg a bit...
14:56 OldCoder markveidemanis, so for use on some servers
14:56 markveidemanis kikarz: define LASER
14:56 KikaRz WANT TO TEST
14:56 OldCoder Thread for building blocks?
14:56 Zeg9 OldCoder, I haven't tested UFO on a server yet, markveidemanis has, but it is a laggy computer and connection...
14:56 markveidemanis or you could get "simple jetpack boat thing"
14:57 OldCoder Thread for building blocks?
14:57 thexyz joined #minetest
14:57 KikaRz http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3751
14:57 moltenbot KikaRz's link: [Mod] Exchange [0.1] [exchange] (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
14:57 KikaRz this can be used for shops
14:59 markveidemanis building blocks thread is 684
14:59 OldCoder Link?
14:59 OldCoder KikaRz, ask for consensus
15:00 markveidemanis is there a way to freeze a player and not let him move away?
15:00 KikaRz sfan5, if you're there...
15:00 KikaRz I just have one thing to say
15:00 KikaRz http://goo.gl/CXIHw -- TOO LAGGY
15:00 moltenbot KikaRz's link: [Mod] Nuke Mod [1.4] [nuke] (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
15:00 KikaRz i blowed up a biig village: result - my pc crashed
15:02 KikaRz Yay, VanessaE has a Google+ Profile
15:02 KikaRz https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&amp;rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=web&amp;cd=3&amp;cad=rja&amp;ved=0CEYQFjAC&amp;url=https%3A%2F%2Fplus.google.com%2F107012033467710786653&amp;ei=eeLNUPu7GNGFhQfCm4G4Cg&amp;usg=AFQjCNFX8Sat7KKkypSxo5eF0yeh9XbuIg&amp;sig2=MgAMuKZ1Tbhb1kEa-H318g&amp;bvm=bv.1355325884,d.ZG4
15:02 KikaRz shortner: https://plus.google.com/107012033467710786653
15:02 moltenbot KikaRz's link: Vanessa Ezekowitz - Google+
15:03 KikaRz owwn... cookie is so sweet
15:03 Zeg9 OldCoder, could you add carts and boats by PilzAdam on Zegaton?
15:03 markveidemanis Zeg9...
15:03 Zeg9 markveidemanis: ?
15:04 OldCoder Zeg9, it is your decision. But won't they lag?
15:04 markveidemanis i've got a non-laggy entity mod
15:04 Zeg9 I'm not sure
15:05 john_minetest joined #minetest
15:05 markveidemanis http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3915
15:05 moltenbot markveidemanis's link: Simple Jetpack, Boat thing (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
15:05 OldCoder Has somebody linked the building blocks thread?
15:05 OldCoder And markveidemanis what are your changes?
15:05 OldCoder I am out of time
15:06 markveidemanis i added descriptions to the items and added cast iron as an item
15:06 OldCoder All right
15:06 OldCoder Is there consensus that building blocks are safe?
15:06 OldCoder And where is the thread link?
15:08 OldCoder Anybody?
15:08 OldCoder I need to move on with the worlds
15:08 OldCoder markveidemanis, I will add some of your mods another time. I need the information.
15:08 Zeg9 the thread is here I think http://www.google.fr/url?sa=t&amp;rct=j&amp;q=&amp;esrc=s&amp;source=web&amp;cd=1&amp;cad=rja&amp;ved=0CDcQFjAA&amp;url=http%3A%2F%2Fminetest.net%2Fforum%2Fviewtopic.php%3Fid%3D674&amp;ei=AOTNULX-NYeShgev34HYAg&amp;usg=AFQjCNEKAgS48eQr-A9SK7eVe0rcucBW3g&amp;sig2=DIFv2gmMze1Vy2VcuZFqGg&amp;bvm=bv.1355325884,d.ZG4
15:09 Zeg9 oops
15:09 Zeg9 http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=674
15:09 moltenbot Zeg9's link: [Mod] Building Blocks [?] [building_blocks] (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
15:09 KikaRz http://www.youtube-mp3.org/ - still on?
15:09 moltenbot KikaRz's link: YouTube zu mp3 Konverter
15:09 markveidemanis but i sent you the thread link 3 times
15:09 Penguin_ back
15:09 OldCoder markveidemanis, I did not see it
15:09 OldCoder I saw you mention the thread ID number
15:09 KikaRz Beatbox: pv zk pv pv zk pv zk kz zk pv pv pv zk pv zk zk pzk pzk pvzkpkzvpvzk kkkkkk bsch (or you could just click this link , if you’re feeling lazy_
15:09 markveidemanis http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=674
15:09 moltenbot markveidemanis's link: [Mod] Building Blocks [?] [building_blocks] (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
15:09 OldCoder O.K.
15:09 OldCoder Is there agreement that building blocks are safe?
15:10 KikaRz http://translate.google.com/#de%7Cde%7Cpv%20zk%20pv%20pv%20zk%20pv%20zk%20kz%20zk%20pv%20pv%20pv%20zk%20pv%20zk%20zk%20pzk%20pzk%20pvzkpkzvpvzk%20kkkkkk%20bsch%0A%0A
15:10 OldCoder KikaRz, please
15:10 OldCoder Do not do that
15:10 OldCoder Is there agreement that building blocks are safe?
15:10 KikaRz hah.
15:10 OldCoder Nobody will comment?
15:12 Penguin_ markveidemanis
15:13 TheRedMood KikaRz: I am 15
15:14 Penguin_ brb
15:14 kaeza1 joined #minetest
15:15 KikaRz cute.
15:15 KikaRz OldCoder, i agree
15:15 KikaRz that is safe
15:15 KikaRz :)
15:15 markveidemanis anyone who has a server: get the christmas mod
15:15 OldCoder FIne
15:15 OldCoder What is it?
15:15 OldCoder christmas?
15:15 markveidemanis no explanation needed.
15:15 OldCoder ?
15:16 OldCoder Yes there is
15:16 OldCoder Thread?
15:17 OldCoder Hah
15:17 OldCoder That goes in
15:17 OldCoder Will somebody build xmas trees?
15:17 TheRedMood KikaRz: What is your task here?
15:17 TheRedMood :)
15:17 KikaRz Sleeping alive.
15:17 KikaRz haha.
15:17 KikaRz here...
15:17 KikaRz designing nodes
15:17 KikaRz exploring engines
15:17 KikaRz do not compiling anything
15:18 KikaRz being cute,.
15:18 KikaRz (not going to take the list so long)
15:18 OldCoder I want the Christmas Mod
15:18 OldCoder Obscenity Filedropper won't give it to me
15:18 Zeg9 Santa mod is good too
15:18 OldCoder Somebody else please download it
15:18 OldCoder Zeg9, can you give them to me?
15:19 Zeg9 OldCoder, http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4075
15:19 moltenbot Zeg9's link: [1.0] Santa! (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
15:19 Zeg9 I think christmas mod is this one: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3950
15:19 moltenbot Zeg9's link: Christmas Mod (2012) (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
15:19 OldCoder Zeg9, No
15:19 OldCoder Wait
15:19 OldCoder This one...
15:19 OldCoder http://www.filedropper.com/christmas2012
15:19 Zeg9 .doc ?
15:19 Zeg9 wtf
15:20 OldCoder Yeh
15:20 OldCoder http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3950
15:20 moltenbot OldCoder's link: Christmas Mod (2012) (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
15:20 markveidemanis renam to .zip
15:20 Zeg9 Why people don't use ompldr...
15:20 OldCoder markveidemanis, does not work
15:20 OldCoder markveidemanis, get that mod please
15:20 markveidemanis which mod
15:21 OldCoder http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3950
15:21 moltenbot OldCoder's link: Christmas Mod (2012) (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
15:23 OldCoder Apparently an old one but ty
15:23 iqualfragile joined #minetest
15:24 OldCoder Oops
15:24 OldCoder last remark was an error
15:24 OldCoder Is anybody able to provide the christmas mod?
15:24 OldCoder Santa mod is Jordan Ibanez. I will not be using his mods.
15:25 OldCoder Time to move on. Is anybody able to provide the Christmas mod?
15:25 OldCoder Zeg9> OldCoder, could you add carts and boats by PilzAdam on Zegaton?
15:25 OldCoder Zeg9 do you have the download links?
15:25 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
15:25 OldCoder KikaRz, I need consensus regarding exchange chest
15:26 KikaRz what?
15:26 OldCoder KikaRz, you asked for exchange chest
15:26 KikaRz yea
15:26 OldCoder I need consensus before add
15:26 KikaRz exchange chest is good
15:26 KikaRz for shops
15:26 OldCoder I need consensus before add
15:26 OldCoder Is it safe? Do others wish it?
15:26 OldCoder Time to move on. Is anybody able to provide the Christmas mod?
15:26 * OldCoder shrugs
15:27 markveidemanis no. the download is retarded and does not work
15:27 OldCoder ty
15:27 markveidemanis its a word file about some people at christmas
15:27 Jordach i could possibly code one in the mean time
15:27 jojoa1997 vanessa here?
15:27 OldCoder Jordach, wait...
15:28 OldCoder https://gitorious.org/minetest-christmas-mod
15:28 moltenbot OldCoder's link: minetest christmas mod - Gitorious
15:28 OldCoder That is from 2011. I am reviewing.
15:28 SpeedProg1 joined #minetest
15:28 iqualfragile Oldcoder:
15:28 iqualfragile boats: https://github.com/PilzAdam/boats/archive/master.zip
15:28 iqualfragile carts: https://github.com/PilzAdam/carts/archive/master.zip
15:28 OldCoder iqualfragile, ty!
15:28 iqualfragile or just git clone the repos & use my scripts to keep it up-to-date
15:29 Jordach OldCoder, that mod may be too old to run with the latest minetest, the 2011 xmas mod
15:29 OldCoder iqualfragile, which scripts?
15:29 iqualfragile nah, wait, dont use them, im redoing them right now
15:29 OldCoder Jordach, link?
15:29 OldCoder Ah
15:29 OldCoder Jordach, ty
15:29 OldCoder So...
15:29 OldCoder No Santa and No Christmas. Oh, well :p
15:29 Jordach OldCoder, i can code one if you wish
15:30 iqualfragile do so!
15:31 iqualfragile but do create a reverse-mod wich removes everything the cristmas-mod added
15:31 * Jordach is playing tekkit to make some stuff for RBA's technic
15:32 OldCoder Jordach, all right! ty
15:32 OldCoder Jordach, you can borrow graphics for Jordan Ibanez mod if you wish
15:33 Jordach for the decs i can make them
15:35 OldCoder boats and carts are high CPU right?
15:35 Jordach on VanessaE's serv they overloaded fast
15:35 jojoa1997 better with the udates
15:35 OldCoder udates?
15:35 OldCoder updates?
15:35 jojoa1997 is it runing right now
15:36 jojoa1997 boats and carts updates
15:36 OldCoder jojoa1997, explain
15:36 jojoa1997 like when a mod goes from version 1.1 to v1.2
15:36 PilzAdam back
15:36 OldCoder jojoa1997, I do not understand the question
15:37 Dopium steel boats is something we wanted but i cant remember why
15:37 jojoa1997 toh i was sying that the server is better with the updates to the mods
15:37 Jordach jojoa1997, THAT IS NOT the case
15:38 jojoa1997 and my question was is here server running right now cause it crashed earlier
15:38 jojoa1997 oh
15:40 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
15:42 Jeija joined #minetest
15:44 KikaRz VanessaE? Where are you? I miss yuuu :(
15:44 KikaRz (just because i don't have any server to play)
15:45 markveidemanis u wanna come on my server?
15:46 markveidemanis Dopium, come on my server. i have steel boats
15:46 markveidemanis that fly:)
15:46 Jordach Dopium, the iron boat was for crossing lava
15:47 MilanFIN joined #minetest
15:47 KikaRz no markveidemanis
15:47 NakedFury servers: minetest.org 30000 to 30018
15:47 KikaRz VanessaEEE????
15:47 NakedFury there are a lot of servers to play in
15:48 KikaRz PLEEEASEE... approach here
15:48 KikaRz NakedFury, i have my mansion at VanessaE's server
15:48 kaeza1 OldCoder: almost there
15:48 OldCoder k
15:48 NakedFury make another mansion
15:49 KikaRz Who can send me a print of the Nether Mod's portal?
15:50 Zeg9 Wb PilzAdam
15:52 KikaRz Love this music http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6HcsD20HZdw&amp;feature=related
15:52 moltenbot KikaRz's link: Ra Sky - YouTube
15:52 KikaRz Guys
15:52 KikaRz my objetive : Seeing a projection mod / youtube video screen / youtube music player
15:52 KikaRz :P
15:53 KikaRz into minetest
15:53 KikaRz !UP vanessae.mine.bz
15:54 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
15:54 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.553ms)
15:54 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
15:54 KikaRz UUUUH!
15:54 KikaRz 0.553 ms
15:54 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
15:54 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.237ms)
15:54 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
15:54 KikaRz better. 0.237
15:54 Minetest-tan john_minetest: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.234ms)
15:54 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
15:55 hmmmm joined #minetest
15:55 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
15:55 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.233ms)
15:55 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
15:55 KikaRz no, you didnt
15:55 KikaRz i did.
