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IRC log for #minetest, 2012-11-05

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00:00 OldCoder Doc_, It sounds good!
00:00 cornernote im at 0,-1,000,000,0
00:00 OldCoder Doc_, You get interact everywhere but be patient
00:00 Doc_ yeah
00:00 Doc_ whoah
00:00 Doc_ thats low
00:00 Doc_ what are you just holding shift
00:00 Doc_ in free move
00:00 cornernote no, there is no floor at this depth
00:00 cornernote you just fall
00:00 Doc_ ohhhhhhh
00:01 Doc_ how deep does the stone generate
00:01 cornernote mapgen stops working at about -31k
00:01 Doc_ ok
00:01 cornernote 31k in any direction
00:01 Doc_ its like the void in minecraft :D
00:01 Doc_ but it doesnt kill u
00:01 cornernote just thinking....
00:01 cornernote i think it should reset
00:01 Doc_ lol
00:01 Doc_ if you get below 31000
00:01 cornernote eg, if you walk to 31k, you should appear at -31k
00:02 Doc_ yeah that would be a good mod
00:02 * Doc_ winks
00:02 cornernote is it an exact line where it ends ?
00:02 cornernote sec... teleporting
00:02 Doc_ idk
00:02 SpeedProg joined #minetest
00:05 cornernote ends at x = 30927
00:05 Doc_ hrmmmmmm
00:05 cornernote can someone confirm that on another world/server ?
00:05 Doc_ sure...
00:05 cornernote do /teleport 30927,0,0
00:06 cornernote and -30912 at the other end
00:06 Doc_ ok
00:07 cornernote problem with a mod is, if you walk off 1 end, you will kind of "teleport" to the other end
00:07 cornernote so it wont feel like infinite
00:07 Doc_ yup
00:07 Doc_ 30927
00:08 cornernote ok great... and its the same for both X and Z
00:08 Doc_ and 30912
00:08 Doc_ on other
00:08 cornernote -30912
00:08 cornernote ok, sweet
00:09 Doc_ yus
00:09 Doc_ wait no
00:09 Doc_ its schweet
00:09 Doc_ :3
00:09 cornernote :)
00:09 Doc_ :D
00:09 Doc_ haha funny
00:09 Doc_ shutting down stuff
00:09 Doc_ idk why that is funny to me
00:09 Doc_ im crazu
00:09 Doc_ crazy
00:10 cornernote not sure how to make the join seem seamless
00:10 Doc_ it wouldnt matter
00:10 Doc_ it would be an interesting feature
00:10 Doc_ sure it wouldnt be perfect
00:10 Doc_ but it would be interesting...
00:11 cornernote ideally the engine would join it... so 30927 joins to -30912 the same as 1 joins to 2
00:11 Doc_ yeah but it doesnt work that way
00:11 Doc_ unless you reversed the x and y world
00:11 Doc_ and tiled it on
00:11 Doc_ similar to how you create seamless textures
00:11 cornernote you dont reverse it
00:12 Kacey lets do it
00:12 cornernote its the same direction, just starts over
00:12 cornernote but then what about entities ?
00:12 Doc_ im saying thats how you can do it
00:12 Doc_ hrmmmmm
00:12 Doc_ i dont believe i see a problem
00:12 cornernote eg, a player who is standing at 30927 should be able to see a player standing at -30912
00:12 Doc_ with entities...
00:12 Doc_ yeah
00:12 cornernote after all, they are 1 block away from each other
00:13 Octupus Does any1 think blue and red go good together?
00:13 Doc_ you could just add an if(player is at edge) render entities on other side
00:13 cornernote the engine has to be changed to reset the pos somehow
00:13 Doc_ yeah
00:13 Doc_ why
00:13 Kacey only on top of cars octu
00:13 Octupus SHUSH
00:13 celeron55 joined #minetest
00:14 Doc_ just say if(player.locationx<-30912) change player.locationx to 30927
00:14 cornernote yeah, but thats dodgey
00:14 Doc_ and if(player is close to edge) render chunks
00:14 cornernote its just a teleport
00:14 Doc_ yeah i guess
00:14 Doc_ i see how that would work...
00:14 Kacey celeron55 i am thankful that you made the best game ever
00:14 cornernote render chunks... but they are only a copy of the chunks
00:14 cornernote what if another player is digging them
00:14 Doc_ yeah
00:15 cornernote or, how about a TNT on the edge
00:15 cornernote it needs to be seamless
00:15 Doc_ this is a big problem
00:15 Doc_ solution = pencil+paper+thinking
00:15 Doc_ at least for me
00:16 Kacey solution
00:16 Kacey make the world finite in the shape of a donut
00:16 Doc_ how about taking out the chunks near the edge buffers for the next world
00:16 Doc_ taking them out and making them buffers*
00:16 Doc_ lol
00:17 Doc_ so the last x chunks are mirrors of the next world
00:17 Doc_ and when the person is in the edge
00:18 Doc_ then prepare to be able to move to the other side
00:18 Doc_ ie load entities on other side
00:18 Doc_ and then decide when to change the players location
00:19 Doc_ even if this isnt a good solution
00:19 Doc_ thinking out loud causes other ideas
00:19 Doc_ and then a solution is formed
00:19 Doc_ right?
00:21 hmmmm [19:12] <cornernote> eg, a player who is standing at 30927 should be able to see a player standing at -30912
00:21 hmmmm easier said than done
00:21 hmmmm seriously.
00:24 Octupus NOOOOOOO
00:24 OldCoder ?
00:24 cornernote hmmmm, yeah i know its not simple
00:25 Octupus um there has been a little unfortunate problem with your present
00:25 OldCoder Me? PM
00:25 cornernote i was just saying that because i dont think teleporting from one end to the other is a nice solition to an infinite worls
00:25 Doc_ yeah
00:25 Doc_ use the last X chunks as a buffer
00:26 cornernote the mirror idea is probably the best, but far from simple, and cant be done without hacking the c++
00:26 Doc_ yah i guess
00:26 cornernote and mirroring entities will be hard
00:26 Doc_ maybey you could make a special portal block at the edge of the map that has a special effect
00:26 Doc_ maybe*
00:27 cornernote at what height ?
00:27 cornernote if its at 0 it may be underground
00:27 cornernote if you make a whole wall, it will block the sky
00:27 Doc_ how about making all the ground rise to a certain point
00:27 cornernote so it has to be invisible, or transparent
00:27 Doc_ and putting the portal on top
00:27 Doc_ one sec
00:27 Doc_ ima make a screenshot
00:28 Octupus Yes OldCoder,your present
00:28 OldCoder k
00:28 OldCoder PM
00:28 Octupus i saved most of it though
00:29 Doc_ i noticed that as soon as you go off the edge of the map it gets laggy
00:29 Taoki joined #minetest
00:30 Octupus I didnt know lava burnt wool :l
00:32 Octupus that wasnt very fun :l
00:34 Doc_ ok putting screeny into paing
00:34 Doc_ paint
00:34 Octupus use gimp Doc_
00:36 NekoGloop MEOW
00:36 NekoGloop :D
00:36 Doc_ i use paint for small things
00:36 Doc_ lol
00:36 Doc_ and paintshop (for 19$) for big things
00:36 Doc_ i got it on amazon
00:37 Doc_ i couldnt get gimp to work on one of my pcs
00:37 Doc_ so i just bought this
00:37 Doc_ so why not use it when i have it
00:37 NekoGloop Use Game Maker's paint program :P
00:37 Octupus WOOT i fixed it
00:37 VanessaE bbl
00:37 Kacey joined #minetest
00:37 Octupus bye
00:37 Octupus Hi Kacey
00:39 Doc_ i dont use game maker
00:39 Doc_ lol here it is http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p524/dangerdoc44/portal.png (crappy isnt it :P)
00:40 Doc_ my idea is that the portal (stone) will be above the max height
00:40 Octupus how do i send a world with mods?
00:40 Doc_ this wall goes around the edge of the map
00:40 Octupus like a adven map?
00:40 Doc_ and the portal warps you to the other side of the map
00:40 Doc_ there is my idea
00:40 cornernote Doc, maybe
00:40 Doc_ that would be mod compatible though
00:41 Octupus cornernote,how do i send mods with an adventure map
00:41 Doc_ is what im saying
00:41 cornernote i'll keep it in mind.. its about the best solution, but not as i want it
00:41 Doc_ yeah i understand
00:41 cornernote Octupos - put mods in [worldpath]/worldmods/
00:41 cornernote then zip up [worldpath]
00:41 Octupus so i need to make a folder
00:41 cornernote yep
00:41 Octupus called worldpath
00:42 cornernote [worldpath] -will be [path_share]/worlds or [path_user]/worlds depending on your installation.
00:42 Octupus so
00:42 cornernote [path_share] - used for run-in-place installations (windows default).
00:42 Octupus worldpath folder
00:42 cornernote [path_user] - used for system-wide installations (linux default).
00:42 Octupus then worldmods folder in worldpath
00:42 Octupus like that cornernote
00:43 cornernote i never done it, this is from the docs
00:43 Octupus alright
00:43 Octupus il use regular torch
00:43 cornernote i think like this...
00:43 Octupus maybe some lava
00:43 Octupus but i need to be careful with it this time :l
00:43 Doc_ i think ill make my first mod now
00:43 cornernote if you have worlds/yourworld, try putting it worlds/yourworld/worldmods
00:44 Doc_ =D
00:44 Octupus what mod Doc
00:44 cornernote or worlds/worldmods
00:44 Doc_ idk probably something like camoflauge block
00:44 Doc_ or hidden door
00:44 Doc_ or something
00:44 Octupus OH ik
00:44 Octupus worldmods
00:44 Doc_ what
00:44 Octupus then the mods inside of that folder
00:44 cornernote yea
00:44 Octupus thanks corner
00:45 NekoGloop Meow.
00:45 NekoGloop :34
00:45 Octupus Rawr
00:45 cornernote no, theres a better way
00:45 OldCoder NekoGloop, kitty are you hungry?
00:45 NekoGloop anyone know what player's version means?
00:45 cornernote you can put the whole GAME into the world
00:45 NekoGloop OldCoder: :3
00:45 cornernote [worldname]/game/  [worldname]/game/mods/
00:46 cornernote then you can put ALL the mods there... even default mods
00:46 cornernote It is possible to include a game in a world; in this case, no mods or games are loaded or checked from anywhere else.
00:46 cornernote more info here - http://api.minetest.net/page/view/view/paths
00:47 Octupus ok
00:47 * OldCoder cannot get to the story for fresh chicken ATM. Dry food is out of the question. He considers. It must be canned but it shall be canned tuna and not cat food. He puts down a plate with tuna on it.
00:47 OldCoder *store
00:47 cornernote ewwwwwww
00:47 OldCoder But actually
00:47 OldCoder It works both ways
00:48 cornernote please, you are going to make me vomit talking about eating all that shit
00:48 OldCoder All right
00:48 cornernote try a banana
00:48 OldCoder You have my apologies
00:48 OldCoder For a cat?
00:48 OldCoder cornernote, cats do not eat bananas
00:48 cornernote ok, you are feeding your cat, not yourself
00:48 cornernote ok, fine
00:48 OldCoder yep
00:48 OldCoder very well
00:48 cornernote not so bad then
00:48 OldCoder Cats do not make good vegans
00:48 OldCoder You can ask them to try
00:48 OldCoder But they are dubious
00:48 OldCoder "Meow, if it is all the same I want fish"
00:49 Lumpio- nyaa
00:51 NekoGloop nyaa~! ^w^
00:51 * NekoGloop eats the tuna :3
00:51 cornernote http://www.vegepet.com/vegetarian_cats.html ?  =)
00:52 * OldCoder laughs
00:52 OldCoder We will try that another time
00:52 cornernote sure you will
00:52 * NekoGloop hisses
00:52 * OldCoder is literal
00:52 NekoGloop me no want veggies! D:
00:53 cornernote personally, im not really into making carnivores into vegans
00:53 NekoGloop cornernote: you do realise that he means me?
00:53 cornernote i have dogs, i feed them meat
00:53 Lumpio- Why is it naughty to not eat your peas but hip and cool to not eat your beef
00:53 cornernote OC, but if you do try it, let me know how it goes
00:53 OldCoder cornernote, I have no live pets
00:53 OldCoder Only virtual ones
00:53 NekoGloop like the half-cat, me. :3
00:53 OldCoder My IRL cats are long cat
00:53 cornernote because peas are good for you, beef is bad for you, the planet, and the animal that had to be killed in a cruel way, just for your taste
00:53 OldCoder You can see their photos soon
00:54 OldCoder *long gone
00:54 Lumpio- I don't think a bolt into the brain is cruel
00:54 Lumpio- It's more humane than the way many humans die
00:54 cornernote mind if i put a bold into your mothers brain ?
00:54 NekoGloop cornernote: personally I'd kill the animals myself to eat.
00:54 cornernote *bolt
00:54 Lumpio- After spending a long time in a hospital in terminal care, in constant pain
00:54 OldCoder This is fine but be neutral
00:55 NekoGloop cornernote: btw. you probably need to edit your player file to save yourself from the long fall.
00:55 cornernote NekoGloop, killing yourself is better than factory farming, but still seems like unnessicary cruelty
00:55 Lumpio- cornernote: No, because my mother is more beneficial to everything when she's alive
00:55 Lumpio- wtf do cows to
00:55 Lumpio- Eat and shit
00:55 Muadtralk joined #minetest
00:55 OldCoder Muadtralk, hi
00:55 cornernote you do know we BREED cows .. eg, we keep making more and more of them... right ?
00:56 Lumpio- If they really didn't want to be killed they should fight back
00:56 Lumpio- Develop a culture or something
00:56 OldCoder Cowmageddon
00:56 cornernote they are more beneficial not being here.. because then they wont pollute our land and water
00:56 OldCoder Hmm; good story maybe
00:56 Lumpio- Oh right, they eat, shit and fuck
00:56 Muadtralk why can i never get to even try the lunarrepublic server
00:56 cornernote so why grow them ?
00:56 Lumpio- (Or well, I guess artificial insemination is more popular these days but it's close enough)
00:56 Lumpio- cornernote: Because beef is BEEFLICIOUS
00:56 NekoGloop Muadtralk: because their server computer is shit.
00:56 Muadtralk ahhhhhhhhhh
00:56 cornernote ok, good point... so its all about the taste ?
00:57 Lumpio- Yes
00:57 Lumpio- I wouldn't want beef if it tasted bad.
00:57 Muadtralk like my computer?
00:57 NekoGloop funny thing is that I'm a mod there from making a spawn house... :D
00:57 cornernote if you dont care about your health, the environemt, all the starving people in the world, etc... and you care a lot about taste, then i guess you should keep eating meat
00:57 Muadtralk haha
00:57 Muadtralk nice
00:57 Doc_ YEHAAAA
00:57 Muadtralk I only want to join because of the mlp reference in the name
00:58 Doc_ Writing lua in wordpad ftw
00:58 NekoGloop cornernote: meat is only unhealthy if the animal was sick.
00:58 Octupus OldCoder,be ready for a dload soon
00:58 Lumpio- Pills are for health, the government can take care of the environment, and what comes to starving people... we're already overpopulated
00:58 Lumpio- Just nature restoring balance.
00:58 cornernote Meat today is more murderous than tobacco.  CO2, methane and nitris oxide from the livestock industry are killing our oceans like acidic dead-zones.  90% of small fish are ground up into small pellets to feed to livestock.  Vegetarian cows are today's largest ocean predators.  By 2048 all our fisheries will be dead.  The lungs and arteries of the earth.
00:59 cornernote Only 100 billion people have ever lived.  7 billion of them live today.  And yet we torture and kill 2 billion sentient beings every week.
00:59 Lumpio- Also I love how I can get all my minerals and vitamins and whatnot from meat
00:59 cornernote 10,000 species are wiped out every year, because of the actions of one species.  If any other species did this a biologist would call it a virus.
00:59 Lumpio- If you're all vegan you'll have to be really careful to get everything you need
00:59 cornernote Are you a Virus Lumpio ?
00:59 Lumpio- Cows do that for us.
00:59 cornernote What is it that I need that I have to be careful about ?
00:59 Kacey how did we get on this topic?
01:00 OldCoder Hm?
01:00 NekoGloop Kacey: feeding a cat.
01:00 OldCoder Octupus, k
01:00 cornernote how about all the people with heart disease... seems they werent careful about how much cow they ate  lol
01:00 OldCoder Kacey, it is fine within limits
01:00 cornernote Today 1 billion people are hungry and 20 million people will die from malnutrition.
01:00 cornernote Cutting meat by only 10% will feed 100 million people.
01:00 Octupus it very touching OldCoder
01:00 OldCoder Octupus, all right
01:00 cornernote If everyone on the planet eats meat the way our country does, we will need two earths to sustain it.  We only have one, and she is dieing.
01:00 Doc_ what is the name for leafs
01:00 Doc_ default:xxxxx
01:00 Lumpio- But then the 3rd world people will just keep on reproducing
01:00 Kacey can we just put an end to it and say bacon
01:00 Doc_ lol
01:00 Lumpio- There's too many of them as it is!
01:00 cornernote Poor countries sell their grain to the western countries while their children starve in their arms.  And the western countries feed it to livestock! So we can eat a steak?  Every morsal of meat we eat is a slap to the tear stained face of a starving child.
01:01 OldCoder Kacey, they wish a brief say
01:01 OldCoder Kacey, we spent time on you and gcc earlier
01:01 OldCoder Remember?
01:01 cornernote sure you can just say bacon,, but it means you are laughing at all the starving children in the world
01:01 cornernote ha-ha, funny, look at that starving child
01:01 OldCoder There are limits but civil expression of views seems all right briefly
01:01 Lumpio- cornernote, stop copy-pasting from a script
01:01 NekoGloop I've never seen cornernote act like this.
01:02 cornernote no
01:02 OldCoder Lumpio-, No; he feels strongly about this
01:02 Kacey true but my computer is freaking out from all the posts O.o
01:02 Doc_ as long as we arent all cussing eachother out or slamming someone
01:02 cornernote Lumpino - dont tell me what to do
01:02 OldCoder Doc_, ++
01:02 Lumpio- No, I mean he's literally copy and pasting which is kind of unfair
01:02 Doc_ ++?
01:02 Lumpio- I'm doing this on the fly
01:02 cornernote lol
01:02 OldCoder Lumpio-, I am not sure he is
01:02 Lumpio- nope
01:02 Lumpio- OldCoder: Nobody types 18 characters per second
01:02 OldCoder I do
01:02 cornernote ok, then dont tell me what to do  lol
01:02 Muadtralk cornernote I agree this world is the only one we will ever get the way we are going
01:02 Doc_ you mean the increment operator?
01:02 Doc_ or C++
01:02 Doc_ lol
01:02 Lumpio- Also he suddenly switches to properly capitalized text
01:03 OldCoder Doc_, I was agreeing
01:03 Lumpio- That's all copy-pasted.
01:03 Doc_ ohhh
01:03 OldCoder cornernote, is it?
01:03 Doc_ ok lol
01:03 Lumpio- OldCoder: No, you don't
01:03 Doc_ new thing learned
01:03 cornernote this video is funny .. a guy goes into McDonalds and shows kids videos of a slaughter house
01:03 cornernote https://sites.google.com/site/cornernote/goveg/mcdonalds-kids-watch-slaughterhouse-videos
01:03 Muadtralk I saw that video!
01:03 OldCoder Lumpio-, I was agreeing in principle with the fact that civil is better than swearing
01:03 cornernote much is copy-pasted, yes
01:03 cornernote but who cares... dopesnt make it less true
01:03 OldCoder cornernote, you are getting a say but would it be all right to wrap it up?
01:03 OldCoder It is fine with me
01:03 Lumpio- OldCoder: 18 characters per second is the current typing speed world record
01:03 Lumpio- I doubt you can do that
01:03 NekoGloop cornernote: I watch that while eating a Southern Style Chicken sandwich.
01:04 OldCoder Lumpio-, I am distracted and have not thought about it
01:04 OldCoder But I am close to whatever the world record is
01:04 OldCoder Or I used to be
01:04 NekoGloop I can do that but not for coherent sentences.
01:04 cornernote NekoGloop, do you watch porn while raping children too ?
01:04 OldCoder cornernote, would PM be all right?
01:04 * cornernote laughs
01:04 Lumpio- I can do about 12 cps before I get a ridiculous error rate
01:04 OldCoder Lumpio-, let me talk to him
01:04 cornernote OC, i dont reject any PM
01:04 OldCoder cornernote, may I ask you something in PM?
01:04 Muadtralk chuck norris can type that fast with his pinkie finger
01:04 NekoGloop For coding in lua, I can type a hell of a lot faster.
01:05 Doc_ lol thats a funny vid cornernote
01:05 NekoGloop Muadtralk: Chuck Norris knows the last digit of pi.
01:05 cornernote you can distract the conversation away from the issues, and start talking about if i am pasting or not
01:05 OldCoder cornernote, may we speak briefly in PM?
01:05 cornernote but thats just clearly a disctraction because you dont want to face the issue
01:05 Lumpio- The issue of beef being absolutely delicious?
01:05 cornernote but thats your choice, thats fine
01:05 Muadtralk i couldnt watch the whole vidoe honestly
01:05 Lumpio- There's a Finnish saying
01:06 Lumpio- That says you can't argue about matters of taste
01:06 Lumpio- Or well, you can, but it's pointless.
01:06 cornernote yeah, the issue that you prefer the taste of beef, than the environment, starving children, etc... pretty selfish if you ask me
01:06 cornernote but your choice
01:06 Lumpio- But the starving people are all like, foreign
01:06 cornernote we all have a choice
01:06 Lumpio- And from weird continents like Africa
01:06 Lumpio- What have they ever contributed to the world
01:06 cornernote yes, and they sold their grain
01:06 NekoGloop much.
01:06 cornernote to so your cowcould eat it
01:06 Lumpio- That's their choice
01:06 cornernote while their children starve
01:06 NekoGloop they have contributed much cultural value as well.
01:06 Lumpio- Free market
01:07 cornernote very sad indeed
01:07 OldCoder cornernote, would it be all right to talk briefly in PM?
01:07 NekoGloop Lumpio-: you sicken me,.
01:07 NekoGloop Not from the taste for meat.
01:07 NekoGloop But rather from your heartlessness.
01:07 Lumpio- But their cultural contributions are like
01:08 Lumpio- "let me play you the song of my people"
01:08 Lumpio- tier
01:08 cornernote The Taste Argument:
01:08 cornernote "I love the way meat tastes. I wont deprive myself of this. Therefore, I should be able to eat meat."
01:08 cornernote Objection 1:    This argument allows us to eat humans:  That is, it leaves open the possibility that a person can say, "I love the way human meat tastes. There's nothing that tastes quite like a human!" This principle (something's tasting good) is not something that one would want to be true in general and is something that does not justify the current treatment of animals - this principle
01:08 cornernote could be an argument to eat anything and treat the being/thing (i.e., eatee) as badly as you like.
01:08 cornernote Objection 2:    Think about what it would sound like to argue as follows: "I like the way it sounds, when someone asks you why you're hitting infants on the head with a hammer. There's nothing quite like that sound, and I really like it (and maybe add tradition in here), so I don't see why I should give it up." Or, "I just like the way it smells when I put human flesh to flames!" Or, "I just
01:08 cornernote like to see human flesh burning!" One who makes this argument leaves open the possibility that any sensation that brings pleasure (whether or not that sensation has been cultivated from tradition) is something that it's OK to enjoy, no matter what it takes, costs, entails to enjoy it! "My life is more pleasant with slaves."
01:09 NekoGloop tl;dr.
01:09 Lumpio- Yeah but humans have much more to offer than cows
01:09 Lumpio- Cows are dumb
01:09 cornernote so go do whatever it is you think tastes good
01:09 Lumpio- They don't have culture
01:09 Lumpio- They don't even have a society
01:09 NekoGloop Lumpio-: air is dumb.
01:09 cornernote how do you know?
01:09 NekoGloop water is dumb.
01:09 Lumpio- All they do, literally, is eat and defecate!
01:09 LAD joined #minetest
01:09 Lumpio- NekoGloop: Yeah, but without them we'd be dead
01:09 Octupus Hi LAD
01:09 Lumpio- cornernote: Are you trying to argue cows are telepathic?
01:09 cornernote without what ?
01:10 Lumpio- Without air and water
01:10 LAD het Octu
01:10 NekoGloop Lumpio-: think about it this way.
01:10 LAD has he told u yet
01:10 NekoGloop You cant understand a japanese person talking without knowing japanese.
01:10 NekoGloop So you cant understand a cow speaking without knowing their language.
01:11 Lumpio- So they're telepathic?
01:11 GTRsdk Use Google Translate :D
01:11 Lumpio- Or what
01:11 NekoGloop no, not telepathic
01:11 NekoGloop is a japanese person telepathic?
01:11 cornernote are you saying that non-english speaking beings cannot have tradition or spciety ?
01:11 cornernote lol
01:12 cornernote Lumpio, you didnt really think that through, did you ?
01:12 NekoGloop "moo" could mean many things to them.
01:12 Lumpio- Yeah
01:12 Lumpio- Like
01:12 cornernote how about this....
01:12 Lumpio- "I'm about to eat some grass" or "I'm about to take a dump"
01:12 Lumpio- That's probably the limit of their vocabulary, if there is one
01:12 NekoGloop ...
