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IRC log for #minetest, 2012-11-30

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00:00 Kacey still binded with torches
00:02 VanessaE try placing a cart, right click, right click again
00:02 VanessaE see if that unstick you
00:02 VanessaE un-sticks*
00:03 marktraceur kaeza: socket( int domain, int type, int protocol )
00:03 marktraceur kaeza: The type should be SOCK_NONBLOCKING
00:03 marktraceur kaeza: And once again, I recommend `man socket`, it's very useful
00:03 Kacey nope it went on without me
00:04 kaeza marktraceur: got it
00:05 kaeza thanks :)
00:05 VanessaE Kacey: this should fix it for a while.
00:05 Kacey a also cant see players
00:05 VanessaE Kacey: you need the very latest git or you won't be able to
00:06 VanessaE and it must say 0.4.4-dev at the top of the window
00:06 VanessaE (note the -dev)
00:06 kaeza marktraceur: forgot to add -Wall to compile line. I'm now fixing a lot of warnings lol
00:08 Kacey i cannot compile!!!!
00:08 VanessaE Kacey: then it will not work properly, period.
00:08 Kacey can you or someone give me a copy of the dev?
00:08 VanessaE I don't use windows, so no.
00:09 Kacey just like upload a copy somewhere and give me the link
00:09 VanessaE I don't use windows so I don't have such a thing.
00:09 Kacey aaw crap i just realized...
00:09 Kacey crap
00:11 * Kacey REALLY wants to strat swinging a cactus...
00:11 Kacey start*
00:11 scienceandhorror joined #minetest
00:12 Kacey maybe someone could TEACH me how to compile
00:12 scienceandhorror Are there plans for a client-side scripting interface, by any chance?
00:12 kaeza Kacey did you download Irrlich SDK as I said the other day?
00:13 Kacey no i am on a different computer
00:13 kaeza then how do you expect to compile?
00:14 kaeza scienceandhorror: hi. I don't think so
00:14 scienceandhorror I'd love to see one since I;m trying to build  a bot to deliver stuff with a higher thought process than in server-side LUA,
00:15 scienceandhorror I can't even figure out the current network protocol.
00:15 scienceandhorror Is there an official specification?
00:17 kaeza scienceandhorror: ask celeron55 about that
00:17 NekoGloop joined #minetest
00:17 kaeza hello Neko
00:18 Kacey hi neko
00:18 NekoGloop What do you people want from me?!
00:19 scienceandhorror kaeza: Where shall I ask him? Here? In #minetest-dev? On the forums?
00:19 VanessaE evening neko.
00:20 kaeza scienceandhorror: he's god. he's everywhere :)
00:20 scienceandhorror "Network protocol" matches nothing on the forum.
00:20 scienceandhorror Would it be improper to just address an IRC messahe to him?
00:20 scienceandhorror Considering I have no experience here?
00:21 scienceandhorror Honestly, the C++ is too thick to parse for me, but once I get a specification, I can easily do something in PHP or Ruby.
00:22 marktraceur scienceandhorror: Go ahead and ping him, he may or may not answer
00:22 NekoGloop If he doesnt answer he doesnt give a fuck.
00:25 kaeza scienceandhorror: disregard the comment by Neko
00:27 scienceandhorror celeron55: I am quite new here, but I was hoping I could get an overview of the network protocol in order to build a tool in another language to commuicate with servers and do repetitive tasks on the client-side. Honestly, I can;t read through the layers of C++ surrounding the network protocol. If you could somehow deliver it to me, that would much appreciated. If you need it, my email is rarkenin AT gmail.com.
00:28 scienceandhorror Sent. Now it's time to see whether my computer suddenly catches fire. ;-)
00:32 marktraceur scienceandhorror: FWIW if you could help us document bits of the code, that would be amazing
00:32 marktraceur scienceandhorror: The project definitely needs to work on being better for newcomers, especially on the C++ side
00:34 scienceandhorror marktraceur: I'll try to make a PHP-CLI based client-side scripting interface.
00:35 scienceandhorror I am actually rarkenin but have changed my nick since scicence is more impoirtant to me than my name...
00:36 scienceandhorror I just honestly can't read that code, and need a spec in English.
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00:37 scienceandhorror left #minetest
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00:42 Kacey joined #minetest
00:42 Kacey sorry about that
00:44 marktraceur scienceandhorror: So....PHP sounds like not a good idea
00:44 Kokorobet joined #minetest
00:44 Kokorobet joined #minetest
00:45 marktraceur scienceandhorror: I would much rather you and I hacked together a Lua-type interface instead, and used existing structures where we could
00:45 scienceandhorror I am not good at LUA, remember? I'm just trying to make a bot for a friend's server. Something the server can;t handle too well.
00:47 scienceandhorror So this would be part of Minetest? Or external?
00:47 marktraceur scienceandhorror: If we came up with a client-scripting API, it would be a branch of core, that would hopefully get merged
00:48 marktraceur scienceandhorror: And you can get better at Lua, but it's unreasonable to expect everyone else to learn your favorite language
00:48 kaeza1 joined #minetest
00:49 scienceandhorror I understand. What I;m saying is that I probably won't be able to help too much. I am not asking anyone to learn PHP.
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00:58 Renoki joined #minetest
01:01 marktraceur scienceandhorror: But if you do your work alone, and release it, you're asking us to either learn PHP and use it to script the client, or rewrite what you did for Lua.
01:02 marktraceur scienceandhorror: Neither solution will require you to actually *write* Lua, except as a test. It's just a matter of writing the support in. In that case, better Lua (which is already supported in some ways) than PHP (which is not supported and more difficult to learn)
01:03 scienceandhorror marktraceur: True. Still, I might add LUA support but have PHP as the interface;s engine. LUA interfaces to it, but the actual network wrapper is PHP.
01:04 marktraceur scienceandhorror: Two things: 1. It's Lua, not LUA. 2. Why would you write something in PHP when you could just write it in Lua? I understand you don't know it now, but you can learn it :)
01:05 scienceandhorror I;ll try to learn. Point taken.
01:05 scienceandhorror I have to go.
01:05 Muadtralk joined #minetest
01:10 kaeza1 hey Muadtralk
01:10 Muadtralk salut
01:12 VanessaE hi Muadtralk
01:14 kaeza oh gosh I need a mug full of coffee right now
01:15 * NekoGloop dumps a mug full of coffee on kaeza
01:15 kaeza someone rewrote the luasocket interface and forgot to update the unix-specific sources to use it
01:16 kaeza Thanks Neko
01:16 kaeza it's hard to teach people to compile on Windows when they don't even download Irrlicht
01:17 NekoGloop Hah, at least i did that much when i attempted to compile.
01:17 * VanessaE hands kaeza a big mug of fresh, hot coffee and offers stevia and cream.
01:17 NekoGloop Er, i shouldnt say attempted.
01:17 NekoGloop I succeeded at compiling, but my fps was low as hell for reasons that escape me.
01:18 kaeza hell. I've had an hour teaching someone how to set up the PATH
01:18 NekoGloop The what?
01:18 kaeza yeah.
01:18 kaeza the PATH
01:18 kaeza gcc: no such command or filename LOL
01:19 NekoGloop cmake must have done that for me, i never had to do that.
01:19 kaeza that's the problem
01:19 kaeza you *MUST* have make on your path if you pretend to use it
01:19 NekoGloop I kinda just went with the settings it gave by default (conforming to the instructions in the readme though)
01:19 kaeza or at least know where it is
01:20 kaeza yeah, CMake can figure out where gcc is
01:20 kaeza but it's your responsibility to call make
01:21 kaeza (if you use that kind of dev env)
01:22 kaeza gosh I recall RBA said computer users don't know what google is
01:23 kaeza that's so very true
01:23 NekoGloop s/computer/windows/
01:23 NekoGloop And that's a lie.
01:23 kaeza some do
01:23 kaeza at least a ~14 years old does
01:24 kaeza nvm. Just letting off some steam
01:25 kaeza I hate 1337 people, and I've become one of them. I feel sorry for myself :(
01:25 marktraceur kaeza: So now you hate 1338 people?
01:25 kaeza lol
01:25 VanessaE lol
01:26 NekoGloop lert peeps
01:27 marktraceur Hrm, it seems like a good night to try adding that whole client-scripting thing.
01:27 marktraceur My C++ could use some revitalization anyway.
01:27 kaeza marktraceur: IDK, maybe that's inviting cheaters
01:28 marktraceur kaeza: "cheater" is such a dirty word
01:28 VanessaE marktraceur: as long as the server can know that the client has such scripts installed and be instructed to refuse connections from such
01:28 VanessaE think of a user who makes a script that does nothing but repeatedly swing a mithril sword
01:28 marktraceur VanessaE: You know I can't enforce that sort of thing. If you think a player is abusing a script on your server, you can ban them.
01:29 kaeza on the other hand I think that is also possible with a bot
01:29 VanessaE kaeza: true.
01:29 OldCoder 17:23:43: ERROR[ServerThread]: ERROR: An unhandled exception occurred:
01:29 OldCoder Player::deSerialize(): PlayerArgsEnd not found
01:29 OldCoder I'm getting that on 30004
01:29 VanessaE indeed any hacked client could do stuff like that in theory
01:29 OldCoder But I've checked every players file
01:29 marktraceur Exactly!
01:29 OldCoder and they all have PlayerArgsEnd. Any comments?
01:30 marktraceur Ban somebody if they're causing trouble, not simply because they have the capacity to.
01:30 VanessaE fair enough.
01:30 VanessaE you're right.
01:30 marktraceur Else we'd all be playing single player! :)
01:30 kaeza agree
01:30 kaeza d*
01:31 OldCoder They all have PlayerArgsEnd. Any comments?
01:31 kaeza OldCoder: what's the server IP?
01:31 kaeza may I try it?
01:31 OldCoder minetest.org
01:31 OldCoder Which world do you wish?
01:31 marktraceur Really all I want is to enable scripting of very repetitive things. Stuff like "replace the contents of this inventory row with this other inventory row" is something we shouldn't have to do manually if we don't want to.
01:32 marktraceur Or "craft this until no more can be picked up, then put it in inventory slot X"
01:32 kaeza maybe if inventory weren't so laggy on netplay
01:32 VanessaE marktraceur: those sound like good ideas actually
01:32 VanessaE kaeza: wait till RBA finishes unified_inventory
01:32 VanessaE it lags way less.
01:32 NekoGloop Automatic crafting tables when rba does the pipes in technic.
01:33 kaeza NekoGloop: good idea
01:33 OldCoder They all have PlayerArgsEnd. Any comments?
01:33 marktraceur VanessaE: And many more, only requiring the ability to script client actions. But tonight I may just add the main menu mod API....allowing you to change the structure and function of the main menu is something interesting to me.
01:33 kaeza OldCoder: now entering
01:33 OldCoder kaeza, world is down
01:33 OldCoder That is the point
01:33 OldCoder I am getting serialize errors related to PlayerArgsEnd
01:34 OldCoder But the player files look O.K.
01:38 OldCoder Well, it's up again
01:38 OldCoder Let's see if it stays up
01:38 OldCoder Dogzilla131, here?
01:39 Dogzilla131 ok
01:39 OldCoder Dogzilla131, it is up. Reverted to yesterday
01:39 OldCoder See if it looks good
01:39 OldCoder Something was corrupted; I don't know what
01:39 Dogzilla131 ok
01:41 doserj left #minetest
01:44 marktraceur VanessaE: Would it be useful to throttle the interactions to a reasonable amount on the server side? For example, 1 inventory move or mouse click per 200ms?
01:44 VanessaE yeah
01:44 marktraceur K.
01:45 marktraceur I guess the special case is picking things up.....I'll do some measurements and determine sane maximums for everything
01:45 VanessaE that sounds about right - an admin pick can dig faster than that, and a mese pick I guess is about half that speed
01:45 VanessaE so that sounds reasonable.
01:46 marktraceur VanessaE: Well, digging will be unthrottled. A script can't hold a mouse down any faster than a human.
01:46 VanessaE well I mean that sounds like a reasonable limit in general
01:46 marktraceur I see
01:46 VanessaE for whatever action
01:46 marktraceur *nod* OK
01:46 marktraceur I wonder if mass-pressing the forward button is faster than holding it down
01:47 leo_rockway I don't like caps :S
01:48 VanessaE ok, gotta run for a bit.
01:48 marktraceur leo_rockway: They'll be indistinguishable for humans, only irritating for bots, and well-behaved bot operators won't notice them because I'll build cap-respecting methods into the API.
01:49 marktraceur leo_rockway: The only reason you would notice would be if you were cocking around with the scripting engine, removed the limits, and came in here saying WRY DOES CHEATBOT NOT WORK
01:49 marktraceur And I would say "Because you're being a jackass"
01:50 babyface1031 joined #minetest
01:50 leo_rockway marktraceur: that's what I do... o.o
01:50 leo_rockway I set a higher max_walkspeed
01:50 leo_rockway but, to be fair, I only really play local.
01:50 marktraceur leo_rockway: Then you're being unreasonable, and I won't base my design decisions on you
01:51 marktraceur leo_rockway: I'll be sure to include an "ignore_caps" option so you can enable cheating locally.
01:51 leo_rockway marktraceur: well, I don't know how the design will be, but as long as the cap doesn't get get affected by network lag...
01:51 leo_rockway it's happened before that the server thought I was cheating because it was getting the commands all together because of lag
01:52 marktraceur leo_rockway: It would only be on the server....so if the server is getting nothing for 400ms, and then gets two inventory moves, it would accept both.
01:52 leo_rockway oh, okay then.
01:52 marktraceur I'll just keep an average over the past ~2 seconds and it should be an acceptable way of keeping track.
01:52 marktraceur Maybe more than 2 seconds....30?
01:52 leo_rockway I try not to join servers with my hacked speed limit. I set it to default for all the recent tests.
01:52 marktraceur I don't know, I can always experiment
01:53 leo_rockway yup
01:56 leo_rockway there's a server running on tekk.com.ar:30000
01:56 leo_rockway there's nobody there now
01:56 leo_rockway if anybody wants to join and do w/e for testing, it's very latest build of congestion
01:56 OldCoder leo_rockway, are you able to screenshot that world?
01:56 leo_rockway OldCoder: let me join and I'll tell you.
01:57 OldCoder k
02:01 babyface1031 hi OldCoder i see the worlds are back up
02:02 leo_rockway OldCoder: you mean F12 screenshot?
02:02 OldCoder leo_rockway, whatever is convenient
02:02 OldCoder I wish to see if I know this world
02:02 OldCoder babyface1031, Yep. All set for now.
02:02 OldCoder Have fun
02:02 leo_rockway OldCoder: oh, there's nothing in this world. It's a brand new build with a brand new world.
02:03 leo_rockway I just started tekk.com.ar:30000
02:03 leo_rockway I was testing the congestion branch
02:04 OldCoder Oh!
02:04 OldCoder leo_rockway, it's *your* world. Sorry. I saw the congestion remark but misunderstood
02:06 leo_rockway it's okay
02:09 khonkhortisan NVIDIA: API mismatch
02:09 khonkhortisan …rebooting…
02:10 Kacey joined #minetest
02:11 Kacey hello
02:13 OldCoder Kacey, hi
02:13 Kacey i wish that compiling was easier
02:16 Kacey uugh
02:22 kaeza hopefully I'll have minetest-irc ready a bit later
02:30 Kacey now for MinGW...
02:30 Kacey and then kaeza will have to help me again
02:32 Kacey hmmmmm seems nobody is responding...
02:35 singleplayer joined #minetest
02:35 marktraceur singleplayer: I think you're doing it wrong
02:36 Kacey lol
02:36 NekoGloop singleplayer: Hey, the name sounds familiar.
02:36 NekoGloop Derp.
02:37 singleplayer joined #minetest
02:37 Kacey kaeaza, is that you
02:37 kaeza YAY!
02:37 kaeza It works!!!
02:37 Kacey lol
02:38 kaeza I was connecting from MT chat to IRC YAY!
02:38 Kacey i need that code...
02:38 VanessaE cool!
02:38 VanessaE also, I'm back
02:38 NekoGloop Now port whatever you did to computercraft.
02:38 kaeza almost
02:38 Kacey WB!!!!!!!
02:38 kaeza wb V
02:39 * VanessaE offers Wendy's chicken sandwiches to all
02:39 * NekoGloop passes
02:39 * Kacey eats them all
02:39 * kaeza thanks VanessaE
02:39 Kacey mmmmmmmmmmmmm chicken
02:39 VanessaE if cornernote wants to stuff his face with tofu, so be it.  I like my dead animals :-)
02:40 Kacey lol
02:40 kaeza I have to tweak the code.
02:40 VanessaE kaeza: why?  are the onions too spicy?
02:40 * VanessaE looks at the code for the onions
02:40 Kacey can make a player be a wolf...
02:40 NekoGloop Lemme guess, you can read the IRC but cant send anything, kaeza?
02:40 VanessaE hm..no..   that one should be local....  no reason for debug info in a production sandwich...  no, onions seem okay
02:40 kaeza I  can see the IRC chat in the terminal but minetest does not connect
02:41 kaeza VanessaE: lol
02:41 kaeza lol
02:42 kaeza VanessaE: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/Captura%20de%20pantalla%20de%202012-11-30%2000%3A38%3A27.jpg
02:44 VanessaE that's the minetest debug output?
02:44 VanessaE sweet
02:45 kaeza I still don't know why minetest does not start though
02:45 kaeza s/start/connect/
02:46 NekoGloop kaeza: Because you borked it
02:46 VanessaE NekoGloop: b0rk3d you mean :-)
02:46 NekoGloop No.
02:46 Muadtralk stop fraking things up you two
02:46 NekoGloop No l33tsp34k
02:46 VanessaE aw :(
02:46 Muadtralk neither of you grok it
02:47 Muadtralk :P
02:48 VanessaE oh foo.   Why don't you go bar a baz and see if it quux.
02:48 VanessaE (ow.  that hurt)
02:48 kaeza 50rry, 1 |)0|\|'t un|)3r574n|) 7h47
02:49 VanessaE haha
02:49 Kacey |0|
02:49 NekoGloop Funny, i read that correctly as soon as i saw that.
02:49 Muadtralk hey jack!
02:49 Muadtralk whats up jack?
02:49 Muadtralk sorry i ran out of material
02:50 kaeza meh
02:51 kaeza well played, why the (F-word) is this `print' here?
02:52 VanessaE ok, if I dump(sometable), the result is an ordinary string, yes?
02:52 NekoGloop VanessaE: Yes
02:52 kaeza yes
02:52 VanessaE ok, thought so.
02:52 singleplayer joined #minetest
02:53 kaeza sorry, testing again
02:53 NekoGloop Make it connect to #minecraft not #minetest ^^
02:54 VanessaE jaj
02:54 VanessaE hah
02:54 NekoGloop See who yells at you.
02:54 kaeza you laugh in spanish VanessaE
02:54 VanessaE no, just in typo. :-)
02:55 kaeza oh fuck found the error
02:55 VanessaE is it fixable?
02:55 kaeza luaIRC is not polled
02:55 kaeza i's just blocking on `connect'
02:56 kaeza gonna ix that
02:56 kaeza fix*
02:56 kaeza s/polled/asynchronous/
02:59 kaeza whatever. it's soooo enveloped on layers of abstraction it's hard to find the culprit
02:59 kaeza but wait! GDB to the rescue!
03:00 singleplayer joined #minetest
03:01 kaeza errrm... how does one debug a multi-threaded app from gdb?
03:04 kaeza ok
03:05 kaeza done
03:05 kaeza now I need to know how to call `poll' every one second
03:05 kaeza anyone there?
03:08 kaeza VanessaE: what's the best way to call a function at regular intervals?
03:08 Muadtralk global step?
03:08 Muadtralk idk
03:08 Muadtralk :P
03:09 VanessaE probably just that actually
03:09 kaeza Muadtralk: I'll try that
03:09 VanessaE an abm works too of course
03:09 Muadtralk abms can slow down though
03:09 VanessaE (if you set the chance to 1)
03:12 kaeza in what units is the `dtime' param to on globalstep? 1 == 1second?
03:13 kaeza VanessaE: ^^
03:14 Muadtralk i would think so
03:14 Muadtralk but i havent messed around the api in age
03:14 Muadtralk ages*
03:20 VanessaE kaeza: no clue, I've never used it :-)
03:21 kaeza now testing :)
03:21 singleplayer joined #minetest
03:23 singleplayer joined #minetest
03:23 kaeza 1 2 3 testing
03:24 kaeza hmmm...
03:25 kaeza say something
03:26 kaeza not in yet :(
03:26 singleplayer joined #minetest
03:26 kaeza there
03:28 VanessaE Ok, now..
03:28 singleplayer joined #minetest
03:29 VanessaE is there a way for a mod to tell the system that it supplies functions/recipes/nodes needed by other mods?
03:29 VanessaE short of including a folder of the appropriate name with an empty init.lua in it that is.
03:30 kaeza VanessaE: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1331290652.jpg
03:30 VanessaE yay!
03:30 VanessaE now append a nick to it :-)
03:31 VanessaE prepend that is.
03:31 kaeza and work out how to send :)
03:31 OldCoder R
03:32 kaeza and it seems no lag whatsoever
03:40 singleplayer joined #minetest
03:40 bulletrulz joined #minetest
03:40 bulletrulz hi :D
03:42 kaeza VanessaE, bulletrulz: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1331977664.jpg
03:46 VanessaE cool!
03:46 VanessaE but can you talk to US yet? :-)
03:46 kaeza I have to figure something before that
03:47 kaeza but it's an improvement
03:51 VanessaE indeed it is
03:56 singleplayer joined #minetest
03:57 kaeza nope. that didn't work
04:00 VanessaE yay!  my combined flowers/junglegrass/poison ivy mod is up!
04:00 singleplayer joined #minetest
04:00 VanessaE https://github.com/VanessaE/plantlife
04:01 kaeza VanessaE: now testing plantlife :)
04:02 VanessaE wait
04:02 kaeza what?
04:02 VanessaE turn the debug variable to "false"
04:02 VanessaE forgot to change that before pushing,
04:02 kaeza ok
04:02 VanessaE there, fixed.
04:03 VanessaE it is now in place and running on my server.
04:03 VanessaE let's see what THIS breaks! :D
04:03 VanessaE well all the nodes are there anyway
04:03 singleplayer joined #minetest
04:08 singleplayer joined #minetest
04:08 singleplayer hello VanessaE
04:08 VanessaE YAY!
04:08 singleplayer Yay
04:08 bulletrulz joined #minetest
04:09 VanessaE this is entirely Lua?
04:09 kaeza a bit of C
04:09 kaeza ummm... seems to hang when there are no messages to process
04:11 kaeza needs a few tweaks
04:11 kaeza care to test it?
04:12 VanessaE in a few mins. tweaking the README of my mod.
04:12 bulletrulz :D
04:12 kaeza bulletrulz: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1331977664.jpg
04:13 bulletrulz oh thats cool!
04:13 bulletrulz :DD
04:13 kaeza still working on it
04:13 bulletrulz kaeza, what server is that?
04:13 VanessaE yay!
04:13 kaeza mine
04:13 bulletrulz oh :D
04:13 kaeza VanessaE: does plantlife work?
04:14 VanessaE well, the node definitions do anyway :D
04:14 VanessaE I'm using it on my server now.
04:14 kaeza may i try it?
04:14 VanessaE just walking around clearing out all the old plants so I can see how they will grow in this world
04:14 VanessaE sure, sign on in.
04:15 VanessaE if you guys wanna help me clear out all the jungle grass, flowers, poison ivy, I'd appreciate it.  At your leisure of course.
04:18 kaeza umm... care to share IP yet again? I need to write it down somewhere
04:18 VanessaE hehe
04:18 kaeza sorry :)
04:18 VanessaE port 30000
04:19 kaeza thanks :X
04:20 kaeza i'm in
04:20 bulletrulz kaeza, :D whats going on in the game
04:20 mrtux goodnight
04:21 kaeza VanessaE: you may find this useful: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2777
04:21 VanessaE just me walking around harvesting all the plants around the spawn so I can let the new spawning/growth algorithms have at it.
04:21 Dogzilla131 bye
04:21 * marktraceur thinks it's time to work on C++
04:22 kaeza marktraceur: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1331977664.jpg
04:23 marktraceur kaeza: Cool!
04:28 VanessaE should I make flowers and poison ivy also die like jungle grass does?
04:29 kaeza maybe
04:29 kaeza maybe you can borrow code from farming
04:30 kaeza I mean, make flowers not die when near water
04:32 kaeza or when on a pot
04:32 VanessaE right
04:32 kaeza that way you can have nice gardens
04:32 kaeza and still let the cycle of life on the others
04:32 VanessaE I could look for the tilled soil from farming, and if present under a flower, don't allow it to die
04:32 VanessaE (or spawn)
04:33 kaeza good idea
04:35 VanessaE in fact they should only be able to grow and die if placed on dirt, grass, sand, or tilled soil.