15:55 Minetest-tan john_minetest: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.238ms)
15:55 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
15:55 KikaRz hah
15:55 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
15:55 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.238ms)
15:55 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
15:55 jeffrash minetest.org down again?
15:56 OldCoder john_minetest, Just for updates
15:56 KikaRz Guys, why every http://www.server4you.de/vserver/ are 0.00$ ?
15:56 jeffrash ok
15:56 OldCoder john_minetest, adding good stuff
15:56 OldCoder jeffrash, ^
15:56 NakedFury OldCoder: downloaded your compile and connecting to world
15:56 OldCoder k
15:56 OldCoder Which world?
15:57 OldCoder Mine are being updated
15:57 jeffrash OldCoder, 30015
15:57 NakedFury ohh. well in my case 30k
15:57 OldCoder NakedFury, a few more minutes
15:57 KikaRz whats this means ? Einmalig Monatlich
15:57 thexyz KikaRz: read note below, under *
15:57 OldCoder john_minetest, explain
15:57 OldCoder john_minetest, 3D support is in
15:57 OldCoder Yes
15:57 OldCoder john_minetest, ^
15:58 OldCoder john_minetest, Sure!
15:58 KikaRz IHHH
15:58 KikaRz * 9 Cent pro Minute aus dem Festnetz der Deutschen Telekom AG, Mobilfunkhöchstpreis 42 Cent pro Minute. Alle Preise auf dieser Seite beinhalten 19% USt.
15:58 KikaRz Preisangaben für die ersten sechs Monate, danach erhöht sich der Preis wie folgt: vSERVER PRO € 8,85 pro Monat, vSERVER PLUS € 18,85 pro Monat, vSERVER PREMIUM € 28,85 pro Monat und vSERVER PLATINUM € 38,85 pro Monat.
15:58 KikaRz ;S
15:58 OldCoder john_minetest, Zegaton remains 2D ATM. Did you wish 3D?
15:58 OldCoder john_minetest, check with Zeg9 then and start collecting 3D skins
15:59 Zeg9 OldCoder, can you send me the current 2d skins ? I'll try to convert some to 3d
15:59 jeffrash OldCoder, is there anyway I can get fly in 30015?  I'm building high builds and I have almost died from falling three times.  My name is just Jeff there.
15:59 Penguin_ joined #minetest
15:59 OldCoder Zeg9, O.K. Ask me tomorrow. jeffrash Yes.
15:59 jeffrash OldCoder, Thanks.
15:59 OldCoder john_minetest, k
15:59 kaeza1 OldCoder: now pushing
16:00 OldCoder john_minetest, 3D will need to be tested three
16:00 OldCoder there
16:00 OldCoder kaeza1, k
16:00 NakedFury OldCoder: are you using the 3d model skin per player mod or something? do we send you the skins or the link for the skin?
16:00 Zeg9 You'll just need to move the old 2d skins, though
16:00 OldCoder NakedFury, just ZIP things and sendspace the ZIP
16:00 OldCoder kaeza1, updating
16:00 OldCoder Preparing to restart
16:01 kaeza1 github seems slow today
16:01 jojoa1997 i cant connect to vanessae.mine.bz
16:02 Minetest-tan john_minetest: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.235ms)
16:02 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
16:02 kaeza1 OldCoder: NOT YET!!
16:02 Penguin_ http://www.minecraftskins.com/     <----SKINS       Different textures for players [player_textures] ->  http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3587
16:02 moltenbot Penguin_'s link: The Skindex - Minecraft Skins
16:02 Zeg9 john_minetest, it says it's up since the morning, but none can connect
16:03 jojoa1997 yeah
16:03 kaeza joined #minetest
16:04 kaeza OldCoder: done
16:04 kaeza update now
16:04 Penguin_ oldcoder server up yet
16:05 Penguin_ !up minetest.org:30004
16:05 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org:30004:30000 DOWN
16:05 Minetest-tan Penguin_: minetest.org:30004 seems to be down
16:06 kaeza something is wrong with moltenbot
16:06 Penguin_ why
16:06 kaeza who's the dev?
16:06 Jordach moltenbot IGNORES THE ADRESS:PORT
16:06 kaeza it added ':30000'
16:06 Jordach !up minetest.org 30012
16:06 Minetest-tan Jordach: minetest.org 30012 seems to be down
16:06 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org:30012 DOWN
16:06 Jordach !up minetest.org 30000
16:06 Minetest-tan Jordach: minetest.org 30000 seems to be down
16:06 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org:30000 DOWN
16:07 Jordach !up vanessa.mine.bz 30000
16:07 Minetest-tan Jordach: vanessa.mine.bz 30000 seems to be down
16:07 moltenbot Minetest server vanessa.mine.bz:30000 DOWN
16:07 kaeza !up
16:07 moltenbot Minetest server DOWN
16:07 Minetest-tan kaeza: seems to be down
16:07 Jordach thats the usage
16:07 Penguin_ its down now
16:07 thexyz Jordach: host:port works for Minetest-tan but not for moltenbot
16:07 Penguin_ any 0.4.4 server up ?
16:07 OldCoder NEWS: Vanessa down due to Mesecons issue. Building Blocks added to most worlds. IRC will be tested. Boats and Carts for Zegaton. Computer kaeza1 updated. May have Christmas later. Backups made. Come and test please.
16:08 kaeza1 joined #minetest
16:08 thexyz Jordach: and vice-versa
16:08 kaeza1 ...
16:08 * Jordach will be providing the christmas
16:08 OldCoder NEWS: Vanessa down due to Mesecons issue. Building Blocks added to most worlds. IRC will be tested. Boats and Carts for Zegaton. Computer kaeza1 updated. May have Christmas later. Backups made. Come and test please.
16:08 Zeg9 Testing when my client is built, please wait
16:08 OldCoder kaeza1, ^
16:08 jojoa1997 do you know when it will be up
16:08 Jordach OldCoder, NO IRC.
16:08 kaeza1 OldCoder: thx
16:08 OldCoder Jordach, just for worlds where people want it
16:08 Jordach HELL NO, i ACTUALLY WANT to talk to people
16:08 OldCoder ?
16:08 OldCoder Explain
16:08 NakedFury OldCoder: http://www.sendspace.com/file/dm8pue
16:08 moltenbot NakedFury's link: Download player_NakedFury.zip from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
16:08 OldCoder NakedFury, ty
16:08 Jordach (just not with the in-game spammed)
16:09 OldCoder Jordach, heh
16:09 OldCoder Yes!
16:09 Jordach the im-game chat get spammed the the irc
16:09 Zeg9 OldCoder, where irc chat points to ?
16:09 OldCoder Can fix that with time limit
16:09 OldCoder Zeg9, we will see
16:09 kaeza1 OldCoder: should I add a 'ban' system?
16:09 OldCoder kaeza, absolutely
16:09 Zeg9 What about a #minetest-servers
16:09 kaeza1 hmm...
16:09 OldCoder Zeg9, I am thinking individual channels per world
16:09 Zeg9 ok
16:09 OldCoder can control better that way
16:10 Zeg9 That would be really good too
16:10 OldCoder kaeza, actually...
16:10 kaeza1 yes?
16:10 Zeg9 and, sending commands from irc ?
16:10 Penguin_ oldcoder anyone one anyof your servers
16:10 OldCoder kaeza, can handle bans through IRC
16:10 OldCoder Penguin_, servers up
16:10 OldCoder Jeff, adding you now
16:10 OldCoder jeffrash, you wanted fly on 30015 ?
16:10 Penguin_ whos on one of oldcoders serves
16:11 Jordach Zeg9, i registered #minetest-servers a LONG TIME AGO
16:11 kaeza1 OldCoder: since the IRC mod talks through a "proxy" user, it would be difficult (if not plain impossible) to ban a single in-game user
16:11 OldCoder kaeza1, you are correct!
16:11 OldCoder kaeza1, I think that maybe we will end up needing to whitelist
16:11 kaeza1 hmm
16:11 kaeza1 whitelist vs blacklist...
16:11 OldCoder kaeza1, think about the problems here in the channel
16:11 kaeza1 what would be better?
16:11 OldCoder Can you imagine them in the game?!
16:12 OldCoder I think whitelist
16:12 kaeza1 yup :D
16:12 * Zeg9 is joining 30015
16:12 Penguin_ !up server
16:12 Minetest-tan Penguin_: Invalid Address
16:12 moltenbot Minetest server server:30000 DOWN
16:12 Penguin_ !up
16:12 Minetest-tan Penguin_: Give me a Server Address
16:12 moltenbot Minetest server !up:!up DOWN
16:12 Penguin_ !up all
16:12 Minetest-tan Penguin_: Invalid Address
16:12 moltenbot Minetest server all:30000 DOWN
16:12 kaeza1 WTF moltenbot??
16:13 Penguin_ why wont it work
16:13 Jordach Penguin_, it DOES NOT LIST THEM
16:13 Jordach we need bot whitelists
16:13 Penguin_ oh
16:13 kaeza1 OldCoder: how about a new `irc_shout' priv?
16:14 OldCoder kaeza1, sounds good to me
16:14 OldCoder kaeza1, but I am more worried
16:14 OldCoder about other direction
16:14 kaeza1 hmm
16:14 kaeza1 I get your point
16:14 OldCoder kaeza1, can it be ircshout?
16:14 OldCoder With no _?
16:14 kaeza1 yes
16:14 Penguin_ minetest.org 30015dose it have 3d playes
16:15 kaeza1 you can of course use "/part" in-game to part the channel
16:15 Jordach imma out of here
16:15 kaeza1 but I'll see what I can do
16:15 Jordach left #minetest
16:15 kaeza1 OldCoder: ^
16:15 OldCoder kaeza1, R
16:16 OldCoder kaeza1, there is no rush!
16:16 OldCoder kaeza1, have fun with this
16:16 kaeza1 I just have fun coding :)
16:16 OldCoder Yes
16:16 OldCoder Art
16:17 kaeza1 I may be "Picasso" in that sense. My works are beautiful in their own way :P
16:19 kaeza joined #minetest
16:19 KikaRz VanessaE???? WHERE ARE YUUUU? :'(
16:19 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
16:19 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.233ms)
16:19 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
16:19 kaeza KikaRz: let the woman sleep already!
16:19 NakedFury wield_image = "default_tool_steelshovel.png^[transformR90",   what is that transform?
16:19 OldCoder Indicate if 30015 Zegaton has boats and carts now
16:19 Penguin_ Kikarz wuu2
16:20 PilzAdam NakedFury, rotate legt by 90°
16:20 PilzAdam *left
16:20 kaeza PilzAdam: :O
16:20 kaeza is that possible?
16:20 NakedFury shouldnt it be transformL90 for left and R90 for right?
16:20 PilzAdam R = rotate
16:20 PilzAdam its always left
16:21 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
16:21 Penguin_ bored
16:21 kaeza you cannot 'rotate left'
16:21 Zeg9 OldCoder, we now have both mods :)
16:21 kaeza it should be 'counter clockwise' :P
16:21 PilzAdam NakedFury, there is also FX and FY to flip the axis
16:21 NakedFury thats new?
16:22 PilzAdam not really
16:22 * john_minetest (~john@p5DCA94AC.dip0.t-ipconnect.de) has left #off-topic (
16:22 kaeza PilzAdam: does that mean I don't have to draw separate left and right face textures?
16:22 PilzAdam kaeza, see the doors mod in default minetest_game
16:22 kaeza hmmm
16:22 NakedFury where do I set for items to have a shorter easier command name? example: instead of /giveme default:desert_stone   I could do /giveme dstone
16:22 kaeza It should be documented in lua_api.txt
16:23 PilzAdam c55 said that too
16:23 PilzAdam someone has to grab them from src/tile.cpp and document them
16:23 OldCoder Hi
16:23 OldCoder Zeg9, good!
16:23 OldCoder Zeg9, we will try 3D this week
16:23 kaeza challengeaccepted.jpg
16:23 PilzAdam there are more like ^[crack or ^[brighten
16:23 OldCoder NakedFury, I have the download
16:24 NakedFury do I need to quit and the enter again?
16:24 PilzAdam kaeza, starts at line 1244
16:24 OldCoder NakedFury, Explain
16:24 kaeza OldCoder: is the mod working as expected?
16:24 NakedFury for the skin to apply
16:24 OldCoder kaeza, IRC will be tested after I rest a bit
16:24 kaeza k
16:24 PilzAdam NakedFury, for the simple item names: register aliases
16:24 OldCoder NakedFury, let me review the ZIP
16:25 KikaRz im coldy
16:25 NakedFury ok, where are the default aliases registered at. default game .ini or creative init?
16:25 RealBadAngel joined #minetest
16:25 OldCoder NakedFury, I will install that now
16:25 KikaRz going to make various breaking animations :)
16:25 OldCoder Folks where do 3D skins go?
16:25 kaeza KikaRz: need a hug? :P
16:25 PilzAdam NakedFury, legacy
16:25 KikaRz yea kaeza :(
16:25 OldCoder Folks where do 3D skins go?
16:25 RealBadAngel was away to  make somethin, here you go: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GocjjOLuogk
16:25 moltenbot RealBadAngel's link: New trees for Minetest - YouTube
16:26 PilzAdam OldCoder, in any texture folder
16:26 OldCoder Any?