01:12 cornernote to get milk, a cow is made pregnant... then shortly after birth is taken away from them
01:13 cornernote have you heard a cow scream for its baby ?
01:13 cornernote probably not, you just buy milk from the store
01:13 Lumpio- Also no, I'm pretty sure Japanese people speak a language just like everybody else
01:13 NekoGloop Lumpio-: so do cows. Just not something you understand.
01:13 Lumpio- Well it's OK, it'll probably forget the baby in like two minutes or so
01:13 Lumpio- Or how many seconds did their memory last again?
01:13 OldCoder Cows miss friends
01:13 cornernote Lumpio, you'll probably just forget your mother after i put a bolt through her head too
01:13 OldCoder cornernote
01:14 cornernote you seem to have the inteligence of a cow
01:14 OldCoder PM please
01:14 Lumpio- If they really wanted us to understand them, they ought to be making more of an effort tbh
01:14 Lumpio- They're being like women
01:14 NekoGloop Lumpio-: perhaps they dont want us to know.
01:14 Lumpio- "I don't want to tell you what's wrong; I want you to know what's wrong!"
01:15 Lumpio- If cows are really intelligent, they're hiding it very well
01:15 NekoGloop Lumpio-: just as we cant understand them, they cant understand us.
01:15 NekoGloop Think, you idiot.
01:15 Lumpio- eh
01:15 Lumpio- Cows and humans have been around each other for eons
01:16 cornernote Lumpio , lets say they are not intelligent
01:16 Lumpio- The fact that we can't communicate with them only goes to prove that either party is incapable of high-level thinking
01:16 cornernote do you think they can feel pain ?
01:16 Lumpio- And I'm pretty sure I know which party that is
01:16 NekoGloop you can live with a japanese person your whole life and never learn a lick of japanese.
01:16 cornernote do you think they can feel pain ? ?
01:16 NekoGloop cornernote: of course.
01:17 Lumpio- Yeah, but what if your entire family lives with a group of Japanese people for 10000 years
01:17 Lumpio- Your children will pick it up automagically
01:17 NekoGloop Lumpio-: no.
01:17 Lumpio- cornernote: Sure they can
01:17 NekoGloop your logic has none.
01:17 Lumpio- Luckily that bolt is probably less painful than natural death
01:17 NekoGloop Also, please locate Lumpio-/Feelings.dll
01:17 Lumpio- Unsupported binary format
01:18 Doc_ is there a page for the types of groups for blocks
01:18 Lumpio- Sorry, but I run Linux.
01:18 Doc_ like snappy
01:18 Doc_ choppy
01:18 Doc_ etc
01:18 NekoGloop The file has been moved/renamed.
01:18 Doc_ dang
01:18 NekoGloop Lumpio-: but the world runs its own os.
01:18 NekoGloop Doc_: ?
01:18 Lumpio- Written in Lisp?
01:18 Doc_ can you tell me what they are though
01:18 Doc_ i mean for the blocks
01:18 Doc_ where you say
01:18 NekoGloop Doc_: easy.
01:18 Doc_ groups = {cracky=2, etc}
01:18 NekoGloop snappy == diggable by sword.
01:18 Doc_ k
01:18 NekoGloop cracky == diggable by pick
01:18 Lumpio- cornernote: I'm all for giving other beings painless deaths you know
01:19 Doc_ k
01:19 NekoGloop choppy == diggable by shovel
01:19 Doc_ k
01:19 Lumpio- I find ritual slaughterings like they do in some religions disgusting
01:19 NekoGloop no..
01:19 NekoGloop choppy == diggable by axe
01:19 cornernote Lumpio, painless murder ?
01:19 Doc_ k
01:19 NekoGloop crumbly == diggable by shovel
01:19 cornernote Lumpio, just educate yourself a little bit about what goes on inside a slaughterhouse
01:19 NekoGloop fleshy == NPC or player
01:20 Doc_ oddlydigable by hand (i know that lol)
01:20 Doc_ thanks Nekogloop
01:20 icallitvera joined #minetest
01:20 cornernote we should all watch this... its how cows are killed without pain - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DlnNAwLJkBc
01:20 cornernote i didnt make it up, its not a holloywood thriller, its just the food we eat
01:21 GTRsdk stunning?
01:21 cornernote box
01:21 NekoGloop so we should watch porn because it's "how babies are made"
01:21 * NekoGloop runs from spam pings.
01:21 cornernote no, porn is fake
01:21 GTRsdk actually, it isn't, NekoGloop
01:21 cornernote its actors
01:21 GTRsdk ^
01:21 cornernote this is real, no actors
01:22 cornernote watch how much it bleeds they they slice ths throat open
01:22 cornernote the heart has to be beating, otherwise the meat will be all bloody
01:22 cornernote and nobody wants bloody meat
01:22 Lumpio- Nice generalization
01:22 cornernote you want it all nice and cooked and clean
01:22 Lumpio- There are some slaughterhouses that do it wrong !== everybody does it wrong
01:22 Octupus porn is 2 ppl having sex infront ofa camera for money :)
01:22 cornernote and use knifes and forkes so you dont have to touch it
01:23 Lumpio- er
01:23 cornernote this isnt wrong, this is how its done
01:23 NekoGloop cornernote: screw silverware.
01:23 cornernote there it goes: 2:40
01:23 Lumpio- I think putting something in your mouth is above touching
01:23 cornernote blood gushing out all over the place
01:23 Lumpio- Yeah? So
01:23 Lumpio- If they did it right, the cow is braindead at this point.
01:24 Lumpio- It doesn't think (if it ever did) nor feel anything.
01:24 NekoGloop cows think
01:24 cornernote yes, like your mother would be
01:24 NekoGloop that is a fact.
01:24 cornernote after the bolt
01:24 Lumpio- Exactly. The bolt renders the animal braindead
01:24 Lumpio- Saving it from the pain
01:24 NekoGloop Lumpio-: you are a heartless son of a bitch
01:25 OldCoder NekoGloop, heartless is valid; the rest is unnecessayr
01:25 Lumpio- Since when have men been prosecuted for liking a good ol' burger
01:26 NekoGloop I'm not.
01:26 NekoGloop the simple fact that you dont care at all.
01:26 Lumpio- Oh I care
01:26 Lumpio- I'd care for a cheeseburger right now as a matter of fact
01:26 NekoGloop <insert Still Alive lyrics here>
01:27 cornernote Lumpio, you really are cold
01:27 cornernote you would probably put the bold through your own mothers brain if you liked the taste of her flesh
01:28 Lumpio- No
01:28 Lumpio- Humans make contributions to society
01:28 Lumpio- What do cows contribute
01:28 Lumpio- Apart from evolution they haven't really gone anywhere
01:28 NekoGloop they make the grass in fields not be skyhigh?
01:28 cornernote Humans are killing the earth
01:28 cornernote like a virus
01:29 NekoGloop Humans are a virus.
01:29 Lumpio- cornernote: Maybe you should get rid of that virus then
01:29 Lumpio- Oh, you too
01:29 Lumpio- Start with yourselves, please
01:29 Lumpio- Set an example
01:29 NekoGloop I'd love to eat you...
01:29 Lumpio- No you wouldn't
01:29 cornernote i am getting rid of it... i am trying to leave a smaller footprint on the earth
01:29 NekoGloop Yes I would.
01:30 cornernote 50,000 liters of water can produce 1kg beef
01:30 Lumpio- With my fat content it'd be many times more unhealthy than some beef
01:30 Lumpio- cornernote: How much Coke can it produce?
01:30 Lumpio- I love Coke with beef
01:30 NekoGloop It's much more satisfying if you squirm too!
01:31 Lumpio- I'd still like cornernote to respond to my contribution thing
01:31 cornernote i love the coke while i hear the sound of your mother screaming while i hold the bolt gun to her head... but you don't hear me going on about it
01:31 Lumpio- Instead of falling back on preaching the old "humans are a virus"
01:32 cornernote Lumpio - how have humans contributed ?
01:32 Lumpio- Humans have make freaking lasers
01:32 Lumpio- What have cows done
01:32 cornernote other than fucking the panet ?
01:32 cornernote how do lazers contribute ?
01:32 NekoGloop Lumpio-: if everything living that doesnt give us something for your so-called society, then let's kill every lower class citizen on the planet.
01:32 Lumpio- Humans are /sending laboratories to other planets/
01:32 NekoGloop Including you.
01:32 Lumpio- And what did the cows do while we did that?
01:32 Lumpio- Eat and shit
01:32 cornernote how does that contribute to this planet ?
01:33 cornernote im really missing your point L
01:33 Lumpio- NekoGloop: Oh but lower class citizens do contribute
01:33 NekoGloop no they dont.
01:33 Lumpio- Perhaps not intellectually but they make it possible for the rest of us
01:33 NekoGloop not to your so-called society.
01:33 NekoGloop I was including you in lower class citizen.
01:33 Lumpio- Somebody needs to take out the trash and scrub my pool
01:33 cornernote you say humans make this planet better... but thats a very relative and closed minded view... in actual fact what you ar asking is "how have cows made this planet better for HUMANS"  ?
01:33 Lumpio- Cows can only contribute by, well, dying
01:33 Lumpio- Or milking.
01:34 cornernote you are thinking from a selfish point of view again
01:34 Lumpio- cornernote: All animals only think of themselves.
01:34 Muadtralk anyone wouldnt happen to have a decent shader for kahrls shader thing?
01:34 cornernote not from the perspective of all, or the earth, but from your own selfish eyes
01:34 Muadtralk I am not liking the inversion
01:34 arcanoloth joined #minetest
01:35 Lumpio- Cows don't even realize there's an earth to begin with
01:35 Lumpio- All they see is food and mates
01:35 NekoGloop Lumpio-: did the cavemen know?
01:35 cornernote ok, but can they feel pain ?
01:35 Lumpio- cornernote: Not after they're braindead
01:35 cornernote cows dont know there is an earth, therefore we should smash in their heads ?
01:35 Lumpio- NekoGloop: Nope, and it's a good thing there was nobody around to kill them
01:36 Dogzilla131 joined #minetest
01:36 NekoGloop Lumpio-: with your logic, cavemen should have died.
01:36 Lumpio- cornernote: No, we should smash in their heads so they wouldn't be hurt when we cut out the delicious meat
01:36 NekoGloop So, thus no humans.
01:36 Lumpio- NekoGloop: Yeah, they god lucky
01:36 cornernote in countries that have capital punishment... they dont kill the humans in the same way
01:36 Lumpio- Cows are shit outta luck.
01:36 Lumpio- Should've evolved faster!
01:36 cornernote i wonder why that is... after all, its "humane" right ?
01:36 Octupus Hello Dogzilla131
01:37 Lumpio- cornernote: Well I find capital punishment disgusting in all forms
01:37 Dogzilla131 Hello
01:37 Lumpio- And I guess they don't want to cause any physical trauma
01:37 Lumpio- Would make for an unsightly body
01:37 cornernote here are some quotes from someone who worked in a slaughterhouse
01:37 Muadtralk I support capital punishment
01:37 Lumpio- Here we go again
01:37 Lumpio- Gross generalization time
01:37 cornernote I seen them take those stunners they’re about as long as a yard stick and shove it up the hog’s ass They do it with cows, too And in their ears, their eyes, down their throat They’ll be squealing and they’ll just shove it right down there.
01:38 Lumpio- That's like saying
01:38 Lumpio- "Some cops use excessive force. Let's ban the police"
01:38 cornernote i guess those animals deserve that, for not knowing there is an earth, or speaking english
01:38 cornernote what if it was 90% of police ?
01:38 cornernote then i would probably agree with you
01:38 cornernote how about 80% ?
01:38 NekoGloop Lumpio-: Should you die next, for not knowing japanese, or not inventing the time machine?
01:38 cornernote i'd still say ban police
01:39 Lumpio- But I know Japanese .__.
01:39 NekoGloop fine then
01:39 SpeedProg1 joined #minetest
01:39 Octupus why are u guys talking about what they do to animals in a ranch
01:39 Octupus i think every1 shud know that
01:39 Lumpio- And does proving that a time machine is impossible count?
01:39 NekoGloop Octupus: rather a slaughter house?
01:39 cornernote not a ranch, a slaughterhouse
01:39 Octupus yes that
01:39 NekoGloop Lumpio-: no, it is simply beyond you futile humans.
01:39 cornernote it started because of a conversation about pet food
01:39 Lumpio- "you"?
01:39 Octupus EVERY1 eats chicken or cows or pig :l
01:39 Lumpio- wtf are you, Borg?
01:39 NekoGloop no.
01:39 Lumpio- Octupus: yeah, and they're DELICIOUS
01:40 cornernote and Lumpio decided that my beliefs are worth mocking
01:40 Lumpio- hell yeah
01:40 Octupus :D Lumpio
01:40 Lumpio- high five! _o/
01:40 Lumpio- BACON STRIPS \m/
01:40 cornernote despite the fact it makes him seem selfish and cruel
01:40 Octupus :l
01:40 NekoGloop Lumpio-: I am the next species.
01:40 Octupus i dont eat alot of big
01:40 Octupus *pig
01:40 cornernote He’ll kick them [hogs], fork them, use anything he can get his hands on. He’s already broken three pitchforks so far this year, just jabbing them. He doesn’t care if he hits its eyes, head, butt. He jabs them so hard he busts the wooden handles. And he clubs them over the back.
01:40 Octupus CHICKEN AND COW
01:40 cornernote igs on the kill floor have come up and nuzzled me like a puppy. Two minutes later I had to kill them – beat them to death with a pipe.
01:41 Octupus o
01:41 Lumpio- awww
01:41 cornernote Maybe you should apply for a job there Lumpio ?
01:41 Lumpio- nah I'll stick to IT
01:41 cornernote you'd fit right in
01:41 Lumpio- I like to leave dirty works like that to the lower class
01:41 Lumpio- That's their contribution
01:41 Lumpio- -s
01:41 Octupus GTG
01:42 Octupus bye guys
01:42 Lumpio- k cya
01:42 NekoGloop the lower class doesnt do that.
01:42 cornernote later
01:42 NekoGloop the middle class does.
01:42 Lumpio- Lower is a relative term
01:42 Lumpio- Lower from my viewpoint
01:42 NekoGloop lower class are the criminals, the homeless, the starving.
01:42 cornernote I’ve drug cows till their bones start breaking, while they were still alive. Bringing them around the corner and they get stuck up in the doorway, just pull them till their hide be ripped, till the blood just drip on the steel and concrete. Breaking their legs.… And the cow be crying with its tongue stuck out. They pull him till his neck just pop.
01:43 cornernote doesnt sound like the "painless" death you were preaching about before Lumpio
01:43 cornernote but yet you still say its ok
01:43 NekoGloop Lumpio-: Lower from you is the dirt you walk on.
01:43 Lumpio- When did I say causing pain to animals was ok
01:43 NekoGloop Actually, that's higher than you.
01:43 cornernote how much should we be able to torture these animals before its not ok any more ?
01:43 Lumpio- Please paste those lines because I don't think I did
01:43 cornernote so you dont think its ok to cause them pain ?
01:43 Lumpio- If slaughterhouses are doing it wrong then it's unfortunate
01:43 cornernote sorry if i misunderstood
01:43 Lumpio- But it's not my job to stop them.
01:44 Lumpio- That's what regulatory bodies are for.
01:44 Lumpio- I'm pretty sure I've been thinking about painless slaughtering to begin with
01:44 Lumpio- Remember, the bolts?
01:44 Lumpio- Brain death?
01:44 cornernote but im pointing out thats not what happens
01:44 Lumpio- Your memory is pretty short. You sure you're not a cow?
01:44 Lumpio- Actually
01:44 cornernote and you point out, thats not your problem
01:44 cornernote eg, you dont care about their pain
01:44 Lumpio- That'd explain everything...
01:44 cornernote you'll eat them anyway
01:44 cornernote right ?
01:44 Lumpio- Yeah
01:45 cornernote or do i misunderstand ?
01:45 Lumpio- It's not like they're going to stop if Lumpio- from Finland starts boycotting them
01:45 cornernote so now you'll jump on the "one person can't make a difference" bus ?
01:45 Lumpio- But I promise
01:45 Lumpio- That I'll stop eating meat when I'm the last one doing that
01:45 Lumpio- Ok?
01:45 NekoGloop So i should eat the rest of them? :D
01:46 cornernote so you think its wrong, you justify it because others do it ?
01:46 cornernote or do i misunderstand again ?
01:46 Lumpio- I'm jumping on the "it's unlikely everybody will stop because there are so many people who really don't care" bus
01:46 Lumpio- I do care, but as long as it happens, I might as well not let it all go to waste
01:46 cornernote are you one of those who doesnt care ?
01:46 Lumpio- At least those cows suffered for a reason
01:47 Lumpio- A... scrumptuous, delicious reason drizzled with cheese!
01:47 cornernote do you know they make more cows, enough to meet demand ?
01:47 Lumpio- Which also comes from cows! double-win!
01:47 Muadtralk anyone?
01:47 cornernote so each kg of meat you eat, means more cows are born, so they can become tortured food
01:47 Muadtralk a shader?
01:47 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
01:47 OldCoder Muadtralk, hi
01:48 Lumpio- cornernote: Do you have any quotes from a Finnish slaughterhouse?
01:48 Lumpio- Maybe yours were from a country where there isn't enough regulation
01:48 Muadtralk anyone a shader to work with kahrls branch?
01:48 cornernote using your argument i could say.... as long as someone else rapes women, i will continue to rape women... thats a really horible thing to say.
01:48 Lumpio- They don't sell imported meat that much in Finland because of the mad cow's disease scare some time ago
01:49 Lumpio- Now I can't say I know for sure what it's like in Finland, hence the question
01:49 Lumpio- I'm not really an expert... except at eating the end product!
01:49 cornernote and then you go on about how good it tastes.  (which is akin to saying how good it feels to rape women)
01:50 Lumpio- Yeah but raping a woman will scar her for life
01:50 Lumpio- A cow would probably just like it.
01:50 cornernote not if she is braindead
01:50 OldCoder Maybe other metaphors would be better here
01:50 cornernote OC, got any suggestions ?
01:50 Lumpio- Yeah, but braindeath also kills her contribution
01:50 OldCoder cornernote, maybe you can break soon and help me with my work
01:50 NekoGloop Maybe an end to the conversation would be better.
01:50 cornernote to me, killing an animal is as bad as raping a women
01:50 OldCoder Which has fallen behind because of some of this
01:51 Lumpio- So, do you have any statistics on Finnish slaughterhouses?
01:51 cornernote to others, if you don't like the metephor, read above
01:51 Lumpio- cornernote: So to you, women are equal to cows?
01:51 LAD cornernote did u make the building chest??
01:51 Lumpio- I'm sure you're very popular with the ladies
01:51 NekoGloop Lumpio- cornernote: SHUT. THE. FUCK. UP. ALREADY.
01:51 cornernote <Lumpio-> cornernote: So to you, women are equal to cows? <<---- no
01:51 Lumpio- (ノ´∀`*)
01:51 Lumpio- aww
01:51 Lumpio- cornernote: Cows are above women...?
01:51 Lumpio- NekoGloop :3
01:52 cornernote to you, taste is more important than starving children, the environment, and your own health ?
01:52 NekoGloop would you kill your pet cat?
01:52 NekoGloop just to eat it?
01:52 Lumpio- No, because that would make me sad
01:52 cornernote why do you put your own taste before another human life ?
01:52 NekoGloop so why kill a cow?
01:52 Lumpio- Because they're not pets
01:52 NekoGloop you would make its family sad.
01:52 cornernote thats really sad
01:53 NekoGloop We have proven that cows do know their family.
01:53 NekoGloop e.g. from a baby being taken from a mother cow.
01:53 Lumpio- well durh, it's a protective instinct
01:53 cornernote witht he baby cow... if its a male its even sadder
01:53 Lumpio- cornernote: Finnish slaughterhouse, data or no data?
01:53 cornernote it becomes veil at age 4 days
01:53 Lumpio- If no I'm going to sleep, it's like 4am
01:53 NekoGloop Lumpio-: so, if i really wanted to, i could kill your mother and eat her flesh?
01:54 cornernote and before that, they dont want it to use its muscles, or it becomes less tender
01:54 Lumpio- NekoGloop: I've already answered that two times
01:54 Lumpio- Please scroll up
01:54 cornernote they starve it, and tie it down for its short cruel life
01:54 Muadtralk bloody hell!
01:54 Muadtralk just everyone stop!
01:54 NekoGloop Lumpio-: wouldnt the cow feel the same way?
01:54 Lumpio- Annoyed by your repeated questions?
01:55 Lumpio- No, I don't think a cow would understand the concept of "a question"
01:55 Muadtralk how about this you all will die a horrible fate!
01:55 Lumpio- !?
01:55 Muadtralk cows birds humans
01:55 Lumpio- oh noes
01:55 NekoGloop Lumpio-: what if there was a species that fed off humans?
01:55 NekoGloop would you just let it take your family?
01:55 Muadtralk yes he would
01:55 Lumpio- NekoGloop: I'd fight back
01:55 NekoGloop The cow tries.
01:55 Lumpio- At the very least I'd voice my opinion
01:55 Lumpio- I don't see cows doing that
01:56 Lumpio- Well maybe it's just they're not making much of an effort
01:56 NekoGloop It charges. (assuming it has the strength to do so)
01:56 Lumpio- Ergo, they don't care
01:56 Lumpio- Cruel animals.
01:56 NekoGloop Lumpio-: The only cruel animals on planet earth are Homo Sapien.
01:56 OldCoder Muadtralk has a point
01:56 Lumpio- I'm pretty sure they don't charge if they don't feel threatened
01:56 GTRsdk the cow probably doesn't know it is being slaughtered
01:56 OldCoder Lumpio-, NekoGloop, cornernote any chance of calling it night?
01:56 Lumpio- NekoGloop: But cows were supposed to be equal to us...
01:56 Lumpio- GTRsdk: Exactly
01:56 Lumpio- They should be able to figure it out
01:57 OldCoder I wouldn't kick people for casual speech
01:57 Lumpio- "durh, all my friends disappear after going into that house WONDER WAZZUP WITH IT"
01:57 NekoGloop this is beyond casual.
01:57 OldCoder But perhaps a bot that muted
01:57 OldCoder If cow was mentioned
01:57 OldCoder Consensus
01:57 OldCoder Is enough for tonight?
01:57 NekoGloop OldCoder: holy cow.
01:57 NekoGloop :3
01:57 OldCoder Ha
01:57 OldCoder Is enough for tonight?
01:57 OldCoder What is the mute command?
01:57 Lumpio- k
01:57 OldCoder cornernote, ?
01:57 Lumpio- I need to sleep anyways
01:57 OldCoder cornernote, will you help me with my documents?
01:57 OldCoder Lumpio-, good night then
01:58 OldCoder Muadtralk, I probably should have said that sooner
01:58 Lumpio- We shall continue when we have some stats for Finnish slaughterhouses
01:58 OldCoder Please excuse me
01:58 Lumpio- Because that's where my meat comes from
01:58 Lumpio- ->
01:59 cornernote stats of what ?
01:59 cornernote cruelty ?
02:00 cornernote im sure that like most slaughterhouses, they choose not to have CCTV, or to allow media or the public to come look inside
02:00 Doc_ attempt to index global 'default' (a nul value)
02:00 Doc_ i get this error
02:00 cornernote have you been to your local slaughterhouse ?
02:00 Doc_ for this code
02:00 NekoGloop Doc_: mod needs to depend on default
02:00 cornernote why not decide for yourself ?
02:00 Doc_ sounds = default.node_sound_stone_defaults(),
02:00 Doc_ thats the line that throws it...
02:00 cornernote Doc_, you need depends.txt with the word "default" inside it
02:00 Doc_ oh oh
02:00 Doc_ oh ok*
02:00 Doc_ loll
02:00 OldCoder Muadtralk, I regret the noise
02:00 Doc_ thanks
02:01 GTRsdk is mesecons a bit like redstone?
02:01 cornernote yes, a lot like it
02:01 Doc_ it works
02:01 Doc_ testing my first mod
02:02 cornernote http://www.helsinkitimes.fi/news/index.php/finland/finland-news/domestic/571-dispute-continues-over-animal-welfare-on-finnish-pig-farms
02:02 cornernote http://www.greenisthenewred.com/blog/finland-animal-activists-not-guilty/5345/
02:02 Doc_ you still talking about it....
02:02 cornernote http://www.hs.fi/english/article/Animal+rights+activists+who+secretly+filmed+Finnish+pig+farms+two+years+ago+may+now+face+prison+/1135268972734
02:02 cornernote need more Lumpio- ?
02:02 NekoGloop cornernote: SHUT THE FUCK UP ALREADY.
02:02 cornernote you expect to tell me what to do ?
02:03 cornernote LMAO
02:03 NekoGloop OldCoder: isnt it /quiet <username> ?
02:03 cornernote thats just hypocrisy pushed to the extreme
02:03 Doc_ yay it works
02:03 Muadtralk oldcoder i believe a /kick username is in order
02:03 NekoGloop cornernote: how?
02:04 cornernote how about i tell you not to eat any animal products, if you do that then i will "shut the fuck up"
02:04 cornernote that way we both get what we want
02:04 cornernote deal ?