04:36 VanessaE well spawn on tilled soil and grow, but not die.  any other material should be treated as a "don't grow" material, so stuff you plant won't die off
04:36 VanessaE I'll figure it out
04:36 VanessaE the question is should such stuff die off at all?
04:36 kaeza hmmm...
04:37 kaeza using custom groups is out of the question i think
04:37 kaeza you don't want a flower to grow on top of mesecons
04:38 kaeza but you don't want a flower to not orw on dirt either
04:38 kaeza grow*
04:38 VanessaE well they only spawn on grass
04:38 VanessaE the question is what conditions need to be required to allow them to die off
04:39 kaeza hmmm... not near of water?
04:39 kaeza light < some value?
04:39 VanessaE actually I'm using light to decide whether to grow at all :-)
04:40 VanessaE being near water is already used for seaweed
04:40 VanessaE maybe "near" you mean like within 30 nodes or something?
04:40 kaeza that's an overkill i guess
04:40 kaeza more like 5-10 nodes?
04:41 kaeza IDK how good is find_nodes_in_area speaking of performance
04:51 bulletrulz joined #minetest
05:12 * kaeza is having problems with blocking sockets
05:18 anunakki joined #minetest
05:18 VanessaE you'll figure it out :-)
05:18 singleplayer joined #minetest
05:18 singleplayer Hello!
05:18 VanessaE hi :-0
05:18 VanessaE :-)
05:19 kaeza nope... did not work
05:19 VanessaE kaeza: I think you should have the mod check for the existence of a nick and choose another, and also of course singleplayer maybe shouldn't join IRC when you're done making it :-)
05:20 kaeza I'm thinking of separate /join, /sayirc, etc command
05:20 VanessaE /join yes
05:20 VanessaE but /say?  no.
05:20 VanessaE chat should "just work" after a join
05:21 VanessaE or better:
05:21 kaeza also, you're right on singleplayer
05:21 VanessaE have it automatically join #minetest-server-address
05:21 VanessaE like #minetest-redcrab.suret.net
05:22 kaeza that's a good one
05:22 VanessaE then all chatter goes back and forth to that channel
05:22 kaeza you mean to join, for example, #minetest-
05:22 VanessaE naw, use the domain name if it was given during sign-in
05:22 VanessaE IP address otherwise
05:23 VanessaE er..
05:23 VanessaE yeah
05:23 kaeza so either #minetest-minetest.org or #minetest-
05:23 VanessaE so that we can join (for example) #minetest-redcrab.suret.net-30401 and chat with people who are on redcrab.suret.net port 30401
05:24 VanessaE need to include the port number in the channel name if possible
05:24 kaeza I was thinking about that
05:24 kaeza otherwise all the people on your IP/host will see the chat of other servers on your host
05:25 kaeza interesting
05:25 VanessaE there, I think I cleared out all of the excess vegetation around the spawn on my server.
05:25 VanessaE now we can just leave it running :-)
05:26 VanessaE see what it produces ovder a normal few days
05:26 VanessaE ALSO:
05:26 kaeza great!
05:26 bulletrulz joined #minetest
05:26 bulletrulz hIII
05:26 kaeza I haven't built latest git yet
05:26 VanessaE the junglegrass/poisonivy growing code now uses the plants themselves as the ABM trigger, instead of the grass they grew on == far less ABM activity for the same effect.
05:26 kaeza hey bulletrulz
05:26 kaeza +1000 for less ABMs
05:27 kaeza activities*
05:27 VanessaE server going down for a tweak to the mod.
05:27 SpeedProg joined #minetest
05:34 bulletrulz recrating bulletrulz.webs.com
05:37 kaeza bulletrulz: checking...
05:41 bulletrulz kaeza, its not done
05:47 bulletrulz kaeza,
05:48 VanessaE ok, the change is in.
05:48 VanessaE server is back up.
05:48 VanessaE kaeza: now the plants that grow will only do so if they are growing on the same surface that they would naturally spawn on.
05:48 VanessaE it'll keep them from growing on e.g. a homedecor flower pot or cobble or something.
05:49 bulletrulz :D do you wanna help me create a fork of minetest 2.0?
05:50 kaeza sorry. was out
05:50 kaeza VanessaE: great!
05:51 kaeza I'm gonna clone the git repo right now
05:51 kaeza bulletrulz: I figured :)
05:52 neko259 joined #minetest
05:52 kaeza hey neko
05:54 VanessaE go for it kaeza
05:54 VanessaE hey neko
05:55 kaeza VanessaE: has the congestion setting made iit into master?
05:55 VanessaE yes
05:55 kaeza great!
05:56 VanessaE I'm running git master latest from just a few hours ago, not that it was helping much tonight :-/
05:56 kaeza I'm building right now
05:57 kaeza oh but it seemed really fat for me
05:57 kaeza fast*
05:57 VanessaE celeron55 would beg to differ :D
05:57 kaeza the only problem was that I wasn't able to see the players on my old mt version
05:58 kaeza yeah :)
06:00 bulletrulz VanessaE, can u help me
06:00 VanessaE what's up?
06:00 bulletrulz i need as much help as i can get :D
06:00 bulletrulz i want to make a fork of minetest 2
06:00 bulletrulz like jordach did
06:00 kaeza MINETEST 2???
06:01 kaeza WOW
06:01 bulletrulz but i dont really know much about coding like i want to make modding avallble
06:01 kaeza and to think we are just on 0.x
06:01 bulletrulz kaeza, no minetest 0.2
06:01 VanessaE https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/commits/stable-0.2
06:01 VanessaE there.  Last known commit to the 0.2 branch.
06:01 bulletrulz VanessaE, i just need to know how to create it so you can mod it?
06:02 VanessaE clone the repo, "git checkout stable-0.2", and good luck.
06:02 bulletrulz i aready got the source\
06:02 kaeza I downloaded a win version of what I think is the 0.1 branch
06:02 kaeza cobble grows on trees
06:02 kaeza :)
06:02 VanessaE bulletrulz: the 0.2 and 0.3 branches do not support mods.
06:03 VanessaE and I couldn't even begin to help make that possible.
06:03 bulletrulz VanessaE, oh so its not possible to import it :?
06:03 VanessaE no.  not possible without a metric assload of work
06:03 kaeza bulletrulz: why would you do that?
06:03 VanessaE c55 would say you're nutz, and for once I would agree with him :D
06:04 bulletrulz jordach got the wool mod to work in his ??
06:04 kaeza VanessaE: more like kilometric IIRC :)
06:04 VanessaE kaeza: nononono, an assload is a quantity, I was merely specifying which variant, like a US vs. british gallon :)
06:05 VanessaE see, a metric assload is about 20% larger than an SAE assload
06:05 VanessaE :)
06:05 kaeza and I was just magnifying. It sure is an assload of work
06:05 kaeza nvm
06:06 VanessaE well then you have to put the magnifier in front of the quantity, not the standard :-)
06:06 VanessaE so it's a metric kilo-assload :-)
06:06 kaeza I'm a bit crazy just looking where the fuck is this irc thing blocking
06:06 VanessaE and I'm just trying to be funny :D
06:06 kaeza :|
06:06 bulletrulz building minetest :D
06:06 bulletrulz 2.0 now im gonna see what i can do when its done
06:07 VanessaE oh don't feel bad.  in that plantlife mod I argued with it for two hours before realizing I was inverting the meaning of a particular value-or-nil result of a function :)
06:07 VanessaE ~= ---> == and it worked.
06:07 VanessaE bulletrulz: ZERO POINT TWO POINT ZERO
06:07 bulletrulz it will be on my site bulletrulz.webs.com
06:07 VanessaE bulletrulz: a leading zero on a version number is significant - it is NOT math.
06:07 marktraceur VanessaE: notNotAir == nil :P
06:07 bulletrulz VanessaE, k captionfap
06:07 VanessaE marktraceur: effectively :-)
06:07 bulletrulz i mean caption avous
06:07 bulletrulz lol :D
06:07 VanessaE avous?
06:08 VanessaE *facepalm*
06:08 kaeza lol he said fap
06:08 kaeza :giggle:
06:08 VanessaE pretty difficult for a girl to fap I'd think :D
06:08 bulletrulz http://bulletrulz.webs.com/downloads
06:08 kaeza :O
06:08 bulletrulz is where it will be
06:09 bulletrulz ill make 3 versions
06:09 bulletrulz minetest REVISED classic
06:09 bulletrulz 0.2.0
06:09 bulletrulz and minetest revised Classic 0.3.0
06:10 bulletrulz and Minetest Revised
06:10 kaeza and next: minetest C64
06:10 kaeza that would be a good thing to see
06:10 bulletrulz hmm maybe if i could
06:10 bulletrulz LOL
06:10 bulletrulz REVISED MEANS Adding more mods and taking away useless shit
06:11 kaeza like MOBF? trololol
06:11 VanessaE define "useless"
06:11 rsiska joined #minetest
06:11 kaeza hey rsiska
06:12 kaeza don't worry, minetest C64 will use only about 132 cassettes
06:12 rsiska hi
06:13 kaeza with the full quality of 16 colors
06:13 kaeza and an incredible 1FPH!!! (frame per hour)
06:14 VanessaE kaeza: put it on a µIEC and at least floppies are history :-)
06:14 kaeza lol
06:15 VanessaE (it's a solid state storage device using either SD or CF depending on which one you get)
06:15 kaeza but seriously, at least the Spectrum had 3D games for it
06:15 VanessaE and actually, the c64 could probably pull off 5fps or so at the low settings such a machine can do, but you'll need ram expansion I'm sure.
06:17 kaeza of course
06:17 kaeza that's because people OPTIMIZED their programs for them
06:17 kaeza they didn't have to deal with this protability thing
06:18 kaeza portability*
06:21 kaeza LOL My first program ever written was a 2 line basic program on the Speccy
06:21 bulletrulz i got an idea
06:21 kaeza 10 PRINT "Hello!": 20 GOTO 10
06:21 bulletrulz I make a fork of minetest 0.4.4
06:22 bulletrulz you know what i really think that minetest c64 is  a great idea
06:22 bulletrulz :D
06:22 VanessaE I'd actually love to see someone do it in fact.
06:23 bulletrulz linux C64 is cool
06:23 kaeza hmmm... anyone has knowledge of Z80 ASM?
06:24 marktraceur Wow, that's pretty random.
06:25 marktraceur rsiska: Hi! What's up?
06:25 bulletrulz nope
06:26 bulletrulz http://www.commodoreusa.net/cusa_c64.aspx
06:27 kaeza I've even seen a clone of Windows 95 for the gameboy
06:27 kaeza with notepad and all
06:27 marktraceur kaeza: There are things in Windows 95 that aren't notepad?
06:28 kaeza marktraceur: the BSOD :)
06:29 kaeza marktraceur: http://www.funnyscreenshots.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/10/bluescreen-fail.jpg
06:30 VanessaE yay!
06:30 marktraceur kaeza: I always had the highscore on bluescreen back in the day
06:30 VanessaE http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3898
06:30 VanessaE Plantlife has been released!
06:30 kaeza +(0.1e48)
06:31 * marktraceur is skeptical about the usefulness of putting more mods into one
06:31 bulletrulz THE c64x looks cool
06:31 VanessaE marktraceur: the undesired ones can be disabled.
06:31 marktraceur VanessaE: Wouldn't it be more configurable and useful if you had a mod for each one, and an easy script to download them all?
06:31 VanessaE bulletrulz: it's just a rebadged ZPC.
06:32 bulletrulz VanessaE, it comes with 4gb
06:32 VanessaE marktraceur: this works just as well and integrating them together makes for less code.
06:32 bulletrulz ram
06:32 marktraceur VanessaE: How is it less code? What's reused?
06:32 VanessaE bulletrulz: it isn't a c64.  it's a PC in a mock-c64 case.
06:32 VanessaE marktraceur: the spawning functions and growing functions
06:32 VanessaE and the old stuff was crap compared to this :-)
06:32 bulletrulz VanessaE, i know but ts cool
06:33 marktraceur VanessaE: Could you make mods called libspawn and libgrow, and depend on them in flowers / junglegrass / poisonivy ?
06:33 kaeza well, the old junglegrass mod did it's work: It was a code jungle
06:33 VanessaE marktraceur: no. :-)
06:33 bulletrulz it comes with linux mint \
06:33 bulletrulz I WANT IT
06:33 VanessaE I like it this way.
06:34 * marktraceur just wants people to do one thing and do it well :P
06:34 marktraceur VanessaE: This makes it harder to include in modpacks, as well as depend on without risk of incompatibilities (if person X disables flowers and I require them....)
06:35 kaeza bulletrulz: the original idea of having a C64 in this era is for nostalgia
06:35 bulletrulz LOL
06:35 bulletrulz i liked the c64
06:35 VanessaE marktraceur: how is that any different from deleting or not deleting a separate mod?
06:35 kaeza of course I have a spectrum emulator for linux, but it's not the same :(
06:35 VanessaE just edit one line of init.lua to disable a class of plants.
06:36 kaeza stand by
06:37 marktraceur VanessaE: "edit line 15 of the plantlife mod's init.lua" is not a native solution....depends.txt is
06:38 singleplayer joined #minetest
06:38 singleplayer Will this thing block again?
06:39 kaeza nope
06:39 VanessaE marktraceur: I've already seen how users react to dependencies.  No matter how mundane, people just refuse to read "you need X, Y, and Z", or if they did they read it as "oh crap this requires a whole bunch of other shit"
06:39 VanessaE this is a better way.
06:39 kaeza VanessaE: agreed
06:39 marktraceur VanessaE: Well, or we could write a package manager. Oh wait! I did!
06:40 VanessaE get it pushed into mainline and I'll rewrite the mod :-)
06:40 kaeza I want to download mod A, which requires B and C. but B requires D, E, and F... ad infinitum
06:41 VanessaE admittedly, sometimes it seems like some equivalent to "apt-get install minetest-technic (or so)" is a good idea.
06:44 bulletrulz there should be a os called Ubuntu Classic
06:45 bulletrulz with the mate desktop envirement
06:45 VanessaE isn't that what Mint is for?
06:45 VanessaE (not mate, but "ubuntu classic")
06:45 bulletrulz no mint kinda is to bloated i mean all ubuntu lol.
06:46 VanessaE or just get Xubuntu (or sudo apt-get install xubuntu-desktop if you already have ubuntu) and all will be right with the world :-)
06:46 VanessaE XFCE Is Your Friendâ„¢
06:46 bulletrulz VanessaE, no xfce is not the SAME!
06:46 VanessaE I know that.
06:46 bulletrulz xfce kinda sucks
06:46 kaeza this^
06:46 bulletrulz i mean i love xfce dont get me wrong
06:46 VanessaE but it's good for those of us who don't want our desktop being turned into a fucking tablet :-)
06:47 bulletrulz i fucking hate gnome 3
06:47 bulletrulz unity is 50/50
06:47 bulletrulz i dont really care
06:47 bulletrulz xfce is cool though!
06:47 bulletrulz i love xfce more then i love lxde
06:48 bulletrulz but ILL give em all up for gnome 2
06:48 bulletrulz or matw
06:48 bulletrulz or mate
06:50 bulletrulz i acctully dispise gnome 3 if a os has gnome 3 i wont even bother to install /EXCEPT Fedora or Arch
06:50 kaeza OpenBox FTW!
06:50 kaeza the ROX-Desktop is really nice
06:50 bulletrulz ROX?
06:50 kaeza and lightweight
06:50 bulletrulz hmm i gotta look that up
06:50 kaeza RiscOS-On-X
06:51 kaeza It is the default filer under PuppyLinux
06:52 kaeza VanessaE: like Windows 8?
06:52 bulletrulz well thats ok but we need something as good as gnome 2 and as fast if xfce had more theming options :D that would be great
06:52 VanessaE kaeza: never used it
06:52 kaeza ROX uses Gtk for themin
06:52 bulletrulz WINDOWS 8 SUCKS
06:53 kaeza you said you don't want your PC converted into a tablet
06:53 kaeza Windows 8 feels like I'm at one of those information kiosks
06:53 bulletrulz Since windows 8 came out we grew about 1.5% USERS
06:54 bulletrulz we now have about 9.5% users
06:54 bulletrulz mac has about 14%
06:54 bulletrulz windows has the rest
06:54 kaeza bulletrulz: http://humour.200ok.com.au/img/windows-editions-pattern.jpg
06:55 bulletrulz but you know computers are like air conditionors they dont work right if u open windows
06:55 bulletrulz and btw windows 7 was shit also
06:57 bulletrulz windows vista was the worst thing on earth!
06:57 kaeza IDK, I have Win7 ultimate and it's pretty good
06:57 kaeza I use it only for gaming though
06:57 bulletrulz kaeza, lol
06:58 bulletrulz windows as a main os is for people who just dont know anything about computers
06:58 kaeza Windows=Games,Linux=Everything else
06:58 VanessaE kaeza: Steam for Linux will change that :-)
06:58 kaeza though I mostly ditched it now that I have latest wine
06:58 bulletrulz and in about 3 years it be Linux=EVERYTHING
06:59 kaeza VanessaE: true. Also: Desura
06:59 bulletrulz but honestly somebody said this as a remark saying windows was better
06:59 bulletrulz THE SUPPORT IS BETTER
06:59 ruskie what support?
07:00 bulletrulz can i call a number on linux and get help for my linux pc
07:00 bulletrulz nope
07:00 kaeza once developers start doing serious efforts to port games to linux, windows will cease to exist
07:00 bulletrulz well thats nice when i had windows i called the damn support thing cause chrome was downloading extremly slow
07:01 bulletrulz he said at first he cannot help cause samsung bought the os im like no wtf
07:01 kaeza bulletrulz: he said "Bing it!" LOL
07:01 ruskie hehe
07:01 ruskie the way I see it windows has about the same support as linux
07:01 bulletrulz then when i tried to make him help he said well the only was to fix it was to pay 99$ for a screen share with him or i could use ie im like fuck u
07:02 ruskie if not less
07:02 VanessaE there, now the forum post actually has a download link :-)
07:02 kaeza yes, but for windows you actually pay, for linux you don't
07:03 ruskie if anyone ever read the EULA it states clearly that there is no warranty on anything
07:03 kaeza so in scale, you get better support from linux for the price you paid
07:03 VanessaE kaeza: plus you can pay for support contracts from e.g. Red Hat or Canonical if you really want.
07:04 kaeza VanessaE: true
07:04 bulletrulz and i just downloaded linux on ie and switched
07:04 bulletrulz windows is winblows
07:04 bulletrulz it sucks so bad!
07:04 bulletrulz i rather use a mac and i hate MACS
07:05 kaeza but I would use this MAC on Windows http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/MAC-10 :)
07:06 bulletrulz kaeza, +1
07:10 kaeza VanessaE: now entering your realm of flowers and jungle grass :)
07:10 VanessaE ok :-)
07:13 kaeza bulletrulz: minetest :)
07:13 bulletrulz kaeza, r u on the same server?
07:13 kaeza i'm in front of U
07:13 kaeza you're just swinging something at me
07:28 VanessaE ok, off to bed for me.  Night all.
07:28 kaeza night V
07:29 bulletrulz night v
07:34 khonkhortisan joined #minetest
07:34 * khonkhortisan was out a while due to a bad upgrade
07:39 khonkhortisan lol @ dizzyone
07:44 celeron55 scienceandhorror: you probably want to look in util/wireshark/minetest.lua
07:44 Kray joined #minetest
07:44 Vohveli joined #minetest
07:44 celeron55 scienceandhorror: it is a "protocol dissector" for wireshark
07:45 celeron55 the high level messages are outdated, but the base protocol is the same as always
07:47 kaeza celeron55: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1331977664.jpg what do you think?
07:47 khonkhortisan kaeza, Can I test that?
07:48 kaeza It's not finished yet
07:48 khonkhortisan okay
07:48 kaeza and it was tested only on Linux
07:48 kaeza it uses native libs
07:48 khonkhortisan yuck
07:50 bulletrulz lol
07:50 kaeza bulletrulz: is compile done?
07:50 bulletrulz yes!
07:51 SmugLeaf joined #minetest
07:51 bulletrulz this is gonna take long :/
07:51 khonkhortisan every time I see your name I hear (I forgot who) saying, "Look! It's a SmugLeaf!"
07:52 bulletrulz gotta to download the media
07:52 bulletrulz well its downloading fast
07:52 bulletrulz im going to sllep
07:52 kaeza k
07:52 kaeza see ya
07:56 kaeza BUMP: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1176
07:58 celeron55 joined #minetest
08:06 aheinecke joined #minetest
08:16 Aqua joined #minetest
08:16 Aqua hi
08:21 khonkhortisan sounds good to me
08:22 singleplayer joined #minetest
08:30 singleplayer joined #minetest
08:46 Weedy_lappy joined #minetest
08:48 singleplayer joined #minetest
08:48 singleplayer hello
08:48 singleplayer can anyone read me?
08:49 celeron55 very much
08:49 singleplayer celeron55: chatting from MT to IRC
08:49 singleplayer It's me, kaeza
08:50 celeron55 i think it would be much better if the server would make only a single connection to IRC and say the name of who is talking at the beginning of message
08:50 celeron55 +s
08:50 kaeza better
08:52 kaeza here: https://dl.dropbox.com/u/100008207/screenshot_1350555540.jpg
08:53 kaeza I can't believe I madeit work :)
08:54 celeron55 how does it interface to tcp/ip?
08:54 kaeza It uses luasocket for the low level things
08:55 kaeza I'm not sure about the details though
08:56 celeron55 well, luasocket tells much
08:57 kaeza I'm just beginning at networking, but it's fun to learn from actual projects
08:59 kaeza what do you mean by making a single connection?
09:00 Morrolan One connection in total instead of one per user.
09:00 kaeza I get you
09:01 kaeza hmmm... I have to take a look and improve it
09:01 kaeza but at least it works :)
09:01 Morrolan The issue with one connection per user is, while it looks prettier, that many servers only allow x connections from one IP.
09:01 Morrolan So with too many users it might decline your connection attempts, or even kline you.
09:02 Morrolan But yea, it works, that's nice already. :D
09:03 Morrolan (Not that this would matter in *singleplayer*, since, well, there's only one play online anyway)
09:03 kaeza yeah, but it can get crowded
09:03 kaeza I haven't played in an online server though
09:04 kaeza only on Vanessa's one for testing
09:05 kaeza and maybe connect each MT server to it's own channel?
09:06 kaeza based on IP/hostname
09:06 kaeza and maybe not connect at all if in single player
09:07 kaeza that reminds me,
09:07 kaeza celeron55: is there a reliable way to know if you are running in single player?
09:07 kaeza from within lua that is
09:09 kaeza I though about checking for a single user named "singleplayer" from get_connected_players()
09:10 kaeza but I don't think that's a 100% reliable way
09:12 kaeza well, that's it for today. good night/morning!
09:12 kaeza left #minetest
09:16 cmacis joined #minetest
09:16 cmacis Alright?
09:41 cmacis Bother. On this box minetest just segfaults. Running Trisquel 5.5. Tried the debs and building from source. Same result
10:01 cmacis Well I suppose I'm getting productivity back for today
10:22 Calinou joined #minetest
10:26 Wuzzy joined #minetest
10:33 celeron55 kaeza: yes, a very reliable way: minetest.is_singleplayer()
10:33 celeron55 8)
10:34 celeron55 cmacis: probably video drivers; running in gdb (or passing a core dump to gdb) would help in finding out the reason
10:34 cmacis Okay, what buttons do I press for that?
10:37 cmacis I also registered on the forum for this, since both IRC and forum exist
10:38 Sudi joined #minetest
10:38 Calinou up + up + down + down + left + right + left + right + A + B + A + B
10:38 Calinou it'll run minetest with gdb
10:39 Calinou cmacis: no, just go to minetest's folder with the "cd" command then type "gdb minetest"... you'll also have to install gdb if it's not installed
10:41 cmacis okay, $gdb minetest has gone to a (gdb) terminal
10:41 us_0gb left #minetest
10:41 kaeza joined #minetest
10:41 kaeza back again
10:42 kaeza damn insomnia
10:43 celeron55 cmacis: type "run"
10:43 cmacis Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.
10:43 cmacis 0x0080b802 in ?? () from /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/dri/swrast_dri.so
10:43 celeron55 and then make it crash, and after it has crashed, "bt" will give a backtrace
10:43 Calinou someone's using software renderers
10:43 celeron55 and copy the result to a pastebin
10:44 Calinou why would you want to run mt using software rendering? even $1000 CPUs would render the game at like 2FPS
10:44 celeron55 indeed looks like some system built-in software renderer
10:44 cmacis http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=54278#p54278
10:45 cmacis Mostly because I've just got this box for free and have roughly no idea what's inside it
10:45 celeron55 well; the bug is somewhere else than in minetest in that case
10:45 celeron55 install/use the proper video drivers and you will probably have better luck
10:45 Calinou out of curiosity -- why are you in i686? unless your computer is very old there's no reason to use 32 bit :P
10:46 celeron55 there is also no real reason to use 64bit
10:46 cmacis It's got a designed for win xp sticker on the front. It probably is very old
10:46 celeron55 i haven't installed a single 64bit system yet
10:46 Calinou celeron55: trisquel makes it impossible to install proper video drivers 8)
10:46 celeron55 hmm... actually, i seem to have installed one!