16:26 PilzAdam preferably textures/all or the textures folde in player_textures
16:26 * kaeza hugs KikaRz
16:26 OldCoder But any will work
16:26 PilzAdam yep
16:26 OldCoder Wait...
16:27 OldCoder PilzAdam, how does system know difference between a 2D and 3D skin?
16:27 * KikaRz istills sad
16:27 OldCoder Based on what I have seen it does not
16:27 NakedFury OldCoder: if I do some editing to legacy init, mainly adding aliases and editing the stupid ones, example: dirt_with_grass to grass
16:27 PilzAdam there are two seperated mods for 2D and 3D skins
16:27 OldCoder PilzAdam, Yes
16:27 OldCoder Where is the 3D mod?
16:27 OldCoder NakedFury, go on
16:27 PilzAdam see forum topix
16:27 PilzAdam *topic
16:28 OldCoder PilzAdam, I have no time
16:28 OldCoder Indicate; if people wish the skins
16:28 Zeg9 OldCoder, 3d mod is in github.com/celeron55/minetest_game
16:28 OldCoder Yes
16:28 Zeg9 take the default mod from it
16:28 OldCoder But what folder?
16:28 PilzAdam OldCoder, https://github.com/sdzen/player_textures
16:28 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: sdzen/player_textures ? GitHub
16:28 OldCoder PilzAdam, are you referring to the 2D mod?
16:28 PilzAdam nope
16:28 Zeg9 Just replace the default, and also take sdzen's player_textures
16:29 OldCoder Zeg9, PilzAdam hang on... so player_textures is the 3D version of the 2D mod that I am presently using?
16:29 Zeg9 Yep
16:29 OldCoder all right
16:29 Zeg9 Also, you have to remove/move all old skins
16:29 Zeg9 else it will look really weird
16:30 OldCoder Zeg9, I assume a world can only be 2D or 3D and cannot mix them. Is this correct?
16:30 NakedFury OldCoder: sorry got cut short. well if I do those changes would you use them? it just seems ridiculous to use such long and stupid aliases
16:31 Zeg9 No, can't mix them...
16:31 PilzAdam OldCoder, it is possible to mix it but there is currently no mod for this
16:31 Zeg9 Or maybe
16:31 Penguin_ coder can i have http://www.minecraftskins.com/skin/645517/psy/ on 30015
16:31 moltenbot Penguin_'s link: PSY | Minecraft Skin
16:31 Zeg9 needs a mod, I could make one if you wish
16:31 OldCoder NakedFury, I will use them if they work and it is straightforward
16:31 OldCoder Zeg9, mod would be much appreciated!
16:31 OldCoder PilzAdam, thank you for the information
16:32 OldCoder Penguin_, I am reviewing the skin now
16:32 OldCoder Heh
16:32 * OldCoder is keeping up!
16:32 Zeg9 Then, it will be a replacement for player_textures
16:32 OldCoder Zeg9, yes
16:32 Zeg9 textures will be names like that:
16:32 Zeg9 player_NAME.png, player_NAME_back.png, OR character_NAME.png
16:32 OldCoder Penguin_, provide me with the skin file
16:32 Zeg9 Should 3d be prefered over 2d or the reverse?
16:32 OldCoder Zeg9, 3D over 2D I suppose
16:33 NakedFury PilzAdam: would minetest.register_alias("water_flowing","waterf", "default:water_flowing") registering 2 aliases in the same line work?
16:33 OldCoder Zeg9, as long as both are supported it is good!
16:33 Zeg9 And if there is no skin, still use 3d ?
16:33 PilzAdam NakedFury, nope
16:33 OldCoder Zeg9, Yes I think
16:33 Zeg9 Ok
16:33 OldCoder Zeg9, this is fun
16:33 OldCoder Zeg9, total flexibility! I like it. Bugs Bunny can mix with Tron.
16:33 Zeg9 And what about an inventory gui to switch from 2d to 3d
16:34 OldCoder Penguin_, If you wish a skin you must provide me with it
16:34 OldCoder Zeg9, sure why not
16:34 kaeza OldCoder: how about maintaining a per-player 'friends and foes' list?
16:34 OldCoder kaeza, what would that do?
16:34 kaeza whitelist and blacklist
16:34 Penguin_ okay
16:34 Penguin_ oldcoder okay
16:34 OldCoder kaeza, Not bad!
16:34 OldCoder NakedFury, trying to add you now
16:34 kaeza you then ignore your foes
16:34 OldCoder Yep
16:35 kaeza and somehow highlight your friends
16:35 OldCoder kaeza, one step at a time
16:35 OldCoder kaeza, proceed at a comfortable pace
16:36 kaeza1 joined #minetest
16:36 OldCoder Zeg9, so I can make a world with 2D and 3D skins. Players can override which is default.
16:36 kaeza1 repeat please, got disconnected :(
16:36 OldCoder If this works.
16:36 OldCoder kaeza, can't you use hexchat?
16:36 Zeg9 When the mod will be ready
16:36 OldCoder No rush
16:37 kaeza1 OldCoder: what for?
16:37 mindcat joined #minetest
16:38 OldCoder kaeza1, sorry; I don't follow
16:38 Zeg9 OldCoder, after that, what about a skin gallery, so that players can switch skin from their inventory?
16:38 OldCoder Zeg9, this will help MT considerably
16:38 kaeza1 why use hexchat?
16:38 kaeza1 OldCoder: ^
16:38 mindcat minetest, minecraft lol
16:38 Zeg9 o.o This would give it a complete different approach
16:38 Zeg9 Yeah, I'll start developping this
16:38 kaeza1 hi mindcat
16:39 OldCoder kaeza1, So you can avoid loss of connection
16:39 mindcat hi
16:39 kaeza1 OldCoder: It's my crappy wireless modem
16:39 OldCoder Ah
16:39 OldCoder Get a bouncer then
16:39 kaeza1 it has something to do with usb_modeswitch
16:39 OldCoder Wait... PilzAdam... player_textures appears to be a 2D mod
16:40 mindcat C++....
16:40 OldCoder So where is the mod where I add a 3D skin? Until Zeg9 mod is ready
16:40 PilzAdam OldCoder, http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3587
16:40 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: [Mod] Different textures for players [player_textures] (Page 1) - Mod Releases - Minetest Forums
16:40 kaeza1 Is it possible to change player textures on the fly?
16:41 OldCoder PilzAdam, let me spell this out. I am unwell. Answer clearly or forget it. Is that or is that not the 2D mod?
16:41 OldCoder kaeza1, It may be in the future?
16:41 OldCoder s/future?/future/
16:41 PilzAdam OldCoder, there is a 2D and a 3D version
16:41 kaeza1 It would be interesting to have a 'closet' where you can change clothes
16:41 OldCoder I cloned the link you gave me
16:41 OldCoder kaeza1, Zeg9 is looking at this possibility
16:42 kaeza1 nice!
16:42 PilzAdam OldCoder, the link i gave you is the 3D version
16:42 mindcat so, minetest is minecraft rewrite C艹 version?
16:42 OldCoder PilzAdam, where is the link for the 3D version? Do not point me to the forum again. I have cloned and it contains your front and back. Is this the 3D mod regardless?
16:42 kaeza1 mindcat: no
16:42 kaeza1 it's based off Infiniminer
16:42 mindcat ok...
16:42 PilzAdam OldCoder, the link i gave you is the 3D version
16:42 KikaRz mindcat, do not compare Minecraft with Minetest.
16:42 kaeza1 (and well, a bit of minecraft)
16:43 mindcat ok...
16:43 OldCoder PilzAdam, I have cloned it. I see your front and back PNGs. No sample .x file. Is the link right or wrong?
16:43 PilzAdam its right
16:43 OldCoder PilzAdam, I have cloned it. I see your front and back PNGs. No sample .x file. Is there an explanation?
16:43 Zeg9 OldCoder, only the texture is changed, not the model
16:44 OldCoder Zeg9, I do not see anything but a 2D PNG file set
16:44 OldCoder Should I see more?
16:44 Zeg9 Then you cloned the bad one I think
16:44 OldCoder That is my point!!
16:44 Zeg9 let me check
16:44 OldCoder Enough
16:44 kaeza1 OldCoder: the .x file is in default
16:44 PilzAdam OldCoder, my 2D version has the examples and sdzen seems to not have removed them when updating
16:44 kaeza1 nvm
16:44 Zeg9 Hmm, yeah that's it
16:44 Zeg9 Just remove those, they are not compatible
16:45 * OldCoder is resting. Me will add 3D mod from Zeg9 when it is ready. NakedFury I will use Zeg9 mod for this as other mod is not available!
16:45 OldCoder :P
16:45 * OldCoder is resting
16:45 Zeg9 Good night.
16:45 kaeza1 later OC
16:45 NakedFury ok
16:45 Octupus joined #minetest
16:45 Octupus hi
16:45 kaeza1 hey Octupus
16:45 Octupus hikaeza
16:46 Penguin_ http://www.filedropper.com/skin201212160411409568
16:47 kaeza1 Penguin_: please use ompldr or Dropbox :)
16:47 Zeg9 filedropper sucks lol
16:47 Zeg9 It converts .zip's to .doc's
16:48 kaeza1 in general avoid any service that showa ads
16:48 Zeg9 The christmas mod became some dumb thing about people at christmas lol
16:48 kaeza1 shows*
16:48 Zeg9 .rar sucks too
16:48 PilzAdam like google?
16:48 kaeza1 .rar has onee of the best compression ratios around
16:48 iqualfragile .rar is evilish
16:49 iqualfragile kaeza1: nope, absolutely not
16:49 Penguin_ http://ompldr.org/vZ3B3Mg
16:49 Zeg9 use 7z, xz, gz, bz2, instead
16:49 kaeza1 so it's pretty good if you asm me
16:49 iqualfragile about 5 years ago you were right
16:49 iqualfragile but now .xz is the best for distributing
16:49 iqualfragile and .7z the best for personal use
16:49 kaeza1 gz is almost the same as zip
16:49 Penguin_ server for 0.4.4 ?
16:50 kaeza1 of course nothing compares to lz
16:50 iqualfragile i have the best compression-method
16:50 iqualfragile but it takes some time to decompress
16:50 iqualfragile md5sum
16:50 kaeza1 lzip can compress 4GB files to 0 bytes in less than a microsecond
16:50 Zeg9 lol iqualfragile
16:51 Zeg9 bruteforcing to decompress... When we have supercomputers, yes
16:51 thexyz iqualfragile: and you're not guaranteed to get the same file
16:51 kaeza joined #minetest
16:51 iqualfragile quantum-computers would be enought
16:51 PilzAdam thexyz, no, you dont have to programm new files with that
16:52 KikaRz now im worried
16:52 iqualfragile thexyz: nah, but combined with some additional information like file-size, type and sha1sum you are very likely to get the right file
16:52 thexyz no way
16:53 thexyz md5 is 128-bit, sha1 is 160-bit
16:53 markveidemanis joined #minetest
16:54 KikaRz <RagnarLaud> Hey so do you forgive me?
16:54 KikaRz <KikaRz> stop being annoying
16:54 KikaRz <RagnarLaud> And you will?
16:54 KikaRz <KikaRz> stop being annoying
16:54 markveidemanis hello
16:54 iqualfragile hello
16:54 iqualfragile marktraceur: updated my scripts, they are now configurable & i hate git
16:54 iqualfragile hg is so much cooler
16:54 iqualfragile https://github.com/iqualfragile/minetest_scripts
16:54 moltenbot iqualfragile's link: iqualfragile/minetest_scripts ? GitHub
16:55 kaeza fak u modem
16:56 thexyz so, having 2^288+1 files, there will be two (at least) with same md5,sha1 pair
16:57 kaeza thexyz: that's the problem with checksums
16:57 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
16:58 kaeza even if you had one billion bits, there would be still clashes
16:58 iqualfragile thexyz: but: if you add the filetype and sanity of the file and the size
16:58 iqualfragile the would a very low number left
16:58 KikaRz new skype is so stupid
16:59 thexyz iqualfragile: well, let's say file size is 1 mb
16:59 thexyz and what is filetype?
16:59 iqualfragile mp4
16:59 kaeza thexyz: the type of the file :)
17:00 thexyz i know, how's that determined? like `file` command?
17:00 kaeza maybe
17:00 iqualfragile yup and you need to check if the file is sane
17:00 thexyz it only uses few first bytes of file
17:00 kaeza or just by extension
17:00 thexyz iqualfragile: what do you mean by "sane"?
17:01 thexyz well, there's already such algorithm, called "magnet links" or something
17:01 iqualfragile thexyz: not allways, it depends on the filetype, some files have their identifiers later in the file
17:01 kaeza thexyz: suppose you have a PNG file
17:01 jojoa1997 vanessae.mine.bz up?
17:01 kaeza the sig is at offset 0 "PNG!"