02:04 Doc_ lol
02:05 OldCoder Hi
02:05 Doc_ hello
02:05 OldCoder Muadtralk, I have spoken to people
02:05 Doc_ testing my first mod
02:05 NekoGloop cornernote: what?
02:05 OldCoder Hopefully it will be quieter now
02:05 OldCoder Muadtralk, I also have a sense of how far things should go
02:05 NekoGloop animal products covers all.
02:05 OldCoder No
02:05 OldCoder More
02:05 OldCoder Animals
02:05 cornernote <Muadtralk>, kick who, for what ?
02:05 NekoGloop because carbon cycle.
02:05 OldCoder For the moment
02:05 OldCoder No kicks
02:05 OldCoder Mutes I think
02:06 cornernote <NekoGloop> animal products covers all. <<-- covers all what ?
02:06 Doc_ i made a block
02:06 NekoGloop cornernote: carbon cycle
02:06 cornernote ok, you lost me
02:06 NekoGloop the animals die (naturally), then the plants rise from that.
02:06 Doc_ and set drawmode to glasslike
02:06 NekoGloop Doc_: drawtype, you mean?
02:06 Doc_ when it is placed it is dark
02:06 Doc_ yes
02:06 cornernote yes, but at that point they are not called animal products
02:07 Doc_ what is wrong
02:07 cornernote thats like calling a rock an animal product
02:07 GTRsdk OldCoder: Do you know why some mods run so slow (e.g. animals mod)?
02:07 GTRsdk or make minetest go so slow?
02:07 NekoGloop cornernote: but yet an animal dies to give me the plant.
02:07 OldCoder GTRsdk, Yes
02:07 OldCoder GTRsdk, but my time is about exhausted for the evening. As am I.
02:07 Doc_ here is the code
02:07 Doc_ http://pastebin.com/fem4GhUM
02:08 Doc_ what is wrong
02:08 cornernote <GTRsdk>, usually its one of 2 callbacks that cause lag... register_on_generated or register_abm
02:08 Doc_ why is it so dark
02:08 Doc_ it is just black
02:08 Doc_ as soon as i change drawtype
02:08 Doc_ to glasslike
02:08 cornernote an animal dies to give you the planet, i dont understand... the planet was here before animals
02:08 Doc_ wait a sec
02:09 NekoGloop cornernote: not planet.
02:09 NekoGloop plant.
02:09 Doc_ ill try removing sunlight-propogates
02:09 cornernote you are saying animals were on the planet before plants ?
02:09 Doc_ lol?
02:09 NekoGloop I'm saying that you are being an idiot.
02:09 cornernote i disagree, i think the plant gave rise to the animal, but who knows... and what does that matter ?
02:09 NekoGloop all are allowed to believe what they like
02:09 Doc_ why cant you both quit talking
02:09 Dogzilla131 hey whats harder to find diamond or mese
02:09 Doc_ neither of you are going to give in
02:09 cornernote i just think that if something feels pain, you shouldnt inflict pain onto it without a good reason
02:10 NekoGloop but pushing their beliefs on others is something i cant stand.
02:10 cornernote and i dont think taste is a good reason
02:10 NekoGloop Dogzilla131: diamonds.
02:10 Doc_ so you need to just do what you believe and let others do the same
02:10 cornernote im not trying to push my beliefs
02:10 NekoGloop Assuming MC to MT comparison.
02:10 NekoGloop cornernote: yes you are.
02:10 cornernote im defending them from those who were attacking my beliefs
02:10 NekoGloop You keep telling us to stop eating meat.
02:10 Doc_ ok well lets all SHUT UP
02:10 Doc_ and forget it
02:10 NekoGloop Doc_: you arent getting my point either.
02:10 Doc_ i am
02:11 cornernote if someone was in here talking about how they dont like rape, and people started saying how much they like rape, and they do it all the time... i think the person who didnt like rape is entitled to defend their view
02:11 Doc_ you dont want him to tell you not to eat meat
02:11 Doc_ yes i see your point cornernote
02:11 NekoGloop People are free to talk; but forcing others to think otherwise is unnacceptable.
02:11 cornernote im not telling anyone not to eat meat
02:11 Doc_ but eating meat is normal in society
02:11 NekoGloop cornernote: yes you are.
02:11 cornernote until he told me to shut the fuck up
02:11 Doc_ rape is not
02:11 cornernote where did i say it Gloop ?
02:12 NekoGloop cornernote: [21:04] <cornernote> how about i tell you not to eat any animal products, if you do that then i will "shut the fuck up"
02:12 Doc_ ever heard of a joke? O_d
02:12 NekoGloop ever heard of listening to the person with the higher IQ?
02:12 Doc_ (assuming that is what it is)
02:12 cornernote <cornernote> im not telling anyone not to eat meat
02:12 Doc_ i have 132
02:12 Doc_ first time i took it
02:12 cornernote <cornernote> until he told me to shut the fuck up
02:12 OldCoder ChanServ won't load here
02:12 NekoGloop < 184
02:12 OldCoder Anybody know why?
02:12 Doc_ on iqquiz.com
02:12 Doc_ lol
02:13 Doc_ nuh uh
02:13 cornernote so, how about you dont tell me what to do, and i wont tell you what to do ?
02:13 Doc_ 184 i dont believe
02:13 NekoGloop Doc_: low age + high intelligence = high IQ
02:13 Doc_ hmmmm
02:14 Doc_ im 14
02:14 Doc_ you are?
02:14 NekoGloop not telling.
02:14 Doc_ lol ur 50 but you put in 3 as your age
02:14 NekoGloop do i seem like I'm 50?
02:14 Doc_ jk
02:14 NekoGloop do i seem, at all, like O
02:14 NekoGloop I'm 50?
02:14 NekoGloop (damn enter key)
02:15 Doc_ lolz
02:15 NekoGloop I should texture the dusts from technic...
02:15 Doc_ return-happy pinky
02:15 NekoGloop tried to press "'"
02:15 NekoGloop hit enter.
02:15 Doc_ can someone help me
02:15 Doc_ http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p524/dangerdoc44/block.png
02:15 Doc_ why is it doing this
02:15 GTRsdk lol this place is active
02:16 Doc_ heres my code
02:16 Doc_ http://pastebin.com/7KpKpXx2
02:16 OldCoder VanessaE, here? Any idea why chanserv won't load?
02:16 NekoGloop GTRsdk: just because Doc_ and cornernote not shutting up.
02:16 OldCoder NekoGloop, see above
02:16 Doc_ i was shut up for a while...
02:16 shadowjay1 joined #minetest
02:16 NekoGloop Doc_: is the image in the folder like this?
02:17 Doc_ yes
02:17 cornernote Because NG is being a hypocrite
02:17 Doc_ wait
02:17 Doc_ no it is bright
02:17 Doc_ 1 sec...
02:17 NekoGloop cornernote: how?
02:17 cornernote telling me to do something
02:17 cornernote then complain when i tell you to do soemthing
02:17 OldCoder NekoGloop, cornernote, VanessaE, any idea why ChanServ won't load?
02:17 cornernote cant belive i have to explain it so many times to you
02:17 NekoGloop you are telling me to do something i am simply incapable of doing.
02:18 cornernote as you are me
02:18 Doc_ here it is in inventory
02:18 Doc_ http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p524/dangerdoc44/block.png
02:18 cornernote i am incapable of shutting the fuck up about issues that i feel strongly about, when people want to mock my beliefs
02:18 Doc_ it shows up right
02:18 Doc_ but when it is placed
02:18 Doc_ it is dark.
02:18 Doc_ cornernote
02:18 NekoGloop cornernote: no.
02:19 Doc_ sometimes there are people in the internet that when they hear something
02:19 cornernote however, every human is capable of a less cruel and lesser footprint on the planet
02:19 Doc_ they think they have to mock it
02:19 Doc_ i agree with that
02:19 NekoGloop i mean i am incapable of giving up a lust for meat and blood.
02:19 OldCoder celeron55, I need the privs to direct chanserv please
02:19 Doc_ well neko
02:19 cornernote yet you assume i am capable of shutting the fuck up ?
02:19 NekoGloop cornernote: because you are.
02:19 cornernote lets agree not to tell each other what to do then
02:19 babyface1031 joined #minetest
02:20 Doc_ and try not to offend eachother....
02:20 Doc_ because it will go on for hours
02:20 cornernote you are as capable of not eating meat as i am shutting up
02:20 Doc_ unless you arent offended
02:20 Doc_ right
02:21 cornernote im not offended, i just dont want to be told what to do
02:21 Doc_ yeah
02:21 NekoGloop no, I'm not actually.
02:21 OldCoder My options are limited unless celeron55 grants me chanserv privs. I can kick and that's about it.
02:21 OldCoder I would prefer mute
02:21 Doc_ well can we all just change the subjects
02:21 OldCoder But that requires chanserv
02:21 Doc_ there should be ignore command
02:21 Doc_ for each person
02:21 OldCoder Yes
02:21 cornernote everyone can do /ignore
02:22 Doc_ oh
02:22 Doc_ lol
02:22 NekoGloop nope.
02:22 NekoGloop i cant.
02:22 Doc_ there is ignore...
02:22 Doc_ ohkay then
02:22 cornernote http://www.ircbeginner.com/ircinfo/ircc-commands.html
02:22 NekoGloop cornernote: webchat cant ignore.
02:22 Doc_ yush
02:22 cornernote well, suck beef then
02:22 Doc_ cornernote
02:22 cornernote :)
02:22 Doc_ can you help me
02:23 Doc_ my block is messing up
02:23 Doc_ http://pastebin.com/7KpKpXx2
02:23 Doc_ here is the code
02:23 Doc_ and this is what happens
02:23 Doc_ http://i1154.photobucket.com/albums/p524/dangerdoc44/block.png
02:23 Doc_ that isnt what the texture looks like
02:23 cornernote you do /ignore cornernote
02:23 cornernote then u wont see me
02:23 cornernote easy
02:23 cornernote sec Doc_
02:23 Doc_ k
02:23 Doc_ wait a sec
02:24 Doc_ im doc22
02:24 Doc22 lol
02:24 cornernote something to do with light
02:24 cornernote wheres the code ?
02:24 Doc22 yeah but what
02:24 cornernote got it
02:24 Doc22 i pasted it
02:24 OldCoder Will somebody tell me how to delete a region with WorldEdit?
02:24 NekoGloop [21:24] == IGNORE Unknown command
02:24 cornernote yeah, sorry im all over the show
02:24 NekoGloop OldCoder: //dig
02:24 OldCoder To air?
02:24 OldCoder Just //pos1 //pos2 //dig ?
02:24 NekoGloop just //dig
02:24 NekoGloop yup
02:24 OldCoder k
02:24 cornernote NekoGloop - get an IRC client, or have a cup of cement and harden the fuck up
02:25 * NekoGloop used Harden!
02:25 Doc22 so cornernote
02:25 * NekoGloop 's Defence rose!
02:25 cornernote reading code, looking for the answer...
02:25 cornernote sed..
02:25 Doc22 this happened as soon as i added drawtype
02:25 cornernote sec..
02:26 cornernote try - sunlight_propagates = true
02:26 NekoGloop cornernote: he has that
02:26 cornernote and this aswell - paramtype = "light",
02:26 NekoGloop lrn2read
02:26 OldCoder VanessaE, for later, I need chanserv privs
02:26 OldCoder celeron55, ditto
02:26 Doc22 i added that
02:27 Doc22 oh paramtype
02:27 Doc22 kk ill try it
02:27 cornernote thanks NekoGloop, why don't you help ?
02:27 Doc22 ok
02:27 NekoGloop cornernote: because the all-powerful gods like yourself obviously dwarf the intelligence of mere beings like me.
02:27 Doc22 testing it
02:27 cornernote also, NekoGloop, i dont see that in his code
02:28 cornernote NekoGloop, good point
02:28 Doc22 because it isnt there
02:28 Doc22 he read the old version
02:28 Doc22 that i pasted
02:28 Doc22 i removed it to see if it would help
02:28 Doc22 yay thank you cornernote
02:28 Doc22 it works
02:28 cornernote so you need both lines ?
02:28 NekoGloop cornernote: learn to not have an ego the size of a planet.
02:28 Doc22 just paramtype
02:29 cornernote Doc22, nice
02:29 Doc22 thanks
02:29 cornernote NekoGloop, there you go again, telling people what to do
02:29 Doc22 im just trying random camoflage block
02:29 NekoGloop cornernote: you arent god,.
02:29 NekoGloop god doesnt exist.
02:29 cornernote you just realised that ?
02:30 Doc22 lets not get into religion...
02:30 OldCoder Good Lord
02:30 OldCoder D:
02:30 Doc22 that thing offends people all over
02:30 cornernote oh i have a whole religious side to my non-cruelty debate
02:30 cornernote wanna get into it ?
02:30 * cornernote laughs
02:30 Doc22 no please
02:30 Doc22 it will last for hours
02:30 cornernote maybe weeks
02:30 Doc22 i feel the way you do about what he said
02:31 Doc22 D:
02:31 TheSlimShady joined #minetest
02:31 TheSlimShady hi everybody
02:31 NekoGloop Oh look.
02:32 NekoGloop someone more to bitch in this arguement.
02:32 TheSlimShady Neko you havent left the pc since i left stfu hahahah
02:32 NekoGloop actually yes i have
02:32 TheSlimShady of course you did
02:33 TheSlimShady anyone wanna rap battle?
02:33 NekoGloop cornernote does.
02:34 OldCoder I need cornernote elsewhere
02:34 TheSlimShady ok, i cant battle cornernote
02:34 cornernote rap battle in IRC  lol
02:35 TheSlimShady yup
02:35 NekoGloop I like how we have pickaxes that are apparently the size of canyons xD
02:35 Kacey joined #minetest
02:36 Kacey hello
02:36 anunakki joined #minetest
02:36 OldCoder anunakki, hi
02:37 Kacey `well that is real nice
02:37 TheSlimShady jooo oooo
02:37 TheSlimShady jo
02:37 TheSlimShady jo
02:37 TheSlimShady listen to  my flow
02:38 Kacey landmine listen
02:38 TheSlimShady i hear theres a wannabe rapper on this chat named cornernote
02:38 TheSlimShady the ABC's is the best thing this kid every wrote
02:38 TheSlimShady everything thing he spits is rote
02:38 TheSlimShady this kid thinks he is cool, he sleeps with goats
02:38 TheSlimShady uhhhh yeah come at me bro
02:38 Kacey aggies (my fraking brother) thought the blocks exploded
02:39 TheSlimShady stfu im in the middle of a battle
02:39 Kacey i was placing them to take screenshots to make a 3d map
02:39 cornernote dude, theres just one thing i gotta do
02:39 cornernote after that watch out cos you're through!
02:39 OldCoder babyface1031, the clear is still running
02:39 OldCoder This may take a while
02:39 cornernote you'll have to give me a minute
02:39 babyface1031 ok
02:39 cornernote but then i'll be back and we can go up with it
02:39 TheSlimShady aiiight corner not ill wait
02:39 cornernote =)
02:40 TheSlimShady :)
02:40 TheSlimShady i need someone to heatup with
02:40 TheSlimShady how about nekogloop?
02:40 Kacey how about your mom
02:40 NekoGloop no.
02:42 cornernote NekoGloop wont battle, he thinks its not super critical
02:42 cornernote but once he starts, he will get hypocritical
02:42 NekoGloop cornernote: what the hell do you even mean?
02:43 * cornernote laughs
02:43 OldCoder cornernote, I have requested an unrelated favor
02:43 OldCoder If you are willing please focus on that
02:43 cornernote sorry, OC, i am reading
02:44 TheSlimShady jooo jooo
02:44 TheSlimShady nekogloop
02:44 TheSlimShady the king is back, calling out neko
02:44 TheSlimShady this kid, is so ugly he looks like a gecko
02:44 TheSlimShady hes a squeaker, his voice does echo
02:44 babyface1031_ joined #minetest
02:44 TheSlimShady i can beat this kid, while sipping pekoe
02:48 TheSlimShady let me spit some more
02:48 TheSlimShady NekoGloop i got bigger balls than you, get off my sack
02:48 TheSlimShady you dont want me your baby face to smack
02:48 TheSlimShady your face is chubby, you look like a baby on crack
02:48 TheSlimShady this kids voice is so sqeaky all i hear is quack
02:48 Kacey oldcoder ban/kick please
02:48 OldCoder Kacey, one moment
02:48 Kacey ok
02:49 * OldCoder considers
02:49 babyface1031_ ban who?
02:49 * Kacey is getting ready to celebrate
02:49 OldCoder Kacey, it is not possible to ban or kick him for long unless he agrees to it
02:49 Kacey ban him multiple times
02:49 OldCoder I'd prefer to use mute for people for short periods instead anyway
02:49 OldCoder Kacey, you are new here
02:49 Kacey menche did it
02:50 * OldCoder is reading
02:50 TheSlimShady no he didnt lol
02:50 TheSlimShady i could still go on
02:50 OldCoder TheSlimShady, NekoGloop could you rap instead?
02:50 Kacey hebanned you multiple times
02:50 TheSlimShady just got bored, it was too slow
02:50 OldCoder How does that work anyway?
02:51 OldCoder Or is that what the above is?
02:51 TheSlimShady i was rapping with nekogloop kacey is just whining for no reason
02:51 OldCoder NekoGloop, you wish to do this?
02:51 * Kacey found the cactus again
02:51 Kacey anger needs props
02:51 NekoGloop do what?
02:51 OldCoder Rap I mean?
02:51 OldCoder Hang on
02:51 OldCoder I am called away
02:51 NekoGloop you think i'm even paying attention to what he's babbling about?
02:51 TheSlimShady ahhaaha
02:52 TheSlimShady Kacey why you mad bro?
02:52 * OldCoder sighs
02:52 Kacey hah me neither but my computer highlights the text when my name comes up
02:52 TheSlimShady god, kids these days
02:52 NekoGloop Kacey: it's really easy to ignore
02:53 Kacey aah fuck the cat
02:53 NekoGloop no, dont fuck the cat. D:
02:53 TheSlimShady VanessaE can you come and ban these kids please
02:53 * Kacey swings the cactus and hits the cat back into the closet
02:53 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: only one who'd be banned would be you, LandMine.
02:53 NekoGloop Kacey: DDDDDDDDDDDD:
02:53 TheSlimShady get off my sack nekogloop
02:53 TheSlimShady i got bigger balls than you
02:54 TheSlimShady you havent even hit puberty
02:54 NekoGloop HAHAHA
02:54 NekoGloop shows what you know.
02:54 Kacey he jumped over me twice and then hit me so he went into the closet
02:54 NekoGloop Kacey: oh i thought you meant me
02:55 NekoGloop Kacey: shows what i get for making myself be known as "the cat"
02:55 Kacey lol no you are the kitty to me
02:56 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWEQf_KrmXY
02:57 TheSlimShady nekogloop i bet your mexican
02:57 Kacey xubuntu yay!!!!!
02:57 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: you just lost that bet.
02:57 Kacey atleast he is blacker than you cracker
02:57 TheSlimShady nah...your parents are mexican or you are
02:57 TheSlimShady and kacey that comment is stupid
02:57 TheSlimShady cause i am mexican
02:57 TheSlimShady now stfu
02:58 TheSlimShady i think i hit a nerve htought, kacey is mexican too
02:58 Kacey where is bill gates when i need him
02:58 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: show me what picture you claim to have of me.
02:58 Kacey same here
02:58 NekoGloop Kacey: Inventing winshit-- i mean win8
02:58 TheSlimShady you know i have it neko lol
02:59 Kacey neko lol he invented xp though
02:59 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: uh, well since you seem to think I'm on mexican descent I'm beginning to doubt you :3
03:00 TheSlimShady nah
03:00 TheSlimShady Kacey so are you mexican?
03:00 NekoGloop The second Alice died from a madman's bullet.
03:01 Kacey fuck no im from the u s of a biotch all american redneck
03:01 NekoGloop He sang a song, bloated with what was false in the world..
03:01 NekoGloop Maddening all those who heard...
03:02 Doc22 testing again
03:02 TheSlimShady if your redneck why would you call me a cracker? hahahaa
03:02 Doc22 my mod
03:02 TheSlimShady what  a stupid redneck
03:02 Kacey well when your car breaks down i guess you have to push it all the way to home depot
03:02 hmmmm who here would be interested in eventually writing Lua scripts for armor, air, experience, and hunger?
03:03 Kacey maybe me
03:03 NekoGloop hmmmm: cornernote has done armor.
03:03 hmmmm how does it work
03:03 hmmmm can you show me that?
03:03 NekoGloop T_A_N_K has done XP
03:03 TheSlimShady Kacey  your have the worst comebacks
03:03 TheSlimShady hmmm dont be lazy and search the forums
03:03 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mWEQf_KrmXY
03:03 TheSlimShady now stop spamming my irc box
03:03 hmmmm lol
03:04 hmmmm TheSlimShady, you seem upset
03:04 TheSlimShady nah..Neko why even send this video? you dont even know what it says
03:04 NekoGloop hmmmm: why would LandMine be upset about anything?
03:04 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: it says gibberish. Literally.
03:04 hmmmm hah!  figured it was him.
03:04 hmmmm the whole trolly attitude going on
03:05 Kacey he got a dick lodged in his ass
03:05 hmmmm never talked to the notorious LandMine directly until now, seems like a douche though.  I see why you guys don't like him
03:05 TheSlimShady cool story hmmm now stop spamming
03:05 TheSlimShady Kacey that comeback sucks too
03:06 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: only one spamming here is you.
03:06 TheSlimShady but keep saying them, eventaually you will say something funny
03:06 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AC6TM9L-6Pk&amp;feature=related
03:06 Kacey i almost forgot to laugh at that landmine
03:07 TheSlimShady you werent supposed too:)
03:07 Kacey that was soooo funny i forgot to laugh
03:09 babyface1031_ well i am logging off for the night see you all tomorrow :D
03:10 Doc22 cya
03:10 Doc22 testing again
03:10 Doc22 ...
03:10 Doc22 i think i got it working now
03:10 TheSlimShady Doc22 what are you testing?
03:11 NekoGloop a LandMine-repellant.
03:11 Doc22 a mod im making
03:11 Doc22 its my first oe
03:11 Doc22 one
03:11 Doc22 its a simple camoflage mod
03:11 TheSlimShady ohh cool luck with it
03:11 Doc22 thx
03:11 TheSlimShady NekoGloop get of my sack
03:11 TheSlimShady i bet you want my dick
03:12 NekoGloop Since you're such a faggot it wouldnt matter to you.
03:13 TheSlimShady that comeback sucked
03:13 NekoGloop so do you.
03:13 * sdzen bitch slaps the two of you
03:13 anunakki joined #minetest
03:14 Doc22 come now ladies, you mustnt fight over such petty things
03:14 Doc22 tsk tsk
03:14 NekoGloop Doc22: haha.
03:14 Doc22 lolz
03:14 NekoGloop sdzen: ... why?
03:15 TheSlimShady sdzen stfu your dirty brasilian sheep fucker
03:15 TheSlimShady hahahahaha
03:15 TheSlimShady j/k
03:16 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uke1neXiIPw&amp;feature=related
03:16 cornernote hey LandMine, i have something come up... wont be able to battle for a little
03:16 TheSlimShady its ok cornernote
03:16 TheSlimShady someother time maybe
03:16 TheSlimShady hey i got some news
03:16 hmmmm dude
03:16 NekoGloop dude.
03:16 hmmmm i showed TheSlimShady a picture of my nutsack
03:17 TheSlimShady if any of you wanna see hmmm 's balls you can see it here
03:17 NekoGloop you arent the center of the channel.
03:17 TheSlimShady http://i.imgur.com/GL00Q.jpg
03:17 hmmmm and he told me that he'd lick it
03:17 hmmmm that kid's gay
03:17 TheSlimShady hmmm balls http://i.imgur.com/GL00Q.jpg
03:17 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: you arent the center of the channel.
03:17 Doc22 seriously oldcoder you should moderate this...
03:17 NekoGloop Get out or accept the facts.
03:17 TheSlimShady posting on 4chan and reporting to cops since he sent the pic to a minor
03:18 OldCoder Doc22, I need the ability to mute
03:18 Doc22 yah
03:18 OldCoder Doc22, I have only the ability to ban or kick
03:18 NekoGloop just ban him.
03:18 NekoGloop We've all had enough.
03:18 TheSlimShady hmmm posting on 4chan and reporting to cops since he sent the pic to a minor
03:18 Doc22 well if they are posting pictures of balls then ban them
03:18 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFezwLIqoJQ&amp;feature=related
03:18 * OldCoder sighs
03:18 OldCoder cornernote, will you join us
03:19 OldCoder NekoGloop, there is an alternative
03:19 OldCoder He wishes to debate
03:19 NekoGloop NekoGloop: what?
03:19 TheSlimShady yeah nekigloop just ban me and get off my sack
03:19 NekoGloop let Landmine run free?
03:19 OldCoder No
03:19 TheSlimShady i mean just mute me
03:19 hmmmm lmao
03:19 hmmmm OldCoder has no backbone, what a pussy
03:19 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: lrn2type.
03:19 OldCoder I can't; I don't have the privs yet
03:19 OldCoder And I dislike the idea
03:19 OldCoder Hang on
03:20 cornernote NekoGloop: lrn2eat
03:20 TheSlimShady hey hmmm im on the phone with my local cops hahaha
03:20 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: lol?