10:47 celeron55 cmacis: that makes it very likely to not support 64 bits 8)
10:48 celeron55 cmacis: well, that isn't my problem
10:48 celeron55 ...
10:48 celeron55 Calinou*
10:48 cmacis Fair enough. I will probably have to get work done at work rather than working out how to build a temple to Stallman's beard
10:49 celeron55 i wonder what people even are responsible for making swrast_dri.so to work
10:50 celeron55 oh by the way; irrlicht does have two built-in software renderers
10:50 celeron55 but they are basically useless for anything other than GUIs
10:50 celeron55 see the example config if you want to try
10:51 Calinou does null count in your two? there's only one "software"...
10:51 Calinou or, is burningsvideo software?
10:51 celeron55 software and burningsvideo are software renderers
10:51 celeron55 the latter is the more useful one
10:51 cmacis I'm guessing I'm on the tail end of people who read the FSF bulletin coming to nosy.
11:01 MilanFIN joined #minetest
11:12 tango_ joined #minetest
11:13 Tux-Tn joined #minetest
11:14 PilzAdam joined #minetest
11:17 PilzAdam Hello everyone!
11:18 kaeza hey Pilz
11:18 kaeza sorry, Adam
11:19 kaeza LOL WUT?  http://bitscloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/collegehumor-honest-desktop.jpg
11:34 jin_xi Hi Adam
11:35 jin_xi Hey PilzAdam, did you see http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=54023#p54023 ?
11:37 PilzAdam jin_xi, so you want that one selection box is for the whole door?
11:38 tango_ joined #minetest
11:38 jin_xi yes, it looks better
11:38 jin_xi unless its a bar door :)
11:38 PilzAdam does it look better if you dig the door?
11:38 PilzAdam because if you dig the bottom part the upper one would have the crack animation
11:39 jin_xi oh, didn't notice that
11:39 jin_xi will check
11:39 PilzAdam IMO its best if every node has its own selection box
11:40 jin_xi you're right, crack is always bottom part with my change
11:44 jin_xi but i still like it better
11:44 PilzAdam I dont
11:45 jin_xi well, you're the boss ;)
11:45 kaeza hmmmm... Care to test guys? http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
11:46 kaeza Testing is very much appreciated
11:47 PilzAdam this is realy interesting
11:48 kaeza PilzAdam: are you talking to me?
11:48 PilzAdam yep
11:48 kaeza Care if I show it?
11:49 PilzAdam you can do what you want ;-)
11:49 singleplayer joined #minetest
11:49 singleplayer Hello PilzAdam!
11:50 PilzAdam lol, singleplayer
11:50 PilzAdam can you use /nick?
11:50 singleplayer not yet
11:50 singleplayer only basic chat is working
11:51 singleplayer but I'm working on it ;)
11:52 PilzAdam are all chat messages send to IRC?
11:52 singleplayer currently yes
11:52 PilzAdam maybe add a command /irc-cmd nick kaeza
11:52 singleplayer though I think no private messages get from IRC to MT
11:52 PilzAdam (to minetest)
11:53 kaeza I was thinking also about a /join command or such thing
11:53 celeron55 you're doing it wrong; see what i said
11:53 celeron55 one minetest server should have one nick
11:53 kaeza I know c55
11:54 kaeza I'm on it
11:54 kaeza just wanted to give this thing one more try
11:55 singleplayer sorry for being a bit dense :)
11:55 singleplayer out
11:56 PilzAdam I just noticed there is no conf setting for enable/disable 3D players
11:58 * PilzAdam has 999 forum posts
11:58 kaeza congrats Adam
11:58 PilzAdam lets do an awesome 1000th post
12:00 PilzAdam hm... maybe an fake "I leave forever" post?
12:01 kaeza that would be good for April  1st
12:01 kaeza nvm
12:01 PilzAdam i already thought about that
12:01 PilzAdam ;-)
12:03 PilzAdam kaeza, http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=54291#p54291
12:06 kaeza PilzAdam: sir, it's a great honor for a humble coder like myself to receive your 1000th post. I thank you from the bottom of my heart
12:06 * kaeza is crying
12:07 PilzAdam :D
12:11 kaeza :P
12:14 Ragnar_ joined #minetest
12:15 Ragnar_ oh hey pilzadam!
12:16 PilzAdam hi
12:17 john_minetest joined #minetest
12:19 Ragnar_ hey Adam...can you help me scale the player/the world?
12:19 Ragnar_ i want to make the player play in a HUGE world with HUGE blocks :D
12:20 PilzAdam what would be the difference to the current one?
12:21 Ragnar_ umm...
12:21 Ragnar_ well a single dirt block would be larger :D
12:21 Ragnar_ then the player i mean
12:21 Ragnar_ ow and btw...
12:22 Ragnar_ adam, why is that jordan4ibanez just like you? your avatar, your signature etc...
12:22 Ragnar_ are you multy-accounting?
12:22 Ragnar_ :d
12:23 PilzAdam well, i had the avatar first and the signature is different
12:24 PilzAdam and I am not multi-accounting
12:24 PilzAdam but that would be a nice idea....
12:25 Ragnar_ OR IM TELLING!
12:25 Ragnar_ :D
12:25 PilzAdam yes, Mr. Capslock, Sir
12:25 Ragnar_ YES, SIR!
12:26 PilzAdam back to the topic: try to override the default collisionbox of the player
12:27 NakedFury joined #minetest
12:28 Ragnar_ ow ok...
12:28 Ragnar_ what will i search for?
12:29 Ragnar_ collision?
12:30 Ragnar_ yeah and i found it :D
12:30 Ragnar_ 0.5 each :D
12:30 Ragnar_ wait...
12:30 Ragnar_ its for nodes...
12:30 Ragnar_ is the player a node?
12:31 Ragnar_ minetest.register_entity("default:falling_node", {
12:32 Ragnar_ initial_properties = {
12:32 Ragnar_ physical = true,
12:32 Ragnar_ collisionbox = {-0.5,-0.5,-0.5, 0.5,0.5,0.5},
12:32 Ragnar_ visual = "wielditem",
12:32 kaeza In the current version (with 3d models) players can be whatever they want. If they want to be a node, so let them. I personally am Gordon Freeman
12:32 Ragnar_ what?!
12:33 Ragnar_ ow hi kaeza :D
12:33 kaeza :)
12:33 kaeza hello Ragnar_
12:33 Ragnar_ i thought you were somebody else :D
12:33 Ragnar_ sorry... :D
12:33 kaeza np
12:33 kaeza J/K
12:33 kaeza :)
12:33 Ragnar_ hey kaeza...
12:33 kaeza yes?
12:33 Ragnar_ how good r u @ modding?
12:34 kaeza IDK. you tell me
12:34 kaeza what do you have in mind?
12:34 Ragnar_ im trying to scale the player/the world (blocks)
12:34 Ragnar_ how do i do it?
12:35 Ragnar_ PilzAdam said something about collision boxes...
12:35 PilzAdam Ragnar_, seems that you cant change the collisionbox of the player
12:35 PilzAdam jsut tested
12:35 Ragnar_ ow.....
12:35 kaeza hmmmm....
12:35 Ragnar_ crap...
12:35 Ragnar_ kaeza, dont mind...
12:35 Ragnar_ but why cant i scale them?
12:35 kaeza I think there is no easy way... if there is ever one
12:36 Ragnar_ but adam1
12:36 Ragnar_ is it possible to make all of the blocks 2x bigger?
12:36 kaeza at least not with  a highly hacked minetest version
12:36 kaeza s/with/without/
12:36 Ragnar_ like lets say a normal block is 1x1...so is it possible to make it 2x2
12:36 Ragnar_ or 4x4...
12:36 PilzAdam Ragnar_, only if you change the c++ code
12:36 PilzAdam and recompile minetest
12:36 Ragnar_ the c++?
12:36 Ragnar_ how?
12:37 kaeza duh
12:37 kaeza oh dear...
12:37 Ragnar_ i thought i could change it by messing around with the default/init.lua...
12:37 Ragnar_ guess not...
12:37 PilzAdam I tried that
12:37 PilzAdam and it didnt work
12:37 PilzAdam so you have to change the core code
12:38 Ragnar_ ow...
12:38 PilzAdam and btw: changing the block size via Lua is impossible
12:38 Ragnar_ well isnt that great news... -_-
12:38 Ragnar_ FFFFUUUUU!!!!
12:38 Ragnar_ wait brb...gonna rage a bit...
12:39 PilzAdam can we have a changlog of your surroundigs if you are done?
12:39 PilzAdam *changelog
12:39 kaeza lol
12:39 Sudi_ joined #minetest
12:40 Ragnar_ TYPO!!!
12:40 Ragnar_ PILZADAM MADE A TYPO!!!
12:40 kaeza lol wut?
12:40 kaeza oh
12:40 Ragnar_ thats the 2nd time that has happened xD
12:43 Ragnar_ woah!
12:43 Ragnar_ i just saw...
12:43 Ragnar_ that...
12:43 Ragnar_ InfinityProject changed his avatar!
12:43 Ragnar_ HOW COOL IS THAT!!!
12:43 Ragnar_ omfg!
12:44 Ragnar_ i have an AWESOME idea for a new mod :D
12:44 Ragnar_ that im gonna make with ModF
12:44 Ragnar_ MobF*
12:44 Ragnar_ RPG_MOBS
12:44 * PilzAdam is #8 on forum posts
12:45 Ragnar_ what?
12:45 Ragnar_ LOL
12:45 * Ragnar_
12:45 * Ragnar_ is #1 on forum posts
12:45 Ragnar_ TAKE THAT!
12:45 PilzAdam http://minetest.net/forum/userlist.php?username=&amp;show_group=-1&amp;sort_by=num_posts&amp;sort_dir=DESC&amp;search=Submit+user+criteria
12:45 Ragnar_ LOOL
12:45 Ragnar_ well, good job!
12:46 Ragnar_ atleast you know how to spam :D
12:46 Ragnar_ how many "mods" do you make a day?
12:46 Ragnar_ 7?
12:46 PilzAdam released mods? or everything?
12:47 Ragnar_ i mean your "mods"
12:47 Ragnar_ :D
12:47 Ragnar_ yes released "mods"
12:47 Ragnar_ cause we all know that its just IMPOSSIBLE to make so many mods so fast xD
12:47 Ragnar_ you make some forks of mods, then you release them...
12:47 Ragnar_ etc...
12:47 Ragnar_ hey what if...
12:47 Ragnar_ minetest would have...
12:48 Ragnar_ NecroMorph's
12:48 Ragnar_ http://www.google.ee/imgres?um=1&amp;hl=et&amp;rlz=1C1TGIB_etEE510EE510&amp;biw=1024&amp;bih=677&amp;tbm=isch&amp;tbnid=Xi_ddu8v5O6JmM:&amp;imgrefurl=http://www.cosplay.com/showthread.php%3Ft%3D307707&amp;docid=G8boo37PDDSAnM&amp;imgurl=http://www.ozgameshop.com/product_images/gifts_and_gadgets/collectables/video_games/dead_space_2_necromorph_slasher_7_figure_xl.jpg&amp;w=276&amp;h=276&amp;ei=qqq4UJPWHYuThgf0voCwBg&amp;zoom=1&amp;iact=rc&amp;dur=173&amp;sig=102184457274606161509&amp;page=1&amp;tbnh=
12:48 Ragnar_ LOL
12:49 Ragnar_ im gonna play Left 4K Dead
12:49 Ragnar_ :d
12:49 PilzAdam Ragnar_, 0.3
12:49 PilzAdam accoring to the registration date of the forum
12:49 Ragnar_ what?
12:49 PilzAdam 22/71
12:49 Ragnar_ what??
12:49 PilzAdam mods /day
12:50 Ragnar_ oh and btw... i'm playing l4kd and i shot randomly and killed a PilzAdam :D
12:50 PilzAdam l4kd?
12:51 Ragnar_ Left 4K Dead
12:51 PilzAdam never played
12:51 * john_minetest is on page 7 of the ranking :D
12:51 Ragnar_ ow :d
12:51 Ragnar_ ok :D
12:51 Ragnar_ hoogle it :D
12:51 Ragnar_ google*
12:51 Ragnar_ but...hoogle'ing sounds better :D
12:51 PilzAdam there is a PilzAdam on XBox Live; thats me :-)
12:52 Ragnar_ im making a game engine called "The Hoogle"
12:52 Ragnar_ :D
12:52 Ragnar_ some day...
12:52 Ragnar_ soon...
12:52 PilzAdam thats me: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/user/PilzAdam/
12:52 * kaeza is at page 3 on ranking. AWWWW YEEEAH!
12:53 Ragnar_ ow so you play BattleField 3 ?
12:53 Ragnar_ well...
12:53 PilzAdam sure
12:53 Ragnar_ Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 owns BattleField 3 !
12:53 PilzAdam M249 SAW only FTW!
12:53 Ragnar_ lol :D
12:54 Ragnar_ hey how can one even play with a remote and be a pro?
12:54 PilzAdam MW3: There is a f***ing camper in this building; BF3: BOOOOM!!! What building?
12:54 kaeza Doom FTW! LOL u mad?
12:54 Ragnar_ i tried it in Call of Duty 1...
12:54 Ragnar_ yes, call of duty 1...
12:54 Ragnar_ cause my graphics card is fucked up....
12:57 kaeza sorry, just inserting random one-liners on IRC
12:57 kaeza LOL you get it? one liners? IRC? I'm such a genius
12:57 Ragnar_ what?
12:57 Ragnar_ *Insert Laughter Here*
12:58 kaeza \o/
12:58 Ragnar_ or *Laughter_Not_Found*
12:58 Ragnar_ Just The Tip...
12:58 Ragnar_ hey kaeza!
12:58 Ragnar_ you wanna play the Raping Game+
12:59 kaeza ...
12:59 iqualfragile joined #minetest
12:59 kaeza hey iqualfragile
12:59 Ragnar_ you wanna play the Raping Game or not then?
12:59 Ragnar_ yes or no
12:59 kaeza ...
13:00 Ragnar_ I SAID YES OR NO
13:00 kaeza ...
13:01 iqualfragile good morning kaeza
13:01 kaeza let's see where this ends up... YES!
13:01 Ragnar_ WRONG
13:01 Ragnar_ you need to say no!
13:01 kaeza trolled u
13:01 kaeza lolol
13:01 Ragnar_ you wanna play the Raping Game or not then?
13:01 kaeza morning iqualfragile
13:02 iqualfragile Ragnar_: stopp it
13:02 kaeza NO then
13:02 * kaeza sighs
13:02 Ragnar_ See, thats the spirit!
13:02 kaeza O_o
13:03 Ragnar_ a perv comes to you and asks this...you say NO, he sais "See, thats the spirit!"
13:03 kaeza I don't get it
13:03 Ragnar_ -.-
13:03 Ragnar_ he pretends if you say yes...
13:04 iqualfragile if you get raped
13:04 iqualfragile you dont want that to happen
13:04 kaeza 404: Laugher Not Found
13:04 Ragnar_ FUCK YOU
13:04 iqualfragile 403 rape-jokes forbidden
13:04 iqualfragile 418 im a teacup
13:04 kaeza iqualfragile: trololol
13:04 kaeza iqualfragile: 200 OK
13:05 Ragnar_ ITS OVER 9000!
13:05 NekoGloop joined #minetest
13:05 PilzAdam Hello iqualfragile
13:07 NekoGloop Meow.
13:07 * Ragnar_ has just bought Freenode.net
13:07 kaeza Meow Neko :3
13:08 iqualfragile Guten Tag Adam
13:08 Ragnar_ Hey mr.Creeper, how ya doing?
13:09 Ragnar_ hey kaeza
13:09 Ragnar_ do you like mobs?
13:09 kaeza ...
13:09 Ragnar_ in minetest
13:10 Ragnar_ would you want a NecroMorph in minetesT?
13:10 kaeza sure I LOOOOOOVE MOBF
13:10 kaeza ;)
13:10 Ragnar_ would you want a NecroMorph then?
13:10 Ragnar_ google NecroMorph
13:10 Ragnar_ and look how CrEePy it is ;D
13:10 kaeza WTF is a necromorph?
13:10 Ragnar_ hoogle it!
13:10 john_minetest left #minetest
13:11 Ragnar_ yes, hoogle!
13:11 Ragnar_ The Hoogle Engine 6.0
13:11 Ragnar_ xD
13:11 kaeza have you tried having a Lemon Party?
13:11 Ragnar_ no!
13:11 Ragnar_ ive googled it!
13:12 Ragnar_ xD
13:12 Ragnar_ THAT...
13:12 Ragnar_ IS...
13:12 Ragnar_ CREEPY
13:12 NekoGloop I assume it's a creepypasta?
13:12 Ragnar_ creepypasta?
13:12 kaeza Slenderman FTW!
13:12 NekoGloop Ah, you just have no idea what 'creepy' is yet.
13:12 Ragnar_ slenderman?
13:13 Ragnar_ a NecroMorph is NOT slendermister...
13:13 kaeza I'm not googlin it either
13:14 Ragnar_ cmon!
13:14 Ragnar_ ok, ill say it...
13:14 Ragnar_ its a zombie...
13:14 Ragnar_ a really creepy zombie...
13:14 Ragnar_ with bone-needles in its hands
13:14 NekoGloop And you have no idea what creepy is *cough*jeff-the-killer*cough*
13:14 Ragnar_ or fangs...
13:14 kaeza Have you ever seen the face of a regenerator in RE4?
13:15 kaeza THAT is FUCKING CREEPY
13:15 Ragnar_ i know right :d
13:15 Ragnar_ i told you!
13:16 Ragnar_ so kaeza...
13:16 Ragnar_ what do you think about that in Minetest?
13:16 kaeza mobs?
13:16 kaeza yeah
13:16 Ragnar_ what if a NecroMorph was in minetest...
13:16 kaeza It feels a bit lonely sometimes
13:16 Ragnar_ would you like it?
13:16 Ragnar_ xD
13:16 * kaeza needs a hug
13:16 Ragnar_ LOL
13:16 * NekoGloop pats kaeza's head
13:16 Ragnar_ you : " Come here, mister! gimme a hug! "
13:17 Ragnar_ NM : " hghghggghghhghg *STAB* "
13:17 * kaeza is happy again
13:17 berome joined #minetest
13:17 kaeza hello berome
13:18 berome salut hello
13:18 Taoki joined #minetest
13:19 berome haaa, Oldcoder, server Zeg9 is down for me now; is it normal ?
13:19 berome berome = klunk
13:19 Ragnar_ hey kaeza
13:19 Ragnar_ im gonna map you to next year
13:19 ImNotABot joined #minetest
13:19 kaeza what?
13:20 YTR-123 joined #minetest
13:20 ImNotABot Hello
13:20 * Ragnar_ hiting kaeza with a map
13:20 Ragnar_ Im gonna map you to next year
13:20 * kaeza sighs
13:21 kaeza Hello ImNotABot
13:21 * NekoGloop hits Ragnar_ with a compass.
13:21 YTR-123 This is my motivation http://www.aimini.net/view/?fid=cxEDx6ARWbN0KIctHuwU
13:21 kaeza cool name BTW
13:21 ImNotABot thx ;)
13:21 YTR-123 Hi ImNotABot
13:21 ImNotABot Hi YTR-123
13:22 * Ragnar_ gives Ragnar_ some default:air
13:22 NekoGloop Cannot give an unknown item.
13:22 kaeza You hacker you
13:22 * Ragnar_ gives Ragnar some Default:Cloud
13:23 NekoGloop Ragnar_: It's just "air" or "__builtin:air"
13:23 kaeza Does Cloud come with the Buster Sword?
13:23 Ragnar_ no?
13:23 NekoGloop XD
13:23 Ragnar_ cloud = unwalkable & unbreakable block
13:23 NekoGloop FF7 FTW.
13:23 Ragnar_ if you place it...
13:24 kaeza NekoGloop: you got it :)
13:24 ttk2 joined #minetest
13:24 berome heu ok, what is command to fix pseudo please
13:24 * YTR-123 lolz
13:24 kaeza the best RPG EVAR
13:24 NekoGloop Not the best final fantasy though.
13:25 NekoGloop Tactics A2 > all
13:25 kaeza hmmm... Haven't played it yet
13:25 * Ragnar_ gives NekoGloop some Punch
13:25 kaeza I finished 1-7 and 9-10
13:25 kaeza I'm playing 8 right now
13:25 NekoGloop 8 is a dick to beat :/
13:26 kaeza I also almost finished XII but sadly my PS2 died :(
13:26 Ragnar_ hey who wants to join me in a minetest Lets Play
13:26 * YTR-123 gives Ragnar_ some Punch as he gave NekoGloop
13:27 * Ragnar_ kicks YTR-123
13:27 kaeza NekoGloop: yes, 8 is a tough one
13:27 NekoGloop I beat XII in less time than my dad did, and at half the level too!
13:27 OldCoder Hi
13:27 OldCoder berome, checking
13:27 kaeza Vaan was at L98 or so
13:27 * YTR-123 says hi to OldCoder
13:27 OldCoder Hi
13:28 kaeza hi OldCoder
13:28 NekoGloop Pfft, you can beat it at L30 with the right weapons and magic.
13:28 YTR-123 I'll play some minetest!
13:28 kaeza Yes, but it was my first playthrough
13:28 kaeza :(
13:28 Ragnar_ im learning tricks :D
13:28 Ragnar_ like lava generator etc... :D
13:28 * YTR-123 kicks Ragnar_ back
13:28 berome hi oldcoder, thanks !
13:29 ImNotABot hi OldCoder
13:29 Ragnar_ GOT IT
13:29 Ragnar_ i know how to make a lava generator :D
13:29 YTR-123 I am still in my bed 12 hours of in a bed that's what I call relaxing!!
13:29 kaeza also beat Sapphire Weapon in under 10 mins
13:30 OldCoder Zegaton has some minor corruption. I will fix it now. berome
13:30 kaeza (in FF7)
13:30 OldCoder 13:29:41: ERROR[main]: ERROR: An unhandled exception occurred: Player::deSerialize(): PlayerArgsEnd not found
13:30 OldCoder I've encountered this before. Comments would be welcome.
13:31 NekoGloop kaeza: How, there is no sapphire weapon :P
13:31 kaeza OldCoder: wasn't someone talking about that earlier?
13:31 NekoGloop Emerald and ruby, yes.
13:31 OldCoder I did yesterday
13:31 kaeza yes, there is
13:31 berome thanks a lot !
13:31 NekoGloop kaeza: I think you mean emerald.
13:31 NekoGloop The underwater one is the Emerald WEAPON.
13:31 kaeza yeah sorry, got precious gems mixed up
13:32 NekoGloop I usually get the underwater materia just in case.
13:32 NekoGloop Final attack + Revive FTW :P
13:32 hmmmm joined #minetest
13:32 kaeza AWW YEAH
13:32 berome !identifier
13:33 NekoGloop I forget if mega-all works with revive and final attack...
13:33 kaeza also KotR helps a lot
13:33 kaeza :)
13:33 OldCoder berome, Try Zegaton world now please
13:33 berome nick identifier
13:33 kaeza Omnislash+KotR and he's done for
13:33 berome yes
13:34 NekoGloop KotR?
13:34 kaeza hmmm... I think it doesn't work
13:34 NekoGloop One of cloud's swords?
13:34 kaeza nope. a summon
13:34 kaeza Knights of the Round
13:34 berome ooohaaalll right connexion is working !
13:34 NekoGloop Oh, knights of the round table.
13:34 NekoGloop Right.
13:35 kaeza yeah, but getting a golden chocobo is a crapload of work
13:35 berome (old computer woek)
13:35 NekoGloop Pfft. I get chocobo's easily.
13:35 NekoGloop Maybe because i find the races so damn fun.
13:36 kaeza lol yeah
13:36 kaeza world ends in three days and you spend like a year at the races
13:36 berome ok I m able to connect, there is a graphical bug wich occurs often, I think it is my side ; by the way thanks a lot Oldcoder !
13:37 NekoGloop Seems legit.
13:38 NekoGloop I literally only have to go to the crater. That's all that's left in the game, and i'm playing with cross-breeds of ostriches and chickens.
13:39 kaeza lol
13:40 kaeza that's true for each and every player out there
13:41 kaeza <nottooofftopic>It's a shame no one ported Triple Triad/Tetra Master to Windows/Linux yet</nottooofftopic>
13:41 NekoGloop Ew tetra master.
