Time Nick Message 00:52 Fixer if you have stone only in v7 - thats outdated minetest_game and probably engine 03:41 kaeza if anyone is interested, homedecor now has support for gettext. old translations couldn't be ported over, so would appreciate any contribs 09:53 JamesTait Good morning all! Happy Wednesday, and happy A Room Of One’s Own Day! 😃 09:59 MinetestBot 02[git] 04rubenwardy -> 03minetest/minetest: Block spam messages before calling on_chatmessage callbacks (#4805) 130891116 https://git.io/vMAAF (152017-01-25T09:57:33Z) 14:54 luizsab Hello everyone! Someone may help with what's meaning this phrase of the wiki? "The sapling drop “replaces” the leaf block drop—you do not get the leaf block if you get a sapling." 14:54 luizsab the link http://wiki.minetest.net/Saplings 14:54 luizsab I didn't understand this to Portuguese translation 14:56 red-001 you can only get a sapling or a leave block 14:56 red-001 not both 14:58 luizsab red-001: thanks for answer. I dig the leaves, isn't the sapling auto appears? 15:00 red-001 the sapling only appears some of the time 15:01 yusf[m] 1 in 18 of a chance if I'm not mistaking. 15:03 yusf[m] I wonder which if any alchey/magic/witchcraft/potions mod is the most integrated one. Not necessarily the most feature packed, but that it makes use of the minetest_game vessels and such. They need to work with .4.15 mtg and engine. 15:03 agaran yusf[m]: find grail_test, it had some magic stuff.. 15:06 luizsab red-001: I think is something strange. If you can, test please, dig only leaves of a tree less de wood, you'll get a sapling 15:06 luizsab red-001: *the wood 15:07 red-001 yes you get the sapling some of the time 15:21 luizsab but the pharase, do not says leaves or sapling? 15:22 luizsab red-001: but the way I'm getting both 15:23 red-001 from every leave node you only get a sapling or leaves node 15:24 luizsab red-001: node is the same a block? 15:24 red-001 yes 15:26 luizsab so, I'm confused because I'm get both when I dig a tree up to down or down to up 15:33 yusf[m] agaran: There's no mention vessels in there. 15:36 agaran oh, right there is not but there is some magic/etc I probably did not paid enough attention to your question. 15:50 sk1369 hi, i was wondering, what kind of project is this project and what is it called? a web api that transfers a html page raw code, from domain A to domain B. domain A got some parts in its html page view, where the domain B injects the html code in those places. and the web api is responsible to transfer the code (.........) to that domain A from domain B. thanks 15:51 sfan5 you're looking for an