03:20 OldCoder TheSlimShady, you remember cornernote
03:20 OldCoder cornernote, you know TheSlimShady
03:20 TheSlimShady yeah....he said he didnt have time today
03:20 TheSlimShady i said it was cool
03:20 TheSlimShady someother time
03:21 hmmmm hey doodz
03:22 cornernote LandMine, you wanna see whats under my nutsack?
03:22 cornernote the only thing there is my butt-crack
03:22 TheSlimShady wtf?
03:22 cornernote so why dont you suck that
03:23 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gFezwLIqoJQ&amp;feature=related
03:24 cornernote all this fag talks making me nervoius
03:24 Doc22 cool i got my mod
03:24 cornernote i think i'll go back with my friends and herbivores
03:24 Doc22 lol
03:24 TheSlimShady heh
03:24 Doc22 or you could play on my server
03:25 Doc22 lots of herbivores there
03:25 Doc22 (and a few vombies)
03:25 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: Smegma breath. Shut up.
03:25 TheSlimShady you have a server Doc22? whats the ip
03:25 TheSlimShady i wanna see
03:25 cornernote im not here to cause pain or grief
03:25 cornernote all you carcass munchers and fags can go eat your beef
03:27 TheSlimShady cornernote get of my sack bitch
03:28 TheSlimShady your so fulled of herpes, you make my balls itch
03:28 TheSlimShady you cant beat me, all i eat is flitch
03:28 TheSlimShady i know you want me corner, if i was you i'd want me too bitch
03:28 sdzen please kick him
03:28 cornernote kick who ?
03:28 sdzen theslimshady
03:28 cornernote why ?
03:28 Doc22 cornernote
03:29 TheSlimShady we are having a rapbattle sdzen get a sense of humor you queer
03:29 Doc22 want to join my server to review my mod
03:29 cornernote sup?
03:29 cornernote not atm sorry, to many things to do
03:29 sdzen I have no sense of humour sorry
03:29 Doc22 pl
03:29 Doc22 ok*
03:29 Doc22 lol
03:30 OldCoder sdzen, he wishes a battle with cornernote
03:30 OldCoder That may be possible tomorrow
03:30 OldCoder sdzen, I can't summon chanserv here
03:30 OldCoder That is a privs issue; correct?
03:30 TheSlimShady yeah sdzen get off my sack, you goat rapist
03:30 * OldCoder sighs
03:30 cornernote listen up here sdzen, you're just a middle-man... stop being a hick, you don't have the perms to kick
03:31 OldCoder Rap?
03:31 OldCoder Is that what it is?
03:31 cornernote yea
03:31 OldCoder Ah
03:31 OldCoder I rhyme but not that snappy
03:32 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SmOeqLHwn5g
03:33 TheSlimShady joo 1 2 13
03:33 TheSlimShady 1 2 1 2
03:33 NekoGloop Kalinka? Malinka?
03:33 TheSlimShady my dick has been blowed more times that cornernote prom date
03:33 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUQ1TH0MDUk
03:33 TheSlimShady a can of beans is the last thing this fagg ate
03:34 TheSlimShady trying to act hard so we think he is straight
03:34 TheSlimShady he likes men, at night his name is kate
03:34 TheSlimShady yeahhhhh
03:34 Doc22 oh slimshady you wanted to play on my server
03:35 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUQ1TH0MDUk
03:35 NekoGloop Doc22: dont let him.
03:35 NekoGloop PERIOD.
03:35 Doc22 ok
03:35 Doc22 griefer?
03:35 NekoGloop worse
03:35 NekoGloop he'll kill your server computer.
03:35 Doc22 ohkay
03:35 Doc22 thanks
03:35 Doc22 neko
03:35 TheSlimShady yup i will make your pc explode
03:36 NekoGloop w
03:36 NekoGloop Well you killed M13's GPU.
03:36 TheSlimShady did i?
03:36 NekoGloop Yeah.
03:36 TheSlimShady its faggs like you that give me all the fame hahaha
03:36 NekoGloop What, you thought we forgot?
03:36 cornernote LandMine, do you have something to prove,
03:36 cornernote Or is it you're just hiding the truth?
03:36 cornernote The truth that you are living in the gutter,
03:37 cornernote That to buy your last meal you had to be a cum dumpster?
03:37 cornernote Thats not all, i know another...
03:37 cornernote to get your jollies off you like to felch your mother
03:38 GTRsdk TheSlimShady: wanna play on mine (after it's all set up)? :D
03:39 TheSlimShady sure GTRsdk
03:39 TheSlimShady 1 2 1 2
03:39 TheSlimShady cornernote that last words you spit didnt even ryhme
03:39 TheSlimShady your rap skill suck, you can be beaten by a mime
03:40 TheSlimShady i own this shit im like optimus prime
03:40 TheSlimShady your so worthless, wasting you wouldnt even be considered a crime
03:40 NekoGloop TheSlimShady: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aUQ1TH0MDUk Best rap. So shut your yap.
03:43 TheSlimShady OldCoder can you kick NekoGloop for about 5 min so he can reflect about his actions, i come and peace and he starts being hostile
03:44 NekoGloop Who -wouldnt- be hostile to the one griefer on minetest who kills servers outright?
03:44 Doc22 ikr
03:44 OldCoder Reading
03:44 cornernote NekoGloop, don't you kill animals ?
03:44 cornernote i think killing servers isnt as bad as killing animals
03:45 NekoGloop cornernote: would you like to be next?
03:45 cornernote next for what ?
03:45 TheSlimShady OldCoder have you considered
03:45 OldCoder NekoGloop, TheSlimShady I've made it through the day without kicking anybody. I want the ability to mute for 5 minutes. Everybody should be satisfied with that.
03:45 OldCoder NekoGloop, drop the server issue for now
03:45 OldCoder The main question is
03:45 OldCoder Who wants to debate or talk to who right now
03:45 OldCoder I think
03:45 OldCoder There is a debate
03:46 OldCoder I'd like to see
03:46 OldCoder One between these two
03:46 TheSlimShady well me and corner have something going and he just bumbs in
03:46 TheSlimShady no one is talking to hi
03:46 Doc22 lol there needs to me #minetest-debate
03:46 OldCoder NekoGloop, let them talk
03:46 TheSlimShady and he just says negative stuff
03:46 OldCoder I wish to see
03:46 OldCoder what they make
03:46 OldCoder Of each other
03:46 OldCoder Excuse me
03:46 OldCoder Not well
03:46 OldCoder ATM
03:46 NekoGloop they will make fools of each other.
03:46 OldCoder I wish to see
03:46 OldCoder If this is the case
03:46 OldCoder Both of them
03:46 cornernote what do you want to see ?
03:47 OldCoder The two of them
03:47 cornernote why ?
03:47 OldCoder Have something in common
03:47 cornernote who
03:47 cornernote not why... who
03:47 OldCoder cornernote and TheSlimShady
03:47 cornernote ok, and now why
03:47 Doc22 [20:13] <Doc22> come now ladies, you mustnt fight over such petty things
03:47 Doc22 :D
03:47 OldCoder Why do I need you to debate?
03:47 cornernote why would you like to see it
03:47 OldCoder he needs it; and you are up to it
03:47 OldCoder Beyond that
03:47 OldCoder I am learning
03:47 OldCoder About both of you
03:47 OldCoder Though really
03:47 OldCoder I wish this could be
03:48 OldCoder tomorrow
03:48 cornernote debate, or rap-battle
03:48 OldCoder and you cornernote know why
03:48 Doc22 wait so oldcoder you said adhd is bad for programmers
03:48 OldCoder Doc22, yes
03:48 Doc22 and ocd is good
03:48 OldCoder I think it may be
03:48 Doc22 hmmmm
03:48 OldCoder That is an overstatement
03:48 LandMine joined #minetest
03:48 Doc22 i might have ocd
03:48 OldCoder I am confused
03:48 Doc22 but i definitely have adhd
03:48 OldCoder Doc22, you may have a bit
03:48 Doc22 lol
03:48 OldCoder Doc22, then you have an interesting mix
03:48 NekoGloop LandMine: nick is b&
03:48 Doc22 when i imagine things in my head
03:48 LandMine you dont have adhd, your just retarted
03:48 cornernote adhd = lesser concentration, right ?
03:48 Doc22 sometimes they loop
03:48 OldCoder LandMine, TheSlimShady will you debate each other?
03:49 cornernote but with meds you get longer concentration
03:49 OldCoder Yes
03:49 Doc22 i wouldnt say that im retarded
03:49 cornernote LandMine, TheSlimShady <-- same person =)
03:49 OldCoder You are not
03:49 OldCoder I know
03:49 LandMine i would
03:49 OldCoder But in a sense
03:49 Doc22 considering that the first time i took iq i got 132
03:49 OldCoder Are they?
03:49 Doc22 and im 14
03:49 cornernote so i am told
03:49 Doc22 adhd is partially good
03:49 NekoGloop wait what
03:49 LandMine oldcoder wth? i sent you a pm saying i was slimshady
03:49 Doc22 it makes you have lots of energy
03:49 OldCoder LandMine, I know
03:49 NekoGloop OldCoder, check the banlist.
03:49 OldCoder And I believe you
03:49 OldCoder NekoGloop, go on
03:50 Doc22 (im a fast swimmer on swim team)
03:50 OldCoder Doc22, good
03:50 Doc22 and it makes you think faster
03:50 OldCoder cornernote, one or the other
03:50 Doc22 so it is both good and bad
03:50 NekoGloop "*!*@*.189.144.* VanessaE!~vanessa@71-85-120-233.dhcp.spbg.sc.charter.com" should probably not be on the banlist...?
03:50 LandMine docc22 tell it to your face
03:50 OldCoder I need you elsewhere
03:50 OldCoder Oh
03:50 Doc22 that sounds so much like my little brother
03:50 * Doc22 lols
03:50 OldCoder How did that get there?
03:50 OldCoder Oh
03:50 OldCoder Hmm
03:50 Doc22 lolz
03:50 cornernote i cant just debate someone, they have to express a view about something i disagree with
03:50 LandMine NekoGloop im unbannable ithought i had made that clear
03:51 OldCoder LandMine, you are not unbannable. You may agree to it.
03:51 NekoGloop LandMine: nope.
03:51 Doc22 even if i have only bad disorders
03:51 Doc22 im happy with my head
03:51 cornernote NekoGloop has trouble keeping up
03:51 OldCoder cornernote, then return to the document please
03:51 cornernote sure
03:51 NekoGloop all we need to do is purge the virus
03:51 NekoGloop in this case, the virus is landmine.
03:51 LandMine sounds stupid neko
03:52 LandMine your mother should have swollowed you
03:52 NekoGloop facts need not have a ring to them.
03:52 OldCoder That is true
03:52 NekoGloop History need not repeat itself.
03:52 OldCoder True also
03:53 NekoGloop Remove the loop.
03:53 OldCoder Go on
03:53 NekoGloop It is not that hard to remove LandMine.
03:53 OldCoder Life is so odd. The things I see.
03:53 LandMine its not?
03:53 OldCoder NekoGloop, Continue
03:53 NekoGloop LandMine: bots are easy to write.
03:53 OldCoder But should he be removed?
03:53 LandMine why dont you do it NekoGloop ??
03:54 NekoGloop LandMine: because i lack the ability to op said bot.
03:54 OldCoder What is he? What are you?
03:54 OldCoder Sorry
03:54 LandMine you lack brain neko
03:54 OldCoder I am actually not well
03:54 LandMine thats all
03:54 NekoGloop OldCoder: He is the second Alice. I am the Fifth.
03:54 OldCoder NekoGloop, I think I understand
03:54 OldCoder But I won't comment
03:54 NekoGloop His dream is a nightmare.
03:54 NekoGloop Woven from lies, sung with harsh words.
03:54 LandMine second alice?? sounds like a bunch of bullshit to me
03:54 OldCoder What is it that he needs? and you?
03:55 OldCoder Bullshit can be symbolic
03:55 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j6MltGHO-lE
03:55 OldCoder I can't see YT
03:55 LandMine he is just copy pasting from this
03:55 NekoGloop It wasnt meant for you.
03:55 LandMine http://aliceinwonderland.wikia.com/wiki/Alice_Human_Sacrifice
03:55 Doc22 oldcoder
03:55 OldCoder All right
03:55 OldCoder Doc22, PM
03:55 Doc22 ok
03:55 OldCoder And let them talk
03:55 NekoGloop LandMine: No.
03:56 LandMine yup
03:56 NekoGloop Although good eye with noting the reference.
03:56 LandMine so neko what you gonna do to stop me punk?
03:56 LandMine hahahahah
03:57 NekoGloop An Alice cannot wake.
03:57 NekoGloop So I shall torture your dreams.
03:57 LandMine well im convinced your too much into anime bullshit
03:57 OldCoder To what end?
03:58 LandMine getting so deep into something as irrelistic as a movie shows your lonly and over weight NekoGloop
03:58 LandMine stop making a fool out of yourself
03:58 LandMine and resiting this b/s
03:58 NekoGloop LandMine: Alice Human Sacrifice is not a movie.
03:59 NekoGloop It is history told before its time.
03:59 LandMine its a song
03:59 NekoGloop It is true; it just hasnt happened yet.
03:59 NekoGloop LandMine: wrong again.
03:59 LandMine sure
03:59 NekoGloop It is a creepypasta.
03:59 LandMine like you lossing your virginity
04:01 LandMine yeah thats what i tought now keep it shit
04:01 LandMine shut***
04:01 NekoGloop shit is what you are.
04:02 LandMine i could have thought of a better comeback
04:02 NekoGloop Then again, you have no morals.
04:02 OldCoder Wait
04:02 OldCoder NekoGloop, what are your morals? What do you stand for?
04:02 OldCoder Rather
04:03 OldCoder What matters to you?
04:03 LandMine he kills animals according to corner
04:03 NekoGloop Order.
04:03 OldCoder Order
04:03 OldCoder Predictability
04:03 NekoGloop I care for the order of the world, of this channel, of my life.
04:03 OldCoder LandMine, Chaos? Or is that trite?
04:03 OldCoder That seems reasonable
04:03 LandMine seems lame to me
04:04 NekoGloop LandMine is the embodiment of chaos.
04:04 NekoGloop Hence the second Alice, spinning lies.
04:04 LandMine meh again with this non sense
04:04 NekoGloop Ironic that part of the song is playing now.
04:04 OldCoder LandMine, you are Chaos? Comfortable with impulse?
04:05 cornernote i think murdering animals for taste is the embodiment of chaos
04:05 LandMine true
04:05 NekoGloop It is maintaining the balance.
04:05 LandMine what balance?
04:05 NekoGloop The balance of the life on earth.
04:05 OldCoder That is a fair question
04:05 NekoGloop Order must be maintained.
04:05 OldCoder I am not being trite; explain order to me
04:06 LandMine yeah killing an animal will make this world better
04:06 Doc22 cornernote
04:06 NekoGloop Carnivore kills animal.
04:06 Doc22 i dont mean offense
04:06 LandMine what a stupid form of thinking
04:06 NekoGloop Let me rephrase.
04:06 cornernote killing billions of animals every year is keeping balance?
04:06 Doc22 but it is also good for you
04:06 LandMine well OldCoder you are talking to a future serial killer
04:06 cornernote you know those animals that are killed, they are manufactured
04:06 LandMine with his crazy alice b/
04:06 LandMine and balace shit
04:06 Doc22 to restore nutrients to your body
04:06 cornernote whats good for you ?
04:06 NekoGloop Plant grows. Herbivore eats plant. Carnivore eats herbvore.
04:06 OldCoder LandMine, but won't the belief in order direct things?
04:07 Doc22 i am not shoving anything down your throught
04:07 Doc22 throut
04:07 cornernote Doc22, if meat was good for you... US medicare wouldnt be bankrupting the country...
04:07 Doc22 hmmm
04:07 OldCoder NekoGloop, you are referring to natural cycles
04:07 OldCoder Doc22, hi
04:07 LandMine Doc22 stfu go mind your own buisness
04:07 Doc22 hrmmmmmm
04:07 NekoGloop OldCoder: The order of nature.
04:07 SpeedProg joined #minetest
04:07 LandMine it would make sense if you were to eat it
04:07 LandMine but killing for killing is stupid
04:08 NekoGloop Killing for killing is below me.
04:08 cornernote how about killing for taste ?
04:08 cornernote killing for entertainment
04:08 Doc22 that is evil
04:08 NekoGloop Killing to feed oneself.
04:08 cornernote killing for convenience ?
04:09 Doc22 and i dont agree with killing for entertainment or convenience
04:09 cornernote you mean you need to kill to feed yourself ?
04:09 NekoGloop no.
04:09 Doc22 yes
04:09 OldCoder NekoGloop, all right; let's say that nature has patterns
04:09 OldCoder Where do you go with that?
04:09 NekoGloop I uphold them.
04:09 LandMine_ joined #minetest
04:09 LandMine_ ahhh i dc
04:09 LandMine_ ahhh i dc
04:10 OldCoder NekoGloop, uphold how?
04:10 OldCoder I am not criticizing
04:10 cornernote I have lived a life where I accept animal cruelty as a way of living, you have not lived a life where you exclude animal cruelty.  Some people grow to make a connection that you have not yet made.
04:10 NekoGloop Maintain the balance.
04:10 OldCoder NekoGloop, be part of nature
04:10 OldCoder ?
04:11 Doc22 i see how you would feel around that cornernote
04:11 OldCoder And LM is different? How so?
04:11 NekoGloop LandMine disrupts Peace.
04:11 OldCoder Is order peace?
04:11 OldCoder Predictability
04:11 OldCoder That is part of it
04:11 NekoGloop Order creates Peace.
04:12 cornernote NekoGloop, in nature, animals rape others within their species... seems pretty normal for animals...  do you rape females of your species to maintain the balance ?
04:12 OldCoder One type of peace
04:12 NekoGloop cornernote: This is not design.
04:12 cornernote animals have beliefs and desires, an emotional life, memory, and the ability to initiate action in pursuit of goals — and therefore should be viewed as ends in themselves, not a means to an end
04:13 NekoGloop Animals are part of Order.Nature
04:13 LandMine_ wow such drama
04:13 cornernote Unless you are actually starving to death, food is not worth killing for...
04:13 OldCoder NekoGloop, things are a certain way
04:13 OldCoder They follow cycles
04:13 LandMine_ its just obvious that nekogloop is a future serial killer
04:13 LandMine_ or rapist
04:13 OldCoder The cycles are natural and predictable
04:13 LandMine_ with that form of thinking
04:13 OldCoder Is all of this correct?
04:13 LandMine_ and that alice b/s
04:13 OldCoder LandMine_, that is not signaled by the Order stuff. What about that? Is he upset because you are unpredictable? Or follow now rules?
04:14 OldCoder *no rules
04:14 NekoGloop Order creates cycles. If such cycles are broken, chaos will prevail.
04:14 LandMine_ hes mad cause he cant shit talk at me
04:14 cornernote maintain the balance .. have a chicken nugget - http://www.green-blog.org/media/images/uploads/2010/07/factoryfarming3_thumb.jpg
04:14 NekoGloop cycles must continue.
04:14 OldCoder LandMine_, He can't control you
04:14 cornernote cos in nature, live baby chicks get fed into a grinder
04:14 OldCoder NekoGloop, how does he disrupt cycles?
04:15 LandMine_ cuase i could kick his ass
04:15 * OldCoder shrugs
04:15 NekoGloop OldCoder: By "trolling".
04:15 OldCoder I see
04:15 NekoGloop Upsetting of sentient beings causes chaos.
04:15 OldCoder NekoGloop, true
04:15 OldCoder But you are especially rattled in this case. True opposites.
04:15 OldCoder That is why I assume
04:16 OldCoder You can't control him. He isn't concerned about you. Should he be?
04:16 OldCoder Isn't there a balance?
04:16 LandMine_ concered about him?
04:16 OldCoder Order and Chaos
04:16 OldCoder You are not
04:16 OldCoder So where is the balance?
04:16 LandMine_ hes just a killer expecting to break loose
04:16 OldCoder Based on the song
04:17 OldCoder But that may be nothing but a symbol
04:17 OldCoder Five Alices
04:17 NekoGloop The host's liking of music is irrelevant.
04:17 cornernote this looks natural - http://veganvirtues.files.wordpress.com/2011/05/milk1.gif
04:17 OldCoder NekoGloop, all right
04:18 LandMine_ nekogloop and his five alices can kiss my hiary mexican ass
04:18 OldCoder That is fine
04:18 OldCoder LandMine_, we know his problem with you
04:18 NekoGloop Unknown reason of callback: irc.hl
04:18 OldCoder You are not concerned about him
04:19 OldCoder is that true?
04:19 OldCoder Excuse me if it is none of my concern
04:19 LandMine_ im not concered about him
04:20 LandMine_ i dont give 2 shits abou thim tbh
04:20 LandMine_ hahahaha
04:20 OldCoder All right
04:20 NekoGloop minetest.register_on_globalstep(function(player) if player.name == "Landmine" then player.hp = 0 end end)
04:21 LandMine_ i can just change name stupid
04:21 LandMine_ hahhahahah
04:21 OldCoder LandMine_, do you spend time here partly because of him?
04:21 LandMine_ LandMine1 and its fixed
04:21 LandMine_ hahahah
04:21 LandMine_ not really
04:21 OldCoder All right
04:21 LandMine_ but he does
04:21 OldCoder because of you?
04:21 LandMine_ he cares alot about me
04:21 LandMine_ yeah cause of me
04:21 LandMine_ hes on my sack
04:21 OldCoder Just here?
04:22 NekoGloop minetest.register_on_globalstep(function(player) if string.find(player.name, "Landmine") >= 1 then player.hp = 0 end end)
04:22 NekoGloop debug complete.
04:22 OldCoder NekoGloop, what about order and chaos
04:22 OldCoder It is Goddamn trite
04:22 OldCoder But seriously just like in the stories
04:22 NekoGloop OldCoder: Order must be upheld.
04:22 OldCoder Aren't they both supposed to be there?
04:22 OldCoder Suppose I agree!
04:22 OldCoder But is order static?
04:22 NekoGloop Order must exist
04:23 OldCoder it is a cycle
04:23 OldCoder Yes
04:23 NekoGloop Chaos must be eliminated.
04:23 LandMine_ NekoGloop i disrupt all oder, what are you gonna do bitch?!!!!!
04:23 OldCoder Entirely?
04:23 OldCoder NekoGloop, chaos and order are brothers
04:23 OldCoder Who are supposed to fight
04:23 OldCoder Eliminated
04:23 NekoGloop Unknown operation
04:23 NekoGloop Unknown operation
04:23 NekoGloop Unknown operation
04:23 OldCoder Would order even be possible?
04:24 LandMine_ hahahah NekoGloop get  off my sack you fucking loony aahahahaha
04:24 OldCoder NekoGloop, *must* chaos be eliminated?
04:24 NekoGloop Yes.
04:24 OldCoder It sounds idiotic in movies but
04:24 OldCoder What is left if a coin just has one side?
04:25 OldCoder I'm serious
04:25 OldCoder Order
04:25 OldCoder Is crucial
04:25 NekoGloop Balance is a product of Order.
04:25 OldCoder Balance between
04:25 OldCoder Order and Chaos
04:25 NekoGloop Imbalance is a product of Chaos.
04:25 LandMine_ NekoGloop ypur not a man, your just a deep voiced bitch
04:25 NekoGloop Order will prevail.
04:26 NekoGloop Balance will be made between Order and Chaos.
04:26 NekoGloop Order will be stronger.
04:26 OldCoder Wait
04:26 OldCoder You acknowledge the balance will be between the two of them
04:26 OldCoder They must both exist
04:26 NekoGloop FATAL ERROR
04:26 OldCoder They are different ways of looking at the qualities of things
04:26 NekoGloop FATAL ERROR
04:26 NekoGloop FATAL ERROR
04:26 NekoGloop FATAL ERROR
04:27 OldCoder FATAL ERROR was not my intent
04:27 * OldCoder sighs
04:27 LandMine_ lol
04:27 LandMine_ finally
04:27 OldCoder LandMine_, he should exist
04:27 OldCoder Serves a role
04:27 LandMine_ i never said he shouldnt?
04:27 OldCoder All right
04:27 LandMine_ i was just making fun of him
04:27 OldCoder I know
04:27 OldCoder I hope he's O.K.
04:27 LandMine_ i think his form of thinking is stuid
04:27 LandMine_ same
04:27 OldCoder And he feels the same way about you
04:28 LandMine_ i bet he does
04:28 OldCoder But Order and Chaos are different parts of the same thing
04:28 LandMine_ i see
04:28 OldCoder Lord
04:28 OldCoder I know how trite that sounds
04:28 OldCoder No need to point it out
04:28 * OldCoder considers
04:28 LandMine_ lol
04:28 LandMine_ its ok
04:28 NekoGloop joined #minetest
04:28 OldCoder NekoGloop, you O.K. ?
04:28 NekoGloop the hell happened to my webchat tab.
04:28 NekoGloop why do you ask?
04:28 OldCoder Well maybe
04:28 OldCoder FATAL ERROR
04:28 OldCoder FATAL ERROR
04:28 OldCoder Did it
04:29 OldCoder Was that you or somebody else
04:29 OldCoder Pretending to be you?
04:29 NekoGloop what are you talking about?