17:01 iqualfragile !up vanessae.mine.bz
17:01 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
17:01 Minetest-tan iqualfragile: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.236ms)
17:02 kaeza then somewhere is the image size
17:02 iqualfragile sane: a decoder wont throw errors
17:02 kaeza libpng rejects images bigger that 65535 IIRC
17:02 Octupus jojoa1997,Hello im octu and i am granting u interact and making a new spot right now
17:03 jojoa1997 please tell me your server info
17:03 Muadtralk joined #minetest
17:03 Octupus minetest.org   30004
17:03 kaeza hey Muadtralk
17:03 Octupus hi szden
17:03 Muadtralk ello
17:04 kaeza Muadtralk: https://github.com/kaeza/minetest-irc
17:04 moltenbot kaeza's link: kaeza/minetest-irc ? GitHub
17:04 jojoa1997 am i leader of green team
17:04 KikaRz VanessaEEEE???
17:04 kaeza can you test it please?
17:04 KikaRz i guess something happened with her...
17:04 Octupus jojoa1997,yes you are
17:05 jojoa1997 yay
17:05 Muadtralk okay ive opened it
17:05 Octupus you are the commander and chief
17:05 Muadtralk downloading
17:05 jojoa1997 can my freind dopium join
17:05 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
17:05 Dopium i know octupuslegs :)
17:05 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.229ms)
17:05 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
17:05 kaeza Octupus: is it PVP?
17:05 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
17:05 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.232ms)
17:05 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
17:05 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
17:05 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.237ms)
17:05 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
17:05 KikaRz I want to plaaay :(
17:06 jojoa1997 <KikaRz> i guess something happened with her... she was up till midnight my time
17:06 Octupus kaeza,only in the arena
17:06 kaeza KikaRz: It's UP!!
17:06 jojoa1997 we have same time zone
17:06 KikaRz kaeza, is not
17:06 KikaRz its a bug
17:06 KikaRz + 0.200 = crashed / 100% cpu load
17:06 jojoa1997 i love how the window says not responding and then you start to play
17:07 kaeza KikaRz: or just very laggy :)
17:07 Octupus :)
17:07 kaeza jojoa1997: that's Windows for you
17:07 jojoa1997 did you add dopium
17:08 Octupus dopium didnt ask for interact
17:08 Octupus WTH
17:08 Dopium can i have interact then :)
17:09 kaeza1 joined #minetest
17:09 Octupus sure :D
17:10 Dopium Thanks Octu
17:10 Octupus :)
17:10 Octupus just let me see if my client wants to let me on the server :3
17:10 Zeg9 Is it possible to take only a part of an image in a formspec ?
17:11 jojoa1997 i dont have interact
17:12 youlysses joined #minetest
17:12 Octupus jojoa1997,i keep timing out
17:12 jojoa1997 sorry
17:12 kaeza Muadtralk: did it work?
17:12 jojoa1997 giveme it when you can it dopium on my team
17:13 jojoa1997 there are tons of mods
17:13 KikaRz https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-3NiIQprTFE
17:13 moltenbot KikaRz's link: Minetest - C55 | Ep1 - Mostrando a minha casa construida. - YouTube
17:13 KikaRz my old house
17:13 jojoa1997 is dopium on my team i meant
17:14 KikaRz X11 = linux?
17:14 kaeza KikaRz: X11 = unix
17:14 KikaRz or that
17:14 KikaRz Localizações
17:14 KikaRz Portugal
17:14 KikaRz Navegadores
17:14 KikaRz Firefox
17:14 KikaRz Chrome
17:14 KikaRz Plataformas
17:14 kaeza linux != unix
17:14 KikaRz Windows
17:14 KikaRz Android
17:14 KikaRz X11
17:14 KikaRz UPS
17:14 KikaRz fail,
17:14 KikaRz i wasnt supposed to copy that
17:15 KikaRz sry
17:15 kaeza np
17:15 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
17:15 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.236ms)
17:15 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
17:16 kaeza nope! Chuck Testa
17:17 pa001024 joined #minetest
17:18 Zeg9 Sorry for repeating myself, but is it possible to take only a part of an image in a formspec ?
17:18 KikaRz Server diedf.
17:18 Octupus jojoa1997,Dopium,I finnaly made it
17:19 Zeg9 Guess I'll haveto check that myself...
17:19 kaeza Zeg9: dunno
17:19 Octupus jojoa1997,Dopium,You guys have interact now
17:19 Zeg9 I'll look if there is something with transform things
17:20 * Zeg9 is diving into C++
17:20 Zeg9 Omg it has been a long time
17:20 kaeza that'll be a long dive
17:20 kaeza :)
17:20 kaeza better have a few oxygen tanks ready :)
17:21 Calinou joined #minetest
17:21 kaeza hey Calinou
17:22 Octupus jojoa1997,im building the green team thing now
17:22 jojoa1997 cool
17:23 kaeza <offtopic>what do you guys think about this one? https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/macrosoft-doors-512px.png </offtopic>
17:23 jojoa1997 i will try it out later for now vanessa's server waiting all day
17:24 kaeza I thought about using it in my deco computers mod
17:24 VanessaE All right G*d damn it.  there NEEDS TO BE A WAY short of going through every mod one day at a time and hoping I find it, to tell which mod is causing my server to spike to and stay at 100% CPU
17:24 kaeza hi VanessaE
17:24 VanessaE hi.
17:24 Dopium yes :(
17:24 kaeza remove MOBF  :)
17:24 VanessaE I don't have MOBF.
17:24 VanessaE or any other MOBs.
17:24 kaeza hmm
17:25 PilzAdam VanessaE, you dont need billions of mods
17:25 kaeza let me look at the list on the forum topic
17:25 jojoa1997 mods for her server can be found here in a m,od pack http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=4057
17:25 moltenbot jojoa1997's link: VanessaE's Server (Page 1) - Servers - Minetest Forums
17:25 VanessaE PilzAdam: fix your carts.  they don't work on steel rails anymore nor do they respond to mesecons.
17:25 PilzAdam they do
17:25 KikaRz Guys, give me a second of pub.
17:26 KikaRz ads*
17:26 PilzAdam at least for me
17:26 VanessaE and I *do* need "billions" of mods because they are what make a server worth playing on.
17:26 KikaRz https://www.facebook.com/events/537582412924608/570966989586150/?notif_t=plan_mall_activity - Adverstiment -
17:26 moltenbot KikaRz's link: Update Your Browser | Facebook
17:26 PilzAdam VanessaE, if you dont tell me how to reproduce the bug i cant fix it
17:26 jojoa1997 post your version on the forum
17:26 KikaRz This event will be realized in Castelo Branco , Portugal days 22 and 23 December all the day
17:26 PilzAdam VanessaE, wait, i have an idea
17:26 Calinou KikaRz: lolFB
17:26 VanessaE PilzAdam: three people say they don't.   Please some steel rails, try to place a cart - it won't place.
17:26 VanessaE Place*
17:26 KikaRz at night of 22, will be an after party, you must present your ticket to get a free shot!
17:26 Calinou <trolling style="gentoo user">
17:26 PilzAdam VanessaE, maybe a mod overrides the default rails
17:26 KikaRz I hope you go there
17:26 KikaRz Thank you for your time
17:27 VanessaE PilzAdam: possibly moreblocks does I don't know.
17:27 jojoa1997 it wont work on here server or my private one
17:27 KikaRz 1,50 € for 1 day - 2 € for the 2 days
17:27 VanessaE either way you need to stop overriding the rails and just use what's there :-)
17:27 Dopium was fine until yesterday
17:27 VanessaE (I know that's what you were doing in the carts mod before)
17:27 Dopium then the steel rails didnt work
17:27 jojoa1997 when the update was added
17:27 thexyz Calinou: how's that related to gentoo?
17:27 Calinou moreblocks overrides default rails
17:27 PilzAdam VanessaE, I need to override it for the new mesecon API
17:28 Calinou thexyz: it is not, that was the trolling :D
17:28 VanessaE why?  can't the cart just check for a mesecons power source next to the track as it passes by?
17:28 PilzAdam not really
17:28 Calinou PilzAdam: do I need to add "rail" group to moreblocks' rail?
17:28 jojoa1997 why not
17:28 Calinou it is redefined to let light pass through
17:28 PilzAdam Calinou, and also the mesecon functions
17:29 jojoa1997 the copper rail is the only one that works
17:29 jojoa1997 with the carts
17:29 Calinou because it has a rail group
17:29 Dopium yeah but with copper rails the mesecons wont work
17:29 Calinou moreblocks redefines the default rail to let light pass through
17:29 PilzAdam Calinou, copy this to your rails: https://github.com/PilzAdam/carts/blob/master/init.lua#L432
17:29 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: carts/init.lua at master ? PilzAdam/carts ? GitHub
17:29 Calinou I'm fixing it right now, adding rail group to default rail
17:30 jojoa1997 cant you make your mod do that adam
17:30 babyface1031 joined #minetest
17:30 kaeza VanessaE: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3830
17:30 moltenbot kaeza's link: [MOD] Computers (Decorative) [0.1.4] [computer] (Page 1) - Modding General - Minetest Forums
17:30 Calinou doesn't this make carts mod a dependancy? just making sure :P
17:30 PilzAdam just dont override it
17:31 PilzAdam i see no logical reason to override rails in moreores
17:31 VanessaE kaeza: \o/
17:31 kaeza VanessaE: the 128 version is a bit crappy
17:31 Calinou PilzAdam: you mean in moreblocks?
17:31 kaeza but it would be better if you could use ledges
17:31 Calinou the default rails block light
17:32 Octupus jojoa1997,i finished making the green team base
17:32 Calinou makes no sense, looks ugly
17:32 thexyz Calinou: send pull request to minetest_game then
17:32 jojoa1997 thanks i will check it out later
17:33 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
17:34 PilzAdam Calinou, also your copy of rails is outdated; it doesnt have the attachment group
17:34 VanessaE kaeza: it looks fine.
17:34 PilzAdam this makes the light pass through useless
17:34 PilzAdam because they can only exist on nodes
17:34 kaeza thx :P
17:34 Penguin_ joined #minetest
17:34 VanessaE kaeza: installed. :-)
17:35 kaeza I'll make the "TextBox 255" (guess what it is) for next version
17:35 VanessaE haha
17:35 VanessaE nonono
17:35 VanessaE Textbox 180 ;-)
17:35 Penguin_ vanessaE can u put tis as my skin on server
17:35 KikaRz 255+433+255-1
17:35 VanessaE or 256 - use a nice round number :-)
17:35 KikaRz !c 255+433+255-1
17:35 Minetest-tan 942
17:35 KikaRz XD
17:35 jojoa1997 pilzadam and calinou please update the mods on the forum after this is woked out
17:36 VanessaE Penguin_: post a link on the forum thread.
17:36 Dopium what mods carts and moreores?
17:36 jojoa1997 yes
17:36 Dopium ok thanks
17:37 Zeg9 If it isn't yet, could anyone make possible to put only a part of an image in formspec?
17:37 Penguin_ done vanessa
17:37 PilzAdam Calinou, i got a new idea, stand by
17:37 kaeza VanessaE: good
17:37 PilzAdam (actually its Jeija's idea)
17:39 KikaRz <RagnarLaud> Im Ragnar Laud and ill make politics sexy // GAY:
17:39 kaeza KikaRz: 2+2*2
17:39 KikaRz 8
17:39 kaeza bzzzzt wrong
17:40 KikaRz !c 2+2*2
17:40 Minetest-tan 6
17:40 KikaRz ???
17:40 KikaRz ah
17:40 KikaRz first the multiplication
17:40 kaeza operator precedence my dear
17:40 mauvebic joined #minetest
17:41 Calinou more blocks and more ores: new releases
17:42 NakedFury what can we expect from it?
17:42 Calinou fixes for cart mod
17:42 kaeza hello mauvebic
17:42 Calinou nothing else ;P
17:43 mauvebic howddy
17:43 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
17:43 EqualsRagnar Hi
17:44 mauvebic doess vanessa has two servers or is mine.bz == minetest.org?
17:44 VanessaE no
17:44 VanessaE the one on minetest.org is a backup copy
17:44 mauvebic ahhh
17:44 VanessaE (30017) provided by OldCoder.
17:44 mauvebic mine.bz hosted art home?
17:44 mauvebic *at
17:44 PilzAdam Calinou, I fixed it; you now only need to add this without depending on carts: https://github.com/PilzAdam/carts/blob/master/init.lua#L461
17:45 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: carts/init.lua at master ? PilzAdam/carts ? GitHub
17:45 PilzAdam (thanks to Jeija)
17:45 VanessaE vanessae.mine.bz:30000 is the live one and yeah it's on my home PC.
17:45 KikaRz Going to rage
17:45 Calinou you should add sunlight_propagates = true, PilzAdam :P
17:45 KikaRz EqualsRagnar and RagnarLaud has been ignored. Reason: Double account - Double nervous
17:45 Calinou I removed rail definition from more blocks
17:45 PilzAdam Calinou, as I said above its useless due to attached_node=1
17:45 mauvebic oldocoder put my map up on 30018, not sure if im supposed to create a server page for it then if im not hosting it
17:45 PilzAdam Calinou, still, add it to copper raiö
17:45 PilzAdam *rail
17:47 KikaRz Done
17:47 KikaRz both ignored
17:47 KikaRz RagnarLaud!*@* adicionado à lista de ignorados.
17:47 KikaRz EqualsRagnar!*@* adicionado à lista de ignorados.
17:48 Calinou https://github.com/Calinou/calinou_mods/commit/08214f0c9ed79b705841499fe9bbc7890b05f136 < this?