13:41 NekoGloop Kill it with fire.
13:41 kaeza y?
13:42 kaeza It's a cool game
13:42 kaeza well... if it were well implemented
13:42 NekoGloop Well idk, maybe if you get every card you're only rewarded with a glitch message?
13:42 kaeza I mean, I lost a fucking dragon against a G*D FUCKING IMP
13:43 NekoGloop Ikr.
13:43 john_minetest joined #minetest
13:43 NekoGloop At least triple triad is better implemented.
13:43 iqualfragile joined #minetest
13:44 Ragnar_ im learning how to make a wood generator :D
13:44 ImNotABot hello, is anyone there?
13:45 Ragnar_ i am!
13:45 ImNotABot cool
13:45 NekoGloop I aint.
13:46 ImNotABot minetest? god I thought this was minecraft
13:46 NekoGloop ...
13:47 ImNotABot lol
13:49 ImNotABot I found an interesting mod
13:49 ImNotABot http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
13:49 NekoGloop We should make it so the source is easier to compile, like a web service or something.
13:50 kaeza ImNotABot: interesting idea
13:50 kaeza sorry
13:50 kaeza NekoGloop:
13:50 NekoGloop Its... Actually in lua?
13:50 kaeza ^
13:51 NekoGloop I thought it was in the source O.O
13:51 kaeza a bit of Lua
13:51 kaeza and a bit of C
13:51 kaeza nvm
13:51 kaeza goodbye ImNotABot
13:51 ImNotABot g'bye!
13:53 kaeza ah well... brb
13:53 kaeza left #minetest
13:53 blaze joined #minetest
13:57 NakedFury THQ humble bundle edition worth it?
14:05 klunk ok, thanks Oldcoder, Zegaton is up again !
14:08 kaeza joined #minetest
14:10 OldCoder klunk, u r welcome. It was the PlayerArgsEnd corruption issue
14:11 kaeza hello again
14:12 anunakki joined #minetest
14:12 klunk ???? :-/ ...ok !
14:27 doserj joined #minetest
14:37 SpeedProg joined #minetest
14:38 iqualfragile can one write collored texts on irc?
14:38 SpeedProg no
14:39 cmacis You may have local scripts that apply certain colours on certain inputs, but only you will see it
14:41 kaeza iqualfragile: that's why most of us hate MSN messenger
14:41 iqualfragile oldcoder: would you be allright with me adding abot here? its usefull, realy
14:42 iqualfragile hmm… im just gona add it, you can then choose if you want to keep or kick it
14:42 Morrolan You better hope there's no oldschool IRC users here.
14:43 Morrolan Else the bot won't be the only one who gets kicked. :P
14:44 OldCoder iqualfragile, Sure
14:44 OldCoder Within reason
14:44 kaeza iqualfragile: better use your own channel
14:44 OldCoder kaeza, Shall we try it? iqualfragile how polite is the bot?
14:44 cmacis Not like there's rent on a channel
14:45 OldCoder Heh
14:45 OldCoder cmacis, it is a question of consensus
14:45 kaeza ok
14:45 iqualfragile its polite, its not for chatting
14:45 kaeza let's try it
14:45 OldCoder What does it do?
14:45 iqualfragile its for some simple tasks
14:45 OldCoder Such as?
14:45 iqualfragile checking if minetest-servers are up
14:45 OldCoder We'll see if people object
14:45 OldCoder Yes
14:45 OldCoder iqualfragile, If people don't like it the bot will need to go
14:46 kaeza that would be useful actuall
14:46 OldCoder Go ahead and try it
14:46 kaeza y
14:46 iqualfragile one moment
14:47 moltenbot joined #minetest
14:47 kaeza ok hello moltenbot :P
14:47 moltenbot Hi, kaeza
14:47 kaeza -.-
14:47 iqualfragile !up minetest.org
14:47 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org UP
14:48 iqualfragile !up mientiarnetui.org
14:48 moltenbot Minetest server mientiarnetui.org DOWN
14:48 iqualfragile !ping minetest.org
14:48 moltenbot host minetest.org DOWN
14:48 kaeza umm...
14:48 iqualfragile uuuhm
14:48 iqualfragile wait
14:48 iqualfragile :D
14:48 kaeza seems legit
14:49 iqualfragile !die
14:49 kaeza (no sarcasm here)
14:49 PilzAdam iqualfragile, whats about port?
14:49 iqualfragile it actualy sends the sequence the client uses to log in
14:50 iqualfragile and then checks if it gets an apropriate response from the server
14:50 PilzAdam but to wich port?
14:50 iqualfragile 30000
14:50 PilzAdam that should be configureable
14:50 iqualfragile hmm… not realy otherwise people will use it to portscan or sth
14:51 moltenbot joined #minetest
14:51 kaeza !die
14:51 kaeza lol
14:51 kaeza works :)
14:51 kaeza sorry
14:52 kaeza make it require some privs for die
14:52 Taoki joined #minetest
14:52 iqualfragile nah, its just for testing right now
14:52 iqualfragile so anybody can kill it
14:53 Mika_R joined #minetest
14:53 Morrolan There's *no* reason to use an IRC bot to "portscan or sth".
14:53 moltenbot joined #minetest
14:53 PilzAdam !up minetest.ru
14:53 iqualfragile proxying
14:53 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.ru UP
14:53 kaeza O_o
14:53 Morrolan Unless that bot is doing something really funny, you won't be able to use it as a proxy either. ;)
14:53 PilzAdam !up PilzAdam
14:53 moltenbot Minetest server PilzAdam UP
14:53 PilzAdam wtf?!?!?
14:53 Morrolan The only issue those bots tend to have is, that people tend to abuse them a bit. ^.^
14:54 kaeza yay! You're up Adam!
14:54 iqualfragile well, thats kind of interesting ::
14:54 iqualfragile i have just hacked it together
14:54 PilzAdam !up iqualfragile
14:54 OldCoder Morrolan, true. Hence we will watch for consensus
14:54 moltenbot Minetest server iqualfragile DOWN
14:54 iqualfragile in BASH
14:54 kaeza http://PilzAdam/index.html
14:54 iqualfragile the fuck?
14:54 iqualfragile !up PilzAdam
14:54 moltenbot Minetest server PilzAdam DOWN
14:54 PilzAdam !up kaeza
14:54 moltenbot Minetest server kaeza DOWN
14:55 PilzAdam !up ChanServ
14:55 moltenbot Minetest server ChanServ DOWN
14:55 * kaeza says 403: forbidden
14:55 PilzAdam !up moltenbot
14:55 OldCoder iqualfragile, perhaps you could debug him or her in a private channel
14:55 iqualfragile moltenbot is a bot!
14:55 OldCoder And?
14:55 Morrolan PilzAdam: Are you hosting a server on the machine you use to connect to IRC?
14:55 OldCoder I have MadMoo. She is a fine cowbot.
14:55 PilzAdam no
14:56 Morrolan PilzAdam: Ah, else I'd have assumed that the bot queries a user's IP when supplied with a nickname.
14:56 Morrolan In this case though, well, probably a bug.
14:56 kaeza hmmm... someone said "!up moltenbot" and moltenbot did not respond...
14:56 iqualfragile and a rare one, too
14:56 iqualfragile i know, i have killed it
14:56 iqualfragile it times out now
14:56 PilzAdam !die
14:57 kaeza um...
14:57 Morrolan Seems a bit rough around the edges, that bot. :P
14:58 iqualfragile its written in bash
14:58 kaeza ummm... may I have a peek at it?
14:58 * Morrolan blinks
14:58 Morrolan In bash.
14:58 iqualfragile nah, killed in the ctrl+c sense
14:58 iqualfragile jup, bash, sed, cut, head
14:59 Morrolan And network communication?
14:59 iqualfragile bash
14:59 kaeza ...
14:59 Morrolan I do have some doubts.
14:59 iqualfragile i have used a litle bit of netcat for the minetest-check-part
14:59 kaeza so do i
14:59 iqualfragile but im gona replace that soon
14:59 Morrolan And for the whole IRC part?
14:59 iqualfragile bash
15:00 Morrolan Yea, but what tools? Last I checked, bash didn't have built-in network capabilities. :)
15:00 iqualfragile it has
15:01 Morrolan If you say so. :)
15:01 iqualfragile since like forever
15:01 kaeza ...how?
15:01 Morrolan Bash, kaeza. :D
15:02 kaeza yes I know a bit of bash, but networking?
15:02 Morrolan No clue. ;)
15:02 kaeza don't get me wrong, it would be cool
15:02 Morrolan Eh, Bash is a shell, no need for a shell to have network capabilities.
15:02 Morrolan There's plenty of tools for that.
15:04 kaeza can you post a link to one? I'm getting interested in this mater
15:04 kaeza matter*
15:05 Morrolan Uh, tools for network communications? Depends on what you're trying to achieve. If you want to send an e-mail or use IRC, a telnet client would work. (Though it'd be somewhat inconvenient, compared to an E-Mail / IRC client.)
15:05 iqualfragile no need for that
15:05 iqualfragile you can use native bash
15:08 Morrolan So it seems, didn't know about that.
15:09 kaeza he says nc
15:13 Morrolan Seems Bash offers fake device files at /dev/tcp and /dev/udp, which allow you to open (read & write) a basic socket connection.
15:14 Morrolan Didn't know about those, but sure is a nice little trick. (Though somewhat inconvenient, I imagine)
15:14 Morrolan Sorry for doubting you, iqualfragile. :P
15:17 kaeza1 joined #minetest
15:20 Taoki joined #minetest
15:20 iqualfragile no problem
15:21 iqualfragile it seems like minetest.org would not respond to ping-messages
15:22 iqualfragile oldcoder ↑
15:22 moltenbot joined #minetest
15:22 iqualfragile !ping google.de
15:22 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=47 time=16.3 ms
15:23 iqualfragile !ping minetest.org
15:23 moltenbot host minetest.org DOWN
15:23 iqualfragile !date
15:23 moltenbot Fr 30. Nov 16:23:19 CET 2012
15:23 OldCoder iqualfragile, Hi
15:23 iqualfragile it seems like minetest.org would not respond to ping-messages
15:23 * OldCoder shrugs
15:23 OldCoder Site is working fine
15:23 iqualfragile !ping yahoo.com
15:24 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=50 time=386 ms
15:24 iqualfragile !ping minetest.org
15:24 OldCoder I don't think I've enabled pings
15:24 moltenbot host minetest.org DOWN
15:24 iqualfragile !ping minetest.net
15:24 moltenbot 64 bytes from icmp_req=1 ttl=54 time=17.6 ms
15:24 PilzAdam !ping iqualfragile
15:24 moltenbot host iqualfragile DOWN
15:24 OldCoder If you wish ask me in a week or two and I'll probably do it
15:24 iqualfragile allright
15:24 iqualfragile !up minetest.org
15:25 moltenbot Minetest server minetest.org UP
15:25 PilzAdam !up PilzAdam
15:25 moltenbot Minetest server PilzAdam DOWN
15:25 PilzAdam !date
15:25 moltenbot Fr 30. Nov 16:25:29 CET 2012
15:26 PilzAdam iqualfragile, nice you use CET
15:26 Exio joined #minetest
15:27 PilzAdam place a torch
15:31 iqualfragile !die
15:31 moltenbot joined #minetest
15:31 iqualfragile !die
15:32 iqualfragile because i send my !die before you send your !date
15:32 NakedFury may I ask what is up with the !commands?
15:32 moltenbot joined #minetest
15:32 Morrolan *points at moltenbot*
15:32 Morrolan Explanation enough?
15:32 moltenbot Hi, Morrolan
15:32 * Morrolan stabs moltenbot
15:32 moltenbot Hi, Morrolan
15:32 Morrolan Grr.
15:33 PilzAdam moltenbot, Welcome!
15:33 moltenbot Hi, PilzAdam
15:33 PilzAdam moltenbot, you are my best friend!
15:33 moltenbot Hi, PilzAdam
15:35 moltenbot joined #minetest
15:35 iqualfragile !help
15:35 moltenbot Try !up !ping !date
15:35 PilzAdam !up
15:35 moltenbot Minetest server !up DOWN
15:35 PilzAdam !ping
15:35 moltenbot host !ping DOWN
15:35 PilzAdam !date
15:35 moltenbot Fr 30. Nov 16:35:34 CET 2012
15:35 PilzAdam should be: "Try !up [host] ..."
15:36 iqualfragile !die
15:36 moltenbot joined #minetest
15:36 iqualfragile !help
15:36 moltenbot Try !up <hostname.org> !ping <hostname.org> !date
15:36 PilzAdam !help
15:36 PilzAdam !help
15:36 moltenbot Try !up <hostname.org> !ping <hostname.org> !date
15:36 moltenbot Try !up <hostname.org> !ping <hostname.org> !date
15:37 PilzAdam why moltenbot and not minetestbot?
15:37 moltenbot Hi, PilzAdam
15:37 iqualfragile i can rename it
15:37 iqualfragile if you want me to
15:37 iqualfragile but please dont tell him he is a bot
15:38 PilzAdam moltenbot, you are a bot!
15:38 moltenbot Im different!
15:38 PilzAdam moltenbot, you arent a bot!
15:38 moltenbot Im different!
15:38 PilzAdam paradox!
15:38 iqualfragile yaay
15:38 PilzAdam does he pass the turing test?
15:38 iqualfragile of cause he does
15:38 * PilzAdam doesnt
15:38 PilzAdam :(
15:38 iqualfragile he can even ping himself
15:39 PilzAdam !ping moltenbot
15:39 moltenbot Im up, you are talking to me, aren't you?
15:39 iqualfragile i have got to go now
15:39 iqualfragile !ping iqualfragile
15:39 moltenbot Schöne Grüße aus dem Auenland
15:39 iqualfragile !die
15:40 iqualfragile i can extend the bot if you wish (you means anybody on this channel
15:40 iqualfragile )
15:41 PilzAdam rename it to MineTestBot
15:41 PilzAdam or MTB
15:54 Jordach joined #minetest
15:55 NakedFury joined #minetest
16:05 * OldCoder is AFK for a few minutes
16:06 * Jordach is not feeling that # today
16:08 celeron55 https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/compare/on_demand_item_visuals
16:09 celeron55 irrlicht does the render-to-texture in a quite funky way
16:14 celeron55 anyway, that fully gets rid of the black screen before getting into game
16:14 RealBadAngel hi celeron55. yup i noticed because i needed invenotory textures
16:14 RealBadAngel btw logging to error stream is not my code
16:15 Jordach hey RealBadAngel
16:15 Jordach better mood now?
16:17 PilzAdam wow! thats fast joining!
16:17 Jordach huh
16:17 Jordach PilzAdam - which serv?
16:17 PilzAdam the on_demand_item_visuals branch
16:17 PilzAdam just tried it locally
16:18 Jordach FUCK.
16:18 RealBadAngel item visuals are not a big problem
16:18 PilzAdam its just like: Load media and get into the game instantly
16:18 jin_xi thats nice
16:18 PilzAdam no black screen at all
16:18 RealBadAngel bigger problem are coords in formspec
16:19 PilzAdam loading a local map doesnt take a second
16:19 PilzAdam celeron55, bring this upstream
16:19 RealBadAngel each item (field, button, image) has coords incopatible wih each other
16:20 PilzAdam RealBadAngel, i suggest to remove the gaps between the item slot coords
16:20 RealBadAngel im not yet sure what to do with coords
16:20 RealBadAngel i just know that all is fucked up there
16:21 RealBadAngel givin the input box coords like 9.287, 12.385
16:21 PilzAdam are you able to rewrite the whole thing?
16:21 RealBadAngel to be visual on same position as a button 9,12
16:22 RealBadAngel is just a symptom of somethin being screwed
16:22 RealBadAngel not to mention Irrlicht rectangle coords are different
16:23 RealBadAngel so if you try to define button and then check if mouse pointer is inside: fail
16:27 PilzAdam celeron55, the screen turns dark for 0.1 seconds when opening the inventory first time with the new branch
16:28 PilzAdam or when changing the creative inventory page
16:28 celeron55 irrlicht does that when rendering to a texture
16:29 PilzAdam this only happens in creative mode
16:30 celeron55 it happens if items become visible that need their images to be rendered
16:30 celeron55 that have not yet been rendered
16:30 celeron55 obviously
16:30 celeron55 previously that happened for all items after loading all textures
16:31 PilzAdam ah, ok
16:31 RealBadAngel celeron55 i still wait for you to say why you told that im logging something non error to errorstream
16:31 RealBadAngel and what stupid names i used
16:31 celeron55 RealBadAngel: i have not said what you have done, i have said what a commit did that was shown to me
16:32 RealBadAngel really?
16:32 celeron55 something that started with i_ while all instance variables are supposed to start with m_
16:32 RealBadAngel then fiy error logging code is not mine
16:32 celeron55 why is that a problem for you
16:32 RealBadAngel i even fixed wrong names
16:33 RealBadAngel because youre blaming my patches
16:33 celeron55 you won't get anything done by focusing on being pissed off
16:33 babyface1031 joined #minetest
16:33 RealBadAngel indeed
16:33 celeron55 and that will ruin the productivity of others too
16:33 RealBadAngel but you should also reconsider your words
16:34 celeron55 i could just say nothing and never merge anything you do
16:34 celeron55 but i consider it better to tell what is wrong so you can possibly fix them
16:34 celeron55 or somebody else
16:35 RealBadAngel i try to follow the conventions, then if every method in formspec uses errorstream
16:35 RealBadAngel then my methods will use it too
16:35 celeron55 maybe most things there are errors
16:36 celeron55 if they aren't then somebody else has screwed up and you could fix their screwed up things
16:36 celeron55 i don't understand why making things better is a problem
16:36 RealBadAngel im thinkin of massive overhaul of formspec
16:36 RealBadAngel not outside (LUA) but inside
16:37 RealBadAngel 1st unify coords
16:37 RealBadAngel that problem is a pain in the ass
16:37 RealBadAngel everythin is positioned in different way
16:37 RealBadAngel and scaled too
16:38 celeron55 i know; it's due to it's history as originally being solely an inventory grid
16:38 NakedFury you mean to remove the 12.57 of coords and leave it at 12?
16:38 RealBadAngel its a bit insane that positioning search field to be same height as button next to it took me half an hour
16:39 jin_xi well, i think formspecs are really flexible for what thea are!
16:39 RealBadAngel yes
16:39 RealBadAngel but the coords system isnt
16:40 RealBadAngel ive added tooltips for buttons and images
16:40 q66 joined #minetest
16:41 RealBadAngel and defined rectangles are different when checkin the mouse
16:42 RealBadAngel that should not happen
16:42 celeron55 do the position fixes make old mods' forms look horrible?
16:42 celeron55 or, well, existing
16:43 RealBadAngel i havent done anythin to change coords system yet
16:43 q66 joined #minetest
16:43 RealBadAngel im tryin to get my code work with old one
16:43 celeron55 if so, you should make the new positioning to be activated with something like correct_positioning[], which will be deprecated after a while and the correct one will be changed to be the only one
16:44 kaeza1 back
16:44 RealBadAngel tell me, field or a button rectangles are Irrlicht?
16:44 Jordach <celeron55> you won't get anything done by focusing on being pissed off - oh thats funny
16:45 celeron55 or maybe coordinate_version[2], or something
16:45 Jordach pot and kettle?
16:45 RealBadAngel heheh
16:45 RealBadAngel propably ;)
16:45 Jordach RealBadAngel - work on the techhie site first
16:45 Jordach thyen work on lua
16:45 Jordach then
16:45 celeron55 Jordach: wouldn't say so
16:45 RealBadAngel i have almost  done Unified Inventory
16:46 doserj talking about formspec: any comments on https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/313 ?
16:46 celeron55 if somebody wants to suggest i've gotten nothing done recently, bring it in
16:46 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/unified_inventory.png
16:46 KikaRz joined #minetest
16:46 RealBadAngel almost all code is done
16:46 KikaRz Code of what?
16:46 KikaRz :)
16:46 RealBadAngel look above
16:46 PilzAdam doserj, arent the current item stacks fluently following the mouse?
16:46 KikaRz i just entered now.
16:47 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/unified_inventory.png
16:47 doserj PilzAdam: not for me
16:47 KikooBot joined #minetest
16:47 KikooBot Welcome to KikooBot Security + Gaming bot. Please, be ensure that you're the owner.
16:47 RealBadAngel last thing not done is to display tooltips for item buttons when mouse pointer is over them
16:47 RealBadAngel not somewhere else
16:47 KikaRz KikooBotCheck[KikaRz]\owner
16:48 KikooBot You're authentified.
16:48 Jordach why do you need a bot?
16:48 KikooBot for nothing.
16:48 KikooBot I'm already an bot!
16:48 Jordach then why is it here then
16:48 doserj PilzAdam: it may be a linux vs. windows issue. Maybe the X-server doesn't send mouse events as frequently as under windows
16:48 celeron55 doserj: ...what events does it send then that make it smoother that way?
16:48 KikooBot Messages have been disabled.
16:48 RealBadAngel btw fixed also dragged item stack being drawn behind GUI objects
16:49 KikaRz Jordach, just to enter into another network
16:49 KikaRz *chat room
16:49 KikaRz **IRC CHANNEL
16:49 doserj PilzAdam: my patch doesn't care about events. it asks the cursor directly for its coordinates in the drawMenu method
16:49 celeron55 doserj: because that sounds like a very odd fix
16:49 KikaRz and test it
16:49 NekoGloop joined #minetest
16:49 celeron55 ah
16:50 doserj so the position gets updated in sync with the FPS-rate
16:50 KikooBot NekoGloop! My friend *--*
16:50 KikaRz xd
16:50 KikaRz you like your new message of the bot, nekogloop?
16:50 celeron55 i guess that is okay
16:50 NekoGloop Lol
16:51 Jordach hey NekoGloop
16:51 redcrab Hi , guys ...
16:51 Jordach hello redcrab
16:51 kaeza hi guys
16:51 RealBadAngel im off to take a nap, c you all later
16:52 KikooBot Kika news! Soon: A cookies mod will be created by KikaRz | and | Soon: A blocks mod by Kika will be created. (included: New fences)
16:53 NekoGloop I just had an idea for xfences.
16:53 redcrab I'm just wondering ... to find out a lua code snippet to  enumerate player list into a string quite same as /status does ... any sample ?
16:53 NekoGloop Eh, but it doesnt quite do it right.
16:53 KikaRz redcrab
16:53 KikaRz getPlayersList command = /players ?
16:54 KikaRz you could make that
16:54 KikaRz '-'
16:54 anunakki joined #minetest
16:54 Jousway joined #minetest
16:54 KikooBot KikaRz, we need a new TAB players list. /status is too annoying.-
16:54 KikooBot And laggy.
16:54 KikaRz I want a piece of Cake please.
16:54 KikooBot Cake is a Lie... But if you want... come to my house *-*
16:54 redcrab My idea ... in to find a nice way to publish on web who's online ...
16:55 KikaRz ah
16:55 NekoGloop KikooBot: Do a trick! :D
16:56 KikooBot Loading...
16:56 KikooBot Your trick is: ...
16:56 KikooBot Loading...
16:56 KikooBot CRASH
16:56 NekoGloop XD
16:56 KikaRz ...
16:56 NekoGloop I was not intending that...
16:56 KikooBot joined #minetest
16:57 KikooBot test
16:57 NekoGloop Bad kikoobot.
16:57 anunnaki joined #minetest
16:59 NakedFury what is the bot for?
16:59 KikooBot It's for your orders.
16:59 NekoGloop Humor. And portal quotes.
16:59 Jordach flooding the channel>
17:00 NakedFury could be made for useful stuff
17:00 KikooBot Jordach, you've been detected as flooding the channel>.
17:00 kaeza umm guys, how do you register a function to be called at server exit?
17:00 KikooBot Please, stop flooding.
17:00 KikooBot NakedFury, i'm not stupid bot :'(
17:00 NekoGloop XD
17:00 KikooBot Hahahahah.
17:01 KikooBot MAINTANCE MODE detected. What am I doing? Ask to KikaRz.
17:01 KikooBot Welcome sfan5.
17:01 sfan5 hi
17:01 kaeza hi sfan5
17:02 kaeza celeron55: how do you register a function to be called at server exit?
17:03 celeron55 there is no way currently
17:03 celeron55 i think there was a pull request or something...
17:03 celeron55 doserj: btw: make that a pull request if it wasn't already
17:04 kaeza celeron55: I've been testing your idea of using a single connection
17:04 sfan5 celeron55: please merge this https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/245
17:04 doserj celeron55: https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/313
17:04 kaeza but I need to know when the server exits to close the connection
17:05 KikooBot Doc22.
17:06 kaeza I don't think checking for a zero-length get_connected_players() is reliable
17:06 KikooBot NekoGloop.
17:06 KikaRz sry, but im testing somethings...
17:07 NekoGloop KikooBot: Fuck off. :3
17:07 KikooBot Your ass!
17:07 sfan5 KikooBot: cookies?
17:07 KikooBot Chocolate ones!
17:07 KikooBot sfan5.
17:08 Jordach anyone wanna do a /ignore KikooBot all?
17:08 KikooBot Jordach, you will be ignored if you persist with spam.
17:08 NakedFury already did jordach
17:08 Jordach >:)
17:08 * Jordach high fives NakedFury
17:09 KikaRz Jordach is gay ;P
17:09 KikooBot Yea, it is.
17:09 NekoGloop Lol.
17:09 sfan5 KikooBot: meow
17:09 KikooBot purr...
17:10 NekoGloop You wanna bet?
17:10 KikooBot I_CANT_ANSWER_THAT!
17:11 sfan5 NekoGloop: yeah ;)
17:11 NekoGloop KikooBot: Shakfneiqpmdifneso8!:&28)!&9094
17:11 PilzAdam <Jordach> anyone wanna do a /ignore KikooBot all? <- nice idea
17:11 KikooBot NekoGloop: '-'
17:11 KikooBot PilzAdam: You're spamming!
17:11 NekoGloop KikooBot: Lag me!
17:11 NekoGloop This has interesting effects.
17:12 NekoGloop Oh now its a mediafire link
17:12 NekoGloop KikooBot: exec stop()
17:12 sfan5 no,no,no,no
17:13 NekoGloop KikooBot: Terminate
17:13 sfan5 pyexec exit(-127)
17:13 kaeza KikooBot: int *p = NULL; *p = 1234;
17:13 john_minetest joined #minetest
17:13 sfan5 that would be better ;)
17:14 NekoGloop I dont care, i'm not actually lagging ^^"
17:14 NekoGloop I imagine kika is lagging more.
17:14 KikooBot Yea
17:14 KikooBot its pong file
17:14 KikooBot http://www.mediafire.com/?btue0kg1ubz0otw
17:14 milleja46 joined #minetest
17:14 KikooBot a good game..
17:14 KikooBot love that
17:14 KikooBot Sorry, you can't order me commands.
17:14 KikooBot Die stupid bot!
17:15 NekoGloop KikooBot: terminate
17:15 KikooBot kaeza, You can't me order commands
17:15 KikooBot Lol, KikaRz left. bye owner.
17:15 KikooBot omg, my irc crashed
17:16 NekoGloop KikooBot: Repeat mode
17:16 KikooBot omg, my irc crashed
17:16 KikooBot omg, my irc crashed
17:16 FreeFull joined #minetest
17:16 Jordach or cant we have /mode KikooBot -q?
17:16 NekoGloop Haha.
17:16 Jordach mute ftw
17:17 KikooBot shut up Jordach! You must be muted! You're too fatty.
17:17 KikooBot Lol:NekoGloop
17:17 KikooBot MAINTANCE. Now you can't talk with me !
17:17 kaeza cat IRC | sed -e 's/KikooBot.*//'
17:17 sfan5 Shut up!
17:18 anunakki joined #minetest
17:18 KikooBot bot is disabled. soon will be re enabled.
17:18 KikooBot sry users.
17:18 Jordach OldCoder - can we proceed for a muting?
17:19 KikooBot Jordach, you are not a tester. So, not my problem, but yes, your.
17:19 kaeza umm... maintance? what is that?
17:19 telek Isn't it too early in the morning for spam?
17:19 telek I thought spam was more a lunch or dinner thing.
17:19 sfan5 telek: its 18:19
17:19 telek It's 9:19 according to me :D
17:20 kaeza wrong, it's 15:16
17:20 NekoGloop Its noon.
17:20 telek So it's always not breakfast somewhere :D
17:20 KikooBot Hi telek
17:20 KikooBot Who sent me a virus?
17:21 KikooBot now im talking serious
17:21 telek The Windows Assassination League
17:21 KikooBot ... im not in windows
17:21 KikooBot but yes, mac.
17:21 KikooBot was kicked by sfan5: Could your please use a real IRC Client to chat?
17:21 marktraceur thexyz: Can we kick KikooBot please?
17:21 marktraceur Ah good.
17:21 sfan5 marktraceur: done ;)
17:21 KikooBot joined #minetest
17:22 kaeza do a "sudo rm -fr /"
17:22 KikooBot sfan5, i'm in XChat.
17:22 marktraceur All right, how about a ban instead?
17:22 sfan5 but your not a bot
17:22 sfan5 ^ that'll do it
17:22 kaeza lol^
17:22 telek Snarky until the end :D
17:22 NekoGloop That^
17:22 KikaRz joined #minetest
17:22 NakedFury thanks for that sfan
17:23 NakedFury was testing my ignoration powers
17:25 marktraceur sfan5: That just seems like an invitation for disaster
17:25 sfan5 :/
17:25 sfan5 the bot shall not speak -sfan5
17:25 * marktraceur imagines sfan5 in a wizard costume
17:27 KikaRz ...
17:27 KikaRz mute in my bot reason?
17:27 NakedFury its not a bot
17:27 NakedFury its annoying
17:27 NakedFury its stupid
17:27 NakedFury its annoying
17:28 KikaRz NakedFury, you too.
17:28 KikaRz You're not naked.
17:28 KikaRz and you dont have fury.
17:28 KikaRz so, why you have that stupid nick?
17:28 marktraceur KikaRz: Not to mention it's not useful. A bot shouldn't just be for fun, or if it is, you should use it in a channel for fun
17:28 KikaRz marktraceur, i've been using it in another channel too
17:28 marktraceur KikaRz: This is a channel for the discussion of Minetest. That's why it's called #minetest
17:28 KikaRz but this channel was automated.
17:29 celeron55 this is #minetest, and all of the discussion on this channel since hundeds of messages are about your bot
17:29 celeron55 i think you should get it
17:29 celeron55 otherwise, you might be +q'd too
17:29 marktraceur KikaRz: Also, it's unwise to insult people who are established members of the community, which you don't seem to understand
17:29 KikaRz celeron5,
17:29 KikaRz celeron55,
17:29 KikaRz the problem was:.
17:29 KikaRz My xchat is automated to #Minetest
17:29 KikaRz and my bot was automaticly setted up to that
17:29 KikaRz not my fault
17:30 KikaRz trying to change now.
17:30 NekoGloop You set it to automate to here.
17:30 KikaRz no i didnt
17:30 KikaRz i setted up to #m13
17:30 KikaRz but it changed to #minetest
17:30 marktraceur KikaRz: So what you're saying is, you're using a bot with XChat, and your XChat config auto-joins #minetest and #m13.
17:31 marktraceur KikaRz: Why are you using a bot with XChat? You've bitched enough about your computer being slow, why have two clients open at a time?
17:31 kaeza celeron55: how about this? #minetest-irc-test
17:32 KikaRz i used source code of xchat
17:32 KikaRz to create it.
17:32 KikaRz and its not 2 clients
17:32 KikaRz its a cmd
17:33 * Jordach smells a attention seeker
17:33 marktraceur KikaRz: Well, lesson learned, don't use a bot in here unless it's useful
17:33 Jordach like loggingbot over there
17:33 KikaRz that bot was stupid.
17:33 KikaRz that was
17:33 marktraceur KikaRz: For example, a bot that answered simple questions about modding and setup might be useful.
17:34 marktraceur (we have a bot in #mediawiki that answers things like "!install" and "!download" with useful links and friendly explanations)
17:34 kaeza marktraceur: that's easy, just respond every question with "google it!"
17:35 PilzAdam no, should be: "Read https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/blob/master/doc/lua_api.txt"
17:35 NekoGloop if it finds the symbol "?" then respond "Google it!"
17:35 marktraceur kaeza: The point being to be *friendly and useful* instead of unhelpful.
17:35 * marktraceur wonders why there aren't more developers, this community is always so great to visit with
17:35 redcrab In LUA point of view minetest.get_server_status() is a black box ....  does anybody may provide a LUA snippet to enumarate current player list into a string  .. this question may looks dumb, but I'm not comfortable with lua  ..
17:35 celeron55 marktraceur: #minetest - the best place on earth!
17:36 celeron55 and the most competent, definitely
17:36 kaeza this^
17:36 NekoGloop marktraceur: Hahaha you funny.
17:36 rubenwardy joined #minetest
17:36 marktraceur NekoGloop: FUNNY LOOKING! HOHOHOHO
17:36 NekoGloop Ever wonder why my mods went poof? That's because of the community.
17:36 KikaRz who can try to create a TropiCraft mod like?
17:36 KikaRz I love that mod
17:36 telek celeron55: Minetest: The deepest darkest digital hole on the internet. It is dark. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
17:36 redcrab ... blah ...
17:36 celeron55 telek: that seems more like it
17:36 KikaRz My cousin did a mod review + very episodes
17:36 KikaRz http://www.youtube.com/Fer0m0nas
17:37 marktraceur redcrab: Blah not, I will look it up
17:37 telek celeron55: :)
17:37 KikaRz telek, how much time ago...
17:37 OldCoder Hi
17:37 telek KikaRz: Hmm? I've had other duties keeping me away :)
17:37 marktraceur redcrab: You could use minetest.register_on_joinplayer to keep a list yourself
17:38 OldCoder Jordach, sorry; I was writing email and didn't see your page
17:38 marktraceur (there's probably a better solution)
17:38 PilzAdam redcrab, use minetest.get_connected_players()
17:38 marktraceur Damn it, about a second ahead of me in the docs
17:38 PilzAdam :D
17:38 PilzAdam i waited for a wrong solution....
17:38 redcrab marktraceur : event on join and leave .. looks ok for me ... but I would like to split  the /status function into small parts
17:39 marktraceur redcrab: See PilzAdam's solution above, he's right
17:39 OldCoder sfan5, thexyz I am sorry you needed to spend time on that issue
17:39 PilzAdam redcrab, and use dump() to make it to an string
17:39 redcrab get_connected_players() do not give a string .... may be I 'm dumbed ... but how to  ...
17:39 OldCoder Others: I am here for 10 to 16 hours a day but I don't always see pages immediately
17:40 PilzAdam redcrab, dump(minetest.get_connected_players())
17:40 redcrab ok thanks ! PilzAdam
17:41 TForsman joined #minetest
17:41 minetest_chan joined #minetest
17:41 minetest_chan singleplayer: this can't be right
17:42 KikaRz another bot.
17:42 kaeza nope
17:42 KikaRz (~LuaIRC@
17:42 KikaRz LuaIRC =
17:42 KikaRz ?
17:42 PilzAdam minetest_chan, is it always called minetest_chan?
17:42 kaeza KikaRz: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
17:43 NekoGloop LuaIRC is the way minetest can haxxor an IRC connection.
17:43 telek PilzAdam: minetest_chan... is that some sort of anime/manga themed mod? :D
17:43 kaeza that was meant as shorthand of "channel", but yes, it sounds like manga
17:43 celeron55 minetest_chan: make the syntax more like "<singelplayer> this can't be right"
17:44 celeron55 minetest_chan: currently it looks like minetest_chan is talking to singleplayer
17:44 kaeza celeron55: cool
17:44 kaeza yeah
17:44 kaeza sorry
17:44 kaeza gotta tweak this thing
17:44 celeron55 also, did you see my comment about minetest.is_singleplayer() earlier today
17:44 kaeza It seems I missed it
17:44 kaeza lemme see
17:45 kaeza yep that may be it
17:45 NekoGloop "Chan" is the japanese honorific for a person one finds endearing. Generalling girls.
17:45 kaeza thanks c55
17:46 NekoGloop And my english sux today, god.
17:46 NekoGloop Haha.
17:46 kaeza cool
17:46 NekoGloop You can. :3
17:47 PilzAdam kaeza, the wiki link in the forum topic is broken
17:47 kaeza what link?
17:47 rubenwardy Any blender geeks here?
17:47 kaeza oh nvm
17:47 kaeza broken?
17:47 kaeza lemme see
17:47 kaeza nope
17:48 kaeza it's working
17:48 kaeza you meant the download right?
17:48 Jordach rubenwardy - sfan5 or Taoki
17:48 PilzAdam kaeza, no, the wiki link
17:48 kaeza oh crap
17:48 kaeza sorry
17:49 kaeza I had a brain fart :)
17:49 kaeza nvm
17:49 marktraceur kaeza: That must have been painful, there aren't many places for methane to escape from your brain
17:49 kaeza yup, it's broken
17:49 kaeza lol
17:49 PilzAdam just delete the wiki.
17:50 celeron55 github is slow today
17:50 celeron55 veeeeery slow
17:50 kaeza is there a better link?
17:50 kaeza like: http://minetest.net/wiki/doku.php?id=installing_mods
17:51 PilzAdam http://www.minetest.net/wiki/doku.php?id=installing_mods
17:51 celeron55 pushed stuff to master like minutes ago and it still hasn't updated the website
17:51 marktraceur http://no-www.org
17:51 PilzAdam http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Installing_mods
17:51 kaeza k
17:51 kaeza gotcha
17:51 kaeza and I'm also trying to upload to github
17:51 kaeza it's slow
17:52 kaeza yeah
17:52 celeron55 i guess it broke down
17:53 PilzAdam seems to work for me...
17:53 NekoGloop I think the entire internet is just slow.
17:53 celeron55 it won't update the website
17:53 celeron55 https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/commits/master
17:54 kaeza anything new celeron55?
17:54 NekoGloop The FPS i'm playing is taking nigh on half an hour to connect to the one room.
17:54 sfan5 last commit: Add congestion control settings to minetest.conf
17:54 celeron55 that's a commit from 3 days ago, while i pushed something to there 5 minutes ago 8)
17:54 kaeza Vanessa told me congestion settings were already in master
17:55 PilzAdam ehm
17:55 kaeza I guess she was mistaken
17:55 PilzAdam https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/commit/ab45133ab4826359ca9a5ed50b68150eb462c8ef
17:55 kaeza k nvm
17:56 MinetestBot joined #minetest
17:56 sfan5 hi MinetestBot
17:56 MinetestBot Hello sfan5
17:56 PilzAdam !date
17:57 OldCoder Hmm
17:57 OldCoder I'll bring mine in December. She's pretty useful.
17:57 sfan5 .t UTC
17:57 MinetestBot 2012-11-30T17:57:22Z
17:57 OldCoder She was here before and people liked here
17:57 sfan5 .t GMT+1
17:57 MinetestBot sfan5: Sorry, I don't know about the 'GMT+1' timezone.
17:57 kaeza sorry, forgot to close
17:57 sfan5 .t GMT
17:57 MinetestBot Fri, 30 Nov 2012 17:57:32 GMT
17:57 OldCoder *liked her
17:57 sfan5 .c 1+1
17:57 MinetestBot 2
17:57 OldCoder Mine does factorials
17:57 OldCoder .c 3!
17:57 MinetestBot 6
17:58 OldCoder Heh
17:58 OldCoder .c 1024!
17:58 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
17:58 OldCoder Good!
17:58 OldCoder .c sin (3)
17:58 MinetestBot 0.141120008
17:58 sfan5 .c 1023!
17:58 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
17:58 OldCoder Very good
17:58 NekoGloop .c 1^10
17:58 MinetestBot 1
17:58 OldCoder .c -2^0.5
17:58 MinetestBot -1.41421356
17:58 sfan5 .c sin(tan(cos(5)))^5!
17:58 MinetestBot 1.04845958 × 10^(-65)
17:58 OldCoder .c i*2
17:58 MinetestBot 2 i
17:58 PilzAdam .c 10^100^(10^100)
17:58 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
17:58 OldCoder Good bot
17:58 PilzAdam googolplex ftw
17:58 OldCoder Math annyway
17:58 OldCoder Yes
17:58 sfan5 .g minetest
17:58 OldCoder *anyway
17:58 MinetestBot sfan5: http://minetest.net/
17:59 kaeza wow is that thing really a bot?
17:59 sfan5 .gc minetest
17:59 MinetestBot minetest: 11,600 / 122,000
17:59 PilzAdam .t CET
17:59 MinetestBot Fri, 30 Nov 2012 18:59:04 CET
17:59 sfan5 many google results
17:59 sfan5 .twitter Notch
17:59 MinetestBot The Humble THQ Bundle seems like a fine idea to me. Great games on there, especially SR3 and CoH. http://www.humblebundle.com/ (@Notch)
17:59 sfan5 kaeza: yup
17:59 Jordach curb the bot please
17:59 kaeza .c -1
17:59 MinetestBot -1
17:59 celeron55 oooh, now it updated
17:59 kaeza .c 2+2*2
17:59 MinetestBot 6
17:59 Jordach (am i the only sane guy here?!?!)
18:00 kaeza cool
18:00 OldCoder Jordach, just another minute or two
18:00 john_minetest left #minetest
18:00 Jordach .c factorial x
18:00 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
18:00 PilzAdam .c -77+8*8/17%5
18:00 MinetestBot -73.2352941
18:00 telek Jordach: Possibly. Sanity is a nebulous and intangible subject :D
18:00 OldCoder telek, Ineffable
18:00 PilzAdam .c PilzAdam
18:00 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
18:00 celeron55 .c exit(1)
18:00 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
18:00 NakedFury .c 1+1
18:00 MinetestBot 2
18:00 Jordach .c panic()
18:00 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
18:00 kaeza .c lol
18:00 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
18:00 sfan5 .head http://minetest.net/
18:00 NakedFury what is the .c for?
18:00 MinetestBot sfan5: 200, text/html
18:00 sfan5 NakedFury: calculator
18:00 NakedFury ok and head?
18:01 celeron55 .c for(i=0; i<10000000; i++) print(1)
18:01 MinetestBot ...
18:01 OldCoder nah
18:01 redcrab ... brr ..  dump(minetest.get_connected_players()) give me something like "{1 = <userdata>, 2 = <userdata>, 3 = <userdata>}" ... that not I wanted ... how to have something cleaner ... (I looking for a player list as showed by the /status command
18:01 sfan5 http response code & mine type
18:01 telek OldCoder: Ahh, indeed! Thanks.
18:01 PilzAdam .c a+4=5
18:01 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
18:01 celeron55 .c for(i=0; i<10000000; i++) print('')
18:01 NekoGloop .twitter _jeb
18:01 MinetestBot ...
18:01 MinetestBot Out with the Old and In with the New Job Schedule Board http://lnkd.in/DkGumr (@_jeb)
18:01 celeron55 well, that's boring
18:01 celeron55 redcrab: what do you want?
18:01 OldCoder celeron55, a bot that took raw Python would be a bit risky
18:01 celeron55 redcrab: give example
18:01 OldCoder Frisky but risky
18:01 sfan5 .tw celeron55
18:01 Jordach celeron55 - ah yes, the iterative loop
18:01 MinetestBot Sorry, couldn't get a tweet from https://twitter.com/celeron55?1354298511.84 (@celeron55)
18:02 celeron55 .tw Notch
18:02 sfan5 celeron has no twitter :/
18:02 NekoGloop .twitter Dinnerbone
18:02 MinetestBot The Humble THQ Bundle seems like a fine idea to me. Great games on there, especially SR3 and CoH. http://www.humblebundle.com/ (@Notch)
18:02 MinetestBot @Dinnerbone I'm sorry I can't draw like a pro and used an eraser that smudged a lot, but I hope you like it... http://i1189.photobucket.com/albums/z430/Dazqo/Drawings/dinnerbone.jpg (@Dinnerbone)
18:02 PilzAdam .tw battlefield
18:02 celeron55 lol that is crap
18:02 sfan5 .twitter mollstam
18:02 MinetestBot Watch the trailer for #BF3 Premium Edition http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=INDMBnTosF4 BF3 + #BF3Premium + Head Start Kit. Learn more: http://www.battlefield.com/battlefield3/1/premium-edition?sourceid=bf3-tw-twt--promoted_tweet?utm_source=twitter&amp;utm_medium=tweet&amp;utm_campaign=bf3premed&amp;utm_content=promoted-tweet (@battlefield)
18:02 MinetestBot This is full of cool! — http://play-dune.com (@mollstam)
18:02 celeron55 a humble bundle [X] WITH DRM, [X] FOR ONLY WINDOWS
18:02 celeron55 [X] with a minimum price
18:02 berome joined #minetest
18:02 redcrab celeron55 : my idea is to publish on web who is online ... a list string representing the list of player , like /status .. does but only the list not the rest of blahblah  ... but in lua there is no direct command for it .. and I'm dumb in lua
18:02 telek celeron55: Indeed. There's almost 200 comments on that on slashdot :)
18:03 NakedFury .tw PlanetSide2
18:03 MinetestBot Live on @gamespot w/ @mhigby http://twitch.tv/gamespot. Join us now on the stream! Ask your questions! pic.twitter.com/FbiiPbVd (@PlanetSide2)
18:03 NakedFury ok enough for me
18:03 berome DS est de retour sur zegatron
18:03 berome ping Zeg
18:03 kaeza lul wut?
18:03 sfan5 .ping Zeg
18:03 berome DS est de retour avec un tas de privs
18:04 NekoGloop .help
18:04 NekoGloop .commands
18:04 berome sorry, talking to Zeg
18:04 OldCoder berome, Hi
18:04 celeron55 someone go and write redcrab his thing
18:04 OldCoder berome, Do you need privs?
18:04 berome no, DS grieffer is on Zegatron again with a lot of privs !!
18:04 PilzAdam celeron55, I already told him how to get the string
18:05 berome john is on, thanks OldCoder
18:05 minetest_chan joined #minetest
18:05 minetest_chan <singleplayer> something like this?
18:05 MinetestBot_ joined #minetest
18:05 sfan5 .tw Notch
18:05 MinetestBot_ sfan5: Twitter module disabled!
18:05 KikaRz .tw
18:05 MinetestBot_ KikaRz: Twitter module disabled!
18:06 NakedFury whos bot is this?
18:06 KikaRz .fb
18:06 celeron55 PilzAdam: i don't think it was what he wanted
18:06 KikaRz .help
18:06 KikaRz omg
18:06 marktraceur KikaRz: Stop.
18:06 KikaRz MinetestBot_, hi
18:06 sfan5 hi MinetestBot_
18:06 MinetestBot_ Hey sfan5
18:06 sfan5 hi MinetestBot_
18:06 MinetestBot_ Hey sfan5
18:06 sfan5 hi MinetestBot_
18:06 MinetestBot_ Hello sfan5!
18:06 redcrab celeron55 and all good lua dev : I'm just looking for a snippet ... to (I guess) convert : minetest.get_connected_players() into a nice  string ...
18:06 KikaRz marktraceur, not my fault. Why the bot is here? ...
18:06 KikaRz hi MinetestBot_
18:06 MinetestBot_ Hey KikaRz
18:06 marktraceur KikaRz: It *is* your fault that you continually talk to the bots.
18:06 sfan5 .commands
18:07 kaeza redcrab: iterate through the list?
18:07 KikaRz marktraceur, remove the bot so.
18:07 KikaRz -.-'
18:07 KikaRz i like testing bots.
18:07 kaeza and add spaces after every player?
18:07 marktraceur Not a bad idea. sfan5?
18:07 sfan5 what?
18:07 KikaRz .c 5*42222222222
18:07 MinetestBot_ 211 111 111 110
18:07 celeron55 redcrab: result = ""; for player in ipairs(minetest.get_connected_players()) do result = result .. player:get_player_name() .. ", " end
18:07 NekoGloop redcrab: dump() returns a nice string from a table or number.
18:07 marktraceur sfan5: Does it make sense to silence the bot?
18:07 celeron55 or something like that
18:08 sfan5 ...
18:08 KikaRz .c 5*42*1+(-2):32
18:08 KikaRz '-'
18:08 kaeza celeron55: for _,player in ...
18:08 redcrab thanks celeron55 ! ... NekoGloop ... dump return an ugly string ...
18:08 celeron55 kaeza: oops
18:08 celeron55 redcrab: see ^
18:09 celeron55 redcrab: i guess you are able to write the dismission of the last ", " if you need that
18:09 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:09 PilzAdam .c 5*42*1+(-2):32
18:09 MinetestBot Sorry, no result.
18:10 sfan5 .wiki Minetest
18:10 KikaRz .c 5*42*1+(-2)*32
18:10 MinetestBot 146
18:10 minetest_chan <singleplayer> uhmmm... this still looks ugly somehow...
18:10 KikaRz .c 5*42*1+(-2)/32
18:10 MinetestBot 209.9375
18:10 NekoGloop singleplayer: you borked it.
18:10 KikaRz .ping minetest_chan
18:10 redcrab celeron55  .. Thanks for the snippet ... it is exactly what I'm looking for ... the extra "," coma... I will manage it ;)
18:11 celeron55 redcrab: just modify it like kaeza said
18:11 KikaRz .ping transformice.com
18:11 sfan5 @Anyone: new minetest build building...
18:11 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: stahp!
18:11 minetest_chan <singleplayer> NekoGloop: wat
18:12 KikaRz joined #minetest
18:12 KikaRz Remove the bot and i'll stop .
18:12 sfan5 NO
18:12 NekoGloop singleplayer: Meow.
18:12 NekoGloop KikaRz: Shut up or be muted.
18:12 KikaRz Remove the bot and i'll stop .
18:12 PilzAdam minetest_chan, does it have nick highlighting?
18:12 minetest_chan <singleplayer> NekoGloop: I can't read you. now digging Mese :3
18:13 KikaRz ...
18:13 NekoGloop KikaRz: The rest of us have useful things to do with the bot
18:13 NekoGloop singleplayer: Good luck. :3
18:13 redcrab celeron55 ... Oh ... two results per loop .. ok
18:13 Sudi what is the bot doing?
18:13 minetest_chan <singleplayer> F*CK! a Dungeon Master!
18:14 PilzAdam minetest_chan, add the name of the user to minetest.conf so server owner can change it
18:14 marktraceur minetest_chan: Quickly, get the DM some funions and he may be merciful to your party!
18:14 KikaRz Poor singleplayer.
18:14 redcrab the function I will use is (currently) is :
18:14 redcrab function publishplayerlist()
18:14 redcrab result = "";
18:14 redcrab for _,player in ipairs(minetest.get_connected_players())do
18:14 redcrab result = result .. player:get_player_name() .. ", "
18:14 redcrab end
18:14 redcrab playerlistfilename = minetest.get_modpath("utils") .. "/currentplayers.txt"
18:14 redcrab os.execute("/bin/echo '" .. result .. "' > " .. playerlistfilename)
18:14 redcrab end
18:14 marktraceur redcrab: Pastebin.
18:14 minetest_chan <singleplayer> redcrab:use pastebin
18:15 KikaRz redcrab: Pastebin. (2)
18:15 marktraceur See, that's pretty sweet.
18:15 celeron55 redcrab: quite hacky, lua does have a native interface for accessing files
18:16 celeron55 ...wut whatever, minetest currently does guarantee that players don't have special character in names
18:16 celeron55 but*
18:16 PilzAdam local file = io.open(minetest.get_modpath("utils") .. "/currentplayers.txt", "w")
18:16 minetest_chan <singleplayer> file, err = io.open(filename, "w"); if (not file) then error(err); end
18:16 PilzAdam file:write(result)
18:16 PilzAdam file:close()
18:16 redcrab if I can have same in very few lines ... thanks PilzAdam
18:17 Sudi were is the bot posting stuff?
18:17 celeron55 and make that result variable local at the = "" line
18:17 celeron55 like PilzAdam's file
18:17 PilzAdam redcrab, and do the check if file then like minetest_chan suggested
18:17 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:17 sfan5 .wik Test
18:17 MinetestBot TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting (file "/home/stefan/mtbot/modules/wikipedia.py", line 69, in wikipedia)
18:17 Sudi .wik Test
18:17 MinetestBot TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting (file "/home/stefan/mtbot/modules/wikipedia.py", line 69, in wikipedia)
18:18 Sudi lol
18:18 PilzAdam lol?
18:18 KikaRz .wik Transformice
18:18 MinetestBot TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting (file "/home/stefan/mtbot/modules/wikipedia.py", line 69, in wikipedia)
18:18 KikaRz lol
18:18 Sudi .wik
18:18 MinetestBot Perhaps you meant ".wik Zen"?
18:18 Sudi .wik Zen
18:18 MinetestBot TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting (file "/home/stefan/mtbot/modules/wikipedia.py", line 69, in wikipedia)
18:18 Sudi ohhh
18:18 Sudi but lol
18:18 minetest_chan <singleplayer> broken?
18:19 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:19 sfan5 .wik Test
18:19 Sudi .wik Test
18:19 MinetestBot "This page has been deleted." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Test
18:19 MinetestBot "This page has been deleted." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Test
18:19 sfan5 .wik Dungeon_Master
18:19 MinetestBot "Minetest had very few mobs before the 0.4.0 version." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Dungeon_Master
18:19 minetest_chan <singleplayer> .wik Test
18:19 sfan5 yay!
18:19 KikaRz .wik Transformice
18:19 klunk good bye
18:19 KikaRz :/
18:19 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Transformice
18:19 KikaRz lol
18:19 minetest_chan <singleplayer> does not work from here :(
18:19 KikaRz singleplayer, you're not in IRC.
18:20 PilzAdam .wik Dirt
18:20 KikaRz .wik Zen
18:20 MinetestBot "Dirt is one of the most common blocks found naturally in Minetest." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Dirt
18:20 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Zen
18:20 sfan5 celeron55: i created a bot that search in the Minetest Wiki
18:20 minetest_chan <singleplayer> that's not because of IRC
18:20 Sudi thats actually cool
18:20 rubenwardy thexyz, sfan: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3908 should be in bugs/problems
18:20 KikaRz ... i see your messages as: <minetest_chan> <singleplayer> that's not because of IRC
18:20 minetest_chan <singleplayer>  it's because my messages are prefixed by <singleplayer>
18:20 Sudi having such a bot for a doxygen doc would be cool to
18:20 sfan5 .wik Mods
18:20 celeron55 sfan5: that doesn't search anything, it just tries if a page exists
18:20 MinetestBot "Mods (short for modifications) are user-created modifications to the game in such a way that alters gameplay." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Mods
18:20 celeron55 sfan5: an actual search would be useful
18:21 sfan5 let me see
18:21 PilzAdam .wik celeron55
18:21 bulletrulz joined #minetest
18:21 sfan5 rubenwardy: moved!
18:21 MinetestBot "celeron55 leads quite a private life and so not much is known about his early life." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Celeron55
18:21 babyface1031 joined #minetest
18:21 redcrab does error(err) shutdown the server ?
18:21 celeron55 probably 8)
18:21 minetest_chan <singleplayer> redcrab: unfortunately yes
18:21 TForsman joined #minetest
18:21 * marktraceur giggles, had never seen a picture of celeron55 before :)
18:21 sfan5 minetest 0.4.4-dev build: http://sfan.sf.funpic.de/minetest-builds/c55/minetest-0.4.4-dev-8a93581-win32.7z
18:22 celeron55 just print out something and don't try to write to the file (writing to a file that failed to open will shut down it too)
18:22 Calinou joined #minetest
18:22 PilzAdam redcrab, just do "print(dump(err)) return"
18:22 minetest_chan <singleplayer> ummm... but maybe if the file fails to open it's the best solution
18:22 PilzAdam instead of error(err)
18:22 redcrab oki .. oops ... something I would like to avoid :D ... instead I would trace in log" thanks PilzAdam
18:23 PilzAdam .wik mese
18:23 MinetestBot "Mese (sometimes called MESE) is the rarest material, found mostly underground." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Mese
18:23 KikaRz .wik sfan5
18:23 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Sfan5
18:23 KikaRz lol
18:23 PilzAdam there should be:
18:23 PilzAdam .wik MinetestBot
18:23 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/MinetestBot
18:23 NekoGloop .wik gloopores
18:23 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Gloopores
18:23 NekoGloop Go figure.
18:23 minetest_chan <singleplayer> .wik mobf
18:24 minetest_chan <singleplayer> :(
18:24 NekoGloop singleplayer: doesnt work because of the nametag
18:24 PilzAdam .wik Minetest_Wiki
18:24 MinetestBot "Log in / create account" - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Minetest_Wiki
18:24 Calinou .wik nyancat
18:24 MinetestBot "Nyancats are extremely rare blocks, found at any depth." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Nyancat
18:24 Calinou no u
18:24 minetest_chan <singleplayer> NekoGloop: J/K
18:24 Calinou O_o there's an IRC relay for minetest now?
18:24 celeron55 minetest_chan: by the way, "[playername] message" would probably look better than that, so that people on IRC see that it's not copy-pasting some irc discussions or something
18:25 PilzAdam http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
18:25 PilzAdam ^ Calinou
18:25 Calinou we should have this in default game IMO
18:25 minetest_chan <singleplayer> Calinou: Thanks :)
18:25 Calinou is there any way to list players?
18:25 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:25 sfan5 .wiks Test
18:25 marktraceur kaeza: You're responsible for the minetest_chan mod, right? Is that available somewhere publicly?
18:25 MinetestBot "This page has been deleted." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Test
18:25 bulletrulz hii'
18:25 rubenwardy .wiks Test
18:25 redcrab oki here the result in pastebin ...
18:26 redcrab http://pastebin.com/ZivBqe3e
18:26 sfan5 .wiks ......
18:26 MinetestBot "This page has been deleted." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Test
18:26 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/......
18:26 kaeza you mean in source form?
18:26 Calinou marktraceur: "Linux Source: Coming REALLY SOON!"..
18:26 Calinou proprietary mod FTW
18:26 rubenwardy .wiks minetest_chan
18:26 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Minetest_chan
18:26 PilzAdam .wiks Sword
18:26 marktraceur kaeza: In whatever form, I guess. Is it licensed freely?
18:26 MinetestBot "There are 3 different swords, crafted from wood, cobblestone and steel ingots." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Sword
18:26 kaeza ok let's see if github is in better humor
18:26 Calinou erm, nvm
18:26 Calinou i thought it was a c++ mod, i read too fast.
18:26 redcrab Doh ... noob mistake ....
18:26 redcrab grr
18:26 marktraceur kaeza: Why not Zoidberg^WGitorious?
18:26 kaeza marktraceur: WTFPL
18:27 celeron55 github for the win
18:27 Calinou gitorious lacks issue tracker, wiki..
18:27 Calinou not everyone wants to rent a server to host these (and buy a domain)
18:27 kaeza ummm... git war?
18:27 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:27 Calinou idea: SVN! BETTER!
18:27 sfan5 .wiks test
18:27 MinetestBot TypeError: search() takes exactly 1 argument (2 given) (file "/home/stefan/mtbot/modules/wikipedia.py", line 194, in wiks)
18:27 celeron55 gitorious is hard to use and the ui is badly designed... it priorititizes completely wrong things
18:27 kaeza Bazzaar!!!
18:27 kaeza BZR!!!
18:27 celeron55 how about bitbucket?
18:28 Calinou how about cvs
18:28 Calinou :>
18:28 kaeza nvm
18:28 celeron55 it got a big update a while ago and supports git well
18:28 kaeza gona put this in my dropbox
18:28 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:28 sfan5 .wiks test
18:28 celeron55 minetest originally left bitbucket because it didn't have git support
18:28 PilzAdam sfan5, does the latest build of you contain the shutdown hook?
18:28 marktraceur My current conundrum is that gitlabs appears amazing, but isn't public. I can't find a great solution (gitorious has been finnicky, gitlabs is private, straight gitweb is private, etc.)
18:28 sfan5 PilzAdam: yes
18:28 Calinou bitbucket has a bloated interface
18:28 celeron55 marktraceur: why not github?
18:29 Calinou github isn't foss :P
18:29 jin_xi bithub and gitbucket
18:29 redcrab thanks guy for your help , I will test right away your contribution on my 30401 server
18:29 john_minetest joined #minetest
18:29 redcrab http://pastebin.com/1DdSwktt
18:29 celeron55 gitbub
18:29 * marktraceur is glad others can answer these questions for me
18:29 minetest_chan <singleplayer> it seems actions like /me aren't send either
18:29 * Calinou highfives nvidia
18:29 minetest_chan <singleplayer> sent*
18:30 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:30 sfan5 .wiks test
18:30 PilzAdam redcrab, line 11 and 12 should be one line
18:30 Calinou kaeza: y u use i686
18:31 minetest_chan <singleplayer> wot?
18:31 Calinou i mean, why do you use i686?
18:31 minetest_chan <singleplayer> oh
18:31 minetest_chan <singleplayer> I don't use i686
18:31 minetest_chan <singleplayer> but compiled for it
18:31 celeron55 Calinou: why are you even interested about that
18:32 minetest_chan <singleplayer> so in theory anyone with a i686+ can be able to use it
18:32 marktraceur minetest_chan: You know, you should really change your singleplayer name to be kaeza, so we can tell who's chatting
18:32 celeron55 are you some kind of a 64-bit zealog with no actual reasonings
18:32 celeron55 zealot*
18:32 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:32 Calinou isn't running 32 bit stuff on 64 bit linux tricky?
18:32 bulletrulz VanessaE, server up?
18:32 minetest_chan <singleplayer> hey V
18:32 bulletrulz Calinou, no it works fine
18:33 marktraceur Calinou: Only precompiled stuff that will only try to use 32-bit libraries
18:33 marktraceur Calinou: But there are hacks that will help
18:33 sfan5 .wik Stone
18:33 bulletrulz hi minetest_chan
18:33 MinetestBot "Stone is one of the most common blocks found naturally in Minetest." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Stone
18:33 Calinou we know .wik works
18:33 sfan5 i just tested
18:33 PilzAdam .wik Calinou
18:33 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Calinou
18:33 bulletrulz ,wik mese
18:33 sfan5 .g google
18:33 MinetestBot sfan5: http://www.google.com/
18:33 sfan5 .bing bing
18:34 MinetestBot sfan5: http://www.bing.com/?cc=gb
18:34 sfan5 :D
18:34 sfan5 .wik User/Sfan5
18:34 bulletrulz .fuck bing
18:34 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User/Sfan5
18:34 minetest_chan <singleplayer> sfan5:cool
18:34 marktraceur .wik User:Sfan5
18:34 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:Sfan5
18:34 sfan5 derp
18:34 marktraceur Huh.
18:34 rubenwardy .g google
18:34 bulletrulz .wik User/LandMine
18:34 MinetestBot rubenwardy: http://www.google.com/
18:35 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User/LandMine
18:35 sfan5 i have no user page, derp
18:35 rubenwardy .g wah
18:35 MinetestBot rubenwardy: http://www.wahmusic.com/
18:35 marktraceur bulletrulz: It's User:, not User/
18:35 rubenwardy .g multa
18:35 MinetestBot rubenwardy: http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/multa
18:35 rubenwardy .g multa software
18:35 MinetestBot rubenwardy: http://multa.bugs3.com/
18:35 rubenwardy bazinga
18:35 marktraceur Holy gods it's the bot test channel
18:35 bulletrulz MinetestBot, hi
18:35 rubenwardy .yippy wah
18:35 marktraceur #bottest
18:35 PilzAdam .wik User:PilzAdam
18:36 MinetestBot "Test Text for the MinetestBot." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:PilzAdam
18:36 PilzAdam :D
18:36 Calinou MinetestBot: obit bulletrulz
18:36 PilzAdam .wik User:PilzAdam
18:36 MinetestBot "Log in / create account" - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:PilzAdam
18:37 PilzAdam .wik Stonesword
18:37 celeron55 .g install minetest texture pack
18:37 MinetestBot celeron55: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1592
18:37 MinetestBot "There are 3 different swords, crafted from wood, cobblestone and steel ingots." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Stonesword
18:37 celeron55 hmm, google is pretty good
18:37 sfan5 .wik User:Sfan5
18:37 MinetestBot "Minetest Player since 2011, Minecraft Player since 2010" - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:Sfan5
18:38 marktraceur .wik Minetest_Wiki?action=edit
18:38 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Minetest_Wiki?action=edit
18:38 Calinou .g is minetest better than minecraft
18:38 PilzAdam sfan5, redirections work
18:38 MinetestBot Calinou: http://lkubuntu.wordpress.com/2012/02/25/howto-install-free-alternatives-to-minecraft/
18:38 marktraceur Hrm
18:38 Calinou lol
18:38 sfan5 marktraceur: nope.png )
18:38 Calinou wtf
18:38 sfan5 *;)
18:38 celeron55 .g minetest sucks
18:38 MinetestBot celeron55: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3113
18:38 celeron55 it gives answers to everything!
18:38 sfan5 because its google
18:38 rubenwardy Calinou: Can you change http://wiki.minetest.com/index.php?title=Mods&amp;action=edit&amp;section=3 to http://pastebin.com/LZegSH4P
18:38 rubenwardy My account keeps on getting stumped on the cat captua
18:38 Calinou .g minetest ate my server map
18:38 KikaRz what you doing people?
18:38 MinetestBot Calinou: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2854
18:38 Calinou nope, MinetestBot
18:39 KikaRz .wik User:KikaRz
18:39 celeron55 that's pretty random
18:39 Calinou should point to people complaining on github :)
18:39 sfan5 gi MinetestBot
18:39 MinetestBot "User account 'KikaRz' is not registered." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:KikaRz
18:39 KikaRz Yay :D
18:39 Calinou rubenwardy: k, poor cats :(
18:39 sfan5 .wik User:Calinou
18:39 sfan5 .wik User:Sfan5
18:39 celeron55 .g cute cats
18:39 MinetestBot "Minetest player since July 2011, I also play Minecraft since November 2010." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:Calinou
18:39 MinetestBot celeron55: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1dpQKntj_w
18:39 MinetestBot "Minetest Player since 2011, Minecraft Player since 2010" - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:Sfan5
18:39 minetest_chan <singleplayer> back
18:39 kaeza out
18:39 babyface1031 does anyone know the recipe for a coal generator or know where i can look it isnt in the forums anymore
18:39 rubenwardy .wik User:Rubenwardy
18:40 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:Rubenwardy
18:40 bulletrulz .g bulletrulz
18:40 MinetestBot bulletrulz: http://twitter.com/bulletrulz
18:40 bulletrulz wow :O
18:40 PilzAdam Calinou, update the brick textures in the wiki
18:40 bulletrulz how the fuck did you guys get my twitter?
18:40 sfan5 ask google
18:40 KikaRz .wik User:KikaRz
18:40 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:KikaRz
18:40 bulletrulz lol
18:40 KikaRz xd
18:41 marktraceur As much as I love useless chatter
18:41 sfan5 twitter module will be enabled!
18:41 marktraceur I hate useless chatter
18:41 bulletrulz .g KikaRz
18:41 bulletrulz .g ytp
18:41 KikaRz .g = ?
18:41 MinetestBot joined #minetest
18:41 rubenwardy is wikipedia down
18:41 bulletrulz .g ytp
18:41 MinetestBot bulletrulz: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/subcultures/youtube-poop
18:41 sfan5 .tw bulletrulz
18:41 KikaRz .g bulletrulz
18:41 MinetestBot KikaRz: http://twitter.com/bulletrulz
18:41 kaeza cool
18:41 bulletrulz google
18:41 KikaRz ah.
18:41 MinetestBot "@__MiJyn__: When using bash completion, remember to actually complete it. I accidentally removed /home on my testing desktop :(" How did u (@bulletrulz)
18:41 cisoun1 joined #minetest
18:41 PilzAdam rubenwardy, no
18:41 KikaRz .g KikaRz
18:41 MinetestBot KikaRz: http://steamcommunity.com/id/KikaRz1
18:41 bulletrulz wtf
18:41 KikaRz Yea, i got steam
18:41 KikaRz why?
18:41 rubenwardy it has loaded now
18:41 bulletrulz LOL
18:42 bulletrulz now your looking at my tweets?
18:42 Calinou done
18:42 sfan5 .tw sfan55
18:42 MinetestBot @SethBling Beacons can have customised Effects http://redd.it/11w9mi ,  that may be interesting for you (@sfan55)
18:42 sfan5 lol
18:42 Calinou KikaRz: steam is evil(R)
18:42 sfan5 ^ i agree
18:42 celeron55 sfan5: add a feature to ask for a random server address from... umm... this place:
18:42 KikaRz its not.
18:42 celeron55 .g minetest monitoring service
18:42 MinetestBot celeron55: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2239
18:42 kaeza Calinou:wrong
18:42 KikaRz i just use it to talk
18:42 KikaRz with friends
18:42 KikaRz not to play
18:42 Calinou kaeza: DRM/bloated/proprietary software
18:43 Calinou i wouldn't use it if i were you
18:43 sfan5 celeron55: ok
18:43 kaeza well I'm just guessing
18:43 kaeza I use Desura
18:44 bulletrulz kaeza, you do??
18:44 bulletrulz add me bulletrulz129
18:44 kaeza y?
18:45 kaeza I have it on Puppy Linux
18:45 kaeza I'm currently on Ubuntu
18:45 bulletrulz just add me lol download it on ubuntu
18:45 KikaRz Desura is good too
18:45 KikaRz i use it too
18:45 bulletrulz KikaRz, add me
18:45 kaeza yeah. and maybe kill my bandwith?
18:45 NakedFury i got steam, desura, and prviously impulse
18:45 bulletrulz KikaRz, bulletrulz129
18:46 KikaRz already checked.
18:46 sfan5 thexyz: why is this on server.minetest.ru "<div><img src="//mc.yandex.ru/watch/16954033" style="position:absolute; left:-9999px;" alt="" /></div>" ?
18:46 bulletrulz kaeza, lol :/ must got somebad internet
18:46 marktraceur Meh, desura has a non-free backend and sells non-free games. Not much of an improvement.
18:46 kaeza sfan5: O_o
18:46 Calinou best thing is to use no centralized game platform thingy
18:46 Calinou just download/buy games directly from vendor..
18:46 kaeza sfan5: the div has no id or name
18:47 sfan5 thats what i found in the html code
18:47 kaeza so why the F- would they do that?
18:47 sfan5 dunno
18:47 kaeza these things are usually used to store form fields or some such things
18:47 celeron55 Calinou: +1
18:48 OldCoder Hi
18:48 OldCoder john_minetest, OK
18:48 kaeza but without an id or name it's prolly useless (unless they have some really smart script)
18:49 celeron55 kaeza: i think it is a page load counter
18:50 kaeza celeron55: hmmmm...
18:50 kaeza maybe that's it
18:50 celeron55 the stuff near it in the code would suggest that
18:51 artur99 joined #minetest
18:52 artur99 hi
18:52 artur99 im trying to play lan
18:52 kaeza hi art
18:52 kaeza hi artur99*
18:52 artur99 what should i write on cmd.exe?
18:52 artur99 hi
18:52 kaeza lol wut?
18:52 KikaRz-AFK joined #minetest
18:52 KikaRz-AFK back
18:52 kaeza you mean to start a server?
18:53 artur99 a lan server
18:53 kaeza KikaRz-AFK: AFK != back
18:53 KikaRz-AFK ...
18:53 KikaRz-AFK problem with my nick
18:53 KikaRz-AFK Kick KikaRz (my nick) please
18:53 OldCoder ?
18:53 KikaRz was kicked by OldCoder: KikaRz
18:53 sfan5 KikaRz-AFK: /ns ghost
18:53 KikaRz-AFK Thanks you
18:53 KikaRz-AFK Thanks you
18:53 kaeza lol
18:53 KikaRz-AFK Thank* you
18:54 OldCoder u r welcome
18:54 marktraceur KikaRz-AFK: You realize of course, the nick wasn't disconnected, just kicked from one channel
18:54 kaeza artur99: I think it's just minetestserver
18:54 KikaRz done
18:54 kaeza or was it minetest -server?
18:54 KikaRz '-'
18:55 KikaRz OMG
18:55 khonkhortisan joined #minetest
18:55 KikaRz LOVE *__* http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_384892&amp;feature=iv&amp;src_vid=gLoBjqHKG2E&amp;v=gtWGpXVlXl4
18:55 artur99 how to host a lan server?
18:55 kaeza YouTube, what are u doin, YouTube, STAHP!!
18:55 KikaRz love that pudding
18:56 kaeza lol wut?
18:57 artur99 i cant use youtube
18:57 kaeza artur99: why?
18:57 artur99 because my internet conection is low
18:57 thexyz sfan5: of course because my botnet needs more PCs
18:57 KikaRz omg
18:57 thexyz have you tried, umm... reading <!-- comments -->?
18:57 KikaRz why they left all ?
18:57 sfan5 yes
18:57 sfan5 @thexyz
18:57 KikaRz *.net *.split?
18:57 marktraceur KikaRz: Welcome to IRC, that was a netsplit
18:58 sfan5 :D
18:58 KikaRz netsplit = ?
18:58 OldCoder Drama!
18:58 KikaRz all in lan?
18:58 OldCoder Excitement!
18:58 KikaRz '-'
18:58 sfan5 .g netplit
18:58 MinetestBot sfan5: http://irc.netsplit.de/
18:58 sfan5 .g netsplit
18:58 MinetestBot sfan5: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Netsplit
18:58 sfan5 KikaRz ^
18:58 marktraceur KikaRz: One of the freenode servers was unable to connect to the rest, and those people were using the disconnected server.
18:58 thexyz sfan5: it's simply visitors counter
18:58 marktraceur It happens.
18:58 kaeza hey this minetestbot thing is AWESOME!!
18:58 sfan5 thexyz: i know
18:58 kaeza .g pr0n
18:58 KikaRz http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Netsplit.png
18:58 MinetestBot kaeza: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=pr0n
18:58 KikaRz oh god
18:59 KikaRz so many things
18:59 thexyz sfan5: then why were you asking?
18:59 kaeza was kicked by sfan5: it uses my internet connection
18:59 marktraceur ++
18:59 sfan5 thexyz: dunno, just wondering why there is a youtube similar link there
18:59 redcrab in lua a CRLF is "\n" ?
18:59 OldCoder Should be
18:59 sfan5 redcrab: yes
18:59 kaeza joined #minetest
19:00 redcrab Thanks
19:00 kaeza someone kicked me
19:00 kaeza why?
19:00 marktraceur redcrab: s/lua/all modern programming languages/, yes
19:00 sfan5 read the kick msdg
19:00 jin_xi lol
19:00 sfan5 *msg
19:00 marktraceur kaeza: You googled "pr0n" with sfan5's internet connection.
19:00 OldCoder Bad move
19:00 sfan5 yup
19:00 kaeza sorry :)
19:00 sfan5 the :) is totally misplaced
19:01 Calinou cool, we can make sfan5 say anything :P
19:01 Calinou erm, google
19:01 sfan5 ....
19:01 OldCoder Don't go there
19:01 sfan5 Calinou: don't take this as an invitiation to do that ;9
19:01 sfan5 *;)
19:01 rubenwardy joined #minetest
19:01 klunk joined #minetest
19:01 bulletrulz joined #minetest
19:01 milleja46 joined #minetest
19:01 ttk2 joined #minetest
19:01 Tux-Tn joined #minetest
19:01 Basstard` joined #minetest
19:02 kaeza ummm
19:02 kaeza this?^
19:02 sfan5 65MABJKV3: the fuck are you doing?
19:02 sfan5 kaeza: server recovered from netsplit
19:02 thexyz sfan5: in which way is it similar to youtube?
19:02 rubenwardy .wik User:Rubenwardy
19:03 MinetestBot "Welcome to Rubenwardy's page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:Rubenwardy
19:03 rubenwardy .wik User:Calinou
19:03 65MABJKV3 sfan5: first, i connected to the splitted server. then, i nicked to xy_ and back to xy to change my nick ts to something newer
19:03 MinetestBot "Minetest player since July 2011, I also play Minecraft since November 2010." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:Calinou
19:03 bulletrulz KikaRz, did u add me?
19:03 65MABJKV3 -> i get my irc UUID as nick when the net resyncs
19:03 bulletrulz .tw bulletrulz
19:03 kaeza .wik MOBF
19:03 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/MOBF
19:03 * OldCoder sighs
19:03 MinetestBot My parents go out and buy my sister a new ipod for chrismas and i dont get a USED PS3 its 100 fucking dollers less wow #WTF (@bulletrulz)
19:03 MilanFIN joined #minetest
19:03 OldCoder artur99 is asking me...
19:03 bulletrulz lol
19:03 Calinou ipod... facepalm
19:04 OldCoder How to set up a LAN MT game
19:04 Calinou bulletrulz: consoles are useless
19:04 65MABJKV3 so, sfan5, it all is about getting a nick starting with a number.
19:04 Jordach two words, lets get rid of these damn feckin bots
19:04 kaeza Calinou: false
19:04 sfan5 ..
19:04 bulletrulz Calinou, i know right and i like the ps3 though
19:04 OldCoder Is there a simple way to determine LAN IP address under Windows?
19:04 artur99 :D
19:04 OldCoder Network properties?
19:04 Calinou OldCoder: get one computer's internal IP, start server on one computer, connect to internal IP using other computer
19:04 thexyz OldCoder: ipconfig?
19:04 Jordach look for a default gateway
19:04 kaeza ipconfig?
19:04 bulletrulz Jave27_,  that was 8 ;P
19:04 marktraceur OldCoder: ipconfig /all or something ridiculous
19:04 OldCoder No... He is running Windows
19:04 Calinou you can start a server by going to advanced tab then putting no address
19:04 OldCoder Not Linux
19:04 Calinou yes
19:04 thexyz so, ipconfig
19:04 Calinou you can do that on windows
19:04 bulletrulz im running linux
19:04 OldCoder Ah!
19:04 OldCoder Thank you!
19:04 Calinou and ipconfig is for windows.
19:04 artur99 ok
19:04 Calinou ifconfig is for linux :P
19:05 kaeza ipconfig = Win, ifconfig = Linux
19:05 OldCoder artur99, did you see the above?
19:05 marktraceur Calinou: Most distros have deprecated ifconfig in favor of ip
19:05 OldCoder Use ipconfig for IP address
19:05 artur99 ok
19:05 marktraceur Calinou: `ip addr` will do roughly the same thing as `ifconfig` for you
19:05 artur99 Ipv4?
19:05 OldCoder And starting server is simple as explained above
19:05 OldCoder artur99, Yes
19:05 artur99 thanks
19:05 OldCoder artur99, You cannot send it to the outside world however. This is for internal use.
19:06 OldCoder If you wish to serve to the outside world you must learn port forwarding
19:06 OldCoder Let that wait for now
19:06 Gizmokid2005 joined #minetest
19:06 bulletrulz iim also getting a  netbook for my brothers girlfriend but she used it before lol
19:06 OldCoder artur99, ^
19:06 john_minetest joined #minetest
19:06 artur99 is working
19:06 artur99 thanks
19:06 kaeza wb john_minetest
19:07 khonkhortisan joined #minetest
19:07 khonkhortisan khonkhortisan has quit (Excess Flood)
19:07 khonkhortisan that was odd
19:07 kaeza why is everyone quitting because of Excess Flood?
19:07 Calinou that's my quit message 8)
19:07 OldCoder network issues
19:07 Calinou part message too
19:07 khonkhortisan I saw most of them with net split, only one other person with flood and one person with connection reset
19:08 kaeza first john_minetest and now khonkhortisan
19:08 OldCoder It will settle down
19:08 OldCoder How is everybody today?
19:08 khonkhortisan my tabs got pherentheses on them
19:08 marktraceur I'm seeing a lot of other excess flood messages in other channels, too
19:08 rubenwardy .wik food
19:08 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Food
19:08 rubenwardy .wik moreblocks
19:09 bulletrulz LOL
19:09 MinetestBot "Mods (short for modifications) are user-created modifications to the game in such a way that alters gameplay." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Mods
19:09 bulletrulz .wik flood
19:09 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Flood
19:09 kaeza .wik Awesomesauce
19:09 rubenwardy .wik cretin
19:09 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Awesomesauce
19:09 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Cretin
19:09 kaeza .wik Awesomesauce(R)(TM)
19:09 MinetestBot "There is currently no text in this page." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/Awesomesauce(R)(TM)
19:09 bulletrulz .wik User:.bulletrulz
19:09 MinetestBot "User account '.bulletrulz' is not registered." - http://wiki.minetest.com/wiki/User:.bulletrulz
19:09 OldCoder Maybe we could let the bot rest for a while
19:09 khonkhortisan If you have nothing better to do, figure this out http://www.urticator.net/maze/
19:10 bulletrulz OldCoder, noOOO!OOO!OO!O!OOO!O!OO!O!O!OOO!O!O!O!O!ok
19:10 OldCoder ?
19:10 kaeza khonkhortisan: G*d damt it
19:10 khonkhortisan hehe
19:10 khonkhortisan I've finished that maze before
19:11 kaeza Heck with my 50x glasses doing that is no good for my eyes
19:11 khonkhortisan aw... Some people can't see cross-eyed 3d
19:11 kaeza s/glasses/lens
19:11 artur99 if a have a blog, and i want to show the game to users, can i use the direct download link?
19:11 kaeza whatever
19:12 Calinou yes
19:12 kaeza yup
19:12 khonkhortisan if they want a different download, they can go to the game's site
19:12 artur99 aha
19:12 artur99 ok
19:12 Calinou he said he wants to point to the direct download link
19:13 Exio joined #minetest
19:13 artur99 this link: https://github.com/downloads/celeron55/minetest/minetest-0.4.3-win32.zip
19:13 Calinou yes, you can
19:13 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:13 OldCoder artur99, yes?
19:14 minetest_chan joined #minetest
19:14 sfan5 artur99: if you want the latest package use this: http://sfan.sf.funpic.de/minetest-builds/c55/minetest-0.4.4-dev-8a93581-win32.7z
19:14 rubenwardy .git minetest
19:14 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> is this better?
19:14 artur99 ok
19:14 rubenwardy should print the first line of descripts
19:14 sfan5 minetest_chan: [__kaeza__] is better
19:14 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> celeron55: BTW it's using a single connection as you suggested
19:14 sfan5 .server
19:14 MinetestBot TypeError: cannot concatenate 'str' and 'NoneType' objects (file "/home/stefan/mtbot/bot.py", line 162, in <lambda>)
19:15 Jordach .fail
19:16 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> 7h15 15 5w337!
19:16 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:17 sfan5 .sv
19:17 artur99 can i start a pvp lan server?
19:17 MinetestBot sfan5: Unknown Error
19:18 artur99 can i start a pvp lan server?
19:18 minetest_chan <__kaeza__>  artur99 didn't you already?
19:18 bulletrulz .tw _mijyn_
19:18 bulletrulz .porn
19:18 bulletrulz LOL
19:18 bulletrulz .g porn
19:18 bulletrulz XD
19:18 bulletrulz lol!
19:18 bulletrulz was kicked by sfan5: spam
19:18 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:18 Jordach sfan5 - kill the bot please
19:18 sfan5 .sv
19:18 artur99 i dont know how
19:18 MinetestBot ExpatError: mismatched tag: line 4, column 5653 (file "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/dom/expatbuilder.py", line 223, in parseString)
19:18 bulletrulz joined #minetest
19:18 bulletrulz sfan5, ill kill u
19:18 bulletrulz what cahnnel in minetest_cha on?
19:19 kaeza bulletrulz: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
19:19 artur99 chan, do u know how?
19:19 * OldCoder sighs
19:19 Jordach OldCoder - long day?
19:19 OldCoder bulletrulz, please
19:20 OldCoder Jordach, no. Things are going well.
19:20 OldCoder But the bot stuff needs to be fun or it goes
19:20 Jordach alrighty then
19:20 Jordach or just insert filters for cetain words
19:20 OldCoder Jordach, it is the responsibility of the users to not go overboard
19:21 * Jordach solves many programming problems in jordach's spare time
19:21 nyuszika7h joined #minetest
19:21 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> sorry guys, I knew pr0n had urbandictionary as first hit
19:21 Jordach points for leet speak
19:22 Jordach or, 1337 5p34k
19:22 bulletrulz oh
19:22 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> Jordach: f0r \/\/|-|47?
19:23 Jordach 741k1n9 11k3 7h15
19:23 iqualfragile joined #minetest
19:23 Calinou 7h15! too early
19:24 iqualfragile me?
19:25 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:25 sfan5 .sv
19:25 KikaRz backl
19:25 MinetestBot ExpatError: mismatched tag: line 4, column 5653 (file "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/dom/expatbuilder.py", line 223, in parseString)
19:25 KikaRz .sv
19:25 MinetestBot ExpatError: mismatched tag: line 4, column 5653 (file "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/dom/expatbuilder.py", line 223, in parseString)
19:25 KikaRz expat?
19:25 KikaRz o.o
19:26 KikaRz bulletrulz
19:26 KikaRz send me your desura nick
19:26 rubenwardy joined #minetest
19:27 NakedFury send me yours too
19:27 KikaRz nope
19:27 berome joined #minetest
19:27 NakedFury bad man
19:27 minetest_chan <__kaeza__>  sfan5 what document are you parsing?
19:28 bulletrulz KikaRz, bulletrulz129
19:28 KikaRz minetest_chan, whats your server?
19:28 sfan5 minetest_chan: the html server.minetest.ru
19:28 KikaRz or kaeza
19:28 KikaRz version?
19:28 kaeza local, sorry
19:28 kaeza 0.4.4-dev
19:28 sfan5 :(
19:28 sfan5 i want to join and test it
19:28 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:29 sfan5 .sv
19:29 MinetestBot ExpatError: no element found: line 4, column 5651 (file "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/dom/expatbuilder.py", line 223, in parseString)
19:29 KikaRz kaeza
19:29 KikaRz what version?
19:29 KikaRz 0.4.4 ?
19:29 sfan5 kaeza> 0.4.4-dev
19:29 kaeza IDK anything about port forwarding
19:29 KikaRz 1, 2 , 3 ?
19:29 sfan5 kaeza: try remobo
19:29 kaeza 0.4.4-dev
19:29 KikaRz kaeza
19:29 KikaRz ...
19:29 KikaRz not that
19:29 kaeza what?
19:29 KikaRz There are very much releases
19:30 KikaRz about 0.4.4
19:30 KikaRz in github
19:30 MinetestBot joined #minetest
19:30 kaeza I think I built it about 3:00 AM today
19:30 sfan5 .sv
19:30 MinetestBot ExpatError: no element found: line 4, column 5653 (file "/usr/lib/python2.7/xml/dom/expatbuilder.py", line 223, in parseString)
19:30 kaeza it's 17:00 here
19:30 redcrab hehe ... thanks to you guys , with your help on LUA script .. the current online player list of redcrab.suret.net 30401 is viewable at http://minetestbb.suret.net/online.txt ... dirty but it deserve to exist
19:30 kaeza guess yourself
19:30 kaeza redcrab: cool
19:30 sfan5 redcrab: nice
19:30 jin_xi redcrab: only 4 ppl
19:31 KikaRz hey, redcrab
19:31 KikaRz that version is?
19:32 kaeza sfan5: now DL'ing remobo
19:32 thexyz sfan5: can you please test your bot in some other channel?
19:32 sfan5 thexyz: ok
19:32 KikaRz http://www.youtube.com/watch?list=UUSE6yilNScIz1SLTNQvrXMw&amp;feature=endscreen&amp;v=XZOVbz7H66A&amp;NR=1
19:33 KikaRz what channel it is?
19:33 KikaRz i want to test too!
19:33 kaeza KikaRz: I accidentally my monthly cap, so I can't youtube
19:33 KikaRz kaeza
19:33 KikaRz OS?
19:33 kaeza Ubuntu 12.04
19:34 anunakki joined #minetest
19:34 kaeza +Windows 3.11 on VirtualBox :)
19:34 bulletrulz kaeza, xD
19:36 kaeza Well played Ubuntu. I download a DEB directly and you make me download it again thru App Center. Well Played.
19:36 KikaRz who can compile minetest in windows?
19:36 KikaRz with d3d support?
19:36 PilzAdam https://status.github.com/
19:36 KikaRz i want 0.4.4 latest
19:36 Jordach trololololl, windows ftw
19:36 thexyz KikaRz: i can
19:36 KikaRz Can you make me that again?
19:36 KikaRz i want to play and test the 0.4.4
19:37 KikaRz init sucks.
19:37 thexyz fucking github is fucking semi-down
19:37 KikaRz just the middle things
19:37 thexyz KikaRz: ok
19:37 init wat
19:37 bulletrulz KikaRz, did u add me lol
19:37 Jordach kaeza - i like your mods, but i love hybrid dog's
19:37 Calinou kaeza: edit your /etc/hosts, add youtube.com line
19:37 KikaRz Already not bulletrulz
19:37 Calinou problem solved
19:37 artur99 how to creeate a single player pvp game?
19:37 kaeza jordach: http://bitscloud.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/08/collegehumor-honest-desktop.jpg
19:37 Calinou artur99: erm, you want to fight yourself? :P
19:37 Calinou when you start a server pvp is enabled by default
19:38 KikaRz bulletrulz, send me nick again
19:38 KikaRz and tell me how to add
19:38 artur99 no, but if i creeate this, i can use it as a server map
19:38 thexyz john_minetest: have you already changed all your passwords?
19:39 klunk sorry for that
19:39 Calinou if someone connects with the same name as your name on a server you started with your client they'll ALWAYS have all privs
19:39 KikaRz People that got privs bug
19:39 KikaRz just do that
19:39 klunk say if I can do something
19:39 KikaRz add in minetest.conf-
19:39 OldCoder Calinou, it is the Zegaton world that I run
19:39 OldCoder Odd issue
19:39 KikaRz default_privs = <theprivs,separated,by,a,comma.>
19:39 Calinou did you put any name in the "name field" of minetest.conf?
19:40 OldCoder http://minetest.org/zegaton-conf.txt
19:40 thexyz john_minetest: pastebin minetest.conf
19:40 marktraceur KikaRz: Are you capable of using longer, single messages? The past four you've typed could easily have been one.
19:40 OldCoder thexyz, Calinou See the link above
19:40 Calinou well then OldCoder will always have all privs
19:40 OldCoder That is the file
19:40 kaeza Calinou: what's the /etc/hosts line for?
19:40 KikaRz marktraceur, i write very fast
19:40 KikaRz thats the problem
19:40 Calinou kaeza: blocking youtube 8)
19:40 thexyz um.. again, what port is it?
19:40 KikaRz when i write very fast, i dont have time to think in what am i going to write
19:40 KikaRz This is a good portugal announce
19:40 KikaRz http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0J8zPGfoe4&amp;feature=2_2_1&amp;list=PLDD96697C6463DBCE&amp;index=0
19:41 marktraceur KikaRz: Then you should be able to write a longer message that completely expresses your thought in no time. Then you can type it all in one line and not fill up the channel logs
19:41 kaeza hmmm... can I add /dev/sda1 too?
19:41 kaeza It's my windows partition
19:41 kaeza LOL :)
19:41 rsiska joined #minetest
19:41 KikaRz bulletrulz, add my brother (i use that acc): DracoPT
19:41 marktraceur Calinou: I tend to block youtube and facebook :P
19:41 thexyz OldCoder: i suggest you to merge https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/315
19:42 KikaRz thexyz, did you compiled?
19:42 kaeza my joke is bad, and i should feel bad
19:42 OldCoder thexyz, Will review shortly ty
19:43 thexyz OldCoder: tcpdump would be fine too
19:43 OldCoder thexyz, is that available as a diff patch?
19:43 KikaRz who's the nether creator mod?
19:44 thexyz OldCoder: what?
19:44 thexyz https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/315.diff
19:44 OldCoder <thexyz> OldCoder: i suggest you to merge https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/315
19:44 OldCoder R
19:44 KikaRz who is the nether mod creator?
19:44 kaeza john_minetest: http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/x-is-bad-and-you-should-feel-bad
19:44 thexyz KikaRz: compiling right now
19:44 KikaRz Well... whatever is the nether mod creator...  this is my answer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqELqRCnW6g
19:45 sfan5 thexyz: there seems to be an html error in your servers.minetest.ru this
19:45 sfan5 *thing
19:45 marktraceur KikaRz: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=1710 lkjoel
19:45 sfan5 in < table> the <tr> with the headings starts but does not end correctly
19:45 KikaRz lkjoel, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gqELqRCnW6g
19:45 marktraceur KikaRz: Learn to search for things, and your annoying level will go way down.
19:45 KikaRz I cant enter minetest.net
19:46 KikaRz internet problems
19:46 kaeza wut?
19:46 KikaRz this time are the internet problems
19:46 OldCoder thexyz, perfect and thank you!
19:46 kaeza oh thought site was down again
19:46 KikaRz kaeza, its my net problems
19:46 KikaRz all the sites with .net, are not working for me
19:46 kaeza KikaRz: ok
19:46 KikaRz but, i can use a proxy to enter
19:46 KikaRz but takes a bit time
19:47 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> DAMN! this thing is lagging
19:47 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> I should tweak the update interval
19:49 KikaRz Milk *-* http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7M3tmmP2DHc
19:49 PilzAdam sfan5, on wich channel is your bot?
19:49 sfan5 non
19:49 KikaRz thexyz, how much time left?
19:49 sfan5 *none
19:49 sfan5 yet
19:49 sfan5 PilzAdam: minidom doesn't want to parse the html
19:49 thexyz KikaRz: some
19:50 thexyz sfan5: thanks, fixed
19:50 kaeza sfan5 I'm on remobo
19:50 kaeza how do I add you to my buddies?
19:50 sfan5 theDrumm: thanks
19:50 sfan5 kaeza: add sfan5
19:50 TForsman joined #minetest
19:50 kaeza K
19:50 kaeza done
19:51 kaeza it says "Pending"
19:51 thexyz KikaRz: uploading now
19:51 KikaRz :D
19:51 kaeza should I give you the address below the list? is this my "public" ip?
19:52 sfan5 yes
19:52 sfan5 but it only works for your buddys in remobo
19:52 kaeza port 30000
19:52 celeron55 joined #minetest
19:53 kaeza don't expect a fast connection
19:53 sstrandberg joined #minetest
19:53 KikaRz going to play 5 minutes Qbeh
19:53 KikaRz in Desura
19:53 bulletrulz KikaRz, add me
19:53 KikaRz I cant
19:53 KikaRz add you
19:53 KikaRz DracoPT
19:53 telek /me waves.
19:53 KikaRz its my brother's account
19:53 Taoki joined #minetest
19:53 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> sfan5 are you on?
19:54 sfan5 wait
19:54 sfan5 minetest_chan: wait
19:54 thexyz KikaRz: http://ompldr.org/vZ2lmaQ/minetest-0.4.4-dev-minetest-ru-win32.zip
19:54 KikaRz thexyz
19:54 KikaRz if it updates, can you send me the updated one?
19:55 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> KikaRz: or learn to compile
19:55 artur99 what is the code for mesecon?
19:55 KikaRz I can't kaeza.
19:55 thexyz nice nickname, minetest-chan
19:55 KikaRz I know compiling
19:55 KikaRz it lags me.
19:55 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> ummm... lags?
19:56 marktraceur kaeza: We've had this discussion with her before, she's not capable of accurately describing her issue.
19:56 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> oh ok. nevermind
19:56 artur99 *witch is the code for mesecone
19:56 marktraceur kaeza: She can't figure out how to paste the compile errors, so we are incapable of helping
19:56 KikaRz NO BIN FOLDER/Minetest.exe
19:57 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> sfan5 are you on?
19:57 minetest_chan <sfan5> hi guys
19:57 minetest_chan <sfan5> yes
19:57 Mika_R artur99, code?
19:57 KikaRz hi sfan5
19:57 artur99 for /give
19:57 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> BTW it's just a sandbox world for testing mods
19:58 minetest_chan <sfan5> :D
19:58 KikaRz thexyz
19:58 minetest_chan <sfan5> hey KikaRz! :)
19:58 KikaRz no needed to edit minetest.conf? or its in /.minetest/ ?
19:58 KikaRz well %appdata%/minetest
19:58 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> do you see the IRC chat?
19:58 KikaRz Yes.
19:59 Weedy_lappy joined #minetest
19:59 Weedy_lappy joined #minetest
19:59 thexyz KikaRz: i compiled it with run_in_place now
19:59 KikaRz that is?
19:59 KikaRz oh
19:59 KikaRz no %appdata% folder?
19:59 thexyz so all config files should be local
19:59 thexyz yep
19:59 KikaRz oh
19:59 KikaRz okey...
19:59 KikaRz :(
19:59 KikaRz i prefered in %appdata%
19:59 minetest_chan <sfan5> :D
19:59 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> can you see me sfan5?
19:59 minetest_chan <sfan5> yes
19:59 minetest_chan <sfan5> you're an unknown object
20:00 minetest_chan <sfan5> i haven't updated to 0.4.4-dev
20:00 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> what MT version do you have?
20:00 minetest_chan <sfan5> 0.4.3
20:00 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> it's that then
20:00 Muadtralk joined #minetest
20:00 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> I have 0.4.4
20:00 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> according to celeron55 there are some problems in the protocol
20:01 Muadtralk is this a bot?
20:01 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> Muadtralk: what?
20:01 marktraceur Muadtralk: It's a tie-in to a world chat
20:01 Muadtralk which world?
20:01 kaeza Muadtralk: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
20:01 minetest_chan <sfan5> meoq
20:01 minetest_chan <sfan5> *meow
20:01 KikaRz *mewo
20:01 marktraceur Muadtralk: kaeza and sfan5 are in a minetest world that has a mod tying it to the IRC
20:02 sfan5 thats right
20:02 KikaRz server?
20:02 KikaRz server.minetest.ru ?
20:02 sfan5 no
20:02 kaeza local
20:02 sfan5 <kaeza> port 30000
20:02 kaeza errrm
20:02 kaeza ^
20:02 sfan5 you need remobo for that
20:02 sfan5 and kaeza must add you
20:03 KikaRz no thanks
20:03 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> sfan5 is it a bit laggy?
20:03 KikaRz thexyz, you know aserver?
20:03 Muadtralk it doesnt seem to be practical
20:03 minetest_chan <sfan5> it lags a bit
20:03 KikaRz if in USA lags a bit.
20:03 KikaRz In Europe lags A LOT
20:04 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> I'm in south america
20:04 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> Uruguay
20:04 KikaRz cool
20:04 minetest_chan <sfan5> i'm in germany
20:04 KikaRz VanessaE server is better
20:04 KikaRz I'm in Portugal
20:04 KikaRz im in vanessae server
20:05 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> sfan5 i'll restart the server to use the real world ok?
20:05 minetest_chan <sfan5> ok
20:05 minetest_chan <__kaeza__> errrm... other world
20:05 minetest_chan *** __kaeza__ left the game
20:05 KikaRz lol
20:05 Muadtralk is their any way to filter the world chat from the IRC?
20:05 kaeza WOW! player leaving works too!
20:05 marktraceur Muadtralk: Ignore minetest_chan, I guess
20:06 kaeza sorry guys
20:06 Muadtralk because i can see large amounts of channel spam coming from the minetest_chan soon enough
20:06 kaeza I'll use another channel
20:06 sfan5 thats good
20:06 marktraceur Yeah, kaeza, it would be awesome if you could host a different channel.
20:06 Muadtralk i mean a way to make it conversable
20:06 Jordach actually, cant we have a server channel like #redcrab30012
20:06 kaeza sorry if I flooded
20:06 Muadtralk like you can say things in the world that dont appear in the minetest channel
20:06 * kaeza is really sorry
20:06 Jordach (depending on a server name)
20:07 marktraceur It might be better to have a dedicated minetest IRC network....
20:07 thexyz kaeza: how about renaming your bot to minetest-tan (instead of minetest-chan)?
20:07 sfan5 ^ I agree
20:07 kaeza Jordach: how do you get the current IP/host from lua?
20:07 thexyz see, sfan5 agrees
20:08 Jordach (feckin' japanese shizzle)
20:08 kaeza the "chan" is for "channel", not for "miss" or something like that in Jap
20:09 Muadtralk possibly a setting to prevent the worlds chat from showing up in the IRC unless a message is typed thats directed at the channel?
20:11 sfan5 good idea
20:11 kaeza Muadtralk: I was thinking about that, but c55 downed the idea
20:11 kaeza that's an up
20:11 thexyz Muadtralk: who would use that?
20:11 kaeza I want to know what do you think this mod may need
20:11 RBA_AFK use #worldofminetest of freenode for all the servers just
20:11 RBA_AFK (example)
20:11 neko259 joined #minetest
20:11 Muadtralk its simple really just a setting
20:11 kaeza let's flood #minecraft HARHARHAR
20:11 Muadtralk in case you have an active server thats full of total shite in the chat
20:12 kaeza sfan5: it's up
20:12 Jordach Muadtralk - try making your own server topic
20:12 KikaRz
20:12 Jordach (like #sdzensworld)
20:12 KikaRz Server by VanessaE
20:12 kaeza I connected it to #minetest-irc-testing
20:13 Muadtralk I am saying that way one could converse with the #minetest channel
20:13 Muadtralk without spamming it
20:13 Muadtralk or one could spectate
20:13 artur99 witch is the difference between 0.4.3 and 0.4.4?
20:13 KikaRz 3d players
20:13 RealBadAngel 3d models
20:13 KikaRz in 0.4.4
20:13 KikaRz 2d players in 0.4.3
20:13 kaeza Muadtralk: good idea
20:13 Muadtralk player attachment code
20:13 telek So it's in the latest dev version?
20:14 kaeza maybe a /sendtoirc {on|off} command
20:14 sfan5 kaeza: i'll update my minetest first
20:14 Muadtralk yes
20:14 kaeza sfan5: k
20:14 KikaRz kaeza
20:14 KikaRz how remobo works?
20:14 KikaRz it enters in conflict with hamachi?
20:15 kaeza Muadtralk: c55 suggested that making various connections to the same IRC server is bad
20:15 Muadtralk i know
20:15 kaeza KikaRz: ask sfan5
20:15 Muadtralk thats not what I was suggesting
20:15 sfan5 KikaRz: hamachi uses
20:15 Muadtralk it would be a setting for the whole server
20:15 KikaRz wrong
20:15 sfan5 remobo uses
20:16 KikaRz it uses
20:16 Muadtralk not for individual players
20:16 Muadtralk i caught the multiple client bad part
20:17 KikaRz sfan5, hi there. let me tell one thing to you...
20:17 * KikaRz whispers sfan5...
20:17 KikaRz sfan5 (WHISPERING): Hi :D
20:18 sfan5 :D
20:18 MinetestBot joined #minetest
20:18 sfan5 celeron55: try .sv
20:18 marktraceur I love that you said WHISPERING in all caps.
20:18 KikaRz .sv
20:18 thexyz .sv
20:18 MinetestBot KikaRz: glomie's server |   up (99.320%)
20:18 MinetestBot thexyz: PlanetMinetest Creative Server | planetminetest.com:30000   down
20:18 KikaRz glomie's ?
20:18 KikaRz .sv
20:19 MinetestBot KikaRz: cosarara97's server | cosarara97.cu.cc:30000   up (72.433%)
20:19 KikaRz cosarara97...
20:19 sfan5 .sv
20:19 sfan5 .sv
20:19 KikaRz let me see one more one
20:19 KikaRz .sv
20:19 KikaRz .sv
20:19 MinetestBot sfan5: cosarara97's server | cosarara97.cu.cc:30000   up (72.433%)
20:19 MinetestBot sfan5: Steinheim French|English server | minetest-cdk.servegame.com:30000   up (97.043%)
20:19 MinetestBot KikaRz: Zenoheld the Backstab server | minetest.freedns.in:30000   down
20:19 MinetestBot KikaRz: Redcrab's server : for serious builder | redcrab.suret.net:30401   up (95.692%)
20:19 thexyz oh, nice
20:19 Jordach Muadtralk - your serv's down, fix it
20:19 Muadtralk whaty address?
20:19 sfan5 .sv
20:19 sfan5 .sv
20:20 Muadtralk what*
20:20 MinetestBot sfan5: Calinou's Server | calin.sytes.net:30000   up (91.244%)
20:20 MinetestBot sfan5: Jordach's Pixel Art | redcrab.suret.net:30402   up (95.977%)
20:20 Muadtralk what was that?
20:20 sfan5 what?
20:20 Jordach <MinetestBot> sfan5: Jordach's Pixel Art | redcrab.suret.net:30402   up (95.977%) thexyz - thats a world that i have, but dont use
20:20 Mika_R kikarz, glomie's server is pretty bad shape last time i was there
20:20 KikaRz kaeza
20:20 KikaRz your nick?
20:20 Muadtralk thexyz doesnt care :P
20:20 kaeza guess :)
20:20 Muadtralk my address changed ages ago
20:21 KikaRz pending...
20:21 Muadtralk it still lists the broken one
20:21 sfan5 .sv
20:21 sfan5 .sv
20:21 sfan5 .sv
20:21 KikaRz kaeza, im DarkDracoon
20:21 MinetestBot sfan5: glomie's server |   up (99.320%)
20:21 MinetestBot sfan5: D-L-K Networks GameServer | game.d-l-k.net:30000   up (99.835%)
20:21 MinetestBot sfan5: AviActu Global Minetest Server (0.4.3) | aviactu.info:30000   up (95.763%)
20:21 thexyz .sv
20:21 MinetestBot thexyz: Unknown Error
20:21 KikaRz .sv
20:21 KikaRz .sv
20:21 KikaRz .sv
20:21 KikaRz .sv
20:21 thexyz whyy
20:21 MinetestBot KikaRz: Unknown Error
20:21 MinetestBot KikaRz: Unknown Error
20:21 telek What does: 'ServerEnv: Trying to store id=5461 statically but block (0,-1,2) already contains 49 (over 49) objects. Forcing delete.' Mean?
20:21 Jordach .sv]#
20:21 MinetestBot KikaRz: Unknown Error
20:21 MinetestBot KikaRz: Unknown Error
20:21 KikaRz LOL
20:21 Jordach .sv
20:21 MinetestBot Jordach: Globis server |   down
20:21 KikaRz .s
20:21 KikaRz .sv
20:21 KikaRz .sv
20:21 thexyz why didn't it shut down?
20:21 KikaRz .sv
20:21 MinetestBot KikaRz: M13's Server (0.4.3) | m13.servegame.com:30001   down
20:21 MinetestBot KikaRz: dise's server [0.4.3] | dise-minetest.no-ip.org:30000   up (84.546%)
20:21 MinetestBot KikaRz: cosarara97's server | cosarara97.cu.cc:30000   up (72.434%)
20:21 Muadtralk it means your client is outdated
20:22 KikaRz m13 is off! O_O'
20:22 Muadtralk compile a new one
20:23 KikaRz OldCoder, the m13's server is off maybe because m13 didnt knew that server is in other user account
20:23 artur99 in 044 how to set home?
20:23 KikaRz .sv m13
20:23 telek Whoa github is down?
20:24 KikaRz .sv
20:24 OmegaPhil githubs up here
20:24 KikaRz .sv
20:24 artur99 in 044 how to set home?
20:24 thexyz telek: https://status.github.com/
20:24 OmegaPhil the blog is down though
20:24 artur99 in 044 how to set home?
20:25 telek thexyz: Whee. The fun part is it worked just a minute ago :D
20:25 artur99 in 0.4.4 how to set home?
20:25 MinetestBot joined #minetest
20:25 sfan5 .sv
20:25 sfan5 .sv
20:25 sfan5 .sv
20:25 MinetestBot sfan5: cosarara97's server | cosarara97.cu.cc:30000   up (72.436%)
20:25 sfan5 .sv
20:25 MinetestBot sfan5: Zenoheld the Backstab server | minetest.freedns.in:30000   down
20:25 MinetestBot sfan5: D-L-K Networks GameServer | game.d-l-k.net:30000   up (99.835%)
20:25 MinetestBot sfan5: Redcrab's Minetest Server 0.3.1 | redcrab.suret.net:30031   up (94.836%)
20:25 sfan5 it works :)
20:25 artur99 in 0.4.4 how to set home?
20:26 sfan5 you can't without a mo
20:26 sfan5 *mod
20:26 RealBadAngel get some cobble, wood, glass
20:26 RealBadAngel and build one
20:26 artur99 in 0.4.4 how to set home?
20:26 sfan5 RealBadAngel: 100 points for the best answer
20:27 RealBadAngel hehe
20:27 artur99 aaa
20:27 artur99 how?
20:27 KikaRz Using SetHome mod
20:27 KikaRz -.-
20:27 OldCoder Hi
20:27 KikaRz 100 points for me
20:27 artur99 no, how to set home pozition
20:27 OldCoder KikaRz, O.K.
20:27 artur99 ?
20:27 RealBadAngel artur99, wait for Unified Inventory mod to be released
20:27 KikaRz Yes
20:27 KikaRz setHome or Unified Inventory
20:28 artur99 this when?
20:28 RealBadAngel http://realbadangel.pl/unified_inventory.png
20:28 sfan5 .sv
20:28 MinetestBot sfan5: Steinheim French|English server | minetest-cdk.servegame.com:30000   up (97.044%)
20:28 dizzyone joined #minetest
20:28 RealBadAngel its gonna be released this weekend i think
20:28 OmegaPhil Out of interest, does popular functionality from mods make its way into minetest proper?
20:29 artur99 aaa
20:29 artur99 ok
20:29 OmegaPhil Or is it headed for lots of fragmentation
20:29 artur99 and if i want to have that, must i download something?
20:30 artur99 ?
20:30 RealBadAngel artur99, with this mod functionality i believe nobody will be using default creative mod anymore
20:31 artur99 no, but i want that mod for home setting
20:31 RealBadAngel default creative is stonage
20:31 Jordach and is s#17
20:32 artur99 go to sleep
20:32 artur99 bye
20:33 NakedFury will that new inventory have different permissions to use it? normal player permission and special admin or moderator permissions for the creative part?
20:34 MinetestBot joined #minetest
20:34 KikaRz .sv
20:34 rubenwardy http://www.osqa.net/
20:34 KikaRz .sv m13
20:34 MinetestBot KikaRz: Zenoheld the Backstab server | minetest.freedns.in:30000   down
20:34 MinetestBot KikaRz: Mrtux's Minetest server | minetest.org:30001   down
20:34 KikaRz .sv m13
20:34 MinetestBot KikaRz: D-L-K Networks GameServer | game.d-l-k.net:30000   up (99.835%)
20:35 KikaRz .sv m13
20:35 MinetestBot KikaRz: AviActu Global Minetest Server (0.4.3) | aviactu.info:30000   up (95.765%)
20:35 KikaRz wanted to see my server
20:35 sfan5 KikaRz: sv doesn't take any arguments
20:35 rubenwardy (8:34:51 PM) rubenwardy: http://www.osqa.net/
20:35 rubenwardy Would be great for minetest
20:35 KikaRz Preferable if we do that in query
20:36 Taoki redcrab: When is your server getting an update?
20:36 sfan5 .ngc test
20:36 MinetestBot test: 2,940,000,000
20:36 sfan5 .gc test
20:36 MinetestBot test: 272,000,000 / 2,940,000,000
20:36 KikaRz My server now works
20:36 KikaRz <MinetestBot> KikaRz: M13's Server (0.4.3) | m13.servegame.com:30001   up (56.167%)
20:37 rubenwardy bye
20:37 rubenwardy left #minetest
20:37 sfan5 .search test
20:37 KikaRz who got a 0.4.4 server?
20:37 MinetestBot sfan5: http://www.test.com/ (g, b, d)
20:37 KikaRz .search youtube
20:37 MinetestBot KikaRz: http://www.youtube.com/ (g, b), https://www.youtube.com/ (d)
20:38 KikaRz .search red****
20:38 KikaRz xd
20:38 KikaRz kidding
20:38 MinetestBot KikaRz: http://www.red.com/ (g), http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red (b), https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red (d)
20:38 KikaRz can i put the rest?
20:38 KikaRz the *tube ?
20:38 KikaRz '-'
20:38 sfan5 KikaRz: no
20:38 KikaRz .search redtu
20:38 KikaRz xd
20:38 MinetestBot KikaRz: http://www.facebook.com/redtu.ibu (g), http://www.redtube.com/ (b), https://www.youtube.com/user/RedTu (d)
20:38 KikaRz LOOOL
20:39 Jordach sfan5 - whats the latest git
20:39 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: KikaRz
20:39 Jordach (for windows)
20:39 thexyz nah
20:39 KikaRz joined #minetest
20:39 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: KikaRz
20:39 thexyz the MinetestBot was the one who posted the link
20:39 KikaRz joined #minetest
20:39 Jordach banhammer away
20:39 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: KikaRz
20:39 KikaRz joined #minetest
20:39 MinetestBot was kicked by thexyz: MinetestBot
20:39 sfan5 Jordach: http://sfan.sf.funpic.de/minetest-builds/c55/minetest-0.4.4-dev-8a93581-win32.7z
20:39 KikaRz Remove your bot.
20:39 Jordach thank ypou
20:39 KikaRz Thats the solution
20:39 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: no
20:39 Jordach you
20:39 KikaRz joined #minetest
20:39 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: no
20:39 KikaRz joined #minetest
20:39 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: no
20:39 KikaRz joined #minetest
20:39 KikaRz STOP!
20:39 KikaRz STOP!!!!!!!!!!!!11
20:39 OldCoder Wait
20:39 OldCoder Deescalate
20:39 OldCoder What's the dispute?
20:40 PilzAdam wtf is wrong with this channel?
20:40 KikaRz he's kicking me because his bot its stupid
20:40 OldCoder PilzAdam, it's fine
20:40 KikaRz he's testing his bot here
20:40 OldCoder KikaRz, relax
20:40 KikaRz not in a private channel
20:40 * OldCoder scrolls up
20:40 * VanessaE peeks in
20:40 KikaRz VanessaE!
20:40 OldCoder VanessaE, Hi
20:40 PilzAdam hi VanessaE
20:40 VanessaE um, did I just walk into a hornets' nest?
20:40 Muadtralk ello
20:40 KikaRz I got the 0.4.4 updated by thexyz
20:40 telek Yes
20:40 Jordach probably
20:40 Muadtralk yes you did
20:40 OldCoder KikaRz, sfan5 maybe both sides are half right
20:40 OldCoder Could the bot be tested elsewhere?
20:40 VanessaE heh
20:41 KikaRz VanessaE
20:41 telek How about #minetestbot? :D
20:41 sfan5 the bot is not in testing stage
20:41 PilzAdam VanessaE, today is bot test day
20:41 KikaRz can you test with me the carts + 3d players + other mods with me?
20:41 sfan5 but KikaRz wanted to google redtube with it
20:41 VanessaE so I can see (skimmed the backlog)
20:41 OldCoder VanessaE, advice?
20:41 KikaRz was to test.
20:41 Jordach BANHAMER!
20:41 OldCoder If bots are going to provoke fights maybe they are not a good idea
20:42 kaeza hey V
20:42 VanessaE KikaRz: no, not at present -- until that attachment bug is fixed (or at least an attempt has been made), testing carts/3d players will not produce valid results.
20:42 KikaRz VanessaE
20:42 KikaRz i wanted to play with you :(
20:42 telek VanessaE: The one in irrlicht?
20:42 kaeza VanessaE: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
20:42 kaeza your input is very much appreciated
20:43 bulletrulz new post on bulletrulz.webs.com
20:43 bulletrulz .tw bulletrulz
20:43 KikaRz .tw bulletrulz
20:43 kaeza bot died :(
20:43 sfan5 the bot is offline
20:43 KikaRz YAAAAAY
20:43 KikaRz :D
20:43 bulletrulz it no WORK!
20:43 NakedFury please stop with the bot, its just gonna piss people off
20:43 sfan5 bulletrulz: go thank KikaRz
20:43 NakedFury yes
20:43 VanessaE telek: I don't know if it's irrlicht or not, but it's one where players sometimes attach to each other, or to entities other than carts (such as torch smoke), or entities attach themselves to the player when they shouldn't (carts, a rainbow sprite).
20:43 KikaRz bot offline :D
20:43 bulletrulz fuck u KikaRz
20:43 bulletrulz lol
20:43 KikaRz Your ass :D
20:44 telek Watch the language?
20:44 KikaRz bulletrulz started.
20:44 bulletrulz telek, NO!
20:44 * OldCoder sighs again
20:44 OldCoder D:
20:44 OldCoder VanessaE, what's the mute flag?
20:44 roboman2444 joined #minetest
20:44 VanessaE +q
20:45 telek OC: Is that the same bug as that forum link, about it using the prior frame's data for attachment?
20:45 kaeza brb
20:45 KikaRz +q
20:45 PilzAdam things are getting better: https://status.github.com/
20:45 OldCoder I C
20:45 OldCoder telek, Context? ty
20:45 KikaRz Bulletrulz,
20:45 KikaRz Minetest 0.4.4 Now In De YES!!!!!!!!!
20:45 KikaRz Click here to edit text.
20:45 KikaRz ...
20:45 OldCoder Next f*ck your a** gets a mute
20:45 VanessaE kaeza: re: the forum topic, I like it.
20:46 KikaRz No commands.
20:46 KikaRz *comments
20:46 PilzAdam VanessaE, i have over 1000 forum posts now
20:46 * VanessaE considers rattling off a string of expletives just to irritate OldCoder  :)
20:47 VanessaE PilzAdam: 798 for me
20:47 telek OldCoder: The issue with attachments being set but deferred until the next frame (causing all the weirdness when trying to attach objects together and they instead being displayed in unforseen configurations)
20:47 VanessaE I gotta get busy blabbering more :-)
20:47 TForsman PilzAdam: 3d players, mod. is it gone or is it git page that are having issues?
20:47 VanessaE also, did everyone see my Plantlife mod release?
20:47 MinetestBot joined #minetest
20:47 sfan5 .sv
20:47 KikaRz NOOO
20:47 MinetestBot sfan5: Redcrab's server 0.4 dev20120106-1 | redcrab.suret.net:30000   up (86.328%)
20:47 KikaRz KICK IT!
20:47 KikaRz KICK IT!
20:47 sfan5 .g hello
20:47 MinetestBot sfan5: http://www.helloonline.com/
20:47 * Jordach teabaga with 2500+ posts
20:47 Jordach -a+s
20:47 PilzAdam TForsman, github has some problems currently
20:47 * sfan5 with almost 2000 posts
20:47 KikaRz everyone abuses out of that bot.
20:47 KikaRz OldCOder.
20:47 kaeza back
20:48 TForsman PilzAdam: thanks
20:48 sfan5 KikaRz: no
20:48 KikaRz VanessaE, can i test it?
20:48 sfan5 i made it save
20:48 kaeza VanessaE: care to test it?
20:48 VanessaE KikaRz: if you wanna sign onto the server, go ahead.
20:48 KikaRz ip
20:48 VanessaE kaeza: not if it requires a source code patch
20:48 KikaRz sfan5, WHATEVER!
20:48 * kaeza sucks with 96 posts
20:48 kaeza slow
20:48 VanessaE KikaRz: port 30000
20:49 * KikaRz is recent baby. 6/9 posts.
20:49 PilzAdam KikaRz, the only one who abuses the bot is you by yelling at the creator
20:49 sfan5 ^ right
20:49 KikaRz PilzAdam, i didnt talked to you
20:49 KikaRz sfan5, go to another channel.
20:49 PilzAdam but I talked to you
20:49 kaeza VanessaE: right out of the box under ubuntu
20:49 KikaRz was kicked by sfan5: no, you go
20:49 VanessaE kaeza: I see you and bulletrulz were having some...discussions last night on the server :D
20:49 KikaRz joined #minetest
20:49 KikaRz abusing.
20:49 KikaRz -.-
20:49 VanessaE kaeza: pull request it against git master so someone can merge your changes
20:50 kaeza yeah, I lol'd with that guy :D
20:50 celeron55 joined #minetest
20:50 VanessaE speak of the devil.
20:50 sfan5 celeron55: try .sv
20:50 kaeza VanessaE: NO! LISTEN!
20:50 thexyz seriously, sfan5, stop kicking him for nothing
20:50 KikaRz thexyz, *HER
20:50 kaeza It's a self contained mod
20:50 thexyz oops, sorry
20:50 KikaRz VanessaE, 0.4.4 ?
20:50 * OldCoder looked away for just a minute
20:50 sfan5 ....
20:51 OldCoder Ops need to be above getting involved personally
20:51 VanessaE kaeza: you said it required some C...  so a patch to the engine, or some kind of standalone tool?
20:51 PilzAdam KikaRz, 0.4.4 is actually 0.4.4-dev
20:51 KikaRz the same!
20:51 kaeza native lib loaded from lua
20:51 KikaRz future 0.4.4 -.-'
20:51 VanessaE KikaRz: 0.4.4-dev git commit ab45133ab[...] or newer.
20:51 KikaRz VanessaE,  Client: Cannot create image from data of file "player_KikaRz.png"
20:52 VanessaE (I see a few new things have been added since that one.  Anything worth updating for?)
20:52 VanessaE KikaRz: sign off.  I'll checkit.
20:52 sfan5 VanessaE: new API hook
20:52 KikaRz but i can enter the server.
20:52 kaeza VanessaE: FYI: http://www.lua.org/manual/5.1/manual.html#pdf-package.loaders
20:53 KikaRz VanessaE, tell me when to go in
20:53 sfan5 .sv
20:53 MinetestBot sfan5: Redcrab's server 0.4 dev20120106-1 | redcrab.suret.net:30000   up (86.328%)
20:53 VanessaE KikaRz: I must have installed the wrong file.  Please give me the URL again.
20:53 KikaRz wait
20:53 KikaRz stupid remobo
20:53 VanessaE sfan5: saw that.  Nothing that affects me :-)
20:54 PilzAdam VanessaE, move it: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3905
20:54 sfan5 moved!
20:55 KikaRz Vanessa
20:55 KikaRz skinkikamt = 3D one
20:55 NakedFury is it 0.4.5 now?
20:55 KikaRz player and player_back = 2
20:55 KikaRz *2d
20:55 sfan5 NakedFury: 0.4.5?
20:55 KikaRz No NakedFury
20:55 NakedFury everyone was talking about a new update today
20:55 sfan5 its 0.4.4-dev
20:56 sfan5 not 0.4.5
20:56 KikaRz celeron55, c55.me/blog is offline
20:56 KikaRz The connection has timed out
20:56 VanessaE KikaRz: installed.  server restarted.
20:56 KikaRz The connection has timed out
20:56 KikaRz 3d or 2d?
20:56 VanessaE you may sign in.
20:56 VanessaE 3d of course.
20:56 PilzAdam c55.me runs on c55's PC so its not very stable
20:56 sfan5 .tw __MiJyn__
20:56 MinetestBot Windows blue: "A major release of Windows every 12 months... Blue ... will be very cheap — or possibly even free"... (@__MiJyn__)
20:57 PilzAdam .tw github
20:57 kaeza sfan5, wht r u doin, sfan5, STAHP!
20:57 MinetestBot Service is degraded while we work through some network and fileserver issues - https://status.github.com/ (@github)
20:57 KikaRz .tw Microsoft