04:29 OldCoder Heh
04:29 OldCoder One moment
04:29 OldCoder <NekoGloop> FATAL ERROR
04:29 OldCoder <OldCoder> They are different ways of looking at the qualities of things
04:29 OldCoder <NekoGloop> FATAL ERROR
04:29 OldCoder <NekoGloop> FATAL ERROR
04:29 OldCoder <NekoGloop> FATAL ERROR
04:29 OldCoder ?
04:29 LandMine_ it was him
04:29 LandMine_ lol
04:29 OldCoder All right
04:29 NekoGloop lol?
04:30 OldCoder The two of you ought to work things out
04:30 LandMine_ i dont care about this pickle kisser hahahaha
04:30 LandMine_ he is the one wiht the issure
04:30 LandMine_ issue***
04:30 LandMine_ not just with me but mentally
04:30 NekoGloop one asterick is enough.
04:30 LandMine_ ***************
04:31 NekoGloop random fact: * is 42 in ASCII
04:31 OldCoder LandMine_, Acknowledged. Yet is he wrong about a balance?
04:32 NekoGloop What balance?
04:32 LandMine_ me wooping your ass
04:32 NekoGloop haha.
04:32 OldCoder NekoGloop, somebody with your nick
04:32 OldCoder Has been talking about balance between order and chaos
04:32 OldCoder Was that you?
04:33 OldCoder I have no right to advise either of you BTW and I know it
04:33 LandMine_ look at his ip
04:33 LandMine_ it was him
04:33 OldCoder O.K.
04:33 OldCoder You have misunderstood
04:33 OldCoder I was not implying it was you
04:33 LandMine_ i know
04:33 OldCoder NekoGloop, what are you thinking?
04:33 LandMine_ but there are 2 retards that would htink nekogloop is a cool name
04:34 LandMine_ arent*******************
04:34 NekoGloop OldCoder: i dont understand the question.
04:34 OldCoder NekoGloop, all right
04:35 OldCoder NekoGloop, LandMine_ I am ill enough I can't talk much longer. NekoGloop how do you feel?
04:35 NekoGloop Alright?
04:35 OldCoder NekoGloop, Are you irritated by LandMine_ but able to accept the fact he is out there?
04:35 OldCoder A few minutes ago
04:35 NekoGloop Yes?
04:35 OldCoder All right
04:36 LandMine_ hahah
04:36 LandMine_ what a retard playing crazy
04:36 OldCoder LandMine_, that is not to imply he could affect you
04:36 LandMine_ lol its ok
04:36 OldCoder And I don't think it's about crazy
04:36 LandMine_ i do
04:36 OldCoder Fine
04:36 LandMine_ he knows what he was saying was just b/s
04:37 LandMine_ so now hes like what?
04:37 OldCoder Then what is he thinking?
04:37 LandMine_ when where?
04:37 LandMine_ he feels stupid about himself
04:37 OldCoder That does not need to be Fatal Error
04:37 OldCoder People survive that
04:38 OldCoder LandMine_, you said you don't care about him
04:38 OldCoder He seems unsure how he feels about you
04:38 OldCoder If you are Order Chaos a balance really should be possible
04:38 OldCoder But as I said
04:38 OldCoder I got no right to comment
04:38 OldCoder It is just that
04:38 OldCoder I have changed myself in recent years
04:38 OldCoder I actually don't want
04:38 OldCoder Anything to happen to either of you
04:39 OldCoder I think
04:39 OldCoder I need to finish what I am working on
04:39 LandMine_ guess so
04:39 OldCoder Because I can't stay awake much later than this
04:39 LandMine_ same, its 10:30 here lol gotta wake up a 4 am for schhol
04:39 OldCoder Fair enough
04:39 OldCoder No further comments at this time
04:39 LandMine_ kk
04:40 NekoGloop hm... reviewing the logs, that seems like a bot i put together. Kinda sloppily coded.
04:40 LandMine_ hahahah ahhahahahaa hahahahhahaha
04:40 NekoGloop Wonder why it activated.
04:40 LandMine_ hahahahaha
04:40 LandMine_ hahahahahahaha
04:40 LandMine_ hahahahahah
04:40 OldCoder We can discuss it another time
04:40 LandMine_ hahahah
04:40 LandMine_ god i could have thought of another exucse
04:40 LandMine_ hahahah
04:41 LandMine_ i htink that comment just dropped my IQ by 20 points
04:41 NekoGloop to -20?
04:41 NekoGloop Anyway, I'm off to bed as well.
04:42 LandMine_ OldCoder common man you think that was a bot?
04:42 OldCoder No
04:42 OldCoder I have guesses but as I have said; I'll take a few years before I write about it
04:43 OldCoder I've made enough mistakes in my life
04:43 OldCoder AFK or in PM now on other matters
04:43 LandMine_ kk, well im sleepy and this cold is killing me
04:43 OldCoder I have about 4 hours to finish something
04:43 LandMine_ so im of to sleep
04:43 LandMine_ take care
04:43 OldCoder All right
04:44 Doc22 gtg
04:45 Doc22 cya later
05:04 hmmmm i wonder how old landmine is
05:04 hmmmm definitely under 18
05:18 cornernote isnt everyone here under 18 ?
05:21 cornernote while it's the people that need feeding, it's the animals we're breeding, they outnumber humans 6 to 1
05:21 cornernote many children hardly eat, cos their food is fed to meat, while this blame for this shame you pass on
05:25 hmmmm i'm 21
05:25 hmmmm celeron is around my age too
05:35 cornernote then im an old fart :(
05:39 FreeFull cornernote: I'm 18
05:42 anunakki i'm 25
05:47 OldCoder cornernote, I am not under 18 :-)
05:47 OldCoder It does not seem so very long ago
05:48 GTRsdk note his name: OldCoder
05:48 hmmmm hah
05:48 hmmmm i doubt he's really that old
05:49 hmmmm you know how i know?  he's here and playing minetest almost nonstop - that means no job
05:50 GTRsdk he could be old enough to not need a job anymore :D
05:51 hmmmm he certainly wouldn't be playing video games at THAT age
05:54 OldCoder Regrettably this is not the case
05:56 GTRsdk well... if I was that old... I might :D
05:56 OldCoder k
06:11 Kacey joined #minetest
06:12 Kacey good landmine is gone
06:12 hmmmm how tall is the ceiling of the nether in minecraft?
06:13 Kacey good question
06:16 GTRsdk I'd find out
06:16 GTRsdk if I knew how to get there
06:17 hmmmm from the minecraft videos i've watched, you need 14 obsidian blocks and flint
06:17 hmmmm and obsidian is made by touching flowing water with a lava source block
06:20 neko259 joined #minetest
06:21 Kacey-ubuntu joined #minetest
06:21 Kacey-ubuntu i have a vm running xubuntu
06:21 Kacey yes i do
06:22 hmmmm nether seems really tough to generate without 3d perlin noise
06:22 Kacey-ubuntu coool
06:23 hmmmm i'd reaaaaaaaally rather not, especially for how huge the caverns are
06:25 Kacey-ubuntu i like x ubuntu
06:26 Kacey-ubuntu oldcoder are you online
06:26 hmmmm well, it's cheap, but here's what i have in mind: 1 2d perlin map for the floor height, 1 for the ceiling, 1 for the boundaries.  when you come into contact with a boundary, another perlin map generates the Y-Z or X-Y area
06:26 hmmmm so that's 5 in total
06:26 hmmmm not too bad i guess, it's fast too
06:26 Kacey-ubuntu O.o
06:27 OldCoder Yes
06:27 OldCoder Kacey, Hi
06:27 OldCoder Kacey-ubuntu, Hello
06:27 OldCoder You got it working
06:27 Kacey-ubuntu i have a vm running xubuntu
06:27 OldCoder Congratulations
06:27 Kacey yes i do
06:27 OldCoder Remember to write down the pass this time?
06:27 OldCoder :-)
06:27 Kacey-ubuntu lol it logs me in automatically
06:27 OldCoder You can compile C programs and MT in there BTW
06:28 Kacey-ubuntu might do that hang on
06:29 Kacey-ubuntu brb
06:32 Kacey-ubuntu joined #minetest
06:32 Kacey-ubuntu back
06:33 Kacey-ubuntu time to explor the possiblities of the os
06:33 OldCoder There are many
06:33 cornernote all your base are belong to us!  - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qItugh-fFgg
06:34 cornernote what happen? someone set us up the bomb
06:34 OldCoder ?
06:34 Kacey-ubuntu first off
06:34 Kacey-ubuntu wallpaper
06:34 cornernote OC, you have no time to look, i'll explain tomorrow
06:34 OldCoder cornernote, you mean YT?
06:34 cornernote yea
06:34 OldCoder Can't download it presently
06:35 OldCoder They changed the mechanisms
06:35 cornernote "all your base"
06:35 cornernote it was a HUGE internet fad
06:35 cornernote the likes of nyancat
06:35 cornernote theres a wikipedia page on it
06:37 ruskie OldCoder, just update youtube-dl if using that to the latest version and it works fine for downloading
06:37 cornernote what happen?
06:38 cornernote you have no chance to survive make your time
06:38 OldCoder ruskie, thank you
06:38 Kacey-ubuntu linux linux ooh how i love linux
06:39 cornernote Kacey - yeah, it can have its moments =)
06:39 cornernote like when you try for 3 days to do something on windows
06:39 cornernote then there is like 3 commands in linus that do it all for you
06:39 cornernote in 2.5 minutes
06:40 Kacey-ubuntu lol
06:40 ruskie heh
06:40 Kacey-ubuntu i need to learn it though
06:41 Kacey-ubuntu :-D
06:45 Kacey-ubuntu wallpaper changed
06:49 Kacey-ubuntu i sooo happy
07:00 Kacey-ubuntu lalalalala i love linux now
07:03 cornernote what's the best way to prevent death - http://nutritionfacts.org/video/uprooting-the-leading-causes-of-death/
07:03 Kacey-ubuntu sit ona computer for your whole life
07:09 OldCoder Kacey-ubuntu, glad to hear it but what was the significant issue?
07:10 * OldCoder will return soon
07:10 Kacey-ubuntu oldcoder what do you mean
07:22 Kacey-ubuntu dobe dobe dobe do
07:22 cornernote hes really busy
07:22 cornernote might not get back to you right away
07:24 Kacey-ubuntu i know im just waiting on turbolinux.iso to download
07:24 Kacey-ubuntu O:-)
07:25 Kacey-ubuntu gonna chat with myself
07:25 Kacey joined #minetest
07:25 Kacey hello me
07:25 Kacey-ubuntu hello
07:26 Kacey how si xubuntu going
07:26 Kacey is*
07:26 Kacey-ubuntu awesome
07:26 Kacey sweet
07:26 Kacey-ubuntu ya
07:26 * cornernote used to think he was crazy
07:26 Kacey lol
07:27 Kacey-ubuntu lol
07:27 Kacey-ubuntu wait till oldcoder sees this
07:27 Kacey hes gonna flip
07:31 Kacey come on turbolinux download already
07:31 Kacey-ubuntu ya it is boring sitting here
07:31 Kacey thanks for saying what was on my mind
07:31 Kacey-ubuntu np
07:32 Kacey cornernote gone insane yet?
07:32 cornernote you can watch this while you wait - https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&amp;v=veqdm5zbggQ
07:32 Kacey-ubuntu have you yet
07:32 cornernote im way beyone insane
07:32 Kacey no i am for
07:33 cornernote im notuninsane
07:33 Kacey-ubuntu chatting withmyself
07:33 Kacey well you see
07:33 Kacey-ubuntu the voices have control now
07:34 Kacey to the point where
07:34 cornernote well, my voice is telling me that im not crazy
07:34 cornernote the voice in my head i mean
07:34 Kacey-ubuntu i no longer need a therapist
07:34 Kacey but a hostage negotiator
07:34 OldCoder Hi
07:34 Kacey-ubuntu hello
07:35 Kacey oldcoder
07:35 Kacey-ubuntu i have been
07:35 * OldCoder reads up
07:35 Kacey chatting myself
07:35 * OldCoder chuckles
07:35 OldCoder I C
07:36 Kacey-ubuntu once turbolinux downloads i am going to bed
07:36 Kacey very much so
07:36 Kacey-ubuntu im just downloading the iso
07:36 OldCoder good
07:36 Kacey tomorrow there will be 3 of me
07:36 OldCoder o?
07:37 * Kacey is hyper already
07:37 OldCoder i c
07:37 * Kacey-ubuntu is also hyper
07:37 OldCoder sees what
07:37 Kacey fail
07:37 OldCoder I once joined
07:37 OldCoder startups channel
07:37 OldCoder with a different copy of every chat program
07:37 OldCoder so that we could compare their merits
07:38 Kacey-ubuntu ooh god
07:38 OldCoder I was there is Irssi Coder, Quassel Coder, HexChat Coder etc.
07:38 OldCoder *as
07:38 OldCoder People talked of their favorite clients
07:38 OldCoder So 2 or 3 of you is nothing new :p
07:38 Kacey wait till i have 12 of me
07:38 cornernote one cornernote is enough
07:38 OldCoder I think Freenode has a limit below that
07:39 OldCoder thexyz, Hey
07:39 Kacey honestly i am no good with nicks though
07:39 OldCoder thexyz, quick question
07:39 OldCoder Kacey, nicks are easy picks
07:39 Kacey-ubuntu left #minetest
07:39 OldCoder So that you can fix
07:39 OldCoder Try a mix
07:39 OldCoder of nicks
07:40 thexyz OldCoder: ?
07:40 OldCoder thexyz, I wish to build your client under Windows but I need to disable MySQL LevelDB Boost. There is a switch for MySQL but does not work. No switch for the others.
07:40 OldCoder Comments if O.K. to ask please
07:40 Kacey i will be on tomorrow
07:41 thexyz OldCoder: mysql one should work
07:41 OldCoder thexyz, had trouble; but what about Boost and LevelDB? alternatively I will try to add Boost if you think I should
07:42 thexyz i'll make switch for it too
07:42 OldCoder t y
07:42 OldCoder document mysql off switch please i must have had it wrong
07:46 thexyz OldCoder: cmake -DMYSQL_BACKEND=0
07:47 OldCoder Yes
07:47 OldCoder I tried that; I will document errors next time
07:47 thexyz ok
07:47 OldCoder t y regarding Boost and LevelDB issues
07:47 Calinou joined #minetest
07:47 OldCoder I may try to add Boost
07:47 OldCoder thexyz, what's your take on C55 upstream?
07:47 OldCoder They are merging patches now
07:47 OldCoder Will some of those come to you?
07:48 thexyz they've already came
07:48 OldCoder Good
07:48 thexyz https://github.com/minetest/minetest/commits/master
07:48 OldCoder so you remain the superior codebase :-)
07:50 Calinou in russia, minetest codes itself
07:50 OldCoder thexyz, I have promised to build NekoGloop a client with T_A_N_K dig animation patch. Will be easier with the new siwtches.
07:50 OldCoder Heh
07:50 Calinou hi :)
07:50 OldCoder Calinou, hello
07:50 OldCoder thexyz, Gameboom is inquiring regarding LevelDB
07:50 OldCoder They have a 4GB map; or had one
07:51 Calinou https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/278 < why was this closed?
07:53 thexyz https://github.com/celeron55/minetest/pull/279
07:53 thexyz Calinou: see diff
08:03 aheinecke joined #minetest
08:04 cornernote http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/31028_428741230522183_1906238961_n.jpg
08:16 Calinou cornernote: what?
08:18 Phvli baww, that's cute
08:18 Phvli makes me want to eat meat even more
08:18 celeron55 wtf #278
08:18 Phvli because without the demand we woudnt be breeding such a cute bunch of furry fellows
08:18 celeron55 i call that rape
08:25 theDrumm joined #minetest
08:30 cornernote celeron55, RBA was talking to me about that request
08:30 cornernote the reason was so that he could draw a full background for a formspec
08:31 cornernote Phvli, did you know that farming those animals is really bad for the environment ?
08:33 cornernote Rivers and underground aquafas that took millins of years to fill are now running dry.
08:33 cornernote It takes 50,000 litres of water to make 1kg of beef.
08:34 cornernote Emmisions from livestock are much higher than that of transport.
08:34 Phvli yeah but damn those things taste good when you but them in your mouth
08:34 redcrab Hi, Finally the server is still stable meanwhile the map db size is over  4.4 Gb.. No issue raise yet ..
08:34 cornernote so you like the taste of it, so that justifies it ?
08:35 Phvli why not?
08:35 Phvli people eat rice do they not?
08:35 cornernote using your argument, i could say "i like the sound it makes when a steal bar hits a childs head"
08:35 Phvli well attacking sentient beings is just plain wrong
08:35 cornernote ok
08:35 cornernote can you define sentient ?
08:36 Phvli a human?
08:36 cornernote i think you should read the meaning of it
08:36 cornernote Sentience is the ability to feel, perceive, or be conscious, or to have subjective experiences.
08:36 Phvli have you asked a cow if it experiences any of those things?
08:36 cornernote you think cows can't feel pain ?
08:36 cornernote i know cows feel pain
08:37 Phvli how do you know that?
08:37 cornernote ok, i believe they do
08:37 cornernote i dont know anything, nobody does
08:37 Phvli there you go
08:37 cornernote i believe they feel pain because...
08:37 cornernote they react the same as i do when i feel pain
08:37 cornernote why do you believe a human that is not you feels pain ?
08:37 Phvli i guess you dont believe a plant can feel pain?
08:38 cornernote perhaps, not sure... but i dont think they are sentient, but i could be wrong
08:38 cornernote i know that i'd rather go strawberry picking than smashing in the heads of cows
08:38 cornernote strawberrys grow back
08:38 Phvli so do cows
08:39 cornernote perhaps a plant that dies when you take its fruit...
08:39 cornernote like grain
08:39 Phvli yet people eat bread and porridge
08:39 cornernote id still rather pick grain then smash in the heads of cows
08:39 cornernote and you think thats wrong ?
08:39 Phvli suit yourself
08:39 cornernote i will, thanks
08:39 Phvli i prefer meat because of its taste
08:39 cornernote and you do the same
08:39 Phvli thank you :3
08:39 cornernote but i dont mind talking about it =)
08:40 cornernote welcome
08:40 cornernote do you think a cow is sentient ?
08:40 Phvli actually i do, but i dont caref
08:40 Phvli for all i know, a plant can be just as sentient
08:40 Phvli but mans gotta eat
08:40 cornernote i like truthful answers, thanks
08:41 cornernote would you eat a human ?
08:41 cornernote after all, a plant may feel pain
08:41 Phvli if there would be no other choice, id have to
08:41 cornernote so that justifies eating animals
08:41 cornernote no, if tehre were other choices
08:41 cornernote like there are with eating animals, you can choose not to
08:41 cornernote would you choose to eat a human ?
08:41 Phvli why not?
08:42 Phvli lets say the human is already dead when you eat it
08:42 cornernote have you eaten a human before ?
08:42 cornernote sure
08:42 Phvli cant say i have
08:42 cornernote road-kill human
08:42 Lumpio- wtf
08:42 Lumpio- cornernote
08:42 Lumpio- Have you been at this for 7 hours!?
08:42 Phvli well woulndt want it to go to waste
08:43 cornernote do you eat roadkill animal ?
08:43 cornernote or pick bugs off your bumper bar to eat ?
08:43 Phvli i have once. a rabbit
08:43 cornernote bugs havea  lot of protein
08:43 cornernote very healthy aparently
08:43 Phvli it like to try a bug
08:44 cornernote would you eat road-kill that you didnt kill yourself ?
08:44 Phvli ive heard they are delicious when prepared right
08:44 cornernote you dont prepare them
08:44 cornernote they are dried from your drive int he sunshine
08:44 Phvli well i have eaten some ants
08:44 Phvli and of course i wont eat rotten meat
08:44 Phvli you wouldnt eat a week-old salad would you
08:44 cornernote all meat is rotten to some extent, from death it starts to decay
08:45 cornernote but i get what you mean
08:45 Phvli come on, once it is dead, its just food
08:45 cornernote i eat week old fruit all the time
08:45 Phvli it doens not mind what happens to it
08:45 cornernote fruit stays ripe and healthy a lot longer than decaying flesh
08:45 Phvli and fruit doesnt get bad in a week
08:45 celeron55 joined #minetest
08:45 cornernote some fruit, yes
08:45 cornernote some lasts over a month or more
08:46 cornernote depends how ripe it is when you buy it
08:46 Phvli so does a pig if you pour enough salt on it
08:46 cornernote and what fruit it is =)
08:46 cornernote oh yeah, and that sounds really healthy
08:46 Phvli well, tasty at least
08:46 cornernote fatty pork with saturated fats, covered in salt
08:46 Phvli aww you just made me hungry
08:47 cornernote just made myself thankful i dont eat that junk any more
08:47 cornernote bacon and eggs, with salt crap
08:47 cornernote heart-attack food
08:48 cornernote go right ahead and enjoy it Phvli =)
08:48 Phvli omnom
08:48 cornernote you don't seem to regard anyone's health or live above your taste, not even your own life
08:49 cornernote dont take that the wrong way
08:49 cornernote im not having a go at you, just an observation
08:49 Phvli why should i? there are plenty of other things that can kill me
08:49 cornernote like ?
08:49 Phvli like a plant gone frenzy
08:49 cornernote also, do you want to die sooner rather than later ?
08:49 Phvli you know, ne man-eating kind
08:49 Phvli the*
08:50 Phvli id like to live happy
08:50 Phvli and eating tasty food makes me happy
08:50 cornernote like this plant - http://www.whatsnextblog.com/feed_me.png
08:50 cornernote yeah, i guess thats a risk
08:50 Phvli but then again, its all about free will and choices
08:50 cornernote true, its very important that you inforce your choice on all other animals
08:50 cornernote sad the pig doesnt get a choice
08:51 cornernote but, thats your choice
08:51 cornernote and if someone with a gun decides to blow your head off, thats their choice
08:51 cornernote we all have free will that we can impose on others
08:51 cornernote sec, i have a quote about this that i like to share.. lemme try find it
08:52 * ruskie checks the chan name... hmm still #minetest...
08:52 cornernote ruskie, there is an /ignore command you can use
08:52 ruskie I hate to use it though
08:52 cornernote i wont be offended if you ignore me
08:52 Phvli why should a pig care anyway?
08:52 cornernote why do you hate to use it ?
08:53 Phvli take north korea for example
08:53 jin_xi joined #minetest
08:53 Phvli the peasants think they live in the best country in the world
08:53 Phvli so they are happy
08:53 cornernote Survival of the fittest and the hell with the rest is the philosophy of beastly thugs. You never know when that empathy vaporizes and you are looking down the barrel of a gun of a fellow thug who wouldn't give a rat's ass if your head gets blown off for his greater good. Brutality has no empathy. It only knows expediency.
08:53 ruskie because the ratio of useful stuff to crap tends to be high for useful crap in most cases
08:53 cornernote you mean the stuff i say ?
08:54 cornernote i dunno, i say a lot of useless crap sometimes
08:54 ruskie I guess I'm just tired of these vegeterian, non vegeterian arguments
08:54 Phvli i am enjoying this
08:55 Phvli though i am a vegetarian myself
08:55 cornernote why? have you experienced a lot of these arguments ?
08:55 ruskie yes
08:55 cornernote in here ?
08:55 ruskie no
08:55 cornernote im different
08:55 ruskie but in the ~90 other chans I'm in
08:55 cornernote trust me
08:55 cornernote i am the cornernote =)
08:56 cornernote Phvli, i really have trouble believing you, even after your outburst of honesty before
08:56 Gwaur joined #minetest
08:56 cornernote ruskie, im not here to enforce my will upon you
08:56 cornernote im not here to change your beliefs, or convert you to be a religous vegan
08:57 cornernote im just asking questions and making observations
08:57 cornernote if you can't stand the reality of my observations, best to /ignore me
08:57 Phvli cornernote: sure i am, just wanted to see how heated up youd get
08:57 Phvli but now ive gotta go
08:57 Lumpio- 10:56:55 < cornernote> im not here to change your beliefs, or convert you to be a religous vegan
08:57 Lumpio- Sure doesn't sound like it
08:57 Lumpio- ¬u¬
08:57 cornernote <Lumpio->, sorry i gave that impression
08:58 cornernote sorry that you mistook my observation for actually caring about anything you do
08:58 cornernote please understand, i dont know you, dont care about you, and don't care what kill to eat
08:59 cornernote however i am interested in observing human behaviour
08:59 cornernote so if i seem interested in you personally, please remind yourself of the above
09:00 Gwaur lal
09:00 cornernote plus, when there is controversey being discussed, more people watch the channel
09:00 cornernote people i have never heard on in MT are getting involved in the chat, which is great
09:01 ruskie cornernote, sadly the difference between these observations and what most zealots tend to use as arguments is nearly indistinguishable
09:01 cornernote i not saying im not arguing... of course im arguing
09:01 cornernote im just not trying to CHANGE you
09:01 cornernote go change yourself, or be the same, i dont care
09:01 ruskie frankly I have no issue with either really since I'm me and only things I decide for myself will change me
09:01 cornernote i just like to debate ir
09:02 jin_xi sup guys
09:02 cornernote hey jin_xi
09:02 ruskie it's just that I've seen way to many in to many places
09:02 jin_xi sorry to interrupt but i'd like to present an idea, hoping for collaborators :)
09:02 cornernote ruskie, you have no issue with either?  with either of what ?