17:48 moltenbot Calinou's link: Do what PilzAdam says ?  08214f0 ? Calinou/calinou_mods ? GitHub
17:48 Calinou moltenbot just made this look like a question :D
17:48 PilzAdam Calinou, yesp
17:48 mauvebic i dont know why (lol) but i would never grant  live access with interacts to my maps lol
17:48 Calinou k :)
17:48 PilzAdam VanessaE, repull carts and moreblocks
17:48 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
17:48 VanessaE ok
17:49 sdzen_in_game joined #minetest
17:49 sdzen_in_game *** sdzen joined the game
17:49 sdzen_in_game <sdzen> sup
17:49 Zeg9 What is the drawtype for 2d players?
17:49 PilzAdam upright_sprite
17:49 VanessaE PilzAdam: updated.
17:49 Zeg9 Thanks
17:50 Calinou sdzen_in_game: hi
17:50 VanessaE broken.
17:50 VanessaE 12:50:10: ERROR[main]: Failed to load and run script from
17:50 VanessaE 12:50:10: ERROR[main]: /home/vanessa/.minetest/games/vanessa_game/mods/moreores/init.lua:
17:50 VanessaE 12:50:10: ERROR[main]: /home/vanessa/.minetest/games/vanessa_game/mods/moreores/init.lua:348: '}' expected (to close '{' at line 333) near 'mesecons'
17:50 KikaRz yay
17:50 KikaRz vanessa glitched server
17:50 KikaRz '-'
17:50 VanessaE KikaRz: down for a sec.
17:50 Calinou k
17:50 KikaRz done
17:50 KikaRz 1 sec passed
17:50 Muadtralk left #minetest
17:51 Calinou added a comma, fixes ALL the things!
17:51 sdzen_in_game joined #minetest
17:51 sdzen_in_game *** sdzen joined the game
17:51 Penguin_ vanessaE can u change my skin
17:51 VanessaE Penguin_: in a few minutes
17:51 Penguin_ okay
17:52 KikaRz need to finish my mansion! :(
17:52 Penguin_ :)
17:52 Octupus jojoa1997,its finished now
17:52 VanessaE server is down until calinou fixes his b0rk3d code :-)
17:52 VanessaE for the lack of a comma, a server is lost :-)
17:52 KikaRz stupid bugs.-
17:52 Dopium No Problem
17:52 Penguin_ <Calinou> added a comma, fixes ALL the things! ?
17:52 OldCoder VanessaE, Hi
17:52 VanessaE hi OldCoder
17:52 Calinou git updated, also see http://ompldr.org/vZ3B3dw/moreores.zip
17:52 KikaRz Hi OldCoder
17:52 OldCoder VanessaE, Your world says nil mesecons
17:52 jojoa1997 k
17:53 VanessaE OldCoder: good.  I'm unsure if mesecons is the problem but the server keeps crashing (locks to 100%)
17:53 Muadtralk joined #minetest
17:53 VanessaE I need help debugging it.
17:53 Calinou <release stability="arch linux">
17:53 Calinou :)
17:53 VanessaE server is up now.
17:53 KikaRz first entering
17:53 VanessaE damn KikaRz you don't waste any time
17:54 KikaRz VanessaE, 5 days left, how do you want me to waste time?
17:54 Penguin_ ?
17:54 VanessaE heh
17:54 * Penguin_ orders pizza
17:55 PilzAdam Penguin_, can you order one for me?
17:55 Penguin_ 6" 9" or 10" PilzAdam
17:55 PilzAdam 10
17:55 KikaRzMarryMe joined #minetest
17:55 kaeza john_minetest: according to mayans, a "world" is a time period
17:56 PilzAdam cheese, ham and mais
17:56 KikaRzMarryMe Hi people
17:56 KikaRz Look! RagnarLaud trying to override ignore
17:56 Penguin_ What you  want on it
17:56 sdzen_in_game finally someone other than me gets that
17:56 sdzen_in_game thank you kaeza
17:56 KikaRzMarryMe Whos RagnarLaud
17:56 OldCoder KikaRzMarryMe, PM me please
17:56 KikaRz You.
17:56 KikaRz Im not stupid
17:56 OldCoder KikaRzMarryMe, if you are Ragnar I will unmute you
17:56 KikaRz * EqualsRagnar (~RagnarLau@166-229-131-46.internet.emt.ee) entrou em #minetest
17:56 KikaRz * KikaRzMarryMe (~KikaRzMar@133-73-131-46.internet.emt.ee) entrou em #minetest
17:57 KikaRz so, now see.
17:58 VanessaE KikaRz, kaeza, jojoa1997 updated and up again.
17:58 KikaRz Ragnar, i'm 22,
17:58 KikaRz what you want from me?
17:58 KikaRz Oldcoder, he wasnt muted
17:58 OldCoder I muted him
17:58 kaeza VanessaE: k
17:58 kaeza thx :)
17:58 KikaRz i ignored him
17:58 OldCoder He is unmuted but probation
17:58 VanessaE FUCK!
17:59 Penguin_ what
17:59 VanessaE 12:58:59: ERROR[main]: ERROR: An unhandled exception occurred: ServerError: LuaError: error: ...netest-mod-mesecons/mesecons_extrawires/vertical.lua:69: attempt to call global 'addPosRule' (a nil value)
17:59 KikaRz what VanessaE?
17:59 kaeza VanessaE: WAT!
17:59 KikaRz :C
17:59 KikaRz not again.
17:59 PilzAdam VanessaE, that was fixed
17:59 PilzAdam repull mesecons
17:59 kaeza mesecons has vertical wires???
17:59 kaeza YAY!
17:59 KikaRz since now
17:59 Calinou it always had
17:59 Calinou also, wires in air ftw
17:59 KikaRz no
17:59 KikaRz vertical no
17:59 Calinou well, not really
17:59 Calinou they looked like vertical
17:59 VanessaE PilzAdam: I *just* git clone'd
18:00 OldCoder john_minetest, map mod does not seem to work with some Pythons
18:00 OldCoder john_minetest, suggest a mod and I will
18:00 KikaRz VanessaE
18:00 KikaRz tell when its on
18:00 Octupus OldCoder,in 0.4.4 the teleport command is more responsive
18:00 Penguin_ industrial pack
18:01 PilzAdam VanessaE, Jeija is here, ask him
18:01 KikaRz We could make a minimap for Minetest!
18:01 VanessaE Jeija: *poke* :-)
18:01 moltenbot john_minetest's link: Minetestmapper rewritten into C++ (Page 1) - Minetest-related projects - Minetest Forums
18:01 kaeza Calinou: I mean connecting to the write above
18:02 kaeza as stacked wires
18:02 Calinou is it possible to destroy carts?
18:02 PilzAdam Calinou, shift click
18:02 KikaRz or mese pickaxe
18:02 PilzAdam no
18:02 PilzAdam KikaRz, wrong
18:02 KikaRz yea it is '-'
18:02 sdzen_in_game sdzen is no longer in the channel.
18:02 thexyz the most powerful mapgen for minetest, afaik, is hxmtmapper
18:03 Calinou ah didn't know :P
18:03 Calinou thexyz: is that hmmm's map generation?
18:03 thexyz Calinou: nope
18:03 thexyz it's written in haXe by Nemo08
18:03 Calinou startpage was my friend, k
18:03 VanessaE thexyz: what was that link you had for the profiler?
18:04 VanessaE nevermind, found it.
18:06 kaeza1 joined #minetest
18:07 OldCoder Octupus, O.K.
18:07 OldCoder john_minetest, reviewing
18:07 VanessaE thexyz: dofile(minetest.get_modpath('%название_мода%')..'/profiler.lua')
18:08 VanessaE what should be in place of the Cyrillic bit?
18:08 Final joined #minetest
18:09 Jeija left #minetest
18:10 thexyz VanessaE: mod name
18:10 VanessaE mmmh...
18:10 thexyz better use minetest.get_current_modname
18:10 thexyz +()
18:10 jojoa1997_ joined #minetest
18:10 VanessaE ok
18:10 VanessaE that makes more sense. :-)
18:11 Penguin_ VanessaE my skin
18:11 VanessaE Penguin_: later.  working on something.
18:11 Penguin_ okay
18:12 Jousway joined #minetest
18:12 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
18:13 RagnarLaud Hi
18:13 RealBadAngel another epic shot: red cliffs with some red trees on sunset: http://realbadangel.pl/red_cliffs.png
18:13 RagnarLaud Hi RBA
18:13 RealBadAngel hi
18:13 PilzAdam why dont you disable the HUD?
18:13 PilzAdam (if you double post it then I do it too ;-))
18:13 Penguin_ ragnar i caught u oldcoder he has some ip as kikazmarry me
18:13 RealBadAngel it was on the other chan :)
18:14 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: I'd use that as wallpaper were it not for the GUI. Nice shot!
18:14 RealBadAngel wb VanessaE
18:14 VanessaE thanks.
18:14 RealBadAngel have you seen the trees?
18:14 RealBadAngel theyre just awersome :)
18:15 VanessaE yes I say, very nice
18:15 VanessaE saw*
18:15 KikaRz Vanessa
18:15 KikaRz Restart the server faster
18:15 RagnarLaud Penguin_ what
18:16 simion314 joined #minetest
18:16 NakedFury RealBadAngel: add palm trees and the christmas tree type
18:16 KikaRz come on VanessaE
18:16 RagnarLaud Hey pingu
18:16 kaeza1 I was bored when I did this. Don't blame if it's a bit dumb https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/minetest/mods/casino.zip
18:16 KikaRz it sucks
18:16 RagnarLaud OldCoder knows lol
18:16 KikaRz :P
18:17 RealBadAngel NakedFury, take the mod and make your own tree
18:17 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/treegen.zip
18:17 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz tell me and all who are here, why dont you wanna forgive me
18:17 RealBadAngel spawners code has the examples
18:17 codile joined #minetest
18:17 iqualfragile RealBadAngel: please explain what treegen does
18:18 RealBadAngel its all about callin the treegen with different commands
18:18 RagnarLaud It generates trees lol
18:18 NakedFury I dont have to mess with the matrix folder right?
18:18 iqualfragile so it creates a greater diversity of trees?
18:18 RealBadAngel ANY trees
18:18 RealBadAngel and of any size
18:18 Zeg9 Brb!
18:19 RealBadAngel initial axiom is basically the trunk
18:19 iqualfragile does it do that in a sane range on its own?
18:19 RealBadAngel A and B parameters are branches
18:19 RealBadAngel i put there random
18:19 KikaRz VanessaE?
18:19 KikaRz !up vanessae.mine.bz
18:19 Minetest-tan KikaRz: vanessae.mine.bz is up (0.235ms)
18:19 moltenbot Minetest server vanessae.mine.bz:30000 UP
18:19 KikaRz lawl
18:19 KikaRz server 100% reacted
18:19 VanessaE it's up for now
18:20 RealBadAngel when you call it with 5 iterations (steps of growth)
18:20 VanessaE but don't expect it to stay up.
18:20 RealBadAngel it randomly can lower it by 2
18:20 aldobr joined #minetest
18:20 PilzAdam VanessaE, what? your server is up? then i need to change carts again ;-)
18:20 NakedFury can you make an example for dummies of how to build a custom tree?
18:20 KikaRz carts are working fine!
18:20 aldobr hi all
18:20 RealBadAngel so effect is given max nr of iterations - randomly up to 2
18:21 kaeza1 sfan5: https://github.com/kaeza/minetest-irc
18:21 moltenbot kaeza1's link: kaeza/minetest-irc ? GitHub
18:21 Zeg9 joined #minetest
18:21 kaeza1 hi aldobr
18:21 NakedFury generate_lsystem_tree(pos,"FFFFFAFAFAF","[&FFAFF]////[&FFAFF]////[&FFAFF]","",4,40,bark,leaves)   how does that work??
18:22 aldobr how to register a recipe that needs 10 equal items ?
18:22 Calinou aldobr: groups?
18:22 PilzAdam you cant
18:22 RealBadAngel after pos: theres initial axiom
18:22 RealBadAngel after each iteration
18:23 aldobr i tried this minetest.register_craft({ type = "shapeless", output = 'mint:mesecoin 1', recipe = { 'default:mese 10' } })
18:23 PilzAdam aldobr, you cant do this
18:23 aldobr :/
18:23 RealBadAngel if A is there will be replaced with whole string A which is next parameter
18:23 aldobr now thats a showstopper
18:23 RealBadAngel B is the second rule
18:23 PilzAdam aldobr, create a recipe for an item that is used in the main recipe
18:23 RealBadAngel it makes the growth
18:24 RealBadAngel 4 is the number of iterations
18:24 RealBadAngel 40 angle goin around the trunk
18:24 RealBadAngel bark and leaves are nodes for the tree to be built of
18:25 NakedFury do you define the shape in that statement? with F's, A's, and B's?
18:25 RealBadAngel F basically is a trunk
18:25 RealBadAngel A and B are branches
18:26 NakedFury ok so that tree starts 5 big before the first branch?
18:26 RealBadAngel / & are turtle commands to twist the direction
18:26 RealBadAngel yes
18:26 RealBadAngel add there 10 F's
18:26 NakedFury after each A in the first "FFFFFAFAFAF" it will then stop building the trunk to continue into that A branch?
