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00:00 CraigyDavi` joined #minetest
00:01 Fritigern Sokomine: I think i am on to something, reading "git help submodule"
00:03 OldCoder joined #minetest
00:14 Daryl_ Just out of all randomness, when a person Host a Minetest server does it Use the GPU alot?
00:15 Vazon joined #minetest
00:17 T4im unlikly.. unless theres special support for that, which i doubt
00:17 Broam Fritigern: thanks
00:17 ibloat joined #minetest
00:17 Daryl_ ok
00:18 T4im fritigern: if you just want to contain the one in the other, just check it out directly, submodules are great if you want to version of the submodule in the main repository..
00:18 T4im submodules let you commit the checked out version into the parent repositroy
00:19 T4im .gitgnore should help you however to checkout stuff into the game directory and mod directory without having the main repository in a dirty state
00:19 T4im .gitignore*
00:20 T4im if its about keeping all those different repositories up to date, i recommend the tool "myrepos"
00:20 Fritigern I used "git submodule add -f https://github.com/minetest/minetest_game/ Minetest/games/minetest_game/" then built, and it works. I have minetest as a game mode.
00:21 afx joined #minetest
00:21 T4im well.. you should then commit that into the main repository, or you might run into some issues, when trying to update the mainrepo
00:21 T4im well.. into your local copy of the main repository :)
00:22 Fritigern I am only interested in pulling, building and playing. I'm no coder :-)
00:22 T4im then the easierst would have bin to go into the game folder and do a git clone ;)
00:22 Fritigern Though it would be great if there was a repo that had both minetest and minetest_game in one neat little place
00:23 Fritigern T4im: Do you mean the following?
00:23 Fritigern git clone https://github.com/minetest/minetest Minetest
00:23 Fritigern git submodule add -f https://github.com/minetest/minetest_game/ Minetest/games/minetest_game/
00:23 T4im no
00:24 T4im first part yes
00:24 proller joined #minetest
00:24 T4im then: git clone  https://github.com/minetest/minetest_game/ Minetest/games/minetest_game/
00:24 T4im paths might have to be variated ;)
00:25 Fritigern I don't think git allows that. Does it?
00:25 T4im of course it does :D
00:25 T4im why not?
00:25 T4im :)
00:26 T4im games/ directory is also being excempted for git, so it wont even really care about it being there
00:26 T4im the .gitignore file ignores that one :)
00:27 T4im without that, it would still let you do that, but ask you to commit the second repository into the first one
00:27 T4im kind of
00:28 T4im you can also cd into the directory first and then omitt the last parameter completly
00:30 Fritigern URGH, i just accidentally cleared the screen buffer, so the backlog has vanished from my screen. Sorry T4im :-(
00:31 Fritigern Could you querty me and paste me all the text that you wrote in the last few minutes?
00:31 T4im sure
00:31 Fritigern *query, no qwerty or whater i made it
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00:36 Fritigern T4im: Thing is, i have already done the submodules thing, and although i could easily manually remove .gitmodules, i don't know how to gracefully remove local repos or submodules. So i think i will leave it this way. However, the method as you describe it would prolly allow me to git pull both mintest/games and /minetest by simply cd'ing into the dir befoore pulling. correct?
00:37 T4im well, it will always pull the repository you are 'in' at that time
00:37 T4im and.. yea.. removing submodules is a messy thing
00:37 T4im .gitmodules alone wont work..
00:37 T4im git submodule deinit might
00:38 TriBlade9 joined #minetest
00:38 T4im but even that might get messy
00:38 TriBlade9 join #minetest-dev
00:38 TriBlade9 Sorry again, I keep missing the slash
00:38 TriBlade9 Still getting used to this IRC client
00:38 Fritigern rm /home/fritigern/Documents/git/.git/modules/whatever
00:38 T4im you should really not mess with anything in .git directly
00:39 T4im *that* is the git repository
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00:39 Fritigern I know, i have been told that a lot of times
00:39 unclouded left #minetest
00:40 Fritigern I also pay close attention to the config files and such. If i remove all traces, and do that in the right plaxces, (and use my noggin whilst doing that) then i should be fine ;-)
00:42 T4im try the deinit first though :p
00:43 T4im or if you want it easy, just clone both anew ;)
00:43 Fritigern git submodule deinit <module>?
00:43 T4im yea
00:43 Fritigern okies
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00:45 Fritigern Submodule removed, now.... How do i gracefully remove a local repo?
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00:45 H-H-H joined #minetest
00:46 T4im what exactly do you want to remove?
00:46 T4im the complete repo? just delete the directory :P
00:46 T4im including everything in it (especially .git)
00:46 Fritigern I want to remove the local /home/fritigern/Documents/git/Minetest repo
00:46 T4im rm -rf Minetest then
00:46 Fritigern Okay, deleting.
00:48 T4im git repositories are really no magic :D all they are is that .git directory which is essentially a filesystem based database and the contents of the current checkout in the workingdirectory
00:49 Fritigern So i add Minetest/games to .gitignore?
00:49 T4im you dont need to, it's already in there :)
00:49 T4im as is mods/ and textures/
00:50 kruug where is that moddb?  I want to check to see if a mod is already created...
00:50 T4im https://forum.minetest.net/mmdb/ but you should especially search github.. theres a lot more there
00:52 Scall joined #minetest
00:52 Broam T4im: and gitorious
00:52 T4im uhm, yes.. of course
00:52 T4im :D
00:52 Broam anyone know if there's a mod that does microblocks?
00:53 kruug is there a special place on github, or just a basic search?
00:53 kruug searching for "minetest" returns 89 pages...
00:53 T4im well.. minetest and what ever you try to find
00:54 T4im broam: gloopblocks for example
00:54 T4im the circular saw in there
00:55 Broam T4im: is that a crafting inventory item?
00:55 T4im hmm dont think so..
00:55 Broam aah, ok.
00:55 T4im eh
00:55 T4im sorry
00:55 T4im yes the circ saw is craftable
00:55 T4im but the blocks themselves are afaik not anymore
00:55 Broam No worries. We ended up implementing a 'saw' of a different kind in another mod.
00:56 Broam the blocks are craftable but you ahve to make the pieces in-world
00:56 Bitgod Broam :D
00:56 kruug alright, can't find anything that looks like a mod I want, so...off to learn LUA and the API!
00:56 Broam so you slice a block in half to make slabs, and then a slab can be split in half
00:56 Bitgod mini slab :D
00:56 Broam Bitgod: You can make concave & convex stairs. out of CACTUS if you wanted
00:56 T4im kruug: what where you looking for? :D
00:57 Bitgod dunno what convex is
00:57 Bitgod lol
00:57 kruug T4im: do you know WAILA from Minecraft?  It would be a Minetest HUD add-on that shows what block is under the crosshairs
00:57 Bitgod i assume bended stuff
00:57 Broam You know how in MC you can make stairs 'bend' depending on how you place them?
00:57 Broam Bitgod: sztest allows you to make the stairs in those 'bent' forms already
00:57 T4im kruug: ah, ok.. i only know the worldedit inspector for that.. but thats an admin only tool
00:58 Broam so lots of ideas implemented every which way. :)
00:58 Bitgod yes
00:58 kruug yeah, there's one that is just an ever-present HUD tool...
01:05 TriBlade9 joined #minetest
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01:09 kruug is it better to develop with the "stable" or the "dev" release?
01:10 Cylus kruug: Stable. If you develope for stable, it will run on both stable and unstable.
01:11 Cylus kruug: Plus, server owners with foresight use the stable version.
01:12 Bitgod can someone post me a mods tutorial on how to make them for minetest
01:12 Cylus I've seen servers break cliant compatibility with both the preceding stable version *and* the following stable version by running the unstable version.
01:13 TriBlade9 BitGod, Just take a look at http://dev.minetest.net
01:13 kruug Bitgod: http://dev.minetest.net/Intro
01:13 Bitgod ty <3
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01:17 psedlak joined #minetest
01:18 Fritigern I now have a crude build script, which may still be useful to those that are new to compiling stuff themselves. For whomever might think it would be useful. This paste will not expire: http://pastebin.com/YWgELGhZ
01:18 Fritigern Oh, forgot to mention that it's in Bash, so... Linux, baby!
01:19 Cylus Sweet! I'll take your word for it though. The site won't let me look without filling out a CAPTCHA. I'm getting a bit tired of CloudFlair and their CAPTCHA obsession.
01:19 Vazon joined #minetest
01:20 Cylus Fritigern: What did you build, anyway?
01:20 Fritigern Cylus: I can send it to you in a query if you want, dunno if DCC would work for me though (using an IRCclient that i am not yetused to)
01:20 Fritigern I have built....... MINETEST! (tadaaaa)
01:21 Cylus Fritigern: If DCC is the direct file sending, I still can't figure out how to get my client to accept those. I'd love to see it in a query though.
01:22 kruug Fritigern: so, automated building of minetest/mintest_game?
01:22 Fritigern The script is intended for people that want/need to build MT themselves, but don't want to learn a bunch of stuff. a first ever build can be quite overwhelming.
01:22 Bitgod how does one sleep in minetest?
01:22 Bitgod its dark
01:22 TriBlade9 Isn't it just apt-get install the deps
01:22 TriBlade9 Then cmake .
01:22 TriBlade9 Then make?
01:22 Cylus Bitgod: You don't sleep in Minetest. Sleeping would be boring anyway.
01:23 Bitgod uh
01:23 Bitgod in minecraft u had beds
01:23 Bitgod so WTF
01:23 Bitgod :/
01:23 Bitgod you sleep in rl ,is that boring? no
01:23 Bitgod lol
01:23 kruug there should be an insomnia-type mod...
01:23 Broam There were mods for MC that disabled beds
01:23 Fritigern Bitgod: my script will let you install git, clone both minetest and minetest_game to the proper location, build it, then run it, all in one go
01:23 kruug sleep, and the "server" continues in an accelerated fashion
01:24 TriBlade9 Ah, nice Fritigern
01:24 Bitgod Fritigern, why do i need that?
01:24 Bitgod i have minetest running
01:24 Cylus Bitgod: Sleeping in a game though involves you not doing anything interesting. THough yes, if I could get out of sleeping in the real world, I would.
01:24 TriBlade9 MC's sleep is pathetic, and no one really does it anyways
01:24 Fritigern Also, the idea is just to take what you need, but if you want to use it all, there's nothing stopping you ;-)
01:24 proller joined #minetest
01:25 Broam TriBlade9: some mods (Forestry) has a lot of stuff that only can happen during the day, at least until you 'fix' it
01:26 Fritigern Sorry Bitgod, i meant that to be for TriBlade9, my eyesight got confused. sorry about that
01:26 Bitgod np
01:28 kruug Fritigern: caps in the file name O.o
01:28 kruug you masochist!
01:28 Fritigern An additional advantage of having a build script is that you can have MT build at set times using cron, making sure that you always have the latest stable
01:28 Fritigern kruug: You mean caps in the path?
01:29 kruug Build_Minetest.sh
01:29 kruug it should be build_minetest.sh
01:29 Fritigern Oh, LOL! Well, the script is open source (imagine that! :-)) ). Change it as you see fit ;-)
01:29 Cylus kruug: I use spaces and caps as well.
01:30 Fritigern call it "craft_my_test_thinger.sh" is you like ;-)
01:30 Fritigern *if
01:30 Bitgod hmmm
01:30 Bitgod my world is all stones
01:30 Bitgod no green
01:30 Bitgod wtf am i? on venus?
01:30 Bitgod lol
01:30 Cylus Bitgod: Mapgen v7?
01:30 Bitgod nope, no mods
01:30 Fritigern Bitgod: I get that a lot too. Changing my seed does seem to help
01:31 Bitgod well animal pck but that doesnt work either
01:31 Cylus Bitgod: Which mapgen?
01:31 Bitgod how do i know lol
01:31 kruug yeah, I had that earlier...mapgen v7
01:31 kruug Bitgod: it would be when you created the world
01:32 Cylus Bitgod: You choose it when you start a new world. Try starting another, and looking at what "mapgen" is set to.
01:32 Bitgod 7
01:32 T4im try v6
01:32 T4im v7 without any mods making use of the new facilities will end in stone :)
01:32 Cylus Bitgod: Mapgen v7 is .... incomplete. Try v6.
01:32 T4im ^^ that
01:33 Bitgod ok
01:33 Bitgod bingo
01:33 Bitgod ty :D
01:33 kruug Cylus: you're more of a masochist than Fritigern
01:34 kruug also, the build process is very...CPU intensive!
01:34 Bitgod i noticed
01:34 Bitgod the draw distance sucks bad
01:34 Bitgod it flickers
01:34 Bitgod lol
01:34 Fritigern Oops, forgot to change that back to make -j2
01:34 kruug O.O
01:34 Bitgod ?
01:35 kruug what's the -jX?
01:35 kruug number of cores for building?
01:35 T4im yea
01:35 Bitgod make it j9000
01:35 Bitgod ITS OVER 9000!
01:35 Bitgod :D
01:35 T4im i recommend number fo cores +1
01:35 kruug so, j9001, Bitgod ?
01:35 kruug hmm...now to remember the number of cores I have...
01:35 T4im cat /proc/cpuingo
01:35 T4im cat /proc/cpuinfo
01:35 Cylus kruug: You should see the issues I have when trying to transfer music files to devices that only support FAT ....
01:36 kruug don't remember if this is the dual-core, or the tri-core
01:36 kruug duel...
01:36 T4im you can also deactivate some things to be build via cmake/ccmake
01:36 kruug so, -j3 it is :)
01:36 T4im for example no need to build the dedicated server unless you run one
01:37 Cylus I name my music files after the title, album and artist of a song. The only exception I make is when one of these things contains slashes. And artists use some odd characters is titles sometimes.
01:37 Bitgod wheeee
01:38 Bitgod i got 2fps if i put full view on
01:38 Bitgod lol
01:38 Cylus So I'm pretty happy that my main music player supports ext4.
01:38 Bitgod faster than a atari 2600
01:38 kruug I use ripit/WMP to name my files :)
01:39 Cylus kruug: I assume "WMP" is Windows Media Player? That can't read my files anyway, due to the characters in them.
01:39 kruug so, I can do -DBUILD_SERVER to not build the server?
01:39 kruug Cylus: yes
01:39 kruug then use ripit :)  if you use Linux, that is
01:39 kruug T4im: -DBUILD_SERVER, yeah?
01:39 Cylus I do. I'll look into ripit.
01:40 Fritigern joined #minetest
01:40 kruug it connects to a music db server and grabs metainfo for you...
01:40 Akagi201 joined #minetest
01:40 kruug much like iTunes and WMP
01:41 kruug Fritigern: what's the DENABLE stuff, vs the ENABLE?
01:41 * Broam had no clue cactus worked as furnace fuel
01:41 kruug is DENABLE=1 the same as ENABLE=0, meaning it won't be used?
01:41 Cylus I already have the meta info in the files themselves.
01:41 mos_basik joined #minetest
01:42 Cylus Asside from the cover art. Most of my files are missing that.
01:42 T4im -D <var>:<type>=<value>     = Create a cmake cache entry.
01:42 T4im BUILD_SERVER:BOOL=OFF will do
01:42 kruug hmmm...I don't see that in the github readme...can I just add like that in the cmake line?
01:43 kruug so, -DBUILD_SERVER:BOOL=OFF ?
01:43 T4im also no need to build redis or leveldb
01:43 Fritigern -D is a make directive, there's no space between them. So -DENABLE_FREETYPE=1 tells the compilet to ENABLE_FREETYPE
01:43 Fritigern *compiler
01:43 kruug I usually run without sound, so I can put SOUND=0, yeah?
01:44 Fritigern Yes
01:44 Fritigern BTW, as i said, the script is rather crude, and there's a lot of room for improvement
01:45 T4im "ccmake" is btw quite convenient
01:45 T4im ncurses frontend for cmake
01:45 kruug build time! :D
01:45 kruug ...
01:45 kruug fail X(
01:46 Fritigern What error message did you get?
01:46 kruug fixed it...I tried -DBUILD_SERVER=0 instead of BOOL=OFF
01:46 kruug just to see what would happen
01:47 kruug it seems odd to me that there's mixed flags like that
01:48 Bitgod is there a way to adjust draw distance in increments?
01:48 Bitgod so far i see FULL and none
01:48 Bitgod lol
01:48 T4im theres full and dynamic
01:48 Bitgod full bogs down my pc to 2fps
01:48 Bitgod lol
01:48 Bitgod i had it on dynamic
01:49 Bitgod i could barely see 2 trees and they flickered
01:49 Broam what's your graphics chip, a dorito?
01:49 T4im you can adjust "minimal viewing distance" when usign dynamic via + and -
01:49 Bitgod T4im o ok
01:49 Bitgod intel extreme graphics hd
01:49 Bitgod worked fine in mc :o
01:49 T4im but otherwise it will choose the maximum thats still performant
01:49 Broam I'm running Ivy Bridge intel here. Works great
01:49 TriBlade9 Question
01:49 Bitgod Answer
01:50 kruug rebuttal!
01:50 Broam No, cheese isn't usually that color
01:50 TriBlade9 Would it be alright to copy and PR the color chat code from Freeminer into MT?
01:50 Bitgod depends on the cheese
01:50 Bitgod :P
01:50 TriBlade9 Since the liscence change came fater
01:50 TriBlade9 *after x]
01:50 kruug I prefer my cheese to be a light green
01:50 TriBlade9 Imma try it locally
01:51 Bitgod erm
01:51 Bitgod how do i turn on dynamic
01:51 Bitgod R just does Full on/off
01:52 Broam + / -
01:52 Bitgod o
01:52 Broam hilariously for me, - doesn't work because of my keyboard
01:52 drinkdecaf joined #minetest
01:52 kruug that's some serious ascii art there...
01:52 Broam huh. there it goes. you may need to enter chat once or twice.
01:53 Bitgod (Sep 15)(9:50:19 PM) (Broam): + / -
01:53 Bitgod (Sep 15)(9:50:35 PM) (Bitgod): o
01:53 Bitgod looks like a face with a o mouth
01:53 Bitgod lol
01:53 Broam orz
01:55 kruug :/
01:55 kruug my hotbar doesn't have icons...
01:55 Bitgod maybe its on fire
01:55 Bitgod get it? hot? :p
01:55 Bitgod ol
01:56 kruug actually, none of my inventory does...
01:56 kruug also, lol Bitgod
02:01 kruug Fritigern: do you know why your script wouldn't set up the hotbar/inventory/crafting pictures?  or is it something missing from the repo?
02:02 Bitgod wtf
02:02 Bitgod what can i do w/ a screwdriver?
02:02 Bitgod too bad its not the liquor kind
02:02 kruug oh...hmmm
02:02 Bitgod i mean therrs no screws in the game
02:02 Bitgod lol
02:02 kruug does minetest/minetest_game not with textures?
02:03 kruug Bitgod: think of it as Doctor Who's sonic...
02:03 kruug have you played any modded Minecraft?
02:03 Bitgod looks like a weapon u stabppl with
02:03 Bitgod i tried it
02:03 kruug I would assume it's similar to the wrench/spanner that's used in multiple mods
02:03 Fritigern kruug, i don;t know why it would do that. everything works fine on my end
02:04 kruug Bitgod: it rotates blocks...according to github
02:04 T4im screwdriver can be used to rotate many nodes in all directions
02:05 Bitgod i held Shift and used
02:05 Bitgod use
02:05 Bitgod but nothing happened
02:05 kruug hmmm...yeah, there's no texture packs in the repos, apparently
02:05 T4im you need to target a node first, like stairs are a good example
02:05 Bitgod oh!
02:05 Bitgod can i use it on someones head?
02:05 Bitgod LOL!!
02:06 T4im no, only nodes
02:06 Bitgod i targetted a block
02:06 Bitgod nothing happened
02:06 T4im players are netities
02:06 T4im entities*
02:06 T4im not every block can be rotated
02:06 T4im try stairs for example
02:06 T4im texturepacks are also to be found on github: https://github.com/VanessaE/hdx-64
02:07 T4im or other places
02:07 Bitgod oh i see
02:07 Bitgod got it
02:07 VanessaE what, no hdx-512 ??   :)
02:07 T4im ah, i want them to have something to upgrade to :P
02:08 VanessaE heh
02:08 VanessaE ok :)
02:08 VanessaE kidding anyway
02:08 VanessaE barely anything can handle 512
02:08 Bitgod why do we need a screwdriver bt?
02:08 Bitgod btw
02:08 Bitgod you dont use one to turn stairs in rl :P
02:08 kruug hmmm...I'm trying the Faithful one in the moddb...but that didn't change anything, nor are my hotbar textures there...
02:09 VanessaE Bitgod: in real life you'd just tear the stairs apart :P
02:09 Fritigern VanessaE: How would one use your repo. Clone it and then... what"
02:09 Fritigern ?
02:09 T4im clone it into textures/
02:09 VanessaE Fritigern: copy the folder to your minetest textures folder
02:09 Fritigern okies.
02:10 kruug yeah...your readme is a little barren :)
02:10 kruug do i want to create a new folder for each texturepack, or just let them run willy-nilly in the textures folder?
02:10 VanessaE create a new folder each (when you clone, it does that)
02:11 T4im textures/hdx-64 textures/hdx-128  textures/hdx-256 etc.
02:11 VanessaE yeah
02:11 kruug ugh...iceweasel breaks on your texture repo VanessaE
02:11 VanessaE how?
02:12 T4im github already stops showing more than 1000 files, but firefox freezes a little while loading that page :D
02:12 VanessaE heh
02:12 kruug it lags...and github has to truncate the file listing because there's 3910 total objects to clone
02:13 VanessaE can't help that :)
02:13 T4im which actually shows how much work VanessaE has put into that :D
02:13 VanessaE there's no way to categorize the images
02:13 kruug hotbar/inventory textures are still missing :/
02:13 VanessaE yeah I know
02:13 VanessaE there's a lot missing
02:13 kruug oh, so that's known from the game?  It's not just me?
02:14 kruug because it's no matter which texture pack, it seems...they're all gone
02:14 T4im all minetest mods usually supply a "default" texture for things
02:14 VanessaE Dreambuilder Game has about 5300 textures
02:14 kruug the "vanilla" ones aren't there either
02:14 T4im they are to be found in the mods folders
02:14 T4im minetest_game/mods/default/textures or so
02:15 VanessaE if I could completely support that game, I'd consider HDX to be complete :)
02:15 kruug there's nothing in the mods folder
02:15 kruug other than mods_here.txt
02:15 VanessaE no, mintest_game
02:15 T4im minetest/games/minetest_game/mods/default/textures
02:15 VanessaE yeah
02:15 T4im thats the full path :)
02:15 VanessaE that
02:16 VanessaE may be ~/.minetest if you're not using a run-in-place build (e.g. system-wide install in Linux)
02:16 T4im and parallel to default theres other mods, every one defining the textures of the nodes they define
02:16 T4im you can see texturepacks as modifications that overwrite those default textures.. any that are missing from the textureset are being defaulted to the default textures
02:16 kruug so, I see gui_hotbar, but I don't know what to look for for the items in teh hotbar
02:17 kruug so, say wood is in slot 1...I don't see the wood texture on my hotbar in slot 1
02:18 T4im that would be default_wood.png
02:18 T4im if the mod does not supply specific inventory images, it will autogenerate one from the node texture
02:18 kruug sure, but it's not there :)
02:19 T4im minetest/games/minetest_game/mods/default/textures/default_wood.png ?
02:19 kruug I can see it in the world, I can see it in my hand, but i can't see it in the hotbar
02:19 T4im oh
02:19 kruug yep :)
02:19 T4im deactivate the preloading in settings then :)
02:19 T4im its an old bug with that
02:19 T4im happens occasionally
02:20 kruug "Preload item visuals" was already unchecked
02:20 T4im hm
02:21 T4im might a restart help?
02:21 kruug of Minetest?  I've been doing that :)
02:21 T4im well, then i dont know either anymore :D
02:21 T4im i had missing inventory images as well, but never permanently.. and its gone since i dont preload item visuals anymore
02:22 kruug hmmm...I get 4 "Could not load texture:" warnings, and 1 "Could not open file of texture: character.png"
02:22 kruug and that's literally all they say:
02:22 kruug Irrlicht log: Could not load texture:
02:22 kruug Irrlicht log: Could not load texture:
02:22 kruug Irrlicht log: Could not load texture:
02:22 kruug Irrlicht log: Could not load texture:
02:22 Bitgod WTF
02:22 Bitgod i made a mod
02:22 Bitgod i dont see it!
02:22 Bitgod and yes its enabled
02:22 Bitgod lol
02:22 Bitgod all i did was make the tutorial deco wood block
02:23 kruug so, it seems that dirt, wood, leaves, and something else didn't load
02:23 kruug papyrus loaded fine
02:23 kruug I can see that in the inventory, hotbar, etc
02:24 VanessaE normally that doesn't happen.
02:24 VanessaE this is without a texture pack?
02:24 VanessaE how much memory does the machine have?
02:24 kruug correct, just vanilla
02:25 kruug MemTotal:        3026616 kB
02:25 kruug ~3GB apparently
02:25 VanessaE that's way more than enough :)
02:25 kruug wow...it gets REALLY dark at night
02:26 kruug oh, cobble is the one that didn't load
02:26 kruug so, Dirt, Wood, Leaves, Cobble
02:27 kruug hmmm...apparently the furnace didn't either
02:27 Bitgod VanessaE
02:27 Bitgod i just made a basic block
02:27 VanessaE cool
02:27 Bitgod i can add it to inventory if i do /giveme
02:28 Bitgod but its not in the inventory lisT?
02:28 Bitgod in creative?
02:28 VanessaE give it a  description="blah",  line
02:28 VanessaE then it'll be in the creative inventory also
02:28 Bitgod oh
02:28 VanessaE the description can be several words if you want - 2-4 words is best
02:29 VanessaE description = "Cobblestone wall segment",    for example
02:29 * T4im shivers at the thought
02:29 Bitgod minetest.register_node("water_bucket:decowood", {
02:29 Bitgod tiles = {"tutorial_decowood.png"},
02:29 Bitgod description = {"Water Bucket"},
02:29 Bitgod like this?
02:29 VanessaE no
02:29 VanessaE without the {}
02:29 Bitgod o
02:30 VanessaE description = "Water Bucket",   would be correct were it a water bucket :)
02:30 kruug no stone texture...
02:30 T4im the {} are a lua datastructure called table.. you can use them like arrays in the easiest usage
02:30 kruug hmmm...this seems to be not looking so good :/
02:30 T4im or think of them like lists
02:30 T4im and/or maps
02:30 VanessaE kruug:  something didn't work right.  the game should never do this.  can you try one more time?