09:02 jin_xi i have this idea about a retro jump and run style minetest_game
09:03 cornernote how rude, itterrupting our non-MT talk to talk about MT things
09:03 cornernote :)
09:03 jin_xi would need some serious work tho, i can hopefully code most of what it needs, but i cant do textures well
09:03 cornernote i dont do textures, so im out .. sorry
09:03 cornernote i might be able to help with ideas or maybe code
09:04 jin_xi but what would you think about that: a mostly custom world, featuring "levels" which allure to some 8 bit games
09:04 ruskie cornernote, with either observation or trying to argue me over
09:04 jin_xi like you start in a smb2 themed corner of the world, with smb2 mobs that you can pick up and throw
09:04 cornernote jin_xi, what sorts of games ?
09:05 jin_xi nes games mostly, mario bros 1-3, sonic and the like
09:05 cornernote 2d ?
09:05 cornernote like 1 block deep
09:05 jin_xi no, in mt blocks
09:05 jin_xi 3d levels, maybe use invisible walls
09:05 cornernote yeah, but 1x blocks deep?  to make it seem like a platform game ?
09:06 jin_xi no, not necessarily
09:06 cornernote i dont get it
09:06 jin_xi maybe for some sonic "run like hell" passages
09:07 cornernote ruskie, thats great, you make your own decisions
09:07 cornernote but, do you really?  or have you just conformed to tradition and society ?
09:07 jin_xi http://www.jaymug.com/post/13919915067/super-mario-world-map something like this
09:08 jin_xi you know, really change up mt game mechanics
09:08 cornernote like the mario map before you get into the game ?
09:08 cornernote the "level chooser" screen
09:08 jin_xi really i'll probably make a ? block that spawns coins if you jump under it
09:09 jin_xi yes, it would need something like a map screen
09:09 jin_xi i hope someday we can define key handlers from lua and do whatever we like with them :)
09:09 cornernote hrmm, i think with current MT engine it wont be as rapid-pace as the mario/sonic games
09:10 cornernote but really interesting concept
09:10 jin_xi no, not as rapid as sonic for sure, but i think it could be fun
09:10 cornernote i think you need to define a list of nodes/items you need
09:10 cornernote once you have that, punch it onto the forums and point out any nodes/items you want help coding
09:11 cornernote or textures
09:11 jin_xi ok, that sounds like a good plan
09:11 cornernote once you got all that, its just a matter of making an adventure map
09:11 jin_xi maybe i try to flesh out the idea a bit
09:12 cornernote one thing i had a lot of trouble with when building a level-based game (skyblock)...
09:12 cornernote what to give the player as a reward ?
09:12 cornernote because most things can be crafted
09:12 jin_xi points? highscore list fame
09:12 cornernote i think a reward should be fun and useful
09:12 jin_xi i'd disable crafting of course
09:12 cornernote and/or
09:13 cornernote eg, give them a trampline, and then remove the craft for trampoline
09:13 cornernote and then they need that trampoline to get to the next area
09:13 cornernote not exactly that, but you get where i am coming from
09:14 jin_xi idk, if in some level you need to place trampolines, you'd be able to, but it would definitely not be a real sandbox game
09:14 cornernote i'd love a non-snadbox MT game
09:14 cornernote where there is a way to complete the level, and you have to figure it out
09:15 jin_xi a flagpole and a castle for some, a boss for others... it would need a lot of custom lua, but thats ok
09:15 cornernote Phvli still here ?
09:16 jin_xi or a timelimit and autoscrolling, but i dont think that is doable yet
09:16 Phvli cornernote: nope, went away
09:17 Phvli and im serious
09:20 cornernote jin_xi, can i go back to ranting now ?
09:20 jin_xi sure
09:20 cornernote thanks
09:20 cornernote http://sphotos-b.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/149451_282286211866350_588502251_n.jpg
09:21 jin_xi hmm, with kikkoman
09:21 cornernote oh, this ones really good - http://sphotos-d.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/541986_288407974579536_73339613_n.jpg
09:21 cornernote get the whole family involved !
09:22 cornernote how old u rekon that kid is ?
09:22 cornernote like 6 ?
09:22 cornernote maybe younger
09:22 cornernote and the schools say they dont want kids learning about slaughter houses... this kid seems fine with it
09:23 jin_xi well, this is manual work
09:23 jin_xi much more easy to stomach than industrial scale slaughtering
09:23 cornernote perhaps, but in this country they have no regulations
09:23 cornernote and poor equipment
09:24 cornernote is almost definate the animal will suffer through its long and painful death
09:25 cornernote the community these people live in, their grain is sold to western countries to feed fat cows:  http://sphotos-h.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/536228_10150714213864084_1027045922_n.jpg
09:26 cornernote is there any flesh on that boy, or is he just 100% bones ?
09:26 cornernote or is it a girl
09:26 cornernote who knows
09:26 thexyz aww, should I kick him or whatever?
09:26 cornernote kick who ?  me ?
09:26 cornernote or the kid ?
09:26 thexyz yup
09:26 cornernote in the pic
09:26 cornernote oh me
09:26 cornernote why ?
09:27 thexyz because.
09:27 cornernote go ahead
09:27 cornernote if it makes you feel better
09:27 thexyz your "trolling" (or whatever it should be called) is just stupid
09:28 cornernote im discussing, do you want me to stop ?
09:28 cornernote perhaps just asking me to stop would be a more fiendly way to get me to stop
09:28 thexyz yes
09:28 cornernote may i ask why?
09:29 thexyz nope
09:29 cornernote do you often ask ppl who are discussing to stop?
09:29 thexyz you're discussing unrelated things here
09:29 cornernote or is it the topic i choose to discuss ?
09:29 zloy joined #minetest
09:29 thexyz that too
09:29 zloy hello guys
09:29 cornernote many people discuss unrelated things here.. if someone wants to talk MT then I will stop and talk MT, as i did when jin_xi asked a question
09:30 cornernote so is it the topic i choose to discuss, or are you sticking with it being unrelated ?
09:30 thexyz cornernote: you produce too much text
09:30 thexyz please, stop
09:30 thexyz *unrelated text
09:30 cornernote how much am i allowed ?
09:30 cornernote i didnt know there was a limit
09:31 cornernote wow, i never been told in a chatroom that i was creating too much text
09:31 cornernote how much unrelated am i allowed ?
09:31 cornernote i will keep within the limits
09:31 cornernote was kicked by thexyz: cornernote
09:43 Calinou joined #minetest
09:43 OldCoder celeron55, VanessaE, thexyz, I'd like to request ChanServ privs so that I can mute instead of kick or ban. It provides another useful option.
09:44 OldCoder I will wake up in about 4 to 5 hours probably
09:44 Calinou you can +q if you have op
09:44 OldCoder Oh?
09:44 Calinou /mode +q <name>
09:44 OldCoder No chanserv needed?
09:44 Calinou /mode -q <name>
09:44 OldCoder Hmm
09:44 Calinou mute and unmute respectively
09:44 OldCoder Ha
09:44 Calinou that'll mute anyone with name bacon :P
09:44 OldCoder wish I'd know that yesterday
09:44 OldCoder *known
09:44 Calinou it's a freenode addition
09:44 Calinou (espernet has that too)
09:44 OldCoder Helpful
09:44 thexyz still, kick just works
09:45 OldCoder Calinou, t y
09:45 OldCoder Several things got out of hand yesterday
09:45 OldCoder Sure
09:45 thexyz OldCoder: ?
09:45 OldCoder thexyz, LM was here
09:45 OldCoder It needs to be handled with some care
09:46 OldCoder Calinou, thanks for info. thexyz If you update let me know; I look forward to building new clients and servers.
09:47 thexyz OldCoder: ok
09:47 OldCoder I am so tired; Hell of a weekend
09:47 OldCoder Zzz
09:52 celeron55 on most irc networks a ban without a kick is mute
09:52 celeron55 but whatever
09:55 Calinou you can't rejoin if you're banned but not kicked
09:55 Calinou with a quiet, you can
09:55 Calinou both prevent nick changes while you're banned/quieted on a channel, and prevent using quit/part reasons too
09:56 cornernote joined #minetest
09:56 cornernote left #minetest
09:56 cornernote joined #minetest
09:57 cornernote left #minetest
09:58 Calinou http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3281 rofl
10:14 cornernote joined #minetest
10:14 cornernote left #minetest
10:26 anunakki joined #minetest
10:26 anunakki joined #minetest
10:37 anunakki joined #minetest
11:14 cliffacidic joined #minetest
11:24 SpeedProg joined #minetest
11:32 jin_xi joined #minetest
12:09 jin_xi oh, lol http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3628
12:09 jin_xi butthurt much?
12:18 anunakki joined #minetest
12:18 anunakki joined #minetest
12:19 blockid joined #minetest
12:19 theTroy joined #minetest
12:23 xy joined #minetest
12:23 celeron55 jin_xi: cornernote got pissed off and burned out
12:24 jin_xi looks like it.
12:24 celeron55 ^ official news right there
12:24 celeron55 i talked to him and there's no big drama left anymore; he'll be just gone
12:42 whirm joined #minetest
12:52 ttk2 joined #minetest
13:01 Phvli seems like big drama to me
13:01 Phvli then again i have no idea what you guys are accustomed to
13:01 Phvli perhaps i should lurk more around here
13:02 jin_xi oh well, slacktivism gone wrong 101
13:48 Taoki Got a code question. Is there some function to check if a ClientActiveObject is there any longer? I'm currently checking it the pointer to a CAO is NULL, but if the referenced object is removed while the pointer is not made null I get bad memory reads, so I need another way to read it
13:52 Taoki [15:49:53] <Taoki> Issue is like this: I have two objects, X and Y. Using a declaration (like *z), X references and uses Y. Then Y is removed without being able to inform X of it. X then needs to check that Y is still valid, and nullify the *z pointer if not
13:57 tango_ joined #minetest
14:07 OdnetninI joined #minetest
14:12 OdnetninI joined #minetest
14:15 klunk joined #minetest
14:16 klunk salut/hello
14:16 OdnetninI hi
14:17 RealBadAngel celeron55, #278 was my 1st commit, i made a mistake so closed it and make it right with #279
14:18 klunk hi OdnetninI
14:18 klunk I'm just here, nothing to ask ..
14:18 OdnetninI how are you
14:18 klunk nice, thanks, but not completely
14:19 klunk I mean I 'm not a gamer but Ilike comunauty, shring code, discuss, that bullshit, you know ?
14:20 klunk *sharing code, so that I read, I learn ... ;-)
14:20 OdnetninI O good
14:21 OdnetninI i'm i gamer and i programmer
14:21 hmmmm joined #minetest
14:21 OdnetninI i'm a*
14:21 OdnetninI Are you good at codding?
14:23 klunk Not at all, I'm just "arduining" and artisanaly batch scripting (with pein)
14:23 klunk I usually think I 'm better in human stuff ...
14:24 klunk I'm a lot here because 'I'm not (myself problem I agree) totaly easy with what hapened with cornernote.
14:25 OdnetninI talk at the chat i open
14:25 OdnetninI up-right, OdnetninI
14:26 klunk yes I search it
14:26 OdnetninI at the up, you have: Status #minetest .... OdnetninI
14:27 OdnetninI click at my name
14:37 RealBadAngel hi everybody
14:37 RealBadAngel whats up?
14:39 OdnetninI nothing
14:46 krayon joined #minetest
14:47 cornernote joined #minetest
14:48 cornernote left #minetest
14:56 q66 joined #minetest
15:16 babyface1031 joined #minetest
15:16 Kacey joined #minetest
15:16 Kacey hello
15:17 babyface1031 hi Kacey
15:17 Kacey you missed it last night
15:19 RealBadAngel hi babyface1031, seen your message here from some time ago. im not female ;)
15:19 babyface1031 sorry D:
15:19 RealBadAngel no problemo
15:20 RealBadAngel just FYI
15:21 Kacey-ubuntu joined #minetest
15:22 Kacey-ubuntu hello
15:22 Kacey ooh hi me
15:22 Kacey-ubuntu hows life
15:22 Kacey boring
15:25 Kacey there is two of me
15:28 opticlove joined #minetest
15:28 opticlove joined #minetest
15:29 PilzAdam joined #minetest
15:29 PilzAdam Hello everyone!
15:31 Kacey hello adam
15:31 PilzAdam hi Kacey
15:31 Kacey-ubuntu hello adam
15:32 Kacey turbo ;inux didnt work
15:35 PilzAdam what the hell is going on with cornernote? http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=50892
15:36 Kacey idk
15:36 jin_xi he's butthurt because he got kicked for spamming (animal) gore
15:36 Kacey ooh
15:38 thexyz he also deleted all his minetest github repos
15:38 Kacey O.o
15:39 PilzAdam thexyz, the water in minetest/minetest repo is broken
15:39 thexyz PilzAdam: i've already fixed it
15:39 thexyz PilzAdam: https://github.com/minetest/minetest/commit/ece3564634779e581e693f7fec77c13697a68a0a
15:40 PilzAdam okay, will try that later
15:41 Kacey anybody know where to get a prebuilt and compiled minetest for ubuntu
15:41 PilzAdam Kacey, minetest.net -> downloads -> ubuntu
15:41 PilzAdam it links to a ppa
15:42 PilzAdam search on the internet for how to add a ppa
15:42 Kacey but none are complide
15:42 PilzAdam they
15:42 PilzAdam they are
15:42 Kacey i cant find minetest.exe in them
15:42 RealBadAngel lol
15:42 dzho Kacey: http://packages.ubuntu.com/search?keywords=minetest
15:42 PilzAdam well, ubuntu does not use .exe
15:43 dzho which is to say, if you are using any current release of Ubuntu, there's a version in the "universe" repository.
15:43 dzho so, you can get it straight from Canonical's servers.
15:43 Kacey aah what does it use then
15:44 PilzAdam executable files
15:44 RealBadAngel in directory /bin you will find MT executables
15:44 RealBadAngel minetest and minetestserver
15:44 Kacey aah
15:44 PilzAdam Kacey, i recommend to read something about Linux and Ubuntu
15:44 RealBadAngel on linux the file has just a flag, if it can be run
15:45 mauvebic joined #minetest
15:45 RealBadAngel .exe style comes from old MS-DOS times
15:46 Kacey i cant find bin folder
15:46 Kacey :'(
15:46 RealBadAngel what have you downloaded?
15:46 RealBadAngel compiled game or the sources?
15:47 Kacey probablt the sources
15:47 RealBadAngel so hold on
15:49 Kacey dhzo all i saw was 0.3.1
15:50 PilzAdam Kacey, you know how to use the terminal?
15:50 PilzAdam or CLI
15:51 RealBadAngel PilzAdam, i will explain him everythin
15:51 PilzAdam k
15:56 Calinou joined #minetest
15:58 Zilvarael joined #minetest
16:00 jin_xi so someone requested CTCP DCC from me CHAT chat long ass numbers... whats that?
16:01 RealBadAngel like what?
16:02 iqualfragile joined #minetest
16:04 PilzAdam RealBadAngel, next: dont allow images be bigger than the inventoy: http://www.zimg.eu/i/389831804
16:04 Jordach joined #minetest
16:05 jin_xi joined #minetest
16:07 Jordach hey jin_xi
16:07 Kacey i just compiled minetest
16:07 PilzAdam sup Jordach
16:07 Jordach hey PilzAdam
16:09 RealBadAngel PilzAdam, sure thing i do know invsize
16:10 Jordach whats cornernote done this time?
16:10 jin_xi_ hmm, seems like webchat cant do dcc
16:10 PilzAdam RealBadAngel, come to #minetest-dev
16:10 jin_xi but im now on irssi as well
16:10 jin_xi so try again?
16:14 Calinou irssi -- the vim of irc clients
16:14 jin_xi_ i'm not very good at irc
16:19 whirm joined #minetest
16:22 Kacey_ joined #minetest
16:32 Kacey_ hello
16:34 Kacey hahahah
16:35 * Jordach needs to order most of my folders
16:35 Kacey xubuntu is there anything you cant do?
16:36 Jordach take all of Apple's money?
16:36 * Jordach considers getting Windows 8
16:37 Kacey dont get winshit 8 i mean windows 8
16:37 * PilzAdam slaps Jordach for thinking about Windows 8
16:37 Jordach PilzAdam - the future is not Linux
16:37 PilzAdam wrong, it is
16:37 Kacey the future is either linux or SOS
16:37 Jordach PilzAdam MS will change UEFI to lock Linux out
16:37 Jordach since Linux is not a business
16:38 Kacey SOS is
16:38 PilzAdam the future will show...
16:38 Kacey SOS as the Superior Operating Sysetem
16:40 Jordach thexyz http://www.planetminecraft.com/blog/superiority---why-it-shouldnt-exist/#
16:41 * VanessaE peeks in
16:41 * Kacey is playing with SOS
16:41 PilzAdam hi VanessaE
16:42 thexyz Jordach: ?
16:42 Jordach because no one here should have full power
16:42 Jordach make a vote
16:43 * VanessaE turns her power down a bit
16:43 VanessaE ;)
16:44 PilzAdam :D
16:44 RealBadAngel Kacey: is the game working?
16:44 Kacey yes
16:45 thexyz Jordach: c55 is the only one who has "full power"
16:46 thexyz oh, well, http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=50951#p50951
16:47 Calinou <Jordach> PilzAdam MS will change UEFI to lock Linux out
16:47 cisoun joined #minetest
16:47 Calinou press F8 or whatever the key is at boot
16:47 Calinou secure boot > off
16:47 Calinou ??? PROFIT
16:48 Jordach Calinou, like it or not: the world will end up using tablets permanently
16:49 FreeFull joined #minetest
16:49 thexyz Jordach: nope
16:49 Calinou what when you want to actually work?
16:49 Calinou tablets are for entertainment
16:49 Jordach and what is gaming
16:50 Jordach entertainment
16:56 Calinou * Jordach considers getting Windows 8
16:56 Calinou lol...
16:56 Calinou Jordach> PilzAdam - the future is not Linux
16:56 Calinou it is
16:56 Jordach Calinou - windows xp has three years
16:56 Jordach i better upgrade, to a os that likes my legacy apps
16:56 Calinou wine does
16:56 Jordach but shitty
16:56 Calinou facepalm
16:57 VanessaE the future is already here, and it is Linux, vis a vis Android. :-)
16:57 Calinou don't critisize wine because it 1) doesn't work for a specific very recent app 2) because it ports windows libs to linux
16:57 Calinou android aka "can i keylog u" :)
16:57 Calinou (ios isn't better either :P)
16:58 Jordach http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=50962#p50962
16:58 * PilzAdam finally got his tea
16:59 Jordach PilzAdam food or drink?
16:59 PilzAdam drink
16:59 Jordach yeah, tea!
17:00 PilzAdam at the morning i drink coffee, at tea time i dink tea
17:01 Jordach we need a god damn off topic / hall of shame forum area
17:01 thexyz Calinou: i didn't know android keylogs me, where can i obtain the logs?
17:01 PilzAdam Jordach, +1
17:01 Jordach see http://minecraftforum.net
17:01 Calinou thexyz: google.com
17:01 Jordach sections for everything
17:02 Calinou sanctions for everything
17:03 thexyz Calinou: even if someone has no gapps installed?
17:03 thexyz actually, i thought this http://minetest.net/forum/viewforum.php?id=3 is an offtopic section
17:04 PilzAdam thexyz, but there are 1% not off-topic posts
17:05 thexyz oh! those should be considered as offtopic (in terms of offtopic section)
17:07 Calinou thexyz: some gapps can't be removed without using custom ROMs, right?
17:08 Jordach my tablet has no gapps
17:09 Calinou then it has vendor crapware, not better :p
17:09 Jordach nope, just email, browser, music, video, pictures and ebooks
17:09 Jordach (and my irc client)
17:14 thexyz Calinou: i'd better say that some roms come without gapps by default
17:14 thexyz for example, cyanogenmod
17:14 celeron55 by the way, anyone who has cornernote's mods should put them for upload in their original threads
17:15 celeron55 because he happened to delete everything that he can control
17:15 celeron55 this, my friends, is why i have disabled deleting topics on the forum. sometimes people just go plain crazy
17:16 celeron55 s/for upload/for download/
17:17 mauvebic with no maintainers people are just gonna make their own versions though?
17:17 celeron55 also it sucks that there is no revert function in the forum software
17:18 celeron55 mauvebic: most likely, but not if the originals aren't available anywhere
17:18 mauvebic what about the ones he had on github?
17:19 Jordach mauvebic clone em now
17:19 PilzAdam they are deleted
17:19 Jordach actually most of cornernotes mods are in OldCoder's builds
17:20 babyface1031 what can you do with pine needles
17:20 mauvebic could also be in some of the game clones
17:20 mauvebic minetest_game variants
17:21 mauvebic you cant delete stuff from ompldr either
17:21 celeron55 names of cornernote's mods: bookmarks_gui, craft_guide, towntest, hill_nodebox, bags, deploy_nodes, armor, no_mapgen, worldedit_gui, workbench, dye_craft, inventory_plus, particles, home_gui
17:21 celeron55 plenty
17:22 Jordach i can remake no_mapgen
17:22 PilzAdam i can readd particles
17:22 celeron55 you can probably find full git forks of those in google
17:22 VanessaE https://sites.google.com/site/cornernote/minetest
17:22 VanessaE or just go there.
17:23 celeron55 they link to github
17:23 celeron55 worthless
17:23 VanessaE shit, good point
17:23 mauvebic setup a poll thread, see who downloaded his mods recently, and get them to put them back up
17:23 celeron55 that's a fork of inventory_plus: https://gitorious.org/lpgc-minetest-mods/inventory_plus
17:24 VanessaE well you still get all the descriptions, craft info, screenshots, and such
17:24 VanessaE so not totally worthless.
17:24 celeron55 i think he'll pull that site down when he realizes it's still up
17:24 PilzAdam particles: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?pid=50973#p50973
17:25 celeron55 somebody take a 1 link deep backup with images
17:25 Calinou "this, my friends, is why i have disabled deleting topics on the forum. sometimes people just go plain crazy" < people can put anything instead of the topic, thus "deleting" the topic...
17:26 Jordach celeron55 , while youre here, can we have a hall of shame or some off topic forum
17:26 mauvebic people can delete the sources too depending on where they uploaded it
17:26 VanessaE celeron55: backup in progress now.
17:33 thexyz PilzAdam: thanks, reuploaded http://mods.minetest.ru/particles/
17:34 celeron55 also does someone have the source of minetest-game_wiki
17:34 VanessaE well I got all the content anyway.
17:35 celeron55 i think nobody might have forked that on github
17:35 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/extra/cornernote/minetest/
17:36 VanessaE that'll at least preserve all the content aside from the actual code.
17:36 mauvebic i cant imagine the fit he'll throw when he sees everything back up though lol
17:37 mauvebic if you cant find a backup of the inventory thing i might be able to fix up my inventory mod to do the same
17:38 sstrandberg joined #minetest
17:38 Zeg9 joined #minetest
17:38 Zeg9 left #minetest
17:40 VanessaE oh sure, now firefox doesn't want to properly display the files.  fuck it.  you guys can figure out how to fix that :-)
17:41 mauvebic unicode/utf render maybe?
17:41 VanessaE who knows.  firefox displays the files fine locally but not when fetched from my webspace.
17:42 Kacey joined #minetest
17:42 VanessaE probably an issue with my web space assuming the wrong filetype or something.
17:42 Kacey i am the who  when you call who's there
17:44 Kacey VannessaE landmine is sometimes ggetting on under the username TheSlim
17:44 Kacey sThe SlimShady
17:44 VanessaE on where?  the forums?
17:44 Kacey no irc
17:44 VanessaE I can't control what he does or what nick he uses, except if he shows up here.
17:44 Kacey he shows up on irc
17:45 VanessaE "IRC" can be anything - there are hundreds of servers and tens of thousands of channels.
17:45 Kacey kkkkklkkklkklklklkjhgfdsaaaasdfghjkllllllllllll;;;;;;;'''''''''''''''''''''''
17:45 VanessaE only a few are minetest related.
17:45 Kacey lol
17:45 Kacey he shows up on this channel and calls people out
17:46 mauvebic for being communists?
17:46 Kacey qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'
17:46 VanessaE haha
17:46 Kacey idk
17:46 thexyz VanessaE: http://minetest.net/forum/admin/reports.php
17:46 Kacey qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./
17:47 VanessaE er, ok
17:47 Kacey vanessa have you met Kacey-ubuntu yet
17:47 Jousway joined #minetest
17:48 OldCoder Hello
17:48 VanessaE no I have not
17:48 Kacey oldcoder it isnt right that turbolinux didnot work
17:49 OldCoder Kacey, Isn't right?
17:49 OldCoder Hang on I slept very late and am just waking up
17:49 Kacey lol
17:49 OldCoder It was quite a weekend
17:49 rubenwardy joined #minetest
17:49 OldCoder Usually wake up before 6:00am
17:49 Kacey i was downloading turbolinux for my vm but it didnt work sooo ya
17:50 Kacey vanessa he is my vm personality bot thing
17:51 OldCoder Looks productive today. celeron55 VanessaE thexyz I wish to call ChanServ guard on to protect the channel. Does one of you have the privs for this or may I have them? ChanServ may offer other options I'd like to have to manage discussions. Yesterday was over the top.