18:26 RealBadAngel in initial axiom, you will see the result
18:27 RealBadAngel no
18:27 RealBadAngel in first iteration in place of A, rules A will be inserted
18:27 RealBadAngel 3 times, because A is 3 times here
18:28 RealBadAngel and so on in 2nd iteration
18:29 babyface1031 joined #minetest
18:29 RealBadAngel but in the second pass there will be more A'to be replaced with new branches
18:30 RealBadAngel thats why the tree will grow bigger
18:30 NakedFury [&FFAFF]////[&FFAFF]////[&FFAFF]  in this part the number of / always has to be 4 or it wont matter as long as there are 1 atleast
18:30 NakedFury ?
18:30 RealBadAngel of course adding a branch is not 100%, it has a chance
18:31 RealBadAngel so each tree will look different
18:31 RealBadAngel by now A branches are 100%, B branches have 80% chance
18:32 NakedFury I could also do &FFBFF instead of FFAFF?
18:32 RealBadAngel & and / makes turns
18:33 RealBadAngel in given angle
18:33 NakedFury ohh and before the numbers 4,40,bark, leaves you left a blank ""
18:33 RealBadAngel it means B is not given
18:33 RealBadAngel so this particular tree uses just one kind of branch
18:33 NakedFury ok so if i wanted the FBFF it would need to go separate from the FFAFF
18:34 RealBadAngel different branch definition
18:35 RealBadAngel makin two kind of branches causes the tree to be more non predictable
18:35 NakedFury anything else to learn other than bark and laves?
18:35 RealBadAngel not just one shape
18:35 RealBadAngel just try to edit strings
18:35 NakedFury and do we also set the preferred locations where they spawn?
18:36 RealBadAngel adding b a and f
18:36 RealBadAngel and check the results
18:36 RealBadAngel sometimes typin blind them gives nice results
18:36 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
18:36 RealBadAngel try to make a palm
18:36 RagnarLaud Hi
18:37 RealBadAngel F to the top
18:37 Muadtralk left #minetest
18:37 RealBadAngel then a with some FF and twists
18:37 RagnarLaud Hi RBA
18:38 * RagnarLaud has quit irc (got layd)
18:38 RealBadAngel i will add later more turtle commands to control the direction
18:38 NakedFury RealBadAngel: do I also set the spawning locations or nodes? I dont want a forested desert
18:38 RealBadAngel by now only spawners can spawn the trees
18:38 NakedFury ohh ok
18:38 RealBadAngel now im makin generator code in c++
18:38 akerok_ joined #minetest
18:39 RealBadAngel LUA is too slow
18:39 RagnarLaud Hi NudeFury
18:39 kaeza1 ...
18:39 RealBadAngel spawn function will remain basically the same
18:39 * kaeza1 is hacking
18:39 NakedFury last question, can / and & be used inside the trunk area? [FFF&FF7&FF]
18:39 RealBadAngel but the code will be c++
18:39 RagnarLaud RealBadAngel is it easier im c++ too?
18:40 RealBadAngel yes, but they wont be used in the 1st iteration
18:40 Penguin_ hi
18:40 RagnarLaud Hi pingu
18:40 Penguin_ Vanessae
18:40 RealBadAngel they will be used just on the drawing stage
18:41 RealBadAngel when axiom is ready
18:41 RagnarLaud Hey RBA how good is up C++
18:41 NakedFury ok thanks. and when you do the c++ generation will we still be able to make the types in lua?
18:41 RealBadAngel yes
18:41 RealBadAngel interface will remain
18:41 * OldCoder will be back in a few minutes; just going to buy cola
18:41 NakedFury ok then carry on
18:41 RealBadAngel just c++ will do the job
18:42 RagnarLaud Hey RBA how good are you in c++
18:42 NakedFury thats how terrain types or biomes should work too
18:42 RealBadAngel quite good, why youre askin?
18:42 RagnarLaud Can you make a simple lua code gen?
18:43 RagnarLaud Like for crafting, tool registering, etc
18:43 RagnarLaud For beginners
18:43 kaeza1 just a dumb question, but wouldn't minetest be even faster if written in plain C?
18:43 RealBadAngel RagnarLaud, i dont get your point, youre askin how good am i in c++ and then ask for some LUA basic stuff?
18:44 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
18:44 RagnarLaud RBA im back
18:44 RagnarLaud So could you?
18:44 RealBadAngel some1 already made such help tools for newbies
18:45 RealBadAngel dig the forums
18:45 RagnarLaud Oh nice
18:45 RagnarLaud I need one xD
18:45 RealBadAngel i dont remember the name of app or mod, whatever that was
18:45 RealBadAngel but it allowed to create new nodes etc
18:46 RagnarLaud Can you ask celeron55 if hes on
18:46 RealBadAngel kaeza1, minetest is in c++
18:46 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: yes, I know
18:47 kaeza1 but I hear all this bullshit about C++
18:47 RealBadAngel like?
18:47 RagnarLaud No no no!!!
18:47 kaeza1 that it bloates executables, that it's slow
18:47 RealBadAngel c++?
18:47 RealBadAngel lol
18:47 RagnarLaud Minetest is im irrlicht and thats im c++
18:47 kaeza1 I always use plain C
18:48 RealBadAngel irrlicht is an library (for graphics)
18:48 kaeza1 I tried writing in C++ but the performance was bad
18:48 RealBadAngel written in c++
18:48 RagnarLaud Oh xD
18:48 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: I know what Irrlicht is
18:48 thexyz perfomance? was bad?
18:48 RealBadAngel RagnarLaud didnt knew
18:49 RagnarLaud I thought it was a hand engine
18:49 thexyz the only thing that makes sense is complexity of your algorithm
18:49 RagnarLaud Game
18:49 kaeza1 a simple sorting algorithm sorted 1000 items in 1 second in plain C
18:49 thexyz well, if you're not writing in python or something
18:49 thexyz 1000 in 1 second???
18:49 RealBadAngel c++ is as close to the assembler as its possible
18:49 thexyz that's way too slow
18:49 kaeza1 1000000*
18:49 thexyz what sort algo were you using?
18:49 FreeFull 1000 would be bubble sort or something
18:50 kaeza1 bubble sorting
18:50 thexyz so
18:50 FreeFull Well, even bubble sort is faster than that on modern hardware
18:50 thexyz 10^6 elements are sorted using bubble sort in 1 second?
18:50 kaeza1 in C++ that was in 2 secs
18:50 thexyz have you got a supercomputer or something?
18:50 RealBadAngel blame your coding not the language then
18:51 RealBadAngel i was comparing loops in assebler and c++
18:51 kaeza1 or maybe it was the compiler
18:51 kaeza1 nvm
18:51 thexyz afaik, modern CPUs can execute ~10^8 simple operations in one second
18:51 RealBadAngel i was able to code in assembler slightly faster routines than compiler produced
18:51 kaeza1 how about a Celeron @333 MHz?
18:51 thexyz your bubble search of 10^6 elements already makes 10^12
18:51 thexyz *sort
18:52 berome joined #minetest
18:52 RealBadAngel kaeza1, i started to code in assebler on x286
18:52 Penguin_ joined #minetest
18:52 RealBadAngel ages before celerons ;)
18:52 Calinou kaeza1: don't use minetest's main developer as a CPU!
18:52 kaeza1 I know
18:52 Calinou :>
18:53 kaeza1 Calinou: lol
18:53 RealBadAngel heheheh
18:53 RagnarLaud Hey RBA or Calinou
18:53 jojoa1997_ penut butter pickle sandwhich
18:53 kaeza1 jojoa1997_: mmmm...
18:53 RagnarLaud Do you know what is visual basic
18:53 RealBadAngel hes hot a processing unit
18:53 RealBadAngel hes a Central Programming Unit :)
18:53 * Penguin_ Heyy all
18:54 kaeza1 RagnarLaud: one of the worst devenvs in the world IMHO
18:54 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: lol
18:54 RagnarLaud Im a dev?
18:54 RagnarLaud Yay
18:55 kaeza1 devenv = Development Environments
18:55 kaeza1 IDE
18:55 RagnarLaud Oh
18:55 kaeza1 if you want it
18:55 RealBadAngel easy languages has also some pros
18:55 RagnarLaud But is there anything similar no linux
18:55 Calinou visual baisc... lol
18:55 kaeza1 RagnarLaud: yes there is
18:55 RealBadAngel less skilled programmers can also code
18:55 Calinou if you want a simple IDE try geany
18:56 thexyz or vim
18:56 RealBadAngel im using geanny
18:56 Calinou vim is not really an IDE :P
18:56 Calinou takes lots of time to learn for little benefit
18:56 RagnarLaud KAEZA really
18:56 RealBadAngel imho the best one
18:56 thexyz little benefit?
18:56 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: I started my life as a programmer with Sinclair Basic
18:56 RealBadAngel kaeza1, wowsers, that was my 1st puter
18:56 Calinou yes; can you tell me why is it useful to learn how to use vim for 40 minutes so that you can delete stuff 5% faster?
18:56 Calinou just saying :P
18:56 RagnarLaud Wait is sinclar basic no linux
18:57 RealBadAngel lol
18:57 kaeza1 Calinou: vim? kill it with fire!!
18:57 kaeza1 also emacs :)
18:57 thexyz Calinou: not "deleting stuff", but "doing stuff", not 5% faster, but something like 5 times faster
18:57 codile vim is great :)
18:57 RealBadAngel for suiciders
18:57 kaeza1 lol
18:57 codile nope
18:58 kaeza1 I used notepad when I first installed windows lol
18:58 Minetest-tan GIT: PilzAdam (PilzAdam) commited to celeron55/minetest_game: Fix modname prefix in stairs and slab functions 8c977451a8 2012-12-16T10:52:13-08:00
18:58 RealBadAngel where the fuck is the exit key??? (smash himself with the keyboard and died)
18:58 Calinou notepad terribly sucks
18:58 Calinou notepad++ is far better
18:58 Calinou RealBadAngel: the question of vim(R)
18:58 codile there's no exit key in vim
18:58 kaeza1 notepad++ didn't exist back there
18:58 codile ESC then ":q" ;)
18:58 RealBadAngel i found geanny perfect
18:58 thexyz RealBadAngel: try reading some mans before using it
18:59 RealBadAngel brrr
18:59 kaeza1 geany is very good indeed
18:59 kaeza1 I currently use jEdit
18:59 kaeza1 cause I hate `gedit'
18:59 RealBadAngel geany is better, has even terminal tab
19:00 Calinou gedit requires zeitgeist :|
19:00 * kaeza1 is now installing geany
19:00 Calinou and it hates xfce
19:00 codile you could use code::blocks
19:00 codile or vim ;)
19:00 kaeza1 I use CB
19:00 Calinou code::blocks is too heavy IMO
19:00 kaeza1 but I prefer jEdit + Command Line
19:00 RealBadAngel <-- and geanny love from the first sight
19:01 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: Puppy Linux had Geany by default
19:01 RealBadAngel im on squeze
19:01 RealBadAngel before i was using notepad++
19:01 kaeza1 I had to use it everyday before switching to Ubuntu
19:01 codile i use arch linux ^^
19:01 RagnarLaud !g visual basic alternative on linux
19:01 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: https://www.linux.com/community/forums/system-management/alternative-for-visual-basic
19:02 RagnarLaud Oo
19:02 Calinou harshlinuxian!
19:02 codile harshlinuxian??
19:02 kaeza1 I tried arch
19:02 Calinou kaeza1: lol, switching from puppy to ubuntu
19:02 Calinou the inverses :P
19:02 kaeza1 didn't like it
19:02 codile arch is great
19:02 * Calinou tried to install it
19:02 Calinou I failed :P
19:02 Calinou it's not worth it
19:02 KikaRz VanessaE
19:02 thexyz RagnarLaud: there's gambas
19:02 KikaRz can you go to Query please?»
19:02 Calinou far from stable, too
19:02 codile you only have to have some linux experience
19:02 VanessaE not right now, KikaRz
19:02 thexyz Calinou: what do you use?
19:03 kaeza1 I like lightweight distros
19:03 RagnarLaud thexyz what
19:03 kaeza1 but all I have tested have very bad compatibility
19:03 kaeza1 or just plain suck
19:03 bascht_nb joined #minetest
19:03 codile hi bascht_nb ;D
19:03 kaeza1 yes, Linux is meant to be "portable"
19:03 thexyz RagnarLaud: iirc, gambas is vb alternative for linux
19:03 RagnarLaud !g gambas
19:03 Minetest-tan RagnarLaud: http://gambas.sourceforge.net/
19:04 Calinou thexyz: xubuntu
19:04 RagnarLaud Oh
19:04 kaeza1 in the sense that you pcode something and works everywhere
19:04 Calinou it's quite lightweight if you 1) remove some startup services, 2) disable compsositing
19:04 Calinou only uses like 200MB at boot
19:04 Calinou perfectly usable on netbook with 1GB RAM
19:04 thexyz well, in gentoo you don't even have to remove anything!