02:31 kruug I can re-clone the git repos
02:31 VanessaE I mean just start the game again
02:31 VanessaE it's rare but failing to transfer to the cache could do this
02:31 VanessaE but it shouldn't happen at all in singleplayer
02:31 kruug just reloaded the world, and stone hotbar textures didn't load
02:31 kruug got the same errors
02:31 VanessaE wtf
02:31 VanessaE ok you better re-clone then,
02:32 VanessaE something didn't download right
02:32 kruug currently using vanilla/none texture pack
02:32 kruug also, I'm using Fritigern's script
02:32 kruug just FYI
02:32 Bitgod In this example we define the following properties:
02:32 Bitgod tiles — Sets the texture of the block; You can use only 1 texture or multiple textures, separated by commas {"tex1.png", "tex2.png", …}. The game checks for the texture files in ALL textures folders of the game.
02:33 Bitgod how does the game know what texture goes to WHAT side?
02:33 Bitgod lol
02:33 Bitgod of a block
02:33 T4im i never can remember the order either, but theres an order
02:33 T4im :D
02:33 VanessaE Bitgod: it's positional
02:33 VanessaE top, bottom, right, left, back, front
02:33 kruug Top, N, S, W, E, bottom?
02:33 VanessaE in the tiles ={} table
02:33 kruug oh...
02:33 Bitgod what if i dont want a side textured
02:33 Bitgod put "" ?
02:34 kaeza Bitgod, https://github.com/minetest/minetest/blob/master/doc/lua_api.txt#L2393
02:34 VanessaE they are all textured
02:34 Bitgod im reading it now heeh
02:34 Bitgod ok
02:34 kaeza >L2393 <_<
02:34 VanessaE so if you don't want it "textured" you'll have to put some flat image on that side
02:34 Bitgod does minetest have api to open a chest
02:34 Bitgod or not yet
02:34 VanessaE Bitgod: yeah, it's called a formspec
02:34 Fritigern kruug: I have noticed that i couldn;t reach github for a few minutes today. Could you try running the script again?
02:34 kruug doing it now :)
02:35 kruug deleted the directory, and starting from scratch
02:35 Bitgod ok cool
02:38 kruug still building...
02:41 kruug still no textures...let me modify my build script
02:41 kruug this is my cmake line...anything I did wrong?
02:42 Fritigern Remove -DBUILD_SERVER:BOOL=OFF -DBUILD_CLIENT=1 and see if that helps any. I am not using it, and MT works just fine for me
02:43 VanessaE well the correct way to build a singleplayer install is to leave BOTH of those out
02:43 VanessaE you are building both server and client when you're doing singleplayer
02:43 kruug but do i need to?
02:43 VanessaE yep'
02:43 Fritigern My string reads cmake . -DRUN_IN_PLACE=1 -DENABLE_FREETYPE=1 -DENABLE_LEVELDB=1 -DENABLE_CURL=1 -DENABLE_SOUND=1 and that works
02:43 VanessaE singleplayer actually launches a server and a client together kinda bundled into one process
02:43 T4im i run singleplayer without server just fine :)
02:44 VanessaE ^^^^^ that's the right way to build it.
02:44 T4im the server flag is afaik just for a dedicated server
02:44 kruug [20:36] <        T4im>| for example no need to build the dedicated server unless you run one
02:44 kruug yeah, that's what I was basing it off of
02:44 VanessaE correct - if you're doing a dedi server, then you'd do -DBUILD_SERVER=1 -DBUILD_CLIENT=0
02:44 Enke joined #minetest
02:44 kruug but, I'm building a single player, no server version
02:45 VanessaE right.
02:45 kruug so, -DBUILD_SERVER=0
02:45 VanessaE just leave the client and server switches out
02:45 Fritigern Then you can leave the script like i showed you. Just make sure to change make -j12 to make -j2
02:45 kruug yeah, I did -j3 :)
02:45 kruug proc +1
02:45 T4im client will result in a bin/minetest and server in a bin/mintestserver binary
02:45 VanessaE don't specify either one.
02:46 kruug then why have a boolean switch?  why not just a single switch that says if present, build this configuration...
02:46 kruug idk...
02:46 kruug maybe there's a reason for it
02:46 Fritigern IfThere is no boolean switch in my script
02:47 kruug Bitgod: a bed: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&amp;t=5120
02:48 VanessaE kruug: also, http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/homedecor-crafting-guide/homedecor-craft-guide.html#furniture
02:48 VanessaE :)
02:48 VanessaE (near the bottom of that section)
02:49 kruug loslib.o gives a warning about os_tmpname: tmpnam vs mkstemp
02:50 kruug says to use mkstemp instead
02:50 Fritigern kruug: That is something for the devs to lookat, that is not an error
02:50 Fritigern Well, not one that concerns us ;-)
02:50 kruug hence the use of "warning" :)
02:51 * Fritigern is working on an improved version of the build script
02:54 kruug still no wood graphics...
02:54 kruug just quit and restarted the client...no go
02:54 kruug textures are still AWOL
02:54 VanessaE very strange
02:55 prozacgod joined #minetest
02:56 kruug still getting "Could not load texture:" error logs
02:57 prozacgod hey guys, a bit new to minetest thought I'd pop in and say hello!
03:18 tanath joined #minetest
03:18 tanath just found minetest. how playable is it?
03:20 T7g it's been playable for a while
03:20 T7g it just doesn't have the community minecraft does
03:20 Fritigern kruug: Here's a new version of the build script. It adds detection of the number of cores in your PC and is commented better.
03:20 Fritigern T7g: Not yet ;-)
03:20 T7g Fritigern, I figured it'd be picking up due to the news- you guys should get the word out.
03:21 Fritigern kruug: OOps, forgot to paste: http://pastebin.com/3DJ2dTU4
03:21 T7g Fritigern, this is the time for minetest to take off, if there ever was one
03:21 Fritigern I know. And if i were a dev, i would be so proud ;-)
03:22 kaeza tanath, don't ask, play :)
03:22 sol_invictus joined #minetest
03:23 roboman2444 joined #minetest
03:23 kaeza inb4 SIGSEGV
03:23 tanath ooh, bdcraft texture pack too
03:26 CraigyDavi joined #minetest
03:32 Mlpearc|Away joined #minetest
03:32 Pest joined #minetest
03:34 tanath where do texturepacks go?
03:35 kaeza minetestdir/textures/yourpackname
03:35 tanath ah, have to make it then
03:35 kaeza then select in the "texture packs" tab
03:35 tanath ok to keep zipped?
03:35 kaeza unzipped
03:36 kaeza (or ~/.minetest/textures/yourpackname if on Linux)
03:37 tanath i figured that's what you meant by minetestdir
03:37 tanath got it, ty
03:37 tanath any particular reason v6 gen is default?
03:37 kaeza mainly because there are almost no usable games for v7
03:37 tanath which is best given that it's first new world?
03:38 tanath what do you mean?
03:38 kaeza for general use, v6 is best; some sub-games (like Minitest(?)) use v7
03:38 tanath explain sub-games? like i said i just found this
03:38 kaeza for now, just leave that at v6
03:39 tanath i'm tired of making new worlds all the time, so i'd rather make an informed choice at the start
03:39 hmmmm =/
03:39 hmmmm minetest is more for tinkering than it is playing
03:39 kaeza basically, Minetest is two things: both a game engine, and a game. what we call "sub-games" is the "content" of the game, to differentiate from the base engine
03:40 hmmmm you need to build up your own game from several mods
03:40 hmmmm and with each added mod, you get added slowness due to a variety of factors that are difficult to solve
03:40 tanath hrm
03:40 kaeza the default "sub-game" is minetest_game (https://github.com/minetest/minetest_game)
03:40 hmmmm I'm sort of scared for when the minecraft refugees will come flooding over
03:41 hmmmm "oh minetest sucks, there are no mobs"  or something, they'll say
03:41 hmmmm we need a really good default game bundled with distributions
03:41 tanath they've started. i'm one :P
03:42 tanath obviously minetest doesn't have the advantage of the community mc has (had?)
03:42 hmmmm hrmm.
03:42 TriBlade9 Indeed
03:42 TriBlade9 At least the texture artists :P
03:42 tanath but foss is a good start
03:42 TriBlade9 Someone needs to kidnap a MC texture artist and get him to work here
03:42 hmmmm I'd argue that minetest has a better quality community because most people involved are coder-types and they create content
03:43 hmmmm not many minecraft fans create new content
03:43 tanath make it easy to convert mc texturepacks?
03:43 kaeza protip: BDCraft is officially supported :)
03:43 kaeza tanath, there are several programs for that
03:43 tanath then link to them somewhere on the site
03:44 kaeza https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=5281
03:44 kaeza there's one
03:44 tanath most will hate giving up many of the comforts they've gotten used to with minecraft. be a while before you get a significant conversion rate
03:44 hmmmm toilet paper converter
03:45 tanath enh, i didn't mean in forums. people look in forums for various things, but texture packs has a section on the site. since there's limited content on the main site i would think linking to things like texturepack conversion would be great
03:46 tanath or someone should run around converting popular texture packs and posting them on main site
03:46 hmmmm I really wish useful, proven utilities were given their own section on the main website
03:46 TriBlade9 With proper permissions from authors
03:47 tanath ok, so for gen i have v6, v7, indev, singlenode, math
03:47 hmmmm I also wish we had minetest.org instead of .net, and I wish the text on the front page were better
03:47 tanath ah right. would be seen as redistribution
03:47 tanath if they don't say not to though i'd assume it's ok. if they want to complain you can take down
03:47 kaeza eh?
03:47 hmmmm i also wish i had the motivation to finish half the crap i started
03:48 tanath they did post to internet after all
03:48 hmmmm kaeza, you're gud wit lua
03:48 kaeza maybe
03:48 hmmmm how do you set a member in an object
03:48 hmmmm I tried to do this a long time ago but I gave up and ended up just passing multiple return values
03:48 tanath hmmmm, why don't you finish stuff?
03:48 hmmmm tanath, lots of reasons man.
03:49 kaeza hmmmm, you mean passing an obj as argument and setting a field?
03:49 hmmmm motivation is the primary thing.  and then there's the lack of time.  and then there are problems that are quite difficult to solve
03:49 hmmmm kaeza, yes
03:49 hmmmm like you know for voxelmanip how I have it like
03:49 kaeza function f(x) x.y = 123 end
03:49 prozacgod What mods cover large quarrying?
03:49 hmmmm local vm, emin, emax = minetest.get_mapgen_object("voxelmanip")
03:49 hmmmm well I want it to be like
03:50 hmmmm vm.emin is set to something before
03:50 hmmmm so it's just like
03:50 kaeza ah
03:50 hmmmm local vm = blah blah blah
03:50 hmmmm and then when people create their voxelarea
03:50 tanath hmmmm, i often find challenge motivates me. lack of time? learn to manage time better. focus more. weed out things. one tip i've learned is procrastination is largely a failure to seize opportunities to get things done
03:50 hmmmm local area = VoxelArea.new{vm.emin, vm.emax}
03:51 tanath doing one thing when you could be doing something else
03:51 hmmmm tanath, that's the thing, there are lots of problems with minetest that are challenging
03:51 kaeza function f() return {asdf=123} end; x=f() print(x.asdf)
03:51 hmmmm kaeza:  from C++, duh
03:51 kaeza well, one sec
03:51 tanath hmmmm, ok, so maybe not that. maybe too much challenge? seek help
03:51 hmmmm although
03:51 hmmmm you've given me an idea
03:51 hmmmm I could quite cheaply just keep the multiple return values in the raw version of the api and then make a lua wrapper
03:51 hmmmm ;;
03:51 hmmmm kaeza:  something something metatables
03:52 prozacgod metatables are tasty
03:52 kaeza hmmmm, something like this: https://github.com/kaeza/cosmorpg/blob/master/src/crpglua/clua_map.c#L85
03:53 tanath so i'm creating a world, i hit configure and there's a big list of stuff i can't read
03:53 tanath it's blue on blue
03:53 hmmmm tanath, those are default mods
03:53 tanath yeah. make them readable >_<
03:53 kaeza hmm, it's pretty useless as it's not very commented
03:53 hmmmm if you had installed any third party mods, there would be the place to enable or disable them
03:54 tanath i have to click on each one to see what it says
03:55 tanath there's an enable all, but no disable all?
03:57 tanath wow, so much smoother than minecraft
03:58 tanath please please implement shift+click to move stuff around in inventory screens
03:59 tanath hm. can't change options (eg. keybindings) while in game? :-/
04:01 tanath do i need a tool to get cactus?
04:02 Cylus tanath: An axe, pick, or maybe a sword can cut cactus.
04:02 Cylus Well, a strong enough pick, in the case of a pick. Weak picks are no good against cactus, last I knew.
04:03 tanath weird it made no sound when i poked it though. made me wonder if sound broke for a min
04:05 frecel joined #minetest
04:05 tanath oh no.. can't click and drag in inventory/craft table either
04:06 tanath well, it certainly has potential
04:10 kaeza hmmmm, https://gist.github.com/kaeza/fbb31ebbb509b61f04ce something like that (disclaimer: my C++ skyllz zuk)
04:10 TriBlade9 left #minetest
04:10 hmmmm I could've sworn I tried something like that
04:10 hmmmm but there was a problem
04:10 tanath oh neat, you can place torches on ceilings
04:11 hmmmm see when I was originally doing vmanip, I wasted a lot of time trying to get the members set but I couldn't
04:11 kaeza do you still have the code around?
04:12 hmmmm of course not, that was over a year ago
04:12 VanessaE tanath: ssshhhhh don't let Blockmen hear you.
04:12 VanessaE he hates torches on ceilings :P
04:13 kaeza :/
04:13 tanath what? lol
04:14 Aika_ joined #minetest
04:14 VanessaE tanath: don't ask :)
04:14 * Cylus starts pulling off his ceiling torches so Blockmen won't see them
04:15 VanessaE haha
04:16 tanath i'm guessing this is someone who's in this channel sometimes, not minetest equivalent to herobrine
04:16 VanessaE he's a core dev actually
04:17 VanessaE wants to add proper 3d meshes for torches.
04:17 tanath what's the 'use' button for?
04:18 VanessaE not sure - I have the use-descend combo bound to 'e' (legacy mode)
04:18 VanessaE so for me, it's always "descend" :)
04:18 VanessaE (or run fast)
04:22 kaeza srsly freenode
04:25 ibloat MC bought by MS, right. Time to brush up on Lua
04:25 VanessaE yup
04:30 ibloat is there some kind of mod registry? or a kind of launcher that automatically downloads mods according to game templates
04:30 VanessaE there is a mod store you can use, but you only need that in singleplayer mode
04:31 VanessaE servers will send you the content you need to play automatically, and it's cached.
04:31 VanessaE or you can just download mods from the forum
04:31 VanessaE no special launcher is needed
04:31 VanessaE modding is part of the engine core
04:31 VanessaE that is, it's directly supported.
04:31 asie joined #minetest
04:33 VanessaE so for example if you want to play, let's say, Carbone in singleplayer, you just go download the game from the forum.  Or let's say a server runs Dreambuilder and you wanna play there?  Just connect.  The server will send all of the game content to your client for display, while the server runs the game logic.
04:34 VanessaE there's a push to allow client-side modding, but it'll work exactly the same way - the server will send the client-side code to your client and it will (presumable cache it and) execute it when you connect.  You don't have to go manually install anything.
04:35 ibloat nice :o the code being pushed to clients is lua-only? is it sandboxed somehow?
04:35 VanessaE it will be sandboxed when that feature is added, yes.
04:35 VanessaE right now, all mod and game logic runs on the server only.
04:36 VanessaE and there is sandboxing about to go in for that, too
04:36 VanessaE it's not yet clear how it'll all play out.
04:36 VanessaE we need devs :)
04:36 ibloat oh right, makes sense. it's just assets being pushed to clients right now
04:36 VanessaE correct
04:37 VanessaE the client technically has the ability to run Lua - your main menu for example - but it's not enabled to do so when connected to a server, yet
04:38 tanath joined #minetest
04:38 tanath heh, there are clearly more important things to work on than 3d torches :P
04:38 VanessaE yep
04:38 ibloat are there branches for those updates somewhere? how are those tracked?
04:38 VanessaE tanath:  https://github.com/minetest/minetest/pull/1328
04:39 tanath more usability first. that'll help newcomers
04:39 ibloat also i'm just seeing there is #minetest-dev :)
04:39 VanessaE ibloat: the github minetest repository, ^^^ that is one of the pulls in question in fact.
04:39 VanessaE there indeed is
04:40 VanessaE #minetest-dev is where core development is usually discussed.  topic is usually closely controlled there (though sometimes it drifts a bit off).  Not as active as here though
04:40 VanessaE most devs there can be found here too
04:40 VanessaE but not all
04:41 tanath screenshot looks like 2d torch textures in different places making it look like a 3d torch
04:41 VanessaE tanath: actually yeah, I think he did use the 2d texture as a temporary fill-in
04:41 ibloat 80 pending pull requests :)
04:42 VanessaE ibloat: like I said, we need devs :P
04:42 tanath so i still havent' figured out what 'use' button is supposed to be for and i keep hitting it to get to inventory out of habit
04:42 ibloat from lots of different user as well, nice
04:43 tanath so what's use button for?
04:43 tanath 'e'
04:44 VanessaE well like I said, I have it bound in legacy mode to be both descend and run fast
04:44 VanessaE (because that's how it used to be)
04:44 VanessaE I guess "use" really means "fast" in that context
04:44 VanessaE I'm not sure anything *actually* does anything with it besides tht :D
04:45 tanath fast? doesn't make me move faster. doesn't seem to do anything
04:45 VanessaE when you have fast turned on with the "k" key, you hold "e" to *actually* do it.
04:45 tanath toggle fast is a different key
04:45 ibloat when client-side lua is in first thing I would like to try to create an item-lookup mod (as in Not Enough Items in minecraft). Really useful especially if you are not familiar with the server's mods
04:45 VanessaE yes.
04:45 tanath i see
04:45 tanath well apparently i have to figure out permissions before i can do that
04:45 VanessaE you have to turn it on first, sort of "enable" and "use it now" keys
04:45 VanessaE that's easy
04:46 VanessaE /grant singleplayer all
04:46 VanessaE :-)
04:46 VanessaE wait, I'm sorry k is fly, j is fast
04:46 VanessaE damn I'm tired
04:47 VanessaE press "j" to enable fast mode, press "w" and "e" together to actually run forward fast
04:47 VanessaE ("s" and "e" to run backward fast, etc)
04:47 VanessaE once you get used to the controls, it makes more sense
04:47 tanath i changed them actually
04:47 VanessaE oh ok
04:47 tanath how come noclip doesn't work?
04:47 Sokomine ibloat: unified_inventory is fine for that. you can scroll through the pages and see which items a server has to offer. if the circular saw and/or the colormachine are installed, then there will be some more blocks which can be obtained through these machines
04:48 VanessaE press "h" to turn it on.
04:48 tanath don't like the idea of having to press two buttons like that to move fast
04:48 tanath i've been toggling it. it doesn't work
04:49 VanessaE it only works while you're flying
04:49 tanath ah, ty
04:49 VanessaE sorry I guess I should be more clear :)
04:50 TriBlade9 joined #minetest
04:50 TriBlade9 If anyone asks, I'm working right now k?
04:50 VanessaE Sokomine: I'd love to see some kind of interface added to UI to be able to list additional blocks added by the saw, color machine, etc. somehow.  extra tabs, that sorta thing.  Not a complete list, per se, but more like "these blocks are available in these subsets of colors"
04:51 ibloat Sokomine, nice
04:51 VanessaE you know, like two or three pages' worth, some kind of condensed display, click on one of those and maybe you get a color machine or saw in your inv + some of the base block
04:51 VanessaE wb TriBlade9.   work?  perish the thought :P
04:51 TriBlade9 Hehehee
04:51 VanessaE (but ok)
04:52 TriBlade9 I'm half done with today's project
04:52 TriBlade9 I usually work from home, they just call me in to the factory every now and then
04:52 TriBlade9 So what's up?
04:52 tanath are there no mobs?
04:52 tanath i've yet to see any
04:52 VanessaE tanath: not by default, but there are mods that add them
04:53 tanath i've enabled all the default mods... i think
04:53 VanessaE good MOBs need client-side Lua to work well, that's part of why they aren't in by default yet.
04:53 tanath ah
04:53 VanessaE tanath: for example, look at the Creatures mod, or MOBF.
04:53 VanessaE those two are highly-rated
04:53 tanath well, any mobs to start with might be an improvement. even dumb ones might be good for a some fun
04:54 tanath -a
04:54 VanessaE well intelligence isn't a big issue - it's server lag.  when the server or network lags for some reason, there's nothing on the client side to help manage the MOBs' behavior
04:54 TriBlade9 joined #minetest
04:54 VanessaE so a MOB will ignore things like your attacks, or might just seem to walk off into the side of a hill, etc.
04:55 VanessaE a well-run server with few mods won't experience much lag
04:56 VanessaE but a badly-run server, or one with a lot of heavy mods will often see a lot.  maybe as much as a minute if it's really bad.
04:56 VanessaE (though more commonly a few seconds)
04:56 Jookia joined #minetest
04:56 tanath well be careful of premature optimization too
04:56 VanessaE mmhmm
04:56 TriBlade9 Is there anything that is primarily processed on the client-side yet?
04:56 tanath i noticed how smooth it ran on startup..
04:57 VanessaE TriBlade9: not really yet
04:57 VanessaE TriBlade9: about the only thing the client handles mostly on its own is interpreting a formspec
04:57 VanessaE and even that needs some input from the server for some things (like permission to move something out of a chest, etc)
04:57 ibloat VanessaE, are there some low hanging fruits/bugs for a programmer to get their feet wet?
04:57 TriBlade9 Jeez
04:57 VanessaE tanath: that's just a function of how well-written it is :)
04:57 TriBlade9 What can be moved?
04:58 tanath VanessaE, i hope
04:58 TriBlade9 Well fck
04:58 VanessaE ibloat: good question, I've not really though about it..  er...check the issue list? :)
04:58 TriBlade9 What changed in the last four commits that would totalyl screw up my colored chat?
04:58 ibloat okay will do that
04:58 VanessaE TriBlade9: no idea :)   what can be moved?  you mean getting the client to do stuff the server currently does?
04:58 TriBlade9 Yes
04:58 TriBlade9 Yessh
04:59 tanath ibloat, do we really want someone with your nick mucking with the code? :P
04:59 Jookia rofl
04:59 Jookia mean
04:59 VanessaE TriBlade9: oh, I would say stuff like the starting part of interpreting things like the on_punch and on_rightclick callbacks
04:59 tanath Jookia, they chose the nick, lol
04:59 ibloat ./set tab-size 8
04:59 VanessaE TriBlade9: so that for example, you could flip a door open/closed on the client without the server having to approve it initially.
04:59 TriBlade9 ibloat, what languages do you use?
05:00 TriBlade9 Good idea Nessa
05:00 TriBlade9 IT'd be neat to have whole scripts that run on the client, managing stuff like HUD and animations, but whatever
05:00 VanessaE yep, that too
05:00 TriBlade9 You don't need a server to know that you're standing on sand and therefore need to use a crawling animation
05:00 VanessaE of course sooner or later the server has to be informed of the change
05:01 TriBlade9 Yes
05:01 TriBlade9 Jees
05:01 VanessaE it has to know that the door has been closed so that it can send that update to the other clients
05:01 ibloat TriBlade9, for MT probably c++ and Lua :p
05:01 TriBlade9 The only changes in the code for the chat is a single typo fix
05:01 tanath so apparently it's popular among mc modders to reverse-engineer mc. do minetest devs do that to see how it does things?
05:01 TriBlade9 And yet it won't compile
05:01 VanessaE tanath: I don't think so.
05:01 TriBlade9 Ah, great ibloat :D You used to those languages?
05:02 tanath now that ms bought it i doubt it's going to get open-sourced like it was supposed to
05:02 Jookia tanath: pretty sure that'd be a terrible idea
05:02 tanath Jookia, which?
05:02 TriBlade9 What would be great is if MS were to open-source it in its current state, and then continue developing a separate fork of it as the offical game
05:02 Jookia tanath: reverse engineering code
05:02 TriBlade9 Like what was done with Incredibots
05:02 tanath TriBlade9, is that something ms-owned?
05:03 TriBlade9 Nah
05:03 TriBlade9 Tiny game company :/
05:03 tanath Jookia, well, different language, but still had to solve many of the same problems...
05:03 ibloat TriBlade9, Lua not much really, just the basics really. C++ yes, quite a bit, quite a while back though
05:03 Jookia tanath: the legal implications are really bad
05:04 tanath given language difference obviously it wouldn't be the same implementation
05:04 TriBlade9 Same here ibloat
05:04 TriBlade9 Lua is rather similar to JavaScript, so that helps
05:04 tanath not sure law has anything to say about seeing how others do things for inspiration or whatever
05:04 TriBlade9 JS is quite easy to learn and familiar to a lot of people
05:04 TriBlade9 With MS it does tanath xP
05:05 Jookia tanath: lawyers can argue that you've stolen code if you've seen it
05:05 VanessaE better to stick to clean code
05:05 tanath fuck 'em. they hurt any competitors when they can anyway
05:05 tanath i won't quibble on that
05:05 Jookia clean room engineering is the way to go, although in some countries it's okay to reverse engineer for /compatibilty/
05:05 asie the European Union, specifically
05:06 tanath i didn't say to copy it
05:06 ibloat so what is the root cause of server laggy-nes? badly written mods?
05:06 ecutruin joined #minetest
05:06 tanath nothing anyone can say about reverse engineering itself really
05:06 tanath code is running on your machine, you gotta be able to inspect it in some respects at minimum
05:06 Jookia tanath: viewing implementation details alone opens you for liability
05:07 tanath for what exactly? don't think you can patent that
05:07 Jookia tanath: seen the smartphone wars?
05:07 tanath supreme court has been throwing out software patents like crazy
05:07 VanessaE well "like crazy" is a bit of an overstatement
05:07 VanessaE only 4 so far
05:07 VanessaE but it's a good start
05:07 tanath perhaps
05:08 tanath indeed
05:08 tanath in a short period though
05:08 VanessaE and G*d there are some braindead ones too
05:08 TriBlade9 Come live in China, we don't know what a software patent is :D
05:08 TriBlade9 Or movie/music/book copyrights too actually
05:08 TriBlade9 Pirating is totally legal here <3
05:08 tanath yeah, but you also don't know what it's like to not live in perpetual censorship
05:08 VanessaE my favorite one I love to quote comes from back in the late 70's.  some drafting company holds a patent on using XOR to draw a cursor.
05:08 TriBlade9 Yea, trufax tanath >_>
05:09 TriBlade9 I can't access any good sites
05:09 Jookia making the chat box less obnoxious would be nice
05:09 TriBlade9 They keep blocking my VPNs
05:09 Jookia TriBlade9: Tor?
05:09 TriBlade9 Truly Jookia
05:09 TriBlade9 Yeah right
05:09 TriBlade9 Tor is totally blocked
05:09 tanath they block tor too
05:09 TriBlade9 You cam't download it :P
05:09 tanath make it too much of a pain
05:09 TriBlade9 I've lost 4 VPNs
05:09 Jookia TriBlade9: you can't have someone send it to you?
05:09 VanessaE damn
05:09 TriBlade9 And 3 proxies
05:09 tanath TriBlade9, ssh?
05:09 TriBlade9 ...
05:09 TriBlade9 It's more than just the site
05:09 VanessaE TriBlade9: think they'll ever give up?
05:09 TriBlade9 I WISH
05:09 TriBlade9 No idea
05:10 tanath or wait, they block encryption too don't they?
05:10 TriBlade9 But they know their shit
05:10 TriBlade9 yep
05:10 tanath so no ssh?
05:10 tanath that's evil
05:10 TriBlade9 The Great Firewall is impressive in that it is actually able to effectively censor the entire internet
05:10 TriBlade9 SSH works, sometimes
05:10 TriBlade9 Just slow and unpredictable
05:10 Jookia TriBlade9: do you think you'd get arrested for actually running tor
05:10 tanath such is ssh if not configured well :P
05:11 TriBlade9 Woot, git it to compile
05:11 TriBlade9 IDK
05:11 tanath hell they could get arrested for _using_ tor
05:11 TriBlade9 Alright guys, what files are supposed to be committed?
05:11 VanessaE just whatever you changed
05:12 ecutruin joined #minetest
05:12 TriBlade9 Does .gitignore take care of everything?
05:12 VanessaE it should but it's been a while since I last PR'd anything in the C++ side
05:12 Jookia the next-gen in avoiding firewalls is shaping your traffic packet sizes to look like HTTP
05:12 tanath enh that won't last
05:13 Jookia eh, it won't but it's a cat and mouse game until they replace infrastructure
05:13 tanath i keep wondering why the people stand for it, then i realize i'm on the outside looking in
05:14 tanath TriBlade9, btsync work there?
05:15 tanath doesn't exactly get you net, but can share files at least
05:15 VanessaE he probably saw, TriBlade9, [censored] work there?  ;-)
05:15 tanath more likely would be disconnected before getting the msg :P
05:16 tanath actually, one way to get around a lot of it would be to filter/ignore connection resets
05:17 tanath if legit connection will time out anyway
05:17 TriBlade9 IRC deosn't seem to be monitored :P
05:17 TriBlade9 But I may be wrong :O
05:17 TriBlade9 Since it's just plain-text
05:17 tanath don't bet on it
05:17 Jookia send tor as a texture
05:17 TriBlade9 What would be cool is to encode traffic as images x]
05:17 VanessaE TriBlade9: why is there a black van sitting outside your house? :P
05:17 tanath TriBlade9, steganography
05:17 TriBlade9 I dun have a house :L
05:18 TriBlade9 I live on the 13th floor of an apartment
05:18 Jookia TriBlade9: the thing is that if your government comes after crypto and tor you're in deep trouble
05:18 TriBlade9 Yep
05:18 TriBlade9 It hasn't been a huge pain till they started blocking everything google in July
05:18 TriBlade9 Googleapis, recaptcha, google code, etc
05:18 TriBlade9 All of it is blocked
05:18 VanessaE how long do you intend to stay?
05:18 TriBlade9 Hence why I need people to register for me on a lot of sites
05:18 TriBlade9 Umm
05:18 tanath someone in china is suing the government for blocking access to google to draw more attention to the issue
05:19 TriBlade9 IDk, I love the food and my job
05:19 TriBlade9 For a good while, several years maybe, idk
05:19 Jookia let's all stop talking about the lovely and grateful republic of china
05:19 TriBlade9 *People's Republic of China
05:19 TriBlade9 <Ontopic>
05:20 ecutruin Heyo VanessaE.  Seems the chaos died down a bit, eh?
05:20 Jookia on topic i wish i could change options while in game
05:20 TriBlade9 ^
05:20 tanath ^
05:20 TriBlade9 ^
05:20 TriBlade9 Owait
05:21 Jookia why can't we do that
05:21 asie v
05:21 Jookia also on another topic, it'd be interesting to see an organized minetest server divided in to towns rather than madness?
05:21 asie yes
05:21 VanessaE Jookia: there's some push to do that
05:21 asie yes it would
05:21 VanessaE ecutruin: a bit
05:21 asie ecutruin: what happened?
05:22 ecutruin asie, weren't you here earlier when I was dealing with MS buying MC chaos and everyone was attaching Notch?
05:22 asie ecutruin: I was for a moment
05:22 VanessaE I wasn't even here for that :)
05:22 asie but then I went to sleep 9h ago
05:22 ecutruin Ah.
05:22 VanessaE or I missed the fun :)_
05:23 Everdras joined #minetest
05:23 ecutruin People were saying MC modders should move to MT.. I was telling them why it wasn't viable.  It was...frustrating.
05:23 TriBlade9 Ohi asie
05:23 VanessaE it's as viable as we and those modders want it to be, nothing less or more
05:23 jray541 joined #minetest
05:24 TriBlade9 People have done amazing stuff with both platforms
05:24 TriBlade9 But many mods are already viable for both
05:24 Cylus joined #minetest
05:24 TriBlade9 One thing MT will never have though is the ability to modify the core from a lua mod
05:24 TriBlade9 Because C++ lacks reflection
05:24 VanessaE if the Minetest engine needs something, someone will find a way to code it if they want it bad enough
05:25 ecutruin VanessaE, the main issue is MC modders cannot do the kind of content they are used to in MT.  That's all I tried to explain.. but no.. people were hyper defensive. ^-^;  Oh well.
05:25 VanessaE TriBlade9: C++ modding may be on the horizon some day
05:25 VanessaE TriBlade9: we need coders who are willing to explore this
05:25 TriBlade9 Problem with modding C++ is that it needs to be compiled on every platform :/
05:25 VanessaE ecutruin: can you give an example?
05:25 Jookia yep
05:25 Cylus Is there a way to apply tool wear to nodes? If not, I'm going to have to pull something hacky, and I really don't want to do that if I don't have to.
05:25 Jookia so you probably wouldn't want to edit C++
05:25 VanessaE TriBlade9: true but the compiled results could be cached.
05:26 TriBlade9 Is there a way to assign arbitrary data to nodes?
05:26 VanessaE TriBlade9: metadata
05:26 TriBlade9 Orite
05:26 ecutruin Sure.  Look up the "ThaumCraft" mod from Minecraft.  A lot of what it does.. if possible at all in MT.. would not be to the quality that exists in MC.
05:26 TriBlade9 Aye
05:26 TriBlade9 Especially particle effects and animations
05:26 jray541 i have a new server up and im trying to get it up on the public server list its not showing up. im using the default config from the minetest wiki (is it outdated or annoucing to the wrong server?). does it just take a while for servers.minetest.net to recognize a new server?
05:26 TriBlade9 Mesh drawtypes are coming soon
05:26 TriBlade9 However, BuildCraft and IndustrailCraft are mostly doable
05:27 TriBlade9 And I want to try to do Tinker's Construct when I get time
05:27 ecutruin We already know, VanessaE, how good entity movement is. ^-~
05:27 Miner_48er jray541 did you change the announce setting?
05:27 VanessaE ecutruin: I wasn't gonna say anything :P
05:27 TriBlade9 Making PR
05:27 asie I'm not sure if TCon is doable
05:27 asie InfiTools definitely is, though
05:27 TriBlade9 Do I request to PR into master?
05:27 TriBlade9 What's so un-doable about TiC asie?
05:28 asie TriBlade9: The sheer amount of combinations.
05:28 TriBlade9 I believe you can change item textures dynamically
05:28 TriBlade9 Oh
05:28 VanessaE TriBlade9: yes, PR against upstream master
05:28 TriBlade9 kk
05:28 TriBlade9 uggh
05:28 TriBlade9 I suck at writing, don't know what to say...
05:28 TriBlade9 STAGE FRIGHT
05:28 VanessaE and no, you can't change textures dynamically....yet.
05:28 TriBlade9 Damn
05:28 VanessaE there's some code to do that also
05:28 TriBlade9 there goes that idea
05:28 VanessaE but it's not mainline yet
05:28 VanessaE the closest is signs_lib
05:28 VanessaE which uses entities to do the job
05:28 VanessaE it's hacky but it works
05:28 TriBlade9 Doesn't work with handheld items
05:29 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/homedecor-crafting-guide/homedecor-craft-guide.html#signs
05:29 jray541 @Miner_48er yes its set to true
05:29 VanessaE actually, it might
05:29 TriBlade9 That is some serious documentation :O
05:29 Jookia VanessaE: oh wait you're the vanessa? :D herro
05:30 VanessaE Jookia: yep, the one and only.
05:30 VanessaE Jookia: wait, I'm a "the" now? O_o
05:30 VanessaE :)
05:30 Jookia :v
05:30 mos_basik_ joined #minetest
05:31 ecutruin Theere's a lot of "issues" with MT.  I love the project, don't get me wrong.  Its a decent engine for what it is.. and its community driven.  I just couldn't be the platform for many MC mod developers.  As I mentioned earlier.. its really a toss up to fix the issues either.  As man of them are pretty burried in how the engine works.
05:31 Miner_48er jray541 did you portforward it?
05:31 VanessaE ecutruin: I think we have a good chance to get those issues fixed.
05:32 VanessaE I think with this surge of new users will come the pressure needed to get development going faster.
05:32 TriBlade9 Has anyone made anything similar to ARchimedes Ships?
05:32 Jookia how about we don't try to make minetest identical to minecraft
05:32 TriBlade9 I tried once and I think it was somewhat doable
05:32 VanessaE TriBlade9: what is that?
05:32 TriBlade9 Build blocks, turn them into movable entities
05:33 TriBlade9 I got the turning and texturing part done, but had a problem when it came to positioning the entities around the core
05:33 VanessaE TriBlade9: yes, a mod like that exists, https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=8059
05:33 ecutruin VanessaE, maybe.  I'm not so sure.  Last I talked with the developers, they were hardcoding draw types and such.  I'm sorry.. but that really isn't an open design that allows for the most flexibility.  I know people take my criticism as attacking MT.. but it reall is not.. I'm just.. explaining where the cracks are essentially.
05:34 VanessaE ecutruin: mesh drawtype soon.  that'll cover pretty much anything else a modder would want as far as that goes.
05:34 TriBlade9 Damn Vanessa
05:34 ecutruin Jookia, I don't want MT to be Minecraft... I'd like to see an open source, voxel engine, that is flexible enough to do nearly anything I throw at it.  MT isn't there yet, that's all.
05:34 TriBlade9 I was hoping that was something I could do first :U
05:34 jray541 miner_49er no what needs to be forwarded?
05:34 Jookia VanessaE: mesh drawtype? is that in -git?
05:35 VanessaE Jookia: not yet.  it's a future plan some of the devs have been kicking around.
05:35 Miner_48er jray541 you have this behind a router?
05:35 TriBlade9 ecutruin, You could trying writing your own Java-based Voxel Game with JMonkeyEngine, adding Rhino to it, and using that
05:35 ecutruin VanessaE, only if it pairs with dynamic node alteration at runtime.
05:35 TriBlade9 There's the Cubes plugin that greatly simplifies the work needed to do so
05:35 ecutruin TriBlade9, already did mess with building a voxel renderer via Unity3D.
05:35 TriBlade9 I began doing it a few months back actually
05:35 VanessaE ecutruin, Jookia that said there is also the experimental hybrid mesh node that Homedecor has thanks to Jordach.  desk fan is one of them
05:36 VanessaE http://digitalaudioconcepts.com/vanessa/hobbies/minetest/homedecor-crafting-guide/homedecor-craft-guide.html#climate control
05:36 TriBlade9 https://mediacru.sh/RnUMjlfJNY3x
05:36 ecutruin VanessaE, oh.. I know all about hybrid nodes that Jordach is making.. I am the one who suggested he do that.
05:37 Jookia VanessaE: nice
05:37 VanessaE ecutruin: oh ok.  well as you can see, they've been put into practice.  they're hacky but they work.
05:37 TriBlade9 How does that work Vanessa?
05:37 TriBlade9 Creates a mesh entity inside a node?
05:37 OWNSyouAll joined #minetest
05:37 VanessaE TriBlade9: it's a node with an entity placed atop it aligned to the node
05:37 Jookia 6500 triangles?
05:37 VanessaE and eventually I'll add an ABM to protect the entity from the effect of /clearobjects
05:37 ecutruin They are hacky as all hell, and glitchy as well as you cannot do single execution animations either.
05:37 VanessaE Jookia: actually I think that particular object is only a couple dozen polys
05:38 jray541 miner_48er on a vps. i can connect straight to the IP. i have granted me and a friend admin rights. its just not showing up on the public server list.
05:38 VanessaE ecutruin: yeah I know, but THAT (animation issue) is a limitation of minetest's animation handling, not of the drawtype per se.
05:38 VanessaE and it might be a limitation of the model format in particula;r.
05:38 VanessaE particular*
05:38 ecutruin Yeah.  Just another annoying issue. ^-^;
05:38 TriBlade9 :/
05:39 TriBlade9 Well, lets get our asses to work and fix the issues >:D
05:39 TriBlade9 Colored chat anyone?
05:39 Miner_48er jray541 server_announce = 1
05:39 Jookia let's implement runescape 2007 :wave: in minetest
05:39 TriBlade9 Awesome?
05:39 TriBlade9 WTF is that?
05:40 TriBlade9 What is Runescape? x]
05:40 Jookia TriBlade9: haha
05:40 Jookia not sure if kidding
05:40 Miner_48er what is Runescape?
05:40 TriBlade9 O_o
05:41 TriBlade9 Looks like a MMORPG
05:41 TriBlade9 Coolie
05:41 Jookia oh god am i old
05:41 Jookia is runescape an old person thing
05:42 TriBlade9 Looks quite new
05:42 TriBlade9 Won't start for me though :P
05:43 ecutruin https://twitter.com/ecutruin/status/503023271571652608/photo/1 - This took me a few hours over a week or so (I didn't work on it much every day).  Now, its not amazing.. but it just shows that.. writing a voxel rendering engine isn't all that hard.
05:45 Jookia ecutruin: no it's not? which is why minetest has one? o.o
05:46 ecutruin Jookia, as does the tons of clones of MC that exist.. as well as the HORDE of new clones being developed as we speak, due to the Microsoft/Minecraft announcement.
05:47 TriBlade9 How bad did I do?
05:47 TriBlade9 https://github.com/minetest/minetest/pull/1636
05:48 TriBlade9 Voxel rendering part is easy
05:49 TriBlade9 It's the greedy meshing, dynamic chunk serializing, loading, and lighting calculations that are hard
05:49 TriBlade9 Hence why I gave up x]
05:49 Jookia TriBlade9: I'm not sure if people will be happy with LGPL code upstream
05:50 TriBlade9 Why's that?
05:50 VanessaE Jookia: Minetest IS LGPL. :)
05:50 Jookia VanessaE: is it? upstream looks MIT
05:50 VanessaE nope.
05:50 TriBlade9 Told'ja the license was confusing :P
05:51 Jookia VanessaE: do you have a source for that?
05:51 jray541 miner_48er: just set that value and reset the server still nothing
05:51 VanessaE Jookia: one second.
05:52 VanessaE https://github.com/minetest/minetest/commit/037b2591971d752e67fa7d47095b996b3f56da5a
05:52 VanessaE been LGPL 2+ since.
05:53 Jookia oh i see
05:53 Jookia my eyes glazed over and read the readme license as MIT
05:53 Jookia because of the briefness
05:54 Jookia I wonder why the LGPL
05:54 VanessaE so that it can more easily be used in a commercial project
05:54 VanessaE you know, the whole linking-as-a-library issue?
05:54 casimir joined #minetest
05:55 Jookia yes, but that's kinda terrible for freedom in a way, you know?
05:58 VanessaE perhaps so
05:58 Mikaela left #minetest
05:58 VanessaE I don't have much of an opinion on it because the same can be said for freedom in the other directin too
05:58 VanessaE direction*
05:59 VanessaE besides, I'm a WTFPL sort :P
05:59 Jookia eh, maybe i'm a crazy but i think anything below GPL is harmful for projects that're explicitly FOSS
06:02 Jookia I can certainly see non-portable proprietary modpacks
06:03 VanessaE eh, I just figure it doesn't get any freer than public domain :)
06:03 jray541 miner_48er: it does say at the bottom of servers.minetest.net to set the value to true ??
06:04 TriBlade9 See ya guys later
06:04 jray541 miner_48er: i mean minetest.net/servers
06:04 TriBlade9 Imma get to work
06:04 Jookia Public domain is pretty free for everyone, including people to make it not free for others and turn it in to proprietary software. Which if you think about it is a bit like the opposite of free if you can use it to control freedoms of users
06:05 Jookia TriBlade9: ciao :D
06:05 TriBlade9 Also, Please +1 colored chat in some form or another, we need that so bad
06:05 VanessaE cya TriBlade9
06:05 TriBlade9 Bai
06:05 TriBlade9 left #minetest
06:05 Miner_48er jray541 ask VanessaE
06:06 * VanessaE hides
06:06 asie joined #minetest
06:06 VanessaE http://pastebin.ubuntu.com/8355696/
06:06 VanessaE that's how my announce is set up
06:06 VanessaE my other servers are similar
06:09 ibloat joined #minetest
06:11 SubWolf[Laptop] joined #minetest
06:13 jp joined #minetest
06:15 ibloat the message board links (e.g. mod releases) on minetest.net seem to be broken
06:16 VanessaE oh?
06:16 VanessaE example please?
06:16 VanessaE oh wait
06:16 VanessaE I see
06:18 VanessaE dammit.  I can't edit that page either.
06:18 Vargos joined #minetest
06:19 jp https://cdn.mediacru.sh/AG909jyv3zD6.png
06:20 nman3600 joined #minetest
06:21 VanessaE Releases: https://forum.minetest.net/viewforum.php?f=11
06:21 VanessaE General:  https://forum.minetest.net/viewforum.php?f=9
06:23 jp 'f=' instead of 'id=' in these links
06:23 VanessaE mmhmm
06:23 VanessaE the links on the main website must be leftover from the old forum software
06:23 VanessaE kinda surprised those don't work/never got fixed
06:23 ibloat yeah users can still click through to those subforums from the 404 page. still not the best first impression
06:24 ibloat when was it changed?
06:24 VanessaE a number of months ago, moved from PunBB to phpBB
06:24 jp it does 3 months I've reported that
06:24 jp no-one didn't care
06:24 ibloat double negative?
06:25 ibloat :p
06:25 VanessaE non-native english :P
06:25 jp just wake up :P
06:25 ibloat no worries :)
06:26 ibloat do website issues go into the github issue tracker as well?
06:26 VanessaE I'm not sure about that
06:26 VanessaE good question
06:27 ibloat jp, maybe nobody was awake when you reported it or a netsplit ate the message
06:28 ibloat btw good job on getting that nick :)
06:28 jray541 VanessaE: i scrapped the old config file and replaced it with the simpler one you put in the pastebin. still wont show up on the public server list. my servers IP is port 30001 im connected right now. what could it be?
06:29 VanessaE jray541: is your server built with cURL support?
06:34 jray541 VanessaE: no its not should i apt-get curl
06:34 VanessaE yes
06:34 VanessaE curl dev package
06:34 VanessaE recompile minetest
06:34 VanessaE libcurl4-gnutls-dev or libcurl4-nss-dev or libcurl4-openssl-dev
06:34 VanessaE install one of those
06:35 VanessaE then repeat your cmake/make chain
06:35 VanessaE that should get you into the server list.
06:35 VanessaE sorry if I'm going out of order
06:35 VanessaE getting tired now
06:46 jray541 VanessaE: ok ill do that thanks for the help ill sign back in tomorrow goodnight
06:46 VanessaE good night
06:46 * VanessaE wanders off to bed, bumping into walls the entire way
06:46 jp g'night
06:47 VanessaE jp, pull requests should go in tomorrow if I can find the energy :P
06:47 jray541 left #minetest
06:47 jp ok, fine :)
06:47 VanessaE nigh
06:47 VanessaE t
06:55 Jookia left #minetest
06:57 grondilu joined #minetest
06:58 TriBlade9 joined #minetest
06:58 TriBlade9 join #minetest-dev
06:58 TriBlade9 ....
06:58 grondilu left #minetest
07:02 erlehmann joined #minetest
07:02 erlehmann ola
07:02 SubWolf[Laptop] left #minetest
07:04 asie joined #minetest
07:06 sol_invictus joined #minetest
07:06 aheinecke joined #minetest
07:13 casimir http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers/pc-servers/survival-servers/665978-closed-map-experiment
07:13 casimir about a minecraft server that was limited to 350x350 blocks.
07:18 TriBlade9 Reading...
07:18 erlehmann harr harr
07:23 TriBlade9 Interesting
07:25 asie casimir: IIRC, it turned out to be fake
07:25 TriBlade9 ORite
07:26 TriBlade9 Would be interesting for us to test that with MT ;)
07:26 TriBlade9 How would people react if there was a pull req to make the selection box less ugly by making the lines a tad smaller do you think?
07:29 scourge joined #minetest
07:32 The_Loko joined #minetest
07:33 casimir asie: now that you say it, actually it looks like fake.
07:33 asie i mean, this is minecraft
07:33 casimir But still would be an interesting experiment to do.
07:34 asie Oh.
07:34 asie I lost a follower.
07:34 asie Huh.
07:34 casimir What has minecraft to do with it?
07:39 rubenwardy joined #minetest
07:40 rubenwardy Wow... https://github.com/H-H-H?tab=repositories
07:40 rubenwardy sorry,
07:40 rubenwardy Wow... https://github.com/H-H-H?tab=activity
07:41 rubenwardy That guy has forked lots of Minetest related repositories, and not done anything.
07:41 Fritigern I know H-H-H, he's excited to learn modding for MT ;-)
07:41 rubenwardy But... wow
07:41 Fritigern So i read that as hos way of reading up
07:42 OldCoder joined #minetest
07:42 rubenwardy He also forked the NodeBoxEditor. I don't recommend reading that code.
07:46 Fritigern He may have bitten off more than he can chew. But time will tell. Earluier today he told me that he made his first mod. When asked what it does he saoid that it didn't do much. No idea what he meant though. LOL
07:46 Fritigern [14:49:41] [[ friti ]] H-H-H: So what does your mod do?
07:46 Fritigern [14:51:36] [[ H-H-H ]] nothing yet im just getting used to he way things work :)
07:46 Fritigern It cracked me up, but i also had a glimpse of recognition. Diving in head first, getting in over my head, and then.... who knows ;-)
07:47 Bitgod how do i take a screenshot in mt?
07:47 rubenwardy Adding blocks, probably
07:47 rubenwardy Bitgod: F12, iirc. You can also use PrtScn
07:48 Bitgod where did it save it
07:49 Bitgod i cant find screenshots
07:49 Fritigern Actually, it appears as if it sends a chat message upon a player's death
07:50 Fritigern Nope, i take that back. That too was a fork
07:50 Bitgod ????
07:51 FR^2 joined #minetest
07:52 khor_ joined #minetest
07:52 Mati^1 joined #minetest
07:52 casimir Bitgod: it says "screenshot saved to ..." on the bottom left
07:53 Bitgod yes
07:53 Bitgod but i dont see a folder w/ my pics
07:54 T7g what platform?
07:55 Bitgod windows
07:55 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/higherres-vlP71tTw.png
07:55 Bitgod i did aprint screen for now
07:55 Bitgod i made my own grass block, it needs work tho :P
07:56 T7g can we see the output of the command prompt?
07:56 Bitgod why
07:57 T7g just to see where it's being saved
07:58 Bitgod how do i copy that
07:58 rubenwardy Take a screenshot
07:58 rubenwardy Ha, I troll
07:59 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/tes-ed0RqKCU.png
08:00 T7g lemme look at the source rq
08:00 Bitgod ???
08:01 Yepoleb_ joined #minetest
08:03 rubenwardy IT might not be f12
08:03 rubenwardy it mightbe f10, or something
08:03 T7g it's based on irrlicht's ss dir
08:03 T7g trying to figure it out
08:04 Fritigern rubenwardy: 10 brings up a console
08:04 jp Need help on code : http://pastebin.com/NLHu9dY9 - Result (placed on X & Z directions) : https://cdn.mediacru.sh/Yfx33rlcLP4f.png -- question : does it's possible to have a simple setting for auto-orient a node on set _node?
08:08 Bitgod well im going to sleep
08:08 Bitgod d oyou like my grass tho?
08:08 Bitgod 64x64 lol
08:08 Bitgod still needs work on a side so it looks good
08:09 T7g I do, still can't get this runnin 64bit
08:10 Fritigern Bitgod: I like that you have Linux running in VirtualBox :-)
08:10 Fritigern Oh, and of course i like the grass as well ;-)
08:12 Bitgod ty <3
08:12 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/higherres128-nPlGeuRS.png
08:12 Bitgod how bout now lol
08:13 T7g much more realistic
08:13 T7g needs good sides though
08:14 Fritigern I tried to make a texture pack once. It sucked. I am no graphics artist. LOL
08:15 Fritigern So whenever i see someone make nice textures, i get jealous :-)
08:17 OldCoder joined #minetest
08:18 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/higherres512-IFLZ8ebA.png
08:18 Bitgod last one
08:18 Bitgod now i sleep :)
08:19 T7g that is pro
08:19 T7g good shit man
08:19 Bitgod ty
08:19 Bitgod ill refine it after work
08:19 Bitgod fix the sides so grass hangs off it :P
08:19 Bitgod like in rl
08:19 T7g Well, goodnight man
08:21 Bitgod i just did some filter changes on gras
08:21 Bitgod lemme know if u like.
08:22 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/higherres2-j6uDqnbT.png
08:22 Bitgod now i slep for real, got work in 4hr
08:26 Azelphur joined #minetest
08:33 TriBlade9 joined #minetest
08:47 JamesTait joined #minetest
08:48 SmartDen joined #minetest
08:50 SmartDen hey miners! i have a bug in 0.4.10: if i try to type cyrrilic in chat windows it will not be shown. and in linux console i see chinese hieroglyphen. if i type in the game console it work fine for me.
08:52 TriBlade9 SmartDen, Does the game have FreeType enabled?
08:52 TriBlade9 (Did you compile it yourself or not)?
08:53 SmartDen yes. i comiled it with ENABLE_FREETYPE=ON option
08:53 TriBlade9 Strange
08:54 TriBlade9 Post a bug report at http://github.com/minetest/minetest/issues/ (Include a screenshot)
08:54 Taoki[mobile] joined #minetest
08:54 TriBlade9 Hi Taoki!
08:58 SmartDen ok TriBlade9. thnx
08:58 TriBlade9 Np
09:01 scourge joined #minetest
09:02 kahrl joined #minetest
09:02 TriBlade9 WB kahrl!
09:07 l17 joined #minetest
09:10 kahrl hey TriBlade9
09:10 TriBlade9 How's it going?
09:10 kahrl Django still doesn't want to play with me :(
09:11 TriBlade9 Bleurgh
09:11 TriBlade9 Why are you suing Django?
09:11 kahrl because weblate
09:11 TriBlade9 Orite
09:12 TriBlade9 What's wrong with it?
09:12 kahrl can't login to the admin interface
09:12 TriBlade9 Error?
09:12 kahrl Please enter the correct username and password for a staff account. Note that both fields may be case-sensitive.
09:13 TriBlade9 Forgot your pass? :P
09:13 TriBlade9 Or an actual problem?
09:13 kahrl nah the pass is fine
09:13 kahrl oh wow, I restarted uwsgi again and now it works
09:15 rubenwardy Have you created an admin account?
09:17 Fritigern joined #minetest
09:17 kahrl rubenwardy: yeah, it works now
09:17 kahrl uWSGI worker 2 screams: UAAAAAAH my master disconnected: i will kill myself !!!
09:19 TriBlade9 Oh, did either of you see the Colored Chat PR?
09:22 kahrl nope
09:27 TriBlade9 Welll.... Take a look? x]
09:36 _Fremen_ joined #minetest
09:39 asie joined #minetest
09:39 Ayrrow joined #minetest
09:39 blaze joined #minetest
09:41 Ayrrow so i just installed minetest via apt-get (ubuntu). I'm getting a very low FPS. Turned shaders and everything off, didn't seem to help... suggestions?
09:42 asie joined #minetest
09:42 jin_xi joined #minetest
09:43 TriBlade9 Ayrrow, First off, the version in the Repos is usually quite outdated
09:43 TriBlade9 wb asie
09:44 Ayrrow oh its 0.4.9
09:44 Ayrrow is there a way i can update?
09:44 TriBlade9 The easiest way is to compile it yourself, it's not hard
09:45 scourge joined #minetest
09:46 Ayrrow so git clone the minetest/minetest_game ?
09:47 TriBlade9 Yep
09:47 Amaz joined #minetest
09:47 TriBlade9 git clone https://github.com/minetest
09:47 TriBlade9 Minetest game comes later
09:47 e1z0 git clone all github
09:48 TriBlade9 **git clone https://github.com/minetest/minetest
09:48 TriBlade9 My bad
09:48 Amaz Ayrrow: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&amp;t=3837
09:48 Amaz That has all the commands in one for compiling either in place or system wide.
09:48 Ayrrow thanks!!!
09:49 TriBlade9 Can Enable Freetype be default instead of off by defalt?
09:51 jin_xi joined #minetest
09:52 SmartDen left #minetest
09:57 TriBlade9 Well, without freetype in freeminer, the hex string just displays with no color formatting
09:57 TriBlade9 Not sure how they pulled that off but :/
09:58 Jousway joined #minetest
10:01 FreeFull joined #minetest
10:04 khor_ joined #minetest
10:17 john_minetest joined #minetest
10:17 john_minetest hi
10:25 Ayrrow so i built from source, still have really bad FPS.
10:27 proller joined #minetest
10:31 asie joined #minetest
10:31 RealBadAngel Ayrrow, whats your system? gfx card? video drivers?
10:33 Ayrrow ummm good question. I'm running crouton on a samsung chromebook - so ARM7 processor, 2gb ram. Not sure about the rest
10:34 Ayrrow system is ubuntu 14.04
10:35 TriBlade9 Chromebooks aren't likely to get a good FPS. :/
10:35 The_Loko game won't run so well on arm "computers"...
10:41 Ayrrow ahhh damn
10:41 Ayrrow thanks anyways
10:45 Azelphur_ joined #minetest
10:49 john_minetest arm "computers"? The word "computers" is even in the word ARM!
10:49 john_minetest Advanced RISC Machines, where RISC is "Reduced Instruction Set Computer" ;)
10:50 TriBlade9 Two-level Acronym... :P
10:50 TriBlade9 *:O
10:50 ImQ009 joined #minetest
10:51 raffahacks joined #minetest
10:55 casimir Advanced Reduced Computer Machines ?!
10:57 reactor joined #minetest
10:58 CraigyDavi` joined #minetest
11:00 Amaz joined #minetest
11:01 raffahacks ?
11:02 theTroy joined #minetest
11:05 raffahacks Is the mod store actually working? Doesn't seem to be...
11:05 TriBlade9 It works, it's just slow
11:06 TriBlade9 Welp RBA
11:06 TriBlade9 It might appeal to some people, but not to me :/
11:06 TriBlade9 Nice work though :D
11:07 raffahacks Hmm... Why isn't there a progress indicator or something like that?
11:08 raffahacks I have got a 2g mobile connection at home, will i have to wait one year?
11:33 nyuszika7h- joined #minetest
11:35 basse_ joined #minetest
11:40 john_minetest casimir: Advanced R(educed instruction set computer) Machines
11:43 friti joined #minetest
11:44 Guest99165 joined #minetest
11:54 CWz joined #minetest
12:07 Megaf Hi all
12:07 Megaf !server Megaf
12:07 MinetestBot Megaf: Megaf Server v4.0 | minetest.megaf.info:30003 | Clients: 1/9, 0/1 | Version: 0.4.10-Megaf / MegafXplore | Ping: 1754ms
12:08 Megaf john_minetest: can you please join, I believee the lag is fixed
12:08 Megaf Im playing for a while there with heavy use of pipeworks and max lag is between 0.3 and 1.7
12:09 Megaf Hi TriBlade9
12:09 Megaf server is fine now, I need help testing
12:14 TriBlade9 One sec Megaf
12:23 Noidzz joined #minetest
12:24 alket joined #minetest
12:26 megaproxy joined #minetest
12:26 TriBlade9 Megaf, what was the IP again?
12:26 Megaf TriBlade9: scroll 4 lines up
12:26 TriBlade9 Derped
12:26 TriBlade9 Connecting
12:27 TriBlade9 Still getting errors
12:27 Megaf what do you mean?
12:28 Megaf what kind of errors?
12:28 TriBlade9 Cant post log
12:28 TriBlade9 scrolling too fast
12:28 TriBlade9 minetest.megaf.info
12:28 TriBlade9 20:28:19: ERROR[CurlFetchThread]: http://minetest.comlu.com/MEDIA/wool_orange.png not found (Failure when receiving data from the peer) (response code 0)
12:28 alket is it possible to play on LAN ?
12:28 alket two people
12:28 TriBlade9 IDK
12:29 Megaf alket: yep
12:29 TriBlade9 Megaf, does the game need to be compiled with Curl enabled?
12:29 Noidzz man how do you run min test, any way i can  put it all in an IDE
12:29 Noidzz c++ IDe
12:29 alket Megaf, how
12:29 Megaf just open the client on both computers, in one you host a server and in the another one you put that computers internal ip
12:29 alket thanks
12:30 Megaf TriBlade9: to be able to get media content more quickly and from there you need curl, yes
12:30 alket Megaf, thanks
12:30 ImQ009 joined #minetest
12:30 megaproxy is server win only?
12:30 megaproxy nvm
12:30 * megaproxy learns to read
12:31 john_minetest Megaf: joining
12:32 Megaf john_minetest: is my remote media working?
12:32 Megaf megaproxy: you can run it on almost anything,
12:32 Megaf Thanks john_minetest
12:33 TriBlade9 Worked that time Megaf
12:33 TriBlade9 I think
12:33 AnotherBrick joined #minetest
12:33 TriBlade9 20:29:19: ACTION[main]: Client: Contacting remote server "http://minetest.comlu.com/MEDIA/"
12:33 TriBlade9 20:29:24: ERROR[CurlFetchThread]: http://minetest.comlu.com/MEDIA/index.mth not found (Timeout was reached) (response code 0)
12:35 TriBlade9 Segfaulted :O
12:39 parabyte joined #minetest
12:39 TriBlade9 Again
12:40 parabyte sfan5, if i cut out a bit of my minecraft map and export to minetest format via your code. will minetest like fill in the rest of the map as players play?
12:40 Bligh joined #minetest
12:41 Megaf TriBlade9: does it segfaults after writing a message?
12:41 parabyte minetest mentioned in wired !
12:42 Megaf really?
12:42 Megaf wow
12:44 TriBlade9 Is that only in my messages Megaf?
12:44 TriBlade9 The particular build I'm using is my chat colors one
12:44 TriBlade9 Might have something to do with it
12:44 sfan5 parabyte: yes, but MT does not use the same map generator as MC obviously
12:45 parabyte sfan5, so minetest map will spawn out from what i am exporting
12:45 parabyte excellent
12:45 parabyte i may not export the whole map after all
12:46 sfan5 export what you need
12:46 parabyte i do not have 5000 centuries to wait !
12:46 sfan5 did the script work well?
12:46 parabyte no i literally worked out to what i said about for a whole minecraft map
12:46 codehero joined #minetest
12:46 parabyte remember my minecraft map is off a busy minecraft server
12:46 parabyte im going for the option to just cut out the main town bit i want
12:48 alket joined #minetest
12:50 raffahacks joined #minetest
12:51 RumiaGloop joined #minetest
12:54 FR^2 parabyte: Oh, there is a converter?
12:54 sfan5 FR^2: yes
12:54 FR^2 :D
12:55 FR^2 cool thing :)
12:57 raffahacks joined #minetest
12:58 raffahacks Hi
12:59 parabyte FR^2, works well
13:06 azaki joined #minetest
13:10 icetea joined #minetest
13:11 tanath joined #minetest
13:12 ibloat would that be MCEdit+filter and WorldEdit?
13:13 * RumiaGloop noms sfan5
13:13 TriBlade9 I keep accidentally reminding myself why I love MT mods vs MC mods
13:14 sfan5 ibloat: either that or MCEdit+filter and native schematic mechanism in MT
13:14 sfan5 :D
13:14 TriBlade9 I am greatly reminded of that when I have to patch my modpack 4 times in a single update, each patch requiring me to upload 80 MB of files to a webserver
13:14 TriBlade9 And restoring a backup of my world
13:15 proller joined #minetest
13:29 raffahacks Does mt download many files or a big zip file when connecting to a server?
13:29 raffahacks Many files, of course
13:29 RobertPrakigam joined #minetest
13:30 raffahacks Otherwise the progress indicator wouldn't have any sense
13:30 BlockMen joined #minetest
13:30 RobertPrakigam left #minetest
13:31 tanath joined #minetest
13:32 icetea_ joined #minetest
13:39 TBC_x joined #minetest
13:44 mistnim joined #minetest
13:46 mistnim hello I'm on kind of an old laptop and minetest is slow, are there a way to improve performances?
13:46 proller buy new laptop
13:47 brodes joined #minetest
13:48 mistnim I don't have enough diamonds
13:48 sruz25 joined #minetest
13:48 mistnim I don't see an option to reduce how far can I see for example
13:49 proller press -
13:50 mistnim thanks
13:50 GTRsdk_ joined #minetest
13:51 proller now you have slow game with less view distance 8)
13:51 mistnim yeah proller didn't change much
13:51 SylvieLorxu joined #minetest
13:52 mistnim is there a way to show fps?
13:52 proller f5
13:53 lone_wing joined #minetest
13:53 lone_wing hey
13:53 mistnim well fps are good, the problem is lag
13:57 ibloat sfan5, https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/30267315/Minetest/tomtsschem.py <- this one? would it be possible to ixport a rather bigish 9,000x16,000 MC map completely with that technique?
13:58 sfan5 ibloat: http://meow.minetest.net/tmp/tomtsschem.py << better version;; 9000x16000 is pretty big but you can try
13:59 sfan5 mistnim: lag spikes?
13:59 mistnim yes sfan5
14:00 sfan5 so the fps just drops?
14:00 sfan5 which version are you using?
14:01 ibloat sfan5, thank you, will give it a spin!
14:02 mistnim sfan5 4.10
14:03 sfan5 mistnim: try this download: https://github.com/minetest/minetest/releases/download/0.4.10/minetest-0.4.10-win64-mingw.zip
14:03 mistnim is there a a way to set a limit for fps?
14:04 sfan5 yes
14:04 sfan5 "max_fps = <fps>" in minetest.conf
14:04 mistnim where is minetest.conf ?
14:05 sfan5 you use windows, right?
14:05 mistnim no
14:05 sfan5 oh
14:05 sfan5 minetest.conf should be at ~/.minetest/minetest.conf
14:05 mistnim ok
14:07 asie joined #minetest
14:07 mistnim sfan5 that didn't really limit the fps
14:07 mistnim I put 25, fps are still at 40
14:07 sfan5 you need to restart the game
14:07 mistnim sfan5: done
14:09 mistnim
14:09 mistnim viewing_range_nodes_min = 5
14:09 mistnim max_fps = 25
14:09 asl joined #minetest
14:11 mistnim and I'm pretty sure there is a problem with dropping fps
14:11 mistnim a limit should help
14:23 zat joined #minetest
14:30 mistnim ping
14:35 john_minetest pong
14:37 mistnim is minetest c++11?
14:37 proller no, but freeminer is
14:40 john_minetest mistnim: freeminer = incompatible fork of minetest with tons of new features
14:40 proller now fm compatible.
14:40 alket hi , where to get monsters ?
14:41 proller freeminer/master - fully compatible,   freeminer/next - map compatible, networking not compatible
14:41 alket or sheeps etc
14:41 alket living things xD
14:42 twoelk joined #minetest
14:44 Sokomine alket: there are two or three basic mob concepts. simple mobs are ok if you want to fight them occasionally. blockmens creatures are also pretty nice. but the best ones are imho the mobf/animals_modpack mobs done by sapier. those can be kept as farm animals, can be bred, the ostrich can be ridden...
14:45 alket Sokomine, sounds very awesome , thanks , where to get them ?
14:45 alket and can I implement them in current running server ?
14:45 proller and mobf cause LAG
14:46 alket even on LAN ?
14:46 twoelk proller: verry constructive today proller ;-P
14:47 twoelk but he may be right
14:47 john_minetest PilzAdam's mobs are much lighter.
14:48 alket where to get the animals ?
14:48 twoelk lighter but not brighter :-(
14:50 Tux[Qyou] joined #minetest
14:53 NakedFury joined #minetest
14:55 Nascher joined #minetest
14:58 twoelk alket: you may want to wade through this list ;-P http://nimg.pf-control.de/MTstuff/modSearch.php?st=0&amp;at=0&amp;q=mob
14:58 alket twoelk, thanks
14:58 EvilGrin joined #minetest
14:58 khonkhortisan joined #minetest
14:58 alket can I install in current server ?
14:58 alket or it needs a new world generation ?
14:59 basse_ joined #minetest
15:02 hmmmm joined #minetest
15:02 BlockMen joined #minetest
15:02 PenguinDad joined #minetest
15:05 Sokomine alket: they're all in the mod releases part of the forum. mobf was written by sapier (which may help regarding searching). and yes, it works less well on multiplayer servers. on those, simple mobs usually works a bit better
15:06 Sokomine you can install in current world. some new things (especially with mobf) might not show up in already explored parts, and you might have to explore more in order to find the mobs
15:06 realtinymonster joined #minetest
15:06 realtinymonster !seen WindHero
15:06 MinetestBot realtinymonster: windhero was last seen at 2014-07-27 04:51:13 UTC on #minetest
15:06 realtinymonster shesh
15:07 realtinymonster left #minetest
15:07 lasers joined #minetest
15:07 khonkhortisan joined #minetest
15:08 kruug !seen Fritigern
15:08 MinetestBot kruug: Sorry, I haven't seen fritigern around.
15:08 alket Sokomine, thanks , I installed several , but can't find how to install them :s
15:08 kruug O.o
15:08 alket *installed -> downloaded
15:09 alket found it, thanks
15:10 PenguinDad !seen Bierkrug
15:10 MinetestBot PenguinDad: Sorry, I haven't seen bierkrug around.
15:10 PenguinDad :(
15:10 alket Im getting this error: Server: Failed to load and run /home/alket/.minetest/mods/animals/init.lua
15:10 kruug !seen kruug
15:10 MinetestBot kruug: kruug was last seen at 2014-09-15 15:33:50 UTC on #minetest
15:10 kruug !seen MinetestBot
15:10 MinetestBot kruug: minetestbot was last seen at 2014-09-12 16:42:10 UTC on #minetest-de
15:11 kruug O.o
15:11 kruug I think the bot is fritzd...
15:12 RealBadAngel joined #minetest
15:12 alket anyone ?
15:13 MinetestBot [Git] BlockMen -> minetest/minetest_game: Fix xpanes API c95cd84 http://git.io/OeNBww (2014-09-16T17:11:54+02:00)
15:13 MinetestBot [Git] CraigyDavi -> minetest/minetest_game: Remove API from player.lua cc2573a http://git.io/syIn7Q (2014-09-16T17:07:43+02:00)
15:13 LemonLake joined #minetest
15:13 LemonLake oh my god
15:13 LemonLake there are still people linking minecraft with autism
15:14 LemonLake it's so fucked up on so many different levels...
15:16 alket why do i get this errors :s
15:16 Amaz Can this pull either be closed or merged please?! https://github.com/minetest/minetest_game/pull/294
15:16 alket oh the folder should be named as it was downloaded
15:17 basse_ joined #minetest
15:17 Amaz Blockmen, sfan5 ↑
15:18 bjrohan joined #minetest
15:18 BlockMen Amaz, i already said i wont block it. but that doesnt mean that i will merge it
15:18 BlockMen either sfan5 or nore will merge it or i gonna close the PR
15:19 Amaz But if nore and sfan5 agree, can one of them merge it?
15:19 alket sorry for asking this many questions , but I installed this mod https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?t=9656 , but where are they , they don't appear ?
15:19 Amaz Okay.
15:20 The_Loko joined #minetest
15:25 An_Sar joined #minetest
15:28 twoelk alket: monsters only appear at night, sheep at day. you may have to travell to new ungenerat3ed map area
15:28 LemonLake Do you guys think factory should have sounds?
15:29 PenguinDad LemonLake: I don't think so
15:29 twoelk alket: if you are in creative mode, you will have to place them in that mod
15:30 Amaz LemonLake: Add a setting!
15:30 LemonLake Amaz: that was my plan
15:30 Amaz :D
15:30 LemonLake + server owners can delete the sounds if they wish
15:30 LemonLake that, or i'll supply a separate download without sounds
15:34 An_Sar left #minetest
15:34 erlehmann left #minetest
15:34 LemonLake crap
15:34 LemonLake i'm getting errorless crashes again
15:35 LemonLake oh, linux puts stuff into debug.txt
15:35 LemonLake cool
15:36 An_Sar joined #minetest
15:40 realtinymonster joined #minetest
15:40 chchjesus joined #minetest
15:40 realtinymonster Something makes me want to give Jordach a *hug*
15:41 LemonLake something makes me want to put a download logger on factory and see if people still care about it
15:41 kruug factory?
15:42 LemonLake Yes.
15:42 An_Sar left #minetest
15:43 LemonLake kruug: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&amp;t=9277&amp;p=141271
15:43 LemonLake !title
15:43 MinetestBot LemonLake: [Mod] Factory [] [factory] - Minetest Forums
15:44 kruug some nice automation :)
15:45 An_Sar joined #minetest
15:48 Calinou joined #minetest
15:49 bluej100 joined #minetest
15:50 kruug Minetest mods could use a site similar to http://ftbwiki.org...
15:50 kruug a nice central place to find what mods are available
15:50 jp joined #minetest
15:51 realtinymonster I could help in making it, if we do
15:52 VanessaE kruug: that's what the Minetest forum's Mod Releases section is for
15:52 VanessaE it's whole purpose is exactly that
15:52 VanessaE however it's nowhere near as organized as this site you linked to
15:52 kruug VanessaE: but it's so...not user friendly...
15:52 VanessaE yeah
15:53 Calinou people format their topics like crap
15:53 Calinou thus, people read crap
15:53 Calinou it would take dozens of days to fix formatting of all the released mods
15:54 LemonLake kruug: mtmd or something like that
15:54 kruug plus, there seem to be the potentials for duplicates
15:55 kruug like, it would be nice to also group them into what the mods do...
15:55 realtinymonster I can request a domain for it
15:55 LemonLake kruug: someone was making as ite for that
15:55 LemonLake a site/
15:55 kruug like, topics.  For instance "Decorative", "Automation", "etc
15:55 LemonLake i made a css for it
15:55 LemonLake yeah, someone is making one
15:56 kruug yeah, there's the minetest mod db,here: https://forum.minetest.net/mmdb/
15:56 Gregor3000 joined #minetest
15:56 kruug but it's nowhere close to being user friendly :)
15:56 LemonLake no, one that categorises them and stuff
15:56 LemonLake i'll look in a min
15:56 LemonLake its somewhere in my history
15:57 ElectronLibre joined #minetest
15:58 frecel joined #minetest
15:59 FlightTime joined #minetest
16:00 erlehmann joined #minetest
16:03 basse_ joined #minetest
16:08 basse_ joined #minetest
16:11 twoelk LemonLake: the film - Dancer in the Dark- had nice factory music. you could try something similar
16:17 SylvieLorxu https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CnRYEJzHfxQ
16:17 Tux[Qyou] joined #minetest
16:20 realtinymonster people good at math
16:20 erlehmann can i change build system of minetest to redo?
16:20 * ElectronLibre can probably help realtinymonster .
16:20 realtinymonster ElectronLibre: #moontest
16:23 PenguinDad erlehmann: redo?
16:24 twoelk LemonLake: the factory sounds at the beginning of this is what I was suggesting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-15u6J_PmT8
16:24 john_minetest left #minetest
16:24 LemonLake matbe
16:25 Calinou kruug, the MMDB sucks too much currently
16:25 Calinou I've removed my mods from it
16:25 erlehmann PenguinDad http://homepage.ntlworld.com/jonathan.deboynepollard/FGA/introduction-to-redo.html
16:25 Calinou I'm not doing daily add-and-approve process on ~10 mods
16:26 erlehmann PenguinDad i have implemented redo in bourne shell http://news.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/bin
16:27 Bitgod joined #minetest
16:27 MinetestBot [Git] Amaz1 -> minetest/minetest_game: Enable dungeons by default c32957f http://git.io/iYPZVg (2014-09-16T18:26:32+02:00)
16:27 Bitgod joined #minetest
16:27 Amaz :D
16:28 erlehmann great
16:28 erlehmann dungeons
16:28 twoelk Calinou: maybe leave a version in the mmdb and put in the description: go get the latest at blabla
16:28 erlehmann is there nether now?
16:28 sfan5 no
16:28 CraigyDavi` I think we should enable them by default in core
16:28 sfan5 but there is.. as usual, a mod
16:28 PenguinDad Yay dungeons!
16:28 Amaz Thanks sfan5!
16:28 realtinymonster erlehmann, stop being a jerk pls
16:28 Bitgod hey sexy ppl
16:28 Bitgod :D
16:28 sfan5 CraigyDavi`: not every subgame might want dungeons
16:29 realtinymonster lol Bitgod
16:29 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/higherres4-gG8SnRcc.png
16:29 Bitgod my first mod
16:29 erlehmann realtinymonster what was jerk about my behaviour?
16:29 sfan5 realtinymonster: how is he being a jerk?
16:29 Bitgod well block
16:29 erlehmann sfan5 if i wanted to make a mod that has a planet with different gravity, is that possible in lua?
16:29 erlehmann i imagine some space minetest.
16:29 Bitgod erlehmann, i doubt it
16:29 erlehmann with a moon.
16:29 sfan5 erlehmann: you can change gravity globally
16:29 Bitgod u need to modify core game
16:29 CraigyDavi` Well fair enough, I just thought the considering minetest_game is the main supported game it should probably be in core
16:29 erlehmann sfan5 so gravity is a server side thing, right?
16:29 sfan5 but only globally
16:29 erlehmann hmmm :/
16:29 sfan5 uh
16:29 erlehmann can i fake it?
16:29 sfan5 wait no
16:29 sfan5 actually for every player
16:29 erlehmann great!
16:30 PenguinDad erlehmann: you can lower and higher gravity per player
16:30 sfan5 it's client-side
16:30 erlehmann PenguinDad it is about direction
16:30 erlehmann i want a cube planet mod
16:30 erlehmann with other cube planets
16:30 erlehmann gravity is always into core direction
16:30 erlehmann then you could have minetest space!
16:30 erlehmann and build tower to the moon
16:30 erlehmann :D
16:30 sfan5 Bitgod: did you disable texture filtering yet? (ansitropic, biliniear or trilinear)
16:30 tanath man you guys are so defeatist about what can be done with minetest mods. just make as much of the internals as accessible as possible through an API
16:30 PenguinDad erlehmann: sorry to disappoint you but that's not possible right now
16:31 tanath when more is needed, add it, make it accessible
16:31 twoelk erlehmann: make gravity at right angle to block surface
16:31 erlehmann PenguinDad okay, then not! :)
16:31 sfan5 tanath: things nobody seems an use for are usually not made accessible
16:31 sfan5 tanath: also some internals change with every version
16:31 erlehmann tanath it is a good thing to not make more accessible than people need
16:31 sfan5 tanath: we try to keep mods pretty compatible
16:31 erlehmann otherwise you risk tight coupling
16:31 erlehmann and break mods
16:31 tanath wrong approach. just make things accessible and people will find uses for them
16:31 erlehmann like breaking ff extensions on upgrade
16:31 Bitgod (Sep 16)(12:28:56 PM) (sfan5): Bitgod: did you disable texture filtering yet? (ansitropic, biliniear or trilin
16:31 Bitgod no why?
16:32 tanath erlehmann, hm
16:32 erlehmann tanath do you remember when ff extensions broke on every upgrade? that was too much API surface that changed.
16:32 tanath fair point
16:32 Calinou quite a lot of stuff can be accessed already, tanath
16:32 erlehmann every feature you expose you have to keep for eternity
16:32 sfan5 Bitgod: it makes the 16x16 textures look a lot worse IMO
16:32 Calinou <erlehmann> like breaking ff extensions on upgrade
16:32 Calinou this hasn't happened to me in ~3 years
16:32 tanath but then, considering that you still want as much accessible api as possible. means design well in advance i guess
16:32 Bitgod thays 512x512
16:32 Bitgod :)
16:33 erlehmann tanath find something, implement it at the C++ layer.
16:33 Calinou the Minetest API is quite stable by now, which allows mods from ~2012 to still work
16:33 erlehmann do my old mods from 2011 still work?
16:33 erlehmann like my moss mod?
16:33 Calinou don't use filtering for textures below 128
16:33 erlehmann and cement?
16:33 twoelk erlehmann: have you seen this: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&amp;t=7887
16:33 Calinou but use mip-mapping and anisotropic filtering
16:33 Bitgod o
16:33 sfan5 erlehmann: probably
16:33 realtinymonster erlehmann: they might, but I doubt it
16:33 erlehmann i had cement aggregate http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/games/minetest/minetest-cement-aggregate-crafting.png
16:33 sfan5 erlehmann: cement maybe, but the others
16:33 tanath erlehmann, well, changing implementation doesn't have to eliminate features. you can just change how it's done
16:33 erlehmann put it into bucket http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/games/minetest/minetest-cement-bucket-crafting.png
16:33 erlehmann then pour it! http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/games/minetest/minetest-cement-pouring-1.png
16:34 erlehmann nice cement block! http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/games/minetest/minetest-cement-pouring-3.png
16:34 Bitgod ur right
16:34 erlehmann also this! http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/games/minetest/minetest-companion-cube.png
16:34 Bitgod looks much better
16:34 LemonLake theoretically that should still work
16:34 tanath and you should expect breakage in early development until the api settles down
16:34 Calinou this said, remember that mods are not a fixed mass of things, they can be updated by anyone
16:34 erlehmann is sponge mod still working? http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/games/minetest/minetest-sponge-2.png
16:34 Calinou the API isn't in early development since 0.4.0 release (July 2012)
16:35 Calinou it's considered as stable
16:35 tanath uh, given the state of minetest i really think it should still be considered early
16:35 Calinou erlehmann, we have other sponge mods, but they all suffer from the same problem: water keeps flowing in, which requires the usage of costy ABMs to remove
16:35 erlehmann Calinou you know this is why i made my sponge mod differently
16:35 erlehmann Calinou my sponge mod contains fake air
16:35 ecutruin1 joined #minetest
16:35 Calinou a better solution would be to replace nearby air nodes with a air-like, non-replaceable node
16:35 erlehmann that is what i did
16:35 Calinou cool
16:35 Calinou try it with latest GIT and see :P
16:36 erlehmann fake air had ABMs that removed it when it did not detect a sponge
16:36 erlehmann so it was constant overhead
16:36 erlehmann and no water entered it
16:36 erlehmann oh and is obsidian there? http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/pics/screenshots/games/minetest/minetest-obsidian.png
16:36 Calinou yes
16:36 Calinou not that slow to dig (design decision)
16:36 erlehmann screenshot is from 06-Dec-2011 18:35
16:36 Calinou you can't make something that takes very long to dig
16:36 Calinou it's in the default game
16:37 Calinou like gold (useless), copper (copper + silver = bronze… Minetest logic!), diamond (better than Mese, contrarily to common belief)
16:37 erlehmann great!
16:37 twoelk erlehmann: concerning space you probably have studied this:  https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&amp;t=6329
16:37 erlehmann my mods are here! http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/src/minetest-mods/
16:37 Calinou also https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=15&amp;t=9033
16:37 Calinou give this a try
16:37 tanath gold isn't useless in mc
16:37 Bitgod can someone pet me
16:37 Bitgod im boredl ol
16:37 tanath stupid myth. gold is great, it just has terrible durability
16:37 * Calinou pets Bitgod
16:37 erlehmann twoelk i have not studied it. let me look!
16:37 Bitgod ty <3
16:37 Calinou tanath, I mean in Minetest
16:37 Calinou it can only make gold blocks
16:38 Calinou erlehmann, since April I've worked on my own game
16:38 erlehmann > meseors
16:38 erlehmann lel
16:38 erlehmann Calinou show and tell
16:38 Calinou renewed textures, improved balance, added mods, tweaked…
16:38 Calinou see the link I posted
16:38 * sfan5 meows at Bitgod
16:38 Calinou Mese blocks spawn below -1024, rarely
16:38 Calinou in Carbone, there's Meze which kills you upon digging and drops nothing
16:38 * Bitgod barks
16:38 Bitgod :
16:38 Bitgod :P
16:38 erlehmann i don't know where the flyingmachine mod came from. i do not remember making it
16:38 erlehmann http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/src/minetest-mods/
16:39 erlehmann is moss in minetest_game?
16:39 Calinou as for mods, consider using a VCS (preferably GIT), you can upload them to Gitorious or GitHub
16:39 Calinou mossy cobblestone? yes
16:39 sfan5 Calinou: Git*
16:39 erlehmann it made cobblestone to moss-covered cobble-stone if it is in shadow and near water
16:39 erlehmann a very subtle effect
16:39 tanath do i need to make a folder for mods?
16:39 Calinou sfan5, well, officially it's GIT (Software Freedom Conservancy)
16:39 Calinou but according to GitHub it's Git…
16:39 tanath really should make the folders by default even if empty
16:39 Calinou I'll use the official naming from now on
16:39 sfan5 Git is not an acronym
16:39 Calinou the logo is clearly GIT
16:39 Calinou NVIDIA isn't an acronym either :)
16:39 sfan5 yeah
16:40 Calinou tanath, you put mods in the “mods” directory (create if needed)
16:40 Bitgod New Video Interactive Display Interace Adapter
16:40 Bitgod done
16:40 realtinymonster lol
16:40 sfan5 DESCRIPTION
16:40 sfan5 Git is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with an
16:40 tanath ty
16:40 sfan5 thats what $ man git says
16:40 sfan5 ^ Calinou
16:40 Bitgod done = = NVIDIA
16:40 Calinou oh, so it was.
16:40 Gregor3000 joined #minetest
16:40 Calinou but they never highlight it anywhere these days
16:40 Bitgod New Video Interactive Display Interace Adapter = NVIDIA
16:40 Calinou (it's like XFCE, which became Xfce)
16:40 realtinymonster interace?
16:40 realtinymonster :P
16:40 Calinou Interface*
16:40 tanath what is mesecons?
16:40 Bitgod yes face
16:40 Bitgod lol
16:41 Calinou <sfan5>        Git is a fast, scalable, distributed revision control system with an
16:41 sfan5 tanath: basically redstone
16:41 tanath and i don't mean what it does
16:41 Calinou even the official GIT people may not be entirely consistent
16:41 MinetestBot [Git] ShadowNinja -> minetest/minetest_game: Clean up treegen code 9670c27 http://git.io/1HX_Yg (2014-09-16T18:38:11+02:00)
16:41 sfan5 Git*
16:41 Bitgod microsoft envys super evil cool overlord noun soliders
16:41 Bitgod :P
16:41 Bitgod = mesecons
16:41 realtinymonster lol
16:41 Calinou “GIT is a trademark of Software Freedom Conservancy and Gitorious' use of "GIT" is under license. ”
16:41 Calinou bottom of gitorious.org
16:41 Calinou (and many other sites now)
16:41 tanath o_O
16:41 Calinou so I'm basing myself on that
16:42 Calinou (and the logo being GIT quite clearly)
16:42 realtinymonster Calinou, sfan5: who gives a crap?
16:43 sfan5 realtinymonster: me
16:43 asie joined #minetest
16:43 sfan5 s/me/I/
16:43 tanath is mesecon even a word?
16:43 realtinymonster thne dont
16:43 Calinou today I saw a TV show talking about the Minecraft buyout
16:44 realtinymonster wow
16:44 realtinymonster that again?
16:44 realtinymonster honestly, how gives a shit?
16:44 Bitgod poop
16:44 realtinymonster *who
16:44 tanath i do
16:44 tanath notch made promises which he now broke
16:45 realtinymonster if you don't like M$ don't play minecraft
16:45 Calinou promises only engage people who believe them
16:45 tanath like making mc open source eventually
16:45 Calinou s/engage/bind/
16:45 Calinou tanath, he said he'd make it public domain, which doesn't imply source availability
16:45 realtinymonster tanath: it was obvious that he wasn't going to after he stopped working on MC
16:45 Calinou there can be public domain software without source
16:45 Calinou it has happened and it will happen
16:46 tanath Calinou, iirc he said he's release the source
16:46 ecutruin He also said that before getting attacked by the community on a regular basis, including threats.
16:46 Calinou decompiling Java is never perfect, too, so don't rely on that either ;)
16:47 LemonLake the only issue i've ever had with java decompiling is ENUM.values()
16:47 * sfan5 meows at LemonLake
16:47 Calinou you generally don't have comments and documentation…
16:47 Calinou the code style may differ…
16:48 * LemonLake meows at sfan5
16:48 tanath Calinou, indeed. i'm here aren't i?
16:48 Bitgod in mr
16:48 Bitgod mt
16:48 Bitgod i cant slee[
16:48 Bitgod i cant cheat and change time
16:48 Bitgod %#@%$#%$%#%#
16:48 Bitgod annoying when im working on mods
16:48 PenguinDad Bitgod: /time 6000 :P
16:48 LemonLake Bitgod.
16:48 LemonLake Please calm down.
16:48 Bitgod o
16:48 Bitgod im calm :D
16:49 khonkhortisan it would be nice if it was geo-synced... which can be done by a mod (I wrote one)
16:49 LemonLake If you can't use the time command, first /grant singleplayer all.
16:49 LemonLake Then proceed to /time 6000
16:49 tanath too much night
16:49 khonkhortisan I like to watch the sunrise, which is somewhere around 4500
16:50 TBC_x i hate mt's "sharp" evenings
16:50 Calinou khonkhortisan, optional geo-syncing could be put in the default game
16:50 TBC_x i mean sudden light level change
16:50 khonkhortisan Then there's the question of server sun time, or client sun time.
16:50 tanath woo, how often in windows does upgrading result in less space used?
16:50 tanath Net Upgrade Size:       -45.16 MiB
16:51 LemonLake TBC_x: when other, more major problems has been fixed I'm fairly certain that will be fixed.
16:51 Bitgod i got it
16:51 Bitgod console -> /time <value>
16:51 Bitgod :D
16:52 khonkhortisan If you were building a trans-continental railroad as part of a team effort, you'd be able to tell when certain track was built by whether there were torches near it.
16:53 TBC_x I would welcome an underground realm in the default game
16:53 TBC_x dwarf fortress like
16:53 sfan5 yeah
16:53 sfan5 that would be kinda nice
16:53 khonkhortisan *hic* and the alcohol too!
16:54 tanath bah, can't download animals modpack. stupid mediafire
16:54 * sfan5 yays at tanath for archlinux
16:54 LemonLake ew
16:54 TBC_x as there is no vertical content atm
16:54 LemonLake who is using mediafire to host mods
16:54 LemonLake burn them
16:54 tanath keeps redirecting to some stupid 'download_repair.php
16:54 TBC_x aside from caves
16:54 sfan5 sapier
16:55 tanath sfan5, arch is great, but my hdd died and i switched to manjaro 'cause by default it's pretty much how i want it, so quicker and easier
16:56 sfan5 tanath: no backups?
16:56 tanath and mhwd is nice
16:56 Bitgod uh
16:56 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/shit-rKfATwM9.png
16:56 tanath sfan5, that drive pretty much was my backups :P
16:56 TBC_x that would probably also fix the "World is too small" problem
16:56 Bitgod why does my 1024x1024 high res texture look like shit
16:57 LemonLake that filename tho
16:57 Bitgod even w/o the filters
16:57 tanath sfan5, and i'm always running out of space. i can't afford to back up 2tb
16:57 LemonLake ew
16:57 LemonLake windows 8 spotted
16:57 basse Bitgod: eww that grass is icky
16:57 Bitgod no ists not
16:57 LemonLake is that spring onion stock texture?
16:57 realtinymonster LemonLake: its not all that bad
16:57 Calinou https://github.com/minetest/minetest/pull/1633
16:57 Calinou cool
16:57 realtinymonster and its cheap
16:57 sfan5 tanath: o.O my home folder is like 126GB without shit cleaned up, I'm currently running on arch (was on xubuntu before) and don't even have 50GB for my home partition but doing great
16:58 Calinou <khonkhortisan> Then there's the question of server sun time, or client sun time.
16:58 Calinou it could only be server… players may come from different timezones
16:58 tanath sfan5, my home partition is also about that size. i don't store most of my crap in home partition
16:58 Bitgod http://picpaste.com/Grass_03_seamless-lePk9v5f.jpg
16:58 sfan5 tanath: I have a lot of anime stuff but thats on a 250GB external HDD attached to my rpi
16:58 Calinou <Bitgod> why does my 1024x1024 high res texture look like shit
16:58 Calinou don't use 1024²
16:58 Bitgod this is the grasss
16:58 Bitgod why does it look like shit
16:58 Calinou use 512² at most, and even then this is a very high size for small blocks like the ones we use
16:58 tanath sfan5, i download the internets :P
16:58 sfan5 tanath: /dev/sda7        66G     53G   11G   83% /home
16:58 sfan5 :D
16:58 Calinou (you can't make a texture span over several blocks currently)
16:58 Bitgod Calinou, this is 2014
16:59 Bitgod if mt cant handle hi res ill laugh
16:59 Bitgod Destiny is hires
16:59 Calinou tanath, here I have 30 GB /, 1 GB swap, the rest is home
16:59 Calinou (full SSD)
16:59 tanath /dev/sda2   [=================---]   83%     29.1G    175.9G /home
16:59 erlehmann Calinou here is my sponge source code http://daten.dieweltistgarnichtso.net/src/minetest-mods/sponge/init.lua
16:59 TBC_x i think, he's planning on using magnifing glass... so he needs 1024
16:59 erlehmann {nodenames = {"sponge:sponge_bob"}, -- who lives in a pineapple under the sea?
16:59 erlehmann minetest.register_node("sponge:sponge_air", {
16:59 Calinou Bitgod, 1024² textures everywhere, on such small blocks, is not a reasonable idea!
16:59 erlehmann -- sponge air cannot exist without a sponge nearby
16:59 tanath can't afford a decent sized ssd yet either
16:59 Calinou anyway: disable normal maps and their generation
16:59 sfan5 erlehmann: :D
16:59 tanath and i need the space more than i need the speed
17:00 Bitgod Calinou? really? how come MC has kickass hires mod packs then
17:00 Bitgod well texture ones
17:00 Calinou reduce texture contrast if it looks too sharp to you
17:00 Calinou there are no reasonable 1024² packs for any voxel-based game
17:00 Bitgod also how do i disable normal maps
17:00 tanath sfan5, also, dfc
17:00 Calinou in the options (in main menu)
17:00 Calinou uncheck Generate normalmaps and Normal maps
17:00 tanath sfan5, install it
17:00 sfan5 tanath: I was about to ask how you did that
17:00 sfan5 ooh
17:01 sfan5 shiny
17:01 sfan5 colors
17:01 tanath lol
17:01 raffahacks joined #minetest
17:01 Bitgod ok
17:01 * PenguinDad prefers paranormal maps :D
17:01 Bitgod i dont see Normal maps
17:01 Bitgod only generate norma;l maps
17:01 erlehmann sfan5 Calinou how do i put mod on online mod stuff?
17:02 erlehmann also is there a fast map generator nowadays?
17:02 erlehmann map generation was always so sloooow
17:02 erlehmann sorry for asking so many newbie questions
17:02 sfan5 erlehmann: mgv6 is pretty fast
17:02 sfan5 erlehmann: dunno ask Calinou
17:02 tanath so how are you supposed to set your spawn point in minetest with no beds?
17:02 sfan5 erlehmann: there's also this thing:
17:02 sfan5 !g minetest mod mg
17:02 MinetestBot sfan5: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=7263
17:02 sfan5 generated beautiful maps
17:03 tanath far too easy to roam around and get lost
17:03 sfan5 tanath: /sethome or install a beds mod
17:03 kruug /sethome works?
17:03 maglinvinn joined #minetest
17:03 sfan5 yes
17:03 erlehmann sfan5 are the mods based on biomes? like elevation, wetness, temperature noise maps?
17:04 Warr1024 joined #minetest
17:04 sfan5 erlehmann: we had wetness and temp. 3d noises the mapgen but they got removed last release because they were not quite finished and nobody wanted to work on them
17:04 sfan5 +in
17:04 erlehmann i would work on it
17:04 erlehmann but i have to go
17:05 sfan5 noooo
17:05 sfan5 pls2not go
17:05 tanath hm, even jdownloader says animals modpack is 404
17:05 tanath i has a sad
17:05 sfan5 tanath: try this https://github.com/sapier/animals_modpack
17:06 Calinou <erlehmann> sfan5 Calinou how do i put mod on online mod stuff?
17:06 Calinou you probably don't want to put it on the MMDB
17:06 sfan5 Calinou: he's gone
17:06 TBC_x i find mediafire to be very unreliable
17:06 maglinvinn Hello all!  I got wind of this project after the other game's announcement of the buyout.  I'm a developer, work in a data center, and I'd like to get involved to whatever degree possible with this project.  Let me start by saying i absolutely love that this isn't java based :D
17:06 sfan5 uh
17:06 sfan5 hello and welcome maglinvinn
17:07 Calinou http://users.kymp.net/feuer/etcomic/013.jpg
17:07 Calinou that's how I feel when talking to someone who left
17:07 tanath sfan5, ty
17:08 Calinou maglinvinn, developer wiki: http://dev.minetest.net/Main_Page
17:08 Bitgod everyon
17:08 Bitgod are you ready?
17:08 LemonLake no
17:08 Bitgod I SAID ARE YOU READY?
17:08 Bitgod here we go..
17:08 sfan5 yes
17:08 Bitgod everything is awesome! everything is cool when you're part of the team
17:08 * Bitgod ducks
17:08 Bitgod loololololoolo
17:08 sfan5 maglinvinn: http://dev.minetest.net/How_to_start_contributing
17:09 TBC_x oh, i was looking for those too
17:09 maglinvinn fantastic!  i don't want to play with mods, i was hoping the core was avaialble for tinkering/learning and maybe eventually participating in official releases.  Thanks sfan5
17:10 TBC_x as far as i know, devs encourage to use mods
17:10 raffahacks An user here said me that the mod store works but is slow... I cannot see anything after 10 mins! Is it normal?
17:10 Bitgod we're the chipmunks! gaurenteed to brighten your day
17:10 Bitgod sorry :D
17:12 Calinou maglinvinn, I've improved http://dev.minetest.net/How_to_start_contributing – try reloading it
17:12 bjrohan Hey guys and gals, brand new to minetest. My son (11) and I have played MineCraft for about 6 months or so, we ran a bukkit server for our own personal use. With the issues at MineCraft / Bukkit, and now the sale to M$, looking for an alternative. Any suggestions on starting with MineTest (we only run Linux computers). I have MineTest installed
17:13 tanath so wtf is mese?
17:13 Calinou just saying, it's Minecraft and not MineCraft :) same goes for Minetest
17:13 raffahacks Open it :p
17:13 Bitgod mese = microsoft educated super entertainers
17:13 LemonLake Factory needs reorganising
17:13 Bitgod i dunno
17:13 Calinou tanath, it's initially a programmer jokes (the “glasses” in the emoticons 8) and 8D are sometimes called “mese glasses”)
17:13 Calinou bjrohan, we have a wiki: http://wiki.minetest.net/
17:13 Calinou most importantly: http://wiki.minetest.net/Getting_Started
17:13 raffahacks Mese = electricity in mt, a bit like redstone
17:14 Calinou it also makes powerful tools
17:14 tanath never heard that
17:14 sfan5 bjrohan: don't forget to try mods, the default game doesn't provide everything
17:14 LemonLake ^
17:14 PenguinDad ↑
17:14 tanath raffahacks, that much i know. i've been asking about the word, not what mesecons mod does
17:15 raffahacks I think it's invented
17:15 tanath and i saw mese in homedecor and other places
17:15 tanath so again i was like, wtf
17:15 TBC_x tanath: i'd compare it to RedPower logic
17:15 bjrohan sfan5: I installed the mods packages avaialble in the Kubuntu Repos. My first go of it I used the v7? I am in a world of rock mountains,, no trees, some water. Should I restart with the default v6?
17:15 tanath don't think i used that oen
17:15 sfan5 bjrohan: yes, v7 only works with a subgame or mod that defines biomes
17:16 raffahacks Well, I suspected you knew, my answer was both for you and bjrohan
17:16 Bitgod in my init.lua
17:16 Bitgod flammable=3}
17:16 Bitgod what does 3 mean
17:16 sfan5 bjrohan: http://minetest.net/mods
17:16 Bitgod ultra fire ready? :D
17:16 sfan5 :D
17:16 tanath ah, so i should start over with biomes mod and v7?
17:16 sfan5 tanath: I'd suggest using v6 first
17:16 tanath why?
17:16 Bitgod v7 isnt complete
17:16 tanath i already poked around it for several minutes
17:16 sfan5 because it's the default and tested
17:16 tanath but didn't have mods yet
17:16 sfan5 and it is pretty much guaranteed to work
17:17 tanath in what way is v7 incomplete?
17:17 sfan5 it's not stable
17:17 sfan5 it will change before being finalized
17:17 raffahacks How do i set fullscreen?
17:17 sfan5 not all features work
17:17 tanath ah, i see
17:17 sfan5 raffahacks: "fullscreen = true" in minetest.conf
17:17 raffahacks Thanks
17:18 tanath can't hit f11 to toggle fs?
17:18 raffahacks Someone should add fullscreen in options menu
17:18 sfan5 fullscreen requires creating a new irrlicht device
17:19 sfan5 so you can't do it in-game
17:19 raffahacks Oh
17:19 realtinymonster make it do what other games do, just kill the program and restart it
17:19 tanath seriously? is irrlicht that limited?
17:20 tanath it makes it difficult to do something like toggle fs?
17:21 sfan5 uh
17:21 justaguy joined #minetest
17:21 sfan5 don't jump to conclusion about a whole library just because it can't do thing A
17:21 erlehmann joined #minetest
17:21 realtinymonster exactily
17:22 Calinou <bjrohan> sfan5: I installed the mods packages avaialble in the Kubuntu Repos. My first go of it I used the v7? I am in a world of rock mountains,, no trees, some water. Should I restart with the default v6?
17:22 Calinou they are very outdated
17:22 tanath when that thing is toggling full screen, i'm gonna make some conclusion
17:22 Calinou install from forums
17:22 khonkhortisan bzflag uses F1, firefox uses F11
17:22 Calinou many mods use GIT repositories, which allows for easy updating, without having to re-download the whole mod
17:22 justaguy Can anyone explain why "make -j2" results in this rainbow colors... https://i.imgur.com/MdtvlSB.png
17:22 mistnim joined #minetest
17:22 Calinou there is no key for toggling fullscreen in Minetest
17:22 Bitgod if fields["cb_smooth_lighting"] then
17:22 Bitgod core.setting_set("smooth_lighting", fields["cb_smooth_lighting"])
17:22 Bitgod return true
17:22 Bitgod end
17:22 Calinou fullscreen = 1 in minetest.conf
17:22 Bitgod where is the cb's located?
17:22 Bitgod and can i make m yown?
17:22 bjrohan Calinou: you mean the mods?
17:23 Calinou or your window manager's fullscreen thing (Alt + F11 in Xfwm)
17:23 Calinou bjrohan, yes
17:23 bjrohan Calinou: Thank you
17:23 Calinou the More Blocks and More Ores included are 1 year old!
17:23 sfan5 justaguy: you have something installed in your terminal, I read a post about that on reddit yesterday
17:23 tanath i still need to learn me some git
17:23 JimmyAx left #minetest
17:23 Calinou https://forum.minetest.net/search.php?keywords=&amp;terms=all&amp;author=Calinou&amp;fid[]=11&fid[]=13&fid[]=15&sc=1&sf=titleonly&sr=topics&sk=t&sd=d&st=0&ch=300&t=0&submit=Search
17:23 tanath though i do love the easy updating via git
17:23 Calinou here's my mods
17:23 mistnim hi, is there somebody here who is able to limit fps?
17:23 Calinou mistnim, yes, fps_max = N in minetest.conf where N is the FPS to limit.
17:23 erlehmann haha, showed a friend minetest and now she does not want to go out
17:23 erlehmann hahaha
17:23 Calinou the default limit is around 60, which is good
17:24 mistnim Calinou: doesn't work
17:24 Bitgod hello?
17:24 LemonLake Bitgod: welcome to irc.
17:24 Bitgod where is the cb's located?
17:24 Amaz Is it possible to set a static spawnpoint per world?
17:24 justaguy sfan5: yeah i'm looking what the cause is, i'm on a shared laptop so that probably explains it
17:24 LemonLake Please define cb's
17:24 Bitgod i posted some code
17:24 Bitgod if fields["cb_smooth_lighting"] then
17:24 Bitgod core.setting_set("smooth_lighting", fields["cb_smooth_lighting"])
17:24 Bitgod return true
17:24 Bitgod end
17:24 khonkhortisan I don't know where you got cb_ from, and I haven't touched any mt code since they switched to the core. alias.
17:24 LemonLake Please don't paste code in the chan.
17:24 Bitgod like cb_smooth_lighting
17:24 Bitgod sorry
17:24 LemonLake Define cb's.
17:24 Calinou mistnim, does your driver force v-sync? if so, then you can't go above your monitor refresh rate
17:24 sfan5 justaguy: it's called "lolcat" http://www.brandonrubin.me/2014/06/12/rainbow-terminal-text-with-lolcat/
17:24 Bitgod I JUST DID
17:24 Bitgod jesus
17:25 LemonLake Ah.
17:25 Bitgod i made my own
17:25 bjrohan Calinou: can you recomend a site to learn about installing mods via git?
17:25 Bitgod but now minetest crashes
17:25 Bitgod so wtf
17:25 justaguy sfan5: yep, all commands execute with "| lolcat" i'm going to slap the guy that did this...
17:25 justaguy Well, lets hope my minetest compiles and the fun can begin :)
17:25 sfan5 :D
17:25 LemonLake Bitgod: Check debug.txt.
17:26 LemonLake If there is no error, you may need to run it through a debugger.
17:26 Calinou bjrohan, you can just download the mods directly as .zip
17:26 Calinou GIT is not a requirement to download the mods
17:26 Calinou it's just a more convenient way
17:26 khonkhortisan lolcat isn't in suse rpm repos ☹
17:26 mistnim Calinou: ok it works now, but minetest is still laggy
17:26 proller joined #minetest
17:26 khonkhortisan !rainbow lolcat
17:26 MinetestBot 4lo7lc8at
17:26 Calinou mistnim, reduce graphic settings (disable fancy trees, shaders…)
17:26 bjrohan Calinou: I'm looking for convenience :-)
17:27 ElectronLibre !rainbow Wow
17:27 MinetestBot 4W7o8w
17:27 mistnim Calinou: done everything
17:27 Calinou what operating system do you use?
17:27 Calinou (I tried a CTCP to no avail)
17:27 Bitgod !rainbow lamebow
17:27 MinetestBot 4la7me8bo3w
17:27 Calinou what's your graphics card, mistnim? do you have 2 graphics cards (eg. 1 integrated and 1 dedicated)?
17:27 raffahacks !rainbow 1234567890abcdef
17:27 MinetestBot 4​1237​4568​7893​0abcde6f
17:28 LemonLake lolcat works
17:28 LemonLake thats pretty cool
17:28 twoelk joined #minetest
17:28 Bligh joined #minetest
17:28 justaguy I put in a "worldname" at singleplayer, press create, and it says i didn't enter a worldname
17:28 justaguy SORCERY
17:29 mistnim Calinou: I'm on linux, I have 1 intel card from the laptop
17:29 sfan5 justaguy: click on the "Minetest" icon the bar below the menu
17:29 khonkhortisan ooh, the ruby install worked
17:29 PenguinDad 猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫猫
17:29 sfan5 justaguy: it's a bug in 0.4.10
17:29 LemonLake neko
17:29 LemonLake neko neko
17:29 LemonLake cat
17:29 LemonLake cat
17:29 Calinou mistnim, Intel graphics are often slow
17:29 khonkhortisan sudo gem install lolcat; top | lolcat2.0
17:29 Calinou especially the older ones
17:30 raffahacks It's not exactly a bug... It's just a bit annoying
17:30 Calinou what desktop environment/window manager do you use? consider disabling desktop effects/compositing
17:30 mistnim Calinou: nah, I use a tiling wm
17:30 LemonLake 13:28:01: ERROR[main]: No future without mainmenu
17:30 khonkhortisan PenguinDad: chinese rainbow cat?
17:30 LemonLake Whoever added this, I love you.
17:31 LemonLake khonkhortisan: Japanese, actually.
17:31 PenguinDad khonkhortisan: chinese? o.O
17:31 khonkhortisan I can't tell the difference... yet.
17:31 mistnim Calinou: there is no way to reduce graphics beyond what the in-game settings can do?
17:31 khonkhortisan google translate didn't complain when I set "from" to "chino"
17:31 erlehmann haha my friend saw minetest and did not want to go to a board game store.
17:31 Bitgod erlehmann, good
17:31 Bitgod tie her to te chair
17:31 Bitgod and make her play :D
17:31 Calinou mistnim, no
17:32 Calinou obviously
17:32 sfan5 khonkhortisan: 猫 is a Kanji/Hanzi -> means cat in both chinese and japanese
17:32 Krock joined #minetest
17:32 raffahacks Hi Krock
17:32 Krock hi
17:32 ElectronLibre Hi Krock.
17:32 LemonLake sfan5: TIL it's chinese too.
17:32 khonkhortisan oh, cool
17:33 LemonLake !pil Bitgod
17:33 MinetestBot Bitgod, Someone thinks you need to brush up on or learn Lua, please go to: http://lua.org/pil/
17:33 blaze joined #minetest
17:33 erlehmann Bitgod not necessary :D
17:33 raffahacks Isn't lua quite useless?
17:34 ron__ joined #minetest
17:34 khonkhortisan depends on what you use it for.
17:34 khonkhortisan It doesn't have good 3d-libraries, but you can use it to modify a small portion of a program without recompiling.
17:34 raffahacks Common software
17:34 raffahacks Is it only interpreted?
17:35 khonkhortisan There's a just-in-time compiler, which is behind the current lua version.
17:35 * raffahacks likes C
17:35 LemonLake Where did this conversation come from?
17:35 Calinou Lua is used in a lot of games
17:35 Calinou extension language
17:35 Calinou it's also used for full programs sometimes
17:35 Bitgod lua is also used for emulators like nes and snes
17:35 Bitgod can be used to modify roms
17:35 Bitgod :P
17:35 khonkhortisan I don't recommend it as a base language.
17:36 * PenguinDad throws http://julialang.org/ at raffahacks
17:36 * raffahacks wants BASIC mods
17:36 Warr1024 I've used lua as a base language.  It's OK, though if you like OOP, its inheritence can be a bit messy and ad-hoc, and you lose some of the performance advantages it offers you over higher-level langs.
17:36 raffahacks Joking, of course
17:37 PenguinDad raffahacks: but they are to basic!
17:37 raffahacks What's the name of the firefox language?
17:37 Calinou XUL
17:37 jin_xi trippy: http://youtu.be/OKxLbNR1Gao
17:37 tanath are there any mods i should avoid? eg., performance/stability issues?
17:37 ElectronLibre left #minetest
17:37 Jordach joined #minetest
17:37 Warr1024 it probably wouldn't be too hard to write mods in js, actually
17:38 Krock tanath, you should avoid a combination of mob-mods
17:38 Warr1024 actually, you could probably just straight translate those to lua; I can't really recall any feature in js that's not already in lua.
17:38 Bitgod minetest-0.4.10-64bit
17:38 Bitgod is there a sspecial build #?
17:38 raffahacks But it would probably difficult to write a js interpreter
17:38 Bitgod im told i have a old copy
17:38 Bitgod like WTF
17:38 Krock tanath, but generally, the performance depends on your PC
17:38 tanath Krock, which combo?
17:38 tanath i'm likely to hit it :P
17:39 Calinou tanath, MOBF
17:39 PenguinDad tanath: dreambuilder
17:39 Calinou avoid combinations of mods that do the same thing (eg. several mob mods)
17:39 floyin joined #minetest
17:39 khonkhortisan Also, worldedit, mesecons, and technic aren't safe on public servers unless you disable a few features.
17:39 Krock exactly what Calinou said. some mods offer the same things (or even have the same name)
17:39 tanath hm, just looking at technic no
17:39 tanath w
17:39 Calinou if they have the same name, then they likely do the same thing
17:39 tanath likely to play singleplayer though. for now anyway
17:40 raffahacks Krock, wouldn't you advise to use the mob framework?
17:40 mistnim left #minetest
17:40 Calinou MOBF is very slow!
17:40 khonkhortisan With technic, you can have a floating MOVING train, that drops water+lava, effectively laying asphalt on whatever's unlucky enough to be under it.
17:40 erlehmann Warr1024 js is worse than lua
17:40 erlehmann much worse
17:40 TBC_x Wouldn't it wise to make something like MC forge has ore dictionary?
17:40 MinetestBot [Git] BlockMen -> minetest/minetest_game: Fix dye stuff, fixes #23 ff33718 http://git.io/1Upfmw (2014-09-16T19:39:44+02:00)
17:40 Krock raffahacks, I didn't test mobf so far because I like light mods, which do not have that much things
17:41 raffahacks How do i use and where do i find technic framework?
17:41 Warr1024 erlehmann: the language itself is actually not all that bad, but almost every browser has a shitty broken implementation...
17:41 tanath i have animals modpack, and pilzadam mobs. should be ok, i would think
17:41 sfan5 !g minetest technic
17:41 MinetestBot sfan5: http://minetest.net/forum/viewtopic.php?id=2538
17:41 sfan5 ^ raffahacks
17:41 Warr1024 erlehmann: mostly because they try to make their browsers compatible with all the broken websites out there, and load it up with hacks.  The ECMAscript language itself is actually similar to lua in many ways
17:41 raffahacks I will delete mobf then, and replace with pilzadam's
17:41 MinetestBot [Git] BlockMen -> minetest/minetest_game: Fix dye stuff, fixes #243 c496966 http://git.io/3Tfzcw (2014-09-16T19:40:50+02:00)
17:42 BlockMen he he, typo ^^
17:42 raffahacks Thank you sfan5
17:42 Calinou this fork of mobs may work better than PilzAdam's: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&amp;t=9656
17:42 Calinou people forget about it too much :(
17:42 maglinvinn calinou - sorry for delay - was meeting wit hthe bobs - checking out the how to contribute now
17:42 tanath ah, ty
17:42 PenguinDad Why must node.js suck so much?
17:42 Calinou the bobs?
17:43 jin_xi sponge, ross... you know the bobs
17:44 Krock sfan5, could you add a function to your bot, so it searched for mods?
17:44 Krock s/d/s/
17:44 sfan5 maybe
17:44 tanath Calinou, looks like i should just get carbone
17:44 Warr1024 does anyone know how to GET the bounding box of an entity in the API?
17:44 Calinou yes, it bundles the mods I made
17:44 Calinou improves performance (less CPU and bandwidth usage), etc
17:44 Warr1024 I can get a list of objects within a radius, but that only gives me their "center point" and I can't tell whether any part of them is within another region.
17:44 Calinou its development is not that active currently, it mostly follows the minetest_game updates
17:45 * Krock turns off the radion and gets some better music... John Lennon.
17:45 Warr1024 I really want to be able to do something like "find all entities that collide with this node space"
17:45 Krock -n
17:46 Calinou minetest.get_objects_inside_radius with radius of 1?
17:46 Calinou to check for conflicts, see the protector mod!
17:46 LemonLake psst
17:46 LemonLake guys
17:46 LemonLake bitgod messed with the menu
17:46 Warr1024 Calinou: doesn't work.  That doesn't include players whose heads collide with it (it only looks at feet pos) and it's spherical, not cubic.
17:47 bjrohan Does the ingame online MOD repo work? On my game, when I enter that seelction, the game exits
17:47 tanath moreores depends on 'mg?'?
17:48 LemonLake mg is optional
17:48 LemonLake hence the '?'
17:48 Warr1024 based on what I was seeing in the API, it wouldn't take me too long to add a method to the object API to get a bounding box, which I could use to do what I need, but I was hoping somebody knew of some existing built-in functionality that I missed.
17:48 tanath ah, ty
17:48 tanath what's mg?
17:48 Krock a lua mapgen
17:48 asie joined #minetest
17:49 Krock https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?t=7263
17:50 tanath hm, looks like it'd conflict with some mods
17:50 LemonLake What mods?
17:50 tanath biome ones?
17:50 Krock try it and if it fails, disable the mod :P
17:50 LemonLake Which specific ones?
17:51 tanath erm, i might have closed the tab already, hold on
17:51 alket are there any cheats , like getting powered rail ?
17:51 Krock ./giveme carts:powerrail
17:51 Krock requires carts mod
17:52 Krock tanath, Shift + Ctrl + T opens closed tabs
17:52 LemonLake it also opens terminal
17:53 Jordach evening
17:53 LemonLake Good evening, Jordach
17:53 Krock LemonLake, that's not coss-platform compatible
17:53 tanath Krock, i know, ty. dont' know when i closed it though
17:53 Krock *cross
17:53 Krock tanath, oh okay.
17:53 LemonLake Krock: what isn't, a good evening?
17:53 tanath Krock, also 'u' for me :P
17:53 Krock LemonLake, good evening.
17:54 tanath ok, carbone does biomes
17:54 Krock tanath, I don't understand. what do you mean?
17:54 tanath Krock, i mean i hit 'u' to reopen a closed tab
17:54 tanath i use pentadactyl
17:55 Krock k.
17:55 Mati^1 joined #minetest
17:55 tanath hm, can't seem to find the other one that mentioned biomes
17:55 tanath maybe i misremember something
17:55 Krock tanath, does it require mapgen v7?
17:56 * Jordach drools and faints http://cdn.videocardz.com/1/2014/09/gtx-980-display-connectors.jpg
17:56 alket Krock, thanks
17:57 TBC_x how difficult would be to implement this? https://tomcc.github.io/2014/08/31/visibility-1.html (culling algorithm)
17:57 tanath Krock, seems to use v6
17:58 sfan5 TBC_x: not _that_ difficult, you just need to find someone who wants to do it
17:58 Krock tanath, well, making an invidual biome is easier with v7 than v6 because it contains a biome API.
17:59 Krock so it could be a possibility. I don't know.
17:59 twoelk|2 joined #minetest
18:02 Bitgod in the builtin menu .lua's
18:03 Bitgod i made a checkbox for a setting
18:03 Bitgod it checks on and off fine
18:03 Bitgod but does not update the .conf w/ the checked valu
18:03 Bitgod :<
18:06 Bitgod ?
18:07 Calinou which value do you try to change?
18:07 Bitgod see msg
18:07 Bitgod its a secrety
18:07 sfan5 wow
18:07 sfan5 https://www.google.de/search?q=intext%3Aminetest+site%3Areddit.com+inurl%3A%2Fr%2Fminecraft%2F
18:08 sfan5 so many mentions of minetest
18:08 Krock RealBadAngel, I can not find any texture-license of technic/technic_worldgen. Where can I find it?
18:08 kaeza joined #minetest
18:09 kaeza afternoons
18:09 Calinou <Calinou> fullscreen can only be applied at restart
18:09 Calinou <Calinou> case closed… this is Irrlicht
18:09 Bitgod huh
18:10 Bitgod it should still write the value to .conf!
18:10 Bitgod its not even doing that
18:11 alket i have a problem with cart , how to navigate it ?
18:11 alket in normal rails ?
18:12 Gregor3000 joined #minetest
18:13 Calinou alket, push it with left click
18:13 Calinou or use powered rails (better)
18:13 casimir joined #minetest
18:13 tanath so is there a reason not to use mg?
18:14 alket Calinou, im trying with left and right click , but it doesnt work
18:14 Calinou mg is slower than the C++ mapgens
18:14 Bitgod Calinou, why wont the code i pasted toyou set the value in .conf
18:14 Bitgod i dont care about the restart part yet
18:14 Krock all mapgens are slower than those in C++..
18:14 alket I would've used the powered rail , but the cart there doesn't stop
18:15 Krock alket, if you enable mesecons, you can turn their boost on and off
18:15 huw joined #minetest
18:16 tanath how much slower? that'd matter most when going to new areas, so if you hang around a location for a while it shouldn't make much difference, right?
18:16 huw hi. i'm trying to launch minetest on OpenSUSE from the console. all i get is what appears to be the output of uname -a followed by segmentation fault. any advice?
18:16 Calinou tanath, I'd say at least 4 times slower
18:16 tanath that's fairly significant
18:16 Krock aagh. even more linus users.
18:17 tanath so longer world creation time too
18:17 Krock *x
18:17 sfan5 huw: where did you install MT from?
18:17 * tanath waves at Krock
18:17 huw sfan5: from the opensuse repos
18:17 Calinou yes, tanath
18:17 Calinou more CPU usage
18:17 sfan5 Bitgod: guess: you need to call minetest.config_save()
18:17 Calinou no ability to multi-thread
18:17 Robby joined #minetest
18:17 tanath o_O
18:17 Bitgod sfan5, i shouldnt need to
18:18 tanath lame. i have 8-core cpu... apparently for nothing. programmers suck ant multithreading
18:18 tanath *at
18:18 Bitgod thats a base function in tab_settings.lua
18:18 sfan5 Bitgod: why not?
18:18 Bitgod or one of those menus
18:18 Bitgod becasue everything else saves fine
18:18 Krock tanath, lame. I have 1-core cpu...
18:19 tanath time for an upgrade?
18:19 Krock nope.
18:19 erlehmann what is the most beautiful map generator?
18:19 sfan5 mg
18:19 tanath life
18:19 sfan5 or paragen
18:19 Krock I'm waiting for a stable ReactOS version, then I'll upgrade
18:19 Krock erlehmann, my yappy mapgen. :)))
18:19 tanath i mean hardware
18:20 erlehmann sfan5 tanath Krock show minetest-mapper proof!
18:20 erlehmann minetest-mod-mobf - Minetest mod providing a framework for creating mobs
18:20 erlehmann minetest-mod-moreblocks - Minetest mod - More Blocks
18:20 erlehmann minetest-mod-moreores - Minetest mod - More Ores
18:20 erlehmann minetest-mod-pipeworks - Minetest mod - Pipeworks
18:20 erlehmann minetest-mod-worldedit - Minetest mod - ingame world editor
18:20 erlehmann which one to install?
18:20 Krock tanath, I can't upgrade my CPU, it's a crappy socket
18:20 Calinou none, they're all outdated as hell
18:20 Calinou don't use the packages
18:20 Calinou I'm considering requesting deletion
18:20 erlehmann okayy.
18:20 erlehmann what
18:20 tanath Krock, upgrade mobo first
18:20 erlehmann Calinou why?
18:20 tanath ie., new comp
18:20 sfan5 erlehmann: https://cdn.mediacru.sh/feWgkU3KIwni.png
18:20 erlehmann Calinou i can take over
18:20 Calinou they're outdated
18:20 Krock erlehmann, all of them?
18:20 Calinou they may not even work well with the latest Minetest versions
18:20 erlehmann debian did not want http://unteralterbach.net
18:21 Calinou erlehmann, then the packages will be updated to every version they release
18:21 erlehmann but i still want to contribute
18:21 Calinou Debian stable? very old mods
18:21 Calinou Debian jessie? quite old mods
18:21 Calinou and so on
18:21 erlehmann debian testing
18:21 erlehmann good!
18:21 Calinou too many people use stable
18:21 erlehmann too many for what?
18:21 Calinou using packages for fast-moving third-party media is a very bad idea
18:21 Calinou erlehmann, desktop users…
18:21 Calinou and some servers
18:21 erlehmann i don't care.
18:21 alket but how do you drive a cart , i click to enter , but how to drive xD
18:21 erlehmann too many for what?
18:21 Krock tanath, it's easier to get a new or re-sold PC than upgrading this PC
18:21 sfan5 erlehmann: "Bernd und das Rätsel um Unteralterbach ist eine deutschsprachige Visual Novel mit erotischen Inhalten." o.O Ich dachte sowas kommt nur in Japan vor.
18:21 tanath Krock, that's what i said
18:22 tanath <tanath> ie., new comp
18:22 Krock tanath, ah. I understood it like keeping the stuff and only replace mobo
18:22 tanath new mobo for new socket would also mean new ram, psu, vid card...
18:22 tanath ie., new com
18:22 tanath p
18:23 Krock and new HDD, I guess none of the new mobos support IDE
18:23 sfan5 Krock: sate/ide converter
18:23 tanath depends how much newer you get
18:23 sfan5 and why new psu?
18:23 tanath new vid card
18:23 erlehmann sfan5 that game is seriosly the best renpy game i have ever played. i was not involved in creating it, but made the web page.
18:23 Krock sfan5, yeah, that's an idea
18:24 erlehmann sfan5 if you are not disturbed by the fact that the game may contain a descent into madness protagonist, try it some time.
18:24 sfan5 erlehmann: btw #minetest-de
18:24 erlehmann but be warned that there is *no* good end
18:24 sfan5 D:
18:24 erlehmann fun fact: if you try to avoid all sex-related stuff in game, you end as a rapist in stammheim jail (those one for the RAF terrorists)
18:24 kaeza whose site is nimg.pf-control.de?
18:25 tanath sfan5, also with comp that old, old psu might not have sata power cables
18:25 erlehmann Calinou what is the problem with outdated software?
18:25 tanath or other issues
18:25 tanath like right mobo connector
18:25 sfan5 erlehmann: isn't that kinda ironic?
18:25 erlehmann sfan5 yes. the game author is going great length to make the player feel uncomfortable.
18:26 CaIinou joined #minetest
18:26 sfan5 erlehmann: I guess I don't want to play it anymore ;)
18:26 erlehmann it is like fear and loathing in l.a. as a game mixed with german internet culture
18:26 tanath sfan5, just 'cause those mods are old doesn't mean they don't work or shouldn't be used, unless there's other issues...
18:27 erlehmann sfan5 if you have a darker humour, you might enjoy it. it contains characters such as stefanie von und zu schlechtental, sascha trollbo and ursula von der leine :D
18:27 sfan5 :D
18:27 erlehmann CaIinou sfan5 shall i report a bug that minetest is outdated in debian?
18:27 sfan5 erlehmann: did you look at the mapper overview of mg?
18:27 erlehmann sfan5 the one you linked?
18:27 sfan5 erlehmann: IIRC it is 0.4.10 in sid
18:27 sfan5 yes
18:27 erlehmann this? https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=11&amp;t=7263&amp;start=50
18:28 erlehmann > sid
18:28 erlehmann lel
18:28 CaIinou had power outage
18:28 CaIinou erlehmann, generally, these “bug” (they're wishlist) reports get ignored
18:28 erlehmann ; minetest --version
18:28 erlehmann Minetest 0.4.10
18:28 CaIinou I've tried getting into Debian packaging, it's way too complex
18:28 erlehmann CaIinou it is not too complex
18:28 erlehmann it works pretty well
18:28 PenguinDad erlehmann: did you notice the sad ice face?
18:28 erlehmann PenguinDad no! where is it?
18:28 CaIinou the packaging guide on the wiki may be very poorly written
18:28 sfan5 erlehmann: no, this: https://cdn.mediacru.sh/feWgkU3KIwni.png
18:28 CaIinou also, you need to use sid :/
18:29 CaIinou (certainly not stable, testing is enough for a few things)
18:29 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
18:29 * sfan5 meows at jordan4ibanez
18:29 CaIinou erlehmann, I may have overreacted on the mod package stuff
18:29 CaIinou but I've seen a lot of reports from people using the packaged mods, which turn out to be too old
18:29 CaIinou they should work with the packaged version
18:30 CaIinou many of the packaged mods are rolling release
18:30 CaIinou so they should just be updated on a regular basis (eg. weekly)
18:31 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
18:31 sfan5 erlehmann: no FLAC soundtrack.. not that I'd listen to it... but..
18:31 jordan4ibanez sfan5: what soundtrack?
18:32 sfan5 you don't want to know
18:32 sfan5 of that thing:
18:32 sfan5 <erlehmann> debian did not want http://unteralterbach.net
18:32 sfan5 nsfw!
18:32 * sfan5 brb
18:32 jordan4ibanez Not even going to click it
18:33 Bitgod its a game
18:33 Bitgod lol
18:34 TBC_x I should have paid more attention in german class
18:35 tanath Calinou, moreores and moreblocks are your mods? why do you say they shouldn't be used? other mods depend on them
18:35 tanath like carbone, which looks good
18:35 sfan5 jordan4ibanez: "Bernd und das Rätsel um Unteralterbach is a german visual novel with erotic content."
18:35 kruug TBC_x: https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=auto&amp;tl=en&amp;js=y&amp;prev=_t&amp;hl=en&amp;ie=UTF-8&amp;u=http%3A%2F%2Funteralterbach.net%2F&amp;edit-text=
18:35 sfan5 TBC_x: or use google translate
18:36 kruug "Bernd and the mystery under age Bach is a German-language visual novel with erotic content."
18:37 Calinou tanath, yes, Map Tools, More Ores (maintenance mode), More Blocks, Carbone are all made by me
18:38 Calinou the packaged versions are likely 1 year old
18:38 Nascher joined #minetest
18:38 Calinou so download them from Gitorious
18:38 tanath i get things from github..
18:38 Calinou use More Ores only if another mod requires it
18:38 * sfan5 actually brb
18:38 Calinou my mods are not on GitHub anymore
18:38 Calinou so you can only get them from Gitorious ;)
18:38 Calinou <Calinou> use More Ores only if another mod requires it → I mean, it's not of much use anymore
18:38 tanath well i got something from gitorious
18:38 Calinou there are enough tool sets by default already
18:38 tanath maybe was that
18:38 Calinou https://gitorious.org/calinou/ → my repositories
18:39 tanath not too familiar with gitorious
18:39 kruug what leads people to gitorious over regular git?>
18:39 Calinou regular GIT has no issue tracking, etc
18:39 Calinou GitHub is probably what you're talking about, but its backend is proprietary, unlike Gitorious
18:40 kruug yeah, GitHub...gotcha.  Why not something like BitBucket, then?
18:40 kruug or is that proprietary also?
18:40 erlehmann_ joined #minetest
18:40 * Jordach pisses self laughing
18:40 Jordach !title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0vzOwHVRI8
18:41 MinetestBot Jordach: Apple gets rekt - YouTube
18:41 Calinou kruug, yes
18:41 Calinou BitBucket has the nice upside of having interface translations
18:41 tanath who wants to throw things in the trash?
18:41 Calinou (but Gitlab has them too, and Gitlab releases backend)
18:42 kruug there's also gitlab that could be set up for MineTest use, but then an account would have to be set up manually...
18:42 kruug I think :/
18:42 Jordach HO LEE SHIT
18:42 Jordach >156 users
18:42 Jordach new record get
18:42 tanath ok, so carbone contains a modified more blocks mod. is that usable as dependency for other mods that require it?
18:43 tanath or usable by ones that recommend it? eg., home decor
18:45 Calinou the mod is mostly unmodified
18:45 Calinou it only has slightly more stuff for the new blocks
18:45 Calinou yes, it's usable
18:45 Calinou all the core stuff is the same :)
18:45 Calinou same goes for maptools, but I don't know any mods that depend on it
18:46 TBC_x I sometimes wonder whether simple blocks should belong to a mod
18:46 TBC_x it could be a standalone component
18:46 tanath so if something depends on it, even though it's a submod of a modpack it'll work?
18:46 Calinou it's not a modpack, it's a game
18:46 Calinou game-mods, mods and mod packs are all treated the same way
18:47 Calinou but mods will override game-mods (presumably)
18:47 Calinou (if they are installed)
18:47 jordan4ibanez joined #minetest
18:47 tanath minetest is a 'game'. not sure you should confuse the terms
18:47 tanath unless there's something here i don't understand
18:47 kaeza minetest is both a game engine *and* a game
18:48 tanath sure
18:48 TBC_x i think this terminology is confusing people a lot
18:48 kaeza that's where the confusion comes from
18:48 tanath but to call a modpack a game is... odd
18:48 kruug no, Minetest is the engine...Minetest_Game is the game
18:48 kruug :D
18:48 tanath but it's branded as minetest
18:49 erlehmann_ sfan5 the soundtrack is good!
18:50 Calinou it's sometimes called “subgame”
18:50 erlehmann_ TBC_x unteralterbach is also in english translation available
18:50 jordan4ibanez whoa erlehmann_ where the heck did you come from?
18:50 Calinou I personally call it “game logic”
18:50 jordan4ibanez You've been gone for so long
18:50 Calinou as an analogy to mods of id Tech 3 games
18:50 TBC_x or call it a "domain"?
18:50 TBC_x the minetest domain!
18:51 tanath Calinou, but a modpack isn't a 'subgame'. is that even a valid term? there's such a thing as minigames & side quests, but modpacks are just modding the vanilla game here
18:51 tanath i'm not sure if i'm missing something, but i'm not sure i'm the one confused here
18:52 Calinou just say “modpack”
18:52 Calinou Carbone is a game/subgame/game logic
18:52 Calinou not a modpack
18:52 tanath i did :P
18:52 kaeza tanath, the distinction between "modpack" and "subgame" is subtle: "subgame" is meant as "a stand-alone collection of mods that can be played right away", while "modpack" means "a collection of mods to extend a sub-game"
18:52 Calinou a modpack is something you install and run separately to a game/subgame/game logic
18:52 erlehmann_ jordan4ibanez i am still alive :D
18:52 Calinou they can mod any game/subgame/game logic
18:53 tanath kaeza, i think you need to convince me of this subgame first
18:53 jordan4ibanez It's a miracle
18:53 tanath i'm not sure this framework makes sense or is helpful
18:54 kaeza tanath, take homedecor for example: it's a collection of more or less related mods, but you can't really play the game without a base game (i.e. without "default" mod, etc)
18:54 tanath i see a potential mistake already
18:55 tanath you're treating homedecor as a game by itself. it's not. it can't be
18:55 tanath it's a modification of minetest
18:55 kaeza no, it's a modpack
18:55 tanath which is a modification of minetest
18:55 tanath what do you think a modpack is?
18:55 kaeza no, it's an extension
18:55 tanath an extension is a modification
18:55 tanath it changes it
18:56 kaeza read again what I said
18:57 tanath without minetest you have no homedecor
18:57 tanath which part?
18:57 sfan5 <Jordach> !title https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D0vzOwHVRI8
18:57 sfan5 ahahahahahaha
18:58 kruug !title
18:58 kaeza without "minetest_game", you cannot play "homedecor_modpack", but without "homedecor_modpack", you can play "minetest_game" perfectly fine
18:58 bjrohan are there animals, or veggies that are available to boost health by default, or do I need to add them via a mod?
18:58 tanath seems to me you guys are hung up on implementation details which are confusion the conception & terminology
18:58 Jordach bjrohan, there's apples that grow on trees
18:58 sfan5 !title
18:58 MinetestBot sfan5: Apple gets rekt - YouTube
18:58 tanath *confusing
18:58 sfan5 ^ kruug
18:58 kaeza ("you cannot play" in the sense that you wouldn't have e.g. tools, basc nodes, or even terrain for that matter)
18:58 MinetestBot kruug: Apple gets rekt - YouTube
18:58 justaguy left #minetest
18:58 kaeza +i
18:59 Jordach (i'm working on a game that replicates the tekkit feeling from 1.0 days)
18:59 tanath kaeza, that is a point we've both made...
18:59 sfan5 erlehmann_: looked at mg?
18:59 tanath er
19:00 tanath i see what you mean. but you can play minetest by itself
19:00 kaeza and that is the distinction between "mp" and "game"
19:00 tanath it was the first thing i did
19:00 Jordach sfan5, spotify:track:3NEHGNm2WhOEQ3q1wr0hIQ
19:00 bjrohan Jordach: Thank you. are they on any tree? And can they be spotted easily. I ask because I can't find any
19:01 Jordach bjrohan, they grow from oak saplings only
19:01 Kolumbe joined #minetest
19:01 bjrohan Jordach: gotcha, I'm looking for smaller trees then
19:01 jordan4ibanez Hmm, maybe I should make another mod pack.
19:02 jordan4ibanez Game mode*
19:02 Jordach sfan5, https://i.imgur.com/btvDpBP.gif
19:03 tadni joined #minetest
19:04 tanath can't rename worlds?
19:04 jp joined #minetest
19:04 Jordach tanath, /minetest/worlds/<worldname here>
19:04 Jordach just rename them there
19:05 kaeza you can rename the directory
19:06 _3SidedSquare joined #minetest
19:06 aaa joined #minetest
19:07 tanath ok
19:07 gcorey joined #minetest
19:08 tanath hm, i added mg, but don't see it in the list at world creation
19:09 tanath oh, it modifies v7, right?
19:11 sfan5 tanath: mg does it's own world generation
19:12 tanath so it should add an item to the list?
19:12 Jordach tanath, mods can create Lua based map generators
19:12 Jordach which don't show as a C++ mapgen
19:13 Amaz tanath, no. Select mgv7, and then enable mg from the mod list.
19:13 tanath it shows in mod list, but doesn't show as an option
19:13 Jordach tanath, enable it for one world and it will generate as a mg world, not a mapgen v6 or singlenode world
19:13 tanath Jordach, ah
19:13 tanath was gonna say, there is no mgv7 in list
19:13 Jordach use whatever mapgen as long as it's enabled, it won't matter
19:13 Jordach tanath, which build
19:14 Jordach or version
19:14 hisforever joined #minetest
19:14 tanath of minetest?
19:14 bjrohan Jordach: In game, when I go to the online mods repo, my game crashes, (I am running 4.9 from the ubuntu repos), is this normal?
19:14 tanath 0.4.10
19:14 Jordach tanath, should work fine
19:14 Jordach my original build had that
19:15 hisforever hi What am I doing wrong I plant tomatoes they will not grow?
19:15 sfan5 tomatoes?
19:16 sfan5 do you use a mod?
19:16 Jordach made sure the ground below has been tilled by a hoe?
19:16 Jordach (and is wet?)
19:16 tanath should carbone be showing submods in the list?
19:16 tanath it supposedly provides them, but it just shows carbone
19:17 tanath where animals for instance shows sub-entries
19:18 * Jordach whips out steam
19:18 * sfan5 cats
19:18 Jordach mods highlighed in blue are prinstalled
19:18 Jordach has been so for two versions now
19:18 Jordach (they're part of the game you're playing)
19:19 tanath no, i'm looking at the mods tab
19:19 tanath some modpacks have their components listed
19:19 tanath some do not
19:19 Jordach tanath, that's a modpack
19:19 tanath makes me wonder if they're done right
19:19 Jordach modpacks are a folder with modpack.txt in them with normal mods insid
19:19 TBC_x haha, good game. just started and it is fun right in the beginning
19:19 Jordach folder/modpack.txt/
19:20 Jordach folder/mod1/
19:20 Jordach ^ appears like that
19:20 Jordach in folder mode :P
19:20 tanath mesecons is the only one with a modpack.txt file
19:20 Jordach it detects them most of the time
19:21 PenguinDad tanath: where did you install carbone?
19:21 tanath mods folder
19:21 Jordach games go into games
19:21 PenguinDad tanath: you have to install it in the games folder
19:21 tanath ... sigh
19:21 tanath this crap again? so how am i supposed to know what's supposed to go where?
19:22 * PenguinDad deskheads
19:22 Jordach this should be how it should be installed https://github.com/Jordach/big_freaking_dig#how-to-install
19:22 tanath make folder called 'games'?
19:22 sfan5 the folder should be there
19:22 jordan4ibanez Does the banner have to be specially formatted for it to show up?
19:22 jordan4ibanez for the main menu
19:22 sfan5 no
19:22 tanath sfan5, so should texturepacks and mods. they weren't either :P
19:23 jordan4ibanez dafaq is going on
19:23 sfan5 tanath: how did you install minetest?
19:23 tanath aur package. why?
19:23 tanath er
19:23 * Jordach runs tl;dr spoonfed minecrafters
19:23 sfan5 jordan4ibanez: don't want to continue MinetestBlack? ;)
19:23 tanath no, it was in repo
19:23 sfan5 hm
19:23 Jordach tanath, install the game under .minetest/games/
19:23 jordan4ibanez Something better
19:24 Jordach /home/user/.minetest/games/
19:24 sfan5 the default game is at usr/share/minetest/games/minetest/
19:25 tanath it really should go in mods IMO
19:25 tanath there should be no games folder
19:25 SylvieLorxu If it's not a mod, it makes no sense for it to go into mods
19:25 Jordach tanath, games specify other things
19:25 tanath SylvieLorxu, it is
19:26 Jordach for one it may not look like what you're used to
19:26 Jordach (eg, a moon mod)
19:26 Jordach s/mod/game/
19:28 tanath which of the following don't belong in mods? mg, nature, pipeworks, homedecor
19:28 sfan5 none
19:28 tanath they're fine where they are?
19:28 sfan5 yes
19:29 Jordach games for the engine are labeled under the form as Minetest Games
19:30 Jordach WIP games, mods and other stuff go under Modding General, while finished mods and live mods that are actively updating go into Mod Releases
19:31 tanath being 'game' as opposed to a 'mod' it seems to me is not something that should be exposed to the user
19:31 tanath 'cause these
19:31 tanath 'cause these 'games' are still mods, IMO
19:31 huw well the only thing i haven't tried is compiling from source
19:32 huw and that never goes well
19:32 tanath you'd be surprised
19:32 jordan4ibanez sfan5: Right now I have to modify the core game to my likings, then I'll release it. This modpack isn't going to be for lightweight computers though.
19:32 Jordach i've once compiled it on windows in less than 30 minutes of fighting cmake
19:32 tanath usually failure just means something is missing, and if errors don't tell you google usually will
19:33 ulla joined #minetest
19:33 sads joined #minetest
19:33 sads hi
19:34 ulla hi vanessae eeeeeeee
19:34 sads i have ilnux . minetest crashes when checking the public server list
19:34 alket how to get desert cobblestone , this doesn't work , /giveme desert_cobblestone 99
19:34 sfan5 alket: /giveme default:desert_cobble 99
19:34 Jordach alket, add default: prefix
19:34 Megaf anyone elese notinicing increased lag when players are loging in? (seconds or minutes before they ˜Join the server˜)
19:34 Jordach you goddamn ninja
19:34 alket thanks Jordach
19:34 * Jordach burns sfan5
19:34 sfan5 sads: which version? which distro? from where di you install it?
19:34 * sfan5 gets burned
19:35 jin_xi oh noes!
19:35 sads 4.10 , linux mint 17 i used cmd line / software manager
19:35 * jin_xi puts fire out
19:36 jcontra joined #minetest
19:36 tanath Calinou, carbone main screen skin renders game names invisible
19:36 tanath er, worlds
19:36 Calinou what font do you ues?
19:37 tanath uh
19:37 Calinou for me, it's fine, the menu has a background anyway
19:37 * tanath shrugs
19:37 Calinou did you compile the game with Freetype enabled?
19:37 tanath don't see how font would matter
19:37 Calinou you really should, it gives you a better font
19:37 tanath i didn't compile it
19:37 Calinou the default font lacks shadow
19:37 sfan5 sads: can you try this? https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&amp;t=3837
19:37 Calinou Freetype fonts have a shadow enabled by default
19:37 bluej100 left #minetest
19:37 tanath it's from repo
19:37 Calinou tanath, do you have a screenshot?
19:37 Kray someone asked me by e-mail about old 0.3.x server back-ups from my servers a few years ago
19:37 Kray i'm compressing what i have left from one raid failure, i can give a download link if someone else is also interested (i'd rather not make it full public because i'd rather not clog my upstream completely)
19:37 Kray oldest logs seem to be from july 2011
19:38 Calinou hi Kray :D
19:38 Kray hi
19:38 tanath Calinou, trying. hold on
19:38 tanath Calinou, but basically, i only have one world, which is highlighted in green. no text
19:39 bjrohan Again, I am new to minetest (started today). For the mods I see many that require 4.10. I installed minetest from Ubuntu repos which is 4.9.  Should I run 4.10 instead? If so what is the easiest way to install 4.10, is there a repo to add?
19:39 Calinou the selected world is highlighted in green regardless of the game
19:39 Calinou 0.4.10, bjrohan, not 4.10.
19:39 Calinou there is a PPA, but you can also download and compile from GIT directly
19:39 sfan5 bjrohan: add the PPA
19:39 Calinou https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=3&amp;t=3837
19:40 ulla i have used  area_pos set               pounch 1 pounch 2 and now? i dont speack good english
19:40 FreeFull joined #minetest
19:40 sfan5 bjrohan: use this https://launchpad.net/~minetestdevs/+archive/ubuntu/stable
19:41 tanath Calinou, http://picpaste.com/mt-carbone-skin-HYwZjRqc.png
19:42 tanath and if i click other tabs they have the default skin again
19:42 Calinou http://www.reddit.com/r/linux/comments/2giwyl/in_light_of_microsoft_buying_out_mojang_heres/
19:42 Calinou whoa
19:42 Calinou try increasing window size?
19:42 PenguinDad tanath: that's because you haven't created any worlds with carbone
19:42 Calinou oh
19:42 Calinou right
19:42 Calinou worlds show per-game (a bit strange indeed)
19:42 tanath Calinou, that's how i found this, when that post was new
19:42 tanath only had 4 votes
19:43 tanath PenguinDad, hm. i guess that makes sense
19:43 jcontra Would anyone be interested in MineTest shirts, if I got some printed? I have two designs --> http://bit.ly/1uEjv0w and http://bit.ly/1ARpxek <-- and I'm going to donate all proceeds to the project.
19:43 Calinou https://github.com/minetest/minetest/issues/1643
19:43 Calinou I've made an issue about it
19:43 Calinou it's very confusing for people
19:44 Calinou tanath, I tend to make release posts in /r/linux, /r/linux_gaming and /r/opensourcegames
19:44 Calinou but I haven't thought of making one for the Microsoft buyout
19:44 tanath oh, it's choosing a different game? i thought it was just a skin or something
19:45 bjrohan sfan5: after installing that ppa, do I then want to uninstall minetest and install minetest55?
19:45 bjrohan sfan5: *minetestc55
19:45 tanath it says 'minetest 0.4.10 / carbone' at the top regardless of which game/skin i click
19:46 huw what is a segmentation fault and why might it occur?
19:46 sfan5 bjrohan: yes
19:46 tanath a crash
19:46 huw but it doesn't write anything to debug.txt so how can i figure it out?
19:47 hoodedice joined #minetest
19:47 hoodedice Hello everyone!
19:48 tanath " a segmentation fault (often shortened to segfault) or access violation is a fault raised by hardware with memory protection, notifying an operating system (OS) about a memory access violation"
19:48 tanath by troubleshooting.
19:48 Guest64697 joined #minetest
19:49 tanath try things like, disable all mods & things. see if it still happens. if not, it may be mods, so try enabling half of them, etc
19:49 hoodedice "How to flood minetest chat, by hoodedice"
19:49 hoodedice oops, wrong tab.
19:50 PenguinDad :O
19:50 huw tanath: i'm just trying to get the base game working. haven't installed any mods at all yet
19:51 tanath does sphax bdcraft texturepack work with the stuff added by mods/modpacks?
19:51 tanath or 'games'
19:51 hoodedice segfaults are usually a core problem
19:51 hoodedice *usually*
19:52 Jordach tanath, install them to /textures/packs/foldername/
19:52 hoodedice yes, if a texture pack has support for said mod, it will work
19:52 huw hoodedice: i don't know what that means in relation to my problem
19:52 jp Calinou : tu peux montrer le graphique des visites que t'as poste hier ici a ,
19:52 Jordach take away the packs part
19:52 Jordach i'm outdated
19:52 hoodedice huw, which OS are you running? How much RAM do you have?
19:52 huw hoodedice: OpenSUSE latest version, 64-bit. 4GB RAM
19:52 tanath ...
19:52 NakedFury joined #minetest
19:53 tanath let me ask another way. are there any mods or anything that bdcraft does not support?
19:53 luizrpgluiz joined #minetest
19:53 hoodedice maybe there are
19:53 hoodedice you'll have to check with the texture pack artist
19:53 luizrpgluiz hi
19:54 hoodedice hello!
19:54 Calinou jp, euh, il est dans les logs
19:54 hoodedice huw, 0.4.10?
19:54 Calinou je vais piocher dedans
19:54 hoodedice je nes pas parle francais
19:54 huw hoodedice: 0.4.9 is the latest version in the repos
19:54 hoodedice then, huw, I guess you must try compiling from source
19:54 PenguinDad tanath: I guess I'm able to create a mod which isn't supported by sphax bdcraft :P
19:54 jp Calinou: c'est pour VanessaE
19:55 hoodedice I'm sorry about that
19:55 huw oh well. thanks anyway but i guess i'll find something else to play then
19:55 hoodedice Calinou:  est le IRC des Andlais
19:55 hoodedice *Anglais
19:55 hoodedice huw, we're getting a big influx of new users
19:55 luizrpgluiz left #minetest
19:55 hoodedice if you can wait a day or two I'm pretty sure someone will have a build ready for your distro
19:55 _3SidedSquare I just heard about this thing on /g/
19:56 hoodedice minetest on 4chan's /g/ ?
19:56 huw hoodedice: ok i'll check back in a few days. thanks
19:56 _3SidedSquare yeah
19:56 hoodedice disappointing.
19:56 Calinou http://i.imgur.com/rapDmDa.png
19:56 _3SidedSquare lol
19:56 hoodedice I expected /v/ to have said something
19:56 tanath PenguinDad, you have a mod it doesn't support? which?
19:56 hoodedice but I guess they are too busy obsessing over Vivian
19:56 hoodedice (Yes, she's cute)
19:57 jp VanessaE: graphic above
19:57 * Jordach wonders if it's possible to sticky something to the front of the forums as a major announcement
19:57 hoodedice ^
19:57 Jordach hoodedice, FAQ mofo
19:57 hoodedice no one reads the FAQ
19:57 Jordach if you'd finished that there'd be a megaton less questions
19:57 hoodedice we all know that
19:58 hoodedice oh wiki
19:58 hoodedice user fudging manual
19:58 hoodedice I sat down to clean Project Zygone's repo today
19:58 Bitgod did you use lysol?
19:58 Bitgod lol jk :D
19:58 tanath so what's technic do? forum post says nothing, and site doesn't work without javascript
19:59 Jordach technic uses the worst of shit
19:59 VanessaE shaddup Jordach
19:59 Jordach git submodules (and there's the reason why i stopped developing it)
19:59 VanessaE tanath: it adds machines that use electricity to do all kinds of work
19:59 Jordach IC2 + Buildcraft
19:59 VanessaE Jordach: that's technic_game not the technic *mod*
19:59 VanessaE modpack**
19:59 tanath ah. i liked ic2 & such
20:00 hoodedice technic needs documentation more than Minetest vanilla does
20:00 tanath well i'm looking at technic mod right now
20:00 VanessaE tanath: use it with Pipeworks, mesecons, and a few others and you have a rather high potency industrial environment to play in
20:00 VanessaE hoodedice: there is a manual in the technic repo.
20:00 VanessaE https://github.com/minetest-technic/technic/blob/master/manual.md
20:00 hoodedice thank you VanessaE
20:00 hoodedice another doc I probably won't read
20:00 hoodedice jk
20:00 tanath what's difference between technic mod and 'game'?
20:00 VanessaE WIP but it tells a decent amount
20:00 erlehmann_ sfan5 i only see v6, v7, indev, singlenode, math
20:00 erlehmann_ which are the best
20:01 hoodedice v6
20:01 hoodedice v6 is stable
20:01 erlehmann_ okay
20:01 hoodedice v7, you need to define biomes for it to work properly
20:01 VanessaE tanath: technic_game includes all of the components needed to maek it work in one package, meant to be used as a game instead of minetest_game
20:01 VanessaE technic modpack lets you integrate it into something else
20:01 sfan5 erlehmann_: mg is mod, v6 is stable, v7 is good with paragen7 (IIRC it was called that)
20:01 hoodedice v7 has better landscapes, but everything is generated as rock
20:01 VanessaE e.g. dreambuilder or carbone or minetest_game or whatever
20:01 erlehmann_ lel
20:02 hoodedice no paragen was first mod to use v7
20:02 tanath i still don't see the point of treating mods as separate games
20:02 hoodedice it was called Mapgen v7 from the start
20:02 VanessaE tanath: mods aren't games and aren't treated as such
20:02 Topic for #minetest is now Latest stable version is 0.4.10 | Please be patient, responses may take a while | Rules: http://wiki.minetest.net/IRC#Rules | Development: #minetest-dev | Server list: http://minetest.net/servers | Logs: http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest/ | https://i.imgur.com/VXQfrPi.png
20:02 Calinou tanath, easier installation, provide default settings and so on
20:02 erlehmann_ oh there is stairs in the default mod!
20:02 sfan5 tanath: mods are not seperate games
20:02 erlehmann_ cool
20:02 tanath VanessaE, but games are mods
20:02 hoodedice tanath, Minetest core is supposed to be an  engine on which you make your own games
20:02 VanessaE tanath: games are collections of mods that form a cohesive environment
20:03 VanessaE games are not mods.
20:03 erlehmann_ are there carts in the default mod?
20:03 VanessaE erlehmann_: nope.
20:03 Jordach if you really want to see that difference, install BFD and last 10 minutes
20:03 hoodedice think of it as umm, a unity3d car racing game in which you have to supply the carsyou want to play with
20:03 Jordach i goddamn dare you
20:03 erlehmann_ VanessaE boats?
20:03 VanessaE erlehmann_: yes.
20:03 tanath then what does that make irrlicht? :P
20:03 sfan5 erlehmann_: yes, boats are in the default game
20:03 hoodedice irrlicht is...
20:03 Jordach a rendering engine
20:03 hoodedice C++
20:03 VanessaE tanath: irrlicht is the rendering library.
20:03 hoodedice lel
20:03 tanath ah. i thought it was a bit more than that
20:03 jin_xi ugh
20:04 * PenguinDad meows at Jordach
20:04 tanath or maybe is and just not used for those features
20:04 VanessaE tanath: irrlicht is to Minetest what Gecko is to Firefox, for example (or Trident to IE, Webkit to Chrom[e|ium], etc)
20:04 FR^2 joined #minetest
20:04 huw left #minetest
20:04 VanessaE more or less anyway
20:04 sfan5 Calinou: https://github.com/minetest/minetest/issues/1643#issue-42924342 the image is a 404
20:04 Jordach VanessaE, s/webkit/blink/
20:04 VanessaE that's oversimplified but you get the idea,m
20:04 tanath VanessaE, i disagree. mod means modification. they're still minetest mods regardless of the way in which they modify it
20:04 VanessaE Jordach: well whatever they use now, I get them mixed up :P
20:04 Calinou image links are temporary :(
20:05 Calinou tanath, could you please give me the image again?
20:05 Calinou I'll upload it to a safe place
20:05 Calinou thanks in advance :)
20:05 tanath Calinou, oh, i deleted it
20:05 tanath didn't think it was useful anymore
20:05 Topic for #minetest is now Latest stable version is 0.4.10 | Please be patient, responses may take a while | Rules: http://wiki.minetest.net/IRC#Rules | Development: #minetest-dev | Server list: http://minetest.net/servers | Logs: http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest/ | https://i.imgur.com/VXQfrPi.png | Use https://mediacru.sh for images
20:05 VanessaE tanath: they are *collections* of mods, and they also carry with them additional settings that are not possible with an individual mod.
20:05 PenguinDad <3 Jordach
20:05 VanessaE tanath:  a game can do things a separate mod can't do.
20:05 hoodedice tanath: Well, wordings change over time...
20:05 sfan5 !oo
20:05 sfan5 !op
20:06 Topic for #minetest is now Latest stable version is 0.4.10 | Please be patient, responses may take a while | Rules: http://wiki.minetest.net/IRC#Rules | Development: #minetest-dev | Server list: http://minetest.net/servers | Logs: http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest/ | https://i.imgur.com/VXQfrPi.png | Use https://mediacru.sh for images and http://pastie.org for text
20:06 Topic for #minetest is now Latest stable version is 0.4.10 | Please be patient, responses may take a while | Rules: http://wiki.minetest.net/IRC#Rules | Development: #minetest-dev | Server list: http://minetest.net/servers | Logs: http://irc.minetest.ru/minetest/ | Use https://mediacru.sh for images and http://pastie.org for text | https://i.imgur.com/VXQfrPi.png
20:06 sfan5 !deop
20:06 * Jordach waits for Mediacrush Pastebin
20:06 Jordach ETA Valve Time
20:06 tanath Calinou, gimme a moment. will do again
20:08 tanath http://picpaste.com/mt-carbone-skin-ypaJUwny.png
20:11 Calinou cool, you can just do Ctrl + V to paste an URL to MediaCrush
20:11 Miner_48er joined #minetest
20:11 Calinou I had written “Another bedrock mod mod.” in a mod description
20:12 Calinou fixed it finally ;)
20:12 tanath Calinou, will sphax bdcraft work with carbone?
20:12 hoodedice it *might*
20:12 hoodedice why don't you check?
20:12 tanath hope so. it's only the best texture pack :P
20:13 tanath 'cause the author is right there, and might know, and if not, then asking might prompt consideration in future
20:14 hoodedice =/
20:15 tanath and because i'm not done setting things up before i'm ready to start testing
20:15 tanath just about though
20:20 tanath who was saying technic should be avoided? and why?
20:20 hoodedice eh
20:20 hoodedice I think Jordach, but he left
20:21 ImQ009 joined #minetest
20:23 tanath ok, so i've basically got carbone world with animals, homedecor, mg, nature, pipeworks, technic. anyone expect any issues from that?
20:24 LemonLake well, do you have an issue with it?
20:24 tanath bah. didn't like nature
20:24 LemonLake i think pipeworks is already in technic
20:25 Calinou tanath, packs work with all games.
20:25 tanath i wouldn't know. it doesn't have any accessible info :P
20:25 Calinou but stuff may be missing.
20:25 jp carbone already have animals, and pick plantlife and moretrees
20:25 LemonLake tanath, untick 'hide mp content' when configuring.
20:25 tanath i wonder if missing textures could use default texture
20:25 LemonLake then look under technic and it'll list all the mods in it
20:26 tanath LemonLake, never enabled it
20:26 tanath not sure what it does or why i'd want to
20:26 LemonLake you don't
20:26 LemonLake it just declutters the list if you have a lot of modpacks tho
20:26 tanath thought so
20:28 tanath world gen is definitely slower... by a lot
20:29 tanath hm. started in the middle of a village/town. wonder what mod that's from
20:29 jp mg
20:29 tanath ah
20:33 tanath apparently sheep are invinvible
20:38 tanath man, moving stuff around chests/inventory is surprisigly laggy
20:40 FreeFull joined #minetest
20:43 cwaraujo joined #minetest
20:44 tanath how do i find my name in singleplayer?
20:44 nyuszika7h joined #minetest
20:45 kaeza it's "singleplayer"
20:45 Amaz Your name is singleplayer
20:45 tanath ty
20:45 Amaz kaeza beat me! :P
20:45 kaeza HIYAAA!
20:45 kaeza :P
20:45 Amaz XD
20:46 hoodedice later peeps
20:47 drinkdecaf joined #minetest
20:53 proller joined #minetest
20:53 bluej100 joined #minetest
20:55 mpa1212 joined #minetest
20:59 mistnim joined #minetest
20:59 Mateon1 joined #minetest
20:59 Mateon1 Hello
21:02 mos_basik_ joined #minetest
21:03 nyuszika7h joined #minetest
21:05 mistnim ls
21:05 tanath gah, i was just thinking how there's no creepy cave dwellers yet, when bam. outta nowhere. now i'm down to 2 hearts D:
21:06 tanath had to run
21:07 shadowzone joined #minetest
21:07 tanath can't eat apples?
21:07 parabyte joined #minetest
21:07 parabyte sfan5, im going to convert part of the map and let minetest map generation fill in the rest
21:08 sfan5 sounds like a good approach
21:10 parabyte :)
21:10 parabyte i do not have time to wait 50000 centuries x
21:10 parabyte lol
21:10 tanath what do i do to eat food & recover health?
21:10 tanath tried right-click, tried e..
21:10 parabyte basic human survival ;)
21:11 _3SidedSquare I think it's left click to eat
21:11 jp left click tanatb
21:11 tanath o_O
21:11 _3SidedSquare It's weird
21:11 chchjesus Are there many Minetest users that aren't mod creators?
21:11 _3SidedSquare I'm just your average programmer...
21:11 chchjesus lol
21:12 chchjesus Just curious.
21:12 Mateon1 I'm not a minetest user yet, but I am a programmer
21:12 * Amaz makes mods!
21:14 Amaz I suppose that with the modding api so easy, there isn't much reason for users not to make a mod that adds a block they want... But I would still say that some users don't mod.
21:16 erlehmann_ i am trying to learn minetest
21:16 erlehmann_ how do hoes work?
21:16 erlehmann_ and saplings?
21:16 erlehmann_ they were not there in 2011, were they?
21:17 erlehmann_ http://wiki.minetest.com/index.php?title=Special%3ASearch&amp;profile=advanced&amp;search=stone+hoe&amp;fulltext=Search&amp;ns0=1&amp;redirs=1&amp;profile=advanced
21:18 jin_xi http://wiki.minetest.net/Hoe
21:20 LemonLake Factory is now very organised.
21:20 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
21:20 LemonLake Very. Organised.
21:21 LemonLake https://bitbucket.org/LemonLake/factory/commits/8c8701323b98d3b36245a7ab421b656675faf763
21:24 jordan4ibanez erlehmann_: there are a lot of new things
21:24 jordan4ibanez A LOT
21:25 erlehmann_ hehe
21:25 LemonLake Has anyone actually tried factory v0.5?
21:27 erlehmann_ does the sapling need water or what
21:28 LemonLake No. Just give it time.
21:28 erlehmann_ okay
21:28 erlehmann_ how much?
21:28 tanath i'm just a minetest user
21:29 LemonLake mt_g?
21:29 erlehmann_ and what does the hoe do?
21:30 LemonLake It has a 1/50 chance of growing in 10 second intervals.
21:30 LemonLake In minetest_game, that is.
21:31 parabyte sfan5, 80 minutes it works out at
21:31 LemonLake parabyte: If you don't mind me asking, what are you up to?
21:32 parabyte sfan5, its really not important but is it possible you could add minutes as well as seconds to the console
21:32 parabyte LemonLake, Converting minecraft stuff to minetest stuff to host
21:32 LemonLake wat
21:35 chchjesus Holy shit
21:35 chchjesus I'm reading about GlobeMinner
21:35 chchjesus That's awful
21:35 parabyte hey devs of minetest
21:35 parabyte i found something disgusting
21:35 LemonLake What's that?
21:35 parabyte someone is charging for your app on apple store i believe
21:35 parabyte please look into it
21:35 parabyte https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/minetest./id717384883?mt=8
21:35 LemonLake Globeminner looks a lot like minetest
21:36 LemonLake Iss this another ripoff?
21:36 chchjesus GlobeMinner is Minetest rebranded I think
21:36 LemonLake Also known as a fork?
21:36 chchjesus http://www.ilovepetras.com/games/40-mineworld-game-with-free-online-play-0133536050017.html
21:36 LemonLake omfg
21:37 LemonLake is this part of the license?
21:37 chchjesus It was posted in the subreddit
21:37 LemonLake because I don't think it is
21:37 chchjesus The GPL states that the source needs to be made available
21:37 parabyte yes
21:37 chchjesus But charging doesn't matter.
21:37 parabyte its fine to sell it on itunes as the person is supplying a modified minetest
21:37 parabyte that is fine
21:38 parabyte like in copying and selling a linux dvd
21:38 LemonLake ^
21:38 chchjesus Yeah.
21:38 parabyte but has anyone here seen that touch screen source code for that ipad minetest?
21:38 LemonLake With LGPL you can sell it as long as the user gets the source code WITH the game.
21:38 LemonLake Parabyte, which specific?
21:38 Warr1024 plus I believe GPL requires proper attribution.
21:38 proller https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/buildcraft-multiplayer-block/id740372768?mt=8
21:39 LemonLake They have provided source code for some of their clones.
21:39 chchjesus http://www.globeminner.com/index.php/get-involved-make-globeminner-truly-yours
21:39 LemonLake They have about 20 of them.
21:39 chchjesus Ah, right
21:39 parabyte why does someone here not contact the correct channels to put a stop to this?
21:39 LemonLake Parabyte, nearly everyone has.
21:39 chchjesus Because it is legal.
21:39 LemonLake But technically, it is legal.
21:39 parabyte ok
21:40 Warr1024 heh, it's legit, I suppose
21:40 parabyte on another note does minetest have a donation button on the homepage
21:40 LemonLake Yes.
21:40 LemonLake Top right.
21:40 parabyte reason im asking is im trying to get a refund on my mojang minecraft account and put that fee into minetest. and if enough people do this then minetest progress obviously be faster
21:41 LemonLake Can people get refunds on mojang accounts?
21:41 parabyte my young daughter is distraught cause she learnt java to modify minecraft
21:41 chchjesus It seems like GlobeMinner was done by children lol.
21:41 parabyte and obviously now microsoft is in charge that wont happen
21:41 chchjesus Aw.
21:41 LemonLake It kinda is.
21:41 chchjesus parabyte: How old is she?
21:41 parabyte nearly 11
21:41 chchjesus cute
21:41 Warr1024 parabyte: she still knows java now, and it's not completely useless outside of minecraft...
21:41 parabyte she is way smarter then me!
21:41 chchjesus Heh
21:41 LemonLake I'm off anyway
21:41 LemonLake I need ma sleep
21:41 chchjesus Get her to learn C++ with OpenGL
21:41 parabyte take care LemonLake
21:42 chchjesus >:3
21:42 chchjesus tc
21:42 LemonLake parabyte: In the UK, kids are now being taught programming from the age of 5.
21:42 parabyte i know some C++ but honestly i wont lie opengl and 3d stuff is way beyond me
21:42 parabyte :(
21:42 LemonLake I think that's awesome. I began learning from a  young age, too.
21:42 chchjesus LemonLake: But that's recent right?
21:42 LemonLake The school my brothers go to have been doing it for years.
21:42 LemonLake As have some other schools.
21:42 LemonLake However it's now part of the official curriculum since this year.
21:43 mat11 joined #minetest
21:43 LemonLake About a month ago, to be precise.
21:43 parabyte does anyone know how sfan5 is progressing with the stand alone map conversion utility?
21:43 LemonLake Anyway, yes, I need sleep for stuff.
21:43 LemonLake bai
21:43 chchjesus That makes me feel bad, because I only properly started learning programming when I started uni
21:43 chchjesus aw
21:43 chchjesus damn it
21:43 _3SidedSquare on a completely un-minetest note, I'm makeing an audio vizualizer, what do you guys think?
21:43 _3SidedSquare ⁎
21:43 parabyte Also on another note how soon roughly approx will minetest get equivalent redstone abilities to the evil sandbox game ;)
21:43 _3SidedSquare http://imgur.com/XIslCTt
21:43 parabyte _3SidedSquare, spectrogram stuff?
21:44 _3SidedSquare sort of
21:44 _3SidedSquare not nearly as accurate
21:44 parabyte ah ok
21:44 parabyte I been asked by some of my players who are trying out minetest
21:44 parabyte and i said I do not know
21:45 chchjesus egads
21:45 _3SidedSquare I thought we had a mod that added redstone stuff?
21:45 parabyte yeah but in the native game?
21:45 parabyte just curious if thats a goal?
21:45 _3SidedSquare I thought the general feeling was, if there's a mod for it, no reason to put in the the main game
21:45 parabyte true
21:45 parabyte modular linux unices ;)
21:46 _3SidedSquare :^)
21:46 parabyte lol
21:46 parabyte you know minetest been on wired?
21:46 parabyte and no doubt on other sites
21:47 VanessaE left #minetest
21:47 VanessaE joined #minetest
21:47 VanessaE oops
21:47 jojoa1997 parabyte asked what?
21:48 jojoa1997 hi VanessaE
21:48 VanessaE hey jojo
21:48 jojoa1997 I hate how the microsoft hate is going around
21:48 parabyte I do not
21:49 parabyte Microsoft are famous for buying stuff and ruining it
21:49 VanessaE jojoa1997: well look on the bright side, look how it's being directed :)
21:49 jojoa1997 parabyte I believe linux, mac, and pc have all equally good amount of aspects and when someone doesnt find them fitting their needs they get angry
21:49 jojoa1997 VanessaE how do you mean?
21:50 VanessaE jojoa1997: it's Minecraft users generally hating on Microsoft, and turning that hate into anti-Minecraft, which means coming to Minetest or to other alternatives.
21:50 jojoa1997 You mean hate at Microsoft(which I enjoy the products of) being combined with the hate of MC(which I also enjoy)?
21:50 VanessaE that means more users for us
21:50 jojoa1997 I prefered when Minetest had less users
21:50 VanessaE less users = less activity
21:51 VanessaE that also means less shit gets fixd
21:51 _3SidedSquare Most dev-types are ony GNU/unix, which means we don't like Micro$oft very much
21:51 VanessaE fixed*
21:51 proller more users = more lag
21:51 parabyte why on earth do you want a project to have less users!?
21:51 jojoa1997 Less users = less topics I ignore
21:51 friti less users = less devs = less progress
21:51 VanessaE exactly, friti
21:51 jojoa1997 parabyte because it is easier for me
21:51 VanessaE we NEED users and we need devs
21:51 jojoa1997 friti true
21:51 VanessaE we need help getting shit fixed.
21:51 parabyte joepie91, are you a dev?
21:52 * friti is no dev, but i made a script that helps noobs build MT on Linux
21:52 jojoa1997 _3SidedSquare yes exactly. Need a server > linux, need a game computer > windows, whatever mac users need >mac
21:52 parabyte joepie91, why not fork minetest and call it something really really really boring
21:52 jojoa1997 parabyte tab fail
21:52 parabyte im tired
21:52 parabyte im going to go and get a beer
21:52 parabyte be back in a bit
21:52 jojoa1997 parabyte um how about,
21:52 jojoa1997 I wait till it gets better
21:53 jojoa1997 seeing at this rate a year in the future Minetest will look a bit better cough cough hitbox ugly and black and big cough
21:53 jojoa1997 in about a year
21:53 jojoa1997 Why can't everyone not hate and just tolerate bad stuff?
21:54 _3SidedSquare Because we can change it :P
21:54 VanessaE jojoa1997: never tolerate that which you can fix, if it in fact needs fixed.
21:54 VanessaE and you can in fact fix it
21:55 VanessaE doing so is just laziness
21:55 friti I am, a Skype user, and since MS bought that, we no longer have direct connections to users, instead, the coimmunication between two PC inside my home is no routed via a server in Dublin. Tell me again how i should tolerate that?
21:55 jojoa1997 VanessaE can you fix Minecraft being bought by Microsoft?
21:55 VanessaE jojoa1997: I cannot.
21:55 jojoa1997 VanessaE  no I cant. I dont know C++
21:55 friti *is now routed
21:55 VanessaE ergo the second clause of my statement is not satisfied.
21:56 VanessaE however the option of finding an alternative (e.g. Minetest) exists.
21:56 jojoa1997 Well other people are hating instead of tolerating. Why not just wait and see. Who know Mincraft might become better, and in my opinion it is alreadt "mostly" good.
21:56 VanessaE jojoa1997: Microsoft has a track record of destroying everything they touch.
21:56 _3SidedSquare inb4 micro$oft forces people to use windows live to play mc
21:56 jojoa1997 Not windows 7
21:56 friti MS is not exactly known for its FLOSS friendliness, which does not bode well for Minecraft's modding community
21:57 jojoa1997 and spore is amazing
21:57 VanessaE jojoa1997: that's debateable.  have you used win8 yet?
21:57 jojoa1997 Yes
21:57 VanessaE jojoa1997: and you still use win7.
21:57 jojoa1997 Windows 8 sucked but that is also mostly a rewrite
21:57 VanessaE "windows 8 sucked"
21:57 VanessaE there's your answer.
21:57 friti Anyone remember WinME?
21:57 jojoa1997 actually I have a minilaptop that is Windows 8
21:57 VanessaE what was it that preceded win 7?  vista right?
21:57 _3SidedSquare I never used winME
21:57 VanessaE was that not also hated by pretty much everyone?
21:58 jojoa1997 and i say sucked because I cannot acuratly test windows 8 because it has 2gb of ram and 1ghz of cpu
21:58 friti WinME required a reinstall evry 48 days, or it would become unusable.
21:58 jojoa1997 Vista to Windows 7 was a MAJOR imporvement
21:58 VanessaE jojoa1997: if you can't run your OS in 2GB of RAM, the OS has a big problem.
21:58 jojoa1997 VanessaE i meant 1gb of ram
21:58 parabyte windows ME what a freaking joke
21:58 _3SidedSquare WinMe was the one that kept all the ports open, right?
21:59 parabyte no windows me was dos based
21:59 VanessaE even 1GB should have been enough for the OS at least.
21:59 parabyte like windows 98
21:59 parabyte and 1.5 gigs of ram is all it could take with a hack and that made it more unstable
21:59 jojoa1997 I am done with windows arguements for today
21:59 parabyte shite os
21:59 tanath vista to 7 hasn't been a major improvement for a long time. fully updated vista is not that different from 7
21:59 jojoa1997 well almost
21:59 _3SidedSquare Well
21:59 _3SidedSquare I disagree
21:59 _3SidedSquare Vista crashed
21:59 _3SidedSquare A lot.
21:59 parabyte Microsoft make shit products and ruine other peoples products like skype mentioned above. like Halo i believe they purchased and destroyed that game
21:59 VanessaE jojoa1997: my point is that people don't like Microsoft, and some versions of Windows were just plain shit regardless of which versions were any good.  That's a fact.
22:00 jojoa1997 VanessaE sure but Windows 8 is touch screen so there is more input
22:00 friti I did this A+ course once (that's what it's called) it's Microsoft endorsed. When they summed up the various Windows versions, they skipped ME. When i mentioned ME they literally said that "it does not exist to us"
22:00 jojoa1997 now I am done
22:00 pluviophile joined #minetest
22:00 _3SidedSquare lol friti
22:00 tanath fully updated now it's not much worse than 7
22:00 VanessaE friti: THAT bad huh?
22:00 VanessaE I'm glad I use Linux.
22:00 parabyte windows me was basically 98
22:01 pluviophile :D
22:01 parabyte used linux since kernel 2.2 here
22:01 bjrohan_ joined #minetest
22:01 jojoa1997 left #minetest
22:01 jojoa1997 joined #minetest
22:01 jojoa1997 i didnt mean to leave
22:01 jojoa1997 wrong command
22:01 _3SidedSquare lol
22:01 _3SidedSquare Why are we even useing cli based clients
22:02 _3SidedSquare we're in 2014
22:02 pluviophile i missed the discuss about win and linux
22:02 _3SidedSquare tl;dr, we all got mad and slapped our dicks about
22:02 khonkhortisan just wait a few months, and I can prove you wrong!
22:02 * friti is using linux since Ubuntu 5.10.... i think....
22:03 _3SidedSquare I started with backtrack 3 whenever that came out, after 5 I moved to ubuntu
22:04 friti pluviophile: I don;t think there was a discussion about Windoows versus Linux. But there was a discussion about Microsift and its evils.
22:04 friti *Microsoft
22:04 friti (that was an honest typo)
22:04 khonkhortisan Xorg is ahead of the other windowing systems with its ability to have multiple mouse pointers.
22:05 khonkhortisan Programs, however, are still catching up
22:05 tanath o_O
22:05 friti Xorg is on its way out. It's Weyland now
22:05 tanath first, what use is multiple mouse pointers? second, wayland is the future
22:05 jojoa`1997 What is the best operating system?
22:05 jojoa1997 a
22:05 khonkhortisan multiboxing is one use, a variant of multiseat is another.
22:06 tanath x will hang around for several years though
22:06 _3SidedSquare Install gentoo
22:06 friti "What is the best OS" is a typical troll question. I am not going into that
22:06 khonkhortisan There is no best operating system. Some have features others don't.
22:06 Djohaal joined #minetest
22:06 khonkhortisan I'm old enough to know that.
22:06 tanath best os for me is manjaro. there
22:06 Djohaal ermagherd open minecraft
22:06 _3SidedSquare Yuh
22:07 _3SidedSquare And a hippity-hoppity irc to boot
22:07 friti tanath: Yes, X will be around for quite a while, so it's a good thing that weyland has X compatibility built in :-)
22:07 Djohaal why didn't I discover this existed earlier
22:07 tanath *wayland
22:07 khonkhortisan One of my irc clients has a way for two people to draw a picture on the same canvas over DCC
22:07 _3SidedSquare We're still pretty heavily in dev, Djohaal
22:07 Djohaal I know, but with the recent microsoft assimilation, this becomes all more important and awesome :)
22:08 friti tanath: You are right, i keep misspelling wayland
22:08 jordan4ibanez Can I add in menu music for a game mode?
22:08 khonkhortisan I welcome wayland. If people must convert to it because it takes over, many things will be done right the first time.
22:08 friti jordan4ibanez: If you can code it, you can do it ;-)
22:08 _3SidedSquare I think he means a lua binding, friti
22:08 jordan4ibanez RealBadAngel: Didn't you add that in?
22:08 sslb joined #minetest
22:09 tanath so i've only found 1 enemy so far and it's too strong :(
22:09 khonkhortisan For example, a program that gets the mouse position from a click will work with any mouse. If instead it asks where "the" mouse is, it won't work.
22:09 sslb In light of Microsoft buying Mojang, do you think MineTest will become more popular?
22:09 Djohaal ok how do I choose the language for minetest? I don't want to play it in fucking portuguese :p
22:09 khonkhortisan Ca va?
22:09 _3SidedSquare Isn't it in english by default?
22:09 friti sslb: Yes, it already has
22:09 tanath sslb, already has
22:10 pluviophile joined #minetest
22:10 Djohaal _3SidedSquare: it autodetected my system is in portuguese and herped
22:10 sslb ah okay. cool. I've never played minecraft but always wanted to try it out. just now heard about minetest
22:10 _3SidedSquare ouch, ok let me see if I can figure it out
22:10 khonkhortisan hehe my system is spanish-chinese-english
22:10 tanath mt has a long way to go to catch up to mc in most ways. might want to play both
22:11 sslb I don't want to buy it ><
22:11 khonkhortisan Should I expect an update to automatically install wayland for me in the future?
22:11 RealBadAngel jordan4ibanez, i have already chosen some music for minetest
22:11 khonkhortisan And does it emulate xorg functions?
22:11 friti khonkhortisan: What distro do you use?
22:11 RealBadAngel http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?keywords=the+descent
22:11 khonkhortisan opensuse tumbleweed
22:11 jordan4ibanez RealBadAngel: In a game mode, can you set custom menu music?
22:12 RealBadAngel this is canidate for main theme
22:12 tanath sslb, notch once said he was ok with file sharing. supported pirate party and the like. after breaking promises and betraying the community that made it & him successful, i wouldn't recommend it anyway. just download it
22:12 _3SidedSquare who was the guy that needed to change languages?
22:12 Djohaal me
22:12 RealBadAngel by now game modes cannot have own music, maybe i will add that feature
22:12 jordan4ibanez Do iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit
22:12 _3SidedSquare go into minetest/po/minetest.pot
22:12 _3SidedSquare tell me what it says
22:12 friti khonkhortisan: I do think that OpenSuse will move to Wayland on the next releae, but it has Xorg compatibitly built in, so you should get no breakage
22:12 tanath i got a minecraft alpha account. was supposed to be free updates for life, etc. that never happened
22:13 RealBadAngel jordan4ibanez, ok, i will
22:13 _3SidedSquare should open with a text editor
22:13 khonkhortisan I'll have to look into this.
22:14 tanath any expansion or anything that came later was to be free to alpha accounts. then came realms which was subscription that even alpha accounts had to pay for
22:14 friti khonkhortisan: OpenSuse 13.2 aparrently has Wayland
22:14 khonkhortisan nice
22:14 tanath alpha accounts became a hot commodity on that understanding. oh well
22:14 Djohaal don't have a PO
22:15 Djohaal folder
22:15 _3SidedSquare hmm, one sec
22:15 _3SidedSquare what folders do you have?
22:16 Djohaal bin; bultin; cache; client; doc; fonts; games; locale; mods; textures; worlds
22:16 friti Djohaal, _3SidedSquare: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=7028
22:18 _3SidedSquare nice find friti
22:18 friti Djohaal: have a look in the locale folder
22:18 Djohaal yep
22:18 Djohaal I was asking if there was a non-hackish way
22:18 Djohaal but that'll do
22:18 friti Minetest still has quite a way to go :-)
22:21 Djohaal also I noticed the GUI is pretty beta, is that low priority or you guys need a GUI designer?
22:23 friti Djohaal: I think that any contribution (including GUI) would be welcome
22:23 _3SidedSquare We need an everything designeer :P
22:25 Djohaal I could volunteer... possibly
22:25 friti Think of it this way. If you build a car from scratch, the last thing on your mind is the paint job. You willwant to have it run first ;-)
22:26 Djohaal yeah but the thing is, I'm a doctor who happens to also be a hobbyst 3d artist, but I don't know how code at all and I'd like to help
22:26 Djohaal http://djohaal.deviantart.com/
22:28 Djohaal I am a doctor, who. doctor who sounds like.. something else. I have license to practice medicine, he doesn't :p
22:28 bjrohan_ Question about mods. I have installed my first mods in .4.10, these mods appear in the launcher, however in the game I am not seeing the. I added more ores, torches and animals. Any suggestions to what I am doing incorrectly
22:29 Warr1024 bjrohan_: I think you have to enable them per-world.
22:29 kaeza bjrohan_, did you enable them? and then, those mods only work in worlds generated *after* enabling them (or in newly generated parts of old worlds)
22:29 friti Djohaal: I think that if you were to design a GUI and if it's implemented in MT, then MT would prolly have one of the sweetest GUIs ever! So go for it!!!
22:30 bjrohan_ I did not enable them, how do I do that? If I understand correctly, that to fully use them, I have to start a new world? Otherwise the mods only show up in parts of the world that I have not gone to yet?
22:30 friti bjrohan_: In the main menu, click the "Configure" button. You can enable mods there
22:32 Djohaal friti: I had something pixel-y and large fonts in similary to minecraft, dunno what the rest of the people feel about this approach
22:32 Warr1024 enabling mods won't update existing world if they affect worldgen, but as I understand it there's no prohibition on adding/removing mods on existing worlds.
22:32 bjrohan_ Thank you for the help, I enabled all, received an error on start that the more ores wouldn't work, then after start a list of errors on the animal mod. torches worked
22:32 Warr1024 if you add a mod to a world, you can start using its stuff as soon as you are able to craft or otherwise obtain the stuff; if you remove a mod, then all the stuff in the world that belonged to that mod will become inert "unknown" items.
22:33 friti Djohaal: I am also looking at your art, and Tout Est Bleu reminds me of this album cover: http://www.saoul.org/music/ogg/Terminal_Choice/Khaosgott_(Re-release).jpg
22:34 Djohaal oh that stuffi s from my depressive phase some 4 or 5 years ago haah
22:34 friti The image in the album cover is obviously from Dante's Inferno, illustrated by Gustave Doré
22:35 friti I like how you made all the angels look like cubes ;-)
22:38 friti Anyway. if you feel like making the GUI, just do it. I'm sure that if people don;t like it, they will give you feedback soon enough :-)
22:52 foxipso joined #minetest
22:57 Djohaal how is the netcode for minetest processed?
22:57 VanessaE what do you mean?
22:59 bjrohan_ Is anyone here familiar with the animals modpack?
22:59 Djohaal VanessaE: is it assynchronous-deterministic or server-dependant like minecraft and most mmos?
22:59 VanessaE er...  um
22:59 VanessaE sapier could answer that :)
23:00 VanessaE he could answer both of those questions ;)
23:01 roboman2444 joined #minetest
23:01 _3SidedSquare Djohaal: I think it's asycronous
23:03 Djohaal because minecraft's system is godawful for people with bad links to the server. I live in brazil and playing in MP is a PITA
23:05 Hirato joined #minetest
23:07 proller mt network system godawful even for local player ;)
23:08 Djohaal well it is beta, development issues can be adressed with -relative- ease. software architecture ones not so much
23:13 harrison joined #minetest
23:18 parabyte joined #minetest
23:18 CraigyDavi joined #minetest
23:18 WarrTab joined #minetest
23:18 parabyte sfan5, i see you make a world edit module for minetest
23:19 parabyte i had a idea
23:20 parabyte Is there a tool to convert minecraft Schematic files to Worldedit for minetest .we files?
23:20 parabyte that would be perfectly fine for what i need
23:20 kaeza Djohaal, for your own sanity, I (and most of this channel) recommends taking proller's comments with a grain of salt (aka DNFTT)
23:30 tadni harrison: As in #reddit-stl's harrison?
23:36 blaise anyone here know how many regular rails a cart can travel before it needs a mese powered rail to maintain speed?
23:36 parabyte blaise, read the forums
23:37 parabyte blaise, and work it out and write into the forum!
23:37 parabyte :)
23:38 jordan4ibanez Tada https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?f=9&amp;t=10125
23:39 introspectr17 joined #minetest
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23:42 blaise parabyte: https://forum.minetest.net/viewtopic.php?id=2451 it doesn't say
23:42 blaise jordan4ibanez: is this for your xp mod?
23:43 jordan4ibanez No it's a game mode
23:43 blaise oh
23:44 blaise jordan4ibanez: I can't seem to get your xp mod to work
23:44 jordan4ibanez That mod is really old
23:44 blaise did you give up on it?
23:44 jordan4ibanez But thank you for reminding me, now I can fully do what I wanted to when I originally made it.
23:44 blaise :)
23:48 jordan4ibanez I'll include it with the magic mod, and instead of ores dropping xp, magic ores will drop essence orbs, which will be added onto your total essence, which will be used for spell casting and using the wands.
23:50 jordan4ibanez But I've got to take a break for now, peace out.