17:51 OldCoder Hours of debate about cows and then what some of you saw happen after that.
17:52 * OldCoder shrugs
17:52 Kacey haha the meat argument and i said bacon
17:52 OldCoder Good morning
17:52 OldCoder Kacey, How is your VM ?
17:52 sinekonata joined #minetest
17:52 OldCoder VanessaE, Kacey is a 'C' coder now
17:52 VanessaE cool.
17:52 celeron55 VanessaE: i did the backup properly; uploading now
17:53 VanessaE celeron55: ok
17:53 VanessaE I'm sure I missed something minor.
17:53 celeron55 (yours is just completely screwed up and useless)
17:53 Kacey my vm is confused i cut when i should have copied
17:53 sinekonata wow that's a lot of people on a single chatroom
17:53 celeron55 the size of this is roughly 50M
17:53 celeron55 hmm... there are some useless zips in here though
17:54 VanessaE fine, deleted my copy.
17:54 babyface1031 good morning @OldCoder
17:55 Kacey ooh i just noticed that celeron55 was chatting
17:55 OldCoder babyface1031, Hi
17:55 Kacey Kacey-ubuntu is going to get on in a few secs
17:56 Kacey vm has to start first
17:57 Kacey oldcoder do not go crazy when he chats with me
17:57 Kacey-ubuntu joined #minetest
17:57 Kacey-ubuntu hello me
17:58 Kacey ooh hi vm must have started correctly
17:58 Kacey-ubuntu yep
17:58 Kacey oldcoder like my bot thing
17:58 Kacey-ubuntu im no bot
17:58 Kacey-ubuntu i am a BOT
17:58 Kacey aah that is right
17:59 sinekonata hi guys I just joined minetest.net. is there a channel for general questions and noobs or is this it?
18:01 VanessaE this is it.
18:01 VanessaE and don't be scared off by certain...less than savory individuals.
18:01 VanessaE :-)
18:01 Kacey-ubuntu landmine lol
18:01 sinekonata Hey you're the multi-mod girl... hi
18:01 OldCoder Kacey, I am still reading up
18:02 Kacey well of course my BOT would say landmine
18:02 VanessaE Kacey-ubuntu: I didn't name any names :-)
18:02 OldCoder sinekonata, there is also the forum
18:02 VanessaE sinekonata: yeah, I've done my share anyway :--0
18:02 VanessaE :-)
18:02 Kacey-ubuntu well then
18:02 sinekonata yeah ok thanks
18:03 * Calinou unites Kacey-ubuntu and Kacey. UNITY!
18:03 MilanFIN joined #minetest
18:03 Kacey the BOT is self aware
18:04 Kacey-ubuntu you got that right
18:06 Kacey downloading new bot
18:08 Kacey ooh oldcoder rba helped me compile minetest on my vm
18:08 * VanessaE kicks the bot.  hard.
18:08 VanessaE :-)
18:09 OldCoder Kacey, great
18:09 * Kacey-ubuntu kicks back through the internet
18:09 Jordach VanessaE - not enough
18:09 Jordach we need to NUKE IT WITH THE NUKE MOD!
18:09 Kacey ya
18:09 VanessaE take off and nuke it from orbit.  it's the only way to be sure.
18:09 Kacey-ubuntu internet being here
18:10 * Kacey-ubuntu kicks Kacey off
18:10 Kacey-ubuntu i win
18:11 thexyz does anybody else have any cornernote's mods backups?
18:11 OldCoder thexyz, Explain
18:11 OldCoder I have not finished reading up
18:11 thexyz OldCoder: he deleted everything
18:11 OldCoder Because of last night?
18:12 OldCoder I am sorry to hear it
18:12 OldCoder Hold on a minute
18:12 VanessaE I have some of his stuff, though I don't quite remember which of these are his, let alone how recent they are
18:12 OldCoder Wait
18:12 thexyz OldCoder: you seem to have plenty of his mods
18:13 VanessaE (duh.  *checks cornernote's website*)
18:13 OldCoder I have bags home_gui inventory_plus node_owner (which we may not use) towntest
18:13 OldCoder Does that help?
18:13 thexyz OldCoder: yep
18:13 thexyz OldCoder: are those up-to-date?
18:13 OldCoder I will put them all online
18:13 OldCoder Will all of my other mods
18:13 Kacey-ubuntu from my search cornernote's website is no longer up
18:13 OldCoder Over the next few days
18:13 OldCoder I wish to write a script
18:13 OldCoder That will automatically post every mod that I have
18:14 OldCoder I have armor too
18:14 OldCoder But it is broken and not recommended
18:14 thexyz OldCoder: are those git "clones" or zip/tar-balls?
18:14 Kacey-ubuntu or his site says go veg
18:14 VanessaE looks like I just have craft_guide and particles
18:14 Kacey-ubuntu kacey took over
18:14 OldCoder They are zipballs but easy to convert back to git
18:15 OldCoder For particles shouldn't PilzAdam version be used?
18:15 thexyz OldCoder: that's bad (and i don't want to convert them)
18:15 OldCoder thexyz, bad? Regardless I will make the mods available
18:15 rubenwardy What is this Cornernote nonsence?
18:15 thexyz OldCoder: there's no need in particles mod, PilzAdam has already uploaded it
18:15 rubenwardy nonsense?
18:15 thexyz OldCoder: yep, but anyway, better than nothing
18:16 OldCoder thexyz, that is my point; I have a PilzAdam version
18:16 thexyz OldCoder: thank you
18:16 OldCoder of particles I mean
18:16 OldCoder Sure
18:16 OldCoder It will all go online this week
18:16 OldCoder Whenever I rebuild my worlds, a full set of mods will appear
18:16 VanessaE rubenwardy: the short version, he and thexyz got into an argument where *both* were in the wrong by the end of it, and cornernote "took his bat and ball and went home".
18:16 OldCoder There were hours of discussion yesterday
18:16 OldCoder I had 90 pages of legal papers to write
18:17 OldCoder But hours of cows meat debate
18:17 OldCoder Then Slim Shady was bored
18:17 OldCoder Then more cows
18:17 thexyz VanessaE: was I wrong?
18:17 OldCoder O_o
18:17 Kacey-ubuntu check cornernote.net and you can see the result
18:17 VanessaE thexyz: you didn't have to kick him, you could just as easily have used /ignore
18:17 neko259 joined #minetest
18:17 OldCoder I'd like to try mute
18:17 thexyz VanessaE: how could that help other users?
18:17 OldCoder I didn't want to kick and I didn't have ChanServ privs
18:17 OldCoder Calinou has shown me what to do
18:18 ruskie heh
18:18 thexyz well, anyway
18:18 VanessaE it wouldn't have, but invariably your overreaction only served to hurt the community.
18:18 OldCoder I spent an hour with him just talking quietly trying to moderate the cow issue
18:18 OldCoder All wasted I gather
18:18 Kacey-ubuntu well i used to have cornernote's 4 bit decoder to 7 segment display using mesecons
18:19 OldCoder Kacey-ubuntu, used to? Didn't you just arrive here?
18:19 OldCoder Or was this elsewhere?
18:19 * OldCoder shrugs
18:19 OldCoder Doesn't mattere
18:19 OldCoder *r
18:19 OldCoder O.K.
18:19 Kacey-ubuntu it is kacey i overpowered the bot
18:19 OldCoder I'll organize my mods collection
18:19 Kacey-ubuntu had to change code on it
18:19 OldCoder thexyz, I remain interested in building your latest stuff under Windows
18:20 Kacey-ubuntu it got waaaay to aware and powerful
18:20 OldCoder I may try to add Boost there
18:20 thexyz OldCoder: yep, I'll update it
18:20 OldCoder thexyz, Did you say that LevelDB doesn't actually need Boost?
18:20 thexyz OldCoder: you may also try to remove boost from cmakelists.txt
18:20 celeron55 joined #minetest
18:20 OldCoder Yes
18:20 OldCoder celeron55, Hey
18:20 thexyz linux version builds fine without it
18:21 Kacey-ubuntu i feel so bad
18:21 Kacey-ubuntu i had something to do with cornernote's leaving
18:22 NekoGloop joined #minetest
18:22 VanessaE hi neko
18:22 NekoGloop ^w^
18:22 Kacey-ubuntu hello neko
18:22 * Kacey-ubuntu is Kacey right now
18:22 NekoGloop Why is everyone so suddenly nice...?
18:22 Kacey-ubuntu cornernote left
18:23 * VanessaE clobbers NekoGloop over the head with an alatro pick
18:23 VanessaE better?
18:23 VanessaE :-)
18:23 NekoGloop haha
18:23 thexyz VanessaE: yep, that's my fault, but do you mean i shouldn't kick him because he's so nervous?
18:23 NekoGloop Why an alatro one?
18:23 Kacey-ubuntu why not mese
18:23 NekoGloop Why not evil? :D
18:23 thexyz and has developed many mods, isn't everybody equal?
18:23 VanessaE thexyz: I mean you shouldn't kick him because it didn't have to end that way.
18:23 OldCoder thexyz, I'd have muted him
18:24 NekoGloop May I ask who we mean?
18:24 OldCoder Not kick, but a brief mute
18:24 OldCoder NekoGloop, cornernote
18:24 VanessaE NekoGloop: didn't want to be evil :-)
18:24 OldCoder I'd have muted you NekoGloop and Slim Shady briefly as well
18:24 thexyz OldCoder: i think mute is even worse
18:24 NekoGloop Ah, thought something was missing.
18:24 OldCoder thexyz, Is it? He might have reacted better
18:24 OldCoder If it was brief
18:24 OldCoder A kick is an ejection
18:24 NekoGloop It was the slander of my taste for meat.
18:24 thexyz because after kick you can simply rejoin
18:24 OldCoder A brief mute is a pause
18:24 OldCoder thexyz, A kick can be taken badly
18:24 VanessaE thexyz: not everyone interprets a kick as temporary
18:25 thexyz and what if you forget to unmute someone?
18:25 OldCoder Oh yes!
18:25 OldCoder thexyz, that is important. I've seen people get muted for weeks.
18:25 thexyz that's even worse
18:25 OldCoder If it happens, yes
18:25 OldCoder But yesterday...
18:25 thexyz VanessaE: non-temporary kick = ban
18:25 NekoGloop get a hostname change and a different nick.
18:25 OldCoder I had 90 pages to write. Instead, hours of cows and the rest
18:25 NekoGloop Mute == not useful.
18:26 VanessaE thexyz: technically, of course.  but that does not mean that kick == temporary to every single person out there.
18:26 NekoGloop OldCoder: you may have more focus if you exit out of IRC.
18:26 thexyz VanessaE: yep, I've already understood that some people are nervous here
18:26 * Kacey-ubuntu is feeling so bad
18:26 NekoGloop I think this channel can run itself.
18:26 OldCoder NekoGloop, you are hardly the one to lecture after yesterday :-)
18:26 * Kacey-ubuntu said bacon and made cornernote flip even more
18:27 OldCoder NekoGloop, I will focus today on the build you wish
18:27 NekoGloop OldCoder: alright.
18:27 VanessaE thexyz: think of it this way - if you were to go off on some tirade, justified or not, wouldn't you be more than a little pissed at being kicked out?
18:27 Kacey joined #minetest
18:27 Kacey back
18:27 NekoGloop Upstream git with just t_a_n_k's animation built well, except was slow.
18:28 NekoGloop was likely slow simply because compiler was shit ;)
18:29 thexyz VanessaE: I wouldn't
18:29 rubenwardy I reckon Cornernote was in the bad part of the month. He could be back soon.
18:29 * Kacey just swung a cactus at the tv because of campaign ads
18:29 NekoGloop Kacey: lol?
18:30 Kacey anger needs props
18:30 Kacey hang on vm starting itself
18:30 Kacey freaking bot
18:30 VanessaE thexyz: most people, when in the middle of such a tirade that they feel justified in going on about, would be upset.
18:31 VanessaE you could just have ignored or muted him.
18:31 Kacey ok back
18:31 thexyz it sounded too much like trolling
18:31 Kacey that bot is smart
18:31 NekoGloop he -is- trolling.
18:32 NekoGloop cornernote was attempting to do what lm does and be the center of attention.
18:32 VanessaE instead you kicked him, and now you see the result - over two dozen resources destroyed.
18:32 NekoGlooptroll hello
18:32 NekoGloop VanessaE: eh?
18:32 VanessaE NekoGloop: cornernote deleted everything of any use from what I can see.
18:32 VanessaE at least all his mods.
18:32 OldCoder NekoGlooptroll, please don't be argumentative
18:33 thexyz VanessaE: you think he'd not delete everything after mute?
18:33 NekoGloop I have some backups.
18:33 OldCoder thexyz, He'd have allowed me to mute him briefly
18:33 OldCoder I told him I was considering it
18:33 NekoGloop Inv+, bags, home pos, and armor.
18:33 VanessaE thexyz: probaly not.
18:33 OldCoder This is water under the bridge now
18:33 VanessaE probably*
18:33 OldCoder NekoGloop, I have your armor patch
18:33 cornernote_ hello
18:33 OldCoder cornernote_, that is a distraction
18:33 thexyz anyway, how's that related? didn't that deserve a kick?
18:34 VanessaE speak of the devil
18:34 cornernote_ a distraction
18:34 VanessaE no, it did not deserve a kick.
18:34 cisoun joined #minetest
18:34 NekoGloop Anyone have bookmarks GUI?
18:34 OldCoder Yes
18:34 VanessaE er, missed the nick change there.  hi kasey.
18:34 OldCoder Kacey, maybe settle down
18:34 VanessaE kacey even*
18:34 thexyz VanessaE: then what does deserve it?
18:34 Kacey lol oldcoder missed it too apparently
18:35 OldCoder Kacey, I did not
18:35 Jordach Kacey - that might end uo with you being kicked
18:35 Kacey aah
18:35 OldCoder Kacey, that is why I addressed you
18:35 OldCoder Moving forward...
18:35 Kacey close window start vm done
18:35 OldCoder We have the mods though not in git form
18:35 VanessaE thexyz: not having read the entire conversation, which as I've seen is hours long, I'd have to say harassing people, calling names, racial slurs, etc.
18:35 NekoGloop Can i have Bookmarks GUI?
18:35 Kacey brb
18:35 VanessaE and unless he's gone totally off the deep end, I don't see cornernote doing that.
18:35 OldCoder NekoGloop, you can have all my mods
18:36 OldCoder I am sorting through things
18:36 NekoGloop VanessaE: he even removed the useless one: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3281
18:36 OldCoder Exhausted. I ended up writing 100 pages.
18:36 Jordach please, what was his ip
18:36 VanessaE I mean shit, this whole discussion right *here* is offtopic to a degree.   Should we all be kicked now?
18:36 thexyz VanessaE: k, remembered, animal gore does not deserve a kick
18:36 VanessaE thexyz: no one forced you to click on the links he posted.
18:37 OldCoder thexyz, VanessaE I will be bold and say you both have points. I was *not* going to kick him. But I *was* going to mute him. It is worth debate over time. Not too much focus is called for I think.
18:37 NekoGloop cornernote actually stayed awake all that time?
18:37 NekoGloop no wonder he got so pissed.
18:37 OldCoder He read my documents
18:37 Kacey-ubuntu i have taken over
18:37 thexyz VanessaE: does that mean one can post links to anything?
18:38 Kacey freaking bot
18:38 thexyz like goatse or whatever
18:38 VanessaE thexyz: no, of course not.
18:38 OldCoder Here's another point. For an established member I'd try PM first. I spent a lot of time with him in PM.
18:38 VanessaE don't start with the strawman arguments.
18:38 thexyz i just can't understand
18:39 NekoGloop I cant understand why you havent shut up.
18:39 VanessaE thexyz: had he posted links to illegal, pornographic, etc. content then sure a kick might be in order.
18:39 Kacey i cant understand how this bot got so smart
18:39 Kacey i mean i made him afterall
18:39 VanessaE animal gore?  doesn't look any worse than some of the shit I've seen on TV and in the movie theaters.
18:39 OldCoder NekoGloop, Do you mean me, VanessaE, or thexyz ? Again, you are hardly in a position to lecture after yesterday. Are you? They are talking very mildly compared to yesterday.
18:39 VanessaE Kacey: no one MAKES someone do something lest they put a gun to their head.
18:39 Jordach Kacey - please do not interfere
18:40 VanessaE oops, misread that again.
18:40 Kacey no i mean i made Kacey-ubuntu afterall
18:40 OldCoder I am proceed with mods and builds
18:40 OldCoder I will comment on this thread if need be but I think it's time to move on
18:41 Kacey-ubuntu i am back
18:41 VanessaE Kacey-ubuntu: pick a name and stick with it already :-)
18:41 thexyz VanessaE: ok, remembered, animal gore is ok
18:41 thexyz i'm sorry
18:41 OldCoder cornernote may speak with me. If he does, I will speak with him.
18:41 Kacey-ubuntu GET OFFA MY COMPUTER!!!!!!
18:41 OldCoder thexyz, don't end it on that note
18:41 VanessaE thexyz: no, animal gore is not "okay", but it is also not worth being kicked for.
18:41 Kacey deleted him finally
18:41 OldCoder Kacey, I will do my first kick if you do that again too soon
18:42 Kacey didnt you already kick cornernote?
18:42 OldCoder Kacey, No. I was going to mute him.
18:42 VanessaE thexyz: there is such a thing as a happy medium.  It doesn't have to be all-or-nothing.
18:42 OldCoder We were discussing it.
18:42 NekoGloop Since obviously this channel is just shit now, there's no reason to be here, is there?
18:42 Kacey aah well im off to delete an annoying bot
18:42 NekoGloop So, why dont you all leave?
18:42 OldCoder NekoGloop, one last time for you: You aren't in a position to judge. Relax and let me make a client for you.
18:42 * Kacey[A] is now away - Reason : bot being stupid
18:43 VanessaE NekoGloop: some of us are trying to un-shitify it.
18:43 Kacey[A] was kicked by OldCoder: See ya
18:43 thexyz VanessaE: so next time i should mute him/whoever, right?
18:43 VanessaE thexyz: yes.
18:43 thexyz ok
18:43 Kacey joined #minetest
18:43 celeron55 joined #minetest
18:43 NekoGloop How am i not in a position to judge?
18:43 OldCoder thexyz, No. it is your decision. Instead you should consider options and possibly PM people.
18:43 Kacey as i said close window reopen
18:44 Kacey but i am going to be off for a while
18:44 VanessaE the offender can always message someone when he/she wants a second try.
18:44 OldCoder thexyz, You are not obligated to do what VanessaE wishes. At the same time it is respectful to consider her views.
18:44 OldCoder celeron55, Hey
18:44 NekoGloop The point i was arguing before is that people can do as they wish while respecting the wishes of others.
18:45 Kacey vm starting up again
18:45 OldCoder Kacey, If you can't control the "bot" there will be repercussions
18:45 babyface1031 wow i must of missed alot yesterday i think i might watch irc a lil more so i am not lost
18:46 OldCoder babyface1031, It was lively :-)
18:46 VanessaE babyface1031: you'd be surprised how much takes place while you'
18:46 OldCoder <NekoGloop> How am i not in a position to judge?
18:46 VanessaE you're away :-)
18:46 OldCoder NekoGloop, I believe you suffered a memory loss
18:46 Kacey i am deleting this vm right now so i can make sure
18:46 OldCoder Nothing more need be said about it
18:46 VanessaE that does it, I'l building a little dam between my ' and Enter keys.
18:46 OldCoder But you are most certainly not in a position to judge odd behavior today
18:47 NekoGloop I'm not judging odd behaviour.
18:47 OldCoder Fine
18:47 thexyz OldCoder: that's why i was asking for her opinion
18:47 OldCoder thexyz, You are correct and I meant no disrespect
18:47 NekoGloop I'm telling people to agree to disagree.
18:47 OldCoder thexyz, I was referring to one thing you said and it does not matter
18:47 Kacey ok deleted
18:47 OldCoder I am mostly pleased that this discussion seems friendly
18:47 VanessaE NekoGloop: great.  Now, what do you say we order in meat lovers pizza and chicken wings? ;-)
18:47 Kacey i no longer think it was a bot but a virus
18:47 NekoGloop Sure.
18:48 NekoGloop VanessaE: looks like he deleted github repos as well.
18:48 VanessaE NekoGloop: yeah :-/
18:48 Kacey check his website
18:48 OldCoder Would anybody like to provide their copies of his mods
18:48 Jordach Kacey - please stop with the story changing
18:48 NekoGloop he has a point
18:48 OldCoder I am organizing my own set as soon as this discussion is over
18:48 NekoGloop although I've not the slightest idea what his website's domain was.
18:49 Kacey cornernote.net
18:49 dizzyone joined #minetest
18:49 NekoGloop https://sites.google.com/site/cornernote/minetest
18:49 NekoGloop download links are to github though.
18:49 NekoGloop dammit.
18:49 * Kacey[A] is now away - Reason : going off to swing a cactus angrily because i need to
18:50 NekoGloop why are the good coders always dicks.
18:50 VanessaE Kacey[A]: for future reference, it is sometimes considered bad form to use /away (and associated messages).
18:50 Calinou NekoGloop: this is the answer to life.
18:50 VanessaE well I'm a good coder, and surely not a dick, so... :-)
18:51 NekoGloop No, that's 42.
18:51 VanessaE NekoGloop: nono, 42 also includes the universe and everything - Calinou is only referring to life.
18:51 VanessaE :-)
18:51 NekoGloop ah.
18:51 NekoGloop so 24?
18:52 Calinou 11000 isn't the answer to life :|
18:52 rubenwardy (6:36:10 PM) NekoGloop: VanessaE: he even removed the useless one: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3281
18:52 rubenwardy That was my favourite one!
18:52 OldCoder Did he take down the API?
18:52 OldCoder He'd asked me to host it
18:53 OldCoder Another few days and it would have been in place
18:53 rubenwardy "404 not found"
18:53 rubenwardy dont you have backups?
18:54 NekoGloop ... shit. I just realized that then skyblock just went poof. :P
18:54 Jordach OldCoder has the mods
18:54 NekoGloop I know.
18:54 Kacey[A] i have skyblock
18:55 rubenwardy I have bookmarks_gui and Inventory_plus, any use to anyone?
18:55 jajp joined #minetest
18:55 Kacey wait nvm i deleted skyblock
18:55 thexyz rubenwardy: yep
18:55 NekoGloop "just won't put up with admins who want to take power trips." HAHAHAHAHAHA
18:55 NekoGloop rubenwardy: bookmarks please.
18:55 rubenwardy http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3632
18:55 rubenwardy She probably mean make them WTFPL
18:56 rubenwardy wait, it is on my Ubuntu partition
18:56 thexyz rubenwardy: can you upload both? are they up-to-date?
18:56 rubenwardy brb
18:56 rubenwardy i will upload them
18:56 rubenwardy I downloaded a week ago
18:57 celeron55 joined #minetest
18:57 OldCoder If anybody has mods provide them to me
18:57 OldCoder Mirror is in progress
18:58 NekoGloop OldCoder: /mode +q username right?
18:59 rubenwardy joined #minetest
19:01 OldCoder NekoGloop, why do you ask?
19:01 NekoGloop curious.
19:01 OldCoder O.K. Moving forward: rubenwardy yes I'd like any mods you have
19:01 OldCoder I am preparing to post a cornernote mirror
19:01 OldCoder NekoGloop, hold on
19:01 OldCoder Does anybody wish to share their copies of the mods?
19:01 rubenwardy http://multa.bugs3.com/minetest/mods/cornernote
19:02 OldCoder Thank you!
19:02 OldCoder NekoGloop, ^
19:02 NekoGloop bags, inv+, home pos?
19:02 NekoGloop got those?
19:02 OldCoder yes but I will take what you or others have
19:02 OldCoder to synchronize
19:03 NekoGloop My versions are guarenteed to be old xD
19:03 OldCoder Still a good idea
19:03 NekoGloop well cornernote did what i tried to do, just did it more successfully.
19:03 T_A_N_K joined #minetest
19:03 NekoGloop =)
19:03 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: herro thar
19:03 OldCoder T_A_N_K, Hi
19:03 T_A_N_K hilo
19:04 BartoCH joined #minetest
19:04 PilzAdam hi T_A_N_K
19:04 PilzAdam T_A_N_K, can you pull request your digging animation to the main repo?
19:04 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: got any of cornernote's mods?
19:04 thexyz PilzAdam: why don't you just cherry-pick it
19:04 ChanServ joined #minetest
19:04 OldCoder I have summoned ChanServ
19:05 OldCoder Welcome Oh Mighty ChanServ!
19:05 NekoGloop lol
19:05 T_A_N_K i just came from #morphos and they charge more money for an operating system (without telling the user on their main website) for old outdated PowerPC machines (100 dollars) than windows 7 64 bit (89 dollars)
19:05 OldCoder ChanServ I beseech thee: Guard this channel!
19:05 PilzAdam thexyz, it looks better if it gets merged from T_A_N_K's repo
19:05 T_A_N_K i discovered i was using a demo os about 30 minutes in, had no idea, SUPRISE!
19:06 T_A_N_K hi, yes, and yes
19:06 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: good because he's deleted them. We need copies.
19:06 T_A_N_K Why did he delete them?
19:06 OldCoder NekoGloop, if you can post your old copies of the mods. They'll go into an "obsolete" section
19:06 NekoGloop kk
19:06 OldCoder T_A_N_K, the meat battle
19:06 NekoGloop also "also, a revolution is coming..."
19:06 NekoGloop he said that here: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3420
19:07 OldCoder T_A_N_K, have any copies of his mods?
19:07 OldCoder We now have more options for configuring this channel BTW
19:07 T_A_N_K i have his computer thing
19:08 OldCoder Post it please
19:08 T_A_N_K also the main problem with a community, is a community lol
19:08 OldCoder Yes
19:08 NekoGloop computer thing?
19:08 NekoGloop :o
19:08 OldCoder He's a good guy as many of us are; it's about working things out
19:08 T_A_N_K I have only one comment to post there lol
19:08 NekoGloop nah, he has an ego the size of the planet, that's all.
19:08 OldCoder thexyz, VanessaE if you have any of his mods post them and I'll sort through everything
19:09 T_A_N_K Lmao, there, i ended the entire revolution
19:09 NekoGloop lol
19:09 NekoGloop OldCoder: http://ompldr.org/vZzVtdA
19:09 OldCoder NekoGloop, t y
19:10 Kacey i need to make a new bot but not right now
19:10 OldCoder Yep
19:10 thexyz rubenwardy: thanks, mirrored to http://mods.minetest.ru/
19:10 Kacey not meaning to be distracting
19:10 OldCoder Kacey, really bad I.D. to push that right now
19:10 ruskie what do you need a bot in here for?
19:10 OldCoder *idea
19:10 OldCoder I don't know if he's telling the truth
19:10 T_A_N_K finally, TF2 style teleporters http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3631
19:10 OldCoder But bots can be useful
19:10 OldCoder Kacey, you are playing, I assume
19:11 OldCoder Not right now, please
19:11 Kacey and terrible (Kacey-ubuntu)
19:11 NekoGloop thexyz: why do i not have that bookmarked.
19:11 Kacey no im not playing im just lazy
19:12 thexyz NekoGloop: because i'm too lazy to update it often ^^
19:12 NekoGloop ah.
19:12 OldCoder <T_A_N_K> i have his computer thing
19:12 OldCoder T_A_N_K, may I have a copy?
19:12 thexyz NekoGloop: btw, why does your directory "bags" contain another "bags"?
19:12 thexyz which one is more recent?
19:13 NekoGloop thexyz: the one in the modpack
19:13 NekoGloop I'm too lazy to remove the version from before he made it a modpack.
19:13 thexyz ok
19:13 anunakki joined #minetest
19:13 anunakki joined #minetest
19:13 T_A_N_K Sure, let me just a kgljdfsglkj ubuntu and i'll post it for download
19:14 NekoGloop I find it funny he thinks he offended me with his opinion.
19:14 sinekonata Hey I have a question does the //suppress command from worldedit not work?
19:14 NekoGloop He offended me by shoving his opinion on everyone else.
19:14 NekoGloop sinekonata: there is such a command?
19:14 T_A_N_K supress?!
19:14 NekoGloop < hasnt updated worldedit in months.
19:14 T_A_N_K World edit needs to use for statements not while statements
19:15 NekoGloop ^ an exaggeration
19:15 NekoGloop fucking ninja posts.
19:15 T_A_N_K for statements allow the server to do things in between, while just halts the server completely
19:15 T_A_N_K If world edit used for statements it could be run on creative servers without much lag
19:15 sinekonata according to Chat Commands.md there is a suppress
19:16 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: wouldnt worldedit itself be slower though?
19:16 rubenwardy what shall I do now...
19:16 NekoGloop rubenwardy: make me a ham sammich
19:16 NekoGloop 8D
19:16 T_A_N_K no lol, i was doing extreme experiments with flatmap world gen in creative mode, so while statements made the whole server lag and for statements is what i ended up using for speed
19:16 Kacey aah crap i found what made Kacey-ubuntu evil
19:17 T_A_N_K world edit can only go as fast as the server
19:17 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: good.
19:18 Kacey dr pepper and keyboards do not mix well
19:18 OldCoder Nope
19:18 NekoGloop Anyone have the infinite chest?
19:18 celeron55 joined #minetest
19:18 T_A_N_K my keyboard runs on dr pepper
19:18 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: Mine runs on mtn dew.
19:18 Kacey lol mine freaks out with it and makes bots evil
19:19 Kacey mtn dew feuls me
19:19 T_A_N_K Here, spam his twitter if you want lol v
19:19 T_A_N_K https://twitter.com/cornernote*
19:19 thexyz oh fuck, i've just realised i had missed most part of that conversation with cornernote
19:19 thexyz well, that's just stupid
19:20 OldCoder T_A_N_K, were you serious about a "computer thing"
19:20 T_A_N_K yea, his craft guide
19:20 OldCoder k
19:20 thexyz seems he was bitten by some vegan(s)
19:21 celeron55 http://celeron55.nfshost.com/misc/cornernote_googlesite.tar.gz <- full 33MB backup of https://sites.google.com/site/cornernote/minetest
19:21 celeron55 will be down after a while, so whoever wants it can grab it
19:21 NekoGloop celeron55: downloads were on github.
19:21 celeron55 umm.. 35MB
19:21 NekoGloop so that is useless 8)
19:21 celeron55 it has all the mod descriptions and crafting recipes and images
19:21 OldCoder Downloaded
19:21 thexyz NekoGloop: still useful
19:21 T_A_N_K Why did cornernote flip out lol
19:21 NekoGloop celeron55: good point.
19:22 OldCoder T_A_N_K, long story
19:22 doserj joined #minetest
19:22 NekoGloop although code not be there 8)
19:22 OldCoder I'll have all of this up in a bit
19:22 T_A_N_K I'll recode all of his mods MWAHAHAHA
19:22 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: happen to have infinite chest?
19:22 T_A_N_K just kidding i don't got no time for that, and sure i'll make one
19:22 T_A_N_K Enderchests
19:22 NekoGloop nonono
19:22 OldCoder Reposting periodically today: Anybody who has cornernote mods or API material please provide it to me
19:22 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: i mean this: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=3053
19:23 T_A_N_K Can i have the short story of why cornernote left?
19:23 OldCoder T_A_N_K, Yesterday was tiring for him...
19:24 T_A_N_K How so
19:24 NekoGloop because he tried pushing his opinions onto us and we didnt let him.
19:24 celeron55 and then thexyz kicked him out quite arbitrarily
19:24 OldCoder T_A_N_K, He worked with me on about 90 pages of legal material. He had two long battles over meat eating. He simply couldn't approach those discussions calmly. He engaged Slim Shady at my request. He didn't sleep.
19:25 OldCoder Time for him to rest a bit
19:25 thexyz T_A_N_K: http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest/2012-11-05#i_2611407
19:25 NekoGloop dont call him slim shady
19:25 NekoGloop call hime landmine
19:25 NekoGloop him*
19:25 OldCoder NekoGloop, Don't go there
19:25 OldCoder NekoGloop, Order and Chaos can be discussed another time
19:25 NekoGloop why call him a false name?
19:25 T_A_N_K Lol that's fucking retarded
19:25 NekoGloop OldCoder: the hell are you talking about?
19:25 OldCoder NekoGloop, I don't think we'll go there today. I'm exhausted.
19:26 OldCoder NekoGloop, Not being argumentative.
19:26 OldCoder NekoGloop, you and Slim Shady assumed the roles of Order and Chaos yesterday. For about an hour.
19:26 OldCoder I'm not going to go there again this week
19:27 OldCoder I have the large cornernote tarball
19:27 OldCoder Preparing a website now
19:27 OldCoder T_A_N_K, if you have a craft guide dig it up thank you
19:27 T_A_N_K Oh slim shady? Slim shady isn't anything but a porkless bitch who has to assume his sexual purposes of trolling the internet in the darkest corners imaginable
19:27 OldCoder T_A_N_K, we should focus on moving forward with mods and patches
19:27 T_A_N_K aka he's probably some random fatguy sitting on a crate, giggling, or other things, about how annoying he's being
19:28 T_A_N_K why do you guys even care about what he says?
19:28 OldCoder Right now I care about organizing data
19:28 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: that was Landmine
19:28 OldCoder celeron55, thank you for the tarball
19:28 NekoGloop <spoiler alert>
19:28 T_A_N_K yes, that's my point
19:28 OldCoder T_A_N_K, find the guide if you have it
19:28 T_A_N_K why do you guys even care?
19:28 OldCoder T_A_N_K, I'll write about it but not for a couple of years I think
19:29 NekoGloop because incompetent people wouldnt just ban him?
19:29 OldCoder NekoGloop, kitty...
19:29 T_A_N_K use the ignore button
19:29 * OldCoder pauses
19:29 NekoGloop what ignore.
19:29 T_A_N_K it's there for this purpose
19:29 NekoGloop [14:29] == IGNORE Unknown command
19:29 OldCoder NekoGloop, Read the logs. And what the nick NekoGloop said.
19:29 T_A_N_K http://xchat.org/
19:29 T_A_N_K Has ignore button, even though it's shitty
19:30 NekoGloop T_A_N_K: riiiigh.
19:30 NekoGloop dont care.
19:30 OldCoder NekoGloop, you assumed the role of Order. Indicated that Order would destroy Chaos, which you identified as the other person. You spoke at length about this. Connected it to a movie about serial killers.
19:30 * OldCoder stops
19:31 NekoGloop yes i got to that point
19:31 OldCoder I am preparing the mirror site
19:31 NekoGloop Alice Human Sacrifice isnt about a serial killer.
19:31 OldCoder All right
19:31 NekoGloop Its about people having the same dream and dying therein
19:32 Taoki OldCoder: Hello
19:32 OldCoder Taoki, Hello!
19:32 OldCoder Pleased to see you
19:33 Taoki Same :) Hope everything has been well
19:33 OldCoder Taoki, It has been lively :-)
19:33 OldCoder How are you today?
19:33 Taoki That's good
19:33 Taoki Not too well, code issues and stuff too
19:33 OldCoder Go on
19:33 OldCoder I am working on MT but I can chat
19:33 T_A_N_K ubuntu 10.04's security is strange, i don't have read permissions to a file on my other hard disk,so i sudo'd nautilus then zipped the folder, then dragged it to my desktop and unzipped it, so i can read it
19:34 Taoki OldCoder: I have a general C++ issue with the MT code. Basically, I need to use a weak_ptr somewhere, but MT doesn't have one, nor does it have boost or c++11 (who have this ttype)
19:34 T_A_N_K https://dl.dropbox.com/s/zrp8xhcrpgeqwd2/craft_guide.tar.gz?dl=1
19:34 OldCoder Taoki, oh; you mean MT issues
19:34 OldCoder T_A_N_K, t y
19:35 T_A_N_K np
19:35 Taoki Yesh, but a general c++ question
19:35 thexyz T_A_N_K: thanks
19:35 T_A_N_K no prob
19:35 Taoki OldCoder: I need it for the following case: Let's say I have object X and object Y. X has the pointer *z which points to object Y. But Y gets removed, and X and its pointer *z can't be informed of it. If for X I try to do z->getSomething() I then get a segmentation fault
19:35 Taoki So I need a way to check if *z still points to a valid object
19:36 Taoki But that can only be done with weak_ptr I'm hearing
19:36 OldCoder Taoki, All right. I should comment but I am not able to do so at this time. I ask you to forgive me.
19:36 RealBadAngel http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/17/scr2b.png/
19:36 OldCoder R
19:37 OldCoder RealBadAngel, That screen is blank for me
19:37 Taoki OldCoder: It's ok. Help is appreciated but I don't want people to force themselves to work on something if they can't, so no worries
19:37 Taoki RealBadAngel, thexyz: Do you know what I can do by chance?
19:37 celeron55 Taoki: an alternative is to store a reference to the other object as an unique id of some sort
19:37 Taoki I've been driving people nuts on #c++ I think :P
19:37 celeron55 instead of a pointer
19:38 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: MV Furnace?
19:38 Taoki Yeah, that's a lot harder from what I can think of now
19:38 celeron55 and fetch the other object based on the id from some managery thing
19:38 RealBadAngel http://img17.imageshack.us/img17/7279/scr2b.png
19:38 RealBadAngel try this link
19:38 Taoki celeron55: I'm currently trying to use something like std::tr1::weak_ptr<ClientActiveObject> m_attachment_parent(new ClientActiveObject);
19:38 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: will it be an alloy furnace and normal furnace combined?
19:38 Taoki But I'm not sure how consistent that is
19:39 celeron55 weak pointers aren't a magic cure; you also need a shared_ptr or so for the original object reference
19:39 Taoki I see
19:39 celeron55 which isn't how they currently are stored, which means you need to change things
19:39 RealBadAngel geez, look at the INVENTORY :)
19:40 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: any chance of making craft_guide technic compatible?
19:40 thexyz if somebody has some mods from that list: towntest, hill_nodebox, deploy_nodes, armor, no_mapgen, worldedit_gui, workbench, dye_craft, feel free to upload them somewhere
19:40 Taoki Problem is I was getting a lot of segmentation faults. With some tools I found out it's because although I check m_parent != NULL, not being null doesn't mean it points to a valid object any longer. And C++ makes it very hard to test validity of a pointer
19:40 Kacey joined #minetest
19:40 Taoki I'll try to use a different change then, not sure how :/
19:41 NekoGloop Also, RealBadAngel: Make diamonds spawn just a tad bit higher, please. I dont want to dig -that- much for diamonds.
19:41 celeron55 i'd just make objects have unique ids and refer to them with those
19:41 Kacey i cant stand all this cornernote talk
19:41 NekoGloop Bad enough i have to dig that far for mithril.
19:41 NekoGloop Also, I've thought of a new recipe for the craft guide.
19:41 Kacey what does diamond ore look like
19:41 NekoGloop Is anyone interested?
19:42 NekoGloop Kacey: looks like blue.
19:42 NekoGloop :P
19:42 RealBadAngel NekoGloop, bout diamonds its already done
19:42 RealBadAngel go somwhere else to dig for them
19:42 rubenwardy reading the logs... funny argument, i am sorry
19:42 Kacey everything looks like blue to me
19:42 Taoki celeron55: I can use getId on CAO objects I think. But, does it still prevent a bad memory read if I do ->getId() on an object with an ID no longer there?
19:42 PilzAdam can someone test this farming mod? https://github.com/PilzAdam/minetest_game/tree/farming
19:43 OldCoder PilzAdam, It will go into your fork server
19:43 Kacey celeron55 i need to know how to register a bucket of stuff with lua but i think i found it so nvm
19:43 celeron55 Taoki: you don't use it that way
19:44 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: And, for fuck's sake, let me plug my machines in how I WANT. not how your stupid rules dictate.
19:44 celeron55 Taoki: you need to think differently
19:44 OldCoder Taoki, I wish to work and can do so. Right now is an interesting period.
19:44 RealBadAngel NekoGloop, no way, sides r reserved for pneumatic tubes
19:44 NekoGloop RealBadAngel: fine then
19:44 Taoki OldCoder: If you wish to work on MT code, help with models would be appreciated lots. I can describe the problem in more detail if you wish
19:44 NekoGloop I will make this mod actually make sense.
19:45 PilzAdam gtg; bye
19:45 celeron55 Taoki: instead of a pointer, you always instead store the id, and always when you want to access the object pointed to by the id, you fetch it from somewhere using the id
19:46 Taoki celeron55: The problem is fetching it from somewhere using the ID, while checking the object is still on the server
19:46 Taoki erm, client
19:46 Taoki As this is a client-side problem
19:46 celeron55 then "somewhere" knows if it actually still exists or not, and can return NULL if it doesn't, and your code knows it is no more
19:46 Taoki right
19:47 celeron55 the client environment can do that fetch for you i think
19:47 Taoki I use ->getID() but am not sure how that knows of an invalid ID
19:47 Taoki Maybe it returns NULL automatically
19:47 Taoki * getId()
19:47 celeron55 ...no.
19:48 Taoki Need to think how to solve that one part then
19:49 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCOExcjM-GE&amp;feature=related
19:50 celeron55 u16 id = object_known_to_exist_for_now->getId(); [... unknown stuff ...] ClientActiveObject *object_now = client_environment->getActiveObject(id);
19:50 Taoki Wait, sorry, not getId is what I was thinking of. I made a confusion, it's another one... *looks
19:50 Taoki yes, getActiveObject
19:50 Taoki That was the one
19:50 celeron55 you'll run into some trouble because the ids tend to currently be quickly reused with different objects though
19:51 celeron55 the id "generator" needs a bit of tweaking
19:51 Taoki I assume getActiveObject does know to return NULL if you give it an invelid object ID at that time
19:51 celeron55 yes
19:51 Taoki I think I can solve it then
19:53 celeron55 in environment.cpp there is getFreeServerActiveObjectId()
19:53 NekoGloop minetest.register_craft({output = 'craft_guide:lcd_pc',recipe = {{'default:steel_ingot'},{'xpanes:pane'},{'stairsplus:slab_stone'}}})
19:54 NekoGloop celeron55: if i may, upstream minetest_game should use groups better.
19:54 celeron55 you need to add "u16 m_next_id" or similar to ServerEnvironment and increment it always (and always skip 0 (the undefined object id) on wrap-around) so that they practically never get reused
19:54 celeron55 or... something
19:55 NekoGloop For example, the steel_ingot should use groups={ingot=1,steel=1}
19:55 NekoGloop etc.
19:55 Jordach my pc became a radiator
19:55 NekoGloop Would set a better standard, thus letting people like me who want, for example, any ingot to work for making a certain thing, possible.
19:56 NekoGloop for an example of the use of this: minetest.register_craft({output = 'craft_guide:lcd_pc',recipe = {{'group:ingot'},{'group:glass'},{'group:slab,stone'}}})
19:57 NekoGloop < is as usual being ignored with good ideas.
19:57 Jordach they are good uns
19:58 Taoki celeron55: Yeah... my code expects that a CAO has the same ID as its SAO variant
19:58 Taoki Might have to fix that next if it's more complex
19:58 NekoGloop Jordach: except that noone is listening. :P
19:58 Jordach Taoki - bit off more than you can chew eh?
19:58 Taoki Jordach: There are issues I didn't expect, I'm trying to see what can be done
20:00 Jordach ohhh
20:00 Jordach my pc internal temp: 80'c
20:00 NekoGloop haha
20:00 OldCoder Hi
20:01 OldCoder Taoki, I will PM you in the next week or two and discuss schedule. Right now I am preparing a cornernote site. Yesterday I needed to write 90 pages of documents. That plus other events have left me exhausted. You and I will talk.
20:01 Jordach thats what hypixels herobrine map does
20:02 Jordach <OldCoder> You and I will talk. - that sounds like a movie quote
20:02 Taoki OldCoder: Sure. Thanks :)
20:02 * OldCoder shrugs
20:02 Taoki hehe
20:02 Jordach Xonotic: Y U DOWNLOAD AT 1.2Mbs s/sec
20:02 OldCoder Jordach, when I am tired I am more different or talk more formally or oddly. You of all people would understand why.
20:02 Jordach yep!
20:03 OldCoder Taoki, over time I *will* assist
20:03 OldCoder It is what I have always done in this world
20:03 Jordach OldCoder - i was fiddling around with a Kindle today, they are great, but i want a backlight :P
20:03 Taoki I might finish the code till then. Which is good... what matters is doing it soon enough (especially until more code comes in and I might get GIT conflicts... those scare me a lot :( )
20:04 Taoki But I appreciate someone likes to help so much :)
20:04 Jordach git conflicts?
20:04 thexyz NekoGloop: that was already suggested by c55
20:04 NekoGloop so why not fix it?
20:04 Taoki Jordach: It's when someone makes other code and that code causes yours to require modifications, cuz it intersects with your additions in GIT
20:04 NekoGloop after all, it's -his- repo./
20:04 Jordach oh. thats evil.
20:04 * Jordach checks c55/minetest#
20:05 OldCoder Jordach, Kenneth isn't going to help :p
20:05 Jordach i want a damn backlight!!
20:05 OldCoder Jordach, he isn't going to be pleased about the 90 pages :D
20:05 Jordach (lamps are not fun at midnight)
20:05 Taoki OldCoder: Also, I sorta know that feeling. Sort of. I don't have a job yet and don't know when and if I will (due to my mental state). I spend time doing random stuff all day, and among that is contributing to open-source software. Although I put a lot of effort on codes like this one, some still look at me as "a leech". But, I'm partly used to it by now...
20:05 Jordach OldCoder YAY!
20:05 OldCoder Taoki, Leech?! WTF?
20:06 OldCoder Taoki, you are usually cheerful, you try to learn, and you've offered to contribute. You are rated A+
20:06 Taoki Just how I think some people look at me as. And usually at anyone who doesn't have a job. It's a common thinking :(
20:06 Jordach OldCoder i think Taoki's mental state pushed our welcome to the club button
20:06 Taoki Thank you. I appreciate there are people like you who think that way :)
20:06 OldCoder Taoki, That is all rubbish. Please put it aside.
20:06 OldCoder The negative part I mean
20:06 Taoki I shall try
20:06 OldCoder All right
20:07 Jordach Taoki - you mean the menal side, then yes, you be like me and OldCoder
20:07 Jordach +t
20:07 OldCoder Is he?
20:07 OldCoder I had not assessed that part
20:07 OldCoder Seems quite normal and positive
20:07 Jordach remember, everything must end with a closed paren
20:07 * Taoki admits to feeling weird at hearing positive things said about me. Not really used to them and all... I appreciate it ^_^
20:07 Jordach dammit perl
20:08 Taoki I mean I'm used to hearing them sometimes, but not really thinking of them to be true. Eh..
20:08 OldCoder Taoki, relax and understand that you can be who and what you wish here; or online in general
20:08 Taoki Just wonder what I'll do when my "father" won't give me money any more to "sit aat a computer in mom's basement all day long" (actually my room but that's a saying hehe)
20:09 OldCoder Jordach, we can discuss the Kindle stuff in PM. It is quite off-topic. But I've done something that will make you laugh. If you remember my brother's name try it as a domain.
20:09 OldCoder Don't post it here
20:09 Jordach yes, i quite like eating "scottish haggis" rather tasty :P
20:09 Taoki Will probably be like those bad guys in games; I'll have a "base" in the sewers lol
20:09 * OldCoder laughs out loud
20:09 OldCoder Taoki, Sewers?
20:09 Jordach Taoki - xonotic?
20:09 Taoki Nah, not the case, but still worried sometimes
20:09 OldCoder Taoki, Jordach I need to work on a site for a bit
20:10 Jordach kay. :)
20:10 Taoki Jordach: I'm a Xonotic core dev too
20:10 Taoki OldCoder: ok. Good luck :)
20:10 Jordach cool
20:10 Jordach Taoki - if theres a way to beat calinou at 1 v 1; pm me
20:10 Jordach (damn tuba!)
20:11 OldCoder Taoki, It's the cornernote mirror
20:11 OldCoder Shouldn't take long
20:11 OldCoder Taoki, Jordach If the two of you can dig up more cornernote files please post them for me
20:11 Taoki Jordach: For some reason I can barely play online usually
20:11 Jordach wait wait wiazt
20:11 Jordach wait
20:11 Taoki And wow. Quite a lot of people here are also into Xonotic. It's really nice to see this :)
20:11 Jordach why are we not using googles webcache? that must have omp links
20:11 Taoki erm, quite a few
20:11 Taoki But, a few are :)
20:12 thexyz Jordach: no
20:12 Jordach thexyz - shush
20:12 thexyz all his mods were hosted at github
20:12 Jordach fuck.
20:12 * Jordach tries google cache for git
20:12 OldCoder I've got the ones I was using
20:12 thexyz Jordach: that'll not work either
20:13 Jordach hm, time machine?
20:13 NekoGloop sure
20:13 NekoGloop ask the Doctor nicely.
20:13 Jordach da da da dum
20:15 dizzyone joined #minetest
20:15 Taoki OldCoder: BTW. Do you have a messenger or skype I can add you to as well? Feel free to PM if you don't wish to post such on the channel
20:15 OldCoder Taoki, writing...
20:15 LAD joined #minetest
20:15 OldCoder LAD, hello
20:15 LAD hello
20:16 LAD have u opend Octu's presnt yet??
20:16 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-gSJO1QxiSA&amp;feature=watch-vrec
20:16 OldCoder Taoki, I may Skype in the future but ATM I use: IRC, email, Twitter
20:16 Taoki Sure. Not sure if I added you to twitter
20:16 OldCoder LAD, I slept very late today and am doing an unexpected MT project right now. When done I shall go buy cola and then open it.
20:17 OldCoder Taoki, I am:
20:17 OldCoder BoldCoder
20:17 OldCoder there as opposed to OldCoder
20:17 LAD uhh
20:17 LAD cool
20:17 LAD cola
20:17 LAD ok ok
20:17 OldCoder One of the Twitter admins promised to free up the other handle for me but didn't
20:17 OldCoder LAD, I don't eat much
20:17 Taoki Thanks, added. MirceaKitsune / Taoki there
20:17 LAD hmmm
20:17 OldCoder Taoki, You followed me? Thanks
20:17 LAD ok
20:17 Taoki sure. NP
20:17 OldCoder LAD, how was your trip?
20:17 NekoGloop http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q2o4v8iuNvI&amp;feature=related :3
20:18 LAD cola is cool still but not all the time
20:18 LAD it was good
20:18 OldCoder LAD, I don't like the taste of the water here
20:18 LAD thnx for asking