19:04 thexyz perfect distro
19:04 kaeza1 Calinou: Puppy ran out of my 64MB Celeron perfectly
19:04 codile nope arch is better
19:05 Calinou thexyz: you have to install everything though :P
19:05 codile total control and lightweight. like C ;D
19:05 Calinou heavy|closed but working fine is better than lightweight|open but not working OOTB
19:05 Calinou (IMO)
19:05 aldobr joined #minetest
19:06 thexyz codile: arch is not total control
19:06 kaeza1 Calinou: think about Win... nvm
19:06 Calinou arch is "systemd 196... hmm looks good i think im gona add it"
19:06 thexyz binary distro cannot be called "total control"
19:06 Penguin_ [URL=http://www.imagesup.net/pt-513556847282.png][IMG]http://www.imagesup.net/dt-513556847282.png[/IMG][/URL]
19:06 codile well, you have much more control than on other systems
19:06 thexyz probably
19:06 Penguin_ placed or not?
19:06 Calinou thexyz: arch is binary? isn't it source?
19:06 thexyz Calinou: of course it is binary
19:06 thexyz you didn't know?
19:06 aldobr i want to access the player inventary when he punchs a specific node, what is the structure of the player parameter for on_punch event ?
19:06 Calinou source distros are slower than binary unless you have an i9
19:06 codile you can compile it if you want :P
19:06 thexyz Calinou: they're faster
19:07 Calinou (and no, compiled binaries are not faster than downloading)
19:07 thexyz *they work faster
19:07 kizeren Arch has both. Binary packages or source packages.
19:07 kaeza1 aldobr: it's an ObjectRef
19:07 aldobr ok
19:07 thexyz not much faster, btw
19:07 aldobr thanks
19:07 Calinou arch is no faster than ubuntu for 1) games, 2) CPU-heavy stuff like bzip2 compression
19:07 codile you have to compile the packets in the user repository
19:07 Calinou thexyz: I thought it was 100% source :P
19:07 thexyz no way
19:07 codile Calinou: it is. because you don't have heavy stuff running in the background
19:08 Calinou downloading a binary is much faster, even on a 2mbit connection anyway
19:08 Calinou codile: some phoronix benchmarks do not say so
19:08 Calinou also you can disable these services
19:08 codile when you install unity and all that stuff then of course its slower
19:08 Calinou and please do not consider pulseaudio as "heavy"
19:08 jin_xi fuck pulseaudio
19:08 kaeza1 aldobr:take a look at the ObjectRef section, and to the "Players only" subsection
19:08 codile i have pulseaudio and it runs great
19:08 Calinou pulseaudio is more than ok; it is not obsolete and works fine with several audio sources
19:08 thexyz consider pulseaudio as pppSSshhhssshuuushhhhllhsshhhaushhhdio
19:08 Calinou consider not buying asrock motherboards
19:09 Penguin_ whats yous think placed or not [URL=http://www.imagesup.net/pt-513556847282.png][IMG]http://www.imagesup.net/dt-513556847282.png[/IMG][/URL]
19:09 kaeza1 Penguin_: bbcode does not work on IRC
19:09 Penguin_ what dose
19:10 RealBadAngel some1 was askin for a wallpaper shot
19:10 RealBadAngel here you go: http://realbadangel.pl/red_cliffs2.png
19:10 kaeza1 use a direct link to the image
19:10 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: me
19:10 Calinou thexyz: no quality issues here
19:10 thexyz well, that can be rumor as well
19:10 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: thx :P
19:11 thexyz >Hello, this is Linus Torvalds, and I pronounce PulseAudio as Pu.psh.sAddia...u..psh..
19:11 Calinou linus torvalds hates stuff that works :P
19:11 Calinou like, nvidia
19:12 RealBadAngel hehe
19:12 RealBadAngel seen this
19:12 Penguin_ whats yous think placed or not http://www.imagesup.net/?di=1113556851037
19:14 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
19:15 OldCoder RagnarLaud, wb
19:15 OldCoder VanessaE, let me know when to try again
19:15 aldobr kaeza1 i got the player inventary, but.. on chests the main inventary is called main, is it the same on player inv ?
19:15 VanessaE OldCoder: I'll give you a heads-up soon.
19:15 OldCoder kaeza1, I will test IRC in 30 minutes
19:15 OldCoder If you are around
19:15 KikaRz RealBadAngel
19:15 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
19:15 KikaRz make the inventory with more slots
19:15 KikaRz and a deslizating bar
19:15 EqualsRagnar Hi
19:15 KikaRz to go down the list, we push the bar down
19:16 EqualsRagnar Good idea KikaRz
19:16 EqualsRagnar Hey RBA
19:16 kaeza1 aldobr dunno
19:16 kaeza1 OldCoder: k
19:16 aldobr nevermind, the problem was a typo
19:16 EqualsRagnar Hi kaeza
19:17 kaeza1 hi!
19:17 Penguin_ we need an inventory that has crafting recipes in a search
19:17 kaeza1 KikaRz: "Deslizating" ?
19:17 KikaRz that one
19:17 KikaRz scrolling!
19:17 aldobr hm, still problem
19:17 kaeza1 maybe you meant "Scroll bar"
19:17 KikaRz ea
19:17 KikaRz its that
19:17 KikaRz and a inventory with more slots
19:17 EqualsRagnar Hey have you guys heard of that guy who made a ball where he wont die on the 21st
19:18 aldobr can anyone confirm that the playerinv returned by objectref:get_inventary is "main" ?
19:18 RealBadAngel Penguin_, UI has crafting guide built in
19:18 kaeza1 KikaRz: try Unified Inventory by RealBadAngel
19:18 KikaRz kaeza1
19:18 KikaRz not that
19:18 aldobr inv:get_size("main")
19:18 KikaRz im in VanessaE's server (with ui of inventory)
19:18 KikaRz yea
19:18 KikaRz we could make more slots
19:18 kaeza1 KikaRz: then edit it :)
19:19 KikaRz not me
19:19 KikaRz VanessaE
19:19 EqualsRagnar Hey kaeza1
19:19 kaeza1 and post a suggestion to V
19:19 RealBadAngel thats UI on VanessaE's server
19:19 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/Captura%20de%20pantalla%20de%202012-12-16%2017%3A12%3A23.png
19:19 EqualsRagnar Can you tell KikaRz to un ignore me, i want to talk
19:19 cisoun joined #minetest
19:19 kaeza1 looks cool
19:20 kaeza1 hello cisoun
19:20 RealBadAngel nice indeed
19:20 EqualsRagnar Hi RBA
19:20 kaeza1 EqualsRagnar: ask her. troll.jpg
19:20 cisoun sup
19:20 KikaRz ask who?
19:20 KikaRz and what
19:20 EqualsRagnar She cant see my text
19:21 kaeza1 KikaRz: lol he's crying coz he can't see your text
19:21 EqualsRagnar Someone tell her to unignore me
19:21 KikaRz not that
19:21 RealBadAngel lol
19:21 kaeza1 err...the other way around
19:21 KikaRz I can't see his text
19:21 Calinou CTCP heals everything, EqualsRagnar
19:21 EqualsRagnar She cant see my text
19:21 EqualsRagnar You troll
19:21 Calinou no u
19:21 KikaRz ...
19:22 RealBadAngel what shall i answer on the question if theres VB for linux?
19:22 EqualsRagnar Calinou whats CTCP
19:22 Calinou client to client protocol
19:22 kaeza1 RealBadAngel: I think it's gambas
19:22 * Calinou ninja'd
19:22 aldobr pls, on player inventary, whats are the name of the lists ?
19:22 kaeza1 haven't tried it tho'
19:22 aldobr *names
19:23 EqualsRagnar Hey RBA tell KikaRz in pm to unignore me please
19:23 kaeza1 aldobr: I think you can't
19:23 RealBadAngel aldobr, "main" is the name of players inventory
19:23 aldobr its not working :/
19:23 Octupus joined #minetest
19:23 aldobr same code on chests, works
19:23 kaeza1 unless you make a function that wraps minetest.*_inv and keep track of the names yourself
19:23 KikaRz BOT: EqualsRagnar, please, query to KikaRz your message. This is an exception message. Just 1 message will be accepted.
19:24 Octupus Hi
19:24 kaeza1 hi pulp...u?
19:25 aldobr thats the code http://pastebin.com/9vTj5JZc
19:25 moltenbot aldobr's link: [Lua] inv_count - Pastebin.com
19:25 aldobr i pass puncher:get_inventary() as parameter
19:25 ttk2 joined #minetest
19:25 kaeza1 I don't see any problem with the code
19:26 kaeza1 aldobr: ^
19:26 RealBadAngel aldobr: local inv = player:get_inventory()
19:26 RealBadAngel local main_list=inv:get_list("main")
19:27 aldobr let me try
19:27 RealBadAngel of course you need to tie certain player to it
19:28 OldCoder Hi
19:28 Octupus Hi
19:28 OldCoder Octupus, I have restored the mods we removed. Tell me if the FPS problem returns.
19:28 RealBadAngel like so, local player = minetest.env:get_player_by_name(player_name)
19:28 aldobr the player is already set by the caller
19:28 aldobr its a on_punch event handler
19:29 RealBadAngel so just use it
19:29 Octupus I saw it seems fine now OldCoder
19:29 OldCoder k
19:29 OldCoder Was a glitch then
19:29 aldobr i get the inventary from puncher:get_inventary()
19:29 RealBadAngel puncher == player
19:29 aldobr yes
19:29 RealBadAngel its a same type
19:29 aldobr get_list doesnt return a inv object, cannot use is_empty() on it
19:30 aldobr i cant understand whats wrong with that code
19:30 RealBadAngel you can use is_empty on a list element
19:30 RealBadAngel not the whole list
19:30 EqualsRagnar Yay KikaRz forgave me
19:31 RealBadAngel list represents the inventory
19:31 KikaRz VanessaE, whats the profiler's bug?
19:31 RealBadAngel with items stacks in it
19:31 EqualsRagnar Hey can somebody fork minetest and fix the inventory bug?
19:31 aldobr http://pastebin.com/7qQPwfSX <- this prints "player has 0 mese coins."
19:31 moltenbot aldobr's link: [Lua] returns 0 - Pastebin.com
19:32 aldobr and i forcefully placed mese coins in the puncher inventary using /giveme
19:32 Jordach joined #minetest
19:32 Jordach joined #minetest
19:32 EqualsRagnar Hey RBA
19:33 VanessaE KikaRz: the bug was figuring out how to install it.  it's installed and running now.  let's see if it finally tells me whose code sucks :-)
19:33 EqualsRagnar Hey VanessaE
19:35 aldobr2 joined #minetest
19:35 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
19:36 anunakki joined #minetest
19:36 kaeza VanessaE:  https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/minetest/mods/casino.zip
19:36 kaeza It's still in early stage
19:37 OldCoder U.S. worlds are going down to add Christmas by Jordach
19:38 thexyz OldCoder: where's it available to download?
19:38 kaeza aldobr2: I may use your mod in my casino if there's enough interest
19:39 OldCoder thexyz, On my site in a few minutes. I will link you.
19:39 aldobr2 i am making money and automatic selling machines
19:39 thexyz OldCoder: does it have forum thread?
19:39 Jordach https://github.com/Jordach/xmas
19:39 moltenbot Jordach's link: Jordach/xmas ? GitHub
19:39 aldobr2 i believe i found the bug :/ it was a typo, inventory instead of inventary
19:40 * kaeza facepalms
19:40 rsiska joined #minetest
19:40 aldobr2 hehe
19:40 aldobr2 its there somewhere i can hide ? :P
19:41 Jordach yes, /part
19:41 Penguin_ left #minetest
19:41 Jordach but dont do that
19:41 kaeza well, it's pretty hard to notice those errors
19:41 aldobr2 ops, its inventory the correct form
19:41 kaeza with the format mt shows errors
19:41 aldobr2 so i still with a bug that i dont understand
19:42 Penguin_ joined #minetest
19:42 kaeza I once banged my head against the wall for about a week looking at some stupid bug. The bug was that my editor added an UTF-8 BOM and Lua borked on it.
19:42 aldobr2 i will repeat the question : on player inventary how many lists names there are ?
19:42 aldobr2 its there only "main" ?
19:43 OldCoder thexyz, If it works I assume that he will make one
19:43 kaeza aldobr2: as many as you like
19:43 aldobr2 on default game (no mods)
19:43 kaeza OldCoder: is the IRC working?
19:43 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
19:43 KikaRz my son is online now :D
19:43 aldobr2 when i visually place something in the inventory, where is the name of the list that it goes to ?
19:43 kaeza aldobr2: AS-MANY-AS-YOU-LIKE
19:44 OldCoder kaeza, I will test shortly
19:44 kaeza OldCoder: k. no hurries, just checking
19:44 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz how old is your son?
19:44 aldobr2 ohhhh my god
19:44 kaeza aldobr2: what?
19:45 KikaRz 13.
19:45 aldobr2 hahaha
19:45 RagnarLaud Really??? me too
19:45 KikaRz ...
19:45 aldobr2 the definition of asm.getstackcount = function(inv, name) was asm.getstackcount = function(inv), so name was allways ""
19:45 kaeza KikaRz: lol
19:45 aldobr2 so it could never find items named ""
19:45 RagnarLaud Wait...you got a child when you were 10???
19:46 * kaeza is performing the ultimate facepalm
19:46 aldobr2 its working corretly now
19:46 KikaRz No...
19:46 KikaRz i were 16.
19:46 RagnarLaud Explane, im confused
19:46 kaeza RagnarLaud: 22-13=9
19:46 KikaRz im not 22
19:46 RagnarLaud And how is he 13?
19:46 KikaRz !c 16+13
19:46 Minetest-tan 29
19:46 KikaRz im 29.
19:46 kaeza KikaRz: you said it
19:46 RagnarLaud Oh xD
19:47 RagnarLaud You told me you were 23
19:47 RagnarLaud Why
19:47 RealBadAngel she did, 6 yrs ago ;)\
19:47 marktraceur iqualfragile: Of course you hate git. Everybody hates git!
19:47 kaeza I'm24 and what is this?
19:47 VanessaE I like git D:
19:47 PilzAdam marktraceur, /me not
19:47 kaeza marktraceur: o hai!
19:48 kaeza y u hate git?
19:48 marktraceur PilzAdam: I know, I was randomly gesturing to a large number of people and calling them "everybody"
19:48 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz why did you lie?
19:48 marktraceur kaeza: I not greater than 2.9 repeating git
19:48 KikaRz to joke with you
19:48 RagnarLaud You broke my heart xD
19:48 kaeza RagnarLaud: it's a fact that women never say their true age
19:49 RagnarLaud True
19:49 kaeza she may very well be 45
19:49 KikaRz no, im 29
19:49 RagnarLaud If swearing is immature, why is it called ADULT language?
19:49 kaeza KikaRz: and I'm 15... yeah
19:50 marktraceur RagnarLaud: To try and nip the problem in the bud?
19:50 RagnarLaud What?
19:50 kaeza RagnarLaud: that paradox may very well destroy the universe
19:50 marktraceur RagnarLaud: Though really, it's not immature--swears are words grown ups use in order that we don't hit something with a tire iron.
19:50 OldCoder Wait
19:50 marktraceur RagnarLaud: Quoth Lewis Black.
19:50 * OldCoder scrolls
19:51 OldCoder RagnarLaud, you are on probation
19:51 OldCoder Somebody page me if this gets out of hand. I am busy adding Christmas and IRC to MT.
19:51 kaeza <marktraceur>I not greater than 2.9 repeating git <-- ???
19:51 marktraceur https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F8XlMYe_2Lo
19:51 moltenbot marktraceur's link: Lewis Black - There's Nothing Wrong With Swearing - YouTube
19:51 mauvebic there arent many swears in the english language though
19:51 marktraceur (the lewis black appearance in question)
19:51 marktraceur kaeza: I less than 3 git
19:51 KikaRz he's with his dad.
19:51 KikaRz we arent married
19:51 * RagnarLaud slaps KikaRz and then wakes up, knowing it was "just a dream"
19:51 kaeza I don't get it :/
19:52 KikaRz RagnarLaud
19:52 marktraceur kaeza: I <3 git
19:52 KikaRz your dream was: marrying with me
19:52 KikaRz but you cant
19:52 kaeza ...
19:52 RagnarLaud No
19:52 RagnarLaud My dream : "you be my mom"
19:52 RagnarLaud Twins!!!
19:53 RagnarLaud XD
19:53 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
19:54 marktraceur kaeza: It's the emoticon for a heart? A heart is associated with love?
19:54 kaeza bad joke
19:54 kaeza :P
19:55 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
19:55 aldobr2 now i need a formspec that is an inventary and a text input at the same time
19:55 kaeza Your joke is bad and you should feel bad
19:55 EqualsRagnar KikaRz you wanna know why i wish you were my mom?
19:55 kaeza aldobr2: see the formspec section in lua_api.txt :)
19:55 KikaRz why?
19:56 EqualsRagnar Because my mom beat me, and didnt know what i felt. You would, i think. Cause you were a teen recently
19:57 kaeza awwwww
19:57 EqualsRagnar Thats not funny, i ran away like 15-20 times
19:57 * kaeza still hungers for fresh CS 1.6 meat
19:58 Calinou CS sucks
19:58 EqualsRagnar I love counter strike 1.6
19:58 kaeza harharhar
19:58 Calinou <marktraceur approves>
19:58 kaeza nope
19:58 EqualsRagnar My fav game
19:58 Calinou he does, CS is proprietary
19:58 kaeza COD sucks
19:58 KikaRz prefer Wolfenstein
19:58 KikaRz or Open Arena
19:58 Calinou OA is awesome
19:58 Calinou runs good on older computers, is fun
19:58 Zeg9 joined #minetest
19:58 KikaRz no
19:58 KikaRz it doesnt
19:58 kaeza I use Vavoom
19:59 KikaRz on mine dont works
19:59 kaeza a doom source port
19:59 kaeza +FreeDoom
19:59 EqualsRagnar Wolfenstein 3d was the first fps ever
19:59 Calinou 2012
19:59 kizeren DungeonKeeper II
19:59 Calinou >doom
19:59 kaeza EqualsRagnar: wrong
19:59 kaeza Calinou: the classics never die
19:59 PilzAdam Doom was the first
19:59 Calinou even developers go away from idtech4 now
19:59 marktraceur Calinou: What? I don't approve of CS....
20:00 EqualsRagnar No it wasnt
20:00 Calinou marktraceur: approves about "CS sucks" :)
20:00 marktraceur Oh I see
20:00 kaeza I'm now playing Doom 3 trying not to crap in my pants
20:00 marktraceur Sorry, wasn't sure about what message you had marked
20:00 * marktraceur stamps approval on "CS sucks"
20:00 PilzAdam EqualsRagnar, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Doom_%28series%29
20:00 moltenbot PilzAdam's link: Doom (series) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
20:00 Calinou CS is not only full of cheaters, its community is also bad
20:01 Calinou as in, unwelcoming and elitist
20:01 Calinou even warsow tends to do better these days, while it is a e-sport game
20:01 kaeza Calinou: gtfo n00b
20:01 Calinou no u
20:01 kaeza no u
20:02 marktraceur kaeza: Disagree intelligently, please.
20:02 kaeza marktraceur: J/K.
20:02 KikaRz no both!
20:02 kaeza KikaRz: lol
20:04 kaeza marktraceur: I'm "true neutral"
20:04 marktraceur kaeza: Lawful good myself
20:04 OldCoder Christmas is added to the U.S. worlds
20:05 OldCoder See Jordach for instructions
20:05 OldCoder I will post the MOD ZIP shortly
20:05 kaeza marktraceur: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/30f211e2-9125-4111-b4b1-928688b95d74.png
20:05 Jordach i'll make a wiki page later
20:05 KikaRz in new year you add fireworks
20:05 OldCoder Mauvebic world is also updated
20:05 Jordach for now is me time
20:06 devlab i'm out
20:06 marktraceur kaeza: Ha! I love the true neutral guy.
20:06 KikaRz Minetest crashed ???
20:06 KikaRz o_o'
20:06 marktraceur Perfect embodiment.
20:06 KikaRz VanessaE
20:06 KikaRz when entering to your server, my minetest crashed
20:07 OldCoder http://minetest.org/data/modzips/
20:07 moltenbot OldCoder's link: MOD ZIP files used in OldCoder worlds
20:07 OldCoder thexyz, ^
20:07 OldCoder Try xmas tell me if it works
20:07 VanessaE KikaRz: sorry about that, I don't have a solution for that except to keep tryinf.
20:07 VanessaE g
20:07 kaeza marktraceur: I bet KikaRz would be Chaotic Evil
20:08 marktraceur I would have guessed chaotic good, actually. She does seem to mean well.
20:08 VanessaE naw, she'd be chaotic neutral :-)
20:08 kaeza lol
20:08 KikaRz im sad for that
20:08 KikaRz :(
20:09 VanessaE (don't pay any attention to me, I'm not entirely familiar with DnD classifications :-) )
20:09 Calinou kaeza: old news
20:09 kaeza Calinou: ?
20:11 aldobr joined #minetest
20:11 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:12 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz
20:12 KikaRz What?
20:12 RagnarLaud Permission to speak freely
20:12 RagnarLaud Hi
20:13 RagnarLaud Do you grant permission?
20:13 KikaRz about?
20:13 RagnarLaud KikaRz do you grant permission to speak freely
20:13 KikaRz freely about?
20:13 thexyz OldCoder: have you tried building win client?
20:13 markveidemanis joined #minetest
20:14 RagnarLaud About anything
20:15 markveidemanis hi
20:15 RagnarLaud KikaRz, are you a gamer chick/mom
20:15 KikaRz fuck you.
20:15 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:15 anunakki joined #minetest
20:16 RagnarLaud KikaRz are you or are you not a gamer chick/mom
20:16 KikaRz shut up
20:16 RagnarLaud Im just asking, cause i wish my mom was one <=(
20:17 RagnarLaud So are you?
20:17 markveidemanis_ joined #minetest
20:17 KikaRz yea
20:17 marktraceur RagnarLaud: Hey, please let her be
20:17 markveidemanis_ hi
20:18 marktraceur RagnarLaud: http://geekfeminism.wikia.com/wiki/Othering
20:18 moltenbot marktraceur's link: Othering - Geek Feminism Wiki
20:19 markveidemanis kl
20:22 OldCoder marktraceur, is he at it again?
20:22 OldCoder I had a deal with him
20:22 OldCoder markveidemanis, Hi
20:22 markveidemanis hi
20:23 marktraceur OldCoder: He was asking KikaRz whether she was a "gamer chick"
20:23 marktraceur OldCoder: Struck me as a little off
20:23 OldCoder thexyz, if you mean with curl there won't be time today; lots of MT stuff
20:23 OldCoder marktraceur, PM
20:23 thexyz ok
20:24 thexyz also http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest-dev/2012-12-16#i_2725420
20:24 moltenbot thexyz's link: IRC log for #minetest-dev, 2012-12-16
20:24 thexyz (that's why i were asking)
20:24 SpeedProg joined #minetest
20:25 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:26 RagnarLaud Hi
20:26 kaeza is there any way to access the list of registered chat commands from Lua?
20:26 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz
20:27 RagnarLaud Tell me why are we so blind to see
20:27 kaeza for example, I want to define a command, but don't want to overwrite an existing command. So I want to check if one by that name already exists.
20:28 kaeza OldCoder: ^
20:28 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:28 RagnarLaud Hey KikaRz
20:29 RagnarLaud Tell me why are we so blind to see, that the ones we hurt are you and me?
20:30 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:30 RagnarLaud KikaRz
20:30 RagnarLaud Tell me why are we so blind to see, that the ones we hurt are you and me?
20:30 KikaRz No spamming.
20:30 KikaRz i've saw that message 4 times
20:30 RagnarLaud It isnt spamming, its asking
20:31 RagnarLaud Answer please
20:32 RagnarLaud joined #minetest
20:32 RagnarLaud Hi
20:33 RagnarLaud Tell me why are we so blind to see, that the ones we hurt are you and me?
20:33 OldCoder Hi
20:33 RagnarLaud Hi
20:33 RagnarLaud Hey OldCoder do you know this song?
20:34 Calinou oppa g...
20:34 Calinou ...nevermind.
20:34 Calinou ^ the song.
20:35 kaeza sorry to repeat myself, but is there any way to access the list of registered chat commands from Lua?
20:35 EqualsRagnar joined #minetest
20:35 EqualsRagnar Tell me why are we so blind to see, that the ones we hurt are you and me?
20:35 jin_xi joined #minetest
20:35 PilzAdam kaeza, seems like there isnt one
20:35 EqualsRagnar I will keep this up, until somebody will tell me the name me the song
20:36 kaeza PilzAdam: thx
20:36 EqualsRagnar PilzAdam
20:36 EqualsRagnar Kaeza1
20:36 EqualsRagnar Tell me why are we so blind to see, that the ones we hurt are you and me?
20:36 kaeza ...
20:36 OldCoder RagnarLaud, I am busy for a few minutes
20:37 EqualsRagnar Someone tell me the name me that song and ill stop
20:37 KikaRz VanessaE, server lagging !!!
20:37 VanessaE I know, I already grabbed the profiler output from it
20:37 VanessaE I'm looking now.
20:37 EqualsRagnar Hey KikaRz
20:37 kaeza OldCoder: how about +q *Ragnar*
20:37 KikaRz Good idea.
20:38 EqualsRagnar What
20:38 EqualsRagnar Please what song is it
20:38 KikaRz LAAAG
20:38 KikaRz so much laaag
20:38 EqualsRagnar Gamer
20:38 EqualsRagnar Tell me why are we so blind to see, that the ones we hurt are you and me?
20:38 VanessaE looks like it's the leafdecay mod (!?)
20:39 VanessaE and technic battery box is a hog too, sorry RealBadAngel
20:39 kaeza VanessaE: it may be
20:39 EqualsRagnar Hey VanessaE
20:39 STHGOM joined #minetest
20:39 EqualsRagnar Yeah
20:39 jojoa1997_ get rid of technic then
20:39 KikaRz VanessaE, be fast!
20:39 PilzAdam VanessaE, i saw some leaves drop themselves as items when decaying
20:39 kaeza VanessaE: leafdecay crashed my game several times
20:39 EqualsRagnar I know its technic
20:39 KikaRz shut up EqualsRagnar
20:39 Calinou leafdecay is not a mod, it's a lua file in default mod
20:39 Calinou :P
20:39 EqualsRagnar PilzAdam
20